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Old 08-30-2010, 12:09 PM   #1
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Due to popular demand!!!!!

Someone just Pm's me and asked if I would reprint my trip report from our last trip. They said it was one of the best trip reports they ever read and a lot of people may have missed it...so here it goes....enjoy.

Arrived early Monday morning. Checked into POP and asked if I could get an upgrade to a moderate or deluxe resort. They said no, which was really disappointing. I asked to speak to a manager to see if there was anything they could do, but again was told no.....guess I'll be writing a letter to Disney when I get home.

Since our room wasn't ready at 9 am (which is enough of a reason to give me an upgrade), the 1st thing we did was go get our refillable mugs. This is one of the best purchases you can make.

After that, we decided to go into the pool. I am glad we packed our swimsuits in our carryons. We didn't care for the pools at POP too much, so we decided to drive over to GF and use the pool there. Heck, if they won't upgrade us to stay there, at least they can let us use the pool. After swimming, we filled up our mugs at GF and headed back to POP to see if our room was ready. Got back to POP around 12 and it still wasn't ready! We were furious, but didn't want that to ruin the day. We hopped back in our car and went to HS. When we pulled into the parking lot we had some questions about rides and asked the parking attendant a few questions. Within 10 minutes there was a line of impatient people in their cars honking like mad, trying to park. All we wanted was some basic information on show times, ride waits, etc...We didnt talk to the attendant for more than 15 minutes.

Finally, we took the tram and got into HS. We went over to RNR for FP's. The return time was 4. We decided to head over to Backlot and get a quick bite to eat. When we got there, my little boy had a poop in his diaper, so we changed it on the table. A couple of people said it wasn't right to do it there, but we didn't care. My wife had scouted another table for us to actually eat at.

After lunch it was 3, so we headed back to RNR. The CM would NOT let us use our FP. This ensued into a huge argument. I dont see why we couldnt use the FP whenever we wanted. It was UNBELEIVABLE! We decided to just skip a bunch of people in the standby line by saying we had family waiting for us in the front of the line.

After that, we headed to Muppet Vision 3D. We were one of the 1st ones in !!!! The CM's were trying to get us to move to the end of the row, but I had none of that. I like to sit dead center. We put our bags on chairs to the sides of us so no one could sit next to us. We like elbow room.

Left HS and headed back to POP. Our room was finally ready, so we went in and relaxed for a while. We headed over to MK for Wishes and pushed our way to the front to get a good view. It wasn't easy moving a group of people 30 rows deep, but we managed to do it without too many altercations.

Went back to POP and went to sleep.

We had 7 a.m. reservations at Chef Mickey’s, which meant we had to be up at 5:30 to get washed up, rub the cobwebs out of our eyes, and take the drive from POP over to the Contemporary. To get in the Disney mood, we cranked up our Playhouse Disney c.d. for our little one on the boom box we brought down. Our neighbors were banging on our walls to turn it down, which I thought was extremely rude…after all we are at Disney. I made sure to slam our door as loud as possible on the way out…twice.

We arrived at Chef Mickey’s at 6:55. By 7:05 we were still not seated. I went to the podium and told them that we are already 5 minutes past our reservation, and if they don’t seat us right away then they could give us the meal for free. Once seated, we went to the buffet to get our food. Mickey and Minnie came out soon after and the place went crazy, waving napkins and screaming. Mickey started going from table to table, but it seemed like he would take forever to get to ours. I went up to him about 10 tables away and told him to come over to our table next. He just stared at me and didn’t say a word. Time to go talk to the manager!
Eventually he made the trip to our table. After we took roughly 40 pictures with him, we finished our breakfast and left. Time for Magic Kingdom!!!!!

We arrived at MK at roughly 8:15. There were lines of people to get in, but eventually we forced our way through towards the front….this is our vacation and we were going to be in there 1st! We decided to go rent the ECV’s for the day. We are not handicapped, but it was going to be awfully hot that day…who can walk around in that? We went to get the ECV’s and found out it was a $45 charge per ECV, PLUS a $20 refundable deposit. UNREAL!!! How can you charge people who need these vehicles to get around the park we already paid admission for? In the long run we decided it was worth it. It saved us from walking and pretty much gave us the right to tell everyone to get out of our way…definitely worth the cost and I highly recommend it.

We arrived at Fantasyland and headed straight to Dumbo. The line was already 30 minutes long. Time for a cigarette. I took one out and lighted up. People were going crazy and I couldn’t believe it. We were outdoors! No one is going to get cancer from the second hand smoke of my quick cigarette. After a lengthy discussion with a CM, I agreed to put it out, but had already smoked most of it by that time anyway. The CM mentioned something about kicking us out of the park, but I wasn’t really listening.

We rode Dumbo, and then used our strategy of telling other people we were meeting family who were towards the front of the line to skip ahead on Peter Pan, Pooh and the Carousel. We ended up at Philharmagic…wonderful show. Again we were asked to move to the end of the row, which I refused. Like I said in my last post, I prefer to sit dead center. My little one was screaming a lot during the show, I think the 3D effects we scaring him. I just screamed back for him to enjoy it, this is Disney!!! After 10 or so minutes of screaming back and forth he calmed down and we got to enjoy the remaining few minutes of the show in relative peace.

Next Toontown!!! We were all ready to go on the Barnstormer, when I realized my little one had pooped in his diaper. We found a bench to change him, but we had forgotten wipes! I noticed a boat where there was water coming out of some lili pads. I think someone said it was Donald’s boat. I took my little one over there and let the water shoot into his tushy to clean it out. I put a new diaper on him, put his shorts on, and continued our day. We walked through Mickey and Minnie’s house. There were a lot of people looking at all the different things there. We pushed our way through the crowds to see what we wanted to see.

We headed over to the Tommorowland Speedway after that. The line was long, so I figured it was a good time to pull out my cell phone to see what was happening at my office. The reception wasn’t very good, but if I yelled loud enough my secretary was able to hear me. After 15 minutes of screaming I realized we still had another 10 minutes before it was our turn. I started screaming “Bob, Bob!” and made my way through to the front of the line. Of course there was no Bob, but it got us on the ride faster.

We ate at Cosmic Ray’s. The prices were outrageous. We had to change our little one’s diaper again, and did so at the table and used ice water and napkins for wipes. We felt that with the prices they charge, someone else could clean up after us, so we left everything, including the diaper, at the table.

We went on Buzz and CoP after that, and then it was time for the parade!!!! There were LOTS of people who had already gathered spots to see the parade on Main Street. My little one couldn’t see anything. We somehow pushed our way to the front without knocking too many people over, using our ECV’s. It was a great parade. My little one was so cute running out into the middle of it!!!

After that we headed over to the Polynesian for a dip in the pool. Someone asked us if we were staying at the hotel. I just said yes, what’s a little white lie? We refilled our mugs there too!!!

So after our awesome day at MK, we headed back to POP to rest. Our little one fell asleep right away. He is a very sound sleeper, so DW and I decided to see what they had on the more “adult” channels. There was lots of Disney programming of course, but no pay-per-view entertainment channels. This was incredibly disappointing, and I made sure to let the front desk manager know what a rip off this was. My wife and I started arguing about which mini-golf place to go. I wanted Fantasia Gardens, but she wanted Winter Summerland. Things got a little heated, so we took the argument into the hallway, as not to wake up our son. A few minutes later someone came out of their room asking us to keep it down as they were trying to nap. The nerve!!! I told them they should complain to the front desk about the soundproofing of the building. Since it was almost time to get going, I slammed the door on the way back into our room and our son woke up happy and rested.

We got to Winter Summerland about 30 minutes later (yes, women ALWAYS get their way). My little guy was so cute playing. He could only hit the ball about 6-8 inches at a time, so he averages about 70 shots per hole. It took a LONG time to play each hole, and the line of people behind was getting very restless and rude. We don’t have a right to play at our own pace? What is with people? On the 8th hole it was time to change my little one’s diaper. We did it right by the hole as to try and be considerate to those behind us…we figured they could at lease start the hole. So while I was changing his diaper he starts peeing right into the air. I didn’t want to get it on the green, so I just pointed him at the hole and he peed in there. Filled it up pretty good too! That’s my boy!

About 4 hours later we completed the course and decided to head back to the Polynesian to watch the fireworks from the beach. The view was amazing!! My son was so cute throwing sand on all the people seated. He just loves to play and is so friendly. While the fireworks were going off, I thought that would be a good time for a cigarette. Everyone thought it was smoke from the fireworks. I put my cigarette butt out in the sand and it was time to go. We made a quick stop to refill our mugs and it was back to POP for the night.

We woke up early to check out, pack our rental car, and go to DTD and Disney Quest before heading to the airport. We left a .50 tip for the housekeepers, as we always do on the final day of our trip. It’s important to let housekeeping know you appreciate their efforts. While we were packing, our son was playing with a Mickey Mouse basketball we had bought a day ago. He had such a blast throwing it against the wall and trying to catch it. I think our neighbors were hitting the wall back, but I couldn’t tell if it was them or my son…I wasn’t really paying attention. We packed as many towels and toiletries as we could and went to check out.

The check out desk was pretty quiet. The CM checking us out asked how our vacation was. I told him our neighbors in the hotel were a little rude, and we didn’t like the lack of adult channels on the television. I told him we should get a partial refund, but he said we should write a letter or send an email to Disney. Who has time for that? I asked to speak to a manager, but got nowhere with her either. After calling her a few choice words (think female dog and a word that rhymes with bunt), I signed the final paperwork and off we went.

We headed over to DTD. The first store we visited was the magnet store there. We love that place. My son had so much fun taking the magnets off the wall and putting them in different locations. He is so adorable. Someone working there asked if we could get him to stop. I replied, “Isn’t that what they pay YOU for?” He just shook his head and walked away. After going through all the PEZ dispensers there and leaving them on the floor when we couldn’t find one we wanted, we headed over to Disney Quest.

Disney Quest is awesome. There were a lot of people there already when we arrived. While in the elevator, I noticed the distinct smell of my son’s poop and decided to change him right then and there. We got off the elevator and started to look around. We went over to the Star Wars game. My son loves sitting in the seat there. He can’t play the game, but loves staring at it. There was a line of people who wanted to play, but I made them wait there turn until my son wanted to go to something else. About 45 minutes later he finally got bored of it and we went to the domed hockey game. We started the game, but my son couldn’t figure out how to move the men to shoot on net. It took about 40 minutes to complete one game!!! A group of people were waiting to play, but we decided we were there first and played one more game. 40 minutes later it was time to go. It is easier for an American to get out of North Korea after being captured then it is to get out of Disney Quest! It took 30 minutes to get out of there.

We headed over to MCO. We returned our rental car. My son had spilled a few drinks in the car and the rental company said they were going to charge us for the cleaning of the back seat. I told them that they were crazy and the stains were there when we got the car, plus it was all dry and the spilled milk smell wasn’t that bad. I cancelled my card within 5 minutes of leaving there.

We went to check in our bags. The lady behind the counter asked something about our bags being in anyone else’s possession since we packed them. What kind of question is that? I asked, “Who the $&*$#* would have our luggage?” She said she had to ask and I told her it was a stupid question. She walked away for a moment and went to speak with someone. I noticed her pointing us out. I have no idea what that was all about. I made sure to utter some nasty things under my breath, but loud enough so she could hear me. The nerve of some people.

We went to the food court to get a quick bite to eat. I like the Nathan’s there. I always make sure to load up on sauerkraut, ketchup, mustard, etc…I never eat it all, but I’d rather throw some away then having to get up from my seat a second time. My son had pooped again. We changed his diaper at the table and left everything on our tray for one of the airport workers to throw away. The prices at the food court are insane, so I felt I shouldn’t have to clean up after ourselves.

The flight home on Southwest was very nice. My son had a great time playing “karate” on the seat in front of him. I like reclining my seat back and forth constantly, it makes me feel like I am still on a ride at Disney. About an hour into the flight my son was getting bored. We pulled out the portable DVD player and let him watch some of his Max and Ruby DVD’s. We had to crank the volume up full blast to block out the sound of the airplane. The Nathan’s had made me a little gassy. Luckily the sound of the airplane and DVD covered the sounds that were coming out of me. We landed and went to baggage claim. The place was mobbed. Our luggage looks very similar to other people’s luggage. We had to open quite a few bags to see if it was ours. If it wasn't ours, we just tossed it on the floor behind us. We eventually found our luggage and headed home…but not before stopping at the food court to refill our mugs!
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