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Old 05-14-2010, 02:05 PM   #76
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I don't have a story to share, but I am enjoying reading all of these situations. I have traveled to the World several times solo and alway feel completely safe. Now, I feel even safer!
Mother to a 26 yr old : , and a 29 yr old and Grandmother to a 5 yr old little and 6 yr old little !
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Old 05-14-2010, 02:06 PM   #77
I'm all ears!
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Originally Posted by dfmalone View Post
AWESOME!!!!!! what an embrassing story that guy had to tell when he got back home to his friends "Dude how was your vacation" "Man I got knocked out in WDW" CLASSIC!!!!!!!! Thats what happens when you mess with people kids
Reminds me of the movie "Sideways" when two guys go up to Napa Valley on a wine tasting tour, before the one guy gets married.

The guy about to be married, has an affair with a woman and when she finds out he is getting married that next weekend, he gets punched in the face and his nose is broken.

They run the car into a ditch and ruin the front end, just so he can tell his fiance he was in a car accident.....
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Old 05-14-2010, 02:07 PM   #78
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Originally Posted by 4Robins View Post
His father runs over and grabs my son by shirt and shoved him backwards ( he fell) and called him a little S#%T. Well this guy never saw me coming, i spun him around and knocked him in the mouth so hard, he went right down. He was very lucky that the floor there was that rubber stuff because he hit head first. I picked up my son and was going to go find Disney security myself because this guys son was going to need to be looked after for a little while. Id say about 30 seconds after i whacked him, the undercovers showed up. I had 2 wonderfull cast members vouch for me saying they saw the entire thing and that i was defending my son. I know violence isnt always the best way to solve things, but when you child is attacked like that, you do what you have to ( and i dont mind saying it felt GREAT)!!!!
It's your child, and you reacted in the heat of the moment. Me, I tend to have a voice that scares people when I get mad, but it would have been 'Mother Hen' that would have inflicted the damage on him.
No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
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Old 05-14-2010, 02:25 PM   #79
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Originally Posted by Missytara View Post
I am going to go horribly off-topic, but do be grateful someone did call.

A few days ago, it was reported by our local newspaper that a man was savagely attacked by three armed men in his house and his three year old son (that he had sole custody of) was kidnapped. Massive Amber alert, and he was found with his mom two counties away. She is being investigated to determine if she hired the three men to do it.

Anyway, long story short, one of his neighbors was interviewed by the paper. Her exact words - they were awaken by a knock at the door, but no one identified themselves as a police officer, so they just waited in their living room. They heard someone crying for several minutes, and when it stopped, they went back to bed. Didn't call 911, nothing.

Luckily, the guy did survive.

There is a case when you wish someone did take the time to call.
I know, this is totally off topic, but this story reminds me of something that recently happened in my family and I have to share (sorry for the intrusion).

On Good Friday my niece (11) & nephew (9) were home alone while my sis and BIL were at work. My niece is a major drama-queen and typically calls my sis many, many times throughout the day for absolutely nothing. On that day, she tried calling my sis & BIL (after calling them both many times for no reason) and both told her they were busy and couldn't talk. A few minutes later my sis called her back only to have my niece say, "I can't talk now, the ambulance is here!"

Turns out, the next door neighbor's college-age son was home during spring break and had had his tonsils out recently. He started coughing and ripped out stitches and was gushing blood from his mouth. Knowing my sister is an RN he went next door and rang the bell. My niece came to the window (didn't answer the door) and saw a man she didn't recognize with blood all over his face (which is why she didn't recognize him). So my niece & nephew freaked and locked themselves in the bathroom (when she tried calling her parents).

Meanwhile, a neighbor notices him on all fours on the lawn, puking up blood, and went to help. The neighbor (a grown man) didn't recognize him either because of the blood). Luckily, he called an ambulance and got him to the hospital and all was well after that.

EXCEPT, my niece and nephew were traumatized by the incident, and my niece especially felt so much guilt for not helping him/recognizing him. And he felt so bad for scaring the kids like that. Fortunately it all turned out well in the end.

Anyway, regarding the K-9 dogs and kids not being able to read the "do not pet" signs...parents, PLEASE teach your children from the time they are toddlers to NEVER approach and pet a dog without asking the owner's permission first! This is a basic safety rule that all parents should teach their children. It can truly save your child's life or at least prevent them from a possible traumatic experience. (A few weeks ago a 9 year old boy had a chunk of his cheek bit off by a dog who was being walked by a 12 year old girl he knew. How horrible is that?!)
(me) (DD16)
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Old 05-14-2010, 02:27 PM   #80
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Originally Posted by 4Robins View Post
I had 2 wonderful cast members vouch for me saying they saw the entire thing and that i was defending my son. I know violence isn't always the best way to solve things, but when you child is attacked like that, you do what you have to ( and i dont mind saying it felt GREAT)!!!!
So glad you had credible witnesses! I'm 5'3", female, and my daughter once told me she cries when I (verbally) rage at someone because "you NEVER get angry, so it's scary when you do!", but I hesitate to speculate on how I'd react if someone did that to one of my little ones. I don't get angry with my kids very often, but I hold adults to a different standard. Doubt I could knock him out with a punch but I suspect he'd be hurting after. Used to take on bullies bigger than me as a kid and I'm guessing there's some useful kinesthetic memories in there.
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Old 05-14-2010, 03:18 PM   #81
Earning My Ears
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Gee, you'd think they could spot the bricks of C-4 in someones backpack BEFORE they entered the parks!! Just kidding, I'm glad that WDW has this kind of thing worked out so well. There is a current news story of how a suspscious package cause DL Tomorrowland to be evacuated.

I have never had to deal with or even noticed security at WDW but I do have a story about a lost child I found at MK one night.

My wife and I were at MK in 2003 and after watching the parade in Frontierland we decided to head for the exit. As we got by Crystal Palace, my wife mentioned she needed to use the restroom before we leave. So I let her go and I stood off to the side watching the steady crowd of people walk by. I noticed a small boy around 5 or 6 wandering around the area. He looked like he had a good day at MK wearing his pirate hat and carrying a pirate pistol. After about 15 minutes of watching this boy walk around and no one paying him any attention, I walked up and said "hey buddy, are you lost?" that's when the tears started. He mumbled something about not finding his mom and since we were not far from the restroom I asked if she went in there. He said he did not know where she was and continued crying. A family walking by overheard me talking to the little boy and also started asking him questions. He was crying so much they wern't able to get much more out of him. The father of the family went to get a CM and shortly after arrived with one. The CM said he would take care of everything and my wife returned from her stop. So I let the boy go with the CM and we left. I always kinda felt bad that I didn't stay with the boy to make sure he found his family, but I was confident that the CM would help the boy more than I could.
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Old 05-15-2010, 12:56 PM   #82
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Originally Posted by lovetoscrap View Post
I searched back to get my experience from my Trip Report back in 2008 when I went with some other DISers. Too lazy to retype the story.

This was at the Starring Rolls Cafe in MGM when we stopped to get some breakfast on our way to Toy Story. Leaving out the introductory details that won't make sense unless you read the report.

I was out first and got to try to find us a table. It was COLD—in fact I heard on the news that Florida had a record cold that night. This is what happens to me, I go to Florida and they have a record cold spell. So I was looking for a table in the sun so we could have a bit of warmth. I found one but there was a backpack on one of the chairs. I asked the large group at the table next to me if it belonged to them. They said no, and it had been there a while with no one there. So I sat. Disney rules, you leave your stuff there for too long and no one is sitting then the table is up for grabs! A woman that looked like a supervisor/manager type (she wasn't wearing a funny costume!) walked by and I pointed out the chair with the backpack and told her it was there when we sat down and had lost it's owner. I was concerned that it would be stolen. Naturally I assumed that she would pick it up and take it in the back to be sent off to lost and found. I was dead wrong!

She took the entire chair and scooted it off about 30 yards away. Then she stood there in a guarding position and got on her walkie talkie. Security began showing up.

First one.

Then another.

And another.

Then 2 carrying ropes.

And we a few more around the perimeter of the area.

The ones with ropes roped off an area around the chair.

In the meantime a CM that was cleaning in the area came over to watch and to talk with us. He was also not in a funny costume and he told us he was a Trainer and was just helping out for a bit. He stayed with us chatting and watching what was going on. Also the large group at the table next to us took off. They were also interested in the action but said they had to move on. After they left a man came over and plopped himself at their now empty table. He seemed to be talking to himself but I figured he was on a bluetooth talking to his family telling them he got a table. He was also watching the security action. He leaned over to us and said “ Hey, did that thing start over here or where it is now?”. I figured he was just curious like we all were so of course I started telling him the story. He started talking into his coat again, but this time I heard “10-4” and “affirmative” and decided that he wasn't talking to his family!

We were all still talking and the Training CM said that they were going to bring out the dog. DOG??? We were really floored! I had even considered opening the backpack when we sat down to see if there was any ID in it. And here they were calling in a dog! Phors' son is with K9 in the military and had just lost his dog so this was certainly very interesting news to us. Phors said something about getting pictures of the dog to show her son. This is when the strange tourist next to us looked over and quietly said “We would prefer you didn't mam” We all looked at him and the CM said “OH! I didn't ever recognize you sitting there!” And he proceeded to introduce us to the Head of Studios Security ::cop: (undercover )! He was extremely nice but said that they try to bring the dog out, have him do his job and get him back without drawing a crowd. If people start taking photos then it draws a crowd and they may have to confiscate cameras and review the pics and get witness statements. We completely understood and had a nice chat while waiting for the dog. There was no way were leaving our seats until this was over!

When he got word on the radio the dog was on it's way out he walked by and told us that we could get pics but just stay in our seats and be discreet. We were able to get several good pictures. Because the Head of Security works undercover I have removed him from these pics to protect his identity.

Of course the dog came out, sniffed the bag, laid down and looked up as if to say “You woke me up for that???”

Quicker than it had happened, the dog and his handler disappeared backstage, the ropes were rolled up and one of the security guys picked up the bag and opened it and they all walked off. We never did find out if there was even anything in it!

We did learn that Disney has several full time K9 units and they do this for any abandoned bag. I would have thought that would have meant many times a day, it would seem that people would be constantly leaving things. But in reality security said it really doesn't happen all that often.

So the excitement was over. We had promised a good run it with security and it doesn't get much better than this! About 10 Security officers, the HEAD of security and a K9 Unit! As we walked off a few things did cross our minds:

Phors was thinking maybe that was just one of their Streetmosphere shows and wondered if we were supposed to applaud at the end!

And I was thinking that if they REALLY thought it could have been a bomb, shouldn't they have moved it a little further away, okay A LOT further away from us???

And when I told DH about it later he said he was so glad to see that we were smart enough to move ourselves out of danger when a bomb was suspected.

Tiramasu: $4.00
Fruit Tart: $4.00
Eclair: $4.00
Coffee: $3.00
Meeting the Head of Security and the K9 and NOT being arrested. . . Priceless!
You know with all that's happening in New York and other places it's a little bit reassuring that Disney does take this type of (thankfully innocent) happening seriously.

If you think about it, what better place for a terrorist to place a bomb but in a crowded popular theme park. Everyone there to enjoy themselves.
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Old 05-17-2010, 11:58 AM   #83
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Trying to keep this thread alive...anymore stories out there??

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Old 05-17-2010, 12:25 PM   #84
I call DH The STREAK!!
Sorry honey, no world series tonight, Poo Watch 2006 is going on!
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Old 05-17-2010, 01:05 PM   #85
I shall be forced to take you on an endless tour
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Not my experience

While I do not doubt the veracity of anyone else's experience and am quite sure that I have had some interactions with undercover security in some form that I was not aware of it has not been my experience.

Many, many years ago a young housekeeper came into our room, my dh and I, and sat down on the bed to chat. I immediately jumped up and opened the door and when she asked why I gave her my best motherly lecture on going into rooms with strangers. She has since graduated to being over housekeeping and is a dear friend. She has never gone into a closed room with strangers again though.

My husband had a bad fall at MK and no one came to help and the only aid I got was when I was finally able to get him to the bus kind passengers gave us both seats.

I fell badly last year at my resort and a fellow DISer in a scooter saw me and offered me help. I called the front desk, not to threaten to sue or anything, but to report the water so that no one else might fall and was less than impressed with the response.

I do believe that Disney is better than most but even they cannot do everything.

Slightly Goofy
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Old 05-17-2010, 03:25 PM   #86
mickey family
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Quick Response for an accident

My son was hurt at CBR last year. We were in Trinidad South, so kind of remote. My husband called 911 and before the ambulance arrived, someone from the resort was there. 911 Dispatch must have notified them, because we didn't. Within 10 minutes of the incident, there were two trucks from animal control onsite. He was initially taken to Celebration Hospital. Before they transferrd him to Florida Children's, a rep from Disney's Compassionate Response Team came to the hospital. We had a rep assigned to us that visited the hospital each day and stayed in contact throughout our visit. Excellent service!!!!
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Counting the days...Will it EVER get here?
I did get some weird looks as I picked it up
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GREAT Thread!

4Robins, YOU are my hero. Well done!

Dh is a Sheriff's deputy and LOVES Disney. He is going to retire in about 5 years....I bet I can talk him into working for Disney. We only live about 7 hours from there now.

It's such a beautiful dream.....
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Old 05-17-2010, 04:08 PM   #88
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i actually have the opposite- a "where's security" question!

In SEpt 2001 (we were there over 9/11 so this was about on 9/4) my mother slipped, in the pouring rain, on the tile area near innoventions in Epcot (at least I think that is where we were). She fell right on her back, in front of a CM. The CM stopped to help her up, then told her where first aid was. We asked that she show us and she said no, she can't, because she would be late for her shift in one of the gift shops.

No offer to find someone to help lead us (or better yet- come get her- she was flat on her back). However, after my mother reported the incident that night, they called us repeatedly- but clearly only to protect Disney from a lawsuit, they mentioned a settlement repeatedly, not to apologize for their lack of response on the scene.

I imagine things changed quite a bit after 9/11. Having been there for the actual day, I would say they went on high alert immediately. I doubt a fall like that would go unnoticed now!
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I found this video while surfing YouTube.
There was an incident on the second floor of the Contemporary.
Here is a glimpse at the legendary Disney security in action.
Very cool.
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Old 05-17-2010, 04:44 PM   #90

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Man - I wish someone would have been around to deal with what I saw a couple of years ago. I was standing at Splash Mountain with my son as my DH was riding Haunted Mansion. We were just watching the flooms come down and off to my leftI heard some yelling. There were two adult women (probably in their 20's) and their mother standing in the middle of the walkway next to Splash Mountain. These two girls were screaming at each other and starting fist fighting. This turned into a serious fight where actual chunks of hair were being ripped out. This went on for several minutes while the mom just stood there yelling at them to stop. Finally a CM (older women) came and tried to seperate these girls (who were still ripping hair out) and could not do it. I think some male guests tried to seperate them as well. Finally they stopped fighting and proceeded to just walk away like nothing happend, leaving bloody chucks of hair on the walkway. Is was horrifying and I still get sick everytime I think about seeing that hair laying there. No security even came to deal with it and they were left to just go on their way. It was nasty.

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