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Old 01-28-2010, 07:59 AM   #136
Emma's Dad
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I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Even though it was expected there is still a loss to mourn and we will keep your family in our prayers!

I must say... I think you really are stupid nuts to go through this trip with these teenagers! To think I only have 6 more years before my DD hits teenager status... wow... it's going to go quickly. I am loving your TR! You had me cracking up at the part where you were going to take the cell phone upstairs!! There must be some really interesting things on those phones.....
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Old 01-28-2010, 09:06 AM   #137
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Originally Posted by cj9200 View Post
MY Entertainment Center, in MY Living Room with MY HUGE Flat Screen HDTV.

MY Bedroom with MY King Size Bed. OMG this is too cool.

MY Jacuzzi Tub to revitalize my tired bones. OMG this is too cool.

MY Bathroom. Do you get the territorial aspect of my tone?

So an only child?

Oh no. How could I forget? An Italian male.
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Old 01-28-2010, 09:32 AM   #138
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Oh how I love thee DVC!

Originally Posted by cj9200 View Post
The view from the lower floor balcony. MY balcony. Did they go and see the view or did you scare them too much?

Lovely! I'm sighing right now. I so need to buy some more points. I'm always standing at the double doors at DVC resorts imagining.

The view from MY bedroom. I kept the shades open at night so I would wake up seeing the Yacht/Beach club Nice! I would so do that!

Anyway, I called bell services and the bags were on their way. The kids were not far behind me after finishing tea. I turned on MY HUGE HDTV and sat down on the couch when I heard the fumbling of a key in the door. Dumb me did not have the camera ready. That's good though. Some things are just meant to be taken in.

The kids came in and the expression on their faces was priceless. Forget what I just said. How could you NOT have that camera ready? Talk about shock and awe. I expect it was the same one that was on my face when I first opened the door. Again, why don’t they have a photopass photographer there. They should! What's wrong with Disney? They took a second or two, confused on what to do next and then they ran on mass up the stairs. One of them said, “This is better than my house.” well I can see they live well. Because it would be better than all my residences. DD was in the lead claiming mine, mine, mine Love it! (to the other poster I did not get one of the shirts, should have thought of it.) She, 1 and 2 claimed the second bedroom relegating the rest of them to what I referred to as the servants’ quarters. Boy I've been wondering since the beginning about the group dynamics of teenage girls and power levels. Not bad servants’ quarters.

They came downstairs again as a herd to explore the first floor. Some of them approached the line that cannot be crossed. I barked, “YOU SHALL NOT PASS.” I told everyone they needed to back away from MY room and the rules were then explained. You may look at the Master Room and Bath this one time but afterward, that is MY RELM. You have to use the bathroom or take a shower, I do not care if there is a line out the door, you will go upstairs. There will be no cosmetics in MY bathroom. OMG. The community area is going to stay free of stuff and be kept clean. Other than that, they were free to enjoy.

Bell services came and before they were allowed to play, they had to take their bags to the room, put away the food stuff and someone had to get ice. 6 and 4 volunteered and were sent out with the ice bucket. Much giggling and music playing was going on upstairs. They were changing clothes. For what? Do teenage girls actually need a reason? NO. You will see in a bit. After an eternity (15 minutes of so), 4 and 6 come back with no ice. “There is no ice machine on this floor.” Instead of sending them out again with orders not to come back alive without ice, I let them go upstairs so they could also change. I got ice instead. The ice machine was two or three doors down from our room. Of course it was.

Pointed this fact out to them later. These kids are super smart and they can’t get ice? Isn't that something?

I told them to count to five after the light turned green before launching. I knew from experience because this happened to me one time at the water parks. I was going down a slide and the person in front of me decided he wasn’t into going down a water slide. He had his hands and feet splayed on the sides to do his best to go down as slowly as possible. Turned around a curve and here is this guy inching his way down the ride. Tried to hit the brakes but we still hit pretty hard. He looked at me and was about to say something but I preemptively said, “Are you stupid nuts?” Well, in order of full disclosure that wasn’t exactly what I said, I did use non Disney approved language.

Vero Beach. Practicing my speed runs for the next days's competition. Am doing well. Turn a corner and there he is - a ten year old boy SITTING on the slide. The terror. Out of body. Like how is there a non-moving body on a fast slide. How? Tried to slow down. Futile. Not pretty. And neither are the flashbacks.

I mentioned to the BW lifeguard if they cause any problems he has my permission to put them to work scrubbing the pool, picking up garbage or any crummy tasks that needed to be done. He had a chuckle. He thought I was kidding but of course I wasn’t.

Before I took this picture, I walked over to the hot tub to again chastise them for being in water in January. You obviously didn't have a big enough cocktail.

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Old 01-28-2010, 09:38 AM   #139
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Originally Posted by cj9200 View Post
Grew up in Upstate NY so I know about cold and snow. We first moved down to S. Florida when I was 15.
There we go.

Through all these TRs I've been wondering - because of your type of humour - if you are a transplanted Canadian.

Upstate New York - close enough.
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Old 01-28-2010, 08:26 PM   #140
DIS Dad #412
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Originally Posted by Chellymouse View Post
Please know that you and DD are in my thoughts and prayers. Just got caught up and I'm so sorry to hear about her mom. Thank you for continuing to share your TR during this difficult time in your lives.
Thank you so much. The TR is for DD so she can remember what it was like. Also for me. I found myself revisiting old TR’s to see how she has changed and grown up.

Originally Posted by bumbershoot View Post
I do believe you are probably correct. I'm sure that's what I would have been texting then, if texting had existed in conjunction with Duran Duran and INXS!
Not Duran Duran! Texting Yes but not Duran Duran. (If I did smiley face things I would put one here)

Originally Posted by Disney Princess View Post
I love all the pics of the GV. It is just beautiful. We stayed in the one-story one, so I like seeing the 2-story variety. I am sure the girls' looks were priceless. Thanks for continuing to post during this difficult time. I am sure there is something therapeutic about reliving these fun memories. Can't wait for the Illuminations cruise!
I would love to know the difference between a 1 and 2 story GV. Thank god they gave me a two story one. That way the munchkins had their exclusive space and more importantly I had MY exclusive space.

Originally Posted by Jillpie View Post
Gosh I love your trip reports! And I love that I have found this one tonight, 9 pages long, it was like a mini book tonight, just awesome. I have three boys, two are in high school so I can completely relate to everything especially the texting! You are so funny, and your honesty is refreshing, don't change a thing. So sorry to hear about your loss. Take your time in finishing, we'll be here to read every last word!
Thank you for your thoughts. Three boys? You have my deepest sympathy. I have it easy in comparison.

Originally Posted by Emma's Dad View Post
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Even though it was expected there is still a loss to mourn and we will keep your family in our prayers!

I must say... I think you really are stupid nuts to go through this trip with these teenagers! To think I only have 6 more years before my DD hits teenager status... wow... it's going to go quickly. I am loving your TR! You had me cracking up at the part where you were going to take the cell phone upstairs!! There must be some really interesting things on those phones.....
Thank you and everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

I am sure you agree we dads of daughters constantly do stupid nuts things for our precious little girls. Some advice to you: Hang on to your hats and glasses it is going to be a wild ride. Maybe not in the wilderness though. Seriously, enjoy every day with her.

Originally Posted by lisaviolet View Post
There we go.

Through all these TRs I've been wondering - because of your type of humour - if you are a transplanted Canadian.

Upstate New York - close enough.
I can use me some back bacon, eah. Love your comments in the previous posts.
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Old 01-28-2010, 08:38 PM   #141
DIS Dad #412
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Ever spent time enduring Chinese water torture? Drip, Drip, Drip. That is nothing compared to waiting for 7 girls to get ready to go out. No idea what they are doing up there and quite honestly I do not care to know. Thank god there was vodka, MY balcony and MY big screen TV.

I set an early deadline and they met it. Much to my surprise. In the letter I sent to each parent, there was a notation for the kids to have some stuff so they could dress warm one night. Did they? No. Don’t they know they are from Florida?

Not two seconds off the elevator, the whining began. I am hungry, are we getting something to eat? On and on and on. I bought two pizzas at the General Store and if they were hungry and did not take two hours to get ready, they could have had something to eat. They finished tea at 4:00 and it is less than four hours since they had food. I told them that they were not going to die if they did not eat in the next 15 minutes. 1 was the worst and hence her nickname. It was well earned here and the rest of the trip. We made a bet on the way home that she could not whine about something for an hour. Her response was, “What do I get if I do?” Think Fran Dresher’s voice.

We had plenty of time and I thought it would be spent watching the entertainers on the Boardwalk. Well, no shows were going on. So instead, we got to the ESPN club and I told them here this is our big surprise. Get in line. It will probably take an hour or so before we get in. Much rolling of the eyes.

Waiting in line at ESPN

While they were waiting, I had a smoke. OK, I quit but took the habit up again a short time ago. Significantly pared down at Disney and quit again when we got back. Took it up again after recent events and will quit again in a short time. Don’t judge me.

After the smoke, I said, “OK, this is not the surprise.” Some of the kids were fooled but DD was not one of them. She knows me too well. While earlier staying overnight at the house, 1 found the trip itinerary open on the computer and knew what we were doing. To her credit, she didn’t say a thing.

We stroll over to the Yacht/Beach marina and I ask a CM on the dock how do we get to our boat and can you throw a couple of bags of chips to these “starving” children. He asks me for my name and said he would find our skipper. We needed to walk back to the entrance which I missed. Probably rolling my eyes over all the, “We are going to die if we do not eat soon.”

At the entrance to the dock we are greeted by a CM who asks our name. He directs me to where to pay. Hand over the room card ($325 with tax, not cheap) and am informed that Michael will be our Captain. I of course asked if we had to have Michael. I need some entertainment value for the $325 I just handed over. The CM there did not miss a beat. He told me of course not. But he has a 65% success rate of returning passengers after the cruise which is much better than most Captain’s. I said I don’t care about the others, as long as I get back.

Went back to the dock and after a short time, Captain Michael was there ready to escort us to our vessel.

Standing next to the boat

While they were in the boat

Sitting in the boat

Before we took off the munching began. There were sodas and chips available. It was like they had not been fed in two weeks. Chips and Doritos flying everywhere.

We took off and started over to MGM (Sorry, Hollywood Studios). Part of the gang.

The other part.

One view from the boat. Most of the scenery pics were deleted because they were too dark or blurry.

Michael was a fantastic Captain. He was full of knowledge but judged how much he should talk based on if the kids wanted to talk to each other (no texting involved) or listen to him. We found out that someone screwed up with the icons on top of the Swan and Dolphin which I already knew. The swans were supposed to be on the now dolphin resort and vice-a-versa but somebody that I am sure got fired mixed them up.

We then tooled around the lake for a bit. He asked if anyone wanted to drive and 4 immediately said me, me, me. That surprised me a bit because 4 was kind of the quiet type around me. DD, who I thought would want to do it declined.

So, 4 got to drive.

This was the reaction of the girls right before we hit the retaining wall.

Of course since you did not hear it on the news, you know she did not hit the retaining wall. We then were on the lagoon (honestly, I do not know what it is called is it a lake or lagoon or pond, I did not care.) and the Breathless II was around us. I kiddingly asked Captain Michael if we could race it. Surprisingly, he said let’s see. He yelled over at the Breathless II and the skipper made some obscure hand signals. Seems the couple on the boat were more timid and did not want to go fast. We of course called them chickens and made chicken sounds and flapped our wings. If you were on the Breathless II that night I am sorry for the display we made. Your fault though, you should not have been chicken.

We then made our way to the bridge. Just before we parked Michael pointed out a painting displayed right before we get to the bridge.

The next time you are walking over the bridge look down and then look up. This attention to detail is one of the things that makes Disney great.

So we park next to this group of nice people. This is when the cake came out. I ordered it from the Y/B in-room dining and they delivered to the boat. They asked if I wanted chocolate or yellow cake. No brainer.

After happy birthday to you (joined in by the other boat) another feeding frenzy began.

Told the boat next to us if the kids get unruly, they could go offshore and grab stones to throw at them. We also noticed that they did not eat any of their snacks and more than one of us thought about boarding their vessel and commandeering their chips.

Running out of pic space so next up the fireworks.
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Old 01-28-2010, 08:54 PM   #142
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Soon Jiminy was telling us that Illuminations would begin in five minutes. What a show. Here are some pics but they do not represent how great it was.

This was expensive but it was worth it to me. Mostly I sat back and watched. And listened. Heard lots of oohs and aahs from the kids. We did this once when DD was celebrating her 3rd birthday. Had both sets of grandparents down for a couple of days during the trip and this was one of the surprises. DD dropped some bauble thing off the boat and began to cry. Luckily on the old boats, there was a ledge at the stern and the bauble was there. Picked it up and gave it back to her. Don’t remember if I wiped it off or not. Probably not.

At the time of this cruise three of the seven of us are no longer around. The fourth passed away not long after. Thought back to that time while I was looking at how grown up DD has gotten. My eyes misted up, not from the sentiment but from the smoke from the fireworks. Honestly. Mom always liked what I called the screaming meany fireworks (the ones that whistle when they come down). When they went off, I leaned over to DD and asked whose are these fireworks? She of course answered mom’s.

After wiping the mist from my eyes because of the smoke (honestly), on the boat trip back we faced a decision. DD wanted to do a kitchen sink sometime during the trip. Now was the time to do it if we were going to. A discussion was held and they decided they had enough junk food and wanted real food. Yes, frozen pizza.

Here are some pics from the ride back.

After deciding not to go for Beaches and Cream and the Kitchen Sink we landed at the Boardwalk Pier. Again, Michael was a fantastic tour guide and skipper.

Up next: Walking around the Boardwalk and our first night home. AKA How fast can they devour these pizzas.

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I need a Disney FIX!!
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I am soo sorry for your loss!!
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Crazy enough to want to do another Half Marathon!
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I just want to thank you and your dd for sharing such an awesome experience with me (and all the other lurkers, posters, internet... ) I so appreciate your sense of humor - and honor...

I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for your courage in continuing on with life, and this trip report. You have an amazing story to tell, and to share with others. Life is short - memories, priceless. Thank you.
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Old 01-28-2010, 11:02 PM   #145
DIS Veteran
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Some of the smoke from the fireworks seems to have traveled up to Tacoma as I read that last bit. (Honestly.)
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Your trip report will give your DD some memories of fun and good times that could easily be forgotten in this time of sadness.

Continue to take care of your DD and may both of you remember the happy times with DM and be content that she has gone to happier place.

Thanks for sharing with all of us.

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Old 01-29-2010, 01:57 AM   #147
we would both run like heck to get home before the ghosts got us!
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Gosh, I am really enjoying your trip report. Thank you for sharing!

I am really sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your daughter.

You're a great dad!!!
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The oddest thing just happened - some smoke from the fireworks just came into my office. Right as I was reading about the screaming meanies, and the conversation with DD about them.
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Old 01-29-2010, 12:40 PM   #149
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My sons would love that cruise. Did you stay around the gate area of Epcot?
Thanks for the update

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So NOT a Princess!
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Geesh, that firework smoke, got me on the last bit too (honestly!)

The cake looks yummy! Was it absolutely delicious? I ordered a custom one for my DS's who will be turning 2 and 15 in Feb. for our upcoming THV trip next week and I'm excited to try it. I ordered Vanilla with custard filling but skipped the strawberries! The cruise looks like such a wonderful thing to do with family and I'm wishing I had done that for our trip now. Thanks again for your TRs. I may write one some day, although it may not be as entertaining. I did start doing something for my youngest son after our first trip in a hand written journal sort of like the music and picture journal in Elizabethtown. I want to have that for him as he grows up.

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