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Old 12-15-2009, 04:07 PM   #1
Would love a diet on Cadbury Flakes
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Bad Mothers' Handbook Chapter 9

Chapter 9: New Rides, New Friends and...is my Mother-in-Law here?!?

I woke up feeling pretty refreshed after a great night’s sleep. It was a foggy start to the day again but, according to the weather channel, it was going to be another great day with temperatures in the high 80s.

Since we were ready quite early, the kids and I took a stroll round the resort and took some pictures.

Today we were off to Hollywood Studios and, having got right into the flow of things now, we managed to arrive just in time to see the opening ceremony with Otto von Bon-Bon. Having remembered about Toy Story Midway Mania just in time, Rea and Matthew were despatched to do the FPR while the rest of us headed to Tower of Terror. Matthew was sent with Rea because he was not allowed to ride TOT today. This is his favourite ride in WDW and, for a reason none of us can now recall, as a punishment he had been told he wasn't riding it...he was gutted although I suspect he thought I might give in at some point. Sadly for him I held firm even if I did feel like a VERY bad mother for denying him this ride

Daniel was going to be trying Tower of Terror for the first time. And it’s safe to say the last! He definitely did not like it – but at least he tried it and that’s all we asked of him. We met up with Rea and Matthew at the exit before proceeding to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, a first for Nat and family and another first for Daniel. Having had such luck getting him on an upside-down coaster at Busch Gardens, we thought he should try it and he agreed to give it a go. I am happy to report that, not only did he absolutely love it, we appear to have unleashed a monster. It became his new favourite ride and he’s now looking forward to being tall enough to ride Duelling Dragons, Hulk and all the other coasters that have previously defied him. Matthew and Ellie – in fact, the whole Longstaff family – loved it too. We tried lots of new rides this trip but RnRC was a firm favourite with us all.

Having left Rea for long enough now, we decided to get some breakfast. The pastries and baked goods at Starring Rolls were calling to us and a very pleasant breakfast was enjoyed in the sunshine.

Next, we wanted to do the Great Movie Ride as I’d promised to get Nat on the cowboy version. However, GMR was experiencing technical difficulties and people were being turned away. We wandered for a while, taking time for a photo op with our friend Betty.

After much discussion, we decided to head for Muppet Vision 3D, which was great fun.

Since we’d reached our Fast Pass return time for Toy Story, we headed over there and enjoyed our first experience of this new ride.

We all absolutely loved it, although the competitive side of me was a bit peeved when I ended up sat with a complete stranger – and, worse, a complete stranger who had quite obviously been on this ride before. She absolutely whooped my ‘proverbial’! We really enjoyed it though and immediately got another set of Fast Passes, with a return time of 2.30 to 3.30.

Next, the boys went on Star Tours, but not before we’d searched the shop for the elusive Tuscan Raider (see, Nicky, we haven’t forgotten about it). While the boys were on Star Tours, us girlies got a drink and sat in the sun. (I'm not stupid enough to ride this ride...ive done it once and that was enough !!) We were discussing where to have lunch (yes, even though we had just eaten breakfast) so Rea and I decided to take a wander and check out the possibilities. Having ruled out Backlot Express and Studio Catering Company, due to the fairly limited menus, we were still discussing the options when the boys returned.

At this point, not having any real idea of what we wanted to do next, we decided to part ways (don’t panic folks, not for good) and, after arranging to meet up at 2.30, we headed off in different directions. Daniel was keen to ride Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster again so we decided to go and get some Fast Passes since it had been more than an hour since we got our Toy Story FPs. That done, we had to see Beauty and the Beast, which is always an absolute must. Next up was lunch at Rosie’s All American Café, which was just average. We all shared some chicken nuggets and fries, with the exception of rea who got pizza from the little window next to Rosie’s. Then it was time for Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster again. This time we decided to buy the ride photo – Daniel’s face is an absolute picture. He looks petrified but, trust me, he really did love it. We couldn’t stop laughing about the fact that he looked terrified in all of the photos but he was begging to go on again and again.

We decided to catch the Indiana Jones show so we watched that before stopping for a bit of lunch. After lunch we headed back over to the Great Movie Ride and I was so pleased that it was finally running; we joined a very short queue and I was thrilled to realise that we had finally got the elusive cowboy version. We got off the ride just in time to head back to meet the others at TSM.

By now, it was time to meet up for our next Toy Story Midway mania ride. This time I got to sit next to Rea, which was a lot more fun since I could easily beat her! Since Nat and John had been on GMR while we had been separated, we decided to go back and see what the wait times were like for Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster. Tower of Terror was showing a 20-minute wait but, in reality, we were pretty much straight on. We couldn’t believe how quiet it was since it was almost 3 o’clock. Obviously, Toy Story is drawing some of the crowds away from the other two major rides.

Since there were 6 of us riding, we decided to do the old ‘YMCA’ trick for the ride photo, with Ellie and Sian ‘rocking out’ at either end. It worked really well and was so funny we decided to buy the picture.

Afterwards, we had a good wander round the shop and Nat tried a hat on.

Now you see her

Now you don’t

We were in absolute stitches over these pictures.

Since we had decided to stay at the resort for dinner tonight, we made the decision to head back and get in some pool time before heading over to the Mara later. We also had plans to let the kids take part in the parade, which is held in the lobbies at both Jambo house and Kidani Village every night. Then, we were going to go out to the animal viewing area, where we could apparently see the animals using night vision goggles.

On the way out of the park, we stopped to have some Photopass pictures done, including a new ‘special effect’ picture that I hadn’t seen before involving balloons, in honour of ‘Up’. It looked fabulous. We had a good look around the shops, since John was still searching for the Tuscan Raider.

Then, just as we were approaching the exit, I said something to Rea and she gave me ‘the look’, which was spotted by LeRoy Small, Talent Agent, who had seen something in Rea that he liked. He was so funny, going on about her look of ‘teen angst’ and had her pose for me several times so I could capture a photo of said angst. It was hilarious. Of course, Rea could no longer produce the look he was on about and kept cracking up.

Finally, she managed to hold the pose, I captured the picture and the crowd went wild – well, not really a crowd but the nine of us She then posed for a picture with LeRoy, while they both did the ‘teen angst’ look and then another smiling one.

It was very funny and I think it really made Rea’s day.

Back at the resort, we arranged to meet up by the pool. Nat and I did the usual and headed for the bar where, Shock! Horror!, we discovered Dee was missing and had been replaced by a young whippersnapper. We asked where our favourite bar tender was and explained that she was our favourite since she’d given us an extra shot the day before. Our new favourite bartender says ‘I’ll take her extra shot and I’ll raise you an extra shot’ and, before we know it, we have two very, very strong cocktails in hand. Yummy! We decide to be polite and buy the boys a beer each as well, and then return to our seats. I maintain that its always worth being extra nice to waiters and bartenders...its usually worth it!

The girls decide they would like to meet said bartender and scurry off to buy themselves some (non-alcoholic, I’m not that bad a Mother!) smoothies. Both girls are very taken by Seth and much excited giggling and chatting ensues. I am feeling a little tipsy, having finished my first drink but that doesn’t stop me from accepting the offer of another – after all, it’s be rude not to. ‘Where’s your wallet?’ Nat asks John. ‘Yes, Johnny, give us your cash’ I say. ‘Ooh, Johnny Cash’ we laugh. OK, so it isn’t really that funny – did I mention the drinks were quite strong? I think what was funnier was that Sian, not really understanding the concept of Johnny Cash, insisted on calling him Johnny Wallet. At this point I should mention that NOBODY ever calls John 'Johnny' but, for some reason, Joh always does and its stuck. I do it all the time now, just to annoy him lol

We sat and chatted about our plans for the next few days and quickly realised that we were not going to be able to fit everything in. Since we still needed to get trainers for the kids, necessitating a visit to the Prime Outlets, and we still had the water park, Halloween Party and another visit to Epcot to fit in, we came to the conclusion that we probably wouldn’t get to Jellyrolls. We also decided that we would change our planned visit to Typhoon Lagoon to Blizzard Beach, since it was closer to the resort and would give us more time to get ready for the Halloween Party.

I decided to go for a wander and get some video footage of the kids on the slide (and clear my head a little ) so I wander over to the other side of the pool, where I met a very nice lady and her son. We had a lovely chat and, before I knew it, an hour or so had passed and it was time to be making a move. Nat set off back to the room while we gathered up our belongings and tried to persuade Daniel to come out of the pool.

While sorting out our stuff, Matthew decided it would be really funny to run off with Ellie’s sandals. Ellie promptly ran after him. Then returned 5 minutes later to say that Matthew had thrown her shoes into the bushes and she couldn’t find them.

Gathering the rest of our stuff, we set off to hunt for the missing shoes. Although we found one, despite searching for another 20 minutes, we had to admit defeat and head back to the room. So, if anyone is staying at Kidani Village soon and finds a brown flip-flop with a little butterfly on it…just throw it in the bin since that’s where the other one ended up Bloomin kids!! Those flip flops were from Next and were not cheap and Ellie really liked them. I was not impressed with Matthew at all, nor John for that matter who was supposed to have been looking after them. I could say at this point that I just let it go but of course I didn't and the kids and John were told next time I would come on holiday on my own

Obviously now, we were running a little late – after my alcoholic ramblings to complete strangers and the whole shoe-in-the-bushes business – and so we had to rush to change and get over to Jambo House.

In the lobby, we spotted a Photopass photographer who was taking some portrait-type shots and, since there was nobody waiting, we had some family and group pictures taken. By now, it was 7.30 and the parade was due to start at 8.15 so we headed down to the Mara for dinner. The food took an absolute age to come and, at 8.10, we had to hotfoot it back up to the lobby – only to find that we’d completely missed the parade. Apparently, if there are enough children around, they will start the parade a little bit early. Great! The kids were a bit disappointed to have missed it but the Cast Member let them have the certificates anyway. So, we decided to head outside to the animal viewing area. On the walk through, we passed the pool and Nat joked that she would stay at the pool bar and wait for us to come back. I dragged her away, though, figuring if I had to go and look at animals in the dark, so did she. At the animal lookout, we found an unenthusiastic Cast Member who handed us a pair of night vision goggles, pointed in the general direction of the savannah and said ‘There’s something over there’. Needless to say, despite much looking, we couldn’t see it. I got a bit annoyed with Daniel, who kept trying to pull the goggles off me, while I was only trying to locate something so I could tell him where to look. It was all a bit disappointing really – and so we decided to take the kids to the arcade to make up for it. They were fairly pleased with the compromise and so we spent an hour or so in the arcade.

I was obviously correct all along. The bar was a much better option. In all seriousness, this was a major disappointment for us all, we had planned this so the kids could get the most out of the resort and it was a bit of a let down.

When we came out, we wandered back to Jambo House and I decided to have a look for an AKL fridge magnet, since I’d been unsuccessful in finding one at Kidani. Gary was getting increasingly more annoyed with me and, in the end, I told him to go back to the resort on his own and I would head back later. Nat stayed behind with me and we took a slow stroll back, obviously not slagging off men or moaning about husbands Nope, not at all

Back in the room, it became increasingly obvious that Gary was peeved about something – and it wasn’t long before I found out what it was. Apparently, it was my drinking. The whole holiday was revolving around my drinking, blah blah blah! In actual fact, what was wrong was that Gary was annoyed that we wouldn’t be going to Jellyrolls, the one thing that he had been looking forward to. Personally, I though it funny that I am getting ‘told off’ for drinking too much and the real crux of the problem is that Gary is annoyed we won’t be going to a bar – does anyone else see the irony in that? I mentioned that it was just like having Gary’s Mother on holiday with us again – and that seemed to do the trick.

When I went into the living area, I realised that the girls weren’t actually in the room so went off to find them. I eventually found Sian in the library and she told me they’d been in Nat and John’s room – sorry Nat. Not at all mate, it was quite nice to have the girls join us and also for my kids to see we are not the only parents to have cross words occasionally.

Rea had apparently gone back to our room so we headed back up there and we all went off to bed. It was a shame about such a rotten ending to such a brilliant day.

Next: The As-Yet-Unnamed Day
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Tora Millypoops
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Another great trip report and photos!!!

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Thanks for sharing.
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Tammy Stringer
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A great day - well to start with at least. You did have me laughing out loud with some of your comments. Love the fact that you managed to find two extra friendly bar tenders - what a result.

By the way I have to say I know what you mean about that look of teenage angst - I have seen that a lot lately! The joy of teenage girls

I have to say though I am with Gary - you should definitely not forfeit a trip to Jellyrolls - surely that should come top of your agenda girls.

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Jets fan
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Another great report. I really love the ToT picture, it's classic!

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Another great day girls, we haven't done YMCA on the Tower of Terror in ages
Mandy xx

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Nat what's with the odd C?
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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
Nat what's with the odd C?
She's just odd
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I was having a bit of a blonde moment
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Originally Posted by wilma-bride View Post
She's just odd

(You are now late in RSVPing!)
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Great pics
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Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
Nat what's with the odd C?
Originally Posted by wilma-bride View Post
She's just odd
Originally Posted by Chilly View Post
Charming im sure !!!!
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I was having a bit of a blonde moment
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Originally Posted by natalielongstaff View Post
Charming im sure !!!!
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great day, apart from the 'few' words, but if ya can't argue on holiday then when can ya?
It's funny how a small thing can escalate into a major problem- all over Jellyrolls!

love the ToT photo
Andrea xxx
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Another great report.
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Fab trip report there, sounds like a great day.xxx

some great pics there, my son and husband love DHS esp Star tours.
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