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Old 11-01-2009, 05:33 PM   #1
I will post my goodies once I am back
I have always been too worried to use the pillowcase
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Of Mice, Dolphins and Other Wildlife

Day 1 and 2

I still had to work half a day on the day my holiday officially started. Fortunately it was an admin day. I finished work at lunchtime and took a taxi to the Crowne Plaza Hotel at Manchester Airport. I had booked a Club Room. DH had to work a full day.

When I arrived at the hotel, they did not have a Club Room ready yet. I did not really expect it to be ready as I had arrived before the official check in time. They issued me a key card for the Club Lounge and stored my luggage for me. I was quite happy about this arrangement. They told me to give them 30 minutes and I headed to the Club Lounge to have a J2O and check my emails.

As promised, 30 minutes later the room was ready and they even delivered the luggage for me. I had got a digital Camcorder for DH for his birthday. It was a little risky trying to charge it and set it up at home as there is never any telling when he will come home. So I got this all done at the hotel. Then I headed down to the Club Lounge again. They do have free high-speed internet at the Club Lounge, but no printer. I checked with the people in the business centre how much they use for internet access and printing and they said that this was all part of the service for Club Room guests. So I was even able to do my online check in. For most of the afternoon, I had the Club Lounge to myself. I spent some time catching up with various things on the internet and reading.

Fortunately the camcorder was charged, set up and packed again long before DH arrived at the hotel. They have a great oriental restaurant at the hotel and we had dinner there. After dinner, we had an early night.

The next morning we had a relatively early start. When I did the online check in, there was a message that the flight was overbooked and that they are looking for volunteers to go on an alternative flight. So we wanted to get there as check in opened. We also had breakfast included so we got up a bit earlier to have breakfast first. During the week, they serve a continental breakfast in the Club Lounge, which suited us fine.

When we went to reception to check out, there was a huge line waiting for the shuttle so we decided to walk. It is not far, but includes a short stretch through some undergrowth. I had two suitcases so that was somewhat interesting. Still, we made it across to the airport much quicker than we would have done by shuttle.

We fly to the USA quite regularly and have done so with a number of airlines. Normally there are never any problems with the check in process. We have flown with Delta once before in 2006 and on that occasion I got the Spanish Inquisition. Before I was even allowed anywhere near the check in desk, I was asked why I was flying from the UK, what I was doing there, how long I had lived in the UK and what I was doing for a living. This had never happened before and had not happened again … until this time. I got the same again and was also asked for a form of secondary identification. When I asked her what the problem was, she said that she could not tell me as it was a question of national security, but that there was no problem and nothing to worry about.

Eventually we did make it to the check in. We asked if they were still looking for volunteers and the check in agent said that they did as they were 3 overbooked and wanted to transfer people to the New York JFK flight. We did not want to do this as we had a horrible experience when we transferred at JFK in 2006 which caused us to miss our connection and a long wait for the next flight.

After this everything went smoothly. We were checked in. Lines at security were long, but moved quite quickly and soon we were in the departure lounge. DH nearly gave me a heart attack when he decided to check if there were any good deals available on digital camcorders. Fortunately I could truthfully say that I had seen better deals elsewhere.

He settled down somewhere where he had a good view over the fore field, but I went off to do some (window)-shopping. Once I had enough of this, I settled down with my book. We had just decided to get a coffee and sat down, when I realised that the gate had changed and that we were supposed to go to the gate. This was still well over an hour before we were supposed to depart. So we took our coffee and started to head in the right direction. They had to park the aircraft off stand and that was the reason for the early boarding call as we had to take a bus to the aircraft.

What really surprised me was that there was not a single child in the gate area. Normally whenever we are flying to Orlando, there are lots of kids. Even when we went via New York, there were plenty of kids, but on this occasion, there was not a child in sight.

The next surprise came when we got on the plane. In 2006 when we flew with Delta, they just had overhead TV screens. Knowing that and that this is common with American carriers, I brought plenty to read. I was very surprised to find seatback TVs on the plane. Not only that, but they were state of the art touch screen with a choice of about 20 different movies plus TV programmes, audio and a good selection of games. I never got as far as the movies. I was busy enough with the moving map and the games.

The flight was pleasant. I have flown with a number of airlines and I work for an airline myself. The in flight service that Delta provides is the best I have experienced. As airline food goes, the dinner was quite nice. About two hours prior to arrival into Atlanta, they served pizza, which I thought was a nice touch. They also regularly came through the cabin with water and juice.

We actually touched down at Atlanta about 40 minutes ahead of schedule. However, due to the size of the airport and how busy it is, by the time we arrived at an available gate, we were exactly on schedule. I started to get a little nervous. We had originally had 2 hours for the transit and due a slight schedule change, this had been reduced to 1 hour 55 minutes. I was a little worried that we would not have enough time to clear all the formalities. There was no need to worry. The walk from the gate to the immigration hall was a fair way. As soon as we entered the immigration hall and had entered the line, staff were checking that the visa waiver forms had been filled in correctly. So everybody who went up to the desk had their paperwork in order. At the front of the line was another member of staff who spread people equally over all available positions. DH had no problems at all, but my passport caused a little interest again. After a lot of mumbling and shaking of head, I was asked for the photo and the fingerprints and all documents were stamped and we were on our way. There was a minimal wait for our luggage. Customs just took the form of us and waived us through. Straight after the customs check, we put our cases onto a conveyer belt and then we cleared security. Again, this was highly efficient. Once we cleared security, we checked the screens for our departure gate. Originally the connecting flight was supposed to depart from the same terminal, but that had been changed. So we got on the little train and we had to stay on it for 3 stops. Once we got to the right terminal, everything was signposted very clearly. It took us exactly one hour from getting off the aircraft until we arrived at the new gate. We were both very impressed with this.

The only drawback of the terminal where our next flight departed from was that there was no Starbucks. I had rather hoped to get my first Green Tea Frappuccino there and then. Still, it was just nice to stand up and stretch our legs. Soon they started to board our flight. The flight was very full and they had a little trouble finding space for all the hand luggage. Once everybody was seated and all hand luggage stowed, the aircraft doors where closed. We had to wait a while until we were allowed to push away from the stand and then we spent a while in line on the taxi way. When we were finally cleared for take off and were on the run way, I turned around and there was a staggering amount of aircraft lined up awaiting their turn to take off.

The flight to Orlando was eventless. It took exactly one hour and somehow they even managed to serve drinks and nuts during this short flight. Arriving in Orlando as a domestic passenger was bliss. We got straight on the little train and went to the baggage hall to pick up our luggage. It took a little while to arrive and I wish I had taken up DH on the offer to get my Frappuccino there. Eventually I had all of our luggage and I called the hotel for the shuttle.

We had to wait about 15 minutes, but I was soaking up the warmth like a sponge and it was nice to see all the Disney Magical Express and Disney Cruise Line buses go past. Once we got to the hotel, check in was very smooth and we were soon in our room. We had a room with a balcony overlooking the impressive atrium. By that time it was about 8 PM EST and according to our body clocks 1 AM. I was getting ready for bed, but then DH said that he was going to get something to eat. So I decided to join him. We ended up going to Chilis, which was just on the other side of the road. DH had his first steak and I just had a burger, which was nice as well. We both had our first Margarita. Once we had finished our dinner and headed back to the hotel, we fell into bed and fell asleep straight away.
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I will post my goodies once I am back
I have always been too worried to use the pillowcase
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Day 3

As per usually on the first night in Florida, I was awake nice and early at 4 AM. Normally it is 5 AM, and there was no way I was getting up at 4. Fortunately after a while I fell asleep again and finally woke up at 7 AM.

I got up and made some coffee and read the guest information folder that was in the room. It did mention that there is a local bus route and to check with bell services. I tried to log onto the internet, but it asked me for an access code. I was a little surprised by this. We had stayed at the hotel last year and there was free wireless internet. I decided to head down to speak to bell services and also check out the internet situation.

Well, it was success on all counts. I found out that the bus we needed to get to the Florida Mall stopped a block away so we did not have to go via the airport. I also find out that internet access is free for Priority Club members (which we are) and they gave me an access code. So I could check out when and how often the busses run and also quickly check my emails.

The hotel was ideally located for getting on the Lynx network. The bus stop was literally around the corner and the bus service got us to the Florida Mall as well as onto International Drive and all the way down to Orlando Premium Outlets. We had not made it to the Florida Mall last year as it used to be a nightmare to get there from Disney.

The bus took the scenic tour to the Florida Mall, but we still got there way before opening time. We were both ready for our breakfast so we walked around the Florida Mall to the entrance for the hotel that is attached to it. We managed to get a nice buffet breakfast at one of the hotel restaurants. By the time we were finished, the shops had opened. DH had quite a list of things he needed to get, but I mainly went for window shopping. What really surprised me that there were no shorts for men to be found even though it was really hot. I did manage to get some sunscreen which is cheaper in Florida and also got a book by one of my favourite authors whose books are not available in the UK. I also finally got my first Green Tea Frappuccino

Once we had enough of the Florida Mall, we got on the bus again and headed for Prime outlets. The last time we had been there, only the first phase was open. I was more than just a little surprised that one of the old Belz annexes. I was under the impression that they were all supposed to go. Anyway, I was quite impressed by the range of shops, the layout and the general atmosphere. This is such an improvement on Belz. I did not buy anything, but DH finally got his shorts.

I was looking for some shoes in the Crocs Work range. They have now brought out some smart leather shoes that are suitable to wear in the office, but are meant to be just as comfortable as ordinary Crocs. Unfortunately they only have a small kiosk at the Florida Mall with a very limited selection. However, I knew that there is a Crocs outlet store at Orlando Premium Outlets. So I decided to head there. DH was all shopped out and he found himself an internet café on International Drive.

I was quite surprised how much building work is going on along International Drive. The site were the Mercado used to be has now been cleared completely. They had only just started that process when we were in Orlando in September 2008. However, there was no indication what would happen with this site. There is a massive expansion project going on at the Peabody including a multi-storey car park and two new towers. The whole complex will be linked to the neighbouring Convention Centre with bridges. Further down on International Drive, near the junction with Westwood Boulevard there is also some major construction going one and the time shares on International Drive South all seemed to be building and expanding as well. That particularly surprised me as we did not see anybody trying to sell time share this time outside Disney. Normally we got stopped a few times every time we went shopping by people trying to get us to attend a time share presentation.

Orlando Premium Outlets had changed as well since the last time I went there. The buses no longer actually go into the complex, but stop on the opposite side of the main road near the shopping area with the Publix. However, as there is a pedestrian crossing there, this is not a problem. The extension looks very smart. Fortunately the Croc outlet is near the entrance of this extension as by that time I was all shopped out as well. So I did not spend much time at Orlando Premium Outlets. Unfortunately they did not have the shoes that I wanted in my size either.

We met up again at Salt Island where we had dinner that day. We discovered this more or less by accident in 2005 and it has been our favourite restaurant ever since. I have seen some awful reviews over the last couple of years, but in our experience the quality of the food and the service are as good as ever and the portions are huge. I always have the fire-roasted pork tenderloin there, which is absolutely fantastic. DH had a steak, which was also excellent. I have this one ambition that one day I will manage to try their Key Lime Pie, but this is the only restaurant were I can only manage one course and then I do not always finish that. Salt Island is also the place to get some fantastic Margaritas. So we ended up having a Classic Margarita and Strawberry Margarita each.

When we got back to the hotel, it was still relatively early as we had a very early dinner. So we decided to go for a swim. I remembered from last year that the pool was really warm and just assumed that it was heated. However, this was during the day when the sun was shining on the pool and this time it was dark. The pool was refreshing to say the very least. I only managed a couple of length before I retired to the hot tub, where I met a really nice couple. DH was a bit braver that I and stayed in the pool for a while. After our swim, we headed for bed.

Photos of the hotel atrium taken from our balcony:

Pool area and hot tub (with Disney Cruise Line sun-loungers):

Outside of hotel:

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Great start

Can I ask, is this the Crowne Plaza at Universal or a different one??
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I will post my goodies once I am back
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Originally Posted by scottishgirl87 View Post
Great start

Can I ask, is this the Crowne Plaza at Universal or a different one??
No, this is the Crowne Plaza Orlando Airport.
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Ware Bears

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Great start.
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Looking forward to more

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Very much enjoyed reading about the start to your holiday, thanks for posting it.

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Really enjoying your trip report so far Corinna - looking forward to lots more!
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Great start Corinna, The hotel looks very nice hope you enjoyed your Margarita's xx
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I will post my goodies once I am back
I have always been too worried to use the pillowcase
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Day 4

I had a relatively early start again as I had decided to have a day at Seaworld. We also wanted to spend a day at Discovery Cove after the cruise, but had not got around to booking this before we left. I knew that I could book this through Guest Services at Seaworld, but unfortunately this can only be done inside the park. I was not sure if I would get my money back for the Seaworld admission if I made my reservation inside the park. My day at Seaworld was included in the price of our day at Discovery Cove. In the end, I decided to play it safe. As I had to change busses on International Drive anyway to get to Seaworld and the bus I ended up on stops very close to Discovery Cove, I decided to go there first to reserve our day at Discovery Cove. This went all very smoothly and they even gave me a lift back to Seaworld.

When I got to Seaworld, I was able to go through the Discovery Cove Check In and there was nobody else there. So I was in the park very quickly. This was just as well. The main purpose of going to Seaworld on that occasion, was to watch as many showings of the Blue Horizons Show as I could. The earliest I had ever seen the first showing of Blue Horizons to be scheduled previously was 10:30, but more often not until 11:00. So I was a little surprised that on this occasion, the first showing was already at 10. Considering that I had not even arrived at Seaworld until 9:50 and picked up the park map about 5 minutes after that, some swift leg work was required. Well, I half expected that the show would be full. I got there with about one minute to spare and not only did I get in, but I got a fantastic seat about two thirds up pretty much dead centre. I really love the show and it was as amazing as ever.

The next show was not until 13:30 and I wondered what I could get up to. I remembered that they have a new dolphin behind the scenes tour that replace the Dolphin Nursery Tour. So I decided to go to the tour counter to check if they have availability for that tour. I was told that they still had one space on the next tour, which would start in 10 minutes time. Did I think I could make it? "Of course", I said. The meeting point was at the other side of the Whale and Dolphin Stadium in front of Journey To Atlantis. So guess what? I again hot-footed it across the park and yet again I made it just in time. The member of the education staff was just gathering everybody around and giving out a bottle of water for each person. Apparently they have had a little trouble with people on this tour passing out. We were encouraged to drink the water and asked to alert her if we started to feel in any way unwell during the tour.

After we were all given some ground rules like that we had to step through a disinfectant footbath before going backstage and that we had to stay on the pebbled path, we headed backstage at the Whale and Dolphin Theatre. With Blue Horizons being my favourite show, it was nice to get to go backstage there. I think this is also the only backstage area at Seaworld that I had not previously visited. We waited near the pool in which their False Killerwhale lives. It was fascinating to watch her while we waited for one of the trainers from the Dolphin and Whale Stadium to join us. He explained a bit about the set up, the animals in the show and about the show in general. Up to now all the dolphins in the show were male as they do not want the show animals to breed. The False Killerwhale is female and she was born at Seaworld. Up to last December they had two False Killerwhales, but one of them has unfortunately died. This has left Seaworld with a bit of a problem. She is the only False Killerwhale in captivity in North America so there is no chance of getting her a companion from her own species. However, False Killerwhales (like all members of the dolphin family) are highly sociable and will only be happy if they are with other dolphins. So as a compromise they have decided to team her up with Bottle-nosed Dolphins. One would think that they have enough of those at the stadium, but the problem is that there have been documented cases of False Killerwhales and Bottle-nosed Dolphins cross-breeding. They want to avoid this at all cost. So they have brought in three female Bottle-nosed Dolphins. At the moment they only spend very limited time together as the False Killerwhale is not quite sure what to make of the Bottle-nosed Dolphins. However, they are very hopeful that this will turn out to be a success. In the meantime they are training the three Bottle-nosed Dolphins to ultimately be part of the show as well. I found out later that one of the three Bottle-nosed Dolphins is one of my favourite dolphins, Dash. She used to live at Discovery Cove, but was "expelled" because not only had she learned to open the gates between the various lagoons and pools, but she was teaching the other dolphins to do it as well. From that point of view, I am not sure if this was the wisest decision to put her in an area where they want a strict separation between males and females. I think she will love performing and she is very intelligent, but she is very tactile and I am also a bit worried that she will miss the human interaction.

We had plenty of opportunity to ask questions at the Dolphin and Whale Stadium. Once all questions had been asked, we walked through the Dolphin and Whale Stadium to our next destination. While we were walking through, we stopped for a short while to watch the acrobats training. In May next year, Blue Horizons will also open at Seaworld San Diego and the acrobats for that show are currently training in Orlando.

Next up was the backstage area for Animal Care. This is an area I am quite familiar with after numerous Behind The Scenes Tours and doing Marine Mammal Keeper Experience twice. We just concentrated on the dolphins. They have two dolphin pools there and in previous years they had the females in one pool and the males in the other. This year they mixed it up a bit. In one pool they had two dolphins that have behavioural issues and in the main pool they have the dominant male, who hit a wall with his jaw while trying to round up the younger males, and a bunch of females. Unfortunately two of the dolphins that I had interacted with the last two years have since died. The two male dolphins that had acted as companions to one of those, have now been moved to the Dolphin Nursery. I was quite amused by this. Those two are very mischievous and I loved interacting with them in previous years. They are only 6 years old and therefore at least three years away from breeding age. Still, I cannot imagine those two as baby sitters. I am glad though that they are in a public area again. When he was still relatively young, one of them bit a visitor. They have been backstage ever since. This is really the best of both worlds for them. They are sociable and love showing off, but they are still in an environment were no visitor can touch them.

The last stop of the tour was Dolphin Cove, where we were split into family groups and paired up with a trainer and two dolphins each. As I was by myself, I had the trainer and the dolphins to myself. This was fun. The two dolphins are both former Discovery Cove dolphins and as sweet as can be. One of them, Neo, lived in Animal Care last year and I had met him there. We spent about 30 minutes with the dolphins and then we were taken to look at our photos. Everybody else bought all their photos on a USB stick, but I was not tempted. I have acquired so many dolphin photos over the years that I will only buy them if they are really special.

There was no more running around for the rest of the day. After the tour I had a look around the shops to see if I could find a waterproof box for my money and credit cards, but no such luck. Instead I found a DVD called "Celebrating Dolphins" that combines recordings of Blue Horizons, the now defunct Dolphin Discoveries show from Seaworld San Diego and two documentaries. I have been looking for a DVD of Blue Horizons for years so of course I snapped this up.

I had a bit of a wander around and had a look at Manta. There is nothing in the world that would convince me to get on that ride. I was also surprised how close it comes to all of the dolphin areas including the Dolphin Nursery, but apparently the dolphins are not bothered by it. I was glad to see that the Flamingos are on display again. Their new home is pretty much directly across from where they used to be.

I had a walk around the Waterfront and then spent some time watching the dolphins at the Dolphin Nursery. This year they only had two calves, which were both born in June. As per usual, it was fun watching the calves and their mums.

Soon it was time to head off to the Dolphin and Whale Stadium once again for the second showing of Blue Horizons. This time the stadium was a lot busier than in the morning, but again I got a great seat. I took loads of photos. The show was also probably the best one I had ever seen with everything seemingly working and all the animals cooperating.

Once the show was over, I had a decision to make. The next and last show of the day was 3 hours away and it was seriously hot. There was nothing else I really wanted to do, so I decided I would not stay for that. On my way out of the park, I had another look at Dolphin Cove. I did not have any intention to feed the dolphins as I had read so many awful reviews about this recently. I knew that they had made changes that you can only access the feeding area if you purchase fish and that they also had increased the price to $7. Either was fine by me. What did bother me was reviews that said you only got three fish and it was a case of stepping up to the wall, having to quickly feed the fish and then having to leave the area straight away. So I observed the feeding session from the overlook and what I saw did not match those reviews. So I got into line for the next session. That part has definitely changed. The line is no longer and is going all around the building that used to be the feeding booth. The window where you go and pay is no longer at the front of the building facing Dolphin Cove on to the left when you are facing the building. They also no longer have fish there. They take your money and then ask you to step to one side near to where the old window was. Once enough people are in that area, a trainer comes and gets the group. After a few ground rules were established, we were encouraged to step up to the all and the trainers then came out with buckets full of trays of fish. As we were not given any tokens or receipts, this works strictly on an honours system. The trainers come and ask how many trays you had purchased and then give you that amount. What is correct is that they want you to feed the fish as quickly as possible, but that had always been the case as they fish will go off quickly in the Florida heat and would not be safe for the dolphins to eat. They did however encourage us to stay behind and carry on interacting with with dolphins. Each tray came with 5 fish. Once they realized that you had fed all your fish, they came to collect the trays so that you did not have to worry about them and had your hands free. A mother next to me was complaining to her daughter that this was a waste of time and that there was no chance that a dolphin would come anywhere near them now that they food was gone. In that moment a dolphin swam up to me and planted itself squarely in front of me and I had plenty of chances to give him some rubs. I had a quite giggle and the faces of the pair next to me were a picture. I always knew dolphins were intelligent creatures. Once he had enough of me, I had enough of the heat. I left the area and went to wash my hands. As I walked away from the Dolphin Cove area, they asked everybody else to leave the area. We had a good half hour with the dolphins, which is a far cry from the "in, feed, out" reviews that I had read.

On the way out of the park, I made a quick stop at Shamu's Emporium before I headed out to find myself a bus. As soon as I got to the bus stop on Sea Harbor Drive, a bus came and when I had to change buses, the bus I needed to change onto was not far behind either.

When I got back to the hotel, I had expected to find DH in the gym or in the pool. However, it turned out that he was on the balcony in our room. He mentioned that he had started a trip report on another forum that we are both active on and that Susan Veness (of Brit's Guide and The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World fame), who is a moderator on that forum, had responded and that they are in Orlando at the moment. They had PMed each other and were essentially waiting for me to go back to see if I was up for meeting up. I PMed Susan back, but they must already have left. However, in her PM Susan mentioned that they were dropping off family at the airport and ring us at the hotel afterwards. So I just waited. Shortly after 6 PM the phone rang and it was Susan. Somehow she thought that we were on International Drive. I explained to her where we were and we arranged that we would head down to the lobby and wait for them there. As soon as we stepped up to the door, Simon and Susan pulled up.

It was nice to see them again. We had briefly met them earlier this year when they participated in an cruise exhibition in London and it was great to meet them again.

Now that we had met up, we needed to decide what to do with the evening. As neither of us had dinner we decided that getting something to eat would be in order. With Susan and Simon being the locals, we bowed to their expertise. The aim was to find somewhere with a good steak and some Margaritas. We ended up at BJ's Brewhouse at The Loop. This was both a new restaurant and a new area of Orlando for us. This is not the kind of restaurant that we would normally have chosen. I would say it is best described as a sports bar with various sports being shown on big screens. It was a little noisy for an offsite restaurant. However, it turned out to be an absolute gem. The food was fantastic.

Our original plan had been to have dinner at Chilis across from the hotel. The main reason for that is that I really love their Southwestern Egg Rolls and was to tired to have them on our first visit. However, when given the choice between the Southwestern Egg Rolls and having company for dinner, the company won out. I needed not to have worried. I ended up getting both the company and the Egg Rolls. Admittedly they had a different name, but they were the same kind of thing, were even tastier then the Chilis' version and there was a huge plate full of them. DH had the PIRANHA PALE ALE NACHOS and there were enough to feed a small army. We both had the steak for our main course and this was also very good. DH also ordered a dessert (some cookie and apple concoction) for us to share, but I only managed a couple of spoonfuls of the wonderful vanilla bean ice cream that came with this.

I really enjoyed this evening. Apart from a really nice dinner, we had great conversation and just generally put the world to rights. Oh, I nearly forgot the Pumpkin Ale. I am not really a beer drinker. Usually the only beer I drink was the free beer when this was still available at Seaworld and Busch Gardens. I am not one to pass up a freebie. However, on that evening I could not make up my mind what I wanted to drink. So when it was suggested that we could share a pitcher of Pumpkin Ale, I was happy enough to agree. This was so yummy. If this was available round here, I would turn into a beer drinker. It was very rich with a slight sweetness to it and non of the bitterness that I hate in beer.

When the time had come for Simon and Susan to drop us off at the hotel, I could not believe how late it was. The old saying that time flies if you are having fun was proved right yet again. After a quick bathroom stop I fell into bed knowing that when I wake up, the day that I had been looking forward to for the last 13 months would have arrived.
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What an amazing day - I loved your photos of Blue Horizons - have never seen that show and it looks stunning! Interesting to hear all the stories about the dolphins and backstage and all - thanks for sharing!
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great report
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really enjoying your report. your day at sea world sounds wonderful
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Thanks for sharing your day at Seaworld, i love dolphins aswell so for you to go into detail about the tour etc was a real pleasure to read.
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Next instalment please, I'm hooked.
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