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Old 01-27-2010, 01:09 AM   #1
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An APH one day TR-Jan. 8th (posted a few weeks late) WITH PICTURES

I wrote this up when I got home but forgot to post it. Hope you enjoy it.

We went to DLR Friday, January 8th, and had a wonderful day. Just one of those perfect Disney days! The weather was almost perfect. In the 70’s. My DD10 is off-track this month so Jan. is a great time to go. I usually don’t go on Friday (always busier than the rest of the week) but the main reason we were going was to see my DNephew19 perform in the return of CELEBRATE! We’ve seen every one of his first performances at DLR.

DL opened at 9 and DCA at 10. We arrived at the Mickey and friends structure just before 10. I knew the parks would be busy when I saw that all lanes were open and we’re backed up about 2/3 of the way. Guess there would be no Pinocchio parking for us today (I asked, the CM said no, he was almost exclusively processing AP, very few guest were paying to park). We parked in Mickey, row F5. Not too bad, at least we weren’t all the way to the back.

As we rode down the escalator I briefly considered walking to the entrance when I saw the mass of people waiting for the trams. Yikes! They were loading guests on both sides. I noticed that most of the guests were massed in the first few rows and as we walked to the last row, there were a lot less people. We got on the next car, loading on the right. My favorite tram line to get in is either the first or last car. Most guests are waiting for the stroller seating area and the rest of the rows are mostly available.

We breezed through the security check point and headed for DCA. We got in about 10:30 or so. Most times we go into DL first and grab some FP but we decided to just start at DCA first. We had a PP taken of the 2 of us in front of the bridge, also got one with Stitch coming out of the ground. We decided to head over to ToT first and grab FP and ride it if the line wasn’t too bad. As we headed to Hollywood, what did we see?? OMG-the entire street is blocked off with walls for the upcoming Red Line Trolley Car. The walls are from the entrance all the way to the intersection of the street with the Hyperion Theater and the walls go from curb to curb. Wow, we were just at DLR less than a week ago and didn’t see these walls. But that wasn’t the biggest surprise. That was the fact that you can now go from ToT to Bugs Land. They’ve opened the gate! Pretty cool!

ToT only had a 13 minute wait so we grabbed FP for later and rode it. Gosh, I just love this ride, especially when we get the front row! The best!
Then we headed over to DV Meet ‘n Greet to see if one of our fav. CM was working there (and get a free 5x7 coupon.) She wasn’t there but we visited with Pluto-no wait. I talked to CM there and he told me the CM would be working the Drawn to the Magic Show. First show at 11 a.m. We decided to go to the Animation Academy and do the drawing class (if we liked the one they were doing). They were doing Mickey Mouse, so of course we stayed. It was the first class of the day and there were only about 20 guests. The artist explained that they always start the day with the character who started it all, Mickey Mouse. I really enjoy this class but I will say that it wasn’t my best effort. Messed up on Mickey’s eyes-he looked cross eyed. As we left I asked the CM if he had any rubber bands, he did and we rolled up our drawings and put them in DD10’s bag. I love it that she carries a bag now-makes it a little easier for mom!

By now it was about 11:20 and time to head off to Drawn to the Magic to see the CM there. Perfect timing, the show had just ended and we spent about 20 min. talking to her. We had sent her a postcard while we were at WDW in Sept. and this was the first chance we had to talk to her since then. She was very appreciative of the card. I let DD write it. She told us to come back later to see the show and she would see if she could get DD on stage. We told her we were meeting up with DD’s BFF later and would come back after getting together with them. By now our time had passed for our ToT FP so we decided to grab 2 more to use later in the day. Now we had 4 ToT FP in our pockets.

By now it was getting close to noon and both of us were hungry. I had made beignets for breakfast at home (just like Jazz Kitchen, buy only $3-4 a box instead of the $9-10 Brennans charges) Anyway we were both hungry and since we were in DCA we headed to our fav. Lunch spot-WWS in GC, of course! Maybe we would be lucky enough to see Callie, the Calico cat? As we passed by GRR I confirmed that the ride was closed and the water level was down. It was so peacefully quiet without the water noise.
I ordered the chili dog, no onions, chili on the side for me and since DD said she was pretty hungry and we both agree that the kid’s cheeseburger is pretty small; I ordered her the adult cheeseburger, plain, with fries. Neither one of us got a drink. Cost about $14 with AP discount. DD took our water cups and got ice and water. We picked a table outside and the weather couldn’t have been any nicer. Our food came quickly and we enjoyed our lunch. Callie didn’t show up this time. It was so quiet there without the noise of GRR. A few minutes after we sat down the Hillbilly band started up. It was a nice addition to the ambience. I was surprised the band was performing with GRR be closed.

We left, used the bathroom next door (very nice and smells good too!) and headed back into DCA. We’ve never had a problem getting in this gate but I keep my receipt handy just in case.

We headed over to Paradise Pier. Screamin’ had a short wait so we rode it after grabbing FP for later (our ToT FP time had passed). Total FP in pocket-6, 3 each). Waited about 15 min. to ride. Checked out TSM but the wait was 40 min. Nope-too long for us and with no more Single Rider Line, we moved onto Maliboomer, DD’s newest favorite ride. She only recently reached 52” and was able to ride it. She just reaches the measuring thingy.
We got on with about a 2 min. wait-great, right? Well wouldn’t you know it once we loaded and the ride started, they had to shut the ride down, something mechanical happened. Turns out when you are on Maliboomer and it doesn’t complete its cycle you can’t get off the ride until all the air drains out of the tanks. About 10 min. or so. Once we were able to release our restraints we moved over to the other tower and loaded up. I asked the CM who checked our restraints that since we had to wait so long to ride, could we ride twice in a row. He said, “Just the 2 of you?” I said yes. He said he would check and let me know. We were on the western most tower, facing west. Great view from the top! When we came down the CM said we could ride again, after the next group. Yeah! He directed us to wait right outside the exit gate and then we could reload to ride again. We rode on the same side again. We thanked the CM for letting us ride twice and moved onto MM. See, it never hurts to ask (nicely)!

DD and I grabbed FP for MM for later and then rode using the single rider line. DD got on right away, I waited about 5 min. or so. The regular wait was 20 min. After we got off MM we rode Golden Zephyr. I really like this ride, it’s pretty cool flying over the water, with the breeze blowing in your face. Funny thing was when we took off the CM said to enjoy our view of “Construction Adventure” I thought that was pretty funny, and very apropos. There are even more walls in the PP area. You now have veer to the left when walking to MM from Maliboomer, right in front of the former Burger Invasion building.

By now it was time to start heading over to DL to get a spot to see CELEBRATE. I had texted my DNephew earlier in the day and found out that he is dancing in the same location in the parade as he did last year so we knew right where to view the parade to see him the best.

Of course we had to make a stop at Mission Tortilla to get our free tortillas, corn this time. DD also got a few pieces of sourdough bread. Then I remembered that DD needed to take her mid-day antibiotic and Ilbuterol inhaler. She’s almost gotten rid of that hacking cough. Instead of doing it out in the open, we decided to head over to First Aid (very close by), so we did.
We exited DCA and crossed over to DL. We hadn’t heard from DD’s BFF yet, so we didn’t know if they had arrived yet. DL was much more crowded than DCA. When we arrived though there was a large marching band heading up MS so it was a little hard to judge based on the crowds right there.

We stopped by the PP store and asked where my fav. PP photog was working. He was shooting the Jedi show. The next show was 2:25 so we headed over there to say hi. We waited about 20 min. for him to show up and talked to him for a few minutes. We hadn’t seen him much lately as he was fortunate enough to be one of the Santas this year. When the show started, DD asked if we could watch it. She didn’t want to be in the show (there was still room on the floor when we arrived, but she’s done it twice already). So we watched it from the back, standing next to the aisle where the Imperial Storm Troopers enter and exit. Once the show the show was over it was time to head over to see the parade.

We walked towards IASW to get our prime viewing location. When we arrived I was surprised to see that it is still decorated for the holidays and still has the holiday stuff going on inside the ride.

We got our spot and prepared to wait about ½ hour. We called DD’s BFF and they had been there since 1 p.m. (not sure why they didn’t call). They didn’t want to watch the parade, they were in line for IASW and we agreed to meet up by SLCB at 3:50.

It didn’t take too long before the parade was announced. First we were treated to 2 High School Bands. Warren High and University High. The amount of band members we had been seeing in the parks now made sense. Along with all the Texas shirts!

CELEBRATE! Is even better than last year (and no, I’m not biased!) They’ve made some small changes-the guitars are gone-good move. My DNephew did a great job, as always. He has a new dance partner and it turns out it’s a CM I talked to last Sunday on the Showboat, during Tiana’s last performance. Her last performance was on Sat. (like my DNephew) and she was taking a friends DD on the boat. Small world, huh?

DD went out in the street during the parade during both parts where kids can join in.

After the parade (and after DD picked up some of the Mickey confetti) we met up with her BFF and her DM. I mentioned that if we went over to DCA the girls might be able to get on stage during DTTM. DD’s BFF was all for it! She’s performed on stage before. So we headed over to DCA and made it in time for the 4:30 show.

I hadn’t seen this show in a few years so didn’t remember that much about it. I know Mickey, Woody, and Cinderella appear in the show. The show started and wouldn’t you know it both my DD and her BFF were chosen, along with a little boy, to go up on stage. My DD’s BFF was chosen to hold the princess pose and my DD got to sing “you aint’ never had a friend like me!”

The girls on stage.


They both did a great job and after the show was over the performers came over and gave each of them the drawing of the character they helped with. It was suggested that they get in line to get them signed by their characters, so they did. Both of the girls were very excited to get the drawings. We went over to Off the Page store and asked if they could bubble wrap them for us. (CM suggested it) The CM happily obliged and was very meticulous in the wrapping.

DD getting Mickey's autograph

We then asked DD’s BFF if she wanted to ride ToT, but she didn’t want to. They wanted to ride Soarin’ We went over there but the wait was 40 min. The FP window was 6:45, about 1 ½ hours from now. We went ahead and grabbed some just in case we were still there. Since we had FP for MM I asked the girls if they wanted to ride that one, and they did. After riding MM the girls decided to ride Jumping Jellies. The line only took about 15 mins.
It was getting pretty late, and all were wanting a snack so we headed back over to MT and got some corn tortillas again.

Then they decided they wanted to check out Blue Sky Cellar to see if there was anything new. We spent about 20 mins. there where they spent most of their time doing the trivia challenge.

They did the challenge many times.

The girls then decided they wanted to head over to Bugsland. They rode FF, LBB, and TNR. By now it was time to ride Soarin’ with our FP. The FP line wasn’t too long and when they started assigning rows and we were told to go to row #2 on the side, I asked if we could be in row #1 in the middle, and they said yes! I really like it so much better without seeing all those feet above me. DD’s BFF was a little nervous-she’d never been in row 1, she thought it might be too high. She really liked it once we took off.

By now, everyone was getting a little tired and ready for dinner. DD’s BFF and her DM decided to head over to DLR to ride SLCB since mom had promised her DD she could ride it. We decided to head over to ToT and use 2 of the FP we collected to ride it. However, we checked the FP line and it was a tiny bit long. DD and I looked at each other and decided to pass on it and head home, picking up some dinner on the way. By now it was 7:30. I’m surprised we weren’t starving by now! I gave our 4 FP to 2 people who just got in the standby line. After we left them I could tell they didn’t know what to do with them. They got out of line. We went back and told them they were ready to use right now (the time frame was for 11 a.m.) Oh, they said, we can use them now? Yes, and you should go ahead and get in the FP since DCA closes in 30 min. I don’t think they knew about FP or about DCA closing time.

We got to our car about 8 p.m., left the M&F structure, jumped on the 5 south, off at Katella and drove through Del Taco (1/2 lb bean and cheese burrito for both and soft chicken taco for DD along with hard beef taco for me.) We got home about 9 p.m. Tired but happy. We had a very nice day. DD really enjoyed being there with her BFF.

More picture to come..need to upload the other camera,
11-839-986-994-00 6-0212-03 9-041-05 DDP 9-05 DDP 1-06 9-06 DDP9-07 DDP 9-08 DDP 9-09 DDP 9-10 QSDP! 10-11 QSDP, 10-12 QSDP AND AoA!1-14 NO DDP! POFQ

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Nice report - thanks for sharing

Orlando Bound - June 2014!

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Mother/Daughter trip to DisneyLand - March 2010
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Originally Posted by momtoccc View Post
Nice report - thanks for sharing
Thanks. Have a great trip in March! Any questions, just ask. I've been to DLR more times than I can count and WDW 14 times.
11-839-986-994-00 6-0212-03 9-041-05 DDP 9-05 DDP 1-06 9-06 DDP9-07 DDP 9-08 DDP 9-09 DDP 9-10 QSDP! 10-11 QSDP, 10-12 QSDP AND AoA!1-14 NO DDP! POFQ
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Sherry E
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Okay so after a coffee and lunch break I am back!
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I am going to move this over to the TR section of the board (even though it is a TR for only one day!).
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Originally Posted by Sherry E View Post
I am going to move this over to the TR section of the board (even though it is a TR for only one day!).
Thanks Sherry!
11-839-986-994-00 6-0212-03 9-041-05 DDP 9-05 DDP 1-06 9-06 DDP9-07 DDP 9-08 DDP 9-09 DDP 9-10 QSDP! 10-11 QSDP, 10-12 QSDP AND AoA!1-14 NO DDP! POFQ
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