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Old 07-31-2012, 04:01 AM   #1
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Phantom Manor Pin Event Trip - FINISHED (update August 3, 2012)

I haven't written one of these in a while, so let's give this a try before I get too rusty.


Well mainly me - *bows*. 36, Chipmunks and Tinker Bell fan with a bit of Eeyore thrown in.

Supporting Cast:

my friends Janis and Matt who came over from the US for the above mentioned Phantom Manor pin event.


Balladins Esbly - I can picture you asking "where in the world is this?" right now. It's a really small place in the neck of the woods, about 10 minutes by car away from DLR. Due to last minute budget cuts I had to deal with the cheapest possible hotel or face not going at all.

Day 1 - July 12:

I had hoped the weather forecast would be right and weather would be getting better the closer I got to Paris. Unfortunately the forecast was wrong. The closer I get the worse it becomes.

I find my hotel without large problems thanks to the GPS – without one you’d probably be in trouble. It’s way back in the woods, the rooms are tiny and no elevators. But what can you expect for 35 Euros a night? Oddly enough the receptionist still speaks quite good English.

After I find my way to the Disneyland parking lot (Flower parking lot… never been that far back) it’s clear that my umbrella won’t do, high winds are coming up. First dent in the budget, I need a poncho.

As I need my French Guest Assistant Card the first shop on the way there is the Disneyland Hotel. I bypass World of Disney. Oh, still closed? CM says they open 6 PM. So I may still get that Tink pin after all? Nice.

I trod off to DLH store. Right at the entrance I spot the Brave open edition on the racks. Oh cool, I’ll grab those and save myself some running on Saturday.

At the counter my heart skips several beats when I spot red hair in the LE pin rack. Wait a minute. That’s the freaking Brave pin. The LE one. Out two days early?!? Cue panic mode. The CM does not quite get why I am slightly frantic, but he lets me have all I need despite his co-worker telling him that the limit is two.

I barely conceal running out of the store and text Janis. “Brave pin is out early.” She asks me if Matt should come over. well, limited edition 400 Brave beats LE 1000 Tink, but that's me.

I catch up with Matt in the lobby. For him they insist on two only. But well, better than nothing.

We walk back to find Janis at WOD. They are obviously preparing for some opening ceremony although it is only 3.30 PM. Huh?

Mickey, Minnie and some officials cut through the ribbon. A machine shoots off some golden confetti and that’s it, insiders get in, public has to wait.

Well this public won’t wait, this member of the public does have an appointment for a Magical Moment at DLH. Matt and Janis decide to tag along so Janis can go for more Brave pins too.

The Magical Moment has pretty standard cast, until… blue fur runs down the stairs. Stitchy! *squeals*

I meet Stitch, Gideon and Pinocchio

before we head for the Annual Pass Office to get my Easy Access Card. Due to some health problems my doctor suggested I'd try to get one and even wrote the necessary paperwork in English.

Everything goes smoothly there, they even give me the better version, the Disabled Priority Access card, good until my AP expires. Well that went better than I thought.

We head back for World of Disney to try and get a semi-good spot.

At 5.30 PM a torrential downpour starts. I guess they are trying to be nice by letting us in earlier, but now everyone starts running. Arrrgh!

At the cash registers explanations are given, but in French only. Very helpful – not. The second CM finally can give an English explanation. They tell us to go into another area and wait. Umm… now a scrum after that running? You know people can get injured, right?

10 minutes after the time they give us two members of the pin trading team come in with vouchers and start to herd us all outside. Oh great, this is beginning to get bad.

Outside… guess what? It started raining AGAIN! The Pin Trading Team people flee back inside, but we are kept outside. Guys, this is not funny anymore. For almost an hour they keep counting people and then let us back in in groups of 10. I’ll correct myself: this is ridiculous. No info given (at least it never made it past the first few people), nothing.

Matt and I meanwhile got split from Janet, but we all three get through for the pins. Now I need a drink, preferably of the alcoholic non-bank breaking kind. We set off to find a local Pizza Hut.

Unfortunately apparently Pizza Hut has been greatly reducing the number of their French restaurants. The first two spots have been demolished respectively are under new ownership. The second spot has turned into a place called “Tablapizza.” Meanwhile we are too hungry to care. Surprisingly the place is pretty good, even has English menus on hand and although I am not actually quite sure where we ended up they make quite an effort to deal with our barely existing French language skills.

I take Matt and Janis back to their place before going back to my hotel. It’s pretty loud, but that was to be expected for that price. I am way less amused though when I wake up at 3 AM after a loud crash… to find a woman with a hotel employee shirt standing in my hotel room! Thank god she did fall over my umbrella and woke me up. I barricade the door and finally fall asleep again.

End Day 1.
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Day 2 - July 13 (part 1)

The lady at reception is flabbergasted about my experience the night before. She checks my room, then rewrites the keycard and advises me to use the safety bolt. Umm, this is what I did. Looks like I need to barricade the door again. No explanation or heaven forbid an apology.

The parking lot is surprisingly clear, I expected more traffic today. Cheyenne and Sequoia Lodge only have the standard characters and no Brave pins. Hotel New York does have Goofy coming at 9 AM, but I don’t really fancy waiting. I get my breakfast at Earl of Sandwich and proceed to Disneyland Hotel.

The DLH cast is quite better: Duffy, followed by Mickey and Minnie and finally Rabbit from Pooh. I can definitely live with that.

The character train does come down Main Street now quite a lot more often than in April. The first arrival is at 11 AM. As I still need Minnie I head over there.

Thanks to my drawing I am through quickly

and even have time to go and hunt down my first munk, Chip.

The Disabled Priority Card allows you to enter Princess Pavillion through the exit. There is no one even in line when I go and I get to ring the bell myself. After an about 5 minute wait I am in and meet Cinderella, who really likes my drawings and has me show all of them to her.

A Cast Member catches on, has a look too, and disappears after “hang on a moment.” When he gets back he informs me that he will take me over to see Ariel too. Oh wow, now that is cool. He’s not even deterred when his co-worker tells him off for doing that. Two princesses in one go, fabulous.

The next train is due at 12. I need the other munk, so I head back to the castle. On my way I notice the backdrop for the Rapunzel meet and greet is back out in Fantasyland. That’s nice, at least they are letting little girls have the chance to get a picture with Pascal then.

I get in a good spot at the castle. The train music is already playing when I see a spot of blue leaving from a cast entrance… Cinderella, Snow White and…. Aurora with Prince Philip, my last missing prince! Aaargh!!!

That’s not fair – prince from the left and munkie coming towards me as well!!! I quickly realize the royal crowd is heading for the backstage entrance to Auberge. Oh dear, what am I doing now?! The plan was Auberge tomorrow. Last minute I realize I did a reservation for Friday as well and forgot to cancel it. I silently beg for forgiveness to the munkies and hightail to Fantasyland.

Auberge cast members are seemingly amused when they see me running. Hey, I am 5 minutes late and you keep reiterating you are not holding reservations. Excuse me why I recover from my princely panic!

The restaurant is half empty, so surprisingly I get a table somewhat close to the dancing area for a change.

Suzy and Perla come up to my table quickly, with Suzy insisting on taking me over the a waiter to get a picture. Wonder if she recognized me?

Philip and Aurora come out and do their little dance. Of course they start greeting people in the other area first.

The waiter comes to get my order. Chef’s Special is red fish, so I tell him no, I’ll rather have the veal as I am allergic to seafood.. Not my favourite either, but I got stung with the mushrooms last time and that’s not worth the risk. Neither do I like the supposedly grilled vegetables, but this time at least I know what’s coming.

I don't quite get though why the waiter takes away my rolls when serving the starter. Unfortunately he wasn't seen again for a while, so I never could even ask.

Finally the royal couple makes it to my table. I think Philip is quite amused by my excitement. They happily sign my drawings and even insist on changing pens for signing the picture. Thankfully this Aurora speaks English unlike the first Snow White (the first Snow White I met in Auberge barely spoke English and did not understand when I asked if I could get a picture alone with the Prince, he had to translate my request) and has no problem with Philip and me being alone on a shot.

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Day 2 - July 13 (part 2):

Apparently I am keeping them up too long because now Snow White arrives and has to go to the next table first. Oopsie. Quick conversation, another photo, she likes my drawing too and we are done just in time for my main course to arrive - and the rolls to come back too.

Hmm, that doesn’t look like veal… more like scallops. Were those even on the menu? It smells fishy (pardon the pun) for sure. I protest and indeed it’s not the veal. Hmpf. What’s this supposed to be, “see Prince Philip and die”? Wait for a new dish then.

That gives Cinderella time to come over. Quick chat, photo and go. But who cares, I have met my prince.

The second time I get the right dish, although some sort of an apology would have been nice. Is that the theme for today?

The dessert is an unpleasant surprise: they’ve changed it! From the three miniature things you got to one chocolaty thing. I am not impressed. Hmpf.

I decide to head over to the Pavillion to check if Tiana’s out. For some reason the majority of the CMs there won’t tell you who’s in and you have to keep trying.

On my way there I see something distinctly pink in the direction of the Teacup ride. Why is this spot moving? Rapunzel AND Flynn are out at the Meet and Greet! Why is this not on the schedule? Eeek!!! I rush over and decide to try my Pass… and yes, they let me in through the exit and I get to meet Rapunzel and Flynn pretty much right away. Phew. Both are very impressed by my gondola drawing and Rapunzel even leaves space for me to add the lanterns. Well that wasn’t planned, but if you think that looks better… maybe I’ll get it reworked.

Okay, but now it’s really the Pavillion. With a small wait this time, looks like things are picking up a little for Bastille Day weekend. The CM taking me in grins when she recognizes me. While I wait a CM inside chats with me a little. She clearly has a schedule in hand (I can spy “Raiponce” and “Aurore”, but can’t make out the times) and still tells me they have to live with whatever princess gets sent over and don’t know who’s coming.

It’s Jasmine for me this time, at least the girl lets me choose when I tell her I have already seen Ariel.

Thanks to the small line I have missed the train and decide to be crazy and see Jack Sparrow at Blue Lagoon. We only live once, don’t we? It isn’t even as manic as I expected and Jack picks me out of the crowd rather soon because of “my booty” – aka my pin lanyard. When the CM tells him to step back for the picture he even tries to drag me into the bushes. You know Jack , if you pick the wrong girl you may not get out of that situation that easy.

Back to the train

to catch up with Goofy and munkie 2, Dale. Clarice is apparently not out today.

It’s a little early, but the Magical Moment is at 4 PM again, so I walk back to DLH. I’m rewarded with the best of both furs… Stitchy again, but this time with the munkies. Yay me!

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Day 2 - July 13 (part 3):

The pin event starts at 7 PM, but I agreed with Matt and Janis that I’ll pick them up earlier. There is an LE 200 set released, but 350 tickets have been sold. So unlike prior events it's not guaranteed you will get that set. We are slightly worried because no one had bothered to explain how distribution will work, so better early than sorry.

This leaves me just enough time for another dash for the train. I don’t particularly like my last Pluto shot, so let’s try this again. I am not sure who taught that CM to take pictures, but obviously it is preferable to have the castle in the picture completely and miss half of Pluto.

I do a last check at the Pavillion for that day and bump into my friend Cinderella again.

She and the photographer think it’s pretty funny. Well if someone would simply tell me when Tiana is out I wouldn't be checking back so often.

I get to the Newport Bay to get Matt and Janis and we head over to Hotel New York. There’s quite a line already, guess we are not the only ones worried about the set.

When it’s our turn it unfolds that they are doing a raffle for the shopping lists. A shopping list guarantees you which items you can buy. Either you get one without set or one with set. Uh-oh.

Matt goes first and draws a blank list. Damn. Janis goes next and gets one with a set. So that leaves us with six drawing attempts from me and we ideally need three more lists, but I at least have to get my own set. No pressure, hmm? I draw… list with set. Yes! I draw again and… one more set list! Phew. I keep drawing and getting lists with sets. After the third list I begin having giggling fits.

We sit down in a corner and I set off to find friends who didn’t get a list with a set. Meanwhile Pluto, Mickey and Minnie (in standard clothing) arrive to say hi to the guests.

We’re being let in finally and I will leave them that, the decoration is done pretty well. Even the buffet is decorated in style.

Unfortunately the characters are pretty... unimpressive. Munkies and Goofy. Don’t get me wrong, I love my munkies. But they recycled the costumes from last Halloween! That and the MC having his face painted as Phantom isn’t exactly what I expected from that event character-wise.

The pins are equally unimpressive in my eyes. Gift pin is the Phantom. Jumbo Tink as bride with Stitch lurking in the shadows , which is actually pretty nice. But sales are slow in both senses of the word – they don’t get the cash registers working which delays insanely. The second chance line is the shortest I have ever seen. They end up not even selling out of the small red circles. Disappointing.

Trading isn’t much better. Maybe it was so slow because everyone spent so much time in line, but I only make one more in person trade than in April. And to balance that the board trades are way slower – still the same HK pins as in April. Not impressed.

(They did have an Imagineer doing presentations about Phantom Manor. But as only one was in English I never made it there.)

We wrap up pretty much on time and I drop off Matt and Janis before going to sleep. No visitors for me tonight.
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Day 3 - July 14

Bastille Day. Park will be full. I get the first glimpse of that when I arrive 5 minutes earlier than yesterday and there’s already over a dozen cars in line. All lines have at least 3 cars in them, but CMs only open two lines. Cue lots of swerving and honking.

Cheyenne offers a nice surprise: Cowboy Donald in a new costume. Haven’t seen him for years.

They also have got a few Brave pins, though they are not on display and you got to ask for them.

Sequoia has Minnie and Pluto and the store CMs get pretty rude about not having Brave pins. Umm… thanks I guess?

New York has Mickey and Minnie – what’s that with the mouse obsession today? – and also no Brave pins.

I head over to DLH. When I walk in the Inventions area I spot a very familiar black top hat… on the balcony of the floor where you only get with a key card! Scrooge. *flails arms madly* One of my two character unicorns! So close and yet so far. I’m on the verge of panic and looking for someone with a key card when I realize that maybe I should check the schedule. He’s out at the Meet and Greet at 10 AM. I go to the store to check on Brave pins – predictably sold out – and plop myself down to wait.

Scrooge arrives on time, I get my picture and my drawing signed.

I also discover a sign that in celebration of Bastille Day Mickey, Minnie and Duffy will be out in the evening in special costumes. Now that sounds nice.

I leave through the lobby and bump into the White Rabbit! Ah, so that is where they are hiding the extra characters now, the lobby?

I toddle over to the castle to wait for the 11 AM train.

Maybe Clarice is on there today. And yes, she indeed is. For some reason people keep pushing in for her really bad, but she is very good at making the pushers wait. When it’s my turn and a girl pushes in Clarice keeps hugging me tightly until she goes back in the crowd. Go Clarice!

I also manage to catch Daisy

before heading back to the Pavillion. Rides? What are rides? You mean the stuff they built around the characters?

It’s Aurora this time. Her photographer laughs and says: “The amazing artist is back.” *courtesies* I aim to please.

Back to the train to catch Donald. The Auberge cast walks by again and turns out I wouldn’t have had to rush yesterday, it’s Philip and the same princesses again. Oh well.

Hmm… what did I forget. Oh yeah, the Jamming Jungle meet and greet!

Baloo is out when I head over there. Not amused, so they cut the rotation there too? King Louie is gone. When they switch over to the second group it becomes clear that they indeed cut the numbers, Timon is missing as well. Hmpf.

I have lunch at Hakuna Matata, it’s been a while since I’ve seen that one open. Spicy chicken strips and Hakuna fries. Sorry, no food pictures - too hungry for camera use.

Trading at Pueblo Trading Post seems slow, same faces and the bad pin board out too. But the poor Pin Trading people are getting a lot of abuse from people who missed out on the Brave pin – as of 10 AM declared sold out park wide apparently. They are not too happy when I tell them that in fact the rumor that stores sold early was not a rumor, I bought the pin early myself.

Back to Fantasyland. The Pavillion has quite a line, the crowds are meanwhile significantly building up for Bastille Day. When it’s my turn to go in the next princess group walks in… Sleeping Beauty and *Tiana*!

The CM shows up and for a change asks me who I want to see. I am wearing a t-shirt with a honking big frog on it, who on earth may I want to see?

I enthusiastically reply: “Tiana please!”, only to be told “she’s not there.” Yes she is, I saw her coming in all but two minutes ago! CM sheepishly tells me that they must be doing a switch then. I let the family behind me go first seeing her daughter is in an Ariel dress and may want to catch Ariel.

After 5 more minutes it’s my turn going. The picture station (they’re taking us in through the exit) shows Tiana is there now. Strike! The CM leading me in is stopped by a mom showing her the autograph book. “Who is that princess?” The signature? Tiana’s. Now of course I don’t expect parents to know all princesses. But the CM stammering “ummm…” does come as a surprise. Thankfully NCIS taught me that word in French. “Tiana, de la Princesse et la Grenouille.” (Ha, take that, Tony DiNozzo! )
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the princess thing is a nightmare ,not knowing who you are seeing ,we went high season and with out a priority past there was no way we could queue time after time we really wanted ariel but got auruora ,loving reading your report

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Day 3 - July 14 (part 2)

So I finally get to meet Tiana on try number… I think it was 7 or 8. (It sure felt like I was running around in circles.) And the day I am wearing my Princess and the Frog shirt too. Going from her insanely positive reaction towards me, my drawings and the shirt I don’t think people are too enthusiastic about her.

I have time to kill until the Magical Moment. So… seeing I am just at the Small World exit…. Let’s do a ride for a change.

After Small World I check out the new Mickey Meet and Greet. It works similar to the Princesses one, you ring a bell at the side entrance and are taken to the front of the line.

The Meet and Greet is nicely done, similar to the temporary one in Fantasyland. Posters and rehearsal items from a travelling circus troupe everywhere, plus a large screen showing cartoons in the main room.

I try Buzz, but no CM ever shows up at the exit to get me. I give up in the end.

Back to Disneyland Hotel for the Magical Moment. No special guests today, but Mickey and Minnie are wearing Bastille Day outfits and there’s tons of balloons up.

The crowd goes mental at the mice in the outfits. Worst scrum I have ever seen in Paris, and that at a place I considered somewhat safe so far. A hotel manager ends up helping me, probably because it’s getting seriously dangerous and an adult who has constantly kids pushed in front her of her is an accident waiting to happen.

Trying Buzz again… same problem, no one coming. So I decide to make one last Pavillion run as I haven’t found out who Ariel is paired with today yet – I am still looking for that elusive Mulan. Turns out it’s Rapunzel, the same one I met yesterday. She remembers me, and turns out she even speaks German. So now I am the proud owner of a Rapunzel autograph with a German personalisation.

The rain temporarily lets up a bit for the parade. I manage to save a spot for Janis and Matt until 2 minutes before, but they are delayed too much and I have to give it up.

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Day 3 - July 14 (part 3)

More parade:

The last float offers a surprise... Donald is on the main float now!

Of course with Donald being on the main part that leads us to the question... who's in his old spot? I present you... Tinker Bell!

I am pretty sure I squealed her name very loudly, and going from that photo I think she may have noticed.

After the parade I finally find Matt and Janis. We go to DLH to catch Mickey and Minnie plus Duffy. Way less scrums, and I almost feel sorry for poor Duffy at how fast the line dies down.

Here's my photo with Mickey and Minnie - the one with Duffy is on Matt's camera and I don't have it yet.

Then we head to Earl of Sandwich for dinner.

We try to make it back to the park as soon as possible – Bastille Day fireworks = horrendous crowd.

With Janis and me both having a Disabled Card it makes most sense to try the special section. It’s on one of the side arms of the Hub. It’s pretty crowded already when we arrive and they first try to send Matt away. Umm… no. Handler anyone?

It’s getting more and more crowded until Fantillusion starts. As soon as the first parade float comes near us things get really crazy. CMs appear and tell everyone to “crouch down”. I beg your pardon? 1) how is that supposed to do any good? We even let wheelchairs first and crouching or sitting behind a wheelchair… unless we are talking Baloo size that’s going to be a problem. Plus 2) You know, Janis and I don’t have these cards for nothing! No, they insist we “crouch”, no matter how often we are showing our cards!

I end up sitting on the floor because I’ve had it – most of the handlers stand bolt upright as soon as the CMs move their head… how fair is that? Granted I don’t like the parade anyway, but still…

They try again for Dreams, but give up after finally realizing the area is extremely close to a riot.

Fireworks come on and are extremely underwhelming.

The music goes on for a while after the fireworks have stopped, no idea what is going on there. They even open up backstage entrances to get people out. Why on earth didn’t they shut of access to the park? In my eyes this was way over maximum capacity.
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You should do more TRs Vala - loving reading all of this and seeing your photos (the end of Bastille Day in the park sounds horrendous though ).

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Originally Posted by stargatebarbie View Post
the princess thing is a nightmare ,not knowing who you are seeing ,we went high season and with a priority past no way we could queue time after time we really wanted ariel but got auruora ,loving reading your report
I'm glad you like it.

I totally agree. It was completely ridiculous. I heard people at the front of the line asking who was there (so at least they could choose the princess they preferred), but no, they were told: "it's a surprise."

Granted it's a surprise in Disneyland Anaheim too - but if you ask nicely the CM will tell you. Plus there you meet three or four princesses, so the chances are bigger that you catch your favorite when you get in line once, maybe twice. But as soon as the Rapunzel Meet and Greet is gone the wait times at the pavillion will be insane again.

I was actually surprised how tame it was Bastille Day, at least at the Pavillion. I had expected way worse lines at the Pavillion, even with the card. The longest line I experienced was maybe 8 families, and most of that added up after I got in line.

Originally Posted by DLPdaft View Post
You should do more TRs Vala - loving reading all of this and seeing your photos (the end of Bastille Day in the park sounds horrendous though ).
Thank you.

Thing is (if you didn't know before it's obvious now ): I am a character nut. My ramblings usually end with me squealing at something furry or sparkly at one point. I am never that sure these reports are actually entertaining.

The Bastille Day fireworks were indeed horrendous. If there had been any chance to go I would have left. But you couldn't even get out. Not out of the section and not out of the park. Friends of me were stuck in Discoveryland for over an hour. Every place that had the slightest chance to view part of the fireworks was completely blocked.
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What a great TR and your pics are amazing... I must say the casting for some of the princesses aren't that good. It looks like they just found some pretty girls, not going for the special princess look :-(
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Fab TR Vala - love your character hunts! You did well with the Princess Pavilion - we have no chance as the queues are just always too long . DH has said he doesn't want to do Auberge again next trip (and I am halfway to agreeing with him) so it's the PP or no Princesses on that trip I guess....

Loving all your photos btw .
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Originally Posted by the_princess View Post
What a great TR and your pics are amazing... I must say the casting for some of the princesses aren't that good. It looks like they just found some pretty girls, not going for the special princess look :-(
Thank you. I love taking photos and sometimes go a little overboard during parades.

Yes, I agree. The casting certainly isn't ideal. Some at least had the manners right, but others...

Boyfriend did have a way less nice to put it after our April trip which I am not going to repeat on here.

Originally Posted by DLPDreams View Post
Fab TR Vala - love your character hunts! You did well with the Princess Pavilion - we have no chance as the queues are just always too long . DH has said he doesn't want to do Auberge again next trip (and I am halfway to agreeing with him) so it's the PP or no Princesses on that trip I guess....

Loving all your photos btw .
Thank you.

The queue times were between 30 and 75 minutes while I was there, I checked the sign. But no doubt they will explode again once Rapunzel moves back in regularly.

I felt quite lucky in the end that my doctor came up with the idea to get a pass himself. I only mentioned the words "Disneyland" and "Bastille Day" and he offered to do the paperwork. Apparently that problem is somewhat well known.
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Day 4 - July 15 part 1

Oh great, after last night (extremely cold and pretty windy) I feel I have a cold approaching. Off to buy a fleece jumper to keep me a little warmer. But still I somehow managed to get a sunburn from watching the parade, can you believe that?

Crowds at the parking lot are nowhere as bad as yesterday.

Native American Mickey and Sheriff Goofy at Cheyenne, so I head over to Sequoia. Ranger Donald – new costume. Yay!

I grab another breakfast sandwich at Earl of Sandwich before heading over to DLH. I buy a sweater at World of Disney first and even score some cast lanyard pins. Most lanyards had been pretty picked over. At DLH Eeyore and Rabbit are on the schedule, together. Nice picture.

But now where are they hiding Piglet?

I walk to City Hall to complain about last night. The girl comes back saying that they only wanted the handlers to crouch. Umm, no. Janis and I both showed them our cards and the Dutch woman next to us too, they wouldn’t budge. They even stood in our line of sight on purpose. The response? "Well then maybe you should have arrived earlier." How much more early then 1 hour 15 minutes do you want us there then? I have no problem camping out, the problem is more that your CMs are not setting up timely, you know?

After 10 minutes of fruitless discussions she gives me a pin voucher as “apology.” Some at least pretended fake understanding would have been more nice.

I go to let off some steam at Buzz. Surprisingly this time a CM is around and I get to go on a ride.

After that spin I head for the Pavillion. I am still missing two of the regulars, Snow White and Belle. Plus of course that ever elusive Mulan.

Again I am solo in line. The CM picking me up asks: “Who do you want to see?” I reply: “Unless you are hiding Mulan in there I am missing Snow White and Belle.” Which leads to the CM looking at me like I have two heads. What, did I say something wrong?

“You would really like to see Mulan?” Yes, of course I would. What’s the problem?

Turns out that Mulan was removed from the regular rotation at the Princess Pavillion because too many people complained she was not a proper princess. WHAT??? But I guess after that little Tiana incident I shouldn’t be surprised. But Belle and Snow White are in. As I have already seen Snow White at Auberge I ask to see Belle, which they allow me to do.

I have time for another ride on Small World before the next train. I am just missing Mickey now, I may as well try for a complete set.

The pushing at the train gets quite bad again, it’s crazy. One father even goes off at me when I refuse to let his son go first. Before someone says something: while I much prefer the organised lines I am normally not the person to refuse a kid something. However, when the father tries to get me out of the way by hitting me with his stroller on purpose no less than three times and then demands that his son goes first because I am "just an adult" yes, I will admit that I do tend to get a bit stubborn.

Thankfully Mickey solves the problem when he sees my drawing, takes my hand and pulls me next to him.

See my shiny new sweater on the photo?

I have the Rapunzel Brunch at Inventions booked for lunch, and this is where I am heading now. The decorations are quite standard (with the exception of the Tower made of ice).

Food has more of an English touch – did I miss that in the movie? And the music is five songs on continuous loop, with most of them not even from Tangled.

Rapunzel and Flynn come around first. Same Flynn, different Rapunzel.

But it’s a Rapunzel who tells me: “You met my friend Tiana yesterday, didn’t you? She told me all about your beautiful drawings.” Wait. What did you just say???

I realize I did visit the Pavillion quite often, but if the princesses start talking about me maybe that last visit was too much…

And of course as things happen I had my last drawing signed at the Pavillion yesterday. So I stammer an apology about how hard it is getting Flynn's nose right and she and Flynn sign the picture I took from the last Hub show instead.

Flynn barely speaks English, but is happy to pose for a picture with me solo.

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Day 4 - July 15 (part 2)

The “friends” of Rapunzel (her own words) that visit are Chip and Dale (though not in the cute costumes from Valentine’s Day – boo hiss) and Mickey in the prince outfit that I had met him at Auberge in. That trio causes a little ruckus in our area – when Dale sees Chip with me he immediately screws up the order of tables and comes running for a duo shot. I guess it’s a safe bet to say that this chipmunk remembered me for sure.

I’m still waiting for Minnie (her being last is definitely a theme there) when suddenly Pluto peeks in. Hadn’t seen him at all before. Minnie finally shows up 5 minutes before closing.

For the full brunch report please read: http://www.disboards.com/showpost.ph...&postcount=113 onwards. It is very picture heavy as I have taken lots of food pictures and I didn't want to repost everything here.

Back at Pueblo Trading Post they ask me what I thought of the fireworks. Now how do I put that nicely... Oh, they were cut short due to the overcrowding? Who would have guessed… A German trader tells me they were stuck in Discoveryland for over an hour and finally escorted out backstage after physical altercations started.

I go for Buzz again before it’s time for the last Magical Moment of the weekend. Special guests? Rapunzel and Flynn.

Boy, and I did think the scrums yesterday around Mickey and Minnie were bad. How wrong was I? Most characters are wandering around pretty much asking for attention, but there is one big mass of people around her and Flynn.

I can't even tell you why I actually went in that chaos, after all I just had a picture with them.

Luckily Rapunzel recognized and finally drags me out of the crowd when I ask for another picture. I think we had at least 5 parents pushing their kids at her in the 90 seconds she was laughing "hey, you again." What's the draw of a picture with Rapunzel who's talking to a woman you don't even know?

I go back to Buzz and Small World before finding a spot for the parade. I have the sunburn anyway.

I make friends with the family next to me and we end up chatting. Again a mother tries to push in front of us saying we have to let her in front because her child is "so little". No, we don’t. First, lack of planning on your part doesn't necessitate an emergency on my part. Second, we have three kids that are barely 5 years old in front of us already. I can't quite grasp the thought how someone can have the idea to block their view with a stroller when arriving way later!

I've been BOO'd by fairykin!

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