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Old 02-23-2010, 02:16 PM   #76
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The Obsession continues.....

Candi's feet were really bothering him and we were both exhausted so we napped for quite a while. I'm not sure if I mentioned it or not, but Candi has had several major surgeries on his foot, ankle and knee in the last 10 years. He has a metal plate and screws in his ankle and the arch of his foot, so extended walking really bothers him. He's generally alright if he can trade off his shoes so that he alternates the arch support, but I forgot them in our friend's car at the airport

After our extended nap time we did our usual boat to the Contemporary then monorail to Epcot to finish our our evening. On the way back to Epcot we talked about maybe doing a Kim Possible mission. Even though they are meant for kids we both thought they looked like tons of fun and since we both love World Showcase, it was kind of perfect for us.

We entered Epcot and made our way to World Showcase

I love these little signs, but, unfortunately you can see trouble in the background. Do you see it? No? Look harder! Still no?

Now, I know you can see it here ... there was a storm a brewin' and it was threatening to ruin our afternoon/evening plans

You would think we would be hightailing it over to our first stop. But, nope! We are a bit dorky and took our time strolling over to World Showcase.

Hey look! It's the monorail AND the Epcot ball

Soon enough we made it to World Showcase

Even though it hadn't actually started to rain yet, it definitely wasn't looking any better.

The good news was you could see an end to the stormy clouds. So we continued on to Mexico, crossing our fingers and hoping for the best. I mean, really, what else can you do anyway?!?

I'm not kidding, we walked inside and the rain started to come down in buckets!! We were rolling with laughter because we could not believe our luck.

Once inside, we both immediately fell in love with the Mexico pavilion. We had not made it to Mexico or Norway on our honeymoon and had spent the year wondering what we had missed out on.

It was definitely packed in there, anybody who was nearby when it started to rain were definitely inside there now. Since we knew we had some time to kill we roamed around looking at all the different things they were selling. I loved the wooden animals that they painted in all the bright colors. They were definitely talented and I debated getting one for my desk at work. In the end I passed, because I figured I could get something similar at home, being from New Mexico and all. As a side note, I have not Candi also commented on how pretty the restaurant was and how he wished we would have made reservations there. We had discussed it, but I had read so many bad things about it we decided to pass. I must say, we were regretting our decision now.

After a while we decided to hop in line for the boat ride - sorry, I don't remember the correct name. I'm not sure how long we waited, I know there was a line though because of all the people running inside from the rain.

This scene cracked me up - I honestly couldn't stop laughing - the people on our boat must have thought I was nuts!

After the ride we decided to check out the weather - it was still raining but you could tell it was starting to let up so we just sat by the fountain and waited. We probably waited another five minutes and then the rain cleared and we headed on to Norway.

I was super excited when I saw the grass roof - I can't remember what special I was watching when I heard about it, but I was excited to see it nonetheless

We were also super stoked to see that the skies had cleared up and hoped that was the last of the rain for the day. With that hope we got in line to ride the Viking boats and waited around 20 minutes or so before we got on. Now, we didn't dislike the ride, but we didn't love it either. If we passed by and there wasn't a wait we would definitely go on it again, but we wouldn't go out of our way to ride it either. We bypassed the show at the end of the ride to try to make up some time before dinner. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that was a mistake, right as we went to walk outside it started pouring rain again. We hung out in the gift shop to wait for it to pass and wouldn't you know it, as soon as the show was let out, the rain stopped!

By now it was starting to get really close to our dinner reservation. We had spent over an hour in the Mexico showcase and almost an hour in Norway on top of napping way longer than planned. So the new plan was to make a run through each showcase until we made it to Japan and hopefully put aside a different day to really see the showcases!

Oh look, it's the friendship boat and the ball

Yay! You can see the sun was forcing it's way back out!!!

Hi Germany!

Skies are clearing .... WAHOO!!!

Continued next post....
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Old 02-23-2010, 02:23 PM   #77
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Continued from previous post...

Ok, I was literally running when I snapped this picture, but, don't the skies look all pretty now?

Candi took a restroom break which gave me enough time for some detail shots!

This is one of my favorite shots from that day

We made it to Japan with time to spare. Ok, ok, with a lot of time to spare. Maybe, just maybe, we ran a little too quickly Oh well, this gave us a lot of time to do my pick a pearl right? Wrong! There was an entire tour group in line for a pearl so that was also pushed back for another day or maybe after dinner if it was still open.

While we waited to check-in we just relaxed by the lake ... pond? ... lagoon? Not sure what it is

Candi was really infatuated with this bird and kept waiting to watch him fly. We decided he knew this because he would open his wings a lot and act like he was going to take off but never do it. Little tricky thing

If you look really closely you can see a rainbow ending right over the pyramid. It was really beautiful to see in person!

Getting ready for Illuminations! I felt a little sad that we would probably miss it tonight because our dinner reservation was for later than I had hoped.

Look, look, he's going to fly ..... but he didn't

I decided this would be a really pretty spot for Photopass pictures!

Yay ... there he goes. Yep, we are dorks!

One more Epcot ball picture before we go inside to eat. I call this my artistic shot

Dinner was at Teppan Edo which we were super stoked about. For our honeymoon they had just finished the renovation and were completely booked up for the week. We love teppan style cooking at couldn't wait to try it here. I will apologize now, I do not have any pictures of this meal. It wasn't that I was embarrassed to take them, but was too lost in our table's conversation and forgot.

We checked in about 15 minutes early for dinner and had to wait about 30 minutes before we were seated. It was crowded in there, we stood the entire wait because there weren't any more chairs and it was even more crowded when we were finally sat. While we waited we heard them turn away several disappointed parties trying to walk up. Based on our experience, I definitely recommend reservations if you want to eat here!

For those of you not familiar you sit at one large table with other guests. I believe each table seats 8 people - 2 on each end and 4 across one side. The table is actually a cooking table top and the chef comes to your table and cooks your food in front of you while putting on a show. It's really neat and incredibly yummy!

We were seated on one of the ends and had two other families at our table. Candi was sitting next to this little boy who was so excited to be at Disney and told us all about his trip and home and everything else. He was so cute, I don't remember his name but he told us when he grew up he was going to open a doughnut shop and name it "A Hole In One"

I don't remember the name of our chef but our server was Ayumu and both of them were fantastic. Our chef sang and did all sorts of tricks and to top it off made some really scrumptious food.

Teppan Edo was definitely one of our top three meals!!!

After dinner we walked out to see that Illuminations hadn't finished yet When you leave Teppan Edo you are actually up a flight of stairs and there is a big wrap around patio out there. It ended up being a perfect place to see Illuminations from!

There weren't any Extra Magic Hours tonight so after Illuminations ended Epcot was all closed up. After our sprint through World Showcase before dinner we decided to take our time that night. I put the camera away and we enjoyed the rest of our time in Epcot just walking together and enjoying each others company. I'm always so focused on capturing every single moment in pictures that I sometimes forget I'm missing out on moments that can't be captured by a camera!

When we made it to the front of the park they still had Photopass photographers and once again, it was Candi's idea to take advantage of them.

There couldn't have been a more perfect picture to end the night than that one!

Once we made it back to the hotel we visited the gift shop to pick up some batteries for Candi's razor, some moleskin for his blisters and of course, some waters and a tea!

Money Spent Day Three:

Kona Cafe Breakfast - 2 table service credits used - $33.42 if paying cash

Coral Reef Lunch - 2 table service credits used - $92.68 if paying cash

5x7 flying castle photo - $13.80

Camera Strap - $19.17

Teppan Edo Dinner - 2 table service credits used plus $10.12 for sushi sampler (not included on dining plan) - $83.93 total if paying cash

WL Gift Shop (4 pk AA batteries, 3 pk moleskin, 2 Dasani waters and 1 Nestea) - 3 snack credits used plus $10.46 in cash - $18.18 total if paying cash
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Old 02-23-2010, 05:42 PM   #78
Sometimes I'd rather live in VMK than in real life!
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I love that you captured the series of that bird that refused to fly! It may seem silly to post, but those are the things that make reading TRs really fun. You share more about who you are through those stories as opposed to just the "we-rode-this-then-ate-that" kind of recaps. You two are so cute together!

I think your artistic shot of the ball is a really good one! Love how you used whatever it was to frame the ball. So different than the typical shots, haha, as in the ones I will probably be taking!

Ooo, thanks for posting those prices! The flying castle photo is definitely a doable price, and the camera strap is not expensive like I thought it would be!
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Old 02-27-2010, 03:49 AM   #79
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Love all the pics

Originally Posted by ariel1025 View Post
When we last left off, many moons ago, Candi was in a super good mood from playing music conductor and promised me we could do anything I wanted to do!

Now, I will admit, I was slightly mischievous about it, I knew he was meaning a ride or food. But, after turning the corner in the Imagination Pavilion, he knew he was regretting his words

I had the choice to do anything I wanted and I wanted to take pictures. Remember, slightly obsessed here But, this wasn't any picture. It wasn't an icon picture or a photopass picture .... this was the most super, duper fun picture in the whole world. I'm not making this up - see for yourself ....

This picture currently sits on my desk at work and whenever I am feeling stressed or frustrated I look at it and my world feels a little bit better

After taking the picture we decided to head back to the Lodge for an afternoon nap. Candi's feet were really starting to hurt him and we still hadn't been able to find any Crocs in his size. Of course, this wasn't a mad rush off to nap and we took our time making our way out of Epcot.

Oh, look at that, you can see "the ball" from over here too

We both love all the fountains in this area ... especially how excited all the kids get with them!

While strolling around we stumbled upon Club Cool and were super excited about it. This was something else we had placed on our "must do" list but forgot about it until we accidentally found it!

My favorite was definitely the one from China, but Candi was partial to the one from Germany.

This was seriously like his fourth cup of the one from Germany. Now, I wasn't mean enough to make him try the Beverly. Ok, I'm mean enough, but I didn't know how to persuade him without laughing and letting him know something was up So, I left it alone and told him that I would check and see if they sold bottles of the different types of drinks. Sadly I did not see them .... I think this would be a great idea though!

When I came back to deliver the bad news I saw Candi filling up his little cup with the infamous Italian Soda ----- he was drinking Beverly on his own free will ....

: lmao:

When he saw me laughing he tried to get mad because he realized I knew it was a bad idea. But, all he could do was crack up laughing. After that we each took a cup of our favorite to go and continued our journey to the front gates.

Hey - haven't seen that in at least 3 pictures

After I took the picture Candi noticed a Photopass guy and offered to take some more pictures. I think he was finally getting into the spirit of "getting our money's worth"

We also had to stop and watch the dancing fountains; it still amazes us how they are able to time it all so well. We could truly sit around watching them for hours.

After the fountains we had finally made it to the entrance - only 2 hours had passed since we agreed to go take a nap However, right before we left Candi remembered that there was a camera strap I had wanted to buy last year and we forgot all about it. I was shocked he had remembered because I hadn't said anything about it in over a year. But, the next thing I knew he was leading me into the photo store by the front gates to buy my strap.

To this day, it is my favorite souvenir EVER!!!

After that we actually did leave the park and head back to Wilderness Lodge. The plan was to take a nap and then come back and work our way through World Showcase - starting in Mexico and stopping in Japan for dinner - allowing enough time for me to do the "pick a pearl" thing in the before our dinner reservation.......

I love your pics & updates.........My wife & I had our 35th last Sept & had a BLAST!!!!! and yes we both are Disney Freaks....
I have 2 questions.........What kind of camera do you have?You sem to have some nice clear shots!!
Also The Pic of you 2 flying where was that taken??
Thanks & looking FWD to more
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Originally Posted by RachelNinja View Post
I love that you captured the series of that bird that refused to fly! It may seem silly to post, but those are the things that make reading TRs really fun. You share more about who you are through those stories as opposed to just the "we-rode-this-then-ate-that" kind of recaps. You two are so cute together!

I think your artistic shot of the ball is a really good one! Love how you used whatever it was to frame the ball. So different than the typical shots, haha, as in the ones I will probably be taking!

Ooo, thanks for posting those prices! The flying castle photo is definitely a doable price, and the camera strap is not expensive like I thought it would be!
Thank you so much! I was pretty surprised at how inexpensive the castle photo was. When I saw it posted I was a little nervous when asking the cost

Originally Posted by Disney25th View Post
I love your pics & updates.........My wife & I had our 35th last Sept & had a BLAST!!!!! and yes we both are Disney Freaks....
I have 2 questions.........What kind of camera do you have?You sem to have some nice clear shots!!
Also The Pic of you 2 flying where was that taken??
Thanks & looking FWD to more
Thank you The camera I have is a Nikon D5000 and I absolutely love it!!!! Even my Husband, who normally has problems getting a clear shot (he shakes a lot when taking pictures) can get some really good pictures when using it The castle picture was taken in the Imagination pavilion gift shop. We just happened to stumble upon it after exiting the Figment ride. Thanks for reading!
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Old 02-27-2010, 02:23 PM   #81
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Sleep and Slides.....

Today was the day in our trip that I think I was most looking forward to; this was the day we were going to Blizzard Beach Candi, however, wasn't too excited about it so we made a compromise .... he would go to the water park if I would let us sleep until our "natural alarm clock" woke us up. I was more than willing to agree and, of course, I woke up looooooong before the Hubby did

In keeping with my promise I decided to wander around the resort taking pictures with the plan of buying breakfast on our my back. Getting ready that morning was great - ponytail, no make-up, shorts and t-shirt - no need to be pretty when I was gonna be gettin' wet I wrote a quick note to Candi, in case he woke-up while I was out, and headed out on my adventure.

Upon leaving our room I saw the saddest thing ever

Do you see it?

Ok, now you definitely can't miss it! But, no worries, we aren't leaving Disney we are just switching resorts the next day After leaving the room I make a photographic journey of my explorations.


We were on the third floor and this was our aerial view of the lobby when we were waiting for the elevator each day. I absolutely love all the details of the wood work and the chairs and the fireplace and the chandeliers .....

Even the elevators fit into the theme!

Once downstairs I spent some time exploring the lobby of the Villas. I'll be honest, it isn't as grand as the main hotel, but it is definitely charming in it's own right. I absolutely loved all the seating areas they had everywhere

The fireplace was always going whenever we were around and I loved how it made everything seem so peaceful and relaxing.

Off in one corner of the lobby or main area of the villas

Around the corner on the opposite side from the last sitting area.

An entire row of game tables - they had checkers and chess and some other games that I'm not sure of the names of?!? I wish we would have made time to come down here and play one night, but, we never did. Guess that's for next time!

Right as you walk in the main doors of the villas.

And of course, a "welcome home" right beside the doors on the outside of the villas!

I just think this is one of the cutest signs ever and another piece of Disney detailing!

Outside the gift shop in the main lobby at Wilderness Lodge - don't forget to rub his nose as you walk by!

A look at just a portion of the grandness of the main lobby - it is absolutely breathtaking in person!

It made me feel happy inside when I saw the American Flag by the massive fireplace.

The sitting area in front of the fireplace

And, of course, a look at the whole fireplace in all it's beauty!

More hotel detailing - on the way to Roaring Forks

The hot springs - it starts inside the lobby and then flows outside, turning into a waterfall that flows into the pool.

The bridge over the hot springs and a look at where it starts its way outside.

The pathway that we took each day to get to the villas - I truly felt like I was walking into a whole different world each time we came back. It is completely wooded and beautiful ........
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Sleep and Slides part 2 .....

After enjoying my morning adventure I took the pathway back to the villas and made it back to the room to see ........ Candi was still sleeping I came into the room and looked up the water park times online and started to get situated to eat my breakfast when the Hubby opened his eyes. I may have also said (not so) softly "if you don't wake up I'm eating the pastry and leaving you the muffin" to help encourage that eye opening

We enjoyed a quick and easy breakfast purchased with snack credits.

We still had about a bajillion snack credits left and since we were switching resorts the next day we had to start the meal plan over again for that reservation. That meant we had to use up all of our meal and snack credits for this reservation before the next day at midnight.

After our tasty breakfast we made our way to the bus stop for a day full of fun and sun and slides

Good Morning duckies - I loved seeing them every morning!

This was probably the longest we had to wait for a bus our entire stay at Wilderness Lodge. Then again, it was one of the only times we used the buses too However, once we boarded the bus it didn't take too long to make it to Blizzard Beach. I have to say though, the walk from the bus drop off to the entrance was rather lengthy Oh well, we were still there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our first plan of action was to find out where to rent a locker and so our quest began. But then I spotted it ....... a lonely photopass photographer

Ok, picture fun out of the way. Let's continuing searching for the locker rental stand. Oh, look over there. No, it's not the locker stand it's another photopass photographer

Alright, now let's go lock up our stuff! We figured out that you pay for the locker rental inside one of the gift shops. We got our key and they let us know that we would receive a portion of the payment back when we turned the key back in. We had brought a small bag with sunscreen, KTTW and a change of clothes; we also needed to lock up our shoes and the clothes we had on over our swim suits. Candi had brought water shoes with him and they were allowed on almost all of the slides without any problems.

After locking up our stuff we headed out to figure out where we wanted to start first. Well, actually, I knew where I wanted to start first, I just had to figure out where it was. I had been to Blizzard Beach way back in the day, when I came to WDW with my family. My Dad and I had spent almost the entire day there and had a blast. When Candi and I were deciding which water park to visit I kept wanting to say we should try Typhoon Lagoon, but in the end I really, really wanted to go back to Blizzard Beach.

Our first stop of the day was to Teamboat Springs - the family raft ride. I absolutely love this type of water slide and was secretly hoping we would get all adults in the raft with us. The "heavier" the raft the more thrilling the ride is. We actually got paired with a set of parents and their little boy. No big deal, it was still a super fun ride and the little boy was so cute. He clung on to the handles so tight his poor knuckles where solid white; but you could tell he was having a blast - laughing the whole way down.

After leaving Teamboat I didn't have a real preference where we headed next. I knew I wanted to try everything and that included Summit Plummit I had chickened out when I came with my Dad and was determined to conquer my fears this time. Candi suggested we do it right away so that I didn't have time to psych myself out during the rest of the day. It was a rather long line and each flight of stairs that we had to climb made me more and more nervous. At one point I really wanted to turn around and go back, but then I started listening to this younger boy in front of us. He was maybe 9 or 10 years old and kept making his Dad convince him that he would have fun on the slide. I knew there was no way I could chicken out and be a bad example to that little boy. We finally got to the top and he insisted his Dad go first "to make sure it was safe" It took a little encouragement but he did go right after his Dad. It was so funny to watch him - I swear he hadn't even come to a stop at the end of the slide when he ran off and declared "never again" I'm not laughing because he was scared, I'm laughing because he ran so fast at the end. After his go, I decided to go next. I wanted to watch Candi come down and I knew it would help me to have him up there when I went.

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I don't think I took a single breath the entire way down, but it was a ton of fun. I must say though, it kind of hurt. The pressure of the water pushing back towards you hits your thighs and bum rather intensely.

After getting off I turned around to watch Candi go and got a little freaked out.

I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to ride the side of the slide like that

He couldn't stop laughing at the end of the slide; he clearly had a great time. I think at this point he realized that going to Blizzard Beach was a great idea!

The photopass people gave us a card, but it was way better than the ones you get in the regular parks. It was a smaller version attached to a rubberband type wrist strap. We ended up using this for the remainder of the trip. It is much more convenient than getting the credit card sized one out of your wallet all the time

After conquering my fear we decided to just start riding everything we came across. I was able to get a good starting push on the Downhill Double Dipper and ended up beating Candi which made me super happy! I wasn't so lucky on the Toboggan Racers though; I came in dead last out of all the racers Our most favorite area of the park, by far, was Runoff Rapids. It has three different water slides you can go on. One of them is a closed-in water slide and you go down solo and the other two slides are open and you go down in pairs. You get your raft of choice at the bottom of the slides and then climb a million steps to get to the slides. Our thighs were seriously burning from the climb at the end. But we endured the climb 6 times to enjoy the rides. Without a doubt, the double rider slide on the far right (if you are facing the slides at the top) was the most fun. We rode that one 3 times and loved it every single time. We had ridden all the slides in the park, with the slides of Runoff Rapids being at the end. We were tired and starving from our fun day and decided to go grab a bite to eat at the counter service. However, while walking back to the front I noticed Candi was getting pretty sun burnt and we decided to head back to the hotel. The only things we didn't do were the lazy river and the wave pool and I was more than satisfied with that. On the way out we helped a poor guy figure who was super lost find where to get a key for the lockers and grabbed a snack on the way out. I had an ice cream sandwich - one of the best ever since it was shaped like Mickey While Candi enjoyed a frozen lemonaded - both purchased with more snack credits!

On the bus ride back we talked about our plans for the rest of the day. We had a dinner reservation at Artist Point for 8:00 pm and it was around 4:00 pm when we left Blizzard Beach .....
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Sleep and Sundaes.....

After returning from Blizzard Beach we were both completely pooped and decided to take a nap. With the exception of Blizzard Beach and our Artist Point reservation, we didn't have any plans for today. Water parks are definitely draining and I'm pretty sure we both fell asleep withing 30 seconds of laying our head on our pillows! I woke up about an hour later, but Candi was still snoring away. We were about halfway through our trip, he had worked tons of overtime before we left home and now he was slightly sunburnt .... all a combination for major exhaustion.

While Candi continued to sleep I decided to look and see if we could trade our Artist Point reservation for our "free night" we had planned later in the week. Sure enough there was a reservation available for the exact same time we were supposed to go on this night! I know it sounds kind of silly, the reservation was in our own hotel, but we were tired and, truth be told, I didn't feel like getting all dressed up.

With a new reservation made and this one canceled I decided to run down to Roaring Forks to grab a snack while I worked on a new game plan. I, once again, wrote a quick note in case Candi woke up and ran to the main hotel. I refilled our refillable mugs and grabbed a bowl of chili and a bowl of chicken noodle soup - both covered with snack credits. Candi was awake and watching ESPN when I got back. I filled him in on changing the reservation and asked if he wanted to stay in tonight or try to head out somewhere. After discussing everything for a little while we decided to head over to the Beach Club to see if they had any seating at Beaches & Cream. This is one of the places that was on our "wish list" and this seemed like the perfect night to make it happen!

Since we love the boats so much we decided to grab the boat to the MK and then take the bus from there to the Beach Club.

I had to grab a picture of the sign since we would be going later in the week to the party!

The bus stopped first at the Yacht Club and then next door to the Beach Club and I immediately started to fall in love with the resort.

It seemed so simple and charming and relaxing and I told Candi we definitely had to stay here some day. He reminded me that we weren't coming back next year and I agreed that we would stick to our commitment of going somewhere new for vacation in 2010

Candi did, however, agree that it seemed like an amazing resort and we took our time making our way inside.

These are the shots that I wished I would have bought a tripod before the trip so I could have set the timer and got both of us in the shot.

Once we got inside I was a little bit confused as to why Candi was rushing through the hotel to go outside. He didn't even slow down to stop and ask where the restaurant was I decided to just go with the flow and follow him to see what he was up to. We began walking away from the Beach Club and although I was confused I didn't say anything. We were about halfway between Beach Club and Yacht Club when we saw a photopass photographer and asked him to take our picture. Although we meant with his camera, he though we were asking him to take it with our camera, and we just went with it.

Next to the picture down by the lake the night of our Narcoossee reservation, this is my favorite of the whole trip. I love how you can tell we are just relaxed and enjoying ourselves!

After the picture we made our way over to the Yacht Club

and I finally asked Candi where we were headed; to which he said the boat over to the Boardwalk because he was starving. Ok, no biggy, so I asked him where he wanted to eat and he said "I thought we were eating at Beaches & Cream?" I said "so did I, but it's at the Beach Club;" and then he says "are you kidding? I thought it was at the Boardwalk and you were just making me tour Beach Club to get me to stay there"

With that we turned around to make our way back to Beach Club.

Backside on our way back into the lobby

We finally stopped to ask somebody where the restaurant was because we couldn't find it. They were super friendly and actually took us outside and pointed us in the right direction. Thank goodness we finally asked, it was over by the pool and I never would have thought to look over there!

We made our way over to the podium and were seated immediately!

I love the retro feel of this restaurant and was immediately glad that we changed our plans. This was definitely the type of night we were in the mood for!

We were both thrilled when we saw that you could add "fresh flavoring" to your cokes - so I had coke with vanilla syrup and Candi had coke with cherry syrup. Both were delicious!

For dinner I had the Roast Beef Sub with melted provolone and Candi had the double cheeseburger with chili fries.

Candi was a little worried when he saw his cheeseburger, but both meals were incredibly good While we were eating there was a couple at the bar who we could overhear talking. We weren't trying to eavesdrop but our table was very close to where they were sitting. Anyway, they were talking about how glad they were that they had canceled their "fancy dinner" to come here. I had to laugh because we felt the same way and when I turned around they had my exact camera with the same camera strap. I know I'm weird, but it was such a funny thing to me how alike our minds were to these complete strangers

Although we were both stuffed from our meal we couldn't turn down dessert - it is after all the whole reason we wanted to eat here. Candi kept it simple and ordered a butterscotch milkshake and I thought I kept it simple by ordering a banana split.

Nice, easy, simple and tasty dessert ....

My simple dessert, however, required a plate

Let me tell you, this was the most amazing and delicious dessert EVER!!!!

After eating we roamed around the resort while we decided what to do next

So, did we follow them to the Boardwalk or did we choose something else .......
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Wish I was at Disney
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Thanks for the updates! Glad you got lucky with the storm in Epcot. I live in FL, and we get some pretty bad storms.

I can't wait to try teppan edo and beaches n' cream. It's on my to do list for the next trip.
First trip December 2006 9 Days at Pop Century, January 2007 1 day trip to MK, May 2007 1 day trip to MK, August 24th Pirate and Princess Party, May 2008 DD's birthday at MK! December 9, 2008 mvmcp May 2010 4 days offsite DD's 7th birthday and baby's 1st trip! December 2012 6 days at Pop Century, Deluxe dp, September 2015 , First Cruise on Disney Dream 4 night bahamian

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Earning My Ears
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I am new to the board and accidentally came upon your posts...I have been sitting here for over an hour reading the entire thing!! I love it! Thanks for all the great info and beautiful pictures!

We will be taking our kids for their first trip in 24 days! I have been doing so much planning my hubby thinks I'm crazy!

Can't wait to read more!
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Originally Posted by mickeysgirl17 View Post
Thanks for the updates! Glad you got lucky with the storm in Epcot. I live in FL, and we get some pretty bad storms.

I can't wait to try teppan edo and beaches n' cream. It's on my to do list for the next trip.
I can almost promise that you will love both restaurants

Originally Posted by brechan View Post
I am new to the board and accidentally came upon your posts...I have been sitting here for over an hour reading the entire thing!! I love it! Thanks for all the great info and beautiful pictures!

We will be taking our kids for their first trip in 24 days! I have been doing so much planning my hubby thinks I'm crazy!

Can't wait to read more!
Thank you for such kind words and welcome to the boards I hope you and your family enjoy the trip! Oh, and there is NO SUCH THING as too much planning
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Rockin' Toys & Towers

After our late lunch/early dinner we discussed options for the rest of the night. We were both pretty energetic and ready to do something. We decided that the choices would be between going to Disney Quest, strolling the Boardwalk or hitting whichever park had evening extra magic hours. In the end we decided to hit the park with EMH, even though it was the same park that was planned for our visit the next day.

We knew that there was a boat that took you to Epcot and Hollywood Studios so we took our time making our way to the dock.

If you can't tell, I was really falling in love with the resort and it's surroundings. Just like WL, it really felt like you were somewhere else completely. It didn't have the same romantic, peaceful vibe as Wilderness but, it had this relaxing, carefree vibe that was nice as well

The boat was pulling up right as we got to the dock and soon enough we had reached our destination. Have I mentioned yet how much I love the boat transportation option!

Tonight we would be enjoying our time at Hollywood Studios!

I really loved the way the sky was looking as the sun was starting to set. It seemed so peaceful and was the perfect surrounding for the day that we were having.

After entering the park we did what we always do and headed right .... wait just a second! Don't I mean left? Ya know towards Toy Story Mania? Nope, I really mean right

Our system is always the same at Hollywood Studios. We head right towards Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster.

We first check the wait time for Tower

If it's less than 15 minutes we hop in line, if it's more than 15 minutes we grab a fastpass and continue on our way. And, yes, I know 15 minutes is not long, but it's just what we do

Tonight the wait time was around 30 minutes so we grabbed our fastpass and continued to our next destination. This is, of course, Aersomith's Rockin' Roller Coaster ...... also known as, my favorite ride in all of the world

I could barely contain myself as we headed towards the line. I honestly turn into such a little kid when we go on this ride. I love roller coasters, especially if they have twists and turns and upside down loops. And I love, love, love Aerosmith so this ride is like pure heaven to me!!!

I was completely stoked to see that the line didn't even reach the outside

and when I made it inside, I was beyond thrilled when this was where our line began!

For those who don't know this is the pre-show area that then opens you up into the smaller portion of the inside line. I would say that after you go through the pre-show your wait time is about 5-10 minutes at the most. You also get to see all the super stretch limos take off and hear the screams of the riders .... it's pure and utter bliss I tell ya

Once we reached the CM that splits you into your ride section we requested the back of the limo and were on my favorite ride within 2 minutes. It was just as fun as I had remembered and it totally made my night!

After the ride you, of course, exit through a gift shop and I was forced to buy a new Aerosmith T-shirt. And then Candi felt left out so he had no choice but to buy himself one as well

I LOVE this shirt - it fits perfect and is super soft - it has become my "weekend wear"

This is actually the exact one Candi bought on our honeymoon, but his brother kinda sorta adopted it so he bought it again

We had our purchases delivered to our room and they ensured us that it would not be a problem that we were checking out of WL the next morning

After leaving the gift shop we headed back to Tower of Terror; it wasn't quite time for our fastpasses so we hopped in the standby line, which was now only 10 minutes. I must say that Tower is a million times more fun at night - when you get to the top and the doors open it is amazing to see everything all lit up!!! We had an awesome ride with several drops and tons of screams so once we got off we hopped back in line again and were dropping and screaming within 5 minutes. Guess we didn't need those fastpasses after all huh?

Two rounds of Tower later and we decided to give the rest of the park some of our attention. I figured it was pointless, but decided we should check out the wait time for Toy Story Mania. When we were on our honeymoon we had the chance to preview this ride before it officially opened and passed Since then we had ridden it at Disneyland and always talk about how silly we were to have passed the opportunity to preview it ......
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Now, I had spent a lot of time on the boards before this trip and had read many, many times about the wait time always exceeding 1 hour, even on extra magic hours. So, imagine my surprise when we walked up and saw


We hopped in line which was just slightly outside and made me wonder if the wait time really was only 30 minutes.

I, of course, killed some time taking pictures

Candi wasn't feeling very photogenic

We were inside within 5 minutes and this is what we saw

Sneaky, sneaky Disney, making the line look longer than it was

We loved the theming of the line and the wait time easily felt like less than 30 minutes!

I could have sworn that I took pictures of our score, but I can't locate it I will be honest and admit that Candi kicked my booty

After our spin on Toy Story we decided to get in one more ride on Aerosmith and Tower and then call it a night. We were both getting sleepy and a little hungry and didn't want to push ourselves into the point of cranky. Both rides were amazing as always and were the perfect last rides of the evening!

As always we took our time leaving the park

We also stopped at Villians in Vogue to pick up a coke, even though it was night it was still super humid, and we had a ton of snack credits to burn through

And, a park wouldn't be complete without some Photopass Pictures

Our only option to get back to our hotel was the bus which was actually nice, as we both were in need of some air conditioning.....
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Upon returning to the hotel we decided that since we had some spare meal credits we would order some room service. Candi offered to order while I hopped in the shower and I told him to just surprise me, that I was in the mood for anything.

Imagine my surprise when I got out of the shower and saw this sitting on our bed

Ummm, honey, are Mickey and his pals joining us for dinner or something

Apparently, Candi called down for a pizza and they told him with meal credits he had to add 2 desserts and 2 appetizers just like normal with the deluxe plan. Holy moly, we were never going to be able to finish all this food!!

Pepperoni pizza with extra cheese - obviously super cheesy which is exactly how we like it. It was very tasty and we both enjoyed it very much.

Chips & Salsa - we were told these were the same ones they serve at Whispering Canyon Cafe. I enjoyed them but they tasted too much like Pace Picante for Candi's liking

Cheese Tray - which was stated to be the same one from Artist Point. This was honestly my favorite part of the meal and may have started a small cheese plate obsession with me

Bourbon Pecan Pie, I believe from Whispering Canyon as well, and Fresh fruit and yogurt. We were both too stuffed to take more than one bite of these but were tasty and put in the fridge for later.

Candi asked for the largest bottle of water they had and this is what he received

Overall, this had been the perfect day and still ranks as my favorite day of the first half of our trip We were both glad that we had changed up our evening plans and realized even more that it's ok to break plans, and better to just go with the flow. We didn't ride a ton of rides at Hollywood Studios, but it was still the perfect choice for us

Money Spent Day Four:

Roaring Forks (muffin, danish and chocolate milk) - 3 snack credits used - $7.23 if paying in cash

Waterpark Fun & More Option Added to 2 Tickets - $104.00 - $90.00 if you just bought a one day waterpark ticket for 2 which is what we should have done since we never used the option on our ticket again ... Oh well!

Small Locker Rental @ Blizzard Beach - $20.00 deposit with $10.00 refunded upon return of key

Frostbite Freddies (frozen lemonade & Mickey ice cream sandwich) - 2 snack credits used - $7.19 if paying in cash

Roaring Forks (chili & chicken noodle soup) - 2 snack credits used - $7.06 if paying in cash

Beaches & Cream - 2 table service credits used - $44.88 if paying in cash

Rock Around the Shop (2 Aerosmith T-shirts) - $58.53

Villians in Vogue (20 oz Coke) - 1 snack credit used - $2.49 if paying in cash

WL Room Service - 4 table service meal credits used - $98.46 if paying in cash (that includes the delivery charge and the automatic 18% gratuity charge)
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Earning My Ears
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Wow! That was a lot of food for 2 people! That cheese plate looks yummy though!!
Me DH DS (11) DD(9) DD (8) DS (6)
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