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Old 02-16-2010, 03:13 PM   #1
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Very Cold & Character Filled Solo/Birthday Celebration Extravaganza TR UPDATED 04/03

Well I guess it's time to get this thing started....

Who: Just me
When: January 2-6
Where: Wilderness Lodge w/DDP
Why: Birthday/Xmas celebration and just to have to time to myself

First a little background behind this trip (for those who haven't read my PTR). This was a birthday present from my DFi and my second solo trip. This was a chance for me to see all the Xmas decorations (as i've never been around xmas before) and to have an early start at celebrating my birthday (which actually is this week).

I had originally booked from January 3-6 but due to a schedule change with West Jet I actually ended up switching to the 2-6 getting one whole extra day and now flying with Air Canada. I was also originally booked in to stay at POP Century (since I was trying to keep this trip cheap for DFi) but when the 40% off came out I just had to switch to WL (since it would only cost 50$ more than what we had already paid). I also added on the DDP (another first for me).

Day 1/Early am Day 2(sorry no pics from Day 1)
Day 1 for me starts on Friday January 1st. Since we had spend most of Xmas holiday at DFi's family's house (near London, ON) I though it best to get a head start and drive to Toronto a day early. Plus my flight was to leave at 6:30am the next day and I didn't feel like getting up at 2 am to drive. I booked myself in at the Hilton Toronto Airport (right beside the airport) with a parking package for only $130.00. This was such a wicked deal since parking around YYZ is ridiculous.

I arrived at the Hilton pretty early, around 2 pm I think. After a short wait I was all checked in and off to go park my car at the back of the hotel. Well within the oh maybe 3 minutes it took me to get parked I had lost my room key. Not a great start to the trip. So back to the front desk I went, got another key, and headed up to my room. The rooms in the South Tower were renovated recently but I found the layout to be kind of wierd and small. The toilet was so close to the bathroom door you couldnt close the door unless you were pretty much standing in the bathtub. There was also a wall that coudl slid across and seperate the bedroom from the hallway/bathroom. And a small couch attached to the wall that was covered with wooden bars....just strange. Nonetheless the beds/pillows were super comfy and the staff was great. Not Disney CM great. But great for Toronto.

Around 4 pm my future SIL showed up at the hotel (she works in Toronto) and we headed out to grab something to eat for dinner. We ended up eating at a Lonestar Texas Grill right down the road from the Hilton. The restaurant was pretty dead (it is New Years Day after all) but had some good service from our waiter. Since we werent overly hungry we decided to order an appetizer platter to share. It had a spicy spinach dip, quesadilla, calamari and tacquitos. Now I don't like calamari at all so I let SIL eat most of it until....oh...my....God...is...that...a hair?!? Yup there was a long (and I mean really long) not just on the calamari but baked into the batter of the calamari!! Well it didnt take SIL too long to make the waiter, manager, and chef aware of what extra surprise was waiting in our meal...The staff was really great about it and gave us our meal and drinks for free and offered to bring us more food...Now you should know that EVERYTIME I go anywhere food related with SIL this happens...something always ends up in the food or we have shoddy service...so I think it's just her luck. Overall the meal was good other than that and the waiter didnt even want to take a tip from us! We ended up leaving money on the table for him anyway since it's not his fault and was so great about everything else.

After dinner I headed back to the Hilton. Had a nice hot shower and sat in bed with my book. Around 11 pm I decided that it would be best to hit the hay since my wake up call was going to be for 3:30 am.

11:32pm.....12:03am...12:47am.....1:21am....1:54am ...Holy!! I need to wake up in and hour and a half and still not asleep!!!

It was brutal I just couldn't sleep at all (guess I was too excited to sleep). Eventually I did manage to sleep ..maybe an hour but it was better than nothing. The wake-up call comes in around 3:30 am (unfortunatly no Mickey Mouse on this wake-up call) and I was up and ready to go around 3:45am. I packed up and headed downstairs to check out and wait for the first shuttle at 4am. Now I had contemplated not taking the first shuttle and waiting for one a bit later but I am soooo glad I didn't. Because of the Xmas Day attempted terrorist attack Toronto airport was a gong show.

I was checked in for my flight already but just needed to get my luggage tags. This took around 20 min or so which isn't too bad for first thing in the morning but when I headed for customs I have never seen so many people in all of my life!! The line was huge!!!! I do have to give credit to those at YYZ though it was fairly organized and they called people through security in order of flights leaving. Since I was one of the first flights out it didnt take too long to get through maybe an hour. The biggest wait came at security. Which don't get me wrong i'm not complaining. I would rather have them do full checks and not risk anything happen in the sky. I am surprised at how many people weren't aware of the "no carry on" rule that they imposed after xmas for people travelling to the US and how many people still don't know they can't take bottled water, cans of pepsi through security.

After I made it through security I decided it best to find my gate first before lining up for Tim Hortons and it's a good thing I did. They had secondary screening set up right before my gate where there was another HUGE line. Here I had the full pat down and I mean FULL. They also went through every single nook and cranny in my purse and even pulled out EVERYTHING in my wallet. Again, a minor inconvience but this was now making me getting to the gate on time a little too close.

After I was given the all clear I found a small coffee shop to grab a tea and ran to the gate just as they were doing pre-boarding. I'm sure if I would have taken the later shuttle to the airport I may not have made it at all.

The flight left only 15 min late as we had to go to the de-icing station before the plane taxied to the runway. I found that sitting in the aisle seat I wasn't as bad at takeoff as I normally am. I am super afraid of heights and flying so normally i'm curled up in a ball by the window sobbing to myself. There was a tiny bit or turbulance but not a whole lot (which also helped my fear) and there was a good selection of movies on this flight to keep me occupied. I settled on watching "Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" which was actually pretty good.

We made it to Orlando around 9:35 am. After taking the first monorail ride of the trip I was off to collect my bags. Since I couldnt bring anything in carry-on I decided to collect my own bags rather than have DME do it just because I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed to head straight to the parks. My bag was literally the first off the plane (which NEVER happens for me). I pulled my backpack out of my suitcase and filled it with all my essentials for a day at the parks and then headed to DME.

Coming Up Next:

Will I have a long wait for DME?
Will I get my room requests at WL?
Will I get on any rides at MK?
Will I have an extra surprise in bed tonight?

Stay tuned for more!!

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Old 02-16-2010, 03:17 PM   #2
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Day 2 Continued...

Now time for the good stuff (with pictures)!!

I finally made my way over to the DME counter and was flagged on over directly to the line where they scanned my vouchers. Since I hadn't recieved new vouchers she sent me to the POP line but quickly realized and moved on over to the WL line.

I only waited about 10 minutes to be called out to the bus with only about 6 other people on my bus. After another 10 minutes of waiting on the bus ..probably around 10:20 am we were on our way....it was only 20 more minutes until I saw this amazing sign....
We made stops at the Poly, GF, CR and finally WL

After all the stops I finally made it to WL around 11 am. I had done online check-in at the 10 day mark..which was really quick and simple but didn't really save me a lot of time at check-in since there was no else at the desk or in line. I was handed my package and birthday pin and was told they would text me when my room was ready. I took my bag out to bell services where they kept it for me until my room was ready.

By now I was starving so I took some quick pictures around the lodge....

and headed to the boat launch. The weather was actually quite nice (compared to back home of course) it was around 12 degrees (celcius) so warm enough for jeans, a long sleeve, and hoodie....but when your on the boat..that's another story. It was FREEZING!!

After a few minutes we arrived at the CR. From there it was a short monorail ride away to the GF. On my last trip one of my fav lunch spots was Gasparilla Grill. I would sit right outside near the marina and you can hear the MK train in the distance as well as any shows that were going on in the MK...very peacefull and near crowded.

Although I had my KTTW card I paid OOP for my CS meal consisting of pizza, carrots & celery, and an Orange Fanta. I have to say I really really don't like all the whole wheat buns and whole wheat pizza crust they have now...but hey I really shouldn't be complaining.

After lunch I decided to try my hand at MK. Now from my experience on the buses and monorail so far I knew that it was going to be busy. I have never had to wait for another monorail because the one previous was too full. After a lengthy wait at the GF monorail stop I was on my way. After a quick bag check and a swipe of my KTTW card I was in!

It was PACKED! I have never seen so many people in the park before. I guess since New Years fell on a Friday this year many chose to extended their vacation into the weekend. Eventually I made my way down Main Street and caught the tail end of the Dream Along With Mickey show at the castle then headed over to Space Mountain. With a standby wait time of 150 min I decided to go for a fast pass...the return time? 7:15pm! (it was only 1:00pm) ...fair enough...I was coming back that night for the Wishes Dessert Party anyway....

I then decided to head over to BTM just to check on wait times ...180 min.....Haunted Mansion...50 min....I just dont have the patience today....

Around 1:30 pm I recieved the text message that my room was ready. Since I just missed a bus I decided to brave the cold and take the boat back to the resort.

I was assigned rm 4099. Right on the corner overlooking the lobby and over the check-in desk. The room was clean but not the king bed I had requested. No worries a Queen will do just fine for me...And the view? Well let's just say I didnt waste any space on my camera by taking a picture of it. Basically all I could see was the roof meeting more roof. The baclcony was alright but didnt get any sun in day....

Since I had only a few hours sleep the night before I decided it was time for a nap. As I was laying out my clothes for later on the bed I found a tiny white bug crawling up my arm from the sheets on the bed....it was small and had the back of a spider but only 4 legs...GROSS!! I squished it just thinking I brought it in from outside and set the alarm for 4:30 pm.

After a well needed nap (which I could have slept all night long if I wasn't at Disney) I decided to get up and head down to Roaring Forks to purchase a refillable mug and some new pins for trading.

Becuase of the cooler weather tonight (I had my winter coat in backpack) I decided to skip the boat and catch the bus. With only a 10 min wait I was on my way to MK to catch the castle lighting ceremony, some dinner, and the Wishes Dessert Party...and maybe my first ride of the trip....

Stay Tuned!!
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Now where was I? Ahhh yes the cold night out at MK. With my previous pin shopping and the bus ride I made it to MK around 6:00 pm with just enough time to stake out a good spot for the castle lighting. I have to say that this was one of my favorite things about holidays at Disney. The show was super cute and when the lights came on it was absolutely breathtaking...especially since I had never seen them before. It was beautiful.

All the cold weather in the world wouldn't have kept me away. Seeing the castle was well worth the money, cold weather, and crowds. I could have sat in front of the castle all night and been perfectly happy.

Since my meals had been all outta wack today from travel and napping I decided I should probably eat some "real food" before heading to the dessert party and eating junk all night. I decided on Casey's. I know hot dogs aren't really "real food" but close enough. I settled on the hot dog meal with fries, orange fanta, and a brownie. This was about the time I started to think that the DDP would be way too much food for me...the brownie ended up in my backpack and a lot of the fries in the trash. Overall the meal was good but I really can't stress enough how much I really don't like all these whole wheat buns and crust everywhere. I know it's nice to have the option but it should be just that - an option.

By the time I was finished it was just about time for my FastPass for Space Mountain so I headed over to tomorrowland. The ride queue looks very similar to before the refurbishment except for the games you can now play while your in line. This is a great idea for those who choose to endure those long wait times but I did find it held up the line a little bit since some people just wanted to keep playing despite the line moving up. Even with the fast pass I still waited about 20-25 mins to ride. I feel like the ride itself was a little more jerky than what I remember but then again I did have a sore neck from the plane so it could of just felt that way because I was slightly uncomfortable to begin with. I would have rode again if I could but it was about time to meet my adopted family for the night and head over for the wishes dessert party.....

I had met Stitchaholic on the DisBoards back in November. She had posted about her difficulty getting the Desserty Party for a group of 3 and I had posted about my troubles getting a table for 1 so we combined forces and low and behold ..we were in as a party of 4!!

I met up with her and her kids just outside of the ice cream place on main street and headed over to the noodle terrace. We were all handed wrist bands and told to wait in line. They started seating groups around 8:30 (wishes wasn't until 10 pm) so we had LOTS of time to fill up on treats before the fireworks. We were seated on the left side of the terrace and what a view!! I don't think there was a bad seat in the house!! And best of all...it was a seat!! No sitting on Main St for hrs to stake out a spot for me

It only took a few minutes to find our spot and get settled before we hit the buffet. The selection was fantastic...tons of different teas, coffee, hot chocolate, juices, water etc as well as a selection of hard cookies, soft cookies, fruit, pastries, tarts ...and my fav. chocolate covered strawberries. I was in heaven.

Eating all the treats and chatting with my new friends really ate up the time between when we sat down and when the fireworks started and good thing too because it was getting VERY cold. I should mention that this wasn't the "regular" wishes fireworks, this was the last night of the Christmas ones (can't remember the name of it though).

The show got underway right on time and we had a prime seat for Tinkerbell's flight ..she went right by us!!! I have to say that the small price of the dessert party was well worth the good food, a warm comfortable seat to sit in, the view of tinkerbell, and just the view of fireworks in general. If they have this in September for our honeymoon this is going on my must-do list.

The fireworks were really good but I do enjoy the "regular" wishes show better. It just can't be beat (in my opinion). I don't have any pictures of fireworks from this night since it was too cold to hold my camera and I didn't have any gloves on me....and the MK was sold out of gloves (and this wasn't the first time this happened).

Since it was soooo cold I hightailed it out of there as soon as the fireworks were done. I was surprised that I was able to get on a bus back to WL so quickly (no longer than 10 min wait).

Once I got back to WL I set my wake-up call for 5:50 am since I had an early ADR at Akershus for 8 am. I did one sweep of my bed for more bugs since I still couldn't really shake my experience from earlier and found nothing....until I moved the alarm clock. There were 3 more on the nightstand. By now I am completely exhausted and just decided on squishing them and making a room change in the am..I just wanted to go to bed.

Day 3
"Gooooooooood Morning!" Get Moving!" After a friendly wake-up call from Stitch (one that came far too soon) I was up and getting ready for my breakfast date with the princesses.
I make my usual stop at the bathroom vanity to brush my teeth and what is crawling all over the counter.....MORE BUGS!!! It seems they didn't like that I killed their friends and came back in full force. This was the last straw. I threw everything in my suitcase and headed downstairs to the front desk.

I had a wonderful CM who didnt even ask twice and quickly put me in a new room. I got my new room key and headed up to 3106. This I think was a slight upgrade as i'm sure that this was a "woods view" rather than standard. This room was much quieter too and best of all? No creepy crawlies.

Now it's off to Akershus and a very cold day at Epcot.....
Will I make to the buffet on time?
Will I chicken out or get all my character autographs?
Will I make it through a whole day plus an EMH night at MK?

Lots of pictures to come in the next post!!
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DAy 3 Continued...

I decided that busses would be the best way to get to the parks this early and was at the bus stop by 6:45 am. After only about 10 minutes a bus came headed to Epcot. After some quick stops at the GF we were on our way. By the time we arrived at Epcot it was around 7:30 am. There wasn't really anything signed anywhere as to where character breakfast attendees should line up there was just one slightly grumpy CM shouting orders to families.

Around 7:45 am our names were checked against the clipboard and we were let in to start our long journey to Norway. I was hoping to get some good pictures since there was no one else in the park but it was really cloudy and really cold today so I decided to wait till later. I was the second person to make it to Norway to get checked-in. And yes, I did have that "oh your a party of 1?" thing with the sad look but I just smiled and said "yup just me". That didn't bother me at all but when they announce "royal Adams family party of 1" made me feel a touch uncomfortable.

I was seated right at 8:00 am after a quick visit and picture with Belle. I had a small table for two right near the buffet. My server was great and the buffet was really good...great selection. The only minor complaint I have over the Akershus buffet was the eggs...tasted really fake...and kind of soapy. Shortly after I started to eat the princess started to come around. I had my camera out and ready and my homemade autograph book.

The first to visit was Aurora...

Next was Cinderella....

Then Snow White....

Then finally the one I was hoping for....


Overall the breakfast was fabulous!! The food was great and the service was amazing. I was lucky to have the family at the table next to me want to take all the pictures for me...it was sooo nice of them! It was so much fun ...even on my own..I felt like a little kid again and was surprised at how excited I was to meet the princesses. They all took a lot of time with me and had some great conversations with them....I also got a birthday cupcake and a card signed by everyone for celebrating my birthday...it was so nice! The photo package included in the meal is a great value...this is a TS meal that is well worth all the money. I didn't feel rushed at all and still made it out of the restaurant by 8:50 am ...just in time for rope drop and for me to make to Soarin' for the first time ever.....

Much more to come.....!!
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Day 3 Continued...yet again...

After Norway I headed straight over to Soarin'. This was another first for me and was really excited to give it a try. By the time I made it over there the standby was already 20 min and it was only 9:10 am! Seems as though that's where the crowd heads right after rope drop.

I was lucky to be seated in the middle of the top row...I have to say this ride was amazing! It was so cool and I have to admit it actually did feel like flying! The smells were also really cool too..I loved flying through the forest scene and having it actually smell like a forest Another one of my fav rides now....

After Soarin' I decided to head over towards Mission Space and Test Track. I ended up walking right past the character spot and decided to give it a go. I only waited about 15 min and got to meet Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Donald.

Now it's off to Mars....

When I made it to Mission Space there was a 25 min wait for Orange (more intense) and only 5 min for Green (less intense). I went for Green as I have done in the past..im just super nervous about throwing up on the orange side!! Two yrs ago when I brought my gf I rode green while she rode orange and when she came off I had never seen anyone look so white in all my life! And it took her most of the night to feel "normal" again.

After a quick trek to Mars and back I decided to head over to Test Track. I don't quite recall the wait time for that ride at that time but I *think* it was around 30 min. I always ride single rider since it's almost only a walk on or 5 min wait. This is such a great ride! Although because it was so cold out the last part of the ride wasn't as enjoyable as it normally is...I got off and rode this one using single rider another two times in a row.

The next ride on the list was Malestrom in Norway. I think I rode this once when I was very young but don't really remember...this was another 5 min wait. I did skip the movie at the end though....

And so began my journey around the world....

(some cute landscape pics from world showcase)

I made a stop in China where I was able to Mulan ...i'd never met her before so that was exciting!! I also stopped in Japan at the pick a pearl station....I really wanted to do this but thought it better to wait and see what other souviners I wanted before I started spending money. Its wierd i'm never that reserved with my money unless i'm at Disney.

I walked all the way across world showcase stopping at the shops in every pavillion. My fav is always the UK Pavillion since I was born in England. They always have all my fav chocolate, candies, and tea from back home. I also made a brief stop in Canada - which always makes me laugh a little. I just find our pavillion to be a little over the top and stereotypical.

By now it was lunch time and I was getting hungry and very tired. These early breakfast starts are going to kill me.

I decided to take the monorail back to TTC and then catch one to Poly. I love this resort so much and hope that I will eventually get to stay there one day. In the meantime I love to wander the resort and eat at Captain Cooks CS.

I just love the Poly lobby ...so beautiful...

For lunch I had the grown up grilled cheese sandwhich (Ugh. On whole wheat bread) and a very yummy pomegranite lemonade. After lunch I took the monorail to MK where I caught the bus back to WL for my afternoon nap. I think I ended up sleeping from about 2:30 to 6:00

Still to come...Wishes pictures and will I make it till 1 am for MK EMH?
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Sounds like a great trip so far - minus the bugs... Thanks for sharing!
Me - C.E.! DH - D. DS10 - Woody DS10 - Buzz
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I am taking my very first solo trip in May and am enjoying your TR very much! Now I know I want to take the time to visit the Poly and see the lobby. I can't wait to read the rest!
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what a fun trip so far. Looking forward to reading more and seeing some more great pictures!
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I'm really enjoying your TR & beautiful pictures! I'm going to WDW & on the 3 day cruise in Nov. solo & really looking forward to it.
Take care.
~Jo ~ (also from Ontario)
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Originally Posted by cmp1111 View Post
Sounds like a great trip so far - minus the bugs... Thanks for sharing!
Thanks!! I have to say that other than the inconvenience of having to change rooms I really didn't let it get to me too much..after 11 trips to Disney that's the first major room issue i've ever had

Originally Posted by Tigger2252 View Post
I am taking my very first solo trip in May and am enjoying your TR very much! Now I know I want to take the time to visit the Poly and see the lobby. I can't wait to read the rest!
You should!! I just LOVE the Poly...it's so peaceful and tranquil..I love the tropical feeling..we actually booked our honeymoon there! I've never had a chance to stay there yet, just visit

Originally Posted by vikkil70 View Post
what a fun trip so far. Looking forward to reading more and seeing some more great pictures!
Thanks!! I normally have WAY too many pictures but have the time this trip was to cold to be snapping away with no gloves on. Silly me. Who goes to Orlando, FL. and NOT bring winter gloves but I still do have a lot to share!!

Originally Posted by luv2cruise2 View Post
I'm really enjoying your TR & beautiful pictures! I'm going to WDW & on the 3 day cruise in Nov. solo & really looking forward to it.
Take care.
~Jo ~ (also from Ontario)
for your solo trip!! Is it your first solo? This one was my second and trust me after your cruise in Nov. you will be hooked!!
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Day 3....and it goes on and on my friend...

This update will be a short one as I really want to get my wishes pictures uploaded.

By about 6:30 I was up and ready to head to MK. Again since it was FREEZING I took the bus rather than the boat. Tonight was cold enough that I wore my winter coat and mittens. I made it onto main street to catch the last 15 or so of Spectromagic. I was lucky enough to find a spot near Walt and Mickey's statue in front of the castle. I was a little to the left so my pictures don't look straight on but it's the best I could do. Wishes was spectacular!! It really is amazing and always brings a tear to my eye. When I have bad days at work I watch it on youtube. Im a nerd. Below are a few of the hundreds of pics I took while watching Wishes....

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Last Update for Day 3

After Wishes I was getting hungry so headed over to Fantasyland and had a CS dinner at Pinoccios Village (sp). This was probably one of my fav CS as they had a lot of selection and not just the regular hot dog/hamburger selection. I settled on a meatball sub with fries, strawberry cheesecake and a tea (again it was freezing so I was all about the hot drinks). The food was awesome here. I will def have my CS meals here from now on. AND even better?? The meatball sub was NOT on a whole wheat bun!!

I took my time to warm up and enjoy my dessert and decided to check out Mickey's Philharmagic. Again this was the first time I had seen this attraction and LOVED it...all my fav Disney songs were in it and the movie was super cute. By now the crowds were thinning out a little due to the start of EMH. I was able to get on BTM and Haunted Mansion with no wait so rode each of these twice. I have a new appreciation for BTM since I had never rode it at night before. I also made it on Buzz Lightyear with only a 10 min wait...we did get stuck on the ride for about 10 min or so but hey I was inside and not out in the cold so I didn't mind...but the family in the car ahead of me had NO problem making their thoughts known about the ride breakdown.

Next up was another first - Stitch's Great Escape. I had never rode in the past due to bad reviews and I had never seen the movie either. Just this past summer I saw Lilo and Stitch for the first time and LOVED it so I decided to give it a go. This attraction had a very short wait - maybe 10 minutes. The pre-show and the ride itself was cute. Not amazing. But not bad either. Not too sure why people complain about this one so much.

After Stitch I really wanted to do Space Mountain but the wait time was 30 min but since it was just after midnight I was fading fast so just decided to head back to WL. I had just missed a bus for WL but didn't wait more than 10 min for another one. I was exhausted.

Here are some more pics from my EMH night at MK

Coming up in Day 4

Will I wake up in time for breakfast at Chef Mickeys?
Where will I encounter my first rude CM?
Will it actually be warm tomorrow?
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Great TR and pics! I especially like the Wishes pictures. Good job!
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Day 4

Today was another early start...My ADR was for 7:20 at Chef Mickeys and I think I managed to get out of bed around 6:30 am. It was another FREEZING morning so I decided to grab the bus to MK. When I arrived at MK it was so quiet there was no one around. It was so quiet and tranquil looking out over the lagoon. I was going to take some pictures but it was too cold to be holding my camera and I didnt bring any gloves with me.

I headed towards the monorail (since i'd be walking all day I didnt feel like walking to the CR) where a CM stopped me and asked where I was headed. He suggest I take the walking path over to CR as the monorails were having trouble getting going this morning because of the cold weather and that it would be about 20 min wait. So more walking it is!!

It was actually really quick and I arrived and checked in at Chef Mickeys at about 7:10 am. After skipping the photo op with the big plate I was seated right away...10 mins early not bad!

My waitress seemed overworked and was not in a good mood at all that morning. I know we all have bad days at work but she made it seem like it was a horrible inconvenience to look after my table. Maybe because I was alone? I'm not sure but she wins the award for grumpiest CM.

On to the food! The buffet was great! Such a good selection and the eggs here didnt taste soapy or fake and the bacon??? I don't know what Disney does to their bacon but I LOVE Disney bacon....it's probably that combination of grease and pixie dust that just really hits the spot

I was half way done my meal when the characters started to come out and here I am thinking "great I have the gurmpiest CM EVER there is no way I can ask her to take pictures for me". So I decided that I would just get my autographs and leave it at that.

First round was Goofy and I have to say that this was the BEST Goofy (or character I interacted with) my whole stay. He was so excited to see that he had a page all to himself in my autograph book and was showing other people. After that he kept pointing to my camera on the table...I told him that I didn't have anyone to take pictures for me and that I didn't want to disturb the waitress as she seemed really busy. He went round the corner and grabbed another CM. She wasn't dressed like a waitress and had a headset on...a supervisor or a manager maybe? Anyway she was sooooo nice and just fabulous!! She took a bunch of pictures of me and Goofy and at the end he didn't want to let go! He was hugging me so tight and just kept giving kisses...I think the "best friend of goofy" felt bad for me?

After Goofy left the CM came and sat down with me and we chatted for awhile. She was so nice...A little older than me and from North Carolina somewhere..wish I could remember her name...She said that she would hang around and even take more pics for me..what a sweetheart!!

next up was Mickey....

then Minnie came out...but the nice CM had to leave for a few minutes and take care of something in the back but the grumpy waitress was refilling my tea when Minnie was ready for a picture so she reluctantly offered. I felt terrible because I knew that she really didn't want too...anyway I don't have a picture of that encounter since she half cut off my head in the photo.

She did come back about 5 min later and dropped a birthday cupcake on my plate said "here ya go" and left. No happy birthday...nothing.

Next up was Pluto...

and last but not least was everyone's favorite ....


I was actually finished eating by the time Pluto was out but wanted to stick around for Donald. Another thing that seemed to annoy my waitress. I did leave her a 15% tip although she didnt seem to deserve it...but we all have bad days and she did do her job.

After the tip was settled, it was around 8:10 am that I ended up leaving Chef Mickeys. From here I was heading to MGM studios (sorry for the old reference but I just can't call it Hollywood Studios).

I decided to use the bus service at the contempory to get there and what a wait it was!! That was the longest bus wait I ever had it was a good 25 min. It could of also felt longer becuase it was freezing.

I made it to the Studios with 10 to spare until rope drop.
As soon as it was go-time I decided to walk through all the stores to get to the end of the street rather than walk with the huge crowd...mainly becuase it was cold. I was making a beeline to TSM when I saw I character meet and greet with Minnie as well as Eeyore and Tigger together, and Goofy and Donald. I skipped Goofy and Donald since I had already seen them this morning but Minnie is my favorite and I hadn't gotten any autographs for Eeyore or Tigger yet.

I wish I could share those pics with you as those are some of my fav but they were only on my photopass...I should be ordering soon.....

After that I continue my journey towards TSM and it was a zoo when I got there. The wait time was already over 30 min (and it was only 9:15am) so I got a fast pass for 11:15 am.

Oh well...off to do my other fav classic rides....
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Closing this thread

Due to lack of interest I will not be completing this TR. Thanks to those who read.
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