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Old 06-29-2009, 09:48 PM   #16
Searching for the right shoe that will lead me to my Prince Charming
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It was a short walk from our hotel to the security check thing before entering the esplanade. The weather was moist and the size of my hair was growing at an alarming rate. I put my hood over my head to protect others from being attacked by my hair. It has a mind of its own, you see.

We had to wait to enter the esplanade until 8:00 and we arrived about 12 minutes before 8:00. Once let in, we did a classic walk-run to the gates and were first. Because that is what The Plan dictated. And we were NOT allowed to stray from The Plan.

So we waited at the gate and when the gates opened we did another amazing walk-run to the rope drop. We were the only ones on Main St. for a good 7 seconds and I have the pictures to prove it.

We sent Jess to get Cinnamon Rolls the blue Ribbon Bakery. My mom headed straight for the bathroom (because it had only been 39 minutes since she had last gone and apparently her bladder is the size of a nickel). I went straight to the rope to guard our spot. My mom met me there and I went to check on Jess. When I got there she was about to carry three HUGE cinnamon rolls. We kinda forgot to tell her that we probably didn’t each need one. Whoops. Heh heh.

The rope was then dropped and we walk-ran around the Matterhorn to Nemo but it was closed so we headed straight for Space Mountain and grabbed fastpasses on our way in. As we were going along that outdoor area before you go inside we saw a woman and three children (all about age 10-14) climbing over all the ropes, cutting in front of everyone in line. My mom pointed and started scolding them and two kids stopped but the mother and son kept going! Everyone was horrified at what they were doing. When we got to the CM semi-controlling the line my mom went right up to her and said:

“There was a woman and her son who climbed the stanchions and cut in front of everyone!”

The CM gave her a blank stare and I was pretty sure she was going to ask “what is a stanchion?” but she gave some lame answer and was completely unhelpful. Thanks a lot woman.

By the way, for those of you that don’t know, a stanchion is one of the poles that holds up the chains or rope that guide the queues.

After Space Mountain we went to the Matterhorn and then Fantasyland and then to Adventureland and all those other lands, grabbing fast passes along the way. We eventually stopped for lunch at the French Market, which was very disappointing. Jess and I each had a child’s macaroni and cheese, which was to die for.

We had a good collection of fastpasses now and it was nearing the time of Lisa and the 12-year-olds arrival so we headed towards the hub, stopping in Adventureland to shop. Shopping clearly wears you out so when we were done we needed a snack and settled on a Mickey Head Ice Cream. Because it had only been about 17 minutes since we had lunch.

My mom managed to sneak away and came back with an Un-birthday button, which is simply a Birthday Button but upside down. I proudly wore it everyday. What can I say, I loved the attention I got. If you haven’t learned by now, I like attention.

Backtracking for pictures:

First on Main St.

The Cinnamon Roll:

Look at the creepy guy in the background:

Up next: Disneyland with 12-year-olds
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Old 07-01-2009, 01:54 AM   #17
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Your trip report is so good! I have a 12 year old daughter and completely agree with EVERYTHING you've said so far
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Old 07-01-2009, 02:09 AM   #18
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Me (NeuroticDisneyMom#30) drinkin' my coffee, readin' the DIS DH DS 17 DD 13

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Old 07-03-2009, 12:10 AM   #19
Searching for the right shoe that will lead me to my Prince Charming
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Disneyland with 12-year-olds:

As we were getting our Mickey Head Ice Creams, Lisa and the girls walked up. They had just arrived and checked into the hotel and were ready for some Tiki Room Lovin’. I take that back. Lisa was ready for some Tiki RoomLovin’. The rest of us…not so much. Or not at all. Ever.

Anyway, while we were finishing up our ice cream, Lisa went to grab some fast passes, as they had non. Kailyn and Megan were being 12 – I’m not really sure how to explain it. They had made shirts and were all giddy and loud and glad that finals were over. My mom, Jess and I, on the other hand, were dead tired.

Lisa got back and we decided to go ride It’s A Small World. The line wasn’t long and the afternoon parade was about to start so while in line we got to see some of it before we were beat over the head by the It’s A Small World song. Apparently Kailyn and Megan were too cool to see thousands of dancing dolls so they opted to get popcorn and people watch.

Did I mention we gave them a walkie talkie? That they didn’t really know how to use?

Boy, was THAT fun.

Happy happy happy to be here!

Self-portrait #93:

While in Small World, we pointed out all the new characters, which, in my opinion, looked good! I know I’m going to get reamed for saying that, but I liked the new additions. When I first heard that they had added classic characters, I imagined things like a huge animated Goofy, singing along in his already difficult to understand voice.

At one point, about half way through, our boat stopped moving. There was no boat in front of us.


Boats were piling up behind us.

In German!

Sighs are heard from Jess sitting beside me.

In Aborigine!

Oh, hey look, that doll, who is trying to imitate the Rockettes, must have broken her leg.

In Mermaid!

Wow, I guess Nemo still can’t be found, even in this small world.

In Swahili!

FINALLY, we started moving. Only to be stopped again. And then we moved. It was a rough trip through such a small world.

I do love that ride, despite that song. I love all the dolls and the decorations for each country.

After we got off, Lisa swept us over to Nemo, thinking that the line wouldn’t be too horrible because of the parade still going. Everyone kept getting distracted so at one point, Lisa shouted, “FOLLOW” and pointed to the ground. Definitely one of her best moments.

Nemo was cute. I can’t believe how long a ride it is. Very well done.

*A look back on being 12: 12-year-olds are way too cool for anything and everything. Especially things that their parents want to do. Like ride It’s A Small World and the Nemo Submarines.

I forget what we did next but I do remember it was on the other side of the park.

Despite our best efforts, Lisa somehow found out that Jess had never been in the Tiki Room. That was a mistake. Lisa LOVES the Tiki Room. The rest of us…not so much. Some people say the Tiki Room is a rite of passage, a tradition even. I say off with traditions head!

We had never noticed the spouting Maui god before:

This is apparently what buying things at Disneyland does to a person:

It was nearing dinner and we had reservations at Café Orleans. We got seated and our waitress was less than polite – clearly annoyed that we didn’t order something besides water to drink. Well, excuse me. At this point we were all giddy. My mom pulled out some individually wrapped hand wipes from her first aid kit. Jess pulls out hers and wipes her hands off. I pull out mine and think, huh, this package feels kind of thin. I pull it out and what do I find, but a teeny tiny wipe thing…clearly not for wiping hands.

After catching our breath from laughing, we captured the moment. Notice the look of Jess's face - yeah, she clearly does not see the seriousness of the situation.

Self-portrait #108:

Dinner was amazingly good. I had the three cheese Monte Cristo and it was to die for!

Food porn for ya:

the amazing "Pompous Freets"

The regular Monte Cristo:

MY Three Cheese Monte Cristo:

Our Mickey Big-nets (what normals people call beignets):

After dinner we made our way towards the Matterhorn and then the fireworks started. We were in a less that desirable location and watched for about 10 minutes before deciding to wait for the next night.

At that point, my mom, Jess and I decided to head back to the hotel because we were dead tired. Lisa and the girls decided to stay. We walked back to the hotel, got our room keys, showered and immediately fell asleep.

Review on the Ramada: gross

Up next: DAY TWO
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Old 07-09-2009, 01:58 PM   #20
Searching for the right shoe that will lead me to my Prince Charming
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Disneyland Day 2

Today is Saturday and our plan for the day is to do Disneyland from opening until DCA opens and then go over to DCA and do everything we want there and then head back over to Disneyland, watch fireworks, upgrade to AP’s for me, Jess and my mom and do as we pleased until we were too tired to function.

We woke up at like 6:30 and all did our morning thing. We had adjoining rooms with Lisa and the girls and Lisa knocked on the door to show us the magnificent free breakfast provided for us:

Jess and I headed over to see what else they had. It wasn’t much, let me tell you. We brought back cereal for my mom and, if you read my last report, I wasn’t going to throw away my mom’s cereal before she had eaten the last cheerio. Because that results in bad things happening. Bad. Things.

I guess that Lisa thought we were taking too long to get all our stuff ready so she, Kailyn and Megan left before us. Each group had a walkie talkie so when we got there, we’d just buzz them and get in line with them.

We left kinda not really, shortly after them and met them in line. Of course my mom coerced the kind people behind us to take pictures of us. We were all wearing our way cool tie dyed Mickey shirts. But it was a little chilly so you can’t really see them because of our sweatshirts.

Self-Portrait #397

So we when the park opened (it was an Early Entry day so no rope drop), I think we headed straight to Thunder Mountain because we had yet to ride that and it is one of our favorites. Lisa and my mom had headed over to Space Mountain to get fastpasses and then met us over there. It was closed when we first got there but upon careful inspection (i.e. waiting around not sure what to do) we saw the CM’s start to do the “getting the ride ready” dance. The mom’s hadn’t arrived yet so we went in anyway. AS we were boarding the train, we saw the moms ask for the back and, as there was only one train running at the time, they had to wait for the next ride. This would give us ample time to take pictures of them on the ride.
What they want people to think they look like:

What they REALLY look like:

After Thunder Mountain, we went over to Splash Mountain. The mom’s decided not to go. Party Poopers. They were smart because we got really wet. Mostly me. Drenched is more like it. Especially my shorts. Completely soaked.

After wards, Lisa really really really wanted to go on Pooh, and the 12-year-olds being 12-years-old refused. As did my mom. And Jess, I think. Maybe. So Lisa and I went.

I think we may have gone on Indiana Jones next, but my memory of that morning is quite fuzzy at this time. And I don’t have a Plan to go off of because it was all in Lisa’s head.

I do remember exiting the park and heading over to DCA. The rope hadn’t dropped yet and we were all hungry, due to the completely wretched breakfast we had at the hotel, so we stopped at the Bakersfield Bakery (or whatever it is called. I do know it has Bakersfield in it because I always think that is kind of cool as Bakersfield is only an hour from my house). Anyway, we all got our goodies and Lisa headed over to Soarin’ over CA for fastpasses. When she returned we all went towards Tower of Terror.

Now, my experience with Tower of Terror is limited and not good. The only time I’ve been on it is when I was 16 and I had gripped the handles so hard that my hands were tingly for the next 20 minutes. And I fear free falling.

So you’re asking, why the heck is she going on this?

I’ll be honest. I don’t know. But why not give it a second chance?

So through the entire queue I was nervous. Really nervous. My mom decided not to go on it, so I kind of clung to Jess. We got on and my heart started beating very fast. I almost started hyperventilating, but didn’t. That was Megan. And no one really sympathized with her. Because Jess was trying to make me not panic and I was panicking myself. We’re a tough group – no sympathy whatsoever. We never let anyone forget anything stupid that they have done. No matter how long ago it happened. You better have so pretty thick skin to hang with us. But it is so much fun.

So to make a long story short, I survived. And it was fun. And I learned that while I’m screaming my brains out (as is everyone else), Jess giggles. A lot. Uncontrollable giggling.

*A look back on being 12: 12-year-olds scream. Loudly. A lot.

So I don’t really remember what we did next. I think we went over to the Boardwalk area and got fastpasses for Mulholland Madness and then went towards California Screamin’ and Toy Story Midway Mania and got in line for that.

We flirted with Mr. Potato Head and made our way through the line. And took the obligatory picture all wearing the 3-D glasses. Most of us had never been on this ride before and had no idea what to expect. I was expecting more of a Buzz Lightyear type ride but this is nothing like Buzz. This is better. So much better. It makes me smile just thinking about it. Completely amazing. I was paired with Jess, the moms were together and then the 12-year-olds. Jess beat me that time, but Kailyn won overall.

Oh man, what a blast that was. Give me a minute to reminisce.

Thank you.

So by that time we could get more fastpasses so we got some for California Screamin’ (they removed the Mickey Head!!!! And put a huge sun in its place. I dislike it. A lot. I miss Mickey). This whole afternoon is kind of a blur. At this point I think we went back to Soarin’ over California and did that. Then back to Mulholland Madness and did that and then went back to California Screamin’ and got more fastpasses and rode that with our old fastpasses.

At this point I’m thinking that I’m starting to love DCA. A lot. There are so many great rides here. Why does it get so much flack. True, it isn’t Disneyland and it never will be, but it has its own charm and feel and it really is a lot of fun.

We went over to the wharf area as we were starting to get really really hungry. We split up and the moms got something in the Wharf area and the rest of us got chicken strip things at the Farmer’s Market in a Bug’s Land. Except Jess – she got a salad. Because she’s healthy.

We all met in the Bug’s Land area and ate at the picnic area there.

Half way through I was sent over to Tower of Terror to get another set of fastpasses. When I got back, we headed over to Monster’s Inc. and did that. Jess had never done that before and it is so cute. Next we went towards Grizzly River Run and Lisa got fastpasses for that, much to our dismay. We went over to Mulholland Madness and did that (the 12-year-olds continued with their Hand Slappy-ing) and then went all the way back to Tower of Terror. Kailyn and Megan were doing their Hand Slapping while waiting to enter our elevator. The CM caught on and on our way out, when the elevator opens to let us off, the CM was doing it with another CM.

(Continued in next post)
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At this point we went over to Grizzly River Run. My mom refused to go so she plopped down on a bench with all our stuff. We peeled off our sweatshirts and some of us our tie dye shirts. Don’t worry, we had camisoles on. I kept mine on because I was wearing a white camisole under and people usually tend to get WET on this ride.

We got in line and we took my mom’s camera with us because it is waterproof. We took some video:

And on the ride:

Aren’t we cute?

And of course, we were soaked. My tie dyed shirt could be rung out. My shorts were dripping and my hair…well, we won’t go there.

We came upon my mom and we found:

We headed over to the bathroom to see if we could dry off a little. We found that the hand dryer in there could be used to dry clothes. How convenient. Or at least we made it convenient.

My shirt got a little drier and we also dried Lisa’s shorts.

Lisa really wanted some wine so we sat her down and got her some wine.

After drying off, we went back to Toy Story and did that again. This time, at the last second, I beat Jess. It was probably the first time in my life that I have beat her at anything physical.

Next up, we went BACK to Monster’s Inc, took some pictures on our way in.

Now, as we’re heading towards the inside of the building, a small bird, hidden in the bushes, flies away over the queue area where Kailyn in walking. We hear a loud scream and suddenly Kailyn is down on the ground. I guess a bird attacked her once at the zoo. A month ago.

So this was our final ride at DCA. It’s nearing 6:30ish and we’re all soaked still. So we decide to head back to our hotel to change before going back to Disneyland.

Up next: Disneyland part deux.
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Awesome update! And yes, TSMM is probably the most fun, addicting ride on the planet. I could play for days.
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Great update! Looks like you guys had fun! And of course, TSMM requires a lot of physical skill So congrats on your victory!
~ Mimi ~

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I agree with you...I LOVE DCA and I miss the Mickey on Screamin'
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Looking forward to your next update
Me DH DD14 DD11
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Originally Posted by PirateFish989 View Post
Look at the creepy guy in the background:
Oh my gosh! Such a creepster...who does that?
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Good trip report. Can't wait for more.

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First off, let me apologize for the month long hiatus. Life has been crazy and I've hardly been home in the last month, but I'm here now and let's continue!!!

On our way out of DCA we had our picture taken by a photopass lady (the pictures turned our horrible, btw). We then walked back to our hotel to change. When we got there, we overlooked the fact that our room was gross (did I mention the huge melted carpet spots in the shape of an iron?). I knew that if we sat down on the bed, or even the floor (but, eww…) we’d never get up because we were dead tired. Well, the first thing Jess did when she entered is flop down on the bed. And then I joined her. So much for that plan.

After lounging for about 3 minutes, Lisa opens the adjoining door and tells us to hurry up! Yes ma’am! When she barks out a command, we obey! No arguing with Lisa, Disney Queen Extraodrinaire, or The Plan. So we changed and put pants on. As opposed to shorts. Because that statement could be misconstrued as us not wearing any pants. But we were, just in the short form.

Let me tell you, it was so nice to have dry clothes on. Finally. Having soggy underwear for a large part of the day is NO FUN.

We’re about to leave and the adjoining door is shut and my mom, Jess and I have a little pow-wow. 1) We’re dead tired, 2) Our feet ache, our legs ache, our brains ache, and our stomachs ache from those Monte Cristos from yesterday, and 3) we’ve done all the rides at Disneyland like 4 times already, what the heck are we going to do tomorrow for the whole day?????

At this point, I know you guys are all going, “WHAT? They don’t want to go to Disneyland an extra day? Are they crazy? What kind of Disney fanatic does this Erin girl claim to be?”

I know, I know. I’m ashamed myself and while I look back on it now, I think “what was I thinking???” but at the time I honestly could not see spending another long tiring day at Disneyland.

Another factor was that in order to get into the park the next day, we had to upgrade our 2 day park hoppers to Southern California AP’s and that was going to cost another $90 per person and my mom was paying for it all. (Just so we all know, I was so excited to get an AP!)

So to make a short conversation between the three of us even shorter, we decided…..

Drum roll, please……..

We weren’t going to go into the park the next day, but would sleep in and spend the day in Downtown Disney.

So no AP’s.

Which made me sad. Very very sad.

But, maybe I’d upgrade myself to the Southern California Select AP. That would only be an extra $40.

So anyway, moving on, we met Lisa and the girls in the parking lot and all walked back to Disneyland together. When we got there we decided to parked my mom on the sidewalk in front of the castle to save spots for the rest of us to watch the fireworks while the rest of us used our Space fastpasses from earlier in the day.

I guess we were supposed to bring dinner back for my mom. We didn’t and when we got back to the spot she was viciously guarding she immediately sent me and Jess to go fetch dinner. Since it was approaching time for fireworks, ropes had suddenly appeared in random spots and traffic was one way so getting to the Bengal Barbeque was near impossible. We finally returned with food and sat on the sidewalk and ate with my mom and Lisa. I have no idea where the 12 year olds were. As we sat, an announcement came on saying that due to wind, fireworks may be cancelled for the night. Great. THAT IS WHY WE’RE HERE. So we sit and wait to see if the wind changes. It doesn’t. Of course. Just our luck. So as a lot of people with small children leave the park, we head back over to Tomorrowland to ride Space Mountain again ( we must have had another set of FP’s?).

My mom is still hungry and Kailyn and Megan want to ride the Matterhorn so they go off and do that while my mom sends ME to stand in line at the Tomorrowland Terrace to get her a yogurt parfait. So I’m standing there. And standing. And standing. And the line is not moving. In fact, it seems to be getting longer. And the buffoon in front of me is ordering who knows what. And I’m absolutely exhausted and getting really frustrated and am about to start crying because I’ve been standing in line for a stupid $4.00 parfait for close to 40 minutes now. Tears are welling in my eyes and I feel ridiculous because I’m crying over standing in line for a parfait. Suddenly I see Jess coming over and I feel a wave of relief. She could probably tell that I was almost to my breaking point because she hugs me and asks what is taking so long. Honestly, I have no idea what was taking so long. But I finally get the parfait, after waiting 45 minutes. Good grief.

When I get back to the table we had previously secured, I’m surprised to see that Kailyn and Megan aren’t back from the Matterhorn yet. Apparently the ride had broken down while they were in it and a CM had come and started asking trivia questions and whoever got the answer right, got a FP for any ride for 6 people. Well, can you guess who got the trivia question right? Yep, that would be Kailyn and we were so proud and happy.

It is nearing 10:30 at this point at we have FP’s for Thunder Mountain and our “Mystery FP” for whatever ride we choose. We got to Thunder Mountain and as always, it seems to go much faster at night than in the day. We choose to use our Mystery FP on Indy.

After Indy, we head over to Fantasyland and ride Mr. Toad and Snow White. I had forgotten how SCARY Snow White is. Jess and I actually screamed at one point when the Wicked Witch/Old Woman appeared out of nowhere.

Lisa, Kailyn and Megan choose to go back to the hotel as they were planning on getting up early the next morning. I decided to upgrade my ticket to a Southern California Select AP and I just have to say that it was a great decision. Granted I can’t go any day in July and most of June and August. Or any weekend. But, I’m so glad I got it! I just used it for the first time the other day!

Pictures for the day:

Entering Disneyland after changing

Main St. lights


Up next: The Last Supper
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It looks like you guys had a great time. It makes me all the more excited for my trip with my mom.
Does the Betty Ford clinic accept Disneyland addicts ?

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Where's the last supper?? Great report, looks like a lot of fun.
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