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Old 06-08-2009, 10:43 PM   #1

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Live from THV 6/7 to 6/12

It was suggested that I create a separate thread for my own Treehouse Villas impressions so...here it is. In the interest of staying on topic, I'll try to limit my comments to the treehouses. I won't force you to read about my aching feet.

We arrived shortly before noon on Sunday. Lobby was very busy with a line about 10 deep. I noticed that one of the positions at the front desk had a sign for the on-line check-in. There were only two groups so I jumped in there. What a waste the on-line ended up being. I figured at least they would have room keys pre-printed and packets waiting. Nope. It probably took me longer to get thru that line than if I had waited in the normal one.

Only request was for a water view but we didn't get it. We're more toward the golf course. But our room was ready right away.

The room itself is fantastic. There are just so many little (and not so little) high quality touches in here. Things that I haven't seen spending 5-6 years staying at SSR, BWV, OKW, etc. There are a lot of photos of the treehouses floating around, so I decided to concentrate on some of the little details that haven't gotten much press. I'll try to post the photos in the next couple of days.

The ground around the treehouses really is swampy, but so far no problems to speak of with bugs. I swatted at one mosquito while at the pool, and there were the usual bugs circling our front door light at 9pm. But it's not like you need mosquito netting to be outside--not even close.

Haven't had any problems with the motion sensing thermostats. Last night I went to bed lying on top of the covers and ended up pulling them over me at night when I had gotten too cold. This afternoon we returned from the parks with an outside temp in the upper-80s and it was 74 in the room.

The one problem we experienced was no volume on the TV in our master bedroom. Called maintenance and the guy was LITERALLY here in 5 minutes. (I was hoping to report it before leaving for the parks and he got here before we were out the door.)

The problem took most of the day to resolve but I give them credit for sticking with it. I didn't really understand the issue but he said they narrowed it down to something funky with the wiring in the master bedroom TV/desk area. The desk has built-in ports for Wi-fi, electrical and a series of video inputs for the TV. Something in there was causing the audio on the TV to fail.

It took the 8+ hours to solve the problem but I guess you have to expect something like that when staying in a new wing just a week after it opened. And we were out of the room almost the entire time.

I'll post more later, including responses to some questions that were emailed and PMed to me. If anyone has other questions, please post and I'll do my best to answer.

-- Tim

DVC owner at SSR, BWV and VGC
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Old 06-08-2009, 10:59 PM   #2

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Join Date: Feb 2002
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Answers to questions posted in another thread:

1. Do you think we'll be OK with 8 people (six adults and 2 children) in one villa? Listening to Pete's review on the Dis he said it will be cramped. What do you think?
Well, I don't think it will be any worse than any other DVC Two Bedroom and for most people the 3rd bedroom will probably help.

In a normal 2B you'd have:

2 in one bedroom
4 sharing a second bedroom
2 in living room

In the treehouses you will probably have:

2 in one bedroom
2 in second bedroom
2 in bunk beds
2 in living room

I know many people don't like having folks sleep in the living room so that's the decision you have to make. If you have kids in your group that can/will use the bunk beds, I think the THVs will be more accommodating than any other DVC Two Bedroom.

2. How is the sofa bed that is furnished? Anybody from your group sleeping on it and has an opinion?
It's the newer design. We have a 14-year old sleeping on ours. We talked about rotating her in-and-out of the bunk beds with our 8 & 6 year old, but she claimed the sofa for the week. So I guess that's a thumbs-up.

3. Can you investigate the parking situation more? We'll have two cars and I don't know where the heck we'll have to park. I'm totally not interested in having to park and take a shuttle to the room. What if you steal your neighbors spot??? (I'm not saying I'll do that, but I worry about somebody taking ours?)
I can only tell you that the from desk CM specifically told me only one vehicle was allowed. That's what we have so I didn't ask more. Others here have reported that they are asking people to park in The Grandstand and be shuttled over.

There is pretty much one spot per villa with perhaps a couple extras nearby. We had maintenance in our room earlier and their vehicle kept my wife from parking right outside. She parked in the next nearest spots. Later at night we noticed all of the spots for our villa grouping were full so I assume the person whose space my wife took parked outside our villa.

If it helps, the shuttle bus seems very effficient. We were at the quiet pool for 30-40 minutes and I saw the internal shuttle go past at least 3 times. So service appears to be at least every 10 minutes.

4. I wonder if the THV has it's own mousekeeping or does it rely on SSR?
I doubt there are CMs sitting in an office for the THVs waiting to respond to issues, if that's what you mean. Their home base is almost certainly SSR. But with those motorized carts I'm sure they can get here quickly. I've seen plenty of housekeeping CMs around so I don't think there's any worry of them treating the THVs as an afterthought.

5. What do you think of the pool? I know it looks plain, but that's OK with us. Is it centrally located?
Best quiet pool I've seen. It has its own restrooms, hot tub, place to get clean towels and leave dirty ones. There are several standard tables with 4 chairs and an umbrella, plus about 30-40 lounge chairs poolside. The pool itself is about 50x20'. Starts at 3' deep and goes up to maybe 5'. There is no zero entry area, but there are stairs in one corner that gradually lead into the water. There's also a frog rock sculpture in one corner. The frogs are fountains which spit water into the pool. I took some pics of the pool and will post later in the week.

The pool isn't quite in the middle of the treehouses but it's pretty central. In terms of east/west it's in the middle, but it's more on the south side of the treehouse development--away from Disney Vacation Club Way (the main road outside OKW and SSR.)

Hope that helps.
-- Tim

DVC owner at SSR, BWV and VGC
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Old 06-08-2009, 11:07 PM   #3
Earning My Ears
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Thank you for your information! I'm so glad you're having a good time. We have a treehouse reserved in December for six adults and two children. And I have a couple of questions.
How comfortable are the beds? And if you have anyone sleeping on the pull out couch or sleeper chair how comfortable are they? Also is there room for a full sized crib in either the room with the bunk beds or the second bedroom with the queen bed-we're thinking about reserving one from abbf but was worried there wouldn't be enough room.
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Old 06-08-2009, 11:17 PM   #4

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Join Date: Feb 2002
Location: Ohio
Posts: 13,291

two other random comments:

1. Digital hi-def TV signal on all four TVs. Nice.
2. When the kids run, scream and generally get out of hand when the adults turn their backs, there is no worries that guests above, below or next door are bothered by the commotion.

empty_nester: I think the beds are just fine. They are a little on the firm side, but they are all nice, thick mattresses. Nothing skimpy.

The beds do have those crappy bedspreads though--no duvets.

As I said in my last post, we have a 14-year old on our sofabed and she opted to sleep there all week rather than the bunk beds. That seems like a thumbs-up but I'll ask her in the morning. And I'll get you some answers to your other questions tomorrow.
-- Tim

DVC owner at SSR, BWV and VGC
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Old 06-08-2009, 11:21 PM   #5
Business trips should include a little Disney
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How are the bunk beds? Are they adequate for a teen/young adult?

I can envision my family doing a THV visit with my parents, but I don't want to have to put anyone in the living room. If the bunk beds would be sufficient for 21 & 17 year old girls, I think the layout would work very well.

Glad to hear the internal transportation has been good.

Can't wait to see your pics!
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Old 06-08-2009, 11:26 PM   #6
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There are just so many little (and not so little) high quality touches in here
will you expand on this, Thanks for the report.

Hopefully guests with extra cars will not park in someone's elses parking space. Would not be fun to come home to your Treehouse and find you have no place to park.
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Old 06-08-2009, 11:32 PM   #7
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Thanks for sharing your experience at the THV! Sounds like you like the place! I think the bunk beds are a nice addition for the kids. Must be pretty quiet at night.

Can't wait to see your pictures and all the little details missed in other photos.

Have a wonderful trip!

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Old 06-08-2009, 11:57 PM   #8
Earning My Ears
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Ethernet Jacks?

How many ethernet hookups are in the Treehouse Villas, and in which room(s)?
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Old 06-09-2009, 06:07 AM   #9
DVC Mike

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Enjoy THV, Tim!
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Old 06-09-2009, 06:42 AM   #10
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Enjoying the update on THV's. The updates are helping me decide if we want to stay there next trip. Do the internal buses just go between THV and SSR?
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Old 06-09-2009, 07:15 AM   #11
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Thanks for the details Tim! We will be at the THV for Thanksgiving and they sound perfect for our family.
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Old 06-09-2009, 07:25 AM   #12
Earning My Ears
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I really appreciate your taking time from your vacation to answer some of my worries. I had originally booked 4 rooms at the Swan but switched to the treehouses to get the kitchen and washer/dryer. You have relieved my apprehension after reading some of the other posts! Thanks again.
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Old 06-09-2009, 07:43 AM   #13
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We're looking forward to our trip Sept. 6-11. I'm hoping that it will not be at capacity and parking will be a non-issue(we'll only have one car anyway). My DD may be bringing her boyfriend so I am curious about the size of the bunkbeds as well. They don't need to be sharing anything right under my nose!
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Old 06-09-2009, 08:18 AM   #14
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Enjoy! Can't wait to see your photos.
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Old 06-09-2009, 08:40 AM   #15
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Thanks Tim!!! Have fun!
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