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Old 05-25-2009, 08:50 PM   #1
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Is trip insurance needed?

Just wondering if most of you get the insurance that comes with disney vacation packages. Can anyone give the pros/cons of the insurance. Thank, Linda
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I used to never get the insurance. Then a couple of years ago then 2 days before my flight they started tracking a blizzard coming in. I got lucky and was able to get down a day early however if I hadn't it would have cost us quite a bit of cash. So I took that as a potential lesson learned and now buy the insurance for the piece of mind.
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We always buy trip insurance but we don't buy it directly from WDW. We buy our insurance from InsureMyTrip. It has never been more than $150 (total) for my family of 4 trip cost under $5000. I feel comfortable that the policies that we buy will cover what we are most concerned about... that is illness or death of a family member and medical for my DH who does not currently have coverage. We can never be to safe and it is peace of mind..... I include all my expenses into the insurance. That is my airfare, hotel, park passes, pre-paid non refundable dinners, etc.
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Old 05-25-2009, 10:31 PM   #4
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The ONLY reason I buy the trip insurance is to protewct against the cost of unforseen medical emergencies during the trip. We have quite good health insurance, but out-of-network costs must be paid for out-of-pocket and then reimbursed at only 80% of what we paid.

Even a simple emergency room visit can run three or four thousand dollars easy. So I'd have to pay the hospital and physicians that money in full at some point, and only after I paid can I seek reimbursement from my insurance company, and we all know that I won't receive that money in a speedy manner. And if the bill is three grand, I'm responsible for 20%, or $600.

But even that might not be enough to convince me to buy the insurance, if the E.D. bill would be that "low." WHat if someone in the family had to be hospitalized overnight, AFTER an E.D. visit ... then we're looking at maybe $10,000, which means I'd be stuck paying 2 grand ... the insurance is looking better and better.

But the REAL reason I buy it is, what if we need some sort of medical transport? WHat if one in our party can't fly home on a commercial airline? WHat if we'll need to rent a car, or worse yet, need a flight ambulance? Tens of thousands of dollars, and guess what ... almost NO health insurance will pay for that sort of thing.

If it weren't for all of the above, I wouldn't bother with travel insurance for a Disney package. Disney has a pretty liberal cancellation policy and rescheduling policy, and the airlines' fees for changing a flight wouldn't be horribly more money than the insurance premium.
-- Eric
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Old 05-25-2009, 11:18 PM   #5
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We decided no...but we are only booking a Disney package...no airline...I would have if airline were in the picture... (and definitely if in another country or if during hurricane season)

All in my party have health care coverage that would be fine, we have auto insurance, life insurance, etc. already. For our health insurance, there is no "out of network" for true emergency care. I pay $100 co-pay at the ER and 10% if admitted. This would be true at home or in FL. If you don't have health or life insurance, I would insure my trip to Disney...but then again, you probably should not be going to Disney if you can't afford life or health insurance!

Basically, it is almost a wash for us...if we cancel less than 6 days out we are out $200 per Disney cancellation policy...our insurance quote was about that amount...

Our only risk is really if something terrible happens once we start the vacation since I don't believe Disney offers any refund once the vacation starts...so we decided to just take that risk...If we have started the vacation, then we have started it and enjoyed at least some of it, it is a lot of money to lose, but it is money we were already spending on a vacation and we would just save up again

But if you do get it, I would go to *****************
Also, be careful of when you buy the insurance. I know it is common to recommend NOT purchasing until final payment b/c you can get a full refund from Disney before then, but sometimes the parts of the insurance are only good if you buy at time of booking.
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Old 05-26-2009, 12:49 AM   #6
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We do. Why?

A CM told me a story on the phone that went something like this; a child was playing on a bunk bed at WL, fell off, and sustained a very serious head injury. The child was life-flighted to hospital and then on by private helicopter all the way home to...Alaska. Long story short, the child is fine now and the medical bills were completely covered by the trip insurance (via Disney). Had they chose not to accept trip insurance the parents, or their personal insurance, would have been responsible. He said just the helicopter ride alone was in the $10,000's.

Trip insurance is something like $170 for 2 adults (children are free)...way worth it for us.
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Old 05-26-2009, 02:43 AM   #7
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We don't buy cancellation insurance, but I do buy a travel insurance policy every year that covers us for out of country medical expenses, medical evacuations, etc. We're in Canada, so while we have virtually free medical at home, they only pay the same as it would cost at home for out of country treatment. I know that can get very expensive, so we make sure we have the extra insurance.

I take my chances with the cancellation thing though, because as others have said, Disney's cancellation policies are very good but I also accept it as a calculated risk that I could lose some money. For trips other than Disney I try to book hotel, flights, etc separately rather than packages as hotels can usually be cancelled at no charge up to the day of arrival.

Another reason I don't buy the cancellation insurance is that there are often so many restrictions, conditions, and clauses regarding pre-existing conditions if you or a family member got sick and had to cancel. I have had friends claim denied because a family member went into the hospital for emergency heart surgery and they had a pre-existing heart condition.

Disney's policy does look quite good though, but even it has a restrictions.
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Old 05-26-2009, 02:52 AM   #8
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Yes, we get it, but we travel during hurricane season for our anniversary. We live near New Orleans and drive to Orlando, so if there is a hurricane expected anywhere along the Gulf Coast, we're pretty much stuck. The only con I can think of is the additional cost, but when you're spending as much as you do to go to WDW, what's a couple extra hundred?

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We always purchase travel insurance. It's a good thing too since the last time we travelled, my daughter ended up at Florida Hospital in Celebration because of a bad stomach virus. The insurance paid for all the medical bills. If her illness had been more serious and she had to remain at the hospital for a few days, then the insurance would have also covered the extra expenses like extended hotel stay for us and any extra charges incurred if we had to change our flight home, etc. So, yeah. I'm a firm believer of travel insurance.
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Old 05-26-2009, 06:32 AM   #10
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Two easy questions: Are you covered medically if one of you gets sick? Do you have the ability to pay for (or lose money for) any changes in travel plans due to weather, illness, injury, death in family, loss of job, etc.? If your insurance will cover you medically, and you can absorb any losses or extra expenses if your plans change last minute, then no, you don't need the insurance. If you answer no to either, or both, of those questions, then you should seriously consider it. There are policies that only cover medical, policies that only cover trip interruption/delay, and policies that cover both. I also find ***************** to be a good source of info, as they have several insurance companies on the site, and you can really compare the costs and coverages.
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Old 05-26-2009, 07:17 AM   #11
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We choose not to get the insurance - we have great medical insurance - and the one time we DID buy insurance (years ago & NOT through Disney) - it had a weather/act of God clause. We did have to change our itinerary once there (Caribbean) due to a hurricane & there was no coverage for that. We were young & dumb & just assumed it would cover us for unexpected costs due to the hurricane. Lesson learned - read the policy to be sure it's for what you want - medical, emergencies, weather-related issues, etc.

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I always get the insurance.Dh and I both have aging parents and a grandparent with medical issues. We have had to cancel mid-trip before due to a family death.Insurance is a lesson you learn after getting burned once.
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Old 05-26-2009, 10:01 AM   #13
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If you or anyone in your party has pre-existing conditions then you must be VERY careful about the trip insurance. I have used this broker in the past (they don't charge extra - they advise on the major travel insurance companies) and they are very good about helping you with pre-existing conditions. It is easier to NOT get covered than to get covered for them so be careful!

This explains it very well: http://www.tripinsurancestore.com/3/pre-existing.shtml
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Originally Posted by TaraPA View Post
We choose not to get the insurance - we have great medical insurance - and the one time we DID buy insurance (years ago & NOT through Disney) - it had a weather/act of God clause. We did have to change our itinerary once there (Caribbean) due to a hurricane & there was no coverage for that. We were young & dumb & just assumed it would cover us for unexpected costs due to the hurricane. Lesson learned - read the policy to be sure it's for what you want - medical, emergencies, weather-related issues, etc.
That reminds me, another reason why we didn't get insurance this time...

We booked a cruise for our 1st anniversary in 2003. DH got activated and went to Iraq...most insurances will have act of God AND act of war clauses in the paper work (and we knew about it). Anyhow, the insurance company of course did nothing. AirTran just gave us a full out refund-go AirTrain! and Norweigan gave us a credit toward a future cruise (VERY smart on their part as we spent more on our 2nd anniversary cruise than we would have our first ) So the only money we were out was the insurance money.

Again, if you don't have good medical and life insurance or have airline or are travelling from very far, then I would get the insurance. However, I live 7 hours from Orlando and am driving.
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Last year i had a big trip to vegas planned with NO trip insurance well day of the trip BOOM i got super sick! my gallbladder failed, i had to have it removed. i missed the trip and lost all the $$$ so i did get trip insurance this time!!
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