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Old 05-10-2009, 05:41 AM   #1
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Talking Who Knew Refillable Mugs Could Cause So Much Drama? MARCH 2008

Hello there!

Why the fish emoticon? I'm not sure...I thought it was cute. Also, I can't find the emoticon where the little happy face man dude person guy is waving.

Intro time. My name is Kellie and I am 21 years old. My favorite character is Mulan. Why? I really admire how she loved her father so much she was willing to risk her life for him. In the process, she ended up pretty much saving an ENTIRE COUNTRY.

I have been stal...err...lurking on these boards for about a year but only now have I decided to get an account. I always thought "why bother" as it seems like most everyone hear has a chance to get to Disney World at least once a year and wasn't quite sure if someone who doesn't go very often was welcome but I figured....eh, what's the worst that could happen?

Anyway back to the intro. I live in Hawaii...waaaay too far from the magic. Although I dont get to visit the parks often, I am a HUUUGE Disney Freak. My sister however thinks I am a Disney Stalker. Yes. A Disney Stalker. Shortly before our last trip, I started asking her some questions about our upcomming trip and she wasn't really answering me. I was like, "I thought you were a Disney Freak?" She is by the way...just not as much as me. She was all like, "I AM a Disney Freak. You are a Disney Stalker!"

Anyway I : looooooove the parks, I am always looking up information about them or living vicariously through other people's trip reports. I also spend a lot of time listening to Disney park music...not just from the World...from Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and even Tokyo Disney. I : loooooooove the movies as well. I think I have pretty much all the songs memorized from The Little Mermaid to Tarzan. My room has all these Disney figurines and posters...once a few years ago my cousin came over and was like, "come on now, we're gettin older, you gotta get rid of the Disney stuff," and I was like "never!" I'm sure you all know how that goes though. Especially if you don't have any children, because according to most people, Disney is just for kids. I guess I'm still a kid then!

Aside from my almost unhealthy obsession, I am mostly a regular person. I go to college and work part time at a child care place. Next semester I am going to be going into a phlebotomy program and perhaps in a few years I will return to school for nursing or something. I really like to draw and hike.

Then there is my sister Kristina but I call her Kris. She is 18 years old now but was 17 at the time of the trip. Her favorite character is Ariel. Why? Because my sister likes Arie'ls rebelliousness. I actually don't care for Ariel that much for that very reason...she disobeyed her father! I suppose you could say Mulan also disobeyed her father but at least she did it for a very noble cause. Ariel only disobeyed her father to be with some boy. Anyway is in her first year of college and is majoring in interior design. Kris and I pretty much get along for the most part. We have our spats here and there but who doesn't? What else can I say about her? She is blunt and impulsive...sometimes does things without thinking. Wow that was negative! Positives...positives... Oh! She is a good dresser. Also she is smart and when she sets her mind to do something, she does it and does a good job. She never flakes out on things unlike me who is sad to say, guilty of being flaky on more than one occasion.

Finally there is my mom. Whenever she is asked how old she is, she always tells people she is the same age as Disneyland. So yeah, If you know how old Disneyland is then you pretty much know my mom's age! But don't tell her that I told you what it was. Anyway her favorite character is Minnie. Why? She has no idea, she just likes Minnie. Anyway my mom is a business teacher at a high school. She is counting down the years until her retirement so that she can FINALLY visit Disney during the holidays. She would like to visit during Thanksgiving when there are festivities in place but it's not insanley crowded like during Christmastime but her school schedule has never allowed her to do so. What can I say about my mom's personality? I guess I am a lot like her. She is forgetful. She's the kind of person who is driving halfway down the street and is like, "did I remember to lock the door?" Really, that kind of thing happens on a weekly basis. Hmm, what else? IDK. She's...mom.

Here is what we look like. Mom on the left, Kris in the middle, and me on the right. It kinda looks like it was supposed to be a pic of just mom and Kris and I popped in there at last minute but I swear that wasn't the intent!

Anyway the trip I am going to tell you guys about was over a year ago. March 16-27, 2008. It was actually planned kind of last minute which was so unlike my mom! We had thought about going to Disney World in the fall and had ordered that planning DVD and everything but mom thought the airfare was too expensive. I was disappointed but what could I do really? Little did I know, every now and then, mom was checking airfares, just for fun. Finally one day in late January, mom found a really good deal with Delta. She could not pass up the deal, she reserved our seats and then called the Disney people. We would be on our way to Disney in less than 2 months! I was sooooooo happy you could not believe, or maybe you could? Actually I'm sure you probably could, especially if you've gone on a last minute Disney trip. Prior to this trip, all of our trips had been planned at least 6 months in advance. I guess Disney was just calling my mom's name! The next night, I actually wrote out my "Things to Pack" list and taped it to my wall. sure the trip wasn't for another month but I was so excited!" Even over a year later, sitting here and reminiscing, I am smiling, remembering how happy I was.

Anyway I'll start the trip report soon. Probably within the next hour or at least next 2 days. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed reading all of yours!

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Location: Hawaii. WAAAAY too far from the magic!
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MARCH 16, 2008
Day 1

I was so excited that I didn't even sleep that night. I spent the whole night watching youtube and surfing the net aimlessly. When my family rolled out of bed at around 8:00 in the morning, I was actually pretty tired and ended up sleeping for about an hour or so. It was...a power nap of some sort!

Dad drove us to the Honolulu International Airport at around noon and we arrived about 20 minutes later for a 3:00 p.m. flight via Delta airlines to Georgia. From there we would go to Florida. My mom insists on getting to the airport early just in case so we ended up having to wait around for what seemed like a billion years. Mom and Kristina got something to eat at Burger King to pass the time. While sitting at our gate, Kristina and I played a "Who is Comming and Who is Going on Vacation" game where we ...looked around our gate and tried to figure out who was going home and who was going on vacation. We really only found one family who we thought was going on vacation becaused they looked and sounded local. It was kind of obvious who was local and who was from the Mainland. Here in Hawaii, we are heavily populated by Asians, any other race is not as common. Don't get me wrong, we have a mix of everything, it's just that mostly, we have a lot of Asians here. I know there are also Asian people in other states too but...not so many in Georgia I think. Anyway we wondered if the other local family was traveling to. Maybe they were going to Disney World too!

Kris and I. Notice the Sudoku book in my hand. I LOVE Sudoku!

The flight was very long, nearly 9 hours. Kris and I sat by the window while mom got the aisle seat in the middle row. There was a large man who had to sit between her and another woman. He looked super squished but surprisingly, he didn't get up once! Crazy! His bladder I mean. Not the man. He seemed pretty normal. When mom booked the flight, I pre-ordered a special meal, just to see what they were like. I chose the vegetarian option. I ended up with this veggie-risotto mixture.. It was good! The brownie dessert was good too. I tried to sleep during the flight but I could not find a comfortable position. I spent a lot time either tossing and turning, playing Sudoku or Gameboy, or just...sitting. Eventually breakfast rolled around. I got a bagel and cereal. I also got a banana but I hate bananas so I gave it to Kris. I don't see how that breakfast was considered vegetarian because the meal that everyone else got didn't have meat in it. Maybe they figure that vegetarians need protein in their diet which is why my bagel came with cream cheese. Cheese has protein right?

MARCH 17, 2008
Day 2

We arrived in Georgia at around 6:00 a.m. their time. Mom got a breakfast sandwich from some place called Krystal Burger. I had heard of that chain but I had never actually seen one. I remember hoping that mom wouldn't be too tired later in the day and she would have a good time. She was paying for the trip after all. I really am lucky that our family can afford to travel.

Mom wanted me to take a picture of her...with the Krystal...burger...err...breakfast sandwich. She had never heard of Krystal prior our layover.

I don't remember what time we left Georgia but the flight to Florida was only about an hour. The plane was much roomier than the last plane which I thought was strange. They give us a crampy plane for a long flight but a roomy plane for a short flight? Ah well. Kris and mom had the window seats this time while I sat in the middle aisle. They got to nap but I was too excited. Instead I played Sudoku. Also, the local family from the previous flight weren't with us. Kris and I acutally thought they might be going to Disney World too and would be with us on this flight but alas they were not. I came up with this little back story that they went to Georgia as a layover to New York to visit the woman's brother who lives there with his family. Haha!

When we finally arrived in Florida we were not quite sure where to go to get on the bus to All Star Music and we had a mini argument about where to go but finally we figured it out. Even though I had hardly any sleep and was incredibly jet lagged, I was so excited! When our bus driver asked if we were ready for Disney World or something to that effect, I remember cheering really loudly. The video was cute but I spent more time looking at the billboards. Billboards fascinate me because they don't have them at home.

Kris and I on the shuttle to ASMU. Kris had those ears in her backpack and put them on as soon as we got into the bus. I guess getting into the bus was her official start of the vacation.

In all the excitement, this was the only shot we got of the infamous sign. Oh well!

We got to All Star Music at around 11:30. I had hoped we could be in the Calypso section of the resort because it was closest to the food court and bus area but alas we got the Country section instead...all the way in the back. Past the Calypso, Jazz, Rock and Broadway sections...all the way in the back. It was quite a walk but looking back on it, it wasn't that bad. At least it was nice and quiet because we weren't in the pool area.

In front of our building

View from the room.

When we got in the room, I thought it was so cute that the staff had laid out towels in the shape of Mickey but I could not help but think why did they have to leave the towels on the bed spread? I am somewhat of a germophobe. I always have been. I FEAR the bedspread. We all know how nasty those things are and how it's not washed after every guest. One of the first things I did was fold up my bedspread and put it in the closet. Then I put on some hand sanitizer. Then I proceeded to spray the whole room and all the fixtures and knobs and remote controls with Lysol. Now there would be only a .1% that I would get a horrible disease! You know...because Lysol is 99.9% effective. Anyway yeah, I'm pretty much a freak but thats okay.

After settling in, we decided to go to the Animal Kingdom.

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I'm in! I can't imagine the plane ride to get from WDW to Hawaii!
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Welcome to the Trip Boards.
I don't think I ever saw anyone "ever" post from Hawaii.
Wow, you sure had a long flight. I thought for sure, your first stop woulf of been California or Dallas, then onto Florida.
Looking forward to your report.
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Hi! I'm jealous you're from Hawaii. What no billboards there? How lucky. They are such an eyesore.
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Hello there!

I like your game of guessing who is coming and going from the airport. I'll have to use it next time I'm there.

We really enjoyed our stay at the ASMu. I love the bold colours and decor. To me it screams "Disney".

Looking forward to hearing about the rest of your trip.
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Hi! I am enjoying your trip report and looking forward to reading more.
Me : DH

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Hey there!
I'm so jealous that you are from Hawaii!!! As much as I love Chicago, the weather sucks about 75% of the time. Can't wait to read more about your trip! We do seem to have similar trips reports (late reports, older family, Asian family). Subbing to keep up!
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good start

A good start to your trip

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I'm in too!! I'm trying to read trip reports from the start. I usually find them after a couple months have gone by and I have to read the whole thing in one day to catch up. Do you have more pics? I love the visual aids. And your photos are great! Feel free to tell us more about Hawaii too.

pssst..I'm a lurker too.

Welcome to the DIS!!
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Look forward to hearing more about your trip.
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im in!! Cant wait to read more
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Looking forward to reading about your trip!
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I feel the same way about hotel bedspreads.
I was a hippie, now I am a middle-aged professor - oh my, how age does change a person.
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refillable mugs

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