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Old 01-03-2011, 11:37 AM   #16
DIS Veteran
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Originally Posted by Reto View Post
I agree that the high-speed monorails from the guy on Ebay are cool. The batteries drain a bit faster (I get about 45 mins of playtime out of it), but the speed looks definitely more realistic.
We have one of the upgraded motor trains you refer to and the batteries actually last a lot longer if you take things to the next level: remote radio control. That allows you to control both speed and direction, so the batteries (we use rechargeables) last a few hours.

That's the good news. The not so good news is modifying the stock monorail to remote radio control is involved and really requires moderate to advanced modelling and electronic skills.

Fortunately, that's up my husband's alley, so he was able to successfully employ the information posted by a fellow named Bon Quincy at the site below. It's a walkthrough of how to gut, modify and rewire the front monorail car (and the one immediately behind it) for full remote control using R/C radio equipment used for model planes.


Again, this modification is involved (major "hacking" of the R/C receiver and servo and then getting both to fit into very small spaces), but when added to an upgraded higher speed monrail you move from this being a toy to a true (and impressive) operating model.

Our Christmas guests loved seeing the train leave the switching station after running its loading announcements, followed by the appropriate spiel for the destination (made by the switching station), followed by the train slowing to a stop at the appropriate resort (we have all three - the Poly, Grand Floridian and Contemporary). Since the audio on the train is timed to repeat every minute or so, you can always have it running just before departing a location, which adds to the realism.

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Old 01-30-2011, 01:28 PM   #17
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Monorail Attraction Connector

Hi all. Just finished digging through my parents attic and I found my old Monorail items from when I was a kid. Found the Contemporary Resort and a boxed Monorail Attraction connector. Put them on the EBay, as I didn't see any connectors on there at all.

Not trying to spam it up here (as this place is kinda cool!) mainly I was wondering what something like these would still sell for.

I saw the list of what was Discontinued, and I heard the Resort is now, is that true?
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Old 01-30-2011, 01:41 PM   #18
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Join Date: Jan 2011
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posted the Resort too. can't show you,so find it! I love DIsney!!
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Old 01-30-2011, 02:28 PM   #19
Earning My Ears
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forgot,I'm 8bitandbeyond on the Bay.
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Old 01-30-2011, 09:54 PM   #20
Earning My Ears
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Posts: 12

OK,what are these worth???

thanks much!!!
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Old 01-31-2011, 01:37 AM   #21
Baloo's Best Buddy:-)
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Can't comment on how much your items are worth but I saw the Contemporary resort still being sold at WDW back in November 2010. Didn't look on the price tag though since I already own one.
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Old 01-31-2011, 08:17 AM   #22
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Originally Posted by 8bit View Post
The attraction connector is worth more than the hotel, since the latter is still in production and is readily available on eBay (probably the most common accessory currently for sale item if you search for "Disney monorail"). Disney stopped selling the connectors years ago and one doesn't see them up for auction very often on eBay, so it could go up to $100 or more if the right collectors see it.
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Old 01-08-2012, 07:50 AM   #23
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Originally Posted by wyattsdaddy2 View Post
First off, nice job S8Film40 on your compilation. The list is very accurate and complete, well done.
I just have a few "addendums" for lack of a better word, these are a few items we "serious collectors" (now there's an oxymoron for ya!), I used both "serious" and "collectors" when referring to a bunch of 20-60 year old folks like me who collect toys for a hobby! Re-think my life...NAH! I love Disney and I've been out of the closet for years.
Some items we often use for our DTPR's (going forward this is an acronym for Disney Theme Park Replicas) that I find noteworthy:
1) Disney Town Square Playset from Sears in 1988: This is a "must have" for your DTPR. It'll take me too long to detail, but it's basically an entire recreation of Main Street made from mostly heavy gauge cardboard stock and plastic. It's enormous and comes with well over 200 pieces, it takes most people I know the better part of 3 evenings to build. They also released small accessory packs to add on to make your Main Street look more realistic. Available were figurines in packs of about 3-4 figs, some are the "Fab Five", park guests, kids, dads, moms with babies etc. There were lighting kits to illuminate your display, the Christmas Tree on MS, a furniture pack, music box, Horse Trolley and a few more.
The Town Square MIB (mint in box) complete with sealed bags will run you about $150-$200 on the Bay depending on box condition and guaranteed complete. A strongly worded caution, make 100% certain you are buying a complete set and in mint shape. I know that's a tall order for a 21 year old playset with hundreds of pieces but here's why it's so critical: Many of the pieces are essential to erect this set, any combination of broken or missing items and you'll be stuck with a $200 paperweight. Any real exposure to moisture and the cardboard stock building facades will be warped and you won't be able to clip them in place. Do not buy from someone who says, "it looks complete to me", that's basically code for "it isn't complete" or "I'm too lazy to inventory it". Do not buy a set without the instructions either, that's a guarantee it's not complete (how would they know it's complete without the instructions that have the parts list?) also Frank Lloyd Wright couldn't build this set without blueprints, errr, instructions. If you're really nice and tell me how great I look for my age, I might email you a copy. I've sold a number of these over the years and know it well and I couldn't memorize all the pieces it comes with. Get it in writing "this is a complete set" in case you need to return it. Oh, this is huge and weighs about 12 pounds, the box, ironically is very thin cardboard, much too thin for such weighty contents so MIB is relative, if it isn't badly crushed or torn, it's MIB. A few wrinkles are almost a certainty. You can use this set as your hub for your entire Monorail DTPR and just build the "lands" around it.
2) The Main Street Station: Awesome item with over 100 pieces, you'll use this at your entrance and set it up at the front of the Sears Town Square set. It has realistic recorded announcements with the sound of the train coming into the Station and the actual guys voice who does the shtick at the Parks, "The Walter E Disney is now entering on track #2, all aboard!) This one is volatile in regards to price, I've seen them as low as $50 (unusual) and as high as $175, but the average is closer to $75-$110. Depends on how many were available on the Bay at the time.
3)Walt Disney World HO Scale Railroad (the Walter E Disney) this was made for the MSS I just described in #2, it's a powered unit and a very handsome replica, and pretty fast too (variable speed) It'll cost you around $140-$175 to win one.
4) Splash Mountain from Hasbro: Pretty simple explanation, they never made one for the Mono sets so we adopted this to fill our need. It's a Polly Pocket style playset and really hard to find MIB, expect to pay $75-$100.
5) Small World: Same line as the Splash Mt $50-$75 MIB
6) Race Car Set: These are slot cars, a replica of the Tomorrowland attraction, very popular with Mono collectors $125-$175
7) Test Track: Some use this one as a "Poor Man's" Race Car Set, $40-$70
8) Wilderness Playset: This is a Lincoln Logs playset that, once built is a great Wilderness Lodge. Everyone knows about the Contemp, Poly and FL but not many know this, but enough do that make it go for about $125 MIB.
9) You missed the Sunwheel ride playset from DCA, ($100-$150) same line as the Zephyr, Triton etc. My favorite DCA ride Mono playset. Also the Epcot Sorcerers Hat Playset ($150-$175).
10) Let's not forget the Sleeping Beauty Castle Playset
11) Cinderella's Golden Carousel (Polly style too) good for the Carousel behind the Castle ($15)
12) Paradise Pier Monorail connector 3 pack: These are the only ones that work with the so-called Mini Monorail as the tracks and support beams are half the size of the standard set and can't be swapped. The full size connectors do not fit on the Mini or Vice Versa. Drives me nuts when sellers conveniently "forget" to mention that when selling these. Buyers think they are getting a 3 pack of connectors that will work with their setups, they don't. Expect to pay $50-$75 still. VHTF.
I like to use the diecast buses, trucks and fire trucks etc to put near the TTC also.
That's about it for my "supplemental" Monorail DTPR list. There are some "custom jobs out there worth a look, one guy makes graduating support beams that allow you to make a figure 8 by making one track line pass over another. Another guy installs custom high speed motors that give the Monorails more than double their normal speed, allowing for a much more realistic scale versus speed pairing. I...."ahem", he mentions "why should the Monos run at the scale speed of 5-10 MPH as originally designed when they run much faster at the Parks". The extra speed looks much more in line with how it ought to in your DTPR. He's also very clever and devilishly handsome (chuckle). Give this wonderful hobby that is so much fun for Disney families both young and old to enjoy a try. Feel free to drop me a line if you ever need any suggestions on building your DTPR, I love talking about it with both novice and expert alike. Have a Magical day.
This is very good detail on what's available. I have most of what you list and a few more....
Sears Disneyland playset circa 1988 smaller buildings made of plastic and more tuned to younger children than WDW version

Mickeys house Not officially a monorail playset

Minnie's house same deal
Since they have been evicted from WDW due to the expansion of MK I put them with my Disneyland stuff.

Disneyland 50 anniv Castle lights up with different colors

Homemade test track - I took a cookie tin painted it silver and put a Cars playset track around it. The attraction die cast cars fit perfectly inside the track
Epcot fountain I made this from styrofoam rings and a pizza pan. I added water to it using some garden hose and a sump pump in a 5 gal pail underneath

Made the Matterhorn out of 4 cans of spray foam and paint. it has Mickey planting the 50 anniv flag on top

Every christmas I take over a whole room in my house and build a 10ft x 20ft display with all domestic parks in it. as close to the real layout of each. I have tons of pics but not sure how to add them
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Old 01-08-2012, 09:27 AM   #24
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I'm sure someone here can help you with posting pics. I'd love to see them. Maybe there's an FAQ about it or a sticky somewhere to explain it.
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Old 02-22-2012, 08:10 PM   #25
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Hey Brother, Posting Custom Monorail Pics

It's Collectitall41 my friend,
I'd love to see your work! Sign up for a free photo hosting site like Photobucket, Flickr etc and just post your link here
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Old 02-28-2012, 09:50 AM   #26
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Originally Posted by s8film40 View Post
Here's what I know of:

•Attraction Connector (Dicontinued) - Plugs into attraction and attaches to monorail pylon
••Disneyland Mini Monorail (Discontinued) - Same as above but only included the two end cars, a little less track, and no bridge

I think that covers most of it, I probably left something out or got something wrong so feel free to offer any correction.
Here's a possible and interesting addition. I have come across what I believe is a second, different version of the attraction connectors you mentioned above.

The one you described is the standard one, sized for the WDW monorial sets. Stock they come included with a modified pylon, one that has a small lip on the side which acts as a footer for the sensor part of the connector (allowing it to sit at just the right height so that a passing train will trip the sensor).

I now believe there is a second version of this connector that was made specifically to work with the Disneyland mini monorail. The sensor and timer parts are identical to the standard version, but the cables connecting the timer and sensor sections are shorter (too short to allow the timer unit to sit flush on the floor next to a standard WDW version pylon). Clearly, these connector units were made to work with a shorter pylon - which I think is what came with the DL mini monrail.

Interestingly, I have never seen such an attraction connector for sale anywhere (the one I received came in an estate lot, without its packaging or a pylon).
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Old 02-17-2013, 07:03 PM   #27
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monorail play sets

I am just now starting a collection. I didn't know about them (I know) until our first family vacation to WDW this past December. My youngest son, turning 5 in a few weeks, wants the monorail play set for his birthday. I am a little nutty, and if he's going to have one piece of a collection I want to make sure he has everything else to go with it. And this collection is amazing! I love it! He's going to have to share it with me, no question.

I'm especially excited to get this whole collection for him because he has asked every day if we can go back, if we can live in WDW, and there is no sign of him stopping any time soon! And, this set is all he's wanted for Christmas and birthday. That's pretty focused for a 4 year old who likes everything Disney/Pixar.

If anyone has any of the following that they would consider selling, please let me know:

Haunted Mansion
Grand Floridian
WDW Tree & Light Set
Astro Orbiter Attraction
Dumbo Attraction
Tea Cup Attraction
Main Street Station
Wilderness Play set
Switching Station
Sorcerer's Hat
WDW Sign Set
(I can't remember if they made a Carousel set for the Monorail yet, but if they did please add that as well as any other monorail play sets I may have left off the list).

Thank you!!!
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Old 02-18-2013, 07:43 AM   #28
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Dang, 2boyz. I wish you would have posted this last week. I just sold a lot of this stuff. I would much rather have had it go to someone here

I do still have an unboxed Tree of Life, and a Dumbo that does not work. It could possibly be repaired, but it is not mint. Let me know if you're interested, and I can send pics.

Check sale history on eBay for these items. Don't fall for some of the Buy It Now prices or some of the prices on Craigslist.

Couple notes (my opinion only)...

-Wilderness Lodge is extremely rare and doesn't look much different than a normal Lincoln Log set. Go with Lincoln Logs and craft your own sign

-The TTC and Switch Station are considered the same thing in terms of monorail toys, unless there's something new I haven't seen yet. Officially it's the Switch Station

-Don't forget to buy Cinderella Castle

-There is no Carousel playset that I have seen, official monorail toy or otherwise

-Other interesting items not on your list that you might want...Space Mountain and Polynesian Resort. Both are available new, so the price is much lower than some of the rarer pieces (*cough* Grand Floridian & Switch Station *cough*)
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Old 02-21-2013, 09:27 AM   #29
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Glad I read this thread, I have to dig around my basement and sell some of this stuff.

I know I have a few of the attractions, like astro-orbiter. Are these usable out of the box, or you need one of those attraction connectors to make them work? I don't know, because I don't think I ever tried to hook them up, just bought them. I have the first 2 monorails, red and black, Contemporary, Spaceship Earth, and extra track packs.

It was great fun running them under the tree, but that was the only time I used them. OT, but I have that talking monorail refrigerator magnet, and I love it. (still talking on the original battery!)

Edit, never mind, I have the attraction connector, in a separate little box, but my Astro Orbiter might need some TLC, lol. I love this stuff, may have to keep it after all!

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Old 02-21-2013, 09:51 AM   #30
Earning My Ears
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The attractions are usable out of the box. They have an on-off switch on the side toward the bottom. Most are in the shape of a plastic gold Cinderella Castle I believe. The problem is, many of the internals fail quickly. The motors and gears are the best qualtity. I've heard cases where the attractions failed out of the box
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