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Old 03-12-2008, 12:03 AM   #46
We decided to do it up right at the World
We can make OUR OWN RULES for the week!
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I'm missing you too, Sandy!
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Old 03-12-2008, 09:26 AM   #47
Finally got a chance to come back and crack this thing
Where did you find those set of ears?
My mamma Jamma is gonna hurt!
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Hey Sandy, do I need to call you?
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Old 01-29-2009, 12:24 PM   #48
Crazy enough to want to do another Half Marathon!
If it were all about me? - I'd go with the Princesses!!
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Jan '08 Half Marathon-complete w pics

I admit it, I procrastinated... I'm sure I had a lofty excuse, but since I'm recommitting to do the Half in 2010 I've been back on the WISH forum, and have been asked (yes, I'm flattered!) to complete the report!

Well I have my notes, and I've uploaded pictures to photobucket - the pics I didnt take, I have to thank Jeff for, he graciously allowed me to snag some of his pics - nice people the WISH team! Great people! Couldnt have done it without them!

Here's half of them I think! It was the Pop meet, and we gathered, ate, took pics, made plans to scream for one another - and shared items - I actually got 100 glow sticks thru TSA Ohare! I absolutely love the Lime Green Cow Bell from the $1 section at Target - go, stock up now!! You'll be glad you did!!

Here's the beginning, unfinished, but it will take you to marathon day - some fun pics and memories there - couldnt add here as I procrastinated too too long!!

Me: old enough to know better, but wanting to be better!! Somehow lost sight of the mouse - came back big time - Knowing the only way to get back to Disney alone with DH was to run 13.1 miles

DH Hasnt run a marathon in 19 years... of course I didnt realize this until after the finish!! Very supportive, and he has come to the pixie dust side... if he asks one more time about signing up for '09 I'm going to have to....

We are over 40 - close, very close to 50. We have been married 26 years and counting, started dating Valentine's Day 1977 - my High School Band did Disney - before cell phones, and dh found an itinarary and called the hotel we stayed at and asked me to Prom... and the rest is history... in the making!! We have 3 DK - DS soon to be college graduate Hard of Hearing, and engaged to be married Jan '09 (so no Marathon Jan '09!) DS #2 Music Ed Major - Bassoon!! (mild hearing loss) and our surprise blessing DD 11

(more pics and background in link in Pre Trip Report)

Thursday Jan 10
You never get enought done the night before. Got to bed at 1AM, the 3:45am wake up call is EARLY!! But all goes well, and I went into the garage and found the red glow sticks... Stuff them in our carry on luggage (we didnt intend to check luggage, and there would be a WISH meet Friday)
DS#2 graciously offered (yes, he did offer, almost to the point of insisting on driving us to the airport!!) to drive us - and he was in charge of DD Thursday and Friday - getting her TO school at 7:30am and home Thurs 2:10, Friday 3:10 (band) that was the plan anyways...

Left the house at 4:35am and arrive at OHare at 5:10AM - Boarding Pass in hand printed the night before - will security let thru the glow sticks? (75 of them btw) or wont they... uh oh - "Ma'am you'll need to... take off your sweatshirt, it must be put in a tub" hmmmm My swetshirt must be put in a tub, glow sticks ok - coat "NO NO MISSY!"

To ze plane - 25 purple people - they stand out - they are mostly "coaches" and trainees apparently - I had red reports from the WISH come/event thread, and admired their fundraising for lekemia... but they can be "wild" yep, look at that guy - he shaved his head - but for the top splotch - its a MICKEY!! I tried to snag a pic, but to no avail - too many other shirts watching me...

reminder for those that dont want to switch to part 1 - Here's a photo of the Expo - crowded - you betcha! You have to go to get your race number, chip, and of course your Tshirt - for newbies, there is a tradition amongst some (esp my dh!) that you cannot wear the tshirt till you've run the race!

and keep in mind the Motto of the WISH Team >
Dead Last Finish is greater than Did Not Finish which is greater than Did Not Start...

over and over I kept reminding myself, I had the courage to start, and thanks to the WISH team encouragement, I knew I could finish... and it wasnt easy, such a mental game with myself!

I shall tips and pointers throughout...and wanted to include the Friday we got there - here's my castle photo!

I admit, I didnt have much faith in myself since I dont like running in snow (Chicago + Nov, Dec = snow) I knew I wasnt in shape for this - so I figured often "I may never pass this way again" so I stopped for pictures...
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Old 01-29-2009, 12:40 PM   #49
Crazy enough to want to do another Half Marathon!
If it were all about me? - I'd go with the Princesses!!
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(I hope you dont mind me - I do like to be chatty!)

After the Pop meet we got on the bus from Pop to MGM - then took a boat to Beach Club Villas.

In our room, DH helps me get organized. I brought A LOT of 'stuff'! I load my fanny pack - handwarmer, sunscreen, pony holder, body glide, washcloth, sport beans, sport bloks, gu, camera, and cell phone, oh and my good luck - an angel dd gave me!....

THEN BOOM!! Run to the balcony and can see Illuminations - and so did a neighbor - she also was preparing for the BIG Day.

Saturday. 3 AM. WTH was I thinking?

Time to worry. I had never run more than 10K... I do about 16min miles and I"m fat. 16 min mile will get me "swept"... My notes here are a bit ummm too... personal... about that hygiene in the am... well anyway PM if you want to know (I was able to avoid going in the bushes at the starting line, but for you, do pack a kleenex!)

Bus 3:30AM and it was packed. Get over to the start line, its dark, its chilly, and you just follow the loads of people in front of you, no worries, everyone is walking to the same place! You put your "after the race" stuff in the bag - my crocs - best packing advice - and a wet washcloth in a zip lock bag - very much appreciated at finish line!

Meet Wishers:

I brought a hotel pool towel to sit on. and of course left it there. Munched on something I think... talk to the WISHers... before you go into the "Runners Only Area" there are a lot of porta potties, and lines - head into the RUNNERS ONLY area, more porta potties, no lines!!

I was nervous, so I start walking the long walk to the corrals when they opened, just thinking, and enjoying the moment - so many people! I was in the last coral and Dave at disneyrunning.com told me to be at the top of the last corral! Who should be there front of the line of C 3rd wave? None other than a fellow Dis'er - if you are an old timer on the Dis, Julia and Nick's mom was one of the first DISigners - when it was on the Community Board! How she found me??? I had PM"d with her - but no pics were sent!!

Its still incredibly dark!

and while I await my fate...

DH had agreed to meet with other WISH Team Members to head over to the Magic Kingdom, as they were running the Marathon. DH is a computer 'geek' - he is not a message board poster - but he's handy to have around! and I admit, I love him - after 5 years of courtship, and 27 years of marriage, I think we're made for each other!!
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Old 01-29-2009, 01:01 PM   #50
Crazy enough to want to do another Half Marathon!
If it were all about me? - I'd go with the Princesses!!
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Now back to Kate and I at the start line. We realize we have about 2 hours to wait. I am so glad she found me, having someone to talk to was wonderful. I did have my ipod to listen to just in case - I knew I wouldnt use it on the course...

My notes here continue to gush on about how gracious Kate is -

finally the Star Spangeld Banner sings - fireworks - and ....

we have to wait 10 min till the 2nd wave... fewer fireworks... 6:20 am we move forward, very very slowly...

6:30 am I cross the start line - the hill - the road - the bands - (lots of entertainment) the dark... you can see runners ahead, behind, to either side - you will come to one of those clover leaf highway on/off ramps - and you have to manuever running on a very slight sideway incline...

OK I cant tell this may not be Mile one - its no one I know, but since its dark, it probably is -

I will restate this many times in this report - dont do what I did - it does slow you down - DONT TAKE SO MANY PICTURES - RUN BABY RUN!

I think I clocked in a 12 min mile - but I was never good at math, I do know I was winded, and the adrenlyne was awesome!.... Now this cloverleaf, and all the runners around it confuse me - I thought I had to run a U turnish, but there is the sign for Magic Kingdom, so I call dh - again, dont do this!!

read my notes this pics come before the MK entrance!!

DH gave me his watch, not sure when this was taken, but I called dh to tell him what the billboard time said, and what my "official watch" time said - adn then I took photographic evidence - this will prove I should've been a "Finisher" but I wasnt... sad that..

but I"m getting ahead of myself - stay tuned for that saga!

The HILL that is actually an overpass for the river/ Bay Lake - by the Contemporary - it s where the boats run from Wilderness Lodge to MK - killer hill and memorable -


Now, around the bend into the CastMember entrance to MK - many will tell you to mind your P's & Q's this can be a slippery area... Round the bend behind the scene of MK thru Main Street - and - and...

I started to cry. it is here, (mile 5) that I realize the definition of "watering pot" - yes I know it makes me cry - serious tears were shed! (I only know this because it says so in my notes, a year later, I have no recolection)

Tim was around the corner with many WISH'ers - Lots of High 5's and a kiss from dh - over to Tomorrowland, ah look Chip and Dale and a line... skip it... Charles a mentor on WISH board says no pictures... but I think... "I may never pass this way again" - Alice... line... Piglet NO LINE _ hah what Irony I get my picture with a pig!!

Our Fairy Godmother

I decide not to wait for the CM handler to take my pic with these evil people!

but what fun -

now wave to Ariel and her Prince, and run thru the castle - take your time and get a good "official" picture as you run down and around towards Liberty Land!!

Advice worth noting take the left here and use the restrooms here - They are air conditioned, and flush, I didnt encounter a line -

then take off and realize you have to pass more people - at the backlot they had the pirate ship and you could get your pic with Jack - my cm pushed the wrong button so I have a hilarious "movie" 5 seconds... not sure if it will upload here...
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Old 01-29-2009, 01:32 PM   #51
Crazy enough to want to do another Half Marathon!
If it were all about me? - I'd go with the Princesses!!
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Location: East of Utahmama and SW of MinnieMoo,
Posts: 6,622

Sorry that I didnt label the pictures in photobucket! BTW I'm at a library and only have one hour left of internet/computer time!

Mile 6 is at the Bridet - by the funnel cakes

ok, fine, I got ahead of myself in the last post - my notes are now talking about the a/c flush toilets!!

"Realize Frontierland has good flush connveniences" I run up and try - move move run run, by Splash Mountain now, Hear the tree and they say as our chips beep - YOU'VE DONE A 10 K now !

that beep is supposed to send an alert to dh of my 10K time btw... it really didnt work that great.... Calling worked much better!

Now my notes talk about my encounter with Jack Sparrow... oh, this is where I hear the nightmare begin:

Pick it up - you're 8 Min from being swetp" Mile 7 by Grand Floridian - keep going around Mile 8 7 mile seepers Mile 9 - I heard no more sweepers after mile 10 ... I didnt know it then, I lied to others - as Charles on events said no more sweepers once you pass Mile 10 -
(sorry 'bout the confusing mess there - but its what my notes say - As we left the back of the MK - I remember how peaceful, and shady that area was... when we ran past the GF I remember Ann from WISH ran beside me to encourage me, I remember hearing cowbells - but mostly I remember the dang bicyclists with their orange flags telling us to PICK IT UP... )

Tshirts ahead of me say "How far did Jesus run for you - I thought I should try and keep up with Jesus. (they were walking btw) I had serious problems here - breathing was hard, I couldnt keep up - rounded the last ramp towards EPCOT lots of trees buffer this ramp - I hear a scream "GO SANDY" I think I heard a car honk and my name yelled. I think I'm delierous - later I learn it was a WISHer who saw me - I wasnt dreaming!

The Bike rider said get to the bus in 3 minutes or you'll be swetp. Now we can see that Mile 10 swept no one is behind me now - I tear up and feel so bad for those - it could've been me!
(thanks to Jeff this is his pic after Mile 10 sweepers, you run up a ramp and on the bridge you can look down to the bus)

Looking for that pic I found some more -

The Scream Team took the monorail from MK to EPCOT to cheer us on there!

This is labeled, it says Mile 11 Hill - well, I believe that after you finish crying about getting past the sweepers, you are still pestered by those darn sweepers telling you Disney wants to open this roadway, so move it or get swept, Mile 11 is "just up the next hill"

Also, behind me was a purple team (Lukemia ) that had a pacer with 16 min miles - I was doing my level best to stay ahead of him btw!

My notes say the sweeper said "get to the bus and mile 11" and another sweeper goes by -I say "WAAIT more sweepers? another sweep?? Yep, "Mile 12 is the last sweep, do 16 min miles to mile 12 or you'll be swept"

I cry. I cant do this. I call dh, "I'm sorry, I'll try but I dont think I can make it by the next sweeper"... well a young man heard me and said "NO, we didnt make it this far - we're getting our medals! see the last bend, the last hill - dwon to the parking lot - "where, where, is MIle 12?" The young man says "At the over pass - lets do it!" and we did!

I hate HATE that they swept.

Before hilly Mile 12... there is the WISH SCREAM TEAM.... I begin to shake uncontrolably.. the Angel on my shoulder told me to breath or the medics will pull me. I do, I get on with it and I try to "run"

The wonderful Scream Team

and those that were just doing there jobs -

apparantly there was more than just me at Disney!!

I think it was Ann that got this pic of me at Epcot...

lets see what my notes say...

I get on with it, and I try to run - I try and pass the fountain around the end of Future world before World showcase, going up this path I high 5 that young man, my angel - he was ahead of me - I told him "bless you - you are an inspiration" (He was 6'tall at least, close to '400#'s maybe 300 but those were his words when he was pulling me along to Mile 12...

Now I run down past Guest Relations around the corner WISH'ers... and finish... I posted from the hotel that day of how I felt to go thru so much emotional... to get.. NO MEDAL..

Of course I dont have those notes here - but yes, back of the line people didnt get medals, Disney ran out of medals.... (insert your own feelings here, I'm sure I felt them all!) To add insult to injuries (my heart broke not getting a medal) I am NOW so insulted.. they had turned off teh chip official finish time at 4 HOURS!! so not fair! The last runner had to cross around 6:40, 6:45 - but the time stopped at 4 hours my time was 4:04... and it didnt count. I was 5 minutes to slow for an "official" time... if only...

So my first race... I got a medal (after a few more miles of walking, and a lot of help from kind CM's at BCV) but no time. I am not on any list. I dont count.

<memory insert> At BCV the CM found out I didnt get a medal, nor did the neighbor (who had a car) she called a lot of people, and then called to say the neighbour would drive me and her to World of Sports where we could get a medal - so another mile of so of walking!

Home for a shower... then we hit EPCOT - to show off my medal- my notes say "Margarita, and to France for Creme Brulet and a Grey Goose"

then "home James' so sore. Dh and I fell asleep at 6 but we had ressies at 6:30 at Cape May we got up at 6:15 and made our ressies

DH packs for his Marathon.. he hadnt run a marathon in 19 years.

We didnt sleep well - he leaves at 3 am and I didnt wake back up till 5:15 - the last bus left before I got down there - so a couple from Ky talk me into spending $15 for a cab to MK

More Pics:

You meet the nicest people in the Happiest Place in the World!!
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Old 01-29-2009, 01:39 PM   #52
Crazy enough to want to do another Half Marathon!
If it were all about me? - I'd go with the Princesses!!
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Now after a year of time - and I'm planning my 2010 Half Marathon...

Please, know I will never run with that darn fanny pak again!! YUK, how ugly! I did buy one of those belts that fit a key card ID, and maybe stretches for a phone -

I will not stop for so many pics - I may not or I may take my camera - I mean it is a once in a lifetime.... or two event!!

I will train better.

and lastly, just think how much better I will feel if I lose at least 20# before Jan '10!!

Please join me on the WISH forum...

Join by posting - start a new thread, introduce yourself, or just hop on a thread, any thread someone will answer you!!
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Old 01-29-2009, 01:39 PM   #53
DIS Veteran
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I'm loving reading you TR!!!

My goal is for DH and I to do the marathon one day, but first we will start small. I would love to do the princess marathon 2010, but we shall see!
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Old 01-29-2009, 02:16 PM   #54
Look! I'm yankeepenny!
I can't do without air!
I seriously have a Disney addiction
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Woo hoo! You finished!
Medal and "official" time be darned!
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Old 01-29-2009, 07:12 PM   #55
We decided to do it up right at the World
We can make OUR OWN RULES for the week!
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YAY for finishing, Sandy!!!

I loved seeing the characters who were there for the runners. Something I'll never see, so thanks for sharing
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Old 01-29-2009, 09:20 PM   #56
Let me rephrase the dog stew remark
I broke more than I used
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Sandy, you did great! You should be very proud of yourself. I know I could NEVER do it.

Looking forward to your report of the 2010 race.

Does anyone else think that 2010 sounds like soooooooooo far away?

Like the year 2525.........
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Old 01-30-2009, 07:22 AM   #57
I wish upon stars!
I met the Tag Fairy in VMK!
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Wow Sandy, what an emotional rollercoaster! You were amazing! I'm so glad you ended up with a medal. Thanks for sharing your report, GOOD LUCK for 2010!!!!
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Old 01-30-2009, 11:25 AM   #58
DIS Veteran
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Congrats on finishing the half!!!

No medal! I would have freaked! (You would think they would know how many they need? Don't we have to pre-register?)

I am going to be doing my first half in 2010! And I am a member of the WISH team! I even have a Wish Journal started...feel free to join me on my journey, too!

Not sure if I will be one of those crazy Purple Team in Training people or not...we will see!! (I won't be shaving my head!) But I will definitely be there!

I am going to do a 13K in Disney in October...the Tower of Terror! I figure the 13K will give me a good taste of what a long race will be like. Just add a few more killer miles to the length!

I would like some details...what you can remember...of where those big hills were! Or do I???!?!?

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Old 01-30-2009, 11:47 AM   #59
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Thanks for sharing! You have shown that anyone CAN do it. I've been debating trying to do the half in the future, but am terrified of being swept (I'm so NOT a runner). However reading your report has made me reconsider. Thanks.
S mom to (18), (13), and (10)

We're back from the World!
A Graduation, A Birthday, and A Teenager?! Trip Report (6/7 - 6/17)

June 7-17, 2011 - Offsite, April 3-8, 2011 - FIRST SOLO TRIP - POP, Jan 4-10, 2009 - POP, Nov 2001 - POR, Nov 2000 - CB, mid-70s to February 2011 - Hundreds of DL Trips
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Old 01-30-2009, 12:03 PM   #60
Crazy enough to want to do another Half Marathon!
If it were all about me? - I'd go with the Princesses!!
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Posts: 6,622

Thanks for reading!!

It gives me goosebumps when something I went thru may inspire someone else!!

To get a complete report of every hill read Dave's site disneyrunning.com - very detailed, just no pics... I felt very prepared by reading disneyrunning.com... and I posted pics of the worst of it - the hill by the contem - the one goes down and under the lake - its the up part - I took that photo, and the photo doesnt seem so bad... but everyone comments on it - I think it helps that its so very close to the MK that you get a move on!

The absolute worst hill for me was that Mile 10 curve into Mile 11 - again it was Jeff's pic the girl running pic - look beyond that beautiful face and figure and you see the cloverleaf - I think we run 2 of those, the first one is within the first mile, and its dark, so its not so imposing - but that Mile 10 sign - the bus sits next to it, you know its for the sweepers...

(and by the way, take to heart the WISH motto - you started! The shirt was inspirational to many - so many that past many patted me on the back and gave me encouragement - so very many - even the next day I washed, then wore it to cheer DH and marathoners on - people would come up and say they loved that saying!! JUST BELIEVE!)

so going up and around a curve your feet are on a slight sideways incline, and I was at a "wall" not sure if I could continue - I knew I was slowing by the number of people passing me- - I truly think I mentally trained for that "10 mile last sweep point" that I had visions of just giving up!!

BUT I did it - and it wasnt pretty - but I did it!!

Which means YOU CAN DO IT!!

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