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Old 01-26-2009, 06:55 PM   #1
Jenna :)
Can't wait to go back!!!
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Location: Deer Park, TX
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Jenna and Bobby's disneyMOON! May 5th-8th 2008

Well i know its been a while since our honeymoon but i figured its better late then never! haha i didn't find out about these boards until after i got back! we missed out on so much because of it and it really makes me sad all i know now! oh well but we had a great time!

i'm Jenna i married my amazing husband Bobby

here is the trip report i wrote for our memory book plus some pictures i added in..

Our wedding was absolutely amazing. It couldnít have been more of a perfect day! We had a couple small hiccups with our music but other than that it was wonderful. If you ask me or bobby if we were excited about the wedding we would both look at you and tell you how excited we were about Disney world!

After the wedding we were exhausted, I couldnít justify spending money just to go to a room and sleep as silly as that sounds. So we went home opened our presents which was so much fun! After that I knew how early we had to get up so we just went straight to sleep.

May 4, 2008
We were supposed to be leaving by 7 but we didnít wake up till 7 were still so tired! Bobby refused to fly on this trip he just doesnít like it. Being in texas its really only like a 13 hour drive to Orlando and really wasnít that bad. His mom rented us a car so we didnít have to put miles on ours. It was a super cute Toyota rav 4. It was so nice I almost didnít want to give it back. We first had to stop off at the carwash lol we definitly werenít going to disney with the words ďjust BarriedĒ on our car!

The drive to florida was pretty uneventful, bobby loves to listen to his music and I usually just sit back and look out the window. We did play the licence plate game. Haha its where you try to spot all 50 states. We only got 37

About 9 oclock that night I finally got so tired of sitting in the car and we were already pretty far into florida I made bobby stop and we rented a hotel in Gainsville. We went and got something to eat and then went right to sleep. Tomorrow was DISNEY!! I could not wait and I was so excited!

May 5, 2008
We got up again about 7 am and we knew it would only take like 2 hours to get to disney so it was very exciting! We got tons of pictures driving up there and all the signs that said disney 50 miles and all that good stuff it just seemed so surreal that we were there. We got to all star sports and checked in, thinking they wouldnít even have our rooms ready but they did! We got our just married buttons which is what I was looking forward to the most! Haha! We really didnít have this trip planned out because really didnít know what to do or what to expect because we both had only been there when we were kids and our parents kind of just went with the flow and let us do whatever we wanted.

We got on the bus and went to animal kingdom I was really excited!! We immediately saw the characters and got in line for Rafiki! He was so cute! Made us pose together with our rings it was really funny! We went into the park we didnít know what to do next! So I really donít remember this park that much I think I went into culture shock!

So we went to the dinoland of it and rode the primeval whirl! Ah this ride stopped while we were on it! I was so scared! I love rollercoasters but this when whips you all about! Uh I did not like that! After that we walked around a little bit and then headed over to expedition everest! We only waited like 20 minutes it wasnít bad at all! I LOVED that ride! It was awesome I didnít know it took you backwards so I was surprised but it was fun! But I was dumb and I accidently closed my eyes on the part that the yeti came out! I was mad at myself!

After that we walked over to the nemo show! I cant even tell you how much I loved it! It was freaking adorable! We sat right in front too so it was even better! I know it said no pictures but I took a couple anyway! Lol

We walked over and did the dinosaur ride! It was okayÖI donít really remember much of it! Oh well should of wrote this down earlier! Iím pretty sure we walked around some more and watched the bugs life show! It was so cute! I had done that when I went to disneyland in highschool so I was prepared for all the things that touch you and the water.

By that time we were starving and went and ate at Pizzafari! We had to have some lady explain how we used our dining plan to us because we were very oblvious! We sat outside and soon after that the parade started so it was really fun getting to see that while we ate! I got up and took a lot of pictures! I loved it!!!

We walked over to the safari and pretty much walked right on to it! It was awesome! I was really excited about this but we had this family behind us that didnít speak english and everytime the parents would see an animal they would scream at the little girl ďMe HA, me ha, me haĒ Iím not sure how you spell it in spanish lol but it was on EVERYTHING! And they would say it over and over again you should hear our video of it! Its ridiculious! I really loved the ride tho, our guide was awesome he was very enthuastic on everything! I donít know if everyone has this when they ride it but he stopped the truck when we got to the elephant and played a song and the elephant started swaying back and forth! It was so awesome I freaked! I was like look heís dancing for us!! But I really loved it!

It was getting pretty late in the day and the park was about to close so we didnít get to do camp minnie mickey! I was really sad! We went and did some gift shops I found my future kitchen! I couldnít NOT take a picture! I seriously want to start getting bits and pieces when I go next time! Ah I loved it!

Thatís our trip for animal kingdom! It was very short!

NEXT UP::: night time at hollywood studios..and me getting very sick at 50's prime time cafe!
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Old 01-26-2009, 11:10 PM   #2
DIS Veteran
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I cant wait to hear more....Did Disney give you the plush also on your bed or did you order them?!
Ashley & Clint
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Old 01-26-2009, 11:40 PM   #3
Jenna :)
Can't wait to go back!!!
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Join Date: May 2008
Location: Deer Park, TX
Posts: 56

aw thank you so much for reading!!

actually my friend gave them to me before the wedding (she bought them at the disney store)...and i have a bunch of pictures of them all throughout the park with us! haha its cute!
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Old 01-27-2009, 04:01 AM   #4
Cinderella is proof... a new pair of shoes can change your life
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I am addicted, I canít wait to read more, do you have more pictures too (i love the pictures )

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Old 01-27-2009, 10:24 AM   #5
Disneymoon Here We Come!
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I cant wait to hear more! So exciting!!!!!
I love to find out how ugly people are....
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Old 01-29-2009, 11:39 AM   #6
Our Disney Cruise Line Wedding ~ November 4, 2008
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Oh Jenna....More more! I am so glad you are doing this!
*-:¶:-Lisa -:¶:-*Click to read about my wedding :Our Disney Cruise Wedding, Don't miss my B2B on the Dream Trip Report. My newest trip report is Disneyland - DCL, Hawaii, Aulani & Disneyland Still a work in progress!

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Jenna :)
Can't wait to go back!!!
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Location: Deer Park, TX
Posts: 56

Originally Posted by *Nessa* View Post
I am addicted, I canít wait to read more, do you have more pictures too (i love the pictures )
oh yes i have tons more pictures!!!!!

Originally Posted by Mrsdisneyb2b View Post
I cant wait to hear more! So exciting!!!!!
i'm working on the rest of it right now!

Originally Posted by Goldeelox9 View Post
Oh Jenna....More more! I am so glad you are doing this!
me toooooooo! i wanted it done before we leave in march so i don't get the 2 trips confused! i'm hoping to start a pre trip report! i'm addicted to these boards i'm telling you!
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Old 01-29-2009, 09:25 PM   #8
Jenna :)
Can't wait to go back!!!
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Join Date: May 2008
Location: Deer Park, TX
Posts: 56

So when we left off we were leaving animal kingdom!

So after animal kingdom we got back on the bus and went back to the room. Bobby was tired and laid down for a little bit and I went and took a quick shower because I felt gross. I hopped out re curled my hair and we got back on the bus for Hollywood Studios. I was excited because I had never been to that park either and was looking forward to it! Once we got inside the park I couldnít believe how amazing the sorcerer hat looked! Omg it was gorgeous! We got our picture taken and the camera man knew how to use the night feature because they have the same cameraís and it turned out amazing it was one of my favorite pictures of the trip!

We went and got our extra magic hours wrist band I was so excited to stay in the park till 2 am! Thatís freaking awesome! When we got back from animal kingdom we had made reservations for 50ís prime time cafť (we didnít plan any adrís before this trip we didnít know you could do that lol) so our reservation was like at 8:30 so we walked over and saw where we were eating and then walked around some and got in line at Rockin rollercoaster! Omg that was the most awesome ride ever! It is by far my favorite!!

While we were in line I got some really good pictures of the Tower of Terror sign at night they turned out really good!

After we got off the ride we went and waited for our table we didnít wait long but I was getting nervous because I saw all these people and their waiters making them do stupid stuff. Iím really the type of person that doesnít like to disappoint and be called out for stuff so I was definitely nervous. We got to our table and we got our ďMomĒ she was an older lady and said she had been working there a really long time she looked very tired too. She made us set our table and then gave us our homework. I had to find 13 body parts that had 3 letter words! BTW I found 13 I looked on my phone but she threw them out and said they didnít count! I was like um okaaaaaaaay! But when I ordered my food for some reason I thought I ordered chicken fried STEAK but I got fried chicken! I hate fried chicken! Uhhh but I didnít want to not eat my food and her make me do something dumb and I wanted the sticker! Lol so I ate it all. I didnít take any pictures of it oops! But the dessert was AMAZING! I canít remember what it was called but it was good.

So after dinner we went and did the star wars ride! It was okay bobby enjoyed it more than I did. Of course heís a man! Lol after that I started getting really sick and had to go to the bathroom like 5 or 6 timesÖthe grease does not get along with my stomach. I tried to suck it up and bear it we even started to get in line to wait for the muppet show but I just couldnít do it..we had to go back to the room. I felt so awful because it was only like 11 oclock! We could have done so much more if it wasnít for my stomach! I could tell bobby was upset but he didnít say anything. Heís a good husband. Haha

NEXT UP:: a full day of epcot without even making it to countries! oops!
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Old 01-31-2009, 12:44 AM   #9
Jenna :)
Can't wait to go back!!!
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Join Date: May 2008
Location: Deer Park, TX
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May 6, 2008

So I was feeling a lot better in the morning!! I ended up going right to sleep the second we got back to the room! We woke up planning to try to get to the park as early as we could because of the magic hours! We ended up getting there about 15 minutes before the officially opened! It was cool to cut in line before all those people waiting to get in! haha we went and got right on the spaceship earth! It was sad though because it didn’t take our pictures! I saw it flash but it didn’t get it in time! But the ride stopped on us anyway but that’s okay it was still pretty cool!

Bobby asked me what I wanted to do first and I was like um I don’t know! Then it occurred to me OMG soarin is here!! Lets do soarin!!! So we walked over there! I went to Disneyland in high school and I absolutely loved soarin there! We rode it like 4 times! We waited for about 30 minutes it wasn’t too bad I like the games that you can play on the side of the wall. Bobby loved that ride! I’m glad too because its my favorite! After that we stayed in the Land pavillion and did Living with the Land I loved the part where they make the mickey pumpkins! That’s so awesome!

We stayed in the land portion of it and watched the circle of life! I really liked that..by that time we walked over and did figments imagination which was okay I didn’t take any pictures of anything in there but when we walked through the Kodak portion of it I saw the mickey camera strap and had to have it!!!!!! So I went and bought it while bobby waited in line for Honey I Shrunk the kids I met him inside and he changed the strap it looked so awesome!

Then they couldn’t get it to come on! I’m noticing a trend here all the rides break down while were on them! But it was cute I think it needs some updating that movie is so old! Lol

We walked over and was going to get on Nemo but the line was really long! So we went and had lunch at the Electric Umbrella we just split one quick serve..i tried to take it easy and didn’t want to get sick again but I was just fine!

After that bobby wanted to do the test track which we should of got fast passes for but we didn’t! so we waited the 45 minutes I remember being really impatient on this ride I guess because I really didn’t want to do it! But I enjoyed it!

Then we walked over to where the characters were it was the last time of the day and I thought we missed it but we waited probably 30 mins but it was fun watching all the babies in front us look and check out all the characters! They were so enjoyable I loved every second of it and we got some great pictures!

Next was probably bobby’s favorite ride we did mission space which was incredibly awesome!! We even did the more intense one but I thought it was great!! And I didn’t throw up! Yay!!

Then we walked over and did ellen’s energy thing…I was getting very tired by this point and was glad to be sitting down! But I thought that ride was pretty boring oh well we tried it!

After that we walked right on to the nemo ride it was sooo cute I loved it and I love the song they sing at the end! We hung out in there for a little while I searched for nemo and found him..you don’t want to see pictures of that probably lol

Then we walked over to mouse ears and went shopping! Omg I love that store I wanted to buy everything..this is where I bought my black sequin Minnie ears I love them so much! We took a couple pictures with them on and us by the ball.

After this we had every intention of going and checking out the countries but I was so tired and I asked bobby if we could sit awhile lol an hour later ha the fireworks started! We didn’t see illuminations well from where we were sitting so I didn’t enjoy it that much but hopefully next time will find better seats and can watch! Maybe even a cruise! That would be awesome!
We made our way back to the buses went back to the room and went straight to sleep!

Next up::hollywood studios and my first time on tower of terror!

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Married at Disney August 2, 2008
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Jenna :)
Can't wait to go back!!!
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May 7, 2008

This morning we got up and went back to Hollywood studios! I knew bobby wanted to do Tower of terror first so I was super nervous because I really donít like those kind of ridesÖbut for some reason we got there and it wasnít open yet so we just walked right on to Rockin rollercoaster which was even more awesome the second time!

Then we went and got in line at tower of terror we probably didnít wait any longer than 10 minutes! It was super cool in the waiting part of it! Bobby kept asking me if I was nervous and I was like ummm yes my stomach is in knots! But we got on and I just LOVED it! Maybe not enough to go 2 times in a row but at least once every trip!

We walked over to do the great movie ride and saw Minnie and Daisy! They are sooo dang cute together I loved them!! Of course they said something about my ring! Waiting for mickey and Donald to propose lol something like that!

Then we got in line to do the ride it was really cute not what I expected it to be! But still very cool! I took a few pictures..we got the mobster robbing our car he was okayÖhe wasnít that into it though you could tell..most of the pictures I took were blurry because I didnít have the flash on and the car was moving so I wonít put those pics on here.

After that it was time for the High School Musical show thingÖit was okayÖI loved the movie! (Iím still a teeny bobber at heart I saw the 3rd one 2 times LOL) I sat on the side of it so it so we really didnít get the full effect! Bobby left me and went to look at the stuff they have for sell in the hat. I got a ton of pictures of the people that sign the songs they were really good in my opinion they got into it dancing and singing! So cute!

We walked over and decided to hurry onto the voyage of the mermaid! Omg I sooooo freaking loved that show! I wish I could of taken pictures I tried to take one with my phone for my friend who loves the little mermaid! It sucked though!

After that we did the thing where you watch them draw..it was cute I donít really remember it very well! I just remember going to see the fantasmic mickey! Ah he was sooo cute! The stupid cast member needs to learn to take a decent picture tho! I was pretty upset about that!

waiting in line..

We then got in line for the Incredibles! They were probably my favorite character interaction! Mrs. Incredible made bobby and Mr. Incredible get down on one knee and like take our hand in honor! It was super cute to see her push them down to one knee I wish they would of gotten a picture of her doing that but they didnít!

I was excited now because we had reservations at like 11:30 for Hollywood and Vine the playhouse Disney one! It was like right between breakfast and lunch so we got both!! Haha they put up like a rope so they could take down breakfast and I went and begged them to see if I could have some mickey waffles because I had never had them! I barely got any syrup but I was super excited! I took tons of pictures of them!

Then the characters started coming around and I knew who most of them were because my brother is 7 well 6 at the time(ha yeah they had him when I was 15 lol he could have been mine)Öwatches playhouse Disney all the time! Bobby had no earthly idea! We met jojo who is my favorite!! Then her little friend goliath the lion and june and leo from little Einsteinís! They were all so sweet!! They didnít even care that there wasnít any kids with us! I loved it! I canít wait till we have kids and we can bring them back!

After that we went and watched the Lightís Motor Action! It was pretty cool! Bobby loved it but I donít think will watch it again! It was really really hot! Definitely the hottest day of our trip! Uhh!

We left that and walked on to the backlot tour! I love these and was really looking forward to it! The one at universal in California is so fun! It was fun though I got some good pictures!! We were sitting next to this other couple and the girl was on the end next to the water and she heard it coming and soooo jumped in her boyfriends lap it was hilarious! You should see it on video!

After that we walked around a little bit got a snack..i was going to get a mickey ice cream bar but I figured Iíd get really sick (it looked so damn good) but I just got a water! It was soooooo freaking hot about this time! But I had to see the parade!

that fan came in sooooo handy!

We should of lined up earlier and found a good spot but we didnít and the people in front of us wouldnít budge to let me get my camera in there and take pictures! *****es!!!!!! Lol

I really donít know how those performers do it! They were jumping and dancing and in a million degree weather and it was just may! I canít even imagine how july or august would be! Thatís why I refuse to go then!

We walked over and checked out walt disneyís museum thing! I wish I could remember the name but Iíll look it up later! I was so freaking hot and I was looking forward to air condition! Thereís a picture of me where Iím almost as red as a cherry and I was pissed off b/c I was hot and tired!! But Iím still smiling! Lol I had to remember Iím going to be showing these pictures to my children!!!!! Lol but the exhibit was really cool bobby took a lot of pictures I sat down! We watched the movie they had which was really interesting! Iíd probably go watch it again!

After that we went back to the room and rested until MAGIC KINGDOM TONIGHT!!!!!!!
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Hi There.. Thanks for sharing your pictures.. Looks like you both had a fabulous time. So many character meetings.. I hope we get to meet as many when we head down there. Did you do any matching t-shirts?
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Hello, just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying your trip report so far. Can't wait for the next update
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Originally Posted by Jenna :) View Post

We walked over to the safari and pretty much walked right on to it! It was awesome! I was really excited about this but we had this family behind us that didnít speak english and everytime the parents would see an animal they would scream at the little girl ďMe HA, me ha, me haĒ Iím not sure how you spell it in spanish lol but it was on EVERYTHING! And they would say it over and over again you should hear our video of it! Its ridiculious!

it's mira! mira! mira! - it means look! look! look!
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CNC Photography of Myrtle Beach, SC
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Hey Jenna! Your photopass pics are up. PM me your email again...or email me and I'll give you the info so you can edit. CNCPhotography08@aol.com
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