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Old 11-20-2008, 04:06 PM   #106
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After lunch it was still spitting rain and really cold and windy. We decided to walk up the beach and collect shells (our bathroom is decorated in seashells) K and J are whining that they don't want to be at the beach if they can't swim, so I tell them they can hang out in the room. They have the laptop, PSP and the TV, so they are in teenage heaven.

Now here is where we realize I left an entire bag at the villa. I packed 2 smaller bags of clothes, extra swimsuits etc and we left one behind. When we went out to the beach, O was wearing R's sweatshirt, R is wearing my sweatshirt, I'm wearing K's jeans AND his sweatshirt (yep, I can wear my 15 year old sons clothes. He was not impressed )

100 times before we even reached the beach "Stay out of the water. You are dry. These are the clothes you have to wear home tonight. It's cold. Stay out of the water"

Yeah, they are 6 and 3 and it's their first time seeing the ocean. You know where this is going, don't you?

Now we're up to the knees

Then the waves get bigger, and the first one goes down

and then the other

So much for staying dry

We walk on down to fill our Subway cups full of shells, when we ran into these very nice people. When they saw our cups, they asked where we were from, and then she handed us this amazingly huge seashell she had found down the beach. She said they live in FL and find shells all the time, so they didn't need that one. The kids were excited!

Down the beach the kids decide they are cold. Really really cold

We walked back, with 2 crying kids and took them to get them dried off. I ran back out to the beach to catch a picture of the Wonder going off to sea.

I think this is when it really hit me how much crap had happened over the span of our vacation. I was tired and grumpy and I just had a good cry. I kept thinking of all those people on the Wonder that were so excited that their trip was starting and they were going to have this amazing time, and I had been knee deep in vomit, diarrhea, first aid trips, missed appts, car accidents, lost tickets, rude people and on and on and one. It was awhile before I could head back to the room because I didn't want the kids to know how really bad I felt that their vacation had been so cruddy. Yes, I know that it could have been so much worse, but we only get to vacation every other year and I had been planning and saving for 2 years and it just sucked that it had gone so wrong. I needed the pity party

David took the kids clothes to the dryer while I was gone so they could have something dry to wear home. It didn't even dawn on me that there would be a washer/dryer there! I was afraid the kids were going home in their underwear since everything was wet!

Loaded up, checked out and drove the hour back to Orlando to the house. It really freaked the hotel people out that we were leaving so soon!

Stopped at the worst Taco Bell ever to bring home dinner. We went through drive through and it took forever, and when we counted, we were missing 3 things. DH went back in and finally came back out, saying people were in there yelling, and calling customer service because no one had their food. People who had already paid were leaving without getting their money back because it was so slow. We counted our 3 things as loss and went back to the villa. I tried calling the next day, but all I got was an answering machine, everytime

Apparently, ocean air makes you really tired. O doesn't nap, and rarely falls asleep somewhere other than bed (and sometimes carseat) so if he curls up on the dining room table chair, you know he's beat!

When I put R to bed that night, she said "I know it was cold, but I loved the ocean today. It's so big!". She had no idea who much that helped!!!
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Old 11-20-2008, 04:23 PM   #107
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Monday, November 3

It's warm. It's sunny. Why in the heck aren't we at the beach today????

Today was our Islands of Adventure Day. I wasn't sure about continuing our trip report here instead of the US/IOA board, but I figured it's all part of our vacation Plus, you all have hung in there through all the junk, I thought you'd like to hear that today, we have a great day! And notice that no one else has thrown up! 3 down and that's it! Somehow DH, K and R miss it

We got to IOA very close to opening. No need. It's not even remotely crowded! I think everyone is still at WDW

Got to IOA close to opening. First stop is Hulk for the big boys. 7 inversions. Ick. They loved it, and considering 2 years ago we couldn't get K to ride anything, I was amazed. 2nd row from the back, the 3 from the left. This was coming out of a loop

Next up, follow the signs to meet Spiderman. Best moment of the trip right here. Owen went to hand him the autograph book, Spidey crawled up to him and said "Hey, buddy" Owen stepped back about 10 steps and flattened himself against the wall. "You can talk?" Spidey laughed and said "Of course, I can talk". At Disney, masked characters don't talk, so this really threw him for a loop! Owen walked around half the day and out of nowhere would go "Spiderman can talk"

Of course, we're still on a pose with character boycott. Not even for Spiderman. He's wearing a Spidey shirt and Spidey Crocs and no picture with Spidey.

Spiderman is very limber. Crawling like that would have killed my knees!

Around the corner in Toon Lagoon we saw Woody Woodpecker.

The kids were very bummed they didn't get to meet Popeye. They love Popeye. We asked someone if they would be coming out, and they looked at us like we had 8 heads. At WDW a CM will call and check. At IOA, not so much

How about the Marmaduke photo op instead?

I loved Toon Lagoon. So many photo ops with classic cartoon characters backgrounds and cartoon props. I took TONS of pictures, so if anyone is interested in seeing more of US/IOA, let me know!

This is going on the first page of our scrapbook

Next stop, Jurassic Park.

Ohhh, did we forget to mention this is the splash zone for the Jurassic Park River Adventure? What bad parents we are!

Remember my little Jurassic Park fan? Not tall enough to ride. I was so completely and totally bummed for him. And Pteradon Flyers? FOURTY FIVE minute wait. Um, not thank you. I took O off to play in Camp Jurassic while DH and the big kids rode Jurassic Park River Adventure.

Each time you step on a footprint, a different dinosaur roars from the jungle. O could have stayed there all day

Then on to Discovery Center to look at dinosaur eggs

One of the Discovery Center guys came over to talk with Owen, and was very impressed by his dinosaur knowledge, especially when he got all the dinosaurs right by simply listening to their sounds from the movie.

My son = dinosaur nerd
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Old 11-20-2008, 05:06 PM   #108
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Originally Posted by Chelley00 View Post
Owen walked around half the day and out of nowhere would go "Spiderman can talk"
aww, that is so cute!! glad you had a good day!
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Old 11-20-2008, 05:45 PM   #109
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Sorry to hear about the bad weather on beach day! They looked like they still had fun though. Kids are awesome like that

Glad you guys had some fun at IoA. "Spiderman can talk"
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Old 11-20-2008, 06:39 PM   #110
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Another great update! R was sooo sweet to tell you how much she liked the ocean. I know that had to cheer you up!
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Old 11-20-2008, 06:50 PM   #111
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I am in...Your first few installments have me hooked!!!! Now, I must know...what part of Indiana are you from??? I am in Greencastle.
(DH) (Me) (DD-18) (DD-14) (DS-6)

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Old 11-20-2008, 06:53 PM   #112
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YAY for the good day! Sorry the beach was such a bummer. We're going to skip the beach since we leave in a few weeks. I don't think my DS 15 months would appreciate it. Keep the reports coming!
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Old 11-20-2008, 07:34 PM   #113
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I enjoyed your Universal and beach updates. I was about to have a good cry with you after reading about your entire trip. Seeing soak and wet crying kids and then that photo of the Wonder going out to sea . It could be worse but it is pretty bad . We were supposed to cruise on the Wonder this year too but I changed the plans with Thomas being so clingy still. At least none of us were quarantined to our staterooms . So cute that your DD loved the ocean and had a fun day even though it was 62 degrees. I have to take my kids to Universal sometime. Cool that Spiderman talks . Thomas keeps asking "why doesn't Mickey or Donald ect, talk??" He would love to see Spiderman. Ialso heard Curius George is there and Kaylee loves the DR. Suess characters. Hopefully I can fit it in one of these trips.
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Old 11-20-2008, 09:02 PM   #114
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Grea update. Glad noone else got sick. And sometimes you just need a good cry....and a hug.

I was contemplating taking the girls to US/IOA on our next trip. Now I know I'm going to check into it more. My oldest DD loves Spiderman. And the she and the youngest love dinos.
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Old 11-20-2008, 10:45 PM   #115
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I know how you felt when you were so disappointed!

I saved and planned for nearly a year and I didn't have a great time on my trip either. My daughter was "over stimulated" and my mother needy and annoying. It's taken a month for me to get over being down!

They're already talking about next time. Next time they can go together, I'll go by myself!

I actually cried when we first got to the Hotel. We were up at 4:30 that morning, then 2 crappy flights and I get to the hotel and they tell me the fridge I was supposed to be swapping isn't there. I can't just sy "oh well", there are other people in line to use it. So I walked back to the room with tears rolling down my face and I get there and my mother (remember, annoying) starts to nag and I just burst and cried my eyes out. So she got mad and made them find that darned fridge. and all was well...until the next day....

I should write a trip report...but then she'd read it....

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Old 11-21-2008, 09:26 AM   #116
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Glad you finally had a good day...
Hope the next one was good too...
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Old 11-21-2008, 07:36 PM   #117
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I love your trip report! Sorry that 3 of you were sick I know what it's like...for us it just isn't a true Disney vacation until somebody throws up!
Always planning my next trip...
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Old 11-21-2008, 09:06 PM   #118
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Today was our Islands of Adventure Day. I wasn't sure about continuing our trip report here instead of the US/IOA board, but I figured it's all part of our vacation
Don't worry about it, I will have the Space Launch in mine and Bush Gardens, and freezing out butts off in Clear Water Beach. But we saw an amazing sunset, so it was worth being froze to death.

Sorry about 1/2 your family getting sick. We flew in Nov. 7th and it finally warmed up. My dd who is down in Florida was telling me all week how cold it was before we got there.
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Old 11-22-2008, 11:33 AM   #119
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Sorry to hear the 3 of you got sick. That is one of my biggest fears when going on vacation that one or all of us would get sick. Look on the brighter side, it sounds like it lastest one day for each of you, it could have gone on for days!

I'm glad you including Universal in your TR, we like going to that "other park" too!
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Old 11-22-2008, 12:44 PM   #120
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Originally Posted by mkycrzy1971 View Post
I Now, I must know...what part of Indiana are you from??? I am in Greencastle.

We aren't too far from you! We're near Indy.

Picking up where I left off at IOA. O and I were hanging out in the Discovery Center when DH and the older kids found us. We walked back so that I could ride Jurassic Park River Adventure. K decided to sit with O and let DH ride with us. After that we headed to Thunder Falls Terrace to eat. The food was really good here. Most of us got the rotisserie chicken dinners. The only complaint is that they don't have kids size drinks (and drinks are not included with the kids meal) so the kids wound up with HUGE drinks each.

After lunch we decided we'd hit the rest of the water rides since it was starting to get warm.

Word of warning. Universal likes to get you wet on their water rides. Not wet. Soaked.

Dudley Do Right first for me and the older 3 kids. See the ponchos? Worthless. We were wet enough from the ride, and then we got to the back where DH let Owen shoot streams of water at us from the cannons on the bridge. If you look closely, you can see R and I ducking for cover

Just a tad wet

Next up, David and the older 3 on Popeye. O was not tall enough to ride it, so we walked around the bridges to watch. I have a great picture of DH and K having taken off their t-shirts and were literally wringing the water out of them, but they threatened to post an embarrassing picture of me if I posted a picture of them without shirts.

After that we let the kids run around on Me Ship, Olive. R & O loved being able to squirt water on the people riding the Popeye ride.

The view from the top

After that the boys went to ride Dueling Dragons on both sides (like 5 times each since there was no wait!) while I took R and O to Suess Landing.

I was so sick of rhyming sentences when we left there! The kids loved playing in the playground and the carousel was fun. We rode the carousel 3 times without getting off (except to switch characters!)

The Cat in the Hat ride was fun, and the turns are surprising!

The wait time for the Trolley ride was way off. It said 10 minutes, and as we were getting close to the front, they made the announcement that the wait was now 40 minutes from the back of the line. We still had to wait almost 30 minutes to ride Dh called and said they were going to go ride Hulk again since we were in line for the trolley.

Since there were 3 of us, I let R & O ride together and I got to sit by some unknown man in front of them. This was not good because when the kids got in, they both pulled their restraints way too tight. The lady loosened O's, but not R's and she kept saying she couldn't breathe. I couldn't turn around to see O because I was wedged in. O loved it, but R didn't like it, and I'm sure it's because of how tightly she was stuck in there.

After the trolley we stopped to see Cat in the Hat and Guy from Green Eggs and Ham. As we were leaving later we saw Thing 1 & 2 and Sam I Am, but the lines were long and we had to hurry to meet the boys.

On the way out we stopped for One Fish, Two Fish. If you follow the rhyme you don't really get that wet. I'm surprised, because R & O were piloting and we didn't get wet at all, except for where we sat in water. R took a bunch of pictures with our waterproof disposable camera, but they aren't developed yet.

After that it was time to meet the big boys over by Hulk. J & K were in the arcade, so I took O over to meet the XMen. He was totally not impressed and wouldn't talk to them at all, and in the picture, I'm holding him and he's trying to get down. We skipped Captain America because he had the longest character line we had seen the entire day.

Since we had done most of the big things in IOA, we decided to hop over to Universal so that I could ride Simpsons since everyone else had ridden it the day I was sick.

The wait for Simpsons was 30 minutes, and O was not being cooperative, so we decided to skip it since we had half a day the next day to finish up our must-do's at US/IOA. We did stop for a character meeting. O was not into it

We walked on around and I got to ride MIB. O was too short, so DH sent me on ahead and they got a drink and people watched. It seemed to have put O in a better mood. The ride was fun, but it's hard to decide what to shoot at. Just about the time you get the hang of it, it spins you off course!

We walked past Jaws, but decided against it since R had hated it the last time, and O was not in a good mood. We thought it would be one we'd go back for on Tuesday, but we didn't make it back around. DH sent me to ride Mummy with K and J, and R, our not so brave soul, decided to ride it with me (even though after she rode it Saturday she swore she'd never ride it again!) I LOVED IT! So much fun. You really don't know where you are going next.

While we were riding, O and DH went for some photo ops

By this time, everyone was hungry, so we decided to go Hard Rock (coupon + AAA discount!) On the way out we stopped to listen to the Blues Brothers for a minute. Honestly, the lady who sang before them was way better than they were!

Hard Rock was okay. They take your picture when you walk in, and then bring it around later. It comes with a 5X7, 2 wallets, keychain and a magent for $20 (cheaper than WDW's pictures!) We had a great waitress who was singing all the song with me (K and J were hiding) Even with the discount and coupon it was still pretty expensive. One nice thing that was because it's so loud in there, no one noticed O being obnoxious because he was so tired

As we were leaving I said "we have to get a picture of the Hard Rock sign" Too bad it didn't say Hard Rock!

Once we got back to the villa, DH took everyone swimming while I started packing The next day was our check out day
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