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Old 11-19-2008, 07:01 PM   #91
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Thank you all for reading, and for feeling so miserable for O.

When we left off, poor O was looking like this.

DH kept telling me to go, but I kept thinking I should stay there. He said that I usually give up stuff to take care of kids and I was on vacation. I told him he should go, but he was tired and had been fighting a sinus thing all week, so he was actually looking forward to sitting and doing nothing.

Then I decided that if anyone else got sick, I'd probably be stuck at home the rest of vacation, and this was probably my last chance to run. Plus, O takes up a lot of my attention being the baby, and this was my time to spend with the big kids. I jumped up, told R and J to change (who were completely surprised thinking there was no way we'd go!) and we left. O was sleeping so soundly he didn't even notice we left.

The first place we went was Monsters Laugh Floor.

We texted our jokes in, then went to sit down. The twins came out and quickly told the story of Monsters Inc, and look who they picked to be Boo. It's a very bad picture, but I did NOT want my picture up on screen for taking pictures R was thrilled to see her face on the screen!

They even used our joke at the end!

After that, we were on a mission. Rare characters, and Minnie in her Halloween costume since we had missed her the previous party. Off to Toontown. They had a rope up checking for wristbands before you could even get into Toontown. We had never been checked on Sunday night, but this night we had to show our wristbands at least 5 times.

Small break to say that I HATE that Shutterfly has started putting those stupid white borders on their pictures! I would have used photobucket, but had a gift certificate for Shutterfly for prints and I didn't want to upload twice

While waiting in line for Minnie, J left to go do something (ride I think?) and I said something to R about just the girls. A lady behind us said it was just her and her daughter because her husband was back at their hotel with their other daughter who was sick. Later, someone was talking that they had been sick the day before. Apparently the flu was making its rounds at Disney

Finally, Minnie

R was thrilled. She dressed as Minnie 2 years in a row for Halloween. Minnie is her favorite character. I wanted to go see Mickey, but I got outvoted because the line was pretty long

While we were in line I called DH and he said O woke up, drank some Sprite, then threw it up right after we left, and now he was complaining that he was hungry We decided to give him a little more time to settle his stomach, then try some more Sprite.

The line to the trick or treat trail was long, so we backtracked and found a line already forming for the once a year photo op. I waited, J took R to a trick or treat spot, then they came back in time for the picture I really wanted Sunday night, but never got to

The first picture cut poor Doc off. We call that picture "Snow White and 6 1/2 Dwarfs"

We realized we hadn't eaten dinner, so we made our way to Cosmic Ray's to eat and to see the Stitch Dance Party. I was not happy that the sandwich side was closed, and after dealing with vomit all day, I was not wanting anything greasy and that was about all on that menu. I finally ordered a kids meal PB&J, same as R. J got a cheeseburger, not a big surprise there. R loved being able to dance around. There's video of us dancing, but it will take a large sum of money to get me to post it!

After that we hit the Trick or Treat Trail. It was almost time for the fireworks to start, but it was still pretty crowded back there

The fireworks started just as we got to Alice and the Mad Hatter. Alice got very mad at the fireworks all the way around us, and put her fingers to her lips, spun around and around and went "SHHHHHHHHH". R thought it was hysterical, and the Mad Hatter went "My, Alice!"

After that, we watched the rest of the fireworks from the trail. How about a picture of fireworks over Space Mountain?

We rode Space Mountain, then headed over for the next must have picture

They were asking Riley if she was Lucifer's girlfriend since she had Halloween kitty ears on, and did she catch mice because Lucifer was a lazy kitty and they had a huge rodent problem. Stupid mice ruined everything for them

I tried to get J to go up with us, but he said I was nuts

Tiny rant: While they are talking with R, some guy is down on the benches talking with them, yelling things to get them riled up. I'm sorry, but we stood in line for almost 20 minutes before they even came out, and we waited for our turn, and when we get up there, it would be nice if my daughter could have a minute or two with the character she's waited patiently for. This guy had to be at least in his 40's and wasn't even in line! They were signing her book and kept looking up to respond to him.

We made our way to Frontierland for Big Thunder Mountain, trick or treating along the way. We took the path down by the boat, and I was so happy to see this guy. We actually passed the boat the last party, and I thought he was just a decoration until the last minute, he moved an eye. There were too many people behind us to stop and take a picture, so I'm glad he was there again. Later we saw him walking from the boat path down the parade path, but the only picture I got was his back.

He stood so still and R asked if he was real, and he slightly looked at her and raised an eyebrow. Freaked her out. He was great.

We rode BTMR 2 times in a row without leaving the train (same thing Sunday night at MNSSHP, I just forgot to post it!)

R&J rode Splash and I waited since I wasn't feeling entirely too hot. I went in and bought O a get well present - a beach towel from his favorite ride Splash. This was our last day at MK since we had AK planned for Friday.

We headed out for the Villians show at the castle and watched the opening so I could see "My Hero" the Evil Queen, then left before the mingle where they sign autographs because the crowd was pretty big and we were exhausted since we had been up since 7am.

We stopped on the way out and bought Mickey shaped suckers for R's classmates and her teacherand for J's teachers (I'm not above bribery)

As we were leaving, Goofy was up at the train station waving bye

These guys were playing outside the train station, and held their final note for a full minute waiting for a couple to walk by so I could snap this picture

R was so tired I had to hold her head upright on the tram

When we got back "home" O had eaten some crackers and kept that and some Sprite down and was ready for bed. We moved his pile of blankets into our room on the floor and he slept all night.

However, another one bites the dust. And another one after that.

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Old 11-19-2008, 07:29 PM   #92
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Anyone want to guess who was down for the count next?

It was J. Thankfully, he was going to the opposite way of O, so it wasn't too bad (at least for me)

The bad thing about going to bed really really late is that the 3 year old, who slept most of the evening and all night and hasn't eaten in hours wakes up very early and is starving. I got up with him, gave him some oatmeal and Sprite, he kept it down and started begging to go ride Splash Mountain

We had planned on going to Animal Kingdom again, but both DH and O wanted to go to Magic Kingdom, R said she didnt care where we went, so we switched our plans.

J wasn't feeling well, and was tired and asked to stay behind. He's almost 13 and babysits for other people, as well as me, so I had no qualms about leaving him behind. With the rules in place "no pool, don't answer the door or the phone, and do some homework etc" we left and he crawled back into bed.

We loaded up O, R and a couple of extra grocery sacks just in case, and headed out for our last day at Disney, minus J.

DH and the kids waited in line for Daisy while I went to Guest Services. They were great about refunding the money for the 2 MNSSHP tickets we didn't use, and actually said we could switch them for the party that night (Halloween night? Thought it was sold out?) Got back out in time to see the kids with Daisy, a character we didn't see on our last trip

Where to first? Splash of course

Then O said he'd ride "The big ride one time only". I was so afraid he was going to puke in my lap!

As we were going back to Splash, work called to tell me that there had been a huge screw up with payroll direct deposits. (first time using the new company, so I'm not surprised) Great. DH and the kids rode Splash 2 or 3 times while I spent 40 minutes on the phone trying to clear all that up. Nothing like working, on vacation.

We stopped by Columbia Harbor House for lunch. This was one we hadn't tried the last time, and we really liked it. Dh had the clam chowder and fish sandwich, I had the BLT salad (really good) R had mac n cheese. We ended up getting O chicken nuggets from the adult menu since nothing else appealed to him. Of course, he ate one nugget and 2 fries and called it a day. $7 out the window. We sat overlooking the HM que. When we first got there it was a 5 minute wait. Since it was Halloween day, we thought we had to ride it, however, by the time we got out of lunch, it was a 20 minute wait. No one wanted to wait that long to ride it (Minus me - I got outvoted since we had ridden it last night)

After lunch it was off to ride the things we hadn't ridden yet.


Teacups. Yeah, let's take a kid who threw up all day yesterday and spin him around and around

Speedway. Just an FYI, O is a REALLY bad driver, and my daughter tailgates just like her Daddy does

as we were leaving the Speedway, they had a guy playing with kids with these cars you shake up, then put on the ground to race. We played with those for a little bit, and then he gave the kids Speedway Licenses.

fastpasses for Space Mountain, then a ride Astro Orbiter
O liked being high. I am not a fan of this ride. It spins a lot faster than you think it does!

Over to Space Mountain for our last Disney ride. R loved this ride. I rode it once with her, then DH rode it with her

I was worried about O since he didn't eat or drink anything for lunch so I grabbed an Itzakadoozie for him while DH and R rode Space Mountain.

O and I went for a final ride on Buzz when DH and R insisted they get ice cream

When we got off of Buzz, DH said that the stupid bank had turned his card off again! He went to pay for their ice cream and his card was declined. As he's digging for cash and told the lady what had happened earlier in the week, the lady said "here, Mickey will buy this round" and refused to take his cash. So nice!

ON the way out we went to Monsters Laugh Floor so DH could see it, and O threw a fit and was being miserable, so we left and sat outside. We watched about 2 minutes of the Dreams Come True show and then headed out.

We decide that since we returned the Halloween tickets, we could still go to Chef Mickey's for dinner, so I grab DH's phone to call J to tell him to get ready. Only whenever I dial, it goes straight to AT&T. No one could really figure out what had happened. Apparently we had been without a phone since around noon (I had called J to check on him around 12:30) and it was now almost 5 and J is home sick and I had been waiting on phone calls from the payroll company!!!

After 40 minutes and 4 different people, I finally get it all figured out, and they tell me it was their mistake and that my phone will be back on within 4 hours. Um, it better be. I have a 15 year old son flying into the airport tonight with instructions to call me when he lands so we can meet. We get home and J is feeling better, hungry and actually did a few minutes of homework. He changes clothes and we head off to the Contemporary.
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Old 11-19-2008, 07:31 PM   #93
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for taking R and J the the party.
for O starting to feel better.
for another soldier down.
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What's a girl to do?http://disboards.com/showthread.php?t=3276800
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Old 11-19-2008, 07:44 PM   #94
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Halloween Day/night continued.

AKA "Yet another one bites the dust"

When we pulled through the toll booth, the guy gave us a handful of candy. Like we needed anymore candy after 2 MNSSHP's, but it was a nice unexpected bit of magic for Halloween!

We had to wait in an extremely long line to check in at CMs, in a line that included a little girl throwing an absolute fit. My kids can have their moments, but I like to think we deal with them and get them out of a situation like that. This little girl was in a skirt, laying in the middle of the floor, panties showing, SHRIEKING, and was throwing her Crocs at people. Her parents just stood there looking at her. Finally, the dad picked her up and carried her out of there, and the people behind us actually clapped.

I think the food has definately gone downhill since our visit in 06. It was good, just not great. The kids love that ice cream bar. I like dessert variety And all the desserts were decorated with Halloween things. We had a great great waitress, and really good, non-rushed character interaction. In fact, we saw everyone twice. R was excited because Minnie was not there in 06 (Chip and Dale were there instead) but she was there this night.

So, look who decides, on the LAST DAY at Disney, that getting your picture taken with characters isn't soo bad.

Donald was really good and really hammed around with J

In the middle of dinner, my ex-husband called (Yay, cell phone back on in plenty of time for my airport run) to tell me that K was getting ready to board his plane and would soon be on his way to MCO!

With all the stupid little things going on that week, do you know how many times I almost called to cancel K coming down, for fear his plane would crash??

The only character O voluntarily touched all week!

We get back to the van and find out that Anna the dinosaur has been buckled safely into the carseat while waiting for us to come back from dinner

I dropped the DH and the kids off and headed to the airport. K sent a text when he landed, we met at baggage claim and headed towards the house, not before driving in circles at the airport because I was so tired I wasn't thinking and forgot to cancel the airport route in the GPS and input the address for the villa, so everytime I exited, it made me get on a road that took me back to the airport!

DH and the kids were getting out of the pool when we got to the villa. Everyone was wound up that K was there, so it took awhile to get them settled down and into pjs. Off to bed for an early day because we had 8:30am family picture appt in the morning, then off to Cocoa Beach for the day.

Or maybe not.

I woke up at 2am. Why am I awake? Something isn't right. Oh yeah.

I'm going to throw up. Only, I'm not going to just throw up. I'm going to go both ways. For hours. Violently.

All you can eat buffets when having the flu = not so much fun.

I came out around 5am and DH was on the couch.

"Now the worst vacation ever?"

He said "Yep. I think you can safely say that now"
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Old 11-19-2008, 08:09 PM   #95
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Wow Shell, I cant imagine being sick at Disney World!! Sounds like you dealt with everything pretty well. I can't wait to hear what happened when you were sick. Usually when Mom is sick the whole vacation just torpedos. Anyway, great update, thanks for sharing looking forward to hearing more!
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Old 11-19-2008, 08:24 PM   #96
I will think of that animatronic as him
I also wouldn't mind if they made it racier!The germs would just skeeve me out!
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I just knew this would have vomit in it somewhere! We can never take a trip to WDW (or anywhere for that matter) without one or both of the kids throwing up, or one of us. Never. I've come to expect that it is inevitable. They all think I'm nuts when I pack huge ziplock bags in my purse, backpack, carry-on - and they have always come in handy!

I'm so sorry you had to go through this. Being sick away from home is just plain misreable. If it's any consolation, be glad no one threw up in public, on a ride, in a crowd, on a bus....but you're not done with your story yet, are you...

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Clearly, you and your family get a do over. This vacation quite simply doesn't count. Let you and DH's work know that you have declaired a do over, jump back in the car, and head back. I hope the next trip goes better!
Trip Report in Progress: There's a reason I'm not a parent. (I'd link it, but I don't know how.)
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Old 11-19-2008, 09:39 PM   #98
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Oh no, how awful. I feel for all of you. To go to WDW and to get so sick. Did anyone else get sick? I have the feeling that this isn't the end of the story.

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Old 11-20-2008, 10:12 AM   #99
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Originally Posted by Stacybaeasm View Post
Clearly, you and your family get a do over. This vacation quite simply doesn't count.
I'm with you! Too bad our budget doesn't feel the same way

Now I'm puking. And now we're a part of 6. 3 down, 3 to go, right?

Back to November 1st, Saturday.

We had orginally planned our photo shoot at The Grand Floridian for 8:30, then were heading to Kennedy Space Center (free tickets, thank you Congressman B) and then the afternoon/night at Cocoa Beach. Only, DH turned off the alarm and I slept way past 9 since I had been up most of the night.

DH and I got to talking it might be better to rearrange our Cocoa Beach trip for the next day instead of trying to pack all the stuff and drive an hour to the ocean and be in a little hotel room with only one bathroom, especially since we knew someone else was going to get sick. (Murphy's Law, right?) This meant we would have to miss Kennedy Space Center but we'd still see the ocean (that sadly, J is the only one of my 4 kids to have ever seen the ocean)

I called and had no problem rearranging the hotel reservations for the next day. Called Grand Floridian to apologize, and rescheduled that for Tuesday morning. Now what to do for today?

I told DH that since we had 7 day Universal tickets, he should go ahead and take the older kids there. I would keep O home with me so he didn't have to deal with him, or switch off on the rides. I could stay home, rest, do some laundry and just, well honestly, cry over how sucky the vacation was turning out to be DH agreed, especially since I had bailed on him for MNSSHP the other night

O and I lazed around watching movies, floated in the pool, and came in, ate lunch and napped together. SO NICE. Exactly what I needed to improve my mood.

I sent the camera with DH so he could take pictures. Would you like to see the great pictures of Universal from this day

Yep. That's it. He was not wanting to take the camera in the first place, but he finally did. Only he left it in the van Bad, DH!

They got home around 5 or 6 and everyone jumped in the pool.

I love this picture of O. Glad his months of swimming lessons paid off and he obviously has no fear of water

We went to TGIFridays for dinner that night. Not a great choice for someone who hasn't eaten in 24 hours because everything is spicy or BBQ, but we still had a nice dinner (even better because it was free with giftcards!)

Home to bed. Cocoa Beach tomorrow
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Old 11-20-2008, 10:41 AM   #100
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Really enjoying your report - kids are adorable!
So sorry for you with all the sickness....funny how that happens once on vacation right?
"The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique"
- Walt Disney
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Oh no you poor thing. it's bad when the mom gets sick. So glad you decided to go to MNSSHP wit hthe older kids, for all the reasons you mentioned. Seems the DH never mind staying at home & resting guess we run them ragged at Disney. All your pics from the party and MK are great! Looking forward to some beach pics . We might have to schedule that in next time. You do need a do over trip, it sucks when the budget doens't cooperate .
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Old 11-20-2008, 11:24 AM   #102
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So sorry to hear how bad everything went! Especially YOU getting sick! Mom's just aren't allowed to get sick--the world could just fall apart if she does. Hope things improve a bit.
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Hopefully the colder weather will kill all those sick germs at Disney.
A lot of People are getting sick there...

Hopefully one day you'll get a do over...

Atleast you got that great picture of all of you at GF...
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Friends of ours went about 3 years ago (her parents are DVC members) and they were staying in the Grand Villa (12 people). One, by one, by one they all got the flu!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously they overlapped, so 12 people with 3 bathrooms = not a good vacation! The ages were 57 years to 7 months old too. So sad!
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Sunday November 2

Before we went to sleep, DH and I had a long talk about our plans for the next day. I was concerned someone else was going to get sick while we were at Cocoa Beach. 6 of us crammed into a hotel room with only one bathroom is ugly anyhow, miserable if someone got sick. And what happens if 2 people got it. Yikes. We decided to make it just a day trip, and use the hotel room for showers, naps, a place to eat lunch etc. This way if someone got sick overnight, we'd be at the house, with extra space, 2 bathrooms, spare sheets, towels, washer & dryer, food and drinks. I'm not usually so pessimistic, but I was trying to be realistic and salvage as much as I could if something went wrong.

We slept in, packed a bag and headed towards Cocoa Beach.

"Did anyone check the weather for today?"


"It's awful cloudy"

"Now it's raining"

On the way in, we pass Port Canaveral. Today is the day we were supposed to sail on the Wonder. It's bittersweet, but knowing how our week has gone, if we were on that ship, it would sink

First stop was our hotel, Best Western Oceanfront. We had orginally booked this our night before the cruise stop, but since we canceled the cruise, we kept the room to make a trip to the ocean. This is the first time the kids have seen the ocean (minus Jacob who came with his dad on a business trip in June)

Oceanfront. Ha. Our building wasn't even oceanfront! We were actually 3 buildings from the ocean, but we could see water from the balcony if we twisted the right way. (trust me, I used the zoom bigtime for this shot!)

However, the room was lovely, actually pretty big with a living area with sleeper sofa, kitchenette with fridge, microwave and dishes, bathroom and big bedroom with 2 queens and a large balcony. I have pictures of the room if anyone is considering staying here for a Cocoa Beach trip or a cruise.

The kids (and DH) were begging to go see the tourist trap Ron Jons. I don't care. There's a Starbucks! COOOFFEEEEEEEE! The first one I've seen in over a week. And since it was cold outside, I needed it.

K wanted to get his picture taken with a surfboard. When we asked the guy working there if that was okay (since they have to get them down for you) he said, and I quote "totally"

See the bandage? It's from his car accident the week before

I finally drug everyone out of the Ron Jons and we headed to swim.

It was very windy, cloudy and grey, spitting rain and very chilly. Such a nice day for the beach

I have lots of pictures of the kids with faces like this

The kids spent some time trying to get used to the cold water, and finally they decided they were just going to be cold, but they were at the ocean, dangit, and they were going in.

It started pouring down rain. I mean pouring. We (well, the little ones and DH and I) ducked for cover under the pier, but K & J stayed out body surfing. It rained for probably 20-30 minutes, then was still misting, but R & O decided to make a sandcastle.

While the sand castles were being made, I notice R's mouth is blue and O is shaking so hard he can't stand still. As much as every hated it, we decided to go in, dry off, get lunch and hope it gets a little warmer and sunnier later so we can come back out. We went back in, got everyone dried off and changed into dry clothes, than everyone huddled under blankets to get warm while DH and J went to Subway. Turn on the TV and find out Cocoa is a whole 62 degrees today. That's it. Just an FYI, in Indiana, it was SEVENTY FOUR!!!

Note: If you go to the ocean, check the temperature first.
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