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Old 11-18-2008, 07:06 PM   #76
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Wednesday October 29. It has to be better than yesterday, right?

Everyone was complaining about having to get up early every morning. "but, it's vacation". That's great, but if we don't get there early, you aren't going to get to ride anything. You need to make a decision. And they decided to take their chances and sleep in today. Fine. Especially since it was a balmy 40 some degrees when I woke up. I cuddled back up under the comforter (it's Florida ) and slept a little while longer.

We slept in, got out the door and back to DHS to do what we missed the day before (mostly shows). We got there at 10:15. The line to security was extra long. The security guard checking bags asked someone "Is there anyone left in the UK or are you all here?" He was laughing that we were the only people from the US he had seen that day

and by the way, Still cold!

I have to post this picture. O LOVED doing the ticket thing everyday.

First stop today, J heads out to get fastpasses for TSM if there are any left. There are, but our return time is 3:05. Ouch,

Next up Beauty and the Beast. The little kids always love the show. J of course, was itching to run, so we let him off to ride RNR and TOT.

Next, quick ride on Tower of Terror. O refuses to go, so we switch off, however, since he was tall enough to ride, the guy told us to switch off inside. We went in and asked someone and they told us we switch off before we ride. I wasn't thinking and we went in for the movie part, and that set O off because he heard his dreaded "shshhheheeee" part. Then he had to stand in line thinking he was going to have to ride. DH told me to go first, and I guess O really freaked out when they took him down the elevator to wait on us. I really should have pushed more to switch off

Then when I got out, DH and O were waiting on us, and no one had said anything to him about where to go or what to do. He was going to let it go and just leave, but I went back up to the lady, and she apologized saying it was her fault, took DH and the older ones right back up and put them on the next car, in the front row.

Next, walk all the way across the park to catch the Indiana Jones show. We had to sit and wait 25 minutes for this show. Glad I had packed granola bars to snack on. We were sitting by all kinds of people from the Midwest, so that was fun. We were comparing weather

O was not a fan of the show. A little too loud for him.

Then we hiked to the back of the park, with EVERYONE else, to watch Lights Motors Action. Holy cow. It was so packed it took us forever to even get in there, and then we couldn't find seats together. Finally a cast member waved us back up near the front to a wheelchair accessible seat close to the front since it wasn't being used. Sometimes being late is not a bad thing

It took forever to get out of there with so many people filing out at once. We waited a few minutes for the crowds to die down (stopping to get our picture taken at the city scene) then went to Pizza Planet for lunch. This shot my "eat at a different counter service restaurant this trip" since we had eaten there the last time, but the kids love it and we actually got through the line pretty quickly.

DH went to take money out of the ATM to let the kids play a couple of games in the arcade while I stood in line to order, and it said that access to his card had been blocked. The stupid bank shut off his card because he had been using it in Florida. It took a 30 minute after lunch phone call to get it turned back on and convince them he was really him. Never mind my card connects to the same account, was being used more than his in Florida, and they didn't touch mine?

This is the first time I heard my husband say "Yep, worst vacation ever" and laugh. I had been saying it almost daily
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Old 11-18-2008, 07:24 PM   #77
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After lunch it was time for our fastpasses for TSM. Once again, it was fun, but not fun enough to wait 90 minutes for. The bad thing about the fastpass line is you have to miss Mr Potato Head. We had seen him on YouTube, and I would have loved to have seen him. Not enough to wait in line, though

J hopped off and went to stand in line to ride it again since we were going character hunting.

As we were walking to get the stroller, we ran into Prince Caspian. He was laying it on a little thick, but was very nice and tried so hard to get O to pose for a picture. He even told O he shoudl do it for his queen mother, but O just stared at him No go, but R was all for it

Next up we headed inside to meet Woody and Buzz. They have all these scenes from the movies set up that you can take pictures of. That helps to keep the kids occupied while waiting in line.

All this time to wait in line, and O wouldn't get his picture taken. He loves Woody and Buzz. I had to hold him for the photopass picture. I have to say that I was impressed with most of our photopass photographers. As soon as we got to our turn, I would tell them that O wouldn't pose in a picture, so almost all of them took plenty of pictures of him getting autographs so we at least have some pictures of O with characters.

Next up we found the Cars. At one point, O laid his head down on Lightening McQueen to listen. The photopass photographer looked at me and said "Did you get that? I missed it!" I hadn't, and we tried to coax O to do it again, but he couldn't hear us

We headed back over for everyone to ride one last ride on RNR. My daughter the thrill addict loves that ride. It was getting dark, almost time for Fantasmic, but we decided to skip the crowds and try and squeeze a couple more rides in. They rode RNR again, and then J, R and I went for one last Tower of Terror ride.

We were the only ones in line, and DH said they shut the gates right behind us.

We go to get on the elevator (just the 3 of us) and I tell the bell hop "Pick a really good one. It's our last day to be able to ride it". He said "I got it covered" and smiled. They were just closing the door when they let 3 Dutch teens in with us. They talked the whole time. So annoying.

O's favorite "Shhehehhhh" part. I had to take a picture for him

They stop the ride right as we get to the elevator shaft to tell the morons behind us to put their feet down on the ground. The Dutch teens start chanting "Up Up" and J yells at the top of his lungs "We're going down" which is funny because everyone knows you never go down first, always up. We've never gone down first.

Only we didn't go up. We dropped about 6 floors first, then shot back up to the very top and just stayed there. I loved the view from ToT at night, especially when you get a few seconds to look at it.

I didn't think we'd ever go back down again, and then we dropped all the way back down again. It was so much fun, and the ride lasted twice as long as they usually do. We seriously went up and down at least 10-15 times. I wish I could have found that CM and given him a huge hug. It was a great ride! I was so sad DH didn't get to ride it with us. It was awesome!

We left after that, headed back towards the villa and stopped at Carrabas for dinner. It was a pretty good day, other than being really crowded and cold, and the little blip with DH's card. We thought our bad luck streak was over.

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Old 11-18-2008, 07:46 PM   #78
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Thursday Oct 30.

Oh yeah. Worst vacation ever

This morning we had breakfast reservations at Akershus. I had originally scheduled character meals for every day, then decided to save some money and only keep 2...Akershus for breakfast and Chef Mickeys for dinner. This would give us time with the core "big shots".

While getting ready to go this morning, at 7am since we had to leave by 7:45 to make our 8:30 reservation, DH and I got to talking about the Halloween party

"We had such a great time. I wish we could go again"

"Technically we could. Tomorrow's party is sold out, but there is one tonight"

"but it's expensive"

"but, if we cancel Chef Mickey's, we could put that money towards the party and it wouldn't be that much more expensive"


So we put it to the kids. They all opt for the party. 8 hours of MK and MNSSHP vs 1 hour to eat with the characters. Not a hard choice. So we leave it up to God/fate what have you. If there are tickets available, we'll go.

See what we find on our way out of the addition. It's trash day.

They are everywhere. And they can open a trash can and make a huge mess. I couldn't believe this one was out at 7:30am! Yuck. DH said this one practically came right up to him when he was taking the can out.

See what else we saw

Get to Epcot, go to ticketing. We're in luck! Not sold out. Pay for the tickets, head back to Norway for breakfast. Yay! What a great day!

Get to Akershus, they seat us and tell Princess R she is the most lucky of all the princesses today, because her seat is the one across from the royal door, and she is the first princess the other princesses will come see. How lucky are we!?

Grab our cold plates and back in time for the rounds to start. We are indeed the first table, and R sees who is coming as soon as the door cracks open and squeals it out. She's a tomboy and most of the time could care less about the princesses, but she thought this was the coolest thing ever.

O refuses to pose with any of the princesses. Surprised? And the only one that paid any attention to J was Aurora. He was even wearing his "Chicks Dig Me" shirt and no one noticed!

However, they all noticed O's shirt

Jasmine was awful. She came out chattering about losing a monkey, signed, posed and left. She didn't even interact with the kids. Any of the kids in the room. Just chattered away about a monkey. Last trip's Jasmine was not very nice (she asked if it was O's bday since he had a bday button on..it was 5 days from his bday, but we had to go over fall break, and she turned and announced to everyone very snottily "It's not REALLY his birthday") They need to up their Jasmine search criteria We think maybe they're cranky because they don't eat so they can wear those tiny costumes

Mulan tried very hard. She tried everything she could think of to get him to take a picture with her

Speaking of Mulan, we couldn't find her on our last trip to save our lives..this trip we found her twice

I'll have to scan in and post the pictures with Belle we had taken in the hallway. O refused to even look at the camera, so in the pic he has his head buried in my shoulder.

We had the best waitress, Marete (sp?) She was always lurking around, but very quiet, brought us more of anything we asked for, never let our drinks get low, and made sure we had seen all the characters (how could we not? they tripped over our table coming out the door ) The food was good, the kids enjoyed the fruit, O ate a ton of canteloupe, we all loved the potato casserole. However, it seemed like the princesses were really rushed. Say hi, sign, pose, bye and leave. That was a little disappointing, epecially for the money we paid for 5 of us (ouch) It was nice, but I don't think we'd do it again.

After breakfast how about a nice brisk Test Track ride? That was COLD!

Then we headed over to get fastpasses for Soarin', the off to the Seas for Nemo ride

Then off to check out the aquarium area

Time for Soarin. I didn't get to ride it last trip. It was incredible but way too short. O sat forward the entire ride and pointed things out. As we were walking out, O said his stomach hurt. We sat down for a minute, he said he was better and we left. I figured the heights, motion of Soarin had maybe made him a little motion sick? After that we rode Living with the Land, then the last must do for us, Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Completely freaked O out. I finally yanked his 3D glasses off his face and covered his eyes.

Since we weren't going to Chef Mickey's, we went on the hunt for the characters we hadn't stopped to see earlier since we thought we'd be having dinner with them. We saw Chip and Dale outside, then went in the Character Connection to meet Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto & Goofy. When we got up to Donald, the photopass photographer just walked away without a word. I'm glad I noticed or we wouldnt' have had any pictures with Donald.

Last trip everytime we saw Minnie she was wearing a different dress, and we never found her in her red and white one

O let them all sign his book, but of course, no pictures!

It was time to leave to eat lunch, take a nap before the party tonight! Woo Hoo! I love the party.

As were going out, O says his stomach hurt again. No temp, he wasn't pale. Why does your stomach hurt, O? Because I'm hungry. No problem, we're off for lunch.

On the road, halfway home, and my gut tells me something isn't right. O, are you okay? No. Are you sick? No. Are you going to puke? No. I look at DH and say I think he's sick. No he's not, he's fine. I'm driving, so I can't see what's going on behind me. A little bit later O is fidgeting. A lot. I ask DH "what is your son doing" and he glances back there and says "nothing". I knew something wasn't right, but I let it go. Then I heard the splatter. Nobody says anything so I ask, "Is O puking" and J, who is sitting next to him, says "Yep"

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Old 11-18-2008, 07:53 PM   #79
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It does sound like your day wasn't too bad, especially after the day before. It's too bad that your little boy didn't want to get to close to the characters. I can't wait to hear about the upcoming days.

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Old 11-18-2008, 07:56 PM   #80
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Okay, small break in the action to say "DUH!" No one notices O is barfing, or doesn't care? What the heck is wrong with my family??

I slam on the brakes and pull over as O barfs again. Have to have J unbuckle him because I can't reach across. R is FREAKING out in the back seat gagging. And DH is standing there.

Again, my husband, not so good in a mini-crisis.

Get O out, hand him to DH who cleans him off. I yank the seat out and clean it off. Now is the time DH starts to understand why keeping extra clothes, towels, wipes and bags in the van is not clutter, it's smart parenting!

Get O changed, car seat back in covered in a towel and O back in the van. Put DH beside O with a bag, J with me. R is holding her nose and complaining her head hurts. Anytime I ask "Are you okay" to O, she says "My head hurts". Drama queen

Almost home and O tells DH he's going to puke, and lets loose, thankfully in the bag I provided just in case. O gets sick one more time before we are home. (the left turn light at 192 and Formosa Gardens is the LONGEST light in history!)

We make him a bed on the living room floor beside a trash can, tell the older ones to go to their rooms to watch TV and rest, and deal with O. DH runs for lunch for everyone else, and Owen gets sick twice while he's gone. It's awful.

Hey, I just noticed you can see Fred the Dinosaur in this picture!

He gets sick once more while we're eating. The kids go to watch TV in their rooms, DH takes the couch, I take the loveseat, and we rest with O until he wakes up to get sick. The poor thing threw up every 20-30 minutes for hours.

About 4, I look at DH and say "Halloween party tickets".

I had completely forgotten we had bought those this morning, and now we are out all this money. (5 tickets at premium price = OUCH)

DH tells me to go ahead and go and he'd stay with O (who is finally sleeping soundly) I say it's not fair and I can't go, he should go. He says he's tired and will be happy to stay.

I call Disney and they say that they will refund the tickets for anyone who doesn't go, and we don't have to call until tomorrow so if O feels better tonight, we can still go. Fat chance, but yay for Disney being so nice about it. The CM even gave me her number so that I could ask for her directly the next day.

I lay back down and decide to stay home. That loveseat and blanket was feeling awful nice R comes out and asks if we are going to the party, DH tells her probably. I say no. I felt guilty about going and leaving O, bad that I would go instead of DH. We've already been, so it's not like we'd be missing out. And we'd get our money back. DH is insisting I take R and J and go, and holds out the characters I missed the first party as bribery.

What to do?
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Old 11-18-2008, 09:32 PM   #81
Donald's #1 with my kids! Go figure!
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I love reading your posts! I'm so sorry O got sick while you were on vacation. I can't wait to read more.
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Old 11-18-2008, 11:31 PM   #82
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Great trip report so far. Sorry little O got sick and hope to not hear it was anything serious. Thanks for the feedback on T-rex. Seriously considering this for our trip now! Can't wait to read more!
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Old 11-18-2008, 11:38 PM   #83
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Poor O Your TR is great though! You guys are serious troopers to not pack up and go home after all that!
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Old 11-19-2008, 08:21 AM   #84
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Misery Loves Company...

Poor O...

We had Our Worst Trip Ever Too. We had not one but two
throwing up Toddlers for three days of our trip in September.
We didn't even get to see Wishes...

I said... That's it ! No more trips!
Well, I already started planning the next one...

I guess it's like having babies... You forget all the bad stuff...
And then do it again...
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Old 11-19-2008, 09:11 AM   #85
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Poor baby.
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Old 11-19-2008, 09:59 AM   #86
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Poor little DS can't catch a break on this trip. Seems like us moms always know when the puke is coming. Hoping you decided to go to MNSSHP with your other DS and DD.
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Old 11-19-2008, 10:15 AM   #87
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I'm so sorry! That had to be just awful! Hope he wasn't sick for too long, and that no one else got it
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Old 11-19-2008, 11:36 AM   #88
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Originally Posted by Chelley00 View Post
My first stop was the place that had the scrapbooking stuff the last time we were there, only it was closed!!!!! That was enough to totally ruin my trip
I feel your pain!!! I had never been to the scrapbook store, but other scrapping friends had raved about it and I was really looking forward to shopping to my hearts content there. I was almost in tears when we arrived there on our last day of our trip to find it closed, for good. I had not bought myself any souveneirs or any Disney scrapbook stuff prior to our trip because I was waiting for that store. How could they do this to me?!And to top it all off, when I couldn't find much at World of Disney, I figured I'd get what I had seen at Target before our trip, but they no longer have it!!!

I sure hope O got better quickly and noone else came down with it! (Though I'm thinking maybe they did, since this is the worst trip ever...) My DD (4) had the same virus only 36 hours before we left for the world. I was so worried she wouldn't recover quick enough, or worse yet, me or DH would get it and not be able to drive the 1,000 + miles. Fortunately for us, noone else came down with it and she was better after about 24 hours.

I'm glad Disney said they could refund your money for the party tickets. I'm hoping they stood by their word on that, since this is the worst vacation ever...

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Old 11-19-2008, 02:15 PM   #89
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My evil side can't wait to see what happens next.

T-Rex Cafe looks cool...wonder if it's the same company as Rainforest Cafe?
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Old 11-19-2008, 03:20 PM   #90
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Where are you?? I want to make sure that O is ok (can't help it, I'm a mom ).
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