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Old 11-02-2008, 08:43 AM   #1
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Expat Brits go barmy in the World ..... DHS day

This was the big day, the main reason for the entire trip, the one day that my boys have been BEGGING for for what seems like an eternity!

Power Rangers, Star Wars, Stunt Show, Toy Story Mania .... here we come!!

This was the one day that rope drop was imperative! It was also going to be a long day as we had a dinner booking at the 50's prime time for 6pm. No way were we missing this one and dh was duly given instructions to make his way to TSM without crushing small children on the way to get the FP's. Actually we didnt want them too early as we wanted to do some things first. We were hearded efficiently and happily into our correct parking area, jumped on the tram and made our way to the gates.

As soon as the rope went up off went dh whilst I got the dualbuggy and wondered off to Star Tours. The crowd heading to TSM I cannot tell you!! Madness!! According to dh the staff were very vigilant, the steps behind the hat were roped off so everyone had to walk the long way round using the slopes rather than steps and anyone who broke into a run was called out by the CM's. Dh took it fairly casually as we werent too fussed about the FP time but he said most treated it like the marathon walk .... it was hysterical he said!!

The boys and I headed straight onto Star Tours and they loved it. We had to wait for dh to return from FP collection so bought a couple of things at the store and got the pic on the little fighter thingy.

in the store I got my oldest a Jedi Training academy cap as he was DESPERATE to do the Jedi training so following Dis tips I bought him the cap, along with a t-shirt, to wear whilst standing hoping to get picked.He wouldnt put the star wars t-shirt on as yet as he was wearing his Power Rangers one to meet them first

dh returned with a FP time of 9.50-10.50 - that was a bit tight. The Power Rangers come out at 10.30 and the boys needed to see them all ....... this was the biggest thing for them.

After Star Tours we had some time before the Power Rangers so Muppet 3d it was, which we'd not seen before. The kids were puzzled ... they'd never seen these funky little dudes before, but they quite enjoyed it, although to be honest I enjoyed it more than them all LOL!! After Muppets it was straight into SOA and waiting 10 mins or so for the Power Rangers. We knew where Red Ranger stood last year so that where we plonked ourselves whilst the other parents milled about. Here they come and we were right at the fron of the queue for Red Ranger ..... appparantly he's the coolest (the line proved it!!)

The boys were just blown away meeting them all again. The only pic we didnt get was with Pink Power Ranger as they called them away before we could see her. They werent too worried about that though - they'd got the ones they really wanted!

Time for TSM, it was now 11.00, after our FP's ran out but we felt sure they'd let us in .... which they did! The standby line was HUGE! bearing in mind the park wasn't crush busy, I would say scoring a 3 on the TGM scale, the line was 90 minutes already! Just before going through I said to dh we might as well get another FP for later for it so we got another one and return time was 4.15-5.15, perfect for later.

Didnt know what to expect for the ride, didnt actually even know it was that sort of arcade game at all! Totally loved it, the boys killed themselves laughing and were very competitive to get the best scores. I dont know how people get these mad score of 400,000 points unless theres hidden big numbers somewhere. The themeing is just brilliant, I cant emphasise to people coming for their first Disney trip how amazing Disney is with its attention to detail in EVERY area, it staggering!

the boys came out yelling and shouting about it all! Watching those people standing in the wait line is crazy! Much as I like the rides I just wouldnt wait over an hour for anything ... some didnt even know what FP's were and we could hear them asking why we were jumping the queue as we passed them in the FP entrance dont these people research??

anyway, as we left TSM green army man was hanging about and the boys wanted a piccy so ...

we saw the photo area for the Toy Story guys and the line wasnt too bad so we joined the queue to get pics with Woody and Buzz. Its a good idea having the queue moving through with sets to take other pics to take on the way, keeps the kids very occupied. The only critisism was that this queue area was WAAAAY too small. People were totally ontop of each other and taking the pics without having other people in them was hard. Saying that the line went quickly and interestingly and within 20 minutes they were called up to see their pals!

unbelievably it was already midday and we were now STARVING having left the villa at 8am. Lunch was required and dh and I also fancied doing a ride for ourselves so we had lunch over by RnR coaster and picked some macncheese for the kids, salad for me and wrap for dh. whilst he munched I went into RnR single rider line and straight on .... god I LOOOOOVE this ride! After me went dh, - twice infact, without telling me he ran straight out and straight back in again!!

time to get moving and onto the stunt show and part 2 of the day, fed and energised we were ready to go!!

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Old 11-02-2008, 09:07 AM   #2
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fab piccies
Andrea xxx
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Old 11-02-2008, 09:31 AM   #3
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Got to the stunt show area for about 1pm for the 1.20 show. Already there was a BIG squash of people so we joined the back of it and we were all hearded through the gates and up into the stands for a seat. We got very nice seats to the right side of the centre about 3 rows from the front - much better tham last year right at the back with a pillar in the way!!

Our youngest was beside himself, he is a car NUT and was already screaming in anticipation way before it even started LOL!! The people infront were annoying, which is rare in Disney but they were! The young girl (maybe 6) spent the whole time rocking and jerking backwards into my legs and then started standing up all the time! my boys couldnt see a bloody thing so I tapped her dad on the shoulder and asked her to sit the heck down NOW! He asked her - she refused and whined, the mother said tough luck to us, the father BEGGED his daughter to sit and she finally did. The horrible mother, a very large American lady, then muttered loudly that her lovely daughter was enjoying herself and how dare we stop that .... she was lucky I didnt throw her giant 4 gallon coke down her trap but we sat silently letting the kids enjoy their now uninterrupted view!

What a show, our youngest squealed and was overcome with glee the entire show and it was magic just watching his face. My boy!

It was straight off to Jedi Training now and see what the chances were for our oldest to get picked. Now he's only just got into Star Wars but loves it, carries his lightsabre everywhere, loves the Clone Wars on TV, and this was a big thing to him, but how hard to explain that only some kids get chosen .... shhheeeeesh!

We got there about1/2 hour before its due to start. Stood againt the white line and waited. He was dressed in his t-shirt and cap and I knew this would be his only chance to get picked as neither of the boys are stand up and yell and wave around kids ...... they would never be noticed!

The anticipation grew, parents pushing their kids forward with instructions to yell, jump, scream and GET PICKED!!!! my god the competition was fierce! I knew no pep talk was needed for my boy as he would not jump yell or scream .... he too shy for that so we stood and watched this parents/child urging with amusement.

and then the master came out, and the kids went WILD!!!! Parents yelling at kids to yell at the master, my boy was lost in the crowd ......

and then the master saw him, hiding, and he was chosen ....

The look on his face as he turned to us whilst walking up to the stage was PRICELESS!! For those who didnt get chosen their parents mostly left with them immediately so there was much more space now and we got the movie camera going straight away.

He got his lightsabre, he practised his moves, the master was very amusing and praised him for visiting the gift shop! Then it was time to fight, Vader came out and they had to do their moves and resist the dark side, which they admirably did and got a certificate when it was finished. It was FANTASTIC and made his trip I think. He just hasnt stopped talking about it to this day.

It was time for the parade, last year it was Stars and Cars and we knew it had changed to Block Party but what was that??? We found our little area opposite the ABC, no toes over the brass line! and the parade was about to start and we settled down to watch ...

we heard it all going on up the other end past the hat and to keep our end of the parade busy some CM's brought out skipping ropes, balls, ballons, bubbles, ball and sheet games etc and the kids all loved it - although mine preferred to watch rather than join in.

The parade came by and stopped the float right infront if us, wOW! I have to say the parades are something else at Disney but these guys working their ***** off!! IT was hot and they bounced, danced, jumped, twisted for 15 minutes infront of us with the biggest smiles on their faces like this was the first time they'd done it and they were loving it. They tried pulling the kids up to dance but they crawled into their buggy preferring to watch but I was dragged up and danced with a VERY buff CM to YMCA, the Twist and something else .... dh was less than impressed when I kept going on about how fit that boy was LOL!!

The boys were a little wiped out by now and wanted just a walk about so dh and I went back again to RnR and ToT wilst the kids rested in the buggy. One more ride on the TSM and then we would try and get an early table at the 50's diner. Got back onto TSM at about 4.45, another good game and I WON!!! dh was not happy, thought he's outclassed his bird in the shooting department but no ... he was bereft LOL!!

Headed off to 50's to see if we could get our ressie an hour earlier which they had no problem doing. It was our first time at this restaurant and we loved it! I'm a huge diner fan and this lived up to all I wanted. Again every attention to detail was just perfect, its like a maze in their with all those little rooms, I wasnt expecting that!. We got a corner table with a TV and our server was Uncle Dave, he could see the kids were tired and didnt know the rules of the game of this restaurant so he didnt go the full hog with the act ..... really appreciated that as the boys just wouldnt have got it and been a little disconcerted - he gauged our family very well and a big credit to Disney that man!

We had a lovely meal, were told to lay the table and keep our elbows clear, whilst other from nearby table were standing in corners, being given green beans with cream on for desert and being chastized for bad table manners!! It was funny and the dh thought it was hysterical when they called him out for cell phone use .... we all had to sing "you're a rude rude boy" to him

I had the meatloaf, very good, dh had the potroast which disppeared in 30 secs and the kids had pasta. It was a great meal, really enjoyable in a fab environment. But it was time to leave and go home. A couple of pics later and a quick tour round the shops and it was 6.30 and time to get the kids home. It was a great day, more than we even hoped for.

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Old 11-02-2008, 12:02 PM   #4
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Old 11-02-2008, 02:04 PM   #5
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Shhhhh you can use FP's late

I'm so pleased the boys got to see the power rangers and how fantastic that DS got chosen to be a Jedi

Sounds like a fantastic day
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Old 11-03-2008, 07:22 AM   #6
Tammy Stringer
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What a full on day and so glad your son got picked for Jedi Training- he looked like he had a brilliant time

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Old 11-03-2008, 07:29 AM   #7
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thanks guys .... my little Jedi still sleeps with his lightsabre! Just nice to see one of the little shy guys get chosen too not the obnoxious brats alone
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Old 11-03-2008, 07:35 AM   #8
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I had nearly as much fun as your boys--just reading about your day. No wonder there were smiles in every photo.
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Old 11-06-2008, 04:17 PM   #9
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Sounds like a fab day. Your boys looked like they had a great time meeting the power rangers & being chosen for jedi training must have been so much fun.

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Old 11-08-2008, 08:52 AM   #10
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Fantastic day I must have missed this one when I read through all your reports. The pics were great!

Brilliant that your son got to do the Jedi training. I hope Paul jnr gets picked next year. He's much like your kid in that there's no way he'll scream and shout for it. I have my fingers crossed for him tho lol.

Our report of our first trip to the Mouse in June 2007

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Old 11-09-2008, 04:53 AM   #11
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Such an amazing day at DHS. I agree with SusanEllen I had so much fun reading it too and had tears in my eyes when your DS got picks for the jedi training.

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Old 11-09-2008, 05:04 AM   #12
Verity Chambers
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Wow, what a special day for your boys. x
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Old 11-09-2008, 07:21 AM   #13
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Originally Posted by mark&sue View Post
Such an amazing day at DHS. I agree with SusanEllen I had so much fun reading it too and had tears in my eyes when your DS got picks for the jedi training.


I was useless, barely even saw the show for being so happy for him through misty eyes.

although I was snapped out of it by the lady beind me proudly proclaiming this was her sons 11th time being picked in 4 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so much for maybe letting other little jedi's have a go
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Old 11-09-2008, 04:02 PM   #14
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Great day and pics, that's so cool your son got picked for the Jedi academy
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Old 11-22-2008, 08:04 AM   #15
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Lovely day. My sons are now 20 and 18 so it is nice reading your reports as I remember how my two were at that age.

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