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Glendon's Solo Trip Dec 13-19

Today was the big day. Finally leaving Canada and heading down to Florida. The weather was cold but clear so no delays getting to or leaving the airport.

I flew out of terminal 1 at Pearson, got a great deal on Sun Wing and had a gret flight. Despite the crying babies on board the plane. I was so immersed in James Patterson's double Cross the time just flew by. But like everytime I fly I got a massive headache. Since my advil liquid gels were taken by security I was out of luck until I got to Pop.

Went through customs at Orlando and headed over to the magical Express area. OMG I have never seen a line this long before. It stretched all the way down the B side. So I hit the "warshroom" as I will explain later and got in the line. This guy came up behind me and asked if it was the ME line and I said yeah unfortunately. We started to chat back and forth and it became clear we're both mo's and alone. (I was actuyally kinda glad the line was so long so we got to chat for a bit) We talked about our love for all things Disney and past trips etc. I was solo this trip and he was meeting up with his family for his annual visit. He lives in Georgia so he only sees them a few times a year. So as the line progressed we kept on talking etc. I explained what I do and so did he. (Have I mentioned he was really cute lol) So just before we got to the counter I said if you'd like to ditch your family one night or something just text me and we can hang out. i gave him my card and off I went to check in for ME. (never done that before so I was proud of myself) Turns out he was staying at ASMov and was in the line beside me he sent me a text saying he was glad to meet me and hoped to see me again. Off he went to the bus and myself a few mins later.

On the bus ride to Pop I met a nice woman and her son from Kitchener, ON and we discussed our flight and other things. I told her about the meet in Epcot tomorrow and my splittling headache. She offered me some liquids gels when we got off the bus which I was so thankful for and we were off to check in. She was hoping for building 1 and I was hoping for 10.

Check in went well and I got building 10 without even asking for it (which was good since I was in a preferred room). Saw the lady from the bus and she said she got building 10!! lol we both got what we wanted. My room was ready (thank god) and I was off to dump my stuff and head out. Austin (the guy from the airport) checked in and was heading o MK with his family. I was headed to MK too because I was determined to see the fairies today.

So i arrived at MK and was delighted to see the beautiful christmas decor

So I was off to see the fairies, there was only a posted 45 min wait which was good and it only tunred out to be an hour so I was quite happy. Pixie hoillow and the shrinking room were quite cute and I loved meeting the fairies. Onn my first visit I got Iridessa

Tinker Bell, who was not happy to see Wendy on my shirt

and my favorite, Rosetta.

The park was SLAMMED it was so busy, you know it's bad when there's a line for IASW. So I only did HM and POTC. Meanwhile Austin and his family were hitting various rides around the park while we texted back and forth to each other. I decided I'd had enough. I went to the Christmas store bought a bunch of ornaments (50% off!!!!!) and got the castle throw and sent them to the resort.

I then went back to Pop to have something to eat since I hadn't eaten since the flight and got changed and headed over to Epcot. Since it's the biggest. I did some pics with the photopass people and just walked around WS snapping some for myself. I watched the fireworks from the bridge by International Gateway. (wow what a finale!!) Here's a couple pics from Epcot and the Beach Club.

So after I went to the Beach Club I hopped a bus to DTD where I had some dinner. And picked out my character sketch. I had Earl of Sandwich (LOVE THIS PLACE) and picked a sketch of Rosetta to be done for me and sent to my resort. I met a nice CM who used to live in Canada but now lives in FLA with her retired husband. She asked if I was a CM and I said no. I got that question alot this week actually. I walked around DTD a bit and then decided to head back and get some rest.

lendon's solo trip Day 2 Dec 14th
Off to Epcot for Day 2. I was out to meet as many characters as I possibly could. I made it to Epcot just before rope drop and was about 6 people back from the rope. I was kinda worried that everyone was going to head for the character spot. But as usual people headed for Soarin', TT and MS. So i was the 3rd "family" to Mickey and the Gang. It was great getting to see them one right after the other. I've done this on a couple trips and it works out great each time!! I had each character hold my Rosetta doll I had purchased after meeting Rosetta yesterday. some of the pics aree really cute.

After meeting the fab 5 I headed over to Soarin' to grab a fast pass since the wait was 20 mins. Not that I wouldn't wait but I didn't feel the need to ride it more than once this trip. So it was off to Test Track and MS. TT was fun as always and I literally walked on using the single rider line. I got to push through the doors of the viewing room and walk right on in less than 30 secs. Then it was off to MS. I decided to try the Green Team sibnce I always did the Orange. It was nice. LOL, yeah nice no other way to explain it really.

Then it was off to take some pics. There's a story here. A year or two ago my bff Larissa were going to Canada's Wonderland and stopped at McD's for bfast. They had those Shrek toys in the Happy Meals and I wanted Gingy, they had it and the rest is history. Gingy accompanied us around Wonderland having his pic taken on rides and he even did a photo story on facebook about his trip to Wonderland. well this time he went to WDW and so we did some pics of various attractions. The results are pretty funny actually.

So back to the TR lol. I headed back to Soarin' and rode it with no wait cause being a single rider I got pulled up as soon as I got in line. I love this ride, it's so relaxing and exhilarating at the same time. At the end of the ride some little girl was balling her eys out and freaking out. I dunno I guess the fireworks scared her or something.

Oh well off I went to hit Nemo. I just do this really to kill some time and get out of the heat. Oh did I mention the heat? Yeah 80+ each day except for day 1. What is this summer time? Nemo stopped several times to let people load on and off.

After this it was off to WS for some more characters. After a delicious bfast of rice cream and a purchase of Laila from Norway (this reminds me of Disney so much i am wearing it as I type this report lol) I was off to Germany to wait for Snow White. I was her first guest of the day, we had a nice chat and she even held Rosetta in the picture.

Next it was off to Morocco to meet Aladdin and Jasmine. I stopped in at the Tangerine Café for a refreshing tangerine slushy (non alcoholic) Austin and I were texting back and forth as I filled him in on who I was meeting. He told me Jasmine was his fav and I explained that mine was Ariel. (I have a thing for red heads So I got to meet them and explained to Jasmine she's Austin's fav princess. I explained that he was with his family over at the Studios but would be here tomorrow with me.

Then it was off to meet Aurora over in France. I watched Pere Noel do his show and met up with some fellow Canadians from disboards. I tried to do the Kim Possible thing but it was closed for the day. After that it was back to Pop Century to charge my phone.

I figured I might as well head over to AK to ride Everest once or twice while my phone charged. I did some pics with the photopass photogs including a cute one holding Simba.

I went to the art shop in AK because I always seem to find things there that the other stores seem to sell out of. I found the Thomas Kinkade litho I have been looking for over the past couple years lol. Got it and some peppermint bark (mmmmm) and some lithos. I decided to head back to the resort and get something to eat before I headed over to DHS.I had my fav Pop dinner of Nachos supreme.

Then it was off to DHS. I was wearing a white news boy cap, and this is key to this evening. while waiting to do pics at several different spots I was asked if I was a CM. I even had some fellow guests treat me as a CM by just handing me their camera and telling me to take their pic no thanks, nothing!!! I thought this was kinda funny. i even told some of the CM's I wished I was a CM here. I was going to do Fantasmic but the crowds were nuts so i just did the Osbourne lights. I had to call my mom and tell her about. We go nuts at christmas here. We have 5 different trees in our house. so after some pics, calls and texts to friends and Austin it was time to do ToT and RNRC.

I hate when big groups do the single rider line and then try to weasel their way onto the ride together. Bravo to all the CM's who refused to keep them together and broke them apart!!!! My wait for ToT was next to nothing cause they asked for a single rider and I was off in less than 5 mins tops. The park was slammed so it was time to head back to Pop for a good night's sleep.

Glendon's solo trip Day 3 Dec 15th
Today I was up early to get to DHS for rope drop. Along with alot of other people it seemed. While in line I was surrounded by fellow Canucks! The people in front of me were from Nova Scotia and the people behind and beside me were from Québec. So we get in and have to watch the little show they put on before rope drop and then BAM!!! Everyone headed for Toy Story Mania.

I got in the fast pass line and waited about 10 mins for a FP!!! After which I decided to go through the normal line too so I could do it twice. I will say this queue is really well done and it moves really quick. They even tell you to keep your group together because the line moves too fast to meet up in the line and frankily there's not much room. So people were even arguing with the Cm's about this. I really wanted to say "lady get over yourself and wait like the rest of us!!"

As for TSM it was good. Not great just good. I am not a big carny game kinda guy or video games for that matter so it was just ok for me. I'd never wait in that line again for it. Oh another thing why do people have to have there kids wait in front of the Mr Potato for their family and block everybody's pics? We want to take pics too not just you guys!!!

So after that i decided to wait in the loooong line to see Buzz and Woody. i really like their new meet and greet spot. It's cute and full of pic ops.

After that I had an hour to kill before my FP. So I headed over to Muppets to do some pics and walked around the Streets of America to take various pics.

I did my 2nd ride through of TSM (still didn't crack 100 000 pts and then I decided to call it a day here and went back to Pop.

I headed to DTD to have some lunch at the T-Rex restaurant. I thought it would be cool and a way to do Dinos without going on the ride. (I really hate this ride now after being in the front row and reading KK2) It was a nice place. i ate right beside a Triceratops. My meal was $20 bucks. Kinda not worth it but the animatronics were good. i wouldn't go back though. After this I strolled through some stores. i checked out the new Design a T shop (no Jessica Rabbit btw) I didn't buy anything while I was here. Kinda hard to buy stuff when you already have everything you like lol.

So after going back to Pop I had a shower and got ready for my meeting with Austin in Epcot that night. Have I mentioned I am getting tired of Epcot?

So I headed over and do characters while I waited for Austin. (he told me to stop and wait for him lol) I met Belle and Beast,
Mary Poppins,

headed back to FW to meet Austin and did a really cool Soarin' pic. So off to SE to wait for him. I sat over by the Art store and waited. He came by a few mins later and we were off to hit Club Cool and then some characters as well as some chatting to get to know each other. Epcot is apparently his fav park, especially WS. I said if I wanted to go to China I'd go there lol.

We walked and talked and met Mushu

and waited for Mulan but she was pulled to Akershus so no luck seeing her. The photopass photog said he wanted to Mulan too, really wanted to see her. (weirdo??)

We hightailed it over to over to Morocco so Austin could meet Jasmine. Who else should be there but the Genie!!! But as we walked in he left. I was not happy I wanted to meet Genie. Austin was glad to see Jasmine though. as were were talking and i was saying I think that's Al and Jas from yesterday, the Genie popped back in w/o me even noticing!! So bonus we got to meet all 3. And you know what they remembered me!!!! Aladdin is even in one pic talking to me about how he remembers me and asking why we weren't staying together. I explained he was with his family lol. (the day before I was trying to tell them about Austin but they didn't hear me so i referred to him as my bf (though he's not) so that's why they asked lol)

So anyways after that delightful meet we were off to Germany to meet Snow White. Austin even traded a pin to get me an Ariel pin, how sweet right? Then it was off to the UK for some dinner of Fish and chips. Austin had never had them before. I think he liked them??? not sure

We decided to try and meet Pooh and friends in the UK whcih we managed. The handler played for our team as well lol. Tigger got all excited that Austin had a pin of him on his lanyard (as well as a rainbow mickey head cough"mo"cough) So while we were meeting them i got pushed to the end of the row in the pic and apparently Tigger got a little "grabby' with Austin. lol

So for the rest of the night I kept teasing him about getting "touched" by Tigger. lol serves him right for trying to get me to say "eh" and making fun of how I say "washroom" apparently I put an r in the wash part.

After which we headed up to SE earth so Austin could ride it and we did some games afterward in the post show area. We stopped at mouse gear to look at some stuff and saw a really cute purple fairies back pack. Even though it was $16.95 i had to buy it. Now this right here shows what type of person Austin is. And if for some reason I never do see him again or whatever I will always remember this. I asked Austin if he'd still be seen with me if I wore this back pack. His reply was "Of course, if somebody wouldn't want to be seen with you while you wore it than they aren't somebody you should be friends with." Wow this coming from a 19 yo!!!! I was really touched by this. Ok so no more touchy feely stuff since I am tearing up a bit here lol.

We did some pics in front of various Christmas displays and headed to France to watch the fireworks. I wanted to steal a kiss but wasn't too sure about how he felt and I won't do that while people are nearby. Unlike the people beside us whoI wanted to tell "Get a room!"

So after the wonderful fireworks we wandered to the front of the park doing some pics along the way and chatting some more.

I was going to head back to his resort with him and then head over to DTD but since it was after 10pm and he was at ASMov I'd never get to DTD in time for shopping. So we said our goodbye with a hug and we each headed home. That folks was the last time I saw him. We continued to text each other during the trip but our scheds never allowed us to meet again. We exchanged face book info and e-mail add's but my poor luck with guys will surely see this friendship fade. But still I have some great memories of my fellow Disney boy from Atl.

Glendon's solo trip Day 4 Dec 16th
Today I decided to head back over to MK. I figured it would be less crowded because they had EMH the night before and the MVMCP was later tonight. I got there before rope drop and was one of the first people up Main Street. It's so nice in MK with only a few people there.

The CM's at the gate said the entire park would open at 9am so I was excited to try and meet the other fairies. But nope toontown was closed and didn't open til 10am. So I decided to ride some things in Fanatasyland while the crowds were light. I even got to meet Donald Duck out by his tree farm. No photopass photog though. Apparently it was too early.

So after the tea cups, Pooh, Snow white, Philharmagic and IASW Ariel was open so I went to meet her. Unfortunately it was not the same Ariel from Jan. I even asked about her later on in the day. I showed a pic of her to a Grotto CM and he said she wasn't there anymore. Oh well.

Off to LS to ride HM again. I love this because i always see something new that I have missed before. I went over to FL to ride Splash Mtn (back row so I didn't get soaked) and Big Thunder (Kingdom Keepers lol) and then off to do POTC again. But on my way to Pirates I spotted Wendy and Peter. So I got in line for them. Again no photopass photog. We had a nice chat about where I was from and how Tink doesn't like Wendy and how she saw her on my shirt the other day and din't like that Wendy was near Peter!! Peter asked me about the Fairy in my bag (Rosetta)

Off I went to buy some pins and do some pics. I did a bunch in front of Crystal Palace and even posed with Rosetta in aklot of them. They are soooo cute lol.

On my way out of the park I met Daisy Duck.

This is where stupid/rude people come into play. This spanish family FORCED their crying daughter to meet Daisy, they weren't prepared, no camera out , autograph booked deep in the stroller etc. And to top it all off they cut in front of me!!!! This was not the only time that this happened this week. It seems that so many people thought I was a CM or with other people they would walk right up in front of me. I was not happy about this because these people took over 10 mins to get their crying/screaming child to get close enough to take a pic. PEOPLE DON'T FORCE YOUR KIDS TO MEET CHARACTERS!!!!! The character handler thanked me several times for not causing s scene and being so patient. Even the next family behind me tried to bud in front so the CM said "No this gentlemen is first."

So after that I did some more pics and headed back to Pop to change for the MVMCP. I'll do a separate one for that since there's so much to talk about there.
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MVMCP Dec 16th

I forgot to mention in my previous report what i di on my way back to Pop. I went over to the Poly and visited my fav restaurant, Kona Café and had their SUPERB Chicken Wings and White Chocolate Cheesecake. I tell all my clients they must eat here atleast once. After that I headed over to the GF to see the gingerbread house. I must say it is very well done and I was really impressed. I had to pick up some stuff for my mom and opted for 2 ginger bread ornaments. $26.90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uh no I think not. I bought one and it was still close to $10!!! So after that ordeal back to MK to go back to Pop.

So after a shower, texts to Austin, a voicemail form the CM at the Concierge desk who helped me with my party ticket and a costume change I ws off to MK for MVMCP.

Now as many of you know I am REALLY into christmas decorating. So Christmas is my thing. MVMCP was something I felt I must do atleast once. Once is enough, I will probably never return at this time of year and if I do I will not return to the Christmas Party. Ok so i arrived at about 4pm and used my party ticket to get in. I decided to walk around a bit and do some rides in Tomorrowland while I waited for the Party. Since I was in MK earlier my hopper was still valid in MK so I got 2 FP's for Space Mountain. Austin insisted I do it again eventhough I HATE this ride cause it kills my back lol. So I got my FP's and off I went. I did the TTA and Buzz Lightyear then ventured out to the HUB to see the castle light up.

Now this is where started to go downhill for me. IT WAS PACKED!!!! People were pushing and shoving to get places and day guests were still in the park.
Ok yes I know it was only 6:30pm but I figured some would leave. Nope they stayed. So after I saw the castle light show I headed back to HM to get into Fantasyland and get some Figaro fries lol. I asked a CM if they sweep the park and she said no they just check for wristbands til about 8pm and then that's it. They asked all day guests to leave at 7pm and informed them the party was sold out tonight. So after I had my fries I went over and thought I'd meet the Princesses, after all I was here for characters. So I met Belle and Beast in formal attire, Aurora and Phillip and Cinderella and Prince Charming. I went over to the old skyway area by IASW for Snow White and her Prince but they were over by Pooh's playful spot so i back tracked and met them (no photopass photog again) and then over to meet Uncle Scrooge for the first time. I had to wait til donald left and Scrooge came but I didn't mind. After that it was back to Toontown to meet the Fairies again.

I really hate how they won't tell you who's there. I was praying for Fawn and Silvermist since I met the other 2 on Sat. I only waited 20mins!!!! Can u believe that!! Worth the price of admission alone I'd say. this was because it was during the parade (i missed both). Here I am with the fairies

After the fairies I met Mickey and Minnie in their Christmas attire and they were the worst lines of the night soo long and slow. I met Alice.

She was supposed to leave and go for a ride with some special friend but stayed to do one last pic with me cause I told her she was my fav.

I went to ue my FP for Space Mtn and walked right past 100's of people waiting in line. Cut eye central is what this line should be called lol. And thanks to Austin i remember how awful this ride is. It threw me around soooo bad!!! My back snapped several times and I didn't even go back to use my other FP. No way my back could take it.

So after that I went up to MS USA to watch the fireworks, and I am sorry but for Disney fireworks they were pretty boring. I prefer the MNSSHP ones more. So i headed over to Adv Land to meet Ali and Jasmine and remarked how she must be a pretty powerful princess to have a place to sit and greet her guests. She laughed and said "That's me." I kiecked around the park doing as many photpass pics as I could in various locations. I took some pics with my camera of different things too and decided to call it a night. It was after 11pm so I had enough.

So would I do it again? NOPE. Was it crowded? YES. Did I enjoy the characters? YES Hot Chocolate and cookies? Nope gross! Fireworks? Boring lol. So as I said before Never again. I did it don't feel the need to go back.
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Wed Dec 17th

So this morning I got up and made it to AK for rope drop. And As I have experienced before in the summer AK is always 10 times hotter than th other parks for some reason. Warched the little opening ceremony in front of the tree with a Christmas twist to it. Cute. Then it was off to Everest.

This is the ONLY reason I head to AK. As I have said before if I wanted to see animals I'd go to the Toronto Zoo. So as all the other people walked through Asia while the rest of us headed in DinoLand and across the waterfront. Surprisiingly they had some CM's with a rope on the bridge so we had to walk over to everest but we still beat the crowd. I was the 4th person to get on the ride as we were escorted through the queue. I love this ride, everything about it. The setting, the effects, the detail the mild thrill lol. The Yeti was in B mode?? motionless with a strobe light on him. He wa like that all week the several times I rode EE.

After wards I headed over to the Photopass Photog across the water to get some everest ones taken.

After that I headed back to the front of Ak and had some simba pics taken, which were really cute.

Then I saw Lilo and Stitch.

The long was long and full of annoying people. The people behind me were nice but their kids were overly excited and ran up in front of me. No big deal the parents apologized several times. The husband thought I ws with the other family in front of me. (yeah buddy that's why i didn't speak to them once the entire time we were in this 20 min line duh) So after those pics I headed out of Ak.

I decided I wanted some Earl of Sandwich for Breakfast so I headed over to AKL to grab a DTD bus. OMG what a wait. It would've been faster for me to head back to Pop and then go to DTD from there.

I forgot to mention in my MVMCP report my little adventure going to DTD that night. I just remembered it now actually lol. As I left the partyy I wanted to go to DTD so I hopped a SSR bus thinking I'd just get off and walk. Well apparently I missed the closest bus stop and ended uop and the far side of the resort. So i asked a a guest what i should do. He told me to catach a bost ride and head over that way since it was only a 5 min ride. So I wastrying to follow the signs to the boat launch and in the dark at an unfamiliar resort is not an easy thing to do. So I got kinda lost and I was texting austin to tell him. H elaughed at me and my pain. He said well atleast it's a pretty resort. Yeah not in the dark. So I called Larissa (my hag) and walked around trying to find the boat dock with her on the phone. I finally found it and felt better. She laughed at me too. So I rubbed it in that I was going eat DELICIOUS earl and boo to her. Sao I did I went to Earl and had the holiday sandwich. SO GOOD!!! Not as filling as some of the others but really tasty. I referred to it as a taste sensation in my texts to my friend Robin.

Ok so back to this day. I finally got a bus after a 30min wait and was off to DTD. I went to Earl and had the All American for bfast since it was 11am. So good. Then I walked around a bit took some pics and bought a shirt for Larissa and a Miss Piggy Lenox Ornament for me. Only $15 because all of the ornaments were half price. So after that I decided ti was time to dump so stuff and head back to the resort. I had some pkgs that needed to be picked up at the resort. They couldn't find my sketch and was not happy about that. Finally the manager found it somewhere in the back. Thank God.

So after getting all my stuff. I decided to go back to the room. I had a shower which I find necessary just to cool off in the middle of the day. I started getting things packed up since I hate packing at the last minute, even if it is for departing WDW. I tried to catach Y&R but it was over already. So I washed some stuff and then headed for MK. Austin was there but had already left. I had hoped to see him tonight but he said he was wiped and had to leave at 4am so we couldn't. Oh well there's always next time.

So I did pin shopping and found some baby stuff for a friend. I rode POTC again, HM again, Philharmagic again and then just wandered around looking at things and soaking up my time in MK. This is still my favourite park. I still get goosebumps when i see the Castle and walk down Main Street. I stayed and watched Wishes took some pics of christmas stuff and headed home for the night.

Thurs Dec 18th The Last Day

So Today was my last day at WDW this trip. Normally I do all 4 parks on the last day but today I only did 3. Before Austin left early that morning he texted me about seeing the Team Possible thing set up in Epcot yesterday. I had mentioned that i had really wanted to do this'cause I love KP.

So i got up headed over to AK to do 2 things. I wanted to do something new in each park this trip. So far I had the fairies in MK and nothing else done for the other parks. LOL

It was kinda breezy but still with an expected high of 80 F. So i grabbed a hoodie and my traditional last day shirt (you'll see) and off I went to AK.

Got there after rope drop and headed over to EE. Jumped in the looong single rider line and awaited my final EE ride for awhile. It was getting pretty warm and so were some of the guys in line (yum, lol did i mention i love wearing dark sunglasses for exactly this reason) off i went to see the yeti one more time seated beside this teenager with his friends in front of me. So the ride went smoothly and I said good bye to the Yeti. Headed through asia with rosetta sticking out of my back pack. I was rocking her and the fairy back pack again today!!! Say it loud say ti proud I AM A FAIRY!!! lol

I ventured across the park and decided to see FOTLK, Austin had said his family went to see it but preferred the Nemo show. I HATED the Nemo show, couldn't even sit through the whole thing. so since I've been warming up to LK again I figured I'd do it as my new thing for AK.

I thoroughly enjoyed this show and found myself singing along with the performers. BUT I WAS FREEZING they had the air cranked thank god I wore a hoodie cause I was freezing my poor white legs off in my shorts.

So after that i headed out and said goodbye to AK. I hopped a bus to Epcot and bee lined it to the back of the park to try and so the KP thing. Hurray it was open and I did the mission in France. It was funny because everytime it told me to leave an area to get out of range I'd accidently end up right where I was supposed to be next. This game was fun and I would like to try and do the other countries next trip. Although I am sure the volume level on the communicator was annoying other people and I couldn't figure out how to turn it down. FYI The camera by the water in france is part of the game!!

I headed back to Pop and grabbed soemthing to eat and picked up my phone since it needed to be charged up. Thenit was off to DHS. I wanted to meet some more characters and see the Beauty and the Beast Show since it was something I hadn't done before.

I headed over and was just in time for the 12:45pm show. First I grabbed a FP for ToT and then I grabbed a mickey bar and diet coke, no coke zero here and sat down for the show.

I really enjoyed this show and even got a bit teary eyed at the end of it.

I left the theatre and went over to ToT where I really didn't need the FP but oh well I have some in my scrapbooks. I love ToT and will ride it every trip. It's so funny to hear people freak out on it. I rocked Rosetta for the pic but she ended up being blocked so i didn't get it. i tried RNRC but the single rider line was too long and i wanted to see mroe characters.

I headed over to the animation Courtyard and went out back for some characters. First I met Mrs Incredible who had a PP Photog and said Mr Incredible was busy working out so he wasn't there.

Then I tried for the Bolt characters and they weren't there yet. So i tried for some power rangers but alas not there either. So I headed over and saw the Cars guys. It was soooo hot at this point and I could feel myself getting fried (especially) my face. I stuffed my hoodie into my back pack and waited and waited. The line wasn't oo bad it was just the heat. A father behind my remarked to his wie about my backpack (as if I was deaf) "That's an interesting backpack he has on." he said Her reply was "And that's a doll stuicking out fo the top!" "Oh i thought it was part of the backpack." he replied lol I know it's not really rude or anything but I just found it funny they were saying it all as if I couldn't hear them.

So i went up and made sure the kids behind me didn't bud in front cause i wasn't standing there in the sun anymore.

After that I headed out the front of the park and went over to see if the Bolt guys were there yet the line was too long but Frozone was there so I met him.

After that I decided I was in need of a swim. So as I headed out BPB was going on so I stopped to watch it. I saw some bug's life characters and snapped some pics.

I headed back to Pop dumped my stuff in the room and went for a quick swim at the 60's pool make a call home to mom to see why she called me and I missed it cause BPB was so LOUD! I showered and changed into my new muppets shirt I picked up after the Cars meet and greet. (yeah bi forgot to mention that part lol) I headed down to the food court, had some nachos (mmmm) and then back to DHS for Fantasmic.

Once I got there I tried to do a Stitch pic but it was too late so i just went around and did some more character pics. I waited in the looong line for Bolt
with dumb parents behind me who made their kids cry cause the dad was being such a jerk.

Then i went over to the villains shop one last time and no nothinbg new. Di my pic on Sunset BLVD with tot in the background.

I decided to skip Fantasmic to do some more pics of the Osbourne lights. I was treated to them dancing along with Streisand's Jingle Bells which I LOVE!!! Here sre some pics

After I walked around there for awhile (cried a few tears because of the sheer beauty of it and other reasons) I decided to call it quits. I headed out of the park but I saw this PP girl Austin adn i had seen at Epcot and then I saw the other day at MK. she was actually taking pics so I had to have her take mine. She said of course especially since I was wearing my CM hat lol. She made me do a funny pose since she said she was tired of my normal pose she had seen in all of my other pics lol.

I thanked her and said good bye. I went to view my pics and then headed back to Pop.

I then hopped a bus over to DTD for one last Earl meal. This time I had the Tuna Melt mmmmmmmmmmmm so goooooooood. I wish we had Earl of Sandwich near here. I 'd make people drive to NY to get it if it was there. So after that yumminess and 5 ppl calling me to tell me that the weather was going to delay my trip home, i walked around DTD. I went to WoD and picked up another Green bag and a monrail t-shirt for Larissa. Then i went over to the West side and hit Virgin and listened to some non disney/christmas music. I was going to buy some dvd's but figured I didn't want to chance being over on my luggage allowance. So after walking all over I headed back to Pop. I hung out in the shop for a bit and then went back to the room to finish packing. Tried to check on my lfight but it was still too early. Oh well, I packed up everything and went to bed, sad that i was leaving tomorrow morning.

P.S.- love my Statler and Waldorf shirt!!!!!!!!!!
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Where was this?

Thanks for sharing your TR with us.

How did you get your Photopass pictures so fast.
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Originally Posted by OhMari View Post

Where was this?

Thanks for sharing your TR with us.

How did you get your Photopass pictures so fast.
I had this posted in the G&L forum but figured I'd share it over here too

Someone showed me how to get the low res screen caps to use in my T.R.'s
Who Run The World? GIRLS!!!
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