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Old 08-28-2008, 09:47 AM   #1
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The Trip that was never suposed to happen PTR

Me- Mom extraordinare and organization freak. I've been planning since we got home last time.

DH- Wasn't sure about Disney till we were there, now loves it. But wanted to wait till we were debt free.

DD- 8 yr old enthusiastic, energetic kid, turning 9 during trip.

The Story

We last visited the Temple of the Great Mouse back in December of 2005. This was our first trip and DH figured probably our only trip at the price we were paying. We went to celebrate paying off the last of our credit cards and everything but the mortgage. This was really our first real family vacation where we just went and had fun and didn't do a time share presentation, or visit family.

We went and had the best time ever. DH said he couldn't wait to go back and said once we pay off the mortgage we could go back. (Probably about 2010 at the rate we were going) So I wined and complained but DH said after the mortgage. So I got back on my budget and have been working hard to manage our money and make the most of what we have. Now since the economy has slowed we didn't get those really nice bonuses that I've been throwing at the mortgage so our trip looked to be getting farther and farther away.

Now fast forward to this summer. DH has been working hard on a project. Working crazy hours and on top of that we do a lot of volunteer work. We teach karate on a volunteer basis twice a week. We help out at church at least twice a week. We keep very busy and with DH's job keeping him even busier DH was burning out. So when he did manage to get a raise this spring we started talking about what to do with the extra money. DH said to put it on the mortgage. But I thought we might want to use it for other things. I was thinking use the money to go visit our family up in Canada. It had been 2 years since our last visit. Might also get some karate practice in while we were there. So I casually suggest one day while driving DH to work that we use the money for a vacation. DH said sure, but If we are to take a vacation we should go back to Disney. SHOCK!! DH saying go back to Disney.

So talk was all about the upcoming free dining promo. We had done the DDP last time and had enjoyed it. So I started to pull together numbers and prices and where we would stay, and for how long. I calculated how much I would have saved up by September to determine my budget. I discovered we could afford a bit more than last time. My plans started out 1 week, then 1 week with 2 weekends, then went to 11 nights. We ended up going the AS Movies, 11 nights with 10 day PH's and free dining. DH was impressed with the savings this got us, and we could even celebrate DD's birthday with style. DH checked with work and got approval to take the time off. There was some question as to when his project was to be completed, the finally set the date of sept 15. We booked sept 19 to 30.

Now I started looking for airfare. I'm not big on flying so I prefer a direct flight, and the closest airport with direct flights was Kansas City with Southwest or Airtran. My goal was to pay about $200/person and kept my eyes open but waited as DH's work was behind schedule. So after more research and finding out I could book southwest and wouldn't have fees to cancel or change flights I went ahead and booked. I ended up paying $650 for the 3 of us.

Now we were set to go. I had made my dining reservations. Managed to secure a late lunch on my DD's birthday at Le Celier (her choice). Of course I've changed some of them a time or 2. I've got some other surprised booked for my DD's birthday as well. In the midst of all my planning one day my husband casually says you know we should make this an annual thing. SHOCK!! I almost fall over. My DH saying we should do Disney every year. I hope it happens but at the same time I'm happy with every other year for now.

Life kept going along and I continued planning. DH's work project continued to fall behind schedule. To make up time DH worked Saturdays. My parents decided to give us an old car (92 Nissan Axxess) so it was decided rather than them driving down then flying home, DD and I would fly up and then drive home. This way DH wouldn't feel so bad about all the hours of work he was doing and not being with us. Hopefully he would be able to focus and get back on schedule. So DD and spent 3 weeks away visiting with my family and his and then driving home. DH got back on schedule then found more problems and was behind schedule and then was back on schedule.

I got home and got ready for the upcoming school year. After much thought we dropped our DD from the Virtual School and decided to Homeschool. So I pulled together a curriculum and planned for the year. This would work out better for us as we wouldn't have to miss school for our vacation, we can do school around our vacation. And Disney is educational.

As we approached the 45 day mark DH was again behind schedule and our trip was up in the air. Finally DH met with his boss and asked if we could still go or would we need to cancel. DH's Boss said it would be better to cancel. DH called me and I started to look and see what I would need to do to cancel everything. I told DD. I didn't want to cancel the trip. It was no fair. Then DH called back. His Boss's Boss had heard about the situation. His response was No (Insert Adjective) way were we to cancel our trip. We were going. They would just have to work around our plans. YAY!! It was one roller coaster of a day. Ultimates low to ultimate high. And since it was from higher up there was no going back on the word.

So as I write this we are only 22 days away from Disney and 21 days away from leaving for Kansas City. Only 3 weeks. I booked a park and sleep package at the hotel next to the airport. Cost me $125 and parking would have been about $100 so it was worth it. I've made a few more changes to out plans and added the WP&M to our tickets. We will go to the Water Park on our arrival day. I bought my MNSSHP tickets for Sept 28th. I've got my box of stuff to pack full and made sure we had enough clothes for our trip. Bought DH a new pair of crocs, bought my self some sandals, DD got a pair of fake crocs. DD and I plan on buying some Disney Crocs while we are there.

And thats the end of my story for now. I'm sure there is more to come.
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Old 08-28-2008, 11:09 AM   #2
Hollywood, 1939. Amidst the glitz and glitter...the Hollywood Tower Hotel was a star in its own right.
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Whew! I am so glad that you are still able to go and now you will go no matter what! It sounds like everyone could use the time off. Can you list out your TS restaurants?
(me) (DH)

Planning a vacation for September! PTR
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Old 08-28-2008, 11:28 AM   #3
Ratted out her husband's lack of pony knowledge for a tag!
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We are only 23 days away from being at Disney!! Woohoo!!!!
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Old 08-28-2008, 01:01 PM   #4
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Posts: 419


So I love to plan. I have had a lot of fun planning this trip and making it work for us. Last time we used the UOG crowd calender and had a rough idea of what we were doing. This time I got the UOG and TGM. There has been conflicting advice as to best parks for the day, but I have what I think will work for us. So here are my plans.

Sept 18
Drive from NW Arkansas to Kansas City. Stay at hotel by airport with free parking while we are gone.

Sept 19
Flight leaves at 7:05 am arrives 10:50 am Orlando
ME to AS Movies Check In
Blizard Beach
ADR Boma 7:00 pm

Sept 20
ADR Coral Reef 12:00 pm
Magic Kingdom

Sept 21
Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
ADR Hollywood & Vine Fantasmic Pkg 5:00 pm

Sept 22
ADR Biergarten 12:05 pm
*Afternoon free- Maybe hang out at resort, go to park, WP or DTD*

Sept 23
Magic Kingdom
ADR Akershus 4:30 pm

Sept 24 ** DD's Birthday**
Magic Kingdom
Family Magic Tour *Surprise for DD*
ADR Le Celier 2:45 pm

Sept 25
Hollywood Studios
ADR Tepan Edo 5:00 pm

Sept 26
Magic Kingdom
ADR Whispering Canyon 12:00 pm
*Afternoon free- Maybe hang out at resort, go to park, WP or DTD*

Sept 27
Animal Kingdom
Magic Kingdom
ADR Liberty Tree Tavern 5:15 pm

Sept 28
Animal Kingdom
ADR Ohana 5:00 pm

Sept 29
Hollywood Studios
ADR SCI Fi 12:15 pm
*Afternoon free- Maybe hang out at resort, go to park, WP or DTD*

Sept 30
ME to Airport about 10:30 am
Flight leaves at 1:30 pm arrives 3:25 pm Kansas City
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Old 08-28-2008, 01:36 PM   #5
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Posts: 419


DH is not into laving everything planned out in advance. He wants to look around and do what he wants to do. This did work well our last trip with some knowledge. So we will take a similar approach and using TGM modify it so our needs. I've had knee problems for a while now so I try to limit all the walking. I have my ACL reconstructed over 10 years ago, and I ended up having a knee cartilage repair done last September. I admit that I should have kept up with the physical therapy, but I didn't. I tend to do okay, and have been making use of my treadmill till I hurt my ankle last week. Not sure what I did but it's been a little swollen and sore. So our plans are to do everything we want to do in an area before we move on. So far I haven't changed my mind on this, but I admit if I didn't have to walk every where twice I would probably do a touring plan to make the most of my time.

So this is what I have so far. Feel free to give your insights.

Sept 20 am Rope Drop
Living in the Land
Circle of Life
Honey I shrunk the Audience
Journey W Figment
The Seas w Nemo
Turtle Talk

Sept 20 pm MK
Judges Tent
Hall of Fame
Minnie's House

Sept 21 am Rope Drop Animal Kingdom
Kilamanjaro Saffari
Pagani Trail
Wildlife Express
Festival Lion King
Camp Minnie Mickey
It's Tough to be a bug
Discovery Trails

Sept 21 pm Hollywood Studios
Great Movie Ride

Sept 22 am Epcot
Test Track
Mission Space
Ellen Energy Adv
Spaceship Earth

Sept 22 pm ?? Maybe DTD or WP ??

Sept 23 am Rope Drop MK
Space Mountain
Indy Speedway
Astro Orbiter
Buzz Lightyear
Stiches Great Escape
Monsters Inc
Tomorowland Transit Authority
Carousel of Progress
Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Splash Mountain

Sept 23 pm Epcot

Sept 24 am Rope Drop MK *DD's Birthday and Suprises*
Main Street Barber Shop *If time available*
Family Magic Tour

Sept 24 pm Epcot *DD's Birthday and Suprises*
What ever DD wants to do

Sept 25 am Rope Drop Hollywood Studios
Toy Story Mania (Also get FP for later)
Voyage of the Little Mermaid
?? Playhouse Disney ?? DD may be to old for this
Beauty and the Beast
Magic of Disney Animation
One mans dream

Sept 25 pm Epcot

Sept 26 am Rope Drop MK
Peter Pan
Snow White
Ariels Groto
Mad Tea Party
Its a Small World
Story Time with Belle

Sept 26 pm ?? Maybe DTD or WP ??

Sept 27 am Rope Drop Animal Kingdom
Expedition Everest
Triceratops Spin
Kali River
Maharaja Trek
Flights of Wonder
Finding Nemo

Sept 27 pm MK
Haunted Mansion
Hall of Presidents
Country Bears
Tom Sawyer Island
Pirates of the Caribbean
Jungle Cruise
Tiki Room
Magic Carpets of Aladdin
Swiss Family Tree House

Sept 28 am Animal Kingdom
?? Not sure about this we have done everything at the park. Maybe MK??

Sept 28 pm MNSSHP
*What ever we want to do again*

Sept 29 am Hollywood Studios
Toy Story Maina (FP for later)
Backlot Tour
Lights Motor Action
Muppets 3D
Star Tours
Indiana Jones
Sounds Dangerous
Honey I shrunk set

Sept 22 pm ?? Maybe favorite park, DTD or WP ??
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Old 08-28-2008, 03:24 PM   #6
Ratted out her husband's lack of pony knowledge for a tag!
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We are going to be at the same parks at the same times on September 23rd! Hopefully we picked good ones that day!
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Old 10-02-2008, 03:23 PM   #7
Join Date: Oct 2005
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Were back!

We left the wonderful world of Disney on Tuesday and flew to Kansas City. On arriving we discovered our car with a dead battery. We had left the map light on. A call to AAA and a quick boost and we were off to drive 4 hours to home. On arriving at home we had a great surprise. The hose that goes from the wall to the toilet on our main bathroom had broken and flooded our house. We had 1 to 2 inches of standing water throughout our entire house. So turned off the water main, called the insurance company, called a restoration company, and then I took our daughter to a hotel for the night. DH waited till the company arrived and started removing flooring and sucking up the water and then join us for some sleep. So my computer has dried and out and thank goodness still works, we are now set up in a extended stay hotel for the next 2 and a half weeks till hopefully we will be back in our house. The cats are in a kennel and we have moved our needed stuff out of the house into the hotel with us. Needless to say I'm now totally exhausted after my nice relaxing vacation. I will try to write up my trip report but it may take some time.
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