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Old 08-09-2008, 12:08 AM   #1
Earning My Ears
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Neverland Twin Nursery Theme

I just found out I am having boy/girl twins and would love to do a Peter Pan/Wendy theme for the nursery. Unfortunately, I am not the most creative person. I found a lavender bedding that I thought might work, but I have no idea on the boy's bedding. I am thinking of painting the walls some shade of green. Any suggestions?
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Old 08-10-2008, 09:56 PM   #2
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Originally Posted by TwinMommy2-3 View Post
I just found out I am having boy/girl twins and would love to do a Peter Pan/Wendy theme for the nursery. Unfortunately, I am not the most creative person. I found a lavender bedding that I thought might work, but I have no idea on the boy's bedding. I am thinking of painting the walls some shade of green. Any suggestions?
Thats a great gender nuetral theme!! I would think deep greens(peter pan) Midnight blues (the london sky at night!) lavender (tinkish type color) a nice yellow color (tink pixie dust), and deep purples would be the colors of choice.

maybe get creative paint and an overhead projector to draw the characters onto the walls? (if your willing to go that FAR into theme)

I really like that theme though!
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What a great idea for the nursery!! I love it!!

I think I would go with pastels: green for the Peter Pan side and lavender for the Tink side would be nice, and the two colors go really well together. As for how to place the colors, you could do one on the top of the wall and one on the bottom, with a cute Peter Pan themed border in between. (But then you have to figure out which color to put on top... )

Or you could go literal and paint the room half and half! That would be cute too! If you do that, I would do two whole walls in green, and two whole walls in lavender. (that way the color transitions would take place in the corners of the room as opposed to the middle of a wall, if that makes sense...LOL)

If you can find a way to get ahold of an overhead projector, I LOVE the idea of projecting just a simple image of Peter Pan in flight onto the wall above your son's crib, and one of Tink in flight above your daughter's crib. That would be great!!

Congratulations again on the babies, and good luck with the room! Be sure to put some pics up in here!!!
Partner (Jen) , DD6 , and Me (Christal)
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Old 08-12-2008, 09:21 PM   #4
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Congratulations! What a fantastic idea for a nursery! Please come back with pictures as you ar doing the room.

Dyan 0=====0

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Old 08-20-2008, 02:41 PM   #5
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Peter Pan Mural

I just finished my daughters room and did Peter Pan on the ceiling. I ordered
5 characters, Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, Michael and John from ebay.
I lady there hand paints them on textured wall paper and mails them to you.
I won the auction for the listing price of $45.00 and $6.00 shipping. They are terrific. Everyone loves her room!! I painted the ceiling blue and did some white clouds not hard at all. Then all I had to do was dip the pre-cut characters in a pan of water and apply them to the ceiling. The affect is awesome. Look on e-bay under Peter Pan Mural
http://cgi.ebay.com/5pc-Peter-Pan-Ti...d=p3286.c0.m14. Attempted to paste the link here but didn't work. Below check out the pictures of my daughters room.
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Old 08-20-2008, 03:00 PM   #6
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Peter Pan Party idea for that future BIRTHDAY

One of my daughters favorate movies is Peter Pan. I have even done Peter Pan on the ceiling of her room. This year for her 6th birthday we are doing a Peter Pan, Neverland, Fairies Tea Party. I didn't think I could put all that together. Bur with the help of places on the web like Party Idea's and some of my own this is what I came up with. Also Michelle here at the disney boards (under Creative Designs) is helping me with her party invitaton.
Here is the Party plan. Huge Party.

Peter Pan part of the Party

Decorations- star , crocodile and tinkerbell balloons. Fish netting, anchor, tulle, tee pee, pirate ship made out of boxes, flowers, neverland map, mermaid lagoon, bubble machine. Blue streamers , shells, gold coins, fish for mermaid lagoon.

Over front door “Gate Way to Neverland Second Star to the right” and a big star over it. The second star it placed in the back yard because that’s where Neverland is.

Costumes—Smee, Captain Hook, Wendy, Peter Pan, Lost Boys, Michael, John, Tiger Lilly, Pirates, fairies, Indians
Food—Pizza, Popcorn (Pirates Booty), cubed cheese with swords, Chicken “gold” nuggets, Crocodile Pickles - Pin raisins in a pickle for the eyes
* Captain Hook's Treats - First, make Rice Krispie bars. Then, shape each one into a hook and dip the bottoms in chocolate to make it look like Captain Hook's Sleeve, * PB&J telescope sandwiches - Take a slice of bread, remove the crust, spread peanut butter and jam and roll it up like a telescope
* Shark Gummy Fish
* Gold Fish Crackers
* Fresh fruit served in a treasure chest
* Pirate Chow - Mix trail mix and popcorn
* Shrimp Cocktail

Create an adventure through Never Land centered around a search for Hooks Treasure. Kids will progress through different areas of Never Land—The Nursery, Crocodile Creek, Pirate’s Cove, Mermaid Lagoon, Indian Camp, Skull Rock and the treasure, Finally to go to Pixie Hollow were all the fairies can relax.

When kids arrive they were greeted by Wendy (birthday girl) and taken to the Nursery (birthday girls bedroom) . Peter Pan CD will be playing kids can make tissue flowers for Fairy tea later and color Peter Pan pictures until all the guests arrive. Once everyone arrives Wendy the birthday girl says.
WENDY—“Children, Father said this is our last night in the nursery. Tomorrow we have to grow up. Let’s fly to Never Land and find Hook’s treasure!”
At this, Hook (birthday girls dad appears) and says
Hook—But only if ye can find me Treasure. I’ll give you the first clue!
(Birthday girl changes from Wendy into Tinkerbell costume.)
Hook--Off to Never Land, just follow the pixie-Through the green but watch out it gets tricky. Along the creek, walk single file. Sit where you like, and watch for the crocodile!”
This will take the kids to Crocodile creek . Where the crocodile song will be playing on the CD player and the kids will make a crocodile clothespin. Paint clothes pins green. Use googly eyes and pre-cut squiggly strips (using craft sissors) of white teeth so the kids can glue them on. Use old realtor magnics and pizza magnets cut them up and attach to clothespins so kids can hang them on their refridgerators. Put on paper plates with each kids name to dry.
Hook appears again to say—
Hook—“Avast ye, mateys, ye made a fine croc. But there’s more danger in store that doesn’t tick-tock. Head for the sea, that’s a good tip You’ll find your next clue on a pirate ship.
The kids will then move to Pirate’s Cove: Here we will have 2 pirate ships set for battle each made out of big boxes. (tip use a 3rd box to make points on the front and back of the ships more realistic) Can get Pirate flag from internet or make one out of poster board from the dollar store) Only allow 2 kids on each ship at a time, Kids will have to throw black balloon cannon balls at each ship, can also use black small whiffle balls or stryofom balls. Each team as 1 minute to try to sink the other pirate ship. The team that got the most cannon balls in the other ship wins. Losing team gets told they have to swab the deck. Game continues until all children have had a chance. Use the Pirates of the Caribbean ship battle song on this one. At the end of the game Hook will appear again and say

Hook—Poor boys and girls, some of you got sunk. Your ship no longer sails and now it’s just junk. So swim out to the lagoon and you’ll get your three swishes—A chance to bring home one of those girl fishes.
Mermaid Lagoon—Out to the kiddie pool. Floating in the pool are dollar store mermaids of various colors. Kids line up and get three chances with a fishing net to catch a mermaid that they can keep. If they didn’t catch it in three chances they have to go to the end of the line and try again. CD song from Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon should be playing. Hook then reappears.
Hook—“Blast you, yer getting closer, but you haven’t found me gold yet.. It’s time to go wild and see what you get. Follow the leader, and take steps to the right of thee—you’ll capture your next clue in the home of sweet Tiger Lily.
Indian Camp—CD plays music from Peter Pan Indian camp song. Tee Pee is set up, totem/tiki décor. Kids get to go into the tee pee and get their faces painted and get tattoos. Hook reappears and says.

Hook—“So you made it this far, but don’t brag or talk—No one has ever made it to the last stop Skull Rock. Up the ship’s deck and along the deck crickety-crank to get old Hook’s treasure you’ll have to walk the plank!
Skull Rock-inflatable pool filled with water and a rubber croc. 8ft plank on paint cans over pool. Kids have to walk this plank in order to get to the treasure. Get black balloon filled with water, sand or bird seed. Have the kids walk the plank with a cannon ball on their head. On Skull Rock put pirate skeleton holding treasure box filled with candy and treasures. Burlap bags tied each treasure so kids don’t fight over who gets what. Hook then appears and says:

Hook—Arrgh, ye found it, yer better priates than me own. You’ve taken my treasure and now leave me alone! If it’s real riches yer after, head over to Tink’s place. “Cuz better than silver ‘n gold is Nicole’s ice cream and birthday cake

Party Invitation

Come to Where the Fairies Roam, Neverland they Call their Home.
Maybe if we give a cheer Peter Pan will Appear.
We will Have an Adventure you’ll See but Watch Out for Hook and Smee.
Afterwards we’ll All have Tea at the Fairies Home Tree.
Think of the Happiest Things
It’s the Same as Having Wings!
Come Fly with us for “Nicole’s 6th Birthday Party”
The Magic Starts on Sun. Sept 21, 2008 at 3:00pm
Second Star to the right
Gateway to Neverland
You Provide the Faith and Trust We’ll Provide the Pixie Dust
Come Dressed as your favorite Fairy or Peter Pan character for a
Party that Can’t be Missed!!!!

Fairy Part of the Party

Pass the present---Game is played to the music of “I’m a little tea pot” Directions: Wrap smaller box with a surprise inside such as rings and place that inside larger wrapped box. Do this about 4 or 5 box sizes. Sit girls in circle play music every time they hear teapot they have to change the direction in which the present is being passed or if stopped the present to be opened.

Tea Relay—Divide guests into 2 teams and relay tea (water) in mini cups from one side of the yard to the other. They have to balance the mini cup on a mini saucer & try not to spill. The team with the most tea in their tea pot at the end wins.

Balloon Unscramble—Write one letter on each balloon Kids have to work together to figure out the word. Example: Tinkerbell, Neverland orTeapot.

Bug Hunt—Hide large plastic dollar store bugs around yard . Get plastic containers or old bottles

Flower Pot Toss—Large flower pots set up with single flower in each (stuck into a piece of styrofoam) or turn the flower pot upside down and pot flower in hole. Give girls rings made out of flowers to throw and try to ring the big flower.

Bug Bag Toss—Large flower pots about 5 set up and girls given bean bags in the shapes of bugs to throw in the pots.
Musical Flowers-- a version of musical chairs, but instead of chairs Make sunflowers out of construction paper and make one picture of a bug out of construction paper. Place these pictures in a circle and each child has to stand on a picture and when the music stops the child that was caught standing on the bug is out. When each child was out we would then remove a sunflower from the circle (instead of a chair). Until only one child was left standing on a sunflower

Fairy Queen says—Played like Simon says .
Fairy Fairy Pixie—Played like Duck Duck Goose
I Believe in Fairies—One player is deemed Tinker Bell and given a magic wand, and the others all run off. When kids are tagged with the wand, they had to go to a waiting area. They then have to clap their hands and say I believe in fairires 10 times before they are free again. Each girl gets a turn to be Tinkerbell.
Prizes—crown of flowers with ribbons flowing from it to wear on their heads. Ribbons with bells to tie around their wrists, Gold chocolate coins from the (toothfairy), Terra cotta pot ,packet of seeds, small shovel, small bag with potting soil, necklaces, bracelets, candy rings, pixie dust, fairy wands, fans, glow necklaces, fairy or flower stickers,
Favors—Fill a small baggie with glitter. Tie it with ribbon, place it in a pretty fabric pouch for the sachets. Tie the necklaces to the pouches, and attach a card with a picture of a sleeping fairy with a poem. Fairy Love and fairy light, Bring sweet dreams to me tonight. Every night as a lie in bed, A sprinkle of fairy dust upon my head. Fast asleep, I curl up tight, As fairies guard me through the night. Each new day I greet the sun, Ready for more magic fairy fun.
Teabag favor- White paper bags made to look like tea bag. Fold them down to look like tea bag, place string and attach square paper. On paper write. Our Friendship’s like a cup of tea, the perfect , blend of you and me.
Before tea party food is served and if girls bring a friend (stuffed animal or doll)
Go around the table and introduce their friends, telling about how they got them .

Food at Tea Party
Use flower pots and small shovels as bowls for pretzels, nuts, etc.
Chocolate dipped strawberries
Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches cut out in shape of Butterflies (cookie cutter), Pink Lemonade, Cucumber and Bread sandwiches, Chocolate covered strawberries, Cubed sugar, butterfly shaped crackers and cheese, Fresh fruit and yogurt.
Upside down cupcakes iced to look like tea cups with licorice or fruit jelly handles.
Individual dirt cakes in miniature clay pots, lined with foil. In center of each dirt cake plant a flower sucker or cookie on a stick.
For the drink, 1 pack (.13 oz) unsweetened drink mix (any flavor and a bright color - red, blue, purple) lemon-lime flavored carbonated soda - chilled. Mix the pack of drink mix with 1 1/2 cups water. Pour into an ice cube tray and freeze solid. To serve, pour the soda into clear glasses. Put 1-2 flavored ice cubes into each glass. As the ice cubes dissolve, the drink will magically change color and flavor. Note: prepare the ice cubes in several flavors so that different children will have different colored drinks. (do not mix colors within one drink)
Make fairy wings—Buy fairy wings at dollar store, have kids glue jewels on them. Make fairy necklaces purchase at AC Moore $1.00 each.

Small watering cans have girls place stickers, sequens or markers to make design.

Decorations and party supplies—
Nylon butterflies, Teapot, Butterfly balloons, tinkerbell pinata

Fashion show—Have mommies fill out form for upcoming Tea Party Fashion Show. Ask each mom to describe their daughters outfit as if she were walking down a runway. Ask other simple questions, such as hair color, eye color, favorite Disney princess, favorite game, favorite hobby etc. This will be used as the girls walk the runway and are video tape as well as having pictures taken.

**Just found the cutiest crocodile cookies at our local Gaint grocery store in the bakery section. Have to get those too.

Hope this will come in handy if you decide to do a party like this one.
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Peter Pan nugget wrappers

Another thought. Sorry I get carried away sometimes. But a cute little favor I am doing I also got from the disney boards they are wrappers for the small minature hershey bars. They are also under Creative Designs. Telynn did them for me. Great designer. Check them out also.
I hope all this helps you.
Congrats 2x's
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Originally Posted by nicolesmom View Post
I just finished my daughters room and did Peter Pan on the ceiling. I ordered
5 characters, Peter Pan, Wendy, Tinkerbell, Michael and John from ebay.
I lady there hand paints them on textured wall paper and mails them to you.
I won the auction for the listing price of $45.00 and $6.00 shipping. They are terrific. Everyone loves her room!! I painted the ceiling blue and did some white clouds not hard at all. Then all I had to do was dip the pre-cut characters in a pan of water and apply them to the ceiling. The affect is awesome. Look on e-bay under Peter Pan Mural nicolesmom
Wow...your dd's room is great (and so neat!) We will be redoing dd's room soon and I was thinking princess, but she loves Peter Pan. $45 for those murals seems really reasonable to me.

Me DH DD 10
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Peter Pan/Princess Room

I am glad you liked my daughter room. It was alot of fun doing it. I collected things for her room from the time she was 2 yrs old. Just bought what I liked and held onto it till I was ready to do the room.
The carriage bed I got from Rooms to Go. Expensive but is one of those things that can be passed down from generation to generation. The disney dolls I got from Brass-Key. They come out with new Disney Princess Dolls every year. Got wooden disks from the craft store AC Moore and got L brackets from Home Depot glued the doll stands to the wooden disks for support with the kids jumping around the room and stuff. The vanity I got from the Disney Store when she was 2yrs old and just held onto it. And Kohls has a Princess room divider (changing screen) I have that but don't have a picture of it yet. She loves to play dress up so that is really neat. The pink and blue tulle around her vanity was pretty inexpensive $20.00 bought it at Walmart. The crown over the vanity I got off ebay for about $20.00 3 years ago. We just took her to Disney World for the 1st time last year when she was 5. Made sure we got her picture done with all the Princess's. Got $1.00 frames from the dollar store and painted them the colors to match her room. Like I said I just collected stuff I liked and held onto it until I was ready to do her room. My daughter and I were working on a Disney garden and instead putting the garden statues outside she wanted the Snow White and Tinkerbell ones in her room. The Peter Pan on the ceiling was kind of the last minute thing I was planning a Peter Pan/Fairy party and just happened to run across the mural on Ebay. And let me tell you it was so so worth it. If you can do it. You will not be disappointed. Turned out great. Thanks for listening to my rambling on and on.
Sorry like I said i get carried away.
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