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Old 06-25-2008, 10:29 PM   #1
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Lori & Eoghan's PJ/TR -5/1/09 SBP/Jiko/Morocco-TR updated 7/12 honeymoon pics added!

TR starts on page 4

Hi all! I will obviously have to edit this a lot as I'm starting my PJ with my first dress appt! But for now that is all I'm going to post and will fill in a bit as I go (hope that's ok!)

Anyway, all my other dress appts are scheduled for late July and into AUG but a few weeks ago I was in The Palisades Center (the 2nd biggest mall in the country I'm told)..which is over by my mom's house when I went to bring my e-ring back after one of the diamond chips fell out And I was there all by myself and I said to myself.."Self, let's just go take a look in that Camille store just to see what bridal gowns actually look like in real life"...

Turns out I saw a few dresses I liked and the prices were pretty good. I saw this one dress I really liked a lot, in fact I liked it so much I called my mom from my cell and asked her to come over to the mall to look with me. She came over and we looked around but I didn't try any on. I decided to make an appt so I could come back with my SIL, my mom and my DN(niece) who is also my MOH....

Well, the appt was tonight!! It was fun!! I tried on the 3 dresses I still liked from when I was in previously and the first one I tried on was the one I really liked (photos to come later- how do you do it again?) and of course, I didn't like it at all on me!!

I tried on a couple of others and I found one I like, but I didn't get the "WOW"...but I did really like it and everyone with me liked it on me too. So, I will keep that one in mind when i go next month to my other appts.

I'm realizing this post is not that exciting after all! But I was excited and now I understand what all you guys are talking about when you post about dress shopping!!

I put a tiara on too that I liked a lot (I'm planning on going with a tiara) but I don't know about a veil yet. The one the lady had me try on I did not like but I just started so we'll see..

I will have to backtrack like I said but I kept procrastinating about the PJ and figured this was as good a time as any to start it!

I actually have lots to tell you all!

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Enjoy your dress shopping! Looking forward to hearing about your plans!
SANDY Our DFTW:June, 18, 2008 Italy Courtyard/Narcoossee/Italy Plaza OUR PJ

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Congrats!! Can't wait to hear all about your plans!

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Old 06-26-2008, 12:34 PM   #4
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YAY!! I figured it out!!

This adding pics thing is pretty easy after all!!

Except i see the ones I added of the dresses are kind of small, huh? You can't really see the details or anything...hmmm...

I'll have to work on it a bit more, but I know it's hard to give opinions and thoughts if you can't see anything visually...

more to come shortly!
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Ok, all so I tried writing this once before starting with the “How we Met”…but it was just way too wordy and detailed and became way too long before I had even really said anything! It’s funny, because these PJ’s and TR’s are totally something I would do on my own, but now doing it where other people can see it, I think I get intimidated or something. Even the last time I went to the World (Nov 2003) I had planned on doing a TR for another board, but just couldn’t get my head around it…
But since I see how the PJs and TRs really help the brides to be, I am more motivated to make myself write one! Although I posted briefly about my first dress appt, I will try to backtrack now a bit and give you all some background…
Eoghan is obsessed with football and by football, I don’t mean the NFL…he’s from Ireland so whenever I might refer to football, it means soccer (here in the US)
And everytime I get a little annoyed that he’s been watching 6 hours of football (literally in a row!) for two days or whatnot (Thanks Fox Soccer Channel!) Eoghan reminds me that if it weren’t for football we never would have met!! I then shut up very quickly because I realize he is 110% correct!
I love football too actually. Without going into too much detail (or this will end up being just like the first PJ I started) I can tell you that we met at Nevada Smith’s in NYC which is a world famous football pub on a Saturday. Actually it was Saturday March 24, 2007. So, yeah, we haven’t been together as long as a lot of you I know, but when it happens, it happens.
I got to the pub around 10:30am. I was there with my friend Karma (yes, that’s her real name, how cool is that?) There were many games being played that day due to it being Euro qualifiers. The games I was most interested in were Ireland playing Wales and England playing Israel. The Ireland game started at 11am. There weren’t too many people at the bar for this game and I remember seeing someone who looked…well, sickly actually, very pale, very thin wearing a winter coat inside. This turned out to be Eoghan! LOL It turns out he was out the night before ‘till very late and just basically rolled out of bed and came on down to Nevada’s! (That’s pretty common actually with all the early starts as the games are shown live from England or other European countries).
Anyway, I won’t get in to the details of how we started talking but I will say it was during the England game. I will also tell you the place was PACKED from about 1pm until 8pm when we left. To this day, it was probably one of the most fun times I have ever had. Eoghan and I met around 2:30pm or so and we stayed out until almost 3am the next morning!
One of the ways I can sum up the day I met Eoghan is when I woke up on Sunday I realized I hadn’t laughed that much in a LONG time and then actually said out loud…”He made me laugh for like 12 hours straight!” It made me realize how much I really liked him and wanted to see him again. It was actually kind of cathartic and when I woke up I felt free and not weighed down by anything that had been bothering me or making me depressed for like the previous 2 years!!
Eoghan had taken my number and had given me his red Gap hoodie to wear because silly me who wasn’t planning on staying out much past 5 or 6pm, didn’t bring a jacket and it got pretty darn cold out! So, anyway, Sunday and Monday came and went and he didn’t call me. Oh well, I thought, maybe he’s not interested in me after all. Who the heck knows these days really, you know? Anyway, before I went home that night I told him I would return his hoodie the next Saturday as we would both be out at Nevada’s to watch the English Premier League games. Well, Tuesday afternoon comes around and he calls me! I told him I didn’t think he was going to call…so it was pretty funny, he said he actually called me to tell me not to bring his hoodie out the next day (as I wasn’t working at the time and was going out to watch more Euro qualifiers again-Ireland and England) because he couldn’t go because he had to work. I kept telling him I knew that and that’s why we said I would bring it out next Saturday…he told me later (and still does to this day) he knew we arranged that, but he was using it as an excuse to call me!) tee hee. We talked for a bit and all of a sudden it was like he wanted to see me right away, it was funny and made me feel good. But I had already made plans with a gf for that night…he kind of invited himself along which was actually ok with me…but as it turned out, he got stuck at work out in the Hamptons and he couldn’t meet me out, but he texted me all night and we talked on the phone for hours when we both got home later that night.
During the conversations, he divulged that he was not going to work the next day after all because of the big mess up the night before so he was going to go out to watch the Ireland game. So we decided I’d pick him up on the way downtown and we’d go for an Irish Breakfast before the game and watch it with a few people at another pub. After that we went to Nevada’s to watch the last half of the England game. Where he asked me if he could introduce me as his girlfriend! I laughed and said I guess so even though we really just met (Secretly I felt like a teenager again, he was too cute!) That day (March 28th) we consider our dating anniversary.
We didn’t see each other until Saturday and we went to a concert at Webster Hall. The concert wasn’t very good, but we had a nice time and got some food afterwards at this yummy Asian place called Republic in Union Square. The next day at breakfast Eoghan said to me “…well, like if we’re still together 8 or 9 months down the road, I could see us living together…” It totally freaked me out to be honest with you…..but he didn’t say it in a creepy way, he was actually being honest and seemed very happy that we had met.
Well, that’s the story of how we met and started dating anyway….see, to me it seems so boring when I read it, it makes me not want to post it…but I realize if I don’t start posting it, before I know it we’ll be having our Disney Wedding and I won’t be able to get any feedback or anything from all my fellow DISBrides!

Next installment: A Bit About Us

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So, what can I tell you about us? (Besides that we love football and obviously a pint or two! LOL)

Well, I’m basically a born and bred New Yorker, growing up about 11 miles north of NYC. I went to Syracuse University and ended up living in Syracuse for 7 years! I loved it there and still do. I worked in the fashion industry for more than 10 years, but finally had enough and am now just doing admin work. Right now I’m at a pharmaceutical company.

Eoghan is from Co. Laois Ireland and has been in the US since Nov. 2001. He works for a moving company. His whole family (Mom, Dad and brother) is back in Ireland. I have met them as they have been over twice since we’ve been together and so far so good (except for some wedding planning stuff will I will get to in another post!)

So, this is a bit amusing….the night Eoghan and I met the age topic came up (as it does) and I think he told me I looked about 25! I think by Wednesday he was up to 28 and by Saturday it was 30! (He at the time was 29)….I was deathly afraid to tell him I was 39!! I always have dated younger guys, but usually only 3 or 4 years the most. I don’t know why, but even my first boyfriend was 13 and I was 14!

When Eoghan told me the last woman he was in a relationship with was like 10 years older than him, I felt much better and blurted out…well, so am I! (It went something like that anyway!)

Neither of us think it’s a problem or an issue though and since we have gotten together, I have found out that although it might not be that common or that we’re in the minority, it definitely does happen. A co-worker of mine just yesterday told me she is 11 years older than her husband! Hmph! What do you know? So, now it’s not an issue really at all, we’ve been together long enough to know and we have talked about it as well.

So, Eoghan and I like all (well, not all, but almost all) of the same music, which is a big thing for both of us, as we both have decided previously we couldn’t be with someone who didn’t know about music…For instance I went out with this guy a couple of times and the first time we were in my car going up to the movies, I had the new Keane CD on and I was totally thinking -ok, I’m hoping for him to say-“oh, is this the new Keane?” or “so, what’s this CD then?” etc..you get what I mean I’m sure…but he didn’t say a thing!!! I knew right then and there it wouldn’t work out. The first few months Eoghan and I were together we were going to like at least a show/gig a week! Once we had 3 in one week! This got expensive and tiring pretty quickly though, so we’ve cut down on the concerts a bit.

So, anyway, the Disney thing…sometimes it’s tough to tell people, you know? You never know how they’re going to take it. Especially those that don’t really have any Disney experience, let alone those that have just never been to the parks.

I have had a lot of punk rock friends and they see it as too establishment. I try to explain the design and art but they still can’t get past the mighty $...

To be honest with you, I’m not really sure how it came out with Eoghan….but he learned it pretty early on and though he didn’t know to what extent I really loved all things Disney, he seemed to try to understand and accept it (and me!)

Next up: Moving in, deciding to get married……

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Hold out for the right one, absolutely!
Dec 1, 2008
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That is a great story on your meeting. Don't pick a dress if you don't have that "Wow" this is the one for me. Hold out for the right one. There are so many options, just have faith that you will find the right one.

Our Fairytale Wedding Trip Report

Leif and Jonette
May 18, 2006
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WOO HOO I will be there
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HI Lori!!!! Just wanted to say congrats on your upcoming wedding!! Can't wait to hear about all your plans

BTW you remind me of Carly from American Idol.
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Thanks all for the nice wishes!!
I know it's been a long time since I have updated this and I still am well behind in the actual PJ writing..but here goes:

So flash forward a bit. I had been in my apartment for like 10 years and was absolutely sick of it and my landlord. I didn’t like going to Eoghan’s place plus he spent a lot of time in mine anyway…we started to look for a place. It didn’t take too long really, we found a place we liked that we could afford, has off-street parking and where pets were allowed (I have a cat-McCormack) And we wanted to get a dog (which we did) Shannon We moved in on April 1.

Flash back a bit with me if you will….after I knew Eoghan really understood my Disney thing…I started talking about a trip there…he pretty much seemed interested right away. We booked a trip back in like OCT 07. We’re staying at POP (I’ve never stayed there before) for 4 nights and then moving to AKL (my fave-have stayed there before) for 6 nights from Sept. 26-Oct. 5

Flash forward again…without going into too much detail…we had already been discussing marriage for a little while. Due to immigration issues and talking to many people familiar with our type of situation, we decided to get married sooner rather than later in a simple civil ceremony and then plan a Disney Wedding for sometime in the future. To be honest with you, I’m still surprised that Eoghan agreed with me so easily, but he says he wants me to have the wedding that will make me happy.

Some background-It’s funny how things change as you get older. When I was about 19 I thought I’d get married at around 28 and wanted the whole, big, typical wedding, 150 guests, catering hall etc. etc.. I got to be 29 or so and ended up spending 7 years in an unhealthy, abusive relationship…but as I got older and had been to Jamaica three times and had seen some weddings there, I decided I much rather get married there with like 9 people or so. Realistically I realized with my last boyfriend (before Eoghan- who also coincidentally had immigration issues) that a Jamaica wedding wouldn’t be doable…so I began to think about places to go in the US…I came up with Las Vegas and Disney World…I think I didn’t even knew at the time that Disney had weddings and I came across it as a fluke on some internet search. Originally I liked the Disney Cruise idea but again, immigration issues….

So, it was kind of then and there (like 3 years ago) I decided I really wanted a Disney Wedding! It was perfect for me!! Because…..

My Disneyworld history-

OOH!! Backtrack again!!! Sorry!! My first trip to WDW was back in like 76 or 77 or so…it was me, one of my older brothers, my mom and my dad. We were going down to Florida for something else I think and my dad said something like “oh and we can go check out that new Disney Park as well” I can still remember he seemed pretty excited and I liked seeing my dad that way even as a 9 year old. It seemed important to him to be able to bring us there. I remember telling him I’d rather go to the original Disneyland first as it’s the original, but he said that this one is supposed to be better. (I still haven’t been to DL, but will someday). We stayed at The Contemporary which I thought was sooo cool with the monorail going through it. At the time the only resorts were the Contemporary, the Poly and the Golf Resort thing… I know we had the tickets with the letters, I can remember that clear as day. I can remember my brother going on Space Mountain and my mother freaking out and being all scared and nervous for him because he had a metal rod and pins in his leg from a car accident. (My brother was like 20 at the time, but that’s the way my mom is, and she’s much worse now as she’s 83!) Anyway, so my mom insisted on waiting for my brother somewhere near the exit or something as she wanted to watch him on the ride and I can remember even then the CM’s being so sweet and understanding and telling her where she could stand and wait and be able to see him (or something like that)….meanwhile, my dad and I (keep in mind I was daddy’s little girl) went on the TTA (which back then had a different name, right?) I loved going on that with my dad. It was nice and relaxing and it was the only time in the parks where it was just me and him. To this day I always go on it to honor my dad and take time out to think about him…(ok, I’m crying a little bit right now, sorry)

My second trip to WDW happened as kind of a fluke.

I was in my sophomore year at Syracuse. My parents had gone down to Florida to visit some friends and family. Something happened and they got bumped or something from their flight. My dad freaked out and demanded something be done. (My dad was in sales and he knew what was right with dealing with customers etc…he was very good that way. And yay for me, I kind of inherited that from him, I have gotten free upgrades to first class on one flight home from Jamaica and one flight down to WDW)…Anyway, somehow my dad got two free RT tickets to anywhere in the continental US. During their trip to Florida, my parents went to check out Epcot (which I think had just/recently opened?) When they got back they told me how much I’d like it. First I was jealous because I was dying to go back to WDW and it had been like 10 years!! But I was unsure of Epcot, to me WDW was all about the MK. (Can you see I have something about the original versions of things? ) So, my parents decided my mom would take me down for like 3 days over my spring break. I think they originally said 2 days but I said I would only go if I could go to MK as well. (Now that I think about it, it’s funny right? My parents are taking me to WDW and I’m bargaining with them? ) How funny 19 year olds can be! The thing was (and to this day I don’t really understand it) but they said we would be staying off property since we got the tickets for free they wanted to keep the cost of the trip down…I was thinking, well, if we’re getting the tickets for free, then we should be able to spend the $ on hotels on property, but it was their $, so that was that. The trip was fun…I don’t remember much of it really to be honest with you…it was weird being with just my mom for days as I don’t think we had ever been just me and her for such a period of time. I got along better with my dad…But I do remember Figment!! I think he was my favourite thing about that whole trip!

Next trip came in ’97 I think. My dad had passed away in ’95 and the guy I thought I was going to marry basically broke up with me a few months before my dad’s death. I felt like I was sleepwalking through life. I couldn’t snap out of it. I don’t remember why Disneyworld came to mind but it did. I knew that a trip there would help me. I mentioned it to my mom who wasn’t very sure about it. First of all even though she really likes WDW, she didn’t understand why we should go there again. Secondly, she thought it was too soon after my dad died. Somehow I managed to talk her into it. I knew it would help me feel better about things and life in general and remind me that I was still alive and healthy and I could be happy. I was hoping it would make her a bit happy as well if even for a short time. She brought one of her closest friends (who was basically an aunt to me). We stayed at the Disney Village Villas or something…we had a great time! I think it was with this trip it was confirmed in my heart that it was such a special place to me. I really do believe in the Disney Magic. Though I still think about my dad all the time, that trip help give me a little push I needed.

It was a few years later when I started getting that itch again..I know you guys get it too…I needed to go. Again, I convinced my mom! This time she brought another one of her friends. We stayed at CBR. I really like that resort! Keep in mind this was only 2 months after 9/11 and things felt strange in the world. I remember we were having lunch in Biergarten (another tradition of mine) when the waitress asked us where we were from and when we told her NYCish, she said, “oh, have you heard there was a plane crash in NYC…” The 3 of us immediately thought terrorist attack. It turned not to be, but I’ll never forget that feeling of being so far away from home at such a time, not really knowing what was going on. I felt disconnected.

My last trip to WDW was in 2003 with my ex…..let’s leave it at that, shall we? I will say that after that relationship ended I was worried that my special place would be tainted for me, I worried for a long time actually…but as time went on and with every trip to the Disney Store I felt the magic come back to me little by little. Now, years later I cannot wait to show my favouritest place in the world to my Eoghan in Sept and I especially cannot wait to share our special day with our families in the most magical of places on May 1 of 2009!!!

Next up: Weddings and Disney Magic in NYC!!!!

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Oh, WOW! I am so hooked on your PJ! Your story is so wonderful and I am so glad you and Eoghan have found each other. I really can't wait to read more.
I married the love of my life all over again on 1/12/09 Click here for Our Disney Vow Renewal planning journal --Wedding TR starts p.98
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Well, now that I'm about 2 months behind in posting this!! Man, time flies when you're planning a Disney Wedding! (And Disney vacation in 5 weeks!).....

Here goes:

So, we decided to go get our marriage license on May 22 (because I was taking that day off of work anyway to try out for Millionaire-which I ended up not doing) and then we picked June 20 as the day we would have our civil ceremony (or as someone at work said, getting your driver’s licesnse-because that is exactly what it’s like!). We picked June 20th because of two things. 1) We were going to see The Cure that night at Madison Square Garden, so it was already a special thing and 2) it’s my parents anniversary.

Getting the license was easy!! Almost too easy…afterwards we got lunch at one of the Burger Heavens in mid-town and then I bought Eoghan a new cell phone…

Since we thought of ourselves as engaged and we were going to be married within the next month, it was important to me (for some reason) to have an engagement ring…I knew we were past the point of Eoghan really proposing and until we found the ring, it might even have only been a couple of weeks before we were married, but it was still important to me. I decided for some reason I didn’t want a diamond. As my best friend said, “well, you are unconventional” and my sister in law said “When have you done anything ordinary?” So, I decided on an Emerald. We looked and looked. We didn’t have the $ at the time to get anything major but I couldn’t find anything I liked. 1) We really didn’t know where to look. 2) I only wanted White Gold, not Yellow Gold. 3) Emeralds are not so popular, so there’s not a great selection unless you want to order something or whatnot. Because it was convienent, we looked at the stores in one mall and then another. I saw something that we were actually going to buy but I didn’t really like it. Eoghan said, you know I rather spend a bit more money on something you are going to really like than just buy something to buy something. We had one more store to check…Whitehall. I guess it was coincidence that I chose Emerald being the May birthstone, otherwise it might have even been tougher to find something.

Well, imagine my happiness when there at Whitehall I found a ring that was unlike any of the others I had seen so far! It’s an emerald cut emerald, but it’s set horizontally, there are some diamond chips on either side and it’s set in White Gold. The ring is modern looking I think which is what I wanted. It’s so weird, because as soon as I saw it, I felt like it was mine.

(Sorry for the crappy picture, it was the best I could get for some reason and the ring is not pictured on-line anywhere that I can find)

So, of course it had to be resized as it was too big which would take 5 days and then as I posted elsewhere, after having it for only 5 days, one of the chips fell out, so by the time it was fixed, yes, I only had it for a couple of weeks before our civil ceremony!

Our civil ceremony gave me a hint of what wedding stress might be like….and there really wasn’t too much to plan! First of all, originally Eoghan and I just wanted Karma to be our witness (because it was because of her that we actually met!) And this would have been fine, but after talking to our lawyer we were told it’s good to have pictures of family members at your ceremony. So it ended up that my mom, both of my brothers, one of my sister in laws, one of my nieces (also my MOH at Disney Wedding), Karma and my cousin (who works near city hall) would be at our ceremony!

Sometime in May Eoghan and I had an argument and I went shopping! I just went up to the local TJMaxx to look. I decided to try on some dresses for the summer. Ironically I found one White one that I could use for the civil ceremony I had thought. Angrily I thought, watch, it will be the only dress that fits and that I like…sure enough!!!! I went in with like 8 dresses and it was the only one I liked and that fit! Well then, I guess someone’s trying to tell me something….I bought it and went home to Eoghan.

Planning for the civil ceremony was fairly easy actually. I had already ordered our wedding rings on-line as we didn’t want to get anything too expensive for right now and will get better rings for the Disney Wedding. I think I am going to try and get my mom’s diamond wedding band fixed so I can wear it. I have tried it on and it actually looks really good with the e-ring! Our wedding bands are sterling silver and are inscribed with “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” in Gaelic.
In this pic I think they're shown in yellow gold however...
I knew I would wear my White patent leather maryjanes that I had already because the dress has kind of a retro feel to it. It’s above the knee, A-line with a wide satin collar and little puffy sleeves. The lace is cool. It’s like big polka dot, like a cotton lace. The dress has a flesh-tone liner. I would order a bouquet from the local florist (I wasn’t even going to have flowers but when we went to get our license, I saw a couple of brides with little bouquets and thought…”I want a bouquet!!” I would get my hair done the night before at my usual place. I found a little satin bag to carry. I needed to get Eoghan his outfit though. He had nice shoes to wear that I had bought him previously, but he needed a shirt, tie and pants…the only other thing I needed to do was find a place for us all to eat/have lunch.

Eoghan actually came out shopping with me one day and we found a very nice shirt, tie and pants. After talking to my SIL, we decided we’d go to Aleo’s on 20th Street. We have been there before so we know the food is good and they have a back garden we could sit in…it really looked like it was going to be the day I wanted it to be!

Eoghan and I decided to take the Metro North train in to Grand Central instead of the subway the whole way. (Even though we would take the subway from GCT to City Hall!) It would just be a nicer ride for our special day I thought. The morning came and we got ready…Eoghan came out of the bedroom in his outfit and I was impressed! I had never even seen him in a shirt and tie before! He looked great! I was running late, so he walked up to the florist and got me my flowers …we left soon after he got back. We walked to the train station and got out tickets from the machine. I wondered out loud to Eoghan if he thought people knew I was a bride to be….because you know, I was wearing a white dress and carrying flowers! Karma was going to meet us at GCT at 10:20am and then take the subway down with us where we would meet my family. By the time we found everyone it took a little while and in the meantime I had seen a few brides, some of whom were dressed to the nines! I thought I looked so cute and stuff until I saw them, but when we got upstairs, I felt better about my choice of garb for the day.

Anyway, so we all entered the building, all showed our ids and went through the metal detectors…

It was a really nice day, Sunny with a little wind about 80 degrees or so.

We went upstairs and Eoghan and I led the way even though we had been there before for our license, we actually weren’t sure about where to go to actually get married and all the signs said license!) Basically we just went in the same office where we went to get our license. We signed some form (both our hands were shaking!) and Karma signed it too, then we went to another line and handed it in, then we went to another window to pay our $25. Then it was into another room with a sign CHAPEL outside. It was actually just a waiting room that you had to wait in before you got called in to where the clerk would marry you. At first we were all excited, we took lots of pictures and there weren’t that many couples waiting. You could see the Brooklyn Bridge out the window which was cool. The thing that kind of sucked was we probably got into the waiting room about 11:15 or so and then the clerk took her lunch at 11:30!! So we had to wait for her to come back and meanwhile all these other couples and their families were coming in…the excitement wore off while we were waiting, it was getting a bit annoying…Eoghan and I were both like..we just want to get it over with already! (that doesn’t sound right though LOL)

Finally the clerk came back from lunch at around noon and we were the first names she called!!! We all got up and went in and the ceremony went like this: “….is there anyone here who knows of any legal reason why these two cannot be married?” Everyone in the room replies “no” tee hee. Then it was right into it! “Eoghan, do you take Lori to be your lawful wedded wife?” “I do” “Do you have a ring?” “yes” “place the ring on her finger and when you place the ring on her finger……(I don’t even remember what she said it was so fast!) then she said the same thing to me, then “You may kiss the bride”, we kissed and that was that! I swear, 2 mins. Tops! When we excited the room, my brother started clapping and cheering so the whole roomful of couples and families followed along and started clapping and cheering! That was really cool and I felt so happy I can’t even explain it!!
This was taken when we walked out of the room to all the clapping and cheering-

We went outside and took more pics. Then we all hopped in cabs and headed to the restaurant. My cousin had to go back to work.

We sat outside at a long table. I sat at the head! Eoghan was on one side and Karma on my other. My mom sat next to Eoghan. It got pretty hot but they had umbrellas that we sat under. We ordered champagne and had some brief toasts. I’m normally not a champagne lover, but this was really good! I have to find out what it was…the owner of the restaurant is a client of my brother’s so he sent over some antipasti platters (mmm). Karma and I shared a salad and some pasta. (I didn’t have much of an appetite). Eoghan had a Caeser salad and Chicken Marsala. For dessert the owner sent over fruit plates and Eoghan and shared an Iced Latte and 2 scoops of gelato (1 Chocolate and 1 Hazelnut) It was sooo yummy!! From there, my family left to go home, Karma had to stop by her office and Eoghan and I hopped in a cab up to…..World of Disney!!!

It had dawned on me a couple of weeks before the wedding to go there afterwards, I thought it would be cool to get our pic taken with a character and tell them we just got married at City Hall and are having a Disney Wedding in May…Eoghan thought it would be neat as well! (phew!)

So, we booked it upstairs in case there was a line, but when we got there, they were in between sessions and we ended up being first on line! The characters that day were Snow White and Dopey!!! Snow is our favourite princess!!!! YES!!! Eoghan thinks she is the prettiest and growing up she was always my favourite because when I was growing up before Jasmine and Belle, Snow was the only princess with dark hair.

When they opened the door we walked right in, I went to put my stuff down (bag and envelope) and the photographer who was very nice started talking to us…”How are you today” Neither of us could hold it in…”We just got married!!” Everyone in the room was saying congratulations to us! We told them how we’re going to Disney in Sept and how we have booked and are planning a Disney Wedding next May 1. Everyone was so happy for us! I don’t know about Eoghan, but I felt like a movie star! All the people on line after us were also saying Congratulations! It was such a nice feeling! After we posed with Dopey, we went over to Snow. On our way over I exclaimed “It’s our favourite princess!!!” In her princess voice, Snow was like…”Ooh, I heard that you have some good news? Did I hear you say you just got married?” “yes” we replied. “oh well then I hope you will put on these bride and groom ears…” Are you kidding, you don’t have to ask me twice!! Even Eoghan put them right on! We took our pics with Snow and then waited outside for our pics after some more Congratulations wishes… While we were waiting a CM came over to Eoghan and asked him his name and mine..Eoghan didn’t know why, but the CM reassured him by telling him it was for something fun..it certainly was!! We got a certificate that said Congratulations on your Wedding Day and attached to the top of the certificate were two pins!!! One is the Year of a Million Dreams pin and the other one is Mickey and Minnie in an airplane kissing!

From there we hopped in a pedi-cab, which neither of us had done before, to the closest subway station…we subwayed it home to walk the dog, me to change my shoes and Eoghan to change his clothes…we were home for about 45 mins then we turned back around and went back in to see The Cure play at Madison Square Garden…the show was excellent!! Eoghan had never seen them before and I hadn’t seen them since 1984 or so..they played for like 3 hours and we didn’t get home until after 2am….a long but excellently fabulous wedding day!!!

We spent the weekend registering and watching the Euro Championship…(we have come full circle it seems!)

Next up: Disney wedding stuff…..

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Congratulations. Glad you found a ring you liked . Emeralds are solf stones and that being the case should never be cleaned in the sonic cleaners in jewlery stores. I really like the wedding bands . Happily waiting rest of TR.

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You guys are so cute! I love your meeting story and your wedding story - all the stories!

How was the pit at the Cure show? Was there even a pit? I was heavy into punk in high school and college, but the Cure show I saw at Cal Expo in Sacramento had the scariest mosh pit I'd ever been in.....

Originally Posted by Lorelei528 View Post
So, anyway, the Disney thing…sometimes it’s tough to tell people, you know? You never know how they’re going to take it.
YES! I just don't tell most people, or I qualify it with something like "But I like the parks, not the Mickey Mouse underpants!" When I was on my first date with DH he had to drag it out of me - only to turn around and tell me he had an annual pass to Disneyland!
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Congratulations! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I know exactly what you mean with Disney magic, it really does happen!
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