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Closed Thread
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Old 06-07-2008, 12:26 AM   #1
World's Proudest Aunt!
There is no such thing as too young or too old for Disney World!
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Packed & Moved..Disboutiquers Part 6 Kids Disney Boutique / Customs Clothes we sew

Ok, guys, let's move it!!!!

When we get near page 250 here, I'll start a new thread again.

Read this post for Valuable Information
Or, at least skim it
Welcome to the Disboutique thread!
We are a bunch of ladies (and men) that share a love of Disney, boutique clothes and sewing! Even if you don't sew, please join in, you might just find a new passion!
Be warned, this thread is addictive, and we don't stay on topic!

"The bookmarks"
has TONS AND TONS of FREE patterns and sewing hints and tips. Most all of the hints and links posted here will go into the bookmarks as well tons of things I've found on the internet. I update if frequently, so check back often. There is a search function, which is great if you are looking for something specific.

Group Photobucket Account
We have a Photobucket group with pictures of our creations:
Password: disboards
For a detailed explanation, on adding pictures and tags click here:

Each person adds their own pictures to this account. Please only post your own pictures of your own children. Everyone is free to post pictures of boutique, custom outfits or anything you post in the thread.
Please add tags to your picture so that they are easier to find. Right now, we are adding a description, such as Princess, Aurora, and what pattern it is ie: Portrait Peasant Top, Easy Fit Pants.... You can add up to 20 tags per picture, so go ahead and use a few if it is appropriate.

We have made up a few "rules" along the way
1.Be nice, if someone isn't nice, ignore them "Where there is no wood the fire goes out."
If you feel that you MUST respond, do it in PM, do NOT bring it to the boards.

2.You MUST share pictures of everything (and unfortunately, we do mean EVERYTHING!
3.NO APOLOGIZING for how your kids look. That includes wet hair, messy hair, dirty faces, wrinkled clothes etc....We have come to the conclusion that ALL of our children are beautiful, no matter what!
4.No apologizing for messy houses. We like a good game of eye spy around here!
5. No apologizing for being "off topic". We like to have fun here, and are often off topic.
6. If you have a question, ask us, we'll do our best to help! Really, you can post questions here, we like that!
7. If you ask a question and no one answers, don't be upset. Either, no one knows the answer, or your post got missed. Go ahead and ask again!
8. The banana gets lonely dancing by himself, so there is a three banana minimum. We don't want lonely bananas on the DIS!

(and, just so you know, I do a mean dancing banana impersonation!)
9. Lots of the posters on here sell, but we are NOT allowed to talk about it on the thread. Check out signatures for Ebay and Etsy usernames, or just PM someone if you see something you like.

Abbreviations used:
YCMT- Boutique style patterns you can buy (Look for CarlaC's patterns, they are great!)
CASE- Copy and Steal Everything
If it's posted here, feel free to copy it for your own PERSONAL use. Please don't resell other people's designs without first asking them if it's OK.
CAB- Copy and Butcher everything
Voldermort- Code word for Ebay
(We started out calling Ebay "The site that must not be named", and then it was suggested that we call it Voldermort or for short.
Targemort- Code word for Target
Waldemort- Code word for Walmart
Frankenpattern- To take several different patterns and put them together into one outfit


1. Upload the pic of your choice to photobucket
2. Resize the pic in photobucket click on the thumbnail of the picture, it will open up, then click (above the pic)> resize > 15" screen- it will make you verify that you would like to resize the pic (I like the 800X600 size pictures instead of the message board setting, it shows lots more detail)
3. After the pic has resized, go to your album, below the pic that you would like to post, there are 4 different codes (email & IM, direct link, html code & IMG code) Click in the box that has the has the IMG code. It will look something like this [IMG]http: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
When you click on that box, it will light up in yellow, and say "Copied"
4. In the thread on the Dis (in another open window), click on "post reply". When you are ready to post the pic, right click - a box will open, click on paste. This will paste the link that you copied from your photobucket account.
5. Post reply. The pic should show up!

At the bottom of each post, you will see a little blue box with a + sign it it. If you want to multi-quote that post, you click the + box and then move onto the next post you want to multi-quote and click the + box. After you've clicked all the posts you want to multi-quote, click on "reply" or "quote". All of the items you want to respond to should be in the reply box. Just put your reply to each post after the [/quote] for each post.

How to make thumbnail pictures in your reply:
When you click reply, the name of the picture will look something like this, but in [ _] brackets
To make it a thumbnail, put th_ before the name of the picture, such as this:
This generally only works for pictures that were uploaded to photobucket.

Links to our past threads:
To read chronologically, do NOT follow the link at the end of Part 1, for some reason, that will jump you to part 6
(Thanks LisaZoe for tracking down all the parts for us!)
Part 1A- (01/30/07 - 06/24/07 & 01/07/08 - 01/23/08)
Part 1B - (06/24/07 - 08/01/07)
Part 1C - (08/01/07 - 09/06/07)
Part 1D - (09/06/07 - 10/29/07)
Part 1E- (10/29/07 - 01/07/08)
Part 1F- (01/23/08 - 01/24/08)
Part 2 - (01/24/08 - 02/18/08)
Part 3 - (02/18/08 -3/28/08)
Part 4-
Part 5-
And, if there is anything else anyone thinks should be added here, just PM me.
Me&Brian8/88 Lydia11Corey21Arminda15
Quinn2/29/96 &Gavin 2/24/97Gone too soon
/Sort of a trip report PrincessHeirlooms on Ebay/Etsy

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Old 06-07-2008, 12:35 AM   #2
Do the Truffle Shuffle!
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Hooray! Part 6! Thanks for starting us a new thread, Teresa!!!!

- Lori -
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Old 06-07-2008, 12:43 AM   #3
World's Proudest Aunt!
There is no such thing as too young or too old for Disney World!
Thinks glow in the dark ricrak is cool
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I know, can you belive it's SIX??!!

Hey Lori, Lydia found a poodle applique at Walmart today (on clearance) so, now I'm going to have to make a Fancy Nancy outfit! She is so excited! I'm not sure when I'll be getting to it though!

I guess I better be getting off to bed. We have a party to go to tomorrow!
Me&Brian8/88 Lydia11Corey21Arminda15
Quinn2/29/96 &Gavin 2/24/97Gone too soon
/Sort of a trip report PrincessHeirlooms on Ebay/Etsy
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Old 06-07-2008, 12:55 AM   #4
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wonderful job, thanx sooooooo much
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Old 06-07-2008, 01:04 AM   #5
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Does anyone have the CarlaC stripwork jumper pattern? I'm still a sewing newbie and I just bought it. It looks kind of hard. I want it to be short enough to wear shorts with and not too twirly. My neice doesn't like twirly. I was hoping it would be a good pattern to make one of the big princess face outfits. I have an Ariel pillowcase to use.
Krista DS 3 year old

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Old 06-07-2008, 01:44 AM   #6
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I'm here...subscribing now!!!!

BTW, Teresa and Heather am I gonna have to bring my chant to this board too -- WE NEED MORE! WE NEED MORE! WE NEED MORE!
Amy Wife to Mark Mommy to Michael (9-19-01) Mommy to Parker Renee (12-15-04)
June 1996 - My 1st trip to Disney World! -- offsite April 1997 - Honeymoon -- offsite
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September 2012 - All Star Sports w/the whole family! B'day trip for Michael!
[COLOR="Lime"]November 2013 - Coronado Springs! B'day trip for Parker![/COLORMarch 2014 - 1 night at Pop Century for SIL's Disney wedding!

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Old 06-07-2008, 02:01 AM   #7
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Checking in for part 6!!
Wow! that last one went fast!!
Proud Mummy of Eleora! Age 11 years!!
and Matthew! Age 9 years old!
and Adara! 6 years old !
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Old 06-07-2008, 02:42 AM   #8
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Yeah I've made it tooo!!!

Tahnky ou for all your lovely comments on my T-shirt. I'm still practising when it comes to applique, but I'm slowly getting there!!
Clare Photobucket ID Clared99a

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Old 06-07-2008, 03:03 AM   #9
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OMG 6 yay

I'm here - now off to catch up on the old thread. Hopefully I'll stay up to date on this one lol

Hope you are all having fun, it's Saturday night and I'm meant to be sewing a tutu for my nieces 1st birthday tomorrow but it's cold so I'm in bed catching up and watching the princess diaries and knitting myself a pair of snuggly socks (and winding wool that I painted yesterday in pretty purplypinks and blue -it's so purrty - into a ball) - Oh how does life change when you become a parent lol.
All the way from lil ol New Zealand.

DL Oct 09 Hoping to go back in 2013
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Old 06-07-2008, 05:13 AM   #10
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Well, ladies and gents, on with the show.

Kris, I don't think the skirt on the stripwork jumper is too "twirly" though you know most of us don't know any such thing as TOO TWIRLY.

BUT most of her skirts are double full. I generally make mine 3x full for maximum twirl potential. Lily likes a nice big twirl. I think 2x full is probably JUST full enough. Also, it is really easy to figure out how long to make it. Just look at the little baby doll legs above each leg is the average age for this length of leg. go downthe leg until you reach where you'd like the skirt to hit then follow that line to the lefthand margin and you will find the lenth to make the strips.

I missed that bit the first time I made it so I did the math myself and figured out how long to make it..though I didn't do a very good job and it turned out a dress instead of a cute little twirl top.

Here is a stripwork jumper in the designated fullness, even though there are lots of pics on YCMT, I'll use Lily's as an example to apease the masses

Here is one I made for her 3x full

Also she gives the width for the strips according to S,M,L and I never have found a place on that pattern that specifies what sizes S,M,L are. But in her easy fit pant pattern it shows them being S:1-3, M:4-6 and L:7-8

i'm not positive that they are the same for the stripwork top, but it's what I used for the last one I made.

I'm sure some of you see that it is 5ish in the AM and think that is a perfectly normal time to be up. I assure you that this is NOT the case here. I am pretty sure I have come down w/ strep throat. Since I get it like a million times a year, I'm pretty sure. I stayed at my MIL's since I was here late while DH had a show I couldn't go to (Lily w/ the pink eye and me w/ my strep...I'm sure my inlaws were THRILLED) Any way I was sleeping on the couch. I woke up shivering like I was out inthe snow and added a blanket, it wasn't enough, I added another blanket which was still not enough so I bundled up as tight as I could and made it back to sleep (the percocet I'd taken earlier helped out here) FW to 5 am I wake up sweating to death!!! Now I'm hot and I don't feel well and can't sleep.
My L eye is also itching like fire, but I have a cat sitting next to me,so I'm going to try not to start freakin' out that it's pink eye, for now I blame the cat.
I keep hoping my MIL will get up so I can do some work,since I am up. I hope I can make it to the wedding I have today. Even if I just go for a bit. Lily is really looking forward to going to the ball and I told her that we could go get our fingers and toes painted,since my feet look awful and I bought the cutest patent leather t-strap heels @ ninewest.

Okay. I'm going to try to stop rubbing my eye now and send a few much needed e-mails. AND try to go back to sleep!!!!

Have a great Saturday guys!!!
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Old 06-07-2008, 06:21 AM   #11
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OK, I had to post so you guys didn't think I fell off the face of the Earth. I am soooooooooooooo behind because my pc is hating this site right now and won't load all the pics. I am so behind and am dying to see all the new creations. Hopefully I will catch up soon. I have some new outfits done for our beach trip but need to take pics still. I will post them soon. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Old 06-07-2008, 06:39 AM   #12
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thanks for all the wishes about finally figuring out my sewing machine again.

I defiantly want to try a pattern from There was a few I thought were adorable. Right now I think if I told DH I wanted to order a pattern he would freak he is in one of those moods so I may run over to Joannes this weekend and get one. I just can't wait to make a dress for my dd! I am just nervous about a kid size dress my doll stuff yesterday wasn't to hot The only way I will get better is try right???

T-beri those outfits are so cute! That last picture reminded me of those Dick and Jane books with the little sister Sally and the short dress. I love little kids in those dresses. I miss my little girl being little. 8 is fun but something about the small ages I just love.

Feel better!
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Old 06-07-2008, 07:34 AM   #13
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Originally Posted by t-beri View Post
Little is so cute with her scrunched up face! Love that girl. Get some meds and feel better soon.
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Old 06-07-2008, 07:41 AM   #14
MNSSHP October 2008
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subscribing, because I am a wanna be seamstress and I love all the inspiration!

New DVC family of four with our princesses, (12) and (turning 9 on this trip)

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I may not be first, but at least I made it on the first page this time! Teresa, I LOVED the Toy Story reference in your last post on the other thread. You cracky me up!!

Originally Posted by tadamom View Post
BTW, Teresa and Heather am I gonna have to bring my chant to this board too -- WE NEED MORE! WE NEED MORE! WE NEED MORE!
I'm sorry!!! It's my fault! I've been so busy with appointments, the big give outfit, and then Tessa making me feel guilty for being on the computer. I'm going to try and write my next installment tonight.

Originally Posted by Clared View Post
Yeah I've made it tooo!!!

Tahnky ou for all your lovely comments on my T-shirt. I'm still practising when it comes to applique, but I'm slowly getting there!!
I didn't comment on the other thread because I was a little behind, but I loved that t-shirt!

Originally Posted by t-beri View Post

Thanks for giving me a Lily fix for the day! I'll take any Lily! They're all so darn cute!!

LovesDumbo: Thanks for the hug! I was needing one last night.

Teresa: Henry came home around 1:00am. He had planned on working until 10:30. But, I think he was having too much fun. He did call, though. Luckily, there wasn't a whole lot of action in our little town!
Etsy- HeatherSue, Ebay-hkite

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