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Old 01-28-2008, 02:56 PM   #16
DIS Veteran
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All throughout what I have notes and pictures about, there was wandering around. Shopping, looking...I was on the lookout for a pin for Robert, but I couldn't find it. In a last ditch effort, I decided to go to DTD to the pin cart and to World of Disney. Hmm...I'm in Tomorrowland and I want to go to DTD...how to do that, how to do that....

Neon in the back of the Autopia queue building.

People getting into the submarines, to show the stairs down.

Well, I went to DTD and found nothing. However, at the pin place a serious pin collector heard what I was asking for, and said she had an extra at home. I gave her name and phone number, and maybe she'll call me and we can come to terms.

I did go to WOD after that, just because, well, one must walk through, mustn't one? But nothin'.

I've been wanting a baseball cap since September, and I'm just annoyed that I never got it. When I saw it, I remembered that it was tan and had a deep red embroidered mickey head on the bill/visor. But all I can find now is tan with mickey, but with a big ol' "property of disneyland" on the front-facing part of the hat. I don't like "property of" things!!!

Oh well, nothing to buy yet. We actually when I was over in Critter Country I bought DS two Jibbitz for his Disney crocs. Mater and a Mickey Mouse to put in the holes of the crocs. But nothing for me or Robert.

I dejectedly walked to the bag check to go to DCA. I thought about going through GCH, but I have problems navigating in there, so I didn't.

Decided I was hungry again (it had been 5+ long, walking-around hours since I had my Rancho kid's meal), and wanted to try the Trattoria. I heard here about the Caprese Sandwich on pretzel bread, and thought that sounded just lovely!

I was seated in well under the 20 minutes they estimated, and I settled in with my journal. Also had a quick call from home. I ordered a salad along with the sandwich, and a beer as well, a Blue Moon (belgian white). Yum! The salad was good, and the ranch dressing was lovely. The beer was terrific, though they charge 6.50 for a stinkin' pint. Oh that's what caused the call from home; I texted him that I was livin' large with the 6.50 beer (cost of a 6pack, almost, of Blue Moon!). I knew he'd be amused by that, and glad, because I never spend that much on things like that for myself.

The sandwich was good, but overall I was really olived-out. Olives in the salad, olives in the pasta salad that came with the sandwich, and olive spread in the sandwich. Glad I love olives!

Alas, with the pasta salad, salad, beer and water, I only ate half of this relatively small sandwich. I was stuffed!

Here's the sad part. I took the other half with me, when I got to the hotel I put it in the fridge, next morning I took it out...but I just never fell up to eating it, and by the time it was out of the fridge for 6+ hours, I was scared of it (I rarely get scared by warmed foods b/c other than mayo it's hard for veggie foods to make you sick) and threw it away.

But here's the happy part! When I got the bill, the beer wasn't on it. I waited for Heather to come back and I told her that it was missing. She apologized and insisted that since it was her mistake, she wouldn't put it on the bill. Well, OK then! I asked if she had to cover it, or if she would get in trouble, and she insisted she didn't have to cover it and there would be no trouble, so I said OK. And tipped her quite a bit more than I would have done.

When I was seated at the Trattoria it was 6:27pm, so when I left it had been dark for awhile, and therefore I have the typical night shots.

There's a coaster in that last picture. I had just had a big meal and a beer. I've also been dealing with a fear of coasters.

What will I do?
-molly + robert + eamon (10!!)

DLR '05-'09 found within this link
DLR 7,9,12 2012 Universal Feb '12 DLR Dec '11 and Feb '12

Made weight goal 1yr8m8days after starting...currently working to maintain 85 lb loss thanks to Weight Watchers!

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Old 01-28-2008, 03:42 PM   #17
BL II - Blue Team
I had no idea that we shrink as the day goes on
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Molly, these updates are great and coming fast!

That sandwich looks really good. It was nice of your server to not make you pay for the beer.
Did you ride the coaster??

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Old 01-28-2008, 03:58 PM   #18
DIS Veteran
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: Tacoma WA
Posts: 47,700

I don't know if it was sheer exhaustion, courage from the beer, or a loss of my mind...but I headed over to California Screamin'. Fear of coasters? What fear of coasters?

Oh no, there was a long line! And I didn't have long until the Electrical Light Parade...what to do. Oh yeah, they have Single Rider capability! Hmm, where? I went to the CM and asked, and she whipped out a pass and told me where to go. I think the CMs like those super-secret Single Rider things, b/c they always seem to smile when you ask about it. I think that perhaps they giggle when people come through alone and just wait in line. I could be wrong, but that's what I think.

So I took my handy pass and went through the wheelchair exit, right on to the other side of the loading area. One woman was in front of me. This was most excellent. I felt like a VIP.

The woman said the CM is "signaling me to come over, but I'm waiting for my nephew, go ahead!" So not even a minute after I got in line; perhaps not even a minute after I got the Single Rider pass from the CM, I was getting in the seat. omg omg omg.

You go slowly to the part "in" the water. And then you sit there. And sit. And sit. I was breathing slowly...wondering what on earth I had just done. Knowing that you take off like a shot...so nervous.

The music does NOT help calm you down...it just repeats and repeats...then suddenly they count you down and BAM you go.

OH MY GRACIOUS. When people talk about the speed of the take-off, they are not kidding. It is so incredibly fast. It's not painful, but it's almost painful. It sure isn't natural to feel that way!!! I would imagine the way in nature you'd feel that way is if you're falling off a cliff, and that can't be a good feeling!

So you just slam into acceleration on the straightway, then you're going up up up and I was just thinking "this is unbearable, I can't take this any longer" we were up and that G-force feeling was gone, and then it was just the coaster. "Just" indeed! I don't know what it's like during the day, but it was incredible at night! You are up so high...I was yelping and laughing and making little yips...I'm sure the stranger I was seated next to was happy with me.

The loop...I had forgotten how easy loops are. It was the easiest part of the whole ride. You barely even know you're upside-down, I remembered, with loops.

And then it was done. I got off just laughing, and walking a bit tipsy. Don't know if it was that brew I drank over the course of an hour, or if it was the ride, but I was a little bit stumbly. I texted DH that I had just gone on it, and while texting I missed the signs that said the walkway was closed, so nearly ran into the construction wall. Had to go all the way around the other way past Ariel's, to get over towards Jumpin Jellyfish.

I had intended to go on JJ, to see what it's like for DS, since he's tall enough, but I didn't want to "ruin" the feeling I had from California Screamin'. I bought a gift card with the retro design I had been wanting but hadn't been able to find in a few trips...$5 is the minimum. I had just given up on that design and loaded another giftcard a few hours before, so I was frustrated by that. I like the designs for some ultimate scrapbooking project, and it helps me stick to a certain amount of purchases, if I load a giftcard and just use that.

So then I found a place to lean. I could have sat down, but I didn't want to.

Neon on that Orange ride thing...

The Jellyfish ride looks really relaxing and cute.

And then I saw the Electrical Light Parade for the first time since I was a little kid! I was sooooooo happy that it was playing during this little visit. It shouldn't have been showing at this time of the year, but with the Block Party Bash all gone, they wanted to entertain us somehow!

I took pictures of each and every "float". I started to bore even myself. At one point I thought "shouldn't I be watching this, instead of clicking away?" (I use the viewfinder instead of the big LCD screen on my camera so I can't really do both like most people do) but decided that I would take pictures this time, and in the future, because it doesn't really change, I'll just watch and experience it.

Here I go, boring us all... And this isn't even half of the floats or a third of my pictures.

Whee, spinny!

The stepsisters. I love them. They are hilarious.

She saw me taking pictures and posed, and I'm SO SO SO bummed that she's out of focus!

Then they went back to arguing.

It's amusing that I think they are so funny now. I'm sure my mom is giggling in the ether Beyond...she took me to see Cinderella in the theater when it was re-released (from IMDB's date it looks like I would have been around 3.5, wow), and the stepmom and stepsisters scared me so much I couldn't be consoled, and my mom had to take me out and go home.

There be pirates...

Too cute. I saw Dopey all over the place on this visit.

I don't even know this story.

Thing hanging from the dragon's tail.

Then the parade was done and I was so happy. I had planned to rush over to the pathway and zoom out to hop to DL, but instead I just dawdled, walking behind the parade as so many others were doing.

I even stopped to take some pictures!

Then I remembered my Plan, zoomed over to the path by GRR (go left around GRR, not right even though right seems like it would be faster...you just end up on the path to the left anyway!), and went out. Went across the esplanade and towards the castle.

And that's when serious magic happened*.

*magic as defined by someone who reads everything online and knows about people at DL...not magic as defined by someone who would want only a Dream or free things or whatever

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Old 01-28-2008, 05:06 PM   #19
BL II - Blue Team
I had no idea that we shrink as the day goes on
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I am sooo proud of you for riding Screamin'! That thing scares the crud out of me! I hate being upside down...

The pics are great! I love DEP. The dragon I think is from Pete's Dragon. It is a cute movie.


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Old 01-28-2008, 06:19 PM   #20
DIS Veteran
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I kept thinking on the bumpy plane ride home..."I liked these feelings on rides at DLR, but not here!" It's all context. Though I'll say I wish the track on Screamin' was just a little bit wider. It just looks so skinny and weak when you're on it!
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Old 01-28-2008, 07:49 PM   #21
I fell in love with DLR, whats not to love. Fantasyland, Toontown, Nemo and so much more. Both parks and DTD are full of little Disney touches that make it truly Walt's park. Mickey Pretzels, Mickey Gingerbreads, Mickey pancaks. Yummy. It is truly th
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Hey Molly, great trippie, love it!! Love the Nemo ride photos!! They are great. Thank you for the name of the shake place, can't wait to try it. Thank you for letting me know the photopass photographers are out, that will be a big help in March and Dec.
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Old 01-28-2008, 07:52 PM   #22
It's never too soon for another Disney Cruise!
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Dh wants me to try Screamin' when we go. I'm not sure. I might need some liquid courage too.

Lovin' the trip report. Your pictures are so beautiful.

And the dragon is from the movie "Pete's Dragon." It was a favorite movie of mine as a kid.
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February 4-8, 2008 our wonderful 15th Wedding Anniversary celebration at Disneyland
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Old 01-28-2008, 09:00 PM   #23
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Originally Posted by bumbershoot View Post
I'm such an 80s girl...love the neon. I once thought I would have a loft apartment with a big neon Billy Idol, just like in St Elmo's Fire.

I am sooo an 80's girl, too. I just love myself some Miami Vice!

I am loving your TR especially since we are planning our first DL trip in September!!

Me, DH, DD-6 yr old! DS-3 yrHow to Gain 6lbs in 4 Days! MVMCP 2007

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Old 01-28-2008, 09:03 PM   #24
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Thanks, all!

I can't believe this is all in one day. But that's the bonus of being by yourself, with no one else to help, encourage, take breaks when you don't want to, and so on.

I went over to Disneyland, and waited in the fairly long and slow lines to get in. Some recently mentioned that they cut the number of gate CMs during that time to slow down the influx from DCA, and it sure seemed like it!

editing starting now

When I came in to DL, I decided to see the 50 Years movie with Steve Martin and Donald Duck. Just sounded like fun. Has that building been there since DL opened? It sure does smell like an older building! Went in when the doors opened, sat down, and really enjoyed the little movie. I love Steve Martin, and he was funny. As a kid I was a big Donald Duck comic book reader, so that was fun, too.

I highly recommend taking a little break and seeing that movie. I meant to see Steamboat Willie etc later, but I never did.

editing stop

I wandered along, and as the street opened up again before Plaza Inn, I wondered where I was going to go. I decided to keep wandering, and as I got up onto the sidewalk, I noticed a Cast Member. A very familiar looking cast member. I don't know any CMs, how could this be?

Oh my goodness...it's Maynard.

OK so I'm not a "fangirl" of any kind. I adore from afar and never write letters to people or wait at exits to concerts, or anything like that. So to just see this "celebrity CM" was cool enough. But suddenly I found myself doing a double-take and saying "I've heard of you"....

And he was very pleasant and made silly small talk with me! After a minute or so I figured he had places to go and was likely bored talking to me, so I said that it was nice meeting him and that my name was Molly. For some reason that caused him to keep talking, and I think we talked for about 20 minutes!

He sang a song about lions and tigers that he wrote for Jungle Cruise, when they could sing unsanctioned songs. And some silly song with made up words. I said something like he was something of a celebrity online, and he talked about how Disneyland does treat him as such; they even give him an apartment so he doesn't have to commute. At that point he patted the garbage can we were standing near, and said that it was his deluxe accomodations. He kept going back to that, and it was so funny. Talked about the kids whose parents have bought them $40 sodas, then complain that it's "too sweet", and throw them away, dumping 40 gallons of soda on him as he sleeps in his "apartment". Then went on a tangent about being sticky. He just had me in stitches. I asked where I should watch the fireworks from, and he told me, but then the announcements came on to start the show, and he had to go back to work and I didn't have time to find any good places (I don't see all that well in the dark, either...bionic eyes due to Lasik during the day, semi-blind at night, also due to Lasik).

So I watched from the sidewalk on the left, across the circle from the Partners statue. Since it was winter the big tree was bare and didn't really bother me, and actually DH liked the way the fireworks showed through the branches of the tree.

I am still learning how to work with my camera, and I still rely heavily on Auto, and I didn't have a tripod (before our next visit I'm definitely getting one of those, even if it's just a little one), so most of the pix didn't really come out. And mine aren't amazing (I won't be posting them in the picture of the day thread or the photography board), but they're kinda cool, the ones I saved, and it does sort of show that even if your view is blocked, fireworks are still Good Things.

Look at the rainbows of the fireworks and on the castle! Out of focus, but I didn't even notice that rainbow at the time.

The important/cool part of the picture below is that tiny little smoke circle at the middle towards the top.

More tiny circles, and some bigger circles on the opposite plane.

This is part of the POTC bit, where it's depicting battles. I love that part!

This picture just looks disturbing. They were actually big tall wheels of fireworks turning around and around, but I guess my camera wasn't set fast enough to catch it, so instead it just looks like something bad is happening.

Then the Star Wars music started up, and....it all stopped. Announcement came on that due to high winds at upper elevations they had to stop.

Oh well!

I went over to POTC (continuing my wandering) and there was truly no wait. Just as quick as you could get in, you got on.

Then I have in my notes that I went on Star Tours again, and was in the second row from the front. Still my fave ride!

I wandered some more, bought a decaf latte and some sort of snack at the bakery, and slowly meandered out.

My feet were in a bit of pain, though nowhere near as bad as they felt last September. I got back to the hotel and was so tired, but I had to organize for the next day. I was taking part in micechat's Rally, and needed to be at the picnic area at 8am. I didn't know if they would need anything official from me, so I couldn't plan to go back to check out at 11. Therefore I needed to rent a locker, or leave things with the front desk, and therefore I had to be ready! Well, I love organizing things, but it also takes me awhile. So it was getting later and later and I was hurting more and more...finally I wanted to take a bath but the tub scared me a little bit. So I took a shower and it was so nice that the timer on the fan went off....and when I got out, the steam set off the smoke detector alarm.

It all got figured out and I was finally able to put my head down on the pillow, and I fell to sleep almost immediately.

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Old 01-28-2008, 09:03 PM   #25
WA Kay
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Thank you very much for the great trip report loaded with fun pictures. I always enjoy your reports and find your information helpful. I am a Disneyland veteran but have not been in 5 years. As we all know, much has changed, so you tips are very helpful in planning my next trip.

Now I find myself in a position to give you a little tiny bit of information. You know that little, often short lived, guilt you feel about being at Disneyland without your lovely son and husband? Those moments when you think about how much they would have liked this-or-that? Night time when you miss them the most? Well…. That never ever goes away. I wish I could say it did but it does not. My youngest is a senior at the University of Washington and has no interest in vacationing with her family at this point in her life but I still feel guilty when we are on any vacation without her. Even when I remind myself that she is not interested in being there I still can’t get her out of my head. Just thought you should know.

Thanks again for the great report and I am glad you had some grownup fun.
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Old 01-28-2008, 09:44 PM   #26
DIS Veteran
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"My youngest is a senior at the University of Washington and has no interest in vacationing with her family at this point in her life but I still feel guilty when we are on any vacation without her."

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Old 01-29-2008, 12:49 AM   #27
Hound 109
So non-screamin' family members can pass the time enjoyably while the Hound gets his Screamin' fix in
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Great Trippy, Bumbershoot.

Random Thoughts:

- Top Secret Single Rider line at Screamin' Rocks!
- Screamin' Rocks!

- I like the Trat (my new name for it because i never spell it right) too. Did you sit outside? & you're right, the portions are good sized & kinda olive oily (a good thing ) I like the fact that you get deluxe ambiance (it's pretty sitting outside & you're waited on) for moderate prices. It's a good place to split entres & appetizers i bet.

- You & negotiating the GCH secret passages .... Don't worry, you'll nail it on your next PP stay.

Great pictures & great report, Bumbershoot, thanks for sharing.
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Old 01-29-2008, 01:32 AM   #28
What has the Dis done to me? I'm addicted to CROCS?
we've hit single digits baby!
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GREAT trip report...I loved the build up to riding Screamin. I loved that ride!
Celebrating my birthday for the first time at DL February 2015
Another surprise trip in June
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Old 01-29-2008, 02:15 AM   #29
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Ooh, now you guys know I'm not done yet, right? I haven't even gotten to Rally day.

When they asked inside or outside at the Trat I said "whatever is faster" b/c I was hungry. Ended up just inside, and I was glad, because I was cold.

But that must wait for tomorrow.
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Old 01-29-2008, 02:20 AM   #30
DIS Veteran
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Ok, this thread is the last straw...sometime in the next year, I will go on a solo.
A potentialy v. long thread on DINKS going to WDW in February, 2008...
A not so long October, 2007 DL trip report ... http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1617056
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