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Old 12-09-2007, 01:15 PM   #1
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Talking Trip 2 - We are not Disney People - all 8 of us! (12/20 FINISHED +PICS+)

First off, if you haven't read my first trip report, drop down to the sig and read it so you know who we are. Trust me, it'll make your life and my life easier! I won't have to recap everything I already typed, and you'll get to enjoy our first magical disney trip blow by blow with pictures! Oh, and you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hug your monitor, you'll invite me to vacation with you so you can have as much fun as we do...get to reading.

Now, back to the present: we are back from our trip, but I'm starting with a small blurb I wrote 19 days before we left...many more details and pictures coming VERY soon
We did a paper chain with a different disney image on each piece. The girls took off the first one this morning, and we're down to 19. One more and it won't be dragging on the floor anymore. In a blink, it will be a memory, as will our whole trip. Time is just moving too fast on most levels!

But for now, we get to sqeal with delight over a piece of paper with a character we love once a day, every day, from now until we reach the doorknob.
And then...we're off to re experience that joy high, that magical pull, that satisfying overwhelming ride we call a family vacation in Disney World.

19 pieces of paper stand in the path of us and a lifetime of memories in the making!
And to help push myself over the edge of that nutty cliff I find myself back on (the one where Disney Obsession and Excitement take precidence over all things reality), I pulled out our slideshow I made from the last trip.

200 images rotating through to songs like "when you wish upon a star" "Bibidi Bobidi boo", "A dream is a wish your heart makes" and so on. Each song seems to line up perfectly with the images. I noticed that beam of joy shooting from Bella's face during the parade series. It's hard to capture that full expression on film, at least it never seems as full as when you're there, in the moment, watching a four year old bubble over with excitement, giddy and squealing and smiling so hard her cheeks seem to be forming new dimples...
Those are the moments I never can quite capture in film.

And dh looked so happy! So joyful! So young! I kind of remembered him being so princess weary from our last trip, but upon this recent slideshow viewing, I am second guessing my memory because he seems to be having the time of his life with his little girls taking turns riding his shoulders, flying on dumbo with him, pointing out bad guys, and so on.
He looks so happy. I can't wait to get those three people I love more then the world itself and take them back to that.

Yeah, I said it before and I'll say it again...we are gonna need more of that kind of happy. I foresee a 2008 trip in our future...but in the meantime, I wonder which character is on piece number 19 of our paper chain? Just a matter of hours before we get to pull that off and inch our way closer to number one.

The Gluten Free Dairy Free Food We Ate in Disney World
We are NOT Disney People - The First trip report - Pt 1

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Old 12-09-2007, 01:47 PM   #2
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The day arrived! It was time for us to debark on our second Disney adventure (both in one year, even!) The four of us were ready. I, in particular, was ready. I had this trip planned months ago, and I was ready to get my joy on! The girls, however, weren’t feeling the joy when I woke them up at 5:30am to get a move on. Bean told me it was just too dang early to be woken up. (hmm…welcome to my world where you girls wake me up between 5:30 and 6:30 every day! Grumble grumble…)

So, we’re in the car and it is cold. Below thirty degrees and I am just laughing cause I know I”ll appreciate that Florida weather all the more! Dh comments that maybe we should pack in some winter coats in case it is bitterly cold or snowy when we get back. I laugh at him and remind it that it doesn’t get that bad at the first of December in Iowa! We’ll be fine with jackets. But we can bring coats for the kids (just in case). I lift my carryon bag and immediately regret that I haven’t been exercising at all. I know it will be too heavy for my shoulders to carry. Of course I packed it very thoughtfully, but maybe I could find something to part with in the bag? I look inside and know the answer. My book. I know that the girls are not really going to let me just kick back and read on the plane, so I take my beloved copy of Jane Austin’s Sense and Sensibility out of my bag. I ask Eric if he thinks I should leave it or take it. He says, “leave it”.
So, we start the trip off by leaving our Sense and Sensibility behind us. Look out Disney, here we come!

There are four of us in our group (the 4 – still almost five year old, the 7 year old, me the turning 30 year old, and hubby). BUT my older brother and his two girls (same ages as our two girls) were meeting us there! And my sister in law would join us a few days later. We were officially a party of 8. A grand gathering in Disney Speak. We met up with brother and the nieces in Orlando airport where we were about to experience our first bit of Disney Magic…the Magical Express Transportation!

Ah…I hate to be a grump, but after a LONG day of airline travel, waiting in a LONG AND SLOW line for the Magical Express bus was not fun. Granted, the kids were content watching cartoons, but we grown ups were wondering whey they didn’t have a little cocktail bar at the start of that line? That sounds a bit more like Disney Magic to me!

So the man who controls the lines was making chat, small talk, cracking jokes with us. I wanted to be in the spirit, but I was so far from it. I just kept thinking…how can you laugh at a time like this? Just get me to my room!!!
Yeah, travel can make me a tad bit cranky…but our bus came, we sat and enjoyed the ride to the BEAUTIFUL Coronado Springs Resort!

I was wowed! It is so lovely. I have been wanting to stay here and enjoy the Spanish theme for so long! Hooray! First things first, check in. I had previously requested cabana 8A because it is close to the pool, reasonably close to the lobby and bus stop. Very nicely located. We have so many little kids with us, that if we were on the opposite side of the hotel from the dig site, I would not be a happy woman.
So, the nice lady at checkout informed me that we have 9B! Perfect! Even better then 8A! SO close to the bus stop and lobby. Very close to the pool. Great spot. I was thrilled. Then we asked if our other group had a connecting room. She said that they didn’t, but they were in the same building. Okay, I could live with that.

So we get up to our room and Dh notices that my brother’s family is in the room next door. He goes for the connecting door and starts knocking.
I say “Don’t knock! It’s not them! The lady told me it’s not connecting!” But who opens the door? My niece! We DID have connecting rooms! YAY! This makes life much easier and much more fun for the kids! Very cool.
Here is the view from our front window:

So, what would you do first? Well, swim of course! We got into our suits (which we packed carry on) and got into the pool. It was beautiful outside. Sunny, 75-80 degrees. The water was 84 degrees. The waterslide was running and life was good.

Finally...we're here!


Up Next: 1900 Park Fare - our first Disney gluten free, dairy free, grand gathering dining plan extravaganza!

The Gluten Free Dairy Free Food We Ate in Disney World
We are NOT Disney People - The First trip report - Pt 1

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Enjoyed the last trip report and looking forward to this one
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Can't wait to hear about your trip!
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I really enjoyed your last trip report! It was so magical! I almost got teary just hearing about your experience. It's the enjoyment that people like you and your family get out of Disney that makes Disney such a great place! I can't wait to hear how your second trip goes--especially your second trip to Animal Kingdom!

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First Night - 1900 Park Fare

I snuck out of the pool (well, not literally, I made sure Eric had his eyes on the little ones first!) and got cleaned up. I hoped that our luggage would be in the room so I could dress those four little girls up like princesses for our visit with Cinderella and estranged family at 1900, but the luggage was no where in sight.

So, the girls trickled in, I brushed their hair, and we prepared for departure! Now, since we were going from resort to resort, I thought it best we pay the $12 for a cab ride. I called a certain taxi company and asked for a van with two carseats for the youngest travelers in our party. They said no problem! They'd be there at 45 after, but that I should call 5 minutes before that (just in case ) So, 10 minutes before, I called to see if the cab had been dispatched. The woman who answered said...
"hmm...that is strange, they booked you for tomorrow morning to go to Universal " Okay, Universal may be lots of fun and all, but come on! We just got to Disney!!!

So, I said no thanks to the next morning transport and asked if they could get me something big and yellow in a speedy kind of fashion. They said yes, but there were not be seen when we needed to leave. So, we hopped into the competitors taxi and decided we'd just stick with Disney transport from then on. Phew!

The Grand Floridian was beautiful! Very lovely indeed. It was particularly busy in the lobby and restaurant this evening, and I was thinking to myself how I was glad to be staying in a much quieter resort
We looked around a bit, saw the giant gingerbread house (hey, that is a LOT of gluten!!!) and went to do our first bit of Disney shopping while we waited.

Now, brother had already told me they were not going to give the nieces spending cash for the trip, but Grandma and Grandpa had sent some along with me, so I got to be the fairy god mother delivery service of shopping joy
I took the four girls shopping while the boys went to find liquid. The youngest picked out a little mermaid doll set (think polly pocket/but disney style). The second youngest got the Jasmine version. The third couldn't decide and she finally chose an Arial cell/camera phone for $5! Bean (the oldest) chose the Cinderella dress up doll set. I love those little $12 doll sets, by the way. They are a lightweight, easy to carry bag of delight that appease our girls during any unwelcome wait at disney. If only all of life could be so easy!
Just as we were about to purchase, Bean gets a bloody nose! I don't know why she gets bloody noses. She just does. Here I am with four little girls by myself, arm full of merchandies, money in hand, and then Bean starts with blood dripping down her face and shirt. People are looking at her and pulling their children back, the store keepers come running out "What happened?!".

So I drop the stuff, gather the group to the back of the store, get a tissue and ask her to hold it. Then I decide I better buy her a new shirt for dinner (blood all over can kind of freak out the characters, I've heard!) Well, I was not about to pay $25+ for a shirt for one dinner! Come on!!! Instead, I got some of those free Disney buttons that they hand out like candy on Halloween and pasted them directly over the stained areas. Clever! You won't read that tip in the Unofficial Guide to Disney! Only at DIS can you pick up such clever tricks and tips

Okay, so she was FINE, which is why I can make light of it, and we bought our dolls and went to eat. The place was packed, but it's okay. We sat down for what would turn into an hour and a half long joyful buffet dinner with live entertainment! This would be the first time my girls had real face time with a princess and the first time my nieces had been around ANY characters!!!

Well, who do you think came to our table first???
This lady...

Oh the kids were scared....it was Cinderella's wicked stepmother! And a good actress too, I may add. Here I was with my happy face and camera telling them to "get up and get a picture!!" and the girls were just looking at me like deer in the headlights. Well, not Bean, she had her encyclopedia of Disney characters with her, and she was looking for the Lady Tremain page so she could get her first autograph! She was excited.
But the nieces...they looked a little like this
I can only imagine what they were thinking... maybe
Our mom isn't here, I hope they don't try to send us home with this lady! Is that why we are here? Is that why they want us to stand next to her?

or maybe...
Disney is scary! This lady is mean! I want to go home!

From the looks on their faces, it was one or the other. We let them off the hook and waited for someone friendlier to come along, but in the meantime we went to get some food. There was plenty for us to eat. In fact, I think some of the best gluten free dairy free food we ate on our trip came off this buffet! I kid you not! I loved this french salad we had and everyone found something good to eat!

We ate and waited for Cinderella. Before she made it, we met up with Drizzella and Anastatia. I told Drizella that she was much prettier in person! She agreed. The nieces still just stared at the stepsisters, wondering why we all liked this place so much!!! Then came none other than...

Prince Charming.

Bean was excited to see him because she had a page for him in her book! Now, I have to wonder how he scored a page, but Chip and Dale didn't? I digress...so Prince Charming lived up to his name because the youngest niece got out of her seat to go have her picture with the Prince. She even smiled! Granted, she didn't put down her cookie, but it was a great first step

We waited a bit longer for Cinderella and then, we took the free transportation back to the room to crash out for the night. We had a busy and early day planned for the morning. Well, when I say "we" I mean "I". You see, I was the grand planner and organizer for our grand gathering vacation. I made it be known that I was going to plan the sh$% out of this vacation and they were either with me or against me! I did give them fair warning, and they were on board for my seat at the throne. Now, most of you reading this know that the planning is half the fun of the Disney vacation!!! I love it! Here we are, just a week back home, and I am already looking at school calendars and bank accounts, trying to figure out when we can go back!

For our first big day, I was starting us off at Crystal Palace for a pre park opening breakfast, followed by a day of Magic Kingdom, topped of with Whispering Canyon for supper! It was going to be the best day of the trip!!! Or at least, that is what I had planned....

Up Next: Day 2 - The Grand Gathering meets Magic Kingdom...early.

The Gluten Free Dairy Free Food We Ate in Disney World
We are NOT Disney People - The First trip report - Pt 1

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I'm signing on from the beginning of this report (instead of trying to catch up at the end as usual). Waiting for more.
Precious Gem of a Weekend Report http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2323431
Gem of a Birthday-My 40th with Dh @ AKL http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=2149477
Gem of a Trip-quality,clarity,color and"Cut that out!"http://www.disboards.com/showthread....0#post25752950

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Good morning Magic! I forgot to mention that the night before was a very challenging night of getting to sleep for the girls. At one point, they even tried to sleep on the floor of the resort! Shudder….
Images of all the nasty things on a hotel floor carpet pulsed through my mind and kept me from allowing such an atrocity, however…the girls could not sleep in their bed and it was either that, or we were going home. So they stayed on the floor for about 15 minutes, calmed down enough to get back into bed and go to sleep. Phew. The only thing that got me through that ordeal was knowing that in the LaLa family, embracing the hotel carpet is just part of the Disney Magic. So I thought of LaLa’s son and smiled.

Back on track…let’s just skip the wake up process and start at the park! We walked in and just as before, we rounded the corner on Main Street and all four girls just lit up! Mouths dropped to the ground and little legs took off into a mad dash to reach the end of the longest short street in history. The castle…the magic…it was only steps away.
I was hassling my husband to stop taking stupid pictures like this

and keep up with the girls! I wanted some pre-park opening photos in front of the castle! He handled my bossiness quite well. I think he must have had this mantra in his head all week…
“It’s her birthday…it’s her birthday…it’s her birthday…”
He was just rolling with it.

We got the mandatory photos and then enjoyed a lovely meal at Crystal palace. The chef brought out some gluten free pancakes for Bean

and we found plenty of gluten free dairy free food on the buffet as well

For the two times we have dined at Crystal Palace, we were as pleased as pooh bear with a pot of honey! It was fun, yummy, and prompt! We were out of there at 9am, just in time to bolt back to fantasyland JUST before the stampede came. Because of our good timing, we were able to hit our first choices before any lines formed.

Now, this is where I have to mention a certain friend of ours who traveled with us on our trip. Well, he didn’t actually travel with us, and he would probably not even know us or refer to us as friends, but we spoke of him, fondly, quite often on our trip. Good ol’ buddy Mike, the Tour Guide!

For those of you who have been resisting paying the trivial fee to get this information, I just want to thank you. It’s because the masses do not have the info that makes our vacation so enjoyable! Nuff’ said.

No, but really, you should read up over there sometime! I found that my first trip went very smoothly just by following tips from people at DIS, but this one went even MORE smoothly. We never waited on anything for more then 10 minutes MAX all week. Most things we did were 5 minutes or walk on. I’m not joking! Well, Soarin may have taken a bit longer, but it was still pretty fast!

Okay, so we went on ride after ride after ride! I had the kids following me this way, that way, the next way! I will say, that although we had no waits, something in the “magic” was just missing for me. I wasn’t let down. I was still having fun, but it just didn’t have that same magical pull as the first day we went to Magic Kingdom. I wondered if this was the beginning of the end…if our insane love for Disney was to be cut short after two measly vacations? Time would tell.

So, we rode until the littlest of the nieces began getting too grumpy to move. And the other three were looking a little pathetic as well. Time for mixin’ it up a little! We veered out of Fantasy Land and over to Adventure Land for the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad! I must say, even I enjoyed this ride! I am a wimp, and I didn’t expect to like it, but it was fun! Bella, however (the 4 , almost 5 year old) didn’t enjoy herself. She was very anti anything dark or scary on this trip. She scorned me for taking her on such a ride. She asked me,
“what kind of mother are you to take an innocent, tiny, four year old like me on a loud railroad car through a collapsing mine! Geeze mom!”
Or something like that. No more tunnels for Bella.

So, Bella and I sat out and nibbled on some lunch (pre lunch crowd) at Pecos Bills while the rest of the group did Splash Mountain. We sat and watched the country bears (the most ridiculous waste of time in all of Disney) while the rest of the group did Pirates. I was beginning to feel left out! So we got our grand gathering back together to ride Alladin’s carpet s and the Jungle Cruise. We even made time for Tomorrowland to do the Laugh Floor and Buzz’s ride (again, thought of the LaLa family as I photographed myself on the screen on the way out…however the flash washed it out and I didn’t get a good photo…I’m no BradK with the camera!), as well as a character signing with Stitch!

We did SO MUCH in one day! We were all pretty wiped out, though, and ready to go. It was at this time we noticed the parade was coming through! So we followed the parade out, waving at the princesses and trying not to walk into fixtures en route. The boat ride to Wilderness Lodge was beautiful and relaxing. We all enjoyed sitting up front and watching the view as we pulled into the dock at Wilderness Lodge!

I left the first full day of Magic Kingdom behind me….a little disappointed that I didn’t feel that same magical joy overload. I wondered if it was partially because my nieces were just not loving it. They would have much rather been at the pool! This is just hard for me to wrap my brain around. When I put a water park on one hand, and Disney World on the other…It’s Disney without question! But those girls love to swim more than Nemo, and they wanted to get back to the pool. So I let it go and decided to let go of my planning (well at least for their family) a bit more in the days to come. If it’s water they want, then it’s water they shall enjoy! Disney has plenty of that too. But it was not time for swimming. It was time to go and kick back on the beach at Wilderness Lodge while we waited for dinner reservations. Orlando family was coming to join us. Mai Tais were waiting. Life was looking good….

Up Next: Wilderness Lodge, and why do they call this place Whispering Canyon?

The Gluten Free Dairy Free Food We Ate in Disney World
We are NOT Disney People - The First trip report - Pt 1

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Hey Sleepingbean!

I am going to take the credit for getting you onto TGM. At least I was one of the 2 or 3 of us trying to convince you to sign up on your 1st TR.

Now, let's keep him our little secret!

Can't wait for TR #2!!!
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cdotla, you were the one who led me to the light! Thank you for convincing me with posts and pms! LOL
I was so NOT convinced, but you persuaded me and I am so glad you did

Thank you!

The Gluten Free Dairy Free Food We Ate in Disney World
We are NOT Disney People - The First trip report - Pt 1

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Originally Posted by sleepingbean View Post
I made it be known that I was going to plan the sh$% out of this vacation and they were either with me or against me!
Just read your 1st trip report, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I can't wait to read the rest of this one. You're an excellent writer.
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Since we left Magic Kingdom during the parade, that put us at the Wilderness Lodge pretty early for our 5pm dinner reservation. We found the playground on a sandy beach, and two very over priced cocktails and had a seat. Ahh…now this is what vacation is about! Looking out at the water, sippin’ something minty, watching the girls laugh and play (and occassionally yelling out that they shouldn’t actually SIT in the sand and bury themselves since we’re going to be eating soon!). The good life.
I called my mom and MIL on my newly aquired pink cell phone to let them know we were not roughing it. My brother rented one of those four seater bikes and went for a cruise with 3 of the girls while Eric and I just chilled with the youngest.

Orlando family was coming to meet up with us for dinner, and they found us on the beach, eventually, and asked me
“Don’t you have reservations for 5pm?”

Of course I did! Then I looked at the time…it was 5:10! And my brother and 3 of the girls were still biking through the north woods! Yikes! We were actually going to be…gulp…late.
I picked up my pink cell phone and hit the pre-programmed button for Disney Dining, which got me through in time to change our reservation to a later seating. Phew! We gathered together within the next 30 minutes and headed into the stunning Wilderness Lodge.

I love this place. I secretly long for the pioneer days of living out in nature in a log cabin, but then I want my rustic cabin to come equipped with all the modern conveniences of life. Wilderness Lodge is the perfect answer to my dilemma! We enjoyed the holiday décor and dim lighting as we waiting for our seat.

Whispering Canyon was as loud and crowded as every other place we ventured to eat in Disney, but they were able to seat our party of 10 together, which was nice. Orlando family told us about some of the antics to come. They insisted we order extra ice tea and catsup. However, I did not plan on using either at dinner? But of course they had to order catsup for us just once so we could see how it all played out. Our kindly waitress began shouting and multitudes of people came barreling over to our table with frantic looks of worry on their faces as they raced to place every last bottle of catsup on our table before they continued their own meals. Crazy! We got a big laugh out of Whispering Canyon. But what we REALLY got out of Whispering Canyon was FULL!!! I don’t think we could have packed away more food if someone paid us. The chicken was delicious! It’s a tie between the kids chicken at 1900 Park Fare and the Chicken at Whispering Canyon. Delicious! The chef was very helpful in finding gluten free dairy free fixin’s for us.
They looked something like this:

They didn’t have anything for dessert for us on the diet restrictions (well they had Itzakadoozie, which Bean enjoyed) but that was alright. I was too full for dessert!
Everyone had a good time, a good meal, and a good laugh. We took a group photo near the totem pole in the lobby, and then we were off for our boat ride back to Magic Kingdom where we’d transfer on a bus to Coronado Springs. Our timing was perfect. We got to see a lovely view of this from the boat:

What a nice end to a fun day. Granted, it was not the most magical day that I had planned for, but I didn’t let it worry me. You see, the next day was my birthday! I just knew that would be the best day of the trip…or so I had planned….

Up Next: 30th birthday at Animal Kingdom, Artist Point, and a Grand One Yacht Finale!

The Gluten Free Dairy Free Food We Ate in Disney World
We are NOT Disney People - The First trip report - Pt 1

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Okay, I always anticipate my birthday with the joy of a child, but every year (as an adult, anyway) I end up feeling disappointed and let down, somehow. I tend to feel a step closer to the inevitable and I always feel a bit sad. Well, not this year! Not in DISNEY WORLD! I was gonna beam all day long!

We started the day off with some hot tea at the Pepper Market. Oh the Pepper Market. What can I tell you about it? Well…it has food. That is true. Some may even report that the food is good. No one in our party of 8 would make such an accusation. Some may tell you the service is good…but they would not be among our group either.
Here is how my birthday morning started at Pepper Market.
I go to the host stand and say “I just want to order some tea and some drinks for the girls”.
Them “Okay, follow us!”
We sit down, someone drops a paper ticket on my table and they bolt for the nearest exit. I am looking around wondering how to get some tea, when I see the beverage station.
I tell the girls to stay seated while I go get us some drinks. I mosey up there and ask the woman near the beverage station where to find the Earl Grey tea, hot water, and honey. She points to the beverage station and says “over there”. I go to look.
There is tea, but it’s not Earl Grey. I would not be insistent, but it is my birthday and I knew they had it because someone served it to me the day before!
Also, there was no honey. I asked her, again, where to find the Earl Grey tea and honey. She shook her head, threw her hand in the air, made a “huff” sound and stomped off.
Bewildered, I looked around for the hidden camera, and then decided I wasn’t on “Punk’d”. I made my way over to the bar area, where she had stormed off to. She pulled my tea from behind the bar and put it on the counter. Then off she was again.
I was getting close to drinking tea, but still no honey. I checked the two main condiment areas, but it appeared that Pooh Bear had been there even earlier than I. There was no honey to be found. I went and tracked down miss friendly again to ask for the honey (for the third time). She threw her hand in the air, stomped off, again. She found some honey and threw it on a bar counter and took off, giving me dirty looks.
I am SO not exaggerating, and this was one of the BETTER experiences we had at Pepper Market. So, while we enjoyed the BEAUTIFUL and LOVELY Coronado Springs resort, I don’t think we can ever go back. We rely on the counter service restaurant in our resort for at least 5 meals during our trip, and we cannot deal with that kind of hostility 5 times in one week. If I wanted that kind of attitude, I wouldn’t be in Disney, you know?

So, I tried not to let her obvious hatred of people bring me down on my birthday. Instead, I found juice for my girls, and sat down and took this picture.

I love the star lanterns and the poinsettias!

We went to the lobby and waited just a bit to enter the gift shop, which I loved!

I just love the Three Caballeros! I picked up a few items (coffee mug, gifts for the nieces, stuff like that).
Before long, we were at the Animal Kingdom Park to celebrate my birthday! There was only ONE thing I really wanted to happen this day. I REALLY wanted to see the Jingle Jungle Parade! I knew it would be a long day at this park for my little ones, and I knew that the last time we came here…it was bad news for the Bella…so I didn’t even plan for us to do anything at Animal Kingdom until 10:15am so we could take a slow start. We would start with a character meal at Tusker House (a brunch, if you will) and then it was my hope that we could do the Safari, see the Lion King, stay for the PARADE!!!
I had it all planned out to make it easy for the tired little ones. Unfortunately, it was about 110 degrees outside and the girls were just NOT feeling this park.

I know, crazy, huh?
We walked the 15 miles to the back of the park for our brunch reservations and, sadly, we had to wait about 30 minutes in the HEAT. The kids were melting. There was crying, throwing, fighting, and all sots of negativity going on. I could see that my dreams of the parade on my birthday were starting to disintegrate. Luckilly, we did get seated! They were loud and busy (surprised?), but we didn’t care. We were hungry and hot! And thirsty! We talked to the chef and he brought us this beautiful display of gluten free dairy free food

It was the loveliest display of gluten free pancakes I have ever seen! What a nice treat!
We loved the dance and song that the kids were able to participate in. Goofy was funny, the characters looked great, the food was reasonably good. We had a very nice time, all in all.

When we left, we were just in time to watch these guys perform outside:

They were so cool! We were all surprised to see such a very impressive act! We got to see them perform twice as we were walking by. We all recommend you stop and watch these guys if you are lucky enough to see them perform.

Well, every little person was tired and hot. I made the executive decision that we were going on Safari next. Bella whined that it was “boring”. I rolled my eyes and pretended she didn’t just say that! We did have about a 15 minute wait for Safari. Not too bad, considering we didn’t go first thing. It turns out that the girls liked the safari! They especially liked the (spoiler dead ahead) bridge collapse! That was great. We got to see so many beautiful animals and my favorite tree, and once again, I could only remember that something was named a Bongo and I am not sure it was a striped animal or a tree? It was fun!

When we exited the Safari, we met up with Orlando family and we all looked at the Gorilla, just near the safari exit.

We met up with Stitch and Lilo near this sign

and the kids stopped for pictures, but that was about all they were stopping for. They were on their way to the resort to swim! No Lion King, no hanging out by the Tree of Life, no Parade. Sigh…off we went, bumping into Dale on our way out, and taking one last look at everyone’s favorite tree in Disney World

I wasn’t going to let missing the parade ruin my birthday. After all, we still had Artist Point and the Grand One Yacht ahead of us! It was going to be great!

Up Next: Continuing the celebration of 30 years at Artist Point and Grand One

The Gluten Free Dairy Free Food We Ate in Disney World
We are NOT Disney People - The First trip report - Pt 1

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Sleepingbean - so glad I caught on early.
You were a big help with my confidence in Disney being able to feed my dairy and egg allergic son and calmed me when we were planning our trip. We got back Dec 4th and I've been swamped at work, but I swear I'm going to start a TR soon and let you (and others) know how we fared!!! We stayed at CSR as well. I will say that I have to agree with your take on the Pepper Market - they were horrible in trying to accomodate the food allergies and we didn't like the place at all. We also stayed in 9B (with connecting rooms) - but weren't too wowed with the rooms. The resort as a whole is quite beautiful though.
Looking forward to more!
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Great pics and review, can't wait to read more!

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