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Old 10-20-2007, 09:50 PM   #91
MB MinnieGirl
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Into the night on the Wonder.....

This continuation may not be as long as I am exhausted and have been at this pc all day long....but I am trying to make up for lost time with my TR while I can. Thank you for understanding with my delays. Here we go...into the night on the Wonder.

__________________________________________________ _______________
DAY TWO - Sunday, August 5th - Continued into the night....

After meeting and greeting our tablemates our server finally makes an appearance. I say finally because Maddie and I were the first to be seated with the others arriving shortly after. We had all had ample time for introductions and Parrot Cay was well filled and buzzing with activity - although until now we had not seen our server so we were more than happy to make his acquaintance. Maddie had already commented that, "Well Mommy, we KNOW it isn't gong to be Egi." HA! A young lady with excellent taste in service!

He arrives and his name is Dante. There aren't many times you will hear negativity from me about anything in regards to DCL....however, as they say, there area always exceptions and in this case Dante IS an exception. If you are planning a cruise, beware of Dante. Although, I can tell you if you keep the attitude that we tried to then you will have MUCH to laugh about during dinner with your table mates.

He introduces himself and for the first time in now three DCL cruises I hear the EXCEPTIONALLY long and obvious "excellent" speech. Ok Dante, you know what would be EXCELLENT? DRINKS AND FOOD! We were dying here. Everyone around us had drinks and some even salads...we were lucky enough to just being greeted and getting his well rehearsed speech. Room service for us all was looking pretty sweet right now. And let me say, Maddie has as little patience for it as I do now. The kids are all hungry and looking at us like, "HELLO! Doesn't he bring food at some point!"

Dante finally leaves with our drink orders and we all send praises to God for that! It is a good 15 minutes however before our next prayers for the drinks to actually ARRIVE are answered. When they do, they are served by our assistant server Ricardo. As leery as we all were with Dante already, we fully agreed that Ricardo was fantastic! He was so kind and friendly and we could tell that he was slightly stressed by Dante and the situation at hand. We all felt sorry for him and immediately fell in love. Maddie thought he was great and wondered aloud why HE wasn't our server instead. Out of the mouths of babes right!

Sue me now, I honestly do not remember what anyone had to eat that evening. I do know that 4 of the drinks on the table were mistakes but we were all so hungry and it was getting so late we let it ride and just crossed our fingers that tomorrow would be better. Hey - maybe Dante had a late night last night. Maybe he has been on vacation. Certainly it wouldn't be this way the entire cruise right? After all he was our server and he certainly had the speech nailed down to perfection so he was seasoned on DCL. It HAD to improve!

We enjoyed the company at dinner - all of us. Such a huge change from last year. We were all engrossed in conversation....well the adults were. Josh and Gabriel hit it off immediately as the only boys at the table. And the girls, Julia, Chevon, and Maddie seemed as though they had been friends forever. They had more bathroom breaks than when they were toddlers. Of course being little women - they all had to go together. I'm not stupid. I knew that Maddie was just excited because at home she would not be allowed to go to the bathroom without me....and neither would she onboard the ship except she knows it like the back of her hand and the other two are going with her. Also, at Parrot Cay, the restroom is just outside the dining room. At one point (they ask to be excused 3 times) I walked out behind them when they didn't know it and followed them. They were all outside the restaurant in a porthole. Just sitting in it together and talking. I let it go on for a few minutes not letting them know I could see, then walked over telling them they needed to come back in. Watching them smile, laugh and have so much fun together made my heart smile. Here we were - on the Wonder and finding magic and new friendships.

We all made it through dinner. As Maddie and I were one of the first in the dining room, it was so strange that when we left (which was just after finishing dinner) our table was one of the last to clear out. THAT is how long it took us to be served each course! At some points we actually felt as though we were encroaching on HIS time. The other constant was that Dante managed to mix up the meals as well. We would have to play rotate the food in order for us all to be left with what we actually ordered. Of course, the never smiling Dante was back when we left sharing yet again portions of his "excellent" speech. Had we been served drinks earlier and with any regularity throughout the meal we would have likely all given him our own speech as well. As it was we just looked at him in total disbelief and were off for our first night of Wonder!

I cannot say enough though how kind and out to please Ricardo was...we were all impressed with him and at the same time felt very sorry for him as we know he could have done even better with another server to work with. I will go ahead and tell you now that at the end of the cruise Ricardo received a larger tip from ALL OF US than Dante did. I hope that he knew how much HIS service and eagerness to serve and please us, in addition to his great personality meant to us all. I also hope the same for Dante but in the opposite regard. He needs some work to say the least.

After dinner we all split up for the night. With the exception of Linda and Josh who drove in from Orlando, everyone else in our party was exhausted from long flights that day. Maddie and I headed straight to the line for the Princesses before doing something different and attending the show on the first night which we have never done. While waiting in line Maddie made another new friend and I took some pictures of the two at the porthole in the atrium. How magical it is to watch your daughter, seeing her in awe and wonder at every turn and to be so eager to meet other children her age and share that same excitement with them. got it! Tears started fogging my camera lens.

While in line we saw something I was not used to on DCL. For a few moments I felt as though I were at Kings Dominion or something of the kind....but not DCL. We watched as a group with several children bumped their way into line in front of us. WHAT?!?! I thought certainly they didn't realize that the long line of people that were standing behind us were not our entourage but actually people IN LINE for the same thing. I gave it a few minutes and then Maddie took care of the situation. She returns to me from her friend and then shocked herself and without whispering, "Mommy, where did those people come from? They weren't there a minute ago. Did they cut us." For a soon to be 2nd grader - "cutting" is the height of rudeness and something to yell for the teachers attention immediately. Ok, perfect opportunity right. I'll just say yes they did, and act as though I didn't know if they realized it. When they heard the conversation they would graciously depart to the back of the line. NOPE! They actually turned around looked us up and down (there were 3 adults and 4 children under the age of 12) then the adults started to laugh. LAUGH! At the grocery store I would be shocked - but this was DCL and they were "cutting" in front of children who were doing their best to wait patiently. Not being able to control myself any longer (and after talking to people behind us who were equally angry) I ask them if they realized that the line formed earlier and the end was around the corner of the atrium. The response I got, "Yes. But we are in a hurry to see the show." OH! I see - YOU are the royalty on the ship...I get it. No - I don't get it - I got pissed is what I got. So I told them that most of the people in line were going to the same show and that they needed to remove themselves to the back of the line or miss the autographs and photos completely and I was backed up by a nice family of 4 behind us. Of course this made US the evil one's but I honestly didn't care. A few more moments and Maddie was with Cinderella who was beautiful and gracious as always.

I keep waiting for that terrible moment when she doesn't believe anymore and I have become quite good at keeping the magic alive. When I saw her face light up at the sight of Cinderella my heart melted as it does each and every time. Another one of those feelings that is so hard to put into words,yet one that you will never forget. Cinderella spoke with Maddie for a moment and maddie just beamed. YEA!!! She still believes! Thank you DCL!!! With autographs in hand and photos taken we were off to deck 10 to grab some drinks before heading to the Walt Disney Theater.

The show that night was one I was a bit afraid wouldn't be one that Maddie would really enjoy. It was a ventriloquist act. His name was Taylor Mason. If you go to any other site today - go to YouTube and search for video of his act...there are many there. He is FANTASTIC! We instantly fell in love with him. He has now become my favorite comedian. He is an amazing person as well. I'll get into that later as we attended a class with him later in the week and learned much more about him and his puppets....Paco the pig, Ramon the Lamb, and the boy whose name I have totally forgotten but was hysterical!

Maddie adored the show and almost fell out of her seat several times laughing so loudly I was sure a light would be cast on us at any moment. When we were leaving the show she proceeded to tell me that this year for Christmas she doesn't want a baby doll, but instead wants Paco the pig puppet that Taylor has. Oh goody! Nothing like an impossible task for Christmas revealed in AUGUST! I am happy to report that you CAN indeed purchase his puppets at his website. I was also thrilled that she loved the show so much. He was a hysterical, clean mouthed and very talented entertainer! GREAT SHOW that I suggest to anyone who has the chance!

Walking out of the theater it is almost impossible for us not to be drawn into the shops, especially on the first or last night. So that is where we went. We were in there for what seemed like forever and the place was a ZOO! We looked at everything. I was searching for other snow globes as possible Christmas gifts and Maddie was searching for anything and she had her money and was ready to GO! She is getting so big, and changing so much that I get so excited when I see her veer away from the High School Musical and Hannah Montana anything and go for the Princess attire. This was exactly what she did that night. There was a FANTASTIC Cm in the store who seemed to beam with energy and was so sweet with Maddie with her falling in love immediately (CM Michael Otten is moving farther to the back of her mind throughout the cruise), and went above and beyond for us both. I had made a purchase while she was over looking around that he knew I was trying to hide. Not having bags or a purse it was quite difficult to hide the secret gift. He immediately offered to have it left at Guest Services where I could pick it up at anytime. HELLO!!! A man after my own heart....helping me to hide secret purchases and making it so easy for later surprises!

In the meantime, Maddie had decided what she wanted to buy for herself. A pair of Princess gloves complete with a small purse and other jewelry items. Being a frilly little girl she wanted to wear them all immediately, as in right then and there when the receipt was signed. I told her we would have to wait because the package wasn't something I could open without something sharp. He then proceed to come from behind the desk and kneel down to Maddie telling her that she had to wear them now because she was such a beautiful princess. Oh yea - that got her - she is hooked for sure! With Maddie grinning widely he took out a small pair of scissors and cut all the items loose from the package and even knelt down on one knee while he placed each glove on her hands. She was actually blushing at this point and you know what I was doing....holding back those stupid tears! He told her to wait just a moment while he took her new purse and disappeared behind the desk. When he returned to her he opened her purse and placed a gold DCL Mickey coin inside of it telling her it was unlucky to receive a purse without a coin in it. I never knew that - now DCL is educational!! Her jaw dropped and she then threw her arms around his neck and gave him quite the thank you hug. I couldn't tell him thank you enough! THOSE are the people that make DCL - DCL! When shopping, look for the attractive blonde haired CM with the beautiful English accent named John. He is a dream for any princess - or princesses mommy!

When we left the show I had one place I wanted to go (aside from the shops) before the newbies figured it all out and it became swamped. Shutters! We were hoping to see our friend from last year that worked as a photog during the day and behind the desk of an evening...but she was not longer onboard. Sadly, we missed her greatly as we didn't find anyone else in Shutters to have her beaming personality and Maddie missed her so much. This was the one who called Maddie, "Dale's sister." Oh worries right....only different magic! I quickly found our photos from earlier in the day and went ahead to reserve the package taking the pictures that were there thus far. Work done - we moved on and went out to locate the moon and the first comfy deck chairs we could find.

Off to the outside of deck 4 we went. BEAUTIFUL is the only word to describe the night. The hot and steamy weather from the states had passed and was replaced with a wonderful sea breeze, brightly lit moon and a low lighted deck full of EMPTY deck chairs! Hello Heaven - here we are!!

While on deck Maddie started to cry. It seems that her brand new Princess gloves that John had placed on her moments earlier had holes in them both. She was quite sad but I knew this could be fixed. When looking at them it was obvious that the holes were from the string that held them securly onto the cardboard in the package. We went back into the shop and found John the wonderful CM. He proceeded to make a HUGE deal of it and swooped over to get a replacement package for her. he opened it, removed the gloves and placed them on her hands. As he was putting the last one on, he noticed it too had a hole in it. He made a few jokes and told her this simply would not do for Princess Maddie and walked right back to grab two attional packages of princess attire. Maddie was laughing at this point. He pulled the second pari from the package and then we all were rolling with laughter...THAT one also included a nice hole as well! He pulled the last and what we found to be only perfect pair of gloves from one more package. He held it to the light making a large deal of the insepction he was performing for her very special gloves and then placed them on her hands. POOF! Tears turned into laughter and giggles on the spot! THANK YOU JOHN!! We then headed back to our spot on deck 4.

We sat in the chairs, played around the deck, talked and snuggled up just looking out into the night sky over the sea and waves below. Just a few lumps in my throat and total peace with nobody around but just us. It was amazing and the perfect end to our first day onboard. We would head to our rooms and hopefully discover that "Tink" had been there for Maddie and her face would light up with magic once again for the day.

__________________________________________________ _______________

I will try and finish the first evening onboard tomorrow. I'm not saying I promise because each time I've said that I have run into trouble and not been back at the TR for weeks.

Before passing out tonight I'll post more photos from the day....hopefully I'll be back with the last portion of the day which is returning to our cabin, room service and our cabin.

Sweet dreams!
First ever Mommy Maddie Cruise - Trip Report
Mommy Maddie Cruise - YEAR TWO - Trip Report

May 2004 - First trip to WDW & 1st cruise on Disney Wonder
August 2006 - Mother/Daughter cruise on the Wonder!
August 2007 - 2nd Mother/Daughter cruise on the Wonder!
September 2008 - First Mother/Daughter trip to WDW!
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Old 10-20-2007, 10:08 PM   #92
MB MinnieGirl
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Photos from our first night....

Maddie with her new friend, Lisa.

Cinderella reacing out for Maddie's hand.

Maddie with Cinderella the first night.

Maddie with Snow White

Maddie and Snow White.

Maddie with Snow White.

Maddie on deck 4 with her new princess gloves.

An empty deck 4....just for us.

Photo Maddie took of me in my "happy place."
First ever Mommy Maddie Cruise - Trip Report
Mommy Maddie Cruise - YEAR TWO - Trip Report

May 2004 - First trip to WDW & 1st cruise on Disney Wonder
August 2006 - Mother/Daughter cruise on the Wonder!
August 2007 - 2nd Mother/Daughter cruise on the Wonder!
September 2008 - First Mother/Daughter trip to WDW!
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Great job Maddie is the cutest thing... so... did you rebook onboard???
Katie (:

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I LOVED hearing you talk about Egi!!! We had him several years ago!! He is the best!!! I can still hear him say, '"Remember, you're on vacation!"

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Welcome back Kelly!

Just wanted you to know that grouping single moms does seem to be part of that Disney magic...or Wonder...well, you know what I mean! My 19 year old and I were matched with a single mom with 2 boys (11 and 13) and a honeymooning pair in their early 20's. She really connected with the honeymooning wife, and I had the other single mom to connect with. I guess the boys had each other! They certainly do put some thought into the table assignments, I think.
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MB MinnieGirl
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Gifts from "Tink"

Originally Posted by bellebud View Post
what a great trip report! maddie is SO adorable, with her big toothless grin! I haven't booked our first cruise yet, and i kept going back and forth 'should I?', but reading your report makes me feel like i just have to! then i was going back and forth about it being dcl or others cruise lines that i've read about here, but again, your report is making me feel like it just has to be disney while the kids are still young.

i love the idea of the gifts from tink... i'm going to steal it, ok??? can you give me some ideas what you gave her? did you wrap them?

thanks so much for taking the time to post the pics too, and glad you're feeling better!
Hi Bellebud!

I'm sorry it took me so long to answer you. When I've been on to update I have been so rushed I forgot to answer some questions.

Please steal away! Anything to make a cruise more magical for the little one's I am all for. I have mixed it up every year and never given the same things twice. I get enough small items to leave out 2 or 3 each night while onboard. Of course, it helps to have a GREAT room steward! I still cannot say enough about ours from last year...Kirk. He was simply exceptional! Maddie got these items this year from "Tink".

Tink pencils
Tink pencil sharpener & ruler
Glow necklaces (great for Pirate Night!)
Candy and gum
Mickey & Minnie notepads
Gel Pens with cool designs on them
Tink notebook
Large Tink puffy stickers
Mini photo album

I hope this helps! The dollar store and the dollar area at Target are where most of the items came from each year.


First ever Mommy Maddie Cruise - Trip Report
Mommy Maddie Cruise - YEAR TWO - Trip Report

May 2004 - First trip to WDW & 1st cruise on Disney Wonder
August 2006 - Mother/Daughter cruise on the Wonder!
August 2007 - 2nd Mother/Daughter cruise on the Wonder!
September 2008 - First Mother/Daughter trip to WDW!
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Kelly, Glad to have you back!
i love reading your reports, b/c it brings tears to my eyes thinking of all this great magic that will be waiting for us when we go in 2 months on our first cruise!! Thank you for sharing your story in such a heartwarming way!! Can't wait to hear more!!
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Hope you are well Kelly! No pressure to finish your report, I'm sure you are very busy. But to be honest I cannot wait to read more if you are able to!
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Originally Posted by CRSNDSNY View Post
Hope you are well Kelly! No pressure to finish your report, I'm sure you are very busy. But to be honest I cannot wait to read more if you are able to!
funny, i was just thinking about this report and the girls.

hope all is well and would love to hear more about the trip... but understand how "life" gets in the way sometimes. we are going on our first DCL cruise in sept and love all your ideas and details!!

hope to hear from you soon
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I second this.....

Especially since my DD9 and I are going on our first Mother/Daughter cruise 6/08. Leaving the boys behind...
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I love your TR! I read last year's too! I have three daughters and I have had many, many special mother-daughter moments with one or two or all of my beautiful girls, so although I am married and not a single mom, I can relate so well to your story.
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Old 02-01-2008, 11:33 PM   #102
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Great TR! Your daughter is such a cutie.

I am a single mom taking my ds 7 (at time of the trip) on our 2nd Disney Cruise, but first alone. I look forward to many great memories to share with him.

Wish they had special rates for us (just wishful thinking)

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Earning My Ears
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I am so enjoying reading your report! Can't wait to hear more...great photos, too. Thanks for sharing!
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Great report!

I'm really enjoying reading about your adventure. I've yet to take a Disney Cruise, but it sounds like so much fun! Can't wait for more!

Come check out my blog:

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Love the trip report. We are doing a girls cruise in room 6092 (me, DM and DD (age 4). Would love to see more photos of the room.

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