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Old 09-06-2007, 06:00 AM   #16

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I think I need to go to confession
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When we planned this cruise we decided to do things differently so we were not comparing our cruise to last year.
Excellent thinking!

"MOMMY! Can we go to the Disney Stores, Sea World, and Kennedy Space Center now??? I have MY money...can we can we can we????" Well.....what else would I say while on vacation with my dd sporting her own cash....WE WERE OFF TO THE STORES!
I LOVE IT! A girl after my own heart!

I then explained his kindness and THIS is when I really cried. She walked back into the store and gave him a hug telling him thank you. OK - that chipped Tink is now a prized possession with a wonderful story in our home.
OH! What a dolly she is!

The pics are great! Love the one of your kitty on the luggage - that's classic! And of course you and your daughter are sweet and adorable as usual!

Can't wait for more! Thanks for writing!
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Old 09-06-2007, 11:57 AM   #17
Check out Ricki's hidden Mickey!
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Reading your 2006 report is what made me want to go on a Disney cruise in the first place. Your enthusiasm is great - glad you're back.
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Old 09-06-2007, 01:22 PM   #18
MB MinnieGirl
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Boarding The Wonder!

DAY TWO - Arriving on the ship with Pixie Dust in the terminal!
SUNDAY, AUGUST 5th, 2007

We woke up bright and early (ok early but not so bright) and with our luggage already packed and ready to go all we had to do was shower and head down to MCO to grab a quick bite to eat, and set the luggage outside to await the Mickey folks to pick them up and take them to THE SHIP!!

We were more than excited!! It only took a quick shower to have us fully awake and in complete "TODAY IS HERE - WE ARE ON OUR WAY" mode. We walked down to the lobby area of the Hyatt and checked in then sat about paying Uno for a bit until it was our turn. We were the first to arrive so we were also THE FIRST to board the beautiful (new with porthole windows) DCL bus. Maddie was so excited she was beside herself....ok, so was I. Honestly she was cracking me up also. It seems she forgot NOTHING as she kept asking me when I was going to cry. WHO ME??!! Then I said honestly, "HELLO!! When we see the ship!" We settled in and watched the video passing the time by also looking for alligator's which our driver last year swore we could see from the road. I think it was a ploy to shut us all up.

We have a very special friend who works at the port that we could not wait to see (also on the Dis). We had packed her a goody bag in the form of a beach bag with coffee cup and beach towel. We knew the first thing we were doing when we checked in was going straight to the children's services desk to find her.

Once we were approaching the bridge Maddie and I did the no no and stood up to get our first glimpse of the ship. THERE SHE IS!!!! She is just sitting there waiting on US!!! Maddie began to squeal with excitement and stand at the window fogging the glass with her cheeks pressed firmly against it. WE WERE HERE!!!!

Once at the terminal we went through security (very quickly too) and right up the stairs we flew to the first open Castaway Club Member check-in desk we saw. We checked in (a breeze again - such a painless process!) and got our cards. I made a comment to the woman that I was surprised we didn't get lanyards this year. She just smiled and handed the cards to us. Ok, top of lanyards for a million bucks onboard. Oh well. NO WORRIES - who cares WE ARE BOARDING THE SHIP! She then gave us our boarding number which was 4. Whooo hoooo!!

Of course now we see Donald Duck come out so Maddie started to make a bee line toward him then I reminded her of our friend in the terminal and the goodies we had for her. She actually ditched Donald immediately not even getting in the line. I was amazed! Off we went to the children's registration area and there she was! The other CM's must have thought we were crazy because we waited on her to become free to proceed into the line. We already know she is AMAZING and could not wait to see her!! We get up to her line and then talk for a few minutes, register Maddie for.....NOPE not the club.....THE LAB!!! She had arranged for Maddie to go to the Lab instead of the club this year. She is 7 1/2 but has done the club for 2 years and really wanted to go into the lab this year and she made it happen!! Then we gave her our goody bag for her and at the same time she pulls out a bag FILLED with things for Maddie. Oh yea....tears were welling up but I remained in control! Maddie began to beam from one ear to another and look at the items in the bag. We are talking SO very thoughtful!!! Maddie immediately proceeded to undress from her cover-up over her bathing suit and put on a new one that was in the was so pretty! A red two piece cover up with tie died Mickey's. Too cute and too much! Then a light up Mickey sucker, a Tinkerbell photo frame, a bazillion candies I think, an Ariel cookie, and a headband with princess Minnie heads on antennae that stuck up...which she wore ALL THE TIME - even on the plane ride home. She was in Heaven!! I still can't believe our friend did this and neither could Maddie....talking the entire cruise about how special she is and that "She put the magic in our cruise." She was exactly right!!

We talk a few minutes more and I then ask her why they stopped giving lanyards to CC members. She takes one look at our KTTW cards and shakes her head asking who we saw. I direct her to the number 6 line and that is where she goes. It seems the CM that checked us in at the CC member desk, didn't place us as CC members even though it was clearly marked on our ressie and I also mentioned it and the lanyards. We had the wrong cards, and we WERE supposed to get the lanyards. YEAH!!! A million $$ saved instantly by not having to purchase those little puppies! She returns with the correct cards and lanyards in tow. Again, she saved the day!!

Maddie and I then gave big hugs and goodbyes to our friend (and even more thanks!) and went directly to the model of the ship where Daisy Duck was waiting - whooo hooo!! Somebody we didn't see last year and we get to see her before we even board. She then saw Minnie and so back in line we get to see the Queen of the ship. Maddie is now in Heaven...wearing her new cover-up, princess Minnie headband and caring her autograph book. THIS is the feeling that cannot be described. Looking around knowing that shortly you will enter those Mickey ears and all worries are left behind to be onboard the Wonder and that feeling will be with you until you cross the threshold to leave back to reality.

Before having to leave our friend and her get back to work she told us to go see another CM who she had talked to in order to get us on the ship. I couldn't figure out exactly what was going on but did as she said thinking she is sooo sneaky and deserves a BIG raise and many acknowledgements as she loves making others happy and fulfilling dreams in a remarkable way that only she can do. We proceed over to the gentleman who our friend directed us to. He then removed a rope from the clearly restricted (although we didn't know why yet) area which he was watching to make sure nobody entered that was not cleared by himself. He told us to just take a seat and tell anyone who ask that we spoke to him and then after the family of the week's name was called WE WOULD BOARD! It took a minute for this to sink in (vacation brain kicking in I guess) but when it does I begin to beam when I get to explain it to Maddie. I tell her that ONLY one family will have boarded the ship when they call us to go and that we will be on the Wonder when it is EMPTY!!!! I missed the best photo op ever at that moment as her jaw just dropped to the ground and then it was replaced with a huge toothless smile. We take a seat (right in front of the Mickey entrance) and we color a picture of Ariel.

We did have a slight scare when we realized the section we were seated in was for concierge guest only. You see there was a family who actually walked to the back of the rope and one by one crawled UNDER IT to sit down. Now realize there is NOTHING special about the seats - they are the same everywhere and the terminal was not crowded at all. The family sits down and we watch as a CM scurries over to ask to see their card. OH NO!! We are going to be booted too - ran straight through my mind. Can you tell I'm afraid to break the rules? The CM then looked at their KTTW card and booted them right out but not before asking who let them in there. Oh boy! The answer was priceless from both parties. The mother in the family told her that they simply crawled UNDER the ropes. HELLO!! If I did get busted I wouldn't have said that I don't think. The CM then starts to shake her head and tell them in a sing song voice, "Oh, no. We don't crawl under ropes. When you see ropes here they are there for a reason. This is reserved for concierge only." Now, I'm sweating because I see her coming toward us. I tell Maddie to hide her KTTW card. She came right over to us, says hello and says it almost in slow motion it seemed....."can I see your KTTW cards please. Are you concierge." Ummmm....I don't lie, and when I try I don't do it well so I just looked at her like a deer in headlights and pointed to the gentleman who had let us in. She then ask if we had already been cleared by him when I answered HONESTLY yes! WHEW!!! I had visions of being carried out by Captain Hook and waving goodbye to the ship from port as we were banned for life at trying to sneak onboard. I really should take more risks I think! Of course, after she left Maddie and I both took a deep breath and then began to crack up laughing.

Not 15 minutes after that incident, our Ariel picture not even complete yet, the kind gentleman CM tells us they are going to announce the family of the day now and then after they board we go on next so he tells us where to stand. Now, you would have thought this was our first time out of the house. My knees were shaking. I couldn't believe that within 30-45 minutes we had arrived at the terminal, seen our dear friend, seen Maddie's eyes widen at each turn from our friend to Daisy to Minnie, and NOW we were going to be the 2nd people on the ship and we were boarding NOW!!!

They announced the family of the day and then POOF! The CM took Maddie's hand and led us to the ears....I was still waiting for somebody to look at our card and say "Oh no. You aren't supposed to be here - go back." But instead they scanned our cards and we were heading up the walkway to the embarking photos!! WHOOO HOOOO!!!!!!! Honestly I do not even remember having our picture taken. It is sort of a blur because I kept repeating in my head, "do not cry, do not cry, do NOT cry!" Over the gangway we walked and then the question came....."Your family name Miss" Holly cow - she called me Miss! I AM IN LOVE! Maddie pipes up and says our name while grinning and blushing madly, then the tears came while we walked through the clapping hands of CM's in the atrium. I'm holding Maddie's hands so tight I thought I would cut the blood flow and we are both just beaming. A few hugs and kisses and then we begin to say at once, "WE ARE BACK!!!!!" and a "WE ARE REALLY HERE Mommy!!" from Maddie brought even more tears. My little chant didn't work....but who cares....WE ARE ON THE SHIP!!!!

__________________________________________________ ____________

I am going to stop here as I have tons of work to do in preparation for a meeting tomorrow. I'll be working late tonight so I wanted to get some written now in case I can't later today. If I don't then I do promise to get lots done this weekend, and likely have it finished.

I'll post some pics now also of the terminal and such.

Kay1 - Now YOU made me cry!! I can't believe that reading my TR made you want to take a DCL cruise. That just made my day. I hope your cruise is the most magical ever!!!

First ever Mommy Maddie Cruise - Trip Report
Mommy Maddie Cruise - YEAR TWO - Trip Report

May 2004 - First trip to WDW & 1st cruise on Disney Wonder
August 2006 - Mother/Daughter cruise on the Wonder!
August 2007 - 2nd Mother/Daughter cruise on the Wonder!
September 2008 - First Mother/Daughter trip to WDW!

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MB MinnieGirl
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Photos of Boarding the Wonder

Maddie on DCL bus looking at THE WONDER!!

There SHE IS!!!!

Maddie with goody bag from friend, complete with new cover-up, headband and all. SHE IS IN HEAVEN!!!

Maddie with Daisy Duck.

Maddie coloring in our "special area" of terminal.

Maddie taking my picture in terminal while we colored.

First ever Mommy Maddie Cruise - Trip Report
Mommy Maddie Cruise - YEAR TWO - Trip Report

May 2004 - First trip to WDW & 1st cruise on Disney Wonder
August 2006 - Mother/Daughter cruise on the Wonder!
August 2007 - 2nd Mother/Daughter cruise on the Wonder!
September 2008 - First Mother/Daughter trip to WDW!
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Old 09-06-2007, 01:50 PM   #20
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I am so glad that you are wrting up another trip report - I so loved your last one! Maddie looks gorgeous in her new outfit. Your trip has been totally magical and so full of pixie dust already and you have only just got on board!
I can't wait for the next installment!
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Old 09-06-2007, 02:40 PM   #21
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Maddie's red outfit is adorable!
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Old 09-06-2007, 05:57 PM   #22
Loves making dreams come true!
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Kelly, loving it. I'm so excited to hear more and so happy you both had a magical start. Ok, now I've got to go get a tissue, my eyes are teary.
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Old 09-06-2007, 06:44 PM   #23
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Enjoying this so much Maddies red oulfit is addorble and it sounds like you have a great friend and are having a amazing trip this must have been a dream come true so... did you book on board???????
Katie (:

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Old 09-06-2007, 09:27 PM   #24
Ive got nothing planned whats an OCVP to do?
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OMG that is just adorable! What an awesome friend/CM how priceless. Cant wait to read more!
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OMG! I love that cover up!! Is it from the Disney store? I must have one for my DD for our cruise next year! MUST!

Oh, you make me all teary eyed too and soooo excited for our cruise. It seems like so long away now but then again it seems like only yesterday when you wrote your other trip report over a year ago!
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Old 09-07-2007, 05:56 AM   #26

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Kelly - I would have been the same way sitting there, too! I'm soooo not a rule breaker and get nervous at the thought! LOL

How wonderfully nice it is to meet your special friend and have so many fun and exciting things happen BEFORE you even got on the ship!

And I could tell you raised a very polite and very grateful little girl -- way to go Mom!

The boarding part of your TR had me close to tears because I cry every time they call our name, too! We'll be taking our kids onboard for the very first time in a few months and I'm going to be such a basket case! Can you say waterproof mascara??!! LOL!

Can't wait for more!
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Priceless!!! I can't wait to hear more!
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Great job! I'm glad to see you back with another TR, as I enjoyed the one from last year immensely.
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Wow, another great installment. I just got finished reading tr #1 and got pretty teary eyed at all the pixie dust you encountered. I am a sap too and I even cry while watching the planning vids.

I'm with the others, I want that cover up for my dd for our cruise too. Maddie looked so adorable.

Glad things got off to a good start after that disastrous last trip home.

Can't wait to read more.
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What a wonderful wonderful installment! I absolutely LOVE Maddie's red coverup. Too cute! I have reread your last trip report while waiting for this one as a way to get excited for our first Disney Cruise. I hoping we have as much fun, pixie dust, and magical memories as you and Maddie did in your last trip. We can't wait!!!
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