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Old 02-17-2007, 12:34 AM   #1
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Off to Neverland...A BOGO Trip Report! PG 44 ~ It's over

One Mom's Dream. A dream of sharing happiness with the most important people in the world, her Children.

As many have said before me…This is my 1st Trip Report, go easy on me. My main goal is that I document the wonderful memories that this trip gave me with my family and the MOUSE! Oh yea…AND It will be whip cream on the puddin or is it cherry on the whipped cream…should any of my fellow DIS friends read along.

Trip Details:
Jan. 19-20, POP Century
Jan. 21-28, Boardwalk Villa’s (w/dining plan)

Before I begin, let’s get some things straight here…:
  • 1. I am not a great speller… Oh well…My philosophy is “If you can’t spell a word more than one way …don’t use it!
  • 2. I sometimes get off topic at times…this is really just to help give more info on why things are the way they are…or were. I will try my hardest to warn you when this happens…LIKE THIS: OT Alert!
  • 3. I really love my family, no REALLY love my family…who doesn’t right?!? Well, at times it may not seem that way, as we get on each others last nerve…but then most of the time they are simply the BEST and CUTEST and SWEETEST!
  • 4. I love to use …, NO LOVE to … it is just in my nature to … see like this… (you know the story goes on…and on…OR yada, yada!
  • 5. I’m going on pure memory here, people…it is what it is, sometimes I like to call it MOMORY, cause since I became a Mommmeeeee, the noggins not all there like it used to be…get my drift? Understand? Comprendo? (You will be happy to know that I did jot a few notes along the way)
  • 6. Being that this is MY TRIPPIE, I am gonna make it complete with my memorable dining experiences…ya that’s right…you get BOTH a trip report and dining report. Lets just say it is a buy one get one free or BOGO(Yea I used to work in the retail industry).
  • 7. (Edited to add)I HAVE figured out how to add pic’s, as the story goes on, so will the pic's add...there are a a lot coming.
  • 8. Lastly, I do not ever TRY to offend anyone, should that happen…please no ‘flames’..I am just not the kind of gal who likes to get in the flame fights (I like to read them though, it’s just like watching the soaps). I would just not fair well…So should you disagree with me and my ways…just stop reading…it is as easy as that!

As they say in the trippies- The Cast of Characters or CM’s: My family:

DH, wonderful man…hey not only is he a wonderful father and husband, he goes along with my Disney obsession and gives me my, ME TIME alone on the computer/MY DIS space, pays for my Disney Adventures (not only with money, but with the amount of time taken away from him, while I plan…plan…plan…re-plan… and it goes on and on. Dh is your typical technology type. He loves his job, LOVES his job, but when he gets home mama takes over and runs things…yea I’m boss of the house…just ask DS who is boss, he will tell ya-Mom, yea, ME! Why I add this, will become clear as day as I proceed!

DS (5), let’s call him lil’l Diz man. He has been groomed to love Disney since the day I found out I was pregnant…literally! You see (here we go 1st OT Alert), the day I found out I was having my 1st born, was also my dh’s 30th b-day. I wanted to do something ‘special’ to announce his coming. I knew that I had ressies for a posh Italian Resturant that evening, so I went out and bought a ‘Classic Pooh’ Jack-n-the Box, inside I pinned a heart on Pooh that said, “Happy Birthday Daddy”. I wrapped the gift and delivered it to the resturant with strict orders to bring it out with dessert. When my dh opened the gift, he was a bit surprised (and bewildered) that I gave him a jack-n-box. I told him to play the music…when out popped POOH Bear! It took him a minute to realize what Pooh was telling him…After all of the tears of excitement…it was over…We knew, Pooh would be with us for a long while! Our lil’l Diz man is a kind hearted guy. He is fairly mild manored. Loves everything Disney…just like his mama! He is a pretty smart 5 year old, I mean what mama doesn’t think that…But my guy, not only loves going on the rides, but…since his 1st visit at 2.5, he has been intrigued with trying to figure out how they work & where does that magic come from?!? For the most part he is a happy go lucky kind a guy.

Don’t think that I am too lucky though, cause boy did I get in trouble with…
DD(2). Let’s just call her ‘Tink’ or Ms. Priss (Depending on her mood)(as I go on, it will be clear without a doubt why she is called this). Born a Princess. In fact, her birth announcements started it all. They read, “A Princess was born”, with a picture of the princess bearing her 1st crown. Well, maybe we weren’t too smart to denote it that soon… Within days we knew we she was really more like a Tink (sassy fairy princess (I won’t start the argument of it Tink is worthy of Princess-ness, fairy-like). A true girl... screems when she doesn’t get her way, loves to wear anything pretty, often found wearing as many jewels as she can fit on her body and even more purses hanging from her wrists, with a cell phone attached to her ear calling Papa or Daddy and I must mention...already knows the ‘princess’ wave. Yes, the ‘princess’ wave! Were she learned it?!? BEYOND ME! Never have I showed it to her, nor have I ever seen anyone else! Yes, my darling Tink is just a mear 2 years old… NO, I can’t wait to see what the years bring to me… (give me a minute…I need to pray!)

A glimps of the many princess waves, she gave.

ME (Mom, Momma, Mommmeee, Mamma, Princess to my dh) As with most of you, I am an over planner…okay we got that out of the way. Yes I admit it, I like to plan and re-plan, I love to re-read my Unofficial Guide over and over again. I enjoy lurking on the DIS and posting my every question as one pops in my mind. I even made a spreadsheet for all of my info 11 months in advance, reworked my ADR’s til we left (and even had to move one while in The World). I am an EX-Retail Operations junky (Yes, I admit that I look at all of the merch in WDW and visualize how it got there…bad habit, I know!) I am proud to say that I am now a SAHM and love it! It is not a job for everyone, but for me, it is the only! Through this trip report, I promise to reveal just why I love Disney so much. Maybe, just maybe I will let some of my friends and extended family read it, so possibly they will come to a conclusion as to ‘Why’ we go there so often…(don’t you hate hearing those complaints…”your going to WDW AGAAIINN!!” “WHYYYY?”) hmmm, on second thought…Maybe NOT! I have a philosophy as too, either people get it (Disney) or they don’t…there is no in between, the rest are just lost souls…who lost the Magic and will not get it back until they BELIVE!

So now that you have a glimps of who we are, let’s begin…

Ladies and Gentlemen! Keep your hands and feet in the vehicle at all times until the ride has come to a complete stop, leave your worries behind, make a wish upon a star, take small children by the hand and Mind the Gap… Up Up and Away we are off to Neverland! NOW…On with the Show!

For your viewing pleasure...okay reading pleasure, I am editing in where to find the next post at the bottom of each TR posts. That way you can skip all of the comments, if you so desire...and get on with the story. Hope you enjoy it! I am really enjoying writing it and love the comments left.

Up Next: Hold your Cargo Holders!
(just below this one...can you see it?)

If you want to skip the pre-trip head to the bottom of the page, POST #9
Proud Mom to 2 great kids & Loving life!

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Part II: Hold Your Cargo Holders:

So glad you found this. I know, I know it was buried deep in comments!

I had been pre packing for weeks. The typical throwing of loot into laundry baskets, as I ‘collect’ the goods from around the house that I MAY want to bring. The treasures that we can’t live without. The junk that I should just leave at home…but you know we just MIGHT need it and if we HAVE to buy in the WORLD in will cost 10x the cost…you know the stuff, I know there are more over packers out there…right? (Well I will just keep telling myself that to feel better).

So after all of my hard work organizing my mess, separating everyone’s clothes, with a bit in each bag (you never know when the may decide to ‘misplace’ 1 piece of your luggage). I quickly realize, “Huston we have got a problem here!” (Yea, I watched Apolo 13 last night).

It seemed that all of my goods were not going to FIT Correctly in my luggage. I mean, sure I could get it all in…BUT the weight would be far over the required 50Lbs, Air Tran allows.

Hmm- how’d that happen?

Was it the 14 pairs of pants I packed for myself?

How about the 10 ponchos (just incase it rains a lot – last time we went was Oct. 05, which it rained on OUR parade everyday).

How about the 10 day supply of juice and soy milk that I triple packed it those new XL zipper bags?

Well, whatever the cause, I am SOL (am I allowed to write that- cause I sure felt like it).

My DH and I were contemplating getting some new cargo holders this year, but we just wanted 1 more trip with the stuff we had, just one more! We knew we were down 1 suitcase this trip, but thought we could do it with what we had…

OT ALERT: Oct. 05, upon our return trip from the World. We were treated to Disney’s Magical Express. Some of you may be familiar… ? It is a free service offered by Disney, to help you get to and fro the airport. Unfortunately, free is NOT ALWAYS GOOD! DME, gave our luggage to another family. Yep…we helped load it on the bus…got to our stop at the Terminal and BAM, it Magically Disappeared! Wow! What a trick!

Off to the store to QUICKLY (since I knew what I wanted) buy some cargo holders to fit my loot correctly.

I just wasn’t’ expecting the extra expense for the trip (gulp). I also wasn’t expecting: a snow storm to start on my way to the store…or the store to have conveniently moved the luggage area…or the cute little elder who knew nothing about luggage and wanted nothing to do with me and my kiddos, since he saw Tink coming up - screaming for a sucky (sucker in her terms) to be in charge of the new luggage area or the store lose the price book needed to ring up my cargo bags… 4 hours latter, I returned home, exhausted…Piturbed, but Cargo Holders in tow, oh my!

Quickly, I put the kiddos down for a nap. Well, maybe just TINK, since my ds just doesn’t seem to want/neeeeed one since he turned 5…oh well! Momma needs some Momma time, before she screams…so my lil’l fella, you will need to lay in your bed and read for a while…trust me, my love…it is only in your best interest to do so.

Ahh…quiet. So I quickly emptied the contents of my overloaded bags into my new ones, with a quick balance on the scale…I cross my fingers and set them out for dh to take downstairs to the car. The rest is smooth sailing from here. This time tomorrow, I will be basking in the warm Florida Sun, enjoying the sweet smells of Disney.

Tink the night before- Dancing to the Doddle Bops! (Wondering why her hair is longer here...just wait and see! This is PRE-Trip to the Main Street Barber)

We have an early morning flight ahead, but I am not sure how anyone can sleep the night before a trip. I know I can’t! I even try wishing myself to sleep…without luck, it just doesn’t work!

Morning always arrives sooner or later. With excitement in the air, my dh and I get ourselves ready. Papa arrives to drive us to the airport and time to wake Lil’l Diz man and Tink. I go into ds’s room and POP! Up he bounces, just like Tig.

Ds Yells, “Whhher Goin to DIZNEY…YAAAA!”

Next comes Tink, who also pops up, not yelling that she is going to Disney, but…”I go poooppy”. To Tink any diaper duty is the poo version, we haven’t quite got her to understand that there are 2 kinds yet…

We had put the kids to sleep with their airplane clothes to make the morning go smoother (great DIS TIP…THANKS ALL). All we needed to do was add coats (it was currently around 10 degrees outside, add windchill and brrrr) and grab their blankies (note: more on this subject coming). The rest is taken care of thanks to DH, the night before!

Up Next: 95 Degrees in one day, oh my!
Proud Mom to 2 great kids & Loving life!

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95 Degrees in 1 day, oh my!

PART III: 95 Degrees in 1 day, oh my!

The drive to the airport was smooth, not too much traffic at 5:30 AM. We remind each other to make sure to grab Tink’s carseat, when we get there (which we almost forgot last time). Papa dropped us off at the closest door to our baggage check in (boy online check in is great). I get Tink inside with her stroller and wait, as dh and papa swiftly bring the rest of the loot to me. All done, WE and all of our bags are accounted for. Hugs to Papa, waves goodbye and we part our ways. Dh decides to take a quick count of the loot (to make sure we always know how many pieces we should have, and not let anthing out of sight to be given to someone else.) THEN IT HIT US LIKE A BRICK —PAPA… We didn’t get the carseat! Dh runs outside to see if he can catch him…oh no! Minutes later he returns…seat in hand, YA Daddy saved the day!

After checking the bags (ya they were just 2 pounds under---each!) whew! We manuver through the security check point. I make sure to DECLARE all of our Liquids in zipper bags (the airport staff even offer you zipper bags at our airport...what customer service!). I open my ‘special’ liquids bag, filled with sippy cups of milk for Tink, we empty all of our loot into plastic tubs, open the Lap Top up, take out the dvd players, fold down the double stroller, take off the shoes, then each of us prance through the honing device. (I carry Tink). Now we are officially on our way to DISNEY!

All families traveling with small children will agree- Clearing security is a lot of work! Even when you TRY not to bring too much. A family of 4 = Mom with a purse and small carry on with meds & Cameras, each bambino with a backpack of treasures to keep them entertained, daddy with his Lap Top, so he can ‘work’ on the plane & during nap times, a double stroller and a carseat for the not too easy to contain Tink! Before I had kids, I would have rolled my eyes. Now, I know that these are the basics of everyday. So, people if you are lucky enough (or not) to get stuck in line behind a family with small children, take a deep breath and put yourself in a ‘happy place’ while they try their best to go as fast as possible!

We flew out of the small airport, in Minneapolis. Wow this place is like a family dream. Small lines, few gates and an added bonus for us: A kids play area!

Sorry about those devil eyes...I was having 'issues' with correcting them on this pic.

After we let the munchkins let off their excitement steam, we are off to gate. I check in (I am always afraid they are going to give-me-seat to some other mate. Yea paranoia! I get the special stroller gate check tag, hey BONUS, it is LIME GREEN! It goes great with my pretty ribbon I tied on my handle, denoting me as a DIS LOVIN GAL! I asked if DH can pre-board to get the carseat installed before I dare to bring TINK on the plane. The gate agent just about thought I asked for her 1st born! I got the…BIG Sigh kind of, ’It is not policy, but I can see what I can do.” kinda attitude. I simply stated in return, politely, may I add, “We are happy to board with all of the other coachers, but in order to make your boarding process go smoother, without my children & I waiting in the aisle, while my wonderful husband attempts to wrestle with the carseat and your seat buckle, all the while all other passengers stand behind us, huffing and puffing…rolling their eyes at us---I thought I would offer to let him ahead, while I wait with the kiddos…here, on land” (well it was something like that).

About 2 minutes later, she walked over to us and whispered that dh was free to board with 1st class. BUT, 1st she will need to inspect the Tink restraint to make sure it is up to par with the FAA. Within minutes, we are all loaded and on our way. We didn’t disturb a single passenger. In fact, if anything we gave everyone a smile as we boarded, each offspring with Mickey Ears on head, 1 holding Minnie (by the leg) and the other Pal Mickey, telling everyone, “I’m goin to DIZNEY!”

We are off! To Neverland, as we like to think of it! Dh sat with Tink, I with the lil’l Diz man. I must admit my ride was so much smoother and easier than DH. He attempted to work, while Tink drank milk - threw her cup, held blankie - threw blankie, ate snacks - threw snacks, watched Cinderella (in her terms BELL BELL), took off and on her head phones and then finally spotted it…A BABY! Across the aisle from dh, there sat a mom lapping a baby (well a baby to Tink..she was really a toddler, just younger than Tink, so to Tink…IT WAS A BABY!). Tink SCREACHED, “BAAABBBYYYY!!!!“ From then on, Tink kept one eye on baby for the rest of the flight. My girl loves babies!

I on the other hand, sat while my lil’l guy ‘read’ (looked over) the pocket guide for the flight, studying the emergency exits, flotation device photo’s and plane photo’s. Then about ½ way, he asked to watch Cars. Easy! Huh!

Here lil'l Diz man reads...Last trippie (I forgot to take a pic this time...oups!)

As soon as we landed and they opened the airplanes doors, we new we were in for a real treat! In just 3.5 hours on a plane and bam! We are in sunny Florida where the day’s high was 85 degrees…WOW! For all Northerners…this is life changing! We decide in about 2.1 seconds that we will be returning at this time of year AGAIN!

Okay family...we get to loose the coats, the sweatshirts and jeans. Good thing I had shorts on my lil’l Diz, under neither his sweatpants (Another GREAT DIS TIP –Thanks all!).

Up Next: POST 9 (just down the page a bit...you won't get lost)
Is this a Magical Express Trip?
(will our cargo holders get lost?)
Proud Mom to 2 great kids & Loving life!

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Subscribing... Lovin it so far!
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Great Read, can't wait to hear more.
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Another Minnesotan subscribing to your lovely warming trip report.

Although it was a balmy 22 degrees today .

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Great report! I can't wait to hear more.
DH Me DS13 DS9

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Oh my goodness I have readers!

BamaGirl, Lifelong_Dreamer, marianas00- I'm glad you are coming along for the ride!

deide71- From 1 MN, to another, I am sure glad the temp. is increasing! Those -'s we've been 'enjoyin' SUCKED!
Proud Mom to 2 great kids & Loving life!

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Part III: Is this a Magical Express Trip?

After a brief stop at the potty, we go in search of our luggage…yea…we did not put those cute little ME Tags on our bags this time. This time we had great ideas of collecting our own bags. NO ME was going to touch our LOOT (at least on the way to the Mouse). We were doing everything in our power to make sure we arrived with those new cargo holders AND THE LOOT INSIDE THEM.

We head to the Tram in search of baggage claim. DS decides that he is not going to sit in the stroller and would rather walk. With Tink tightly strapped in, we wait for the Tram to arrive. DS sees the Tram and announces that it is coming! This caught Tink’s attention, so she began her 1st of what would be many, many more chants, “CHOOOCHOOO, CHOOOCHOOO, YEAAA!!”(With a superduper high pitched squeal). We began to board…Then start tin on the “Lil’l Man commmmon…keep with us or you will need to ride in the stroller” warning! All the while, Ms. Priss (yea, Tink’s 1st debut) is holding her Minnie, waving her princess bye bye, chanting CHOCHO.

I tell you, even with the Tram, that is one giant airport. At least it feels like it, when you are walking as slow as a Turtle, pushing a double stroller, filled with: 1 child, 2 back packs, 1 carry on, 1 lap Top Case (since, slow poke won’t ride). I know I was out of breath by the time we arrived at the baggage claim.

Being the super SMART over planning MOMMA that I am, I told Dh to grab the bags and I will head over to the ME and get us checked in (Last time we were there, it took what seemed FOREVER to get through the ME line…just to check in.

Dh & I part ways with agreement to call each other if a problem occurs. ABOUT 2 minutes later…BAM! Problem! It seems that since we were there last, they have decided to MOVE THE ME location from this terminal to another (at least that was my story and I am sticking to it). Well shiver-me-timbers, people! Now, where’s my cell phone--- Called dh, no answer…what no answer…where is he? Can’t he hear his phone? It is perfectly quiet, isn’t it?

Pushing the double, Lil’l Diz man with strict orders to NOT let go of the stroller for nothing! We hurry to the baggage claim…well HECK if I was listening to what carousel it was…it wasn’t going to be MY job to go there! I stop…read the computer thingy…then head off to where I see most of the people, in hopes that I find my number there…NO LUCK! I went the wrong way!

Within a few heart beating minutes I locate dh, explain in my, “I’m sorry, my great plan failed voice”, that we need to lug our loot to ME, which appears to be in a new location… After putting a few bucks into the cart machine and loading her up with ALL of our luggage, we were off to the ME Counter. You would think that it wouldn’t be that difficult to move your own luggage to the DME, well friends…it was a pain in the butt! I am sure if you are a light traveler, without munchkins in tow AND your luggage goes to that terminal, it would be much easier. No luck on any of those things for us, so it SUCKED!

We did get hit with a bit of luck since our baggage experience took sometime; it appears that there was a bit of a quiet spot when we arrived at the ME counter. I only had to stand in line for like 30 seconds and got my ‘passes’ and we were off to the bus!

DH helped load our luggage onto the bus and explained that we would prefer that all of our luggage get stored in the SAME compartment, together (THIS IS ONE OF MY DIS TIPS). The ride to POP was smooth sailing; we were the 1st stop, so at least the amount of time on the bus was small. When we arrived I told dh, that I would go in with Tink and get in our room info, while he and ds got the cargo holders. (THIS IS ANOTHER TIP!) It seems that whenever I do this, about 3-5 minutes later the rest of the bus pours in, while I usually am either being assisted by a welcoming CM or close to next in line!

I love the 1st meeting during my trip with a CM , there is just nothing like that very first Disney smile and Welcome! This time it didn’t fail to give me the warm fuzzies… The nice CM welcomed me, I told him my name and that I was staying for 2 nights (we are moving to BWV). He began doing his computer thing and then asked for my reservation #. I suddenly get the nervous belly feeling…”Is there something wrong”, I ask? “I did verify my reservation last night on the phone” (for the ump-tenth time). Nice CM, “No, it is just, sometimes they are a bit harder to find…let me get someone to help me…” I, still worried, as over planners do, think… “Maybe they think I am still going to the POLY!” (This is because 2 weeks before our trip, I decided to move our 2 extra nights from the POLY to the POP. I was just having some problems justifying the POLY prices for 2 nights, of which we would be hitting the parks hard!)

A few minutes more and head CM man comes over with a nice big smile. He asked me for my confirmation letter, which I gladly supply. Head CM man starts entering stuff in the computer, gives a hmm and says he will be right back. NOW, all you over planning DIS people will understand. At this point, I am really getting the belly worries. What possibly could be wrong? I start some small talk with Nice CM… “Well, we could always just stay at the POLY, if I need too…Isn’t it a nice day…It was really cold back at home this AM…Oh, boy really just tell me, is there something really wrong? Are you plum out of rooms?” Just then Head Cm pops in and tells me WE ARE SPECIAL. It seems the computer chose us, to have a snafu with, BUT don’t worry, Just tell him where we want to stay (at the POP) and he will so his best to get me a room.

Shiver me timbers! I get to pick anywhere here…no need to cross my fingers and hope they placed us in a good location? Well, well…we have never been here (POP), where do people request the most? I mean, a bit away from the pool, Top floor (I hate the TURBO Toilets-gravity always seem to make it more noisiy on the bottom floors). After a few minutes, together we located the perfect room!

We picked the 70’s, close (but not too) to the elevator for stroller ease. We were facing a garden area. Our room was quiet, it appeared that maybe we had no neighbors. YEAA HOO! Oh, yea it is 3PM, everyone is in the PARKS…DUH!

The lil'l Diz Man...isn't he little?

I Love to unpack my things and get us all settled before we officially start our touring, but this time we are doing a split stay. I really don’t want to get too comfy here, cause then I will need to pack it all up in like 36 hours…yuck! So, quick drop the bags…we have a schedule to keep people!

UP NEXT: PG 1/POST 11: Slam, BAM, Thank you MAM!
Proud Mom to 2 great kids & Loving life!

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Ok, I'm in too. And I like wordy. More details for me to soak up. Keep it coming!!

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PART IV: Slam, BAM, Thank you MAM!

I have a few missions for this trip.
#1. I MUST see all of the parades. (Every time we are at WDW, I seem to miss all parades that are in the middle of the day, because I have small children who NEED to nap. Not this time- I am going to the Parades, even if I am alone!)

#2. I really want to see the stunt show at MGM

Yea, it is just a titch after 3. If we leave NOW, we can just make the 4PM AK parade. Lets GO everyone! I Grab a sweatshirt for everyone, throw out the contents of Lil’l Diz man’s backpack on the bed and start stuffing it with a few essentials: Sippy for Tink, camera, a snack, a handful of ‘suckies’ & autograph books (you never know who you will run into).

The bus stops at the POP are like a dream. We are usually Mod folks and have only stayed 1 night at a value (ALL Star Sports) prior to this visit and hated it (it may have something to do with the fact that it was our 1st Anniversary, everything was sold out. They put us in a room with what seemed like a million of families around us...not too romantic).

Back to the bus stop. If you haven’t stayed there before, what blew me away was the nice que’s for each park. There was no need for a gigantic crowd of people to swarm when a bus for their destination appeared. Also, there is only 1 stop for the WHOLE entire resort. No busing it around the entire resort picking up people—then heading to the park. I tell ya, although the rooms are a bit smaller I really feel we saved TONS of time not being on a bus forever!

We were the only family on the bus, most likely this is because AK closed at 5 PM this day. Who in their right mind would head there…ME!

We were enjoying our 1st bus trip, everyone looking at all the pretty landscapes. I holding TINK down, doing my very best to convince her to old still on my lap. When suddenly the bus came to a quick stop, I mean the driver really SLAMMED on those breaks! I slide down one seat holding TINK as tight as I could, DH held tight to the folded - double wide and Lil’l Diz Man…Well he didn’t fair too well…

It went something like…Eeeeekkkk…SMACK!!! AHHHH WAHHH AHHHH!!!!
The lil’l man flew out of his seat and smacked the seat in front of him, with his FACE. After the bus was fully stopped, I jumped over to my guy, who was SCREAMING, I grabbed his head and this is what I saw for the rest of my trip:

This is on day 10 of the trip...it was a lot worse!

Well, the fun doesn’t stop there… Ms. Bus driver arrives at AK (never asks if all are well in the back…but certainly can hear my Lil’l Diz crying at the top of his lungs… Dh jumps off the bus quickly to get the stroller ready, I hand Tink down and take lil’l Diz down. I told DH, that we need to get into the park quick…not to see the parade, but get him to the first aid people. As Lil’l Diz sits in the double wide, his eyes roll back and he tells us…I ‘m really tired!... OH NO!

Up Next: PG 2/POST 20: HOW DO WE GET TO THE 1st AID?
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OH NO!!! What a rough start!!!

You've got me hooked though!!!

Keep it coming!!!
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Great TR so far! keep going!

Next Trip: September 25, 2014!
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OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe this is where I'm left hanging!!!!! GET THAT CHILD SOME HELP!!!

I love the autograph books! And I'm enjoying the whole story... I don't think you're too wordy at all.
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I'm so sorry for the little guy. Please let us know what happens. I'm waiting to hear more of your TR.
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