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Old 08-21-2007, 06:19 AM   #121
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Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying this TR! Your last one was fabulous


p.s. Thanks for the straightening tips too!
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Old 08-21-2007, 08:18 AM   #122
Princess at heart
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Do you put anything in the hair between when its wet and dry enough to straighten it?
Nope. You really just want to get ALL of the moisture out of your hair before you start. There have been times when I started when it was still a little wet, and it never works as well!

In all seriousness, this may be the most useful information I've gathered here on the DIS. I am going out ASAP in the morning for all of the aforementioned products.

If successful, Emma may very well end up being my sole heir! (sorry boys that I luv!)

What about Sarah? She's going to be mad if she finds out I've been giving away her secrets!

Illuminations_Rocks...Yay! Welcome!

averill94...Welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying it!
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Old 08-21-2007, 08:19 AM   #123
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Awesome information, Emma! Thank you for sharing! I have curly slightly frizzy thick hair and I hate to straighten it! I'm getting my haircut and colored tonight! I can't wait. It's been driving me crazy. I'm going to have it layered alot to lighten the load! Also, I'll be able to straighten it again! I'll look for the products you mentioned!

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Old 08-21-2007, 08:49 AM   #124
Princess at heart
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SO. After a not-so fortuitous morning (and I am aware that I severely misused the word ‘fortuitous’ several times in my last update…fortuitous meaning, in my case, lucky; fortunate (it can also mean accidental; occurring by chance, but we won’t go into the etymology right now…). ANYway, I hope you forgive me for misusing it because it‘s just such a cool word.). I’ve lost where I was. Oh yes.

After a not-very-lucky morning, we packed up and were at LAST driving to Disney World. As a sign at Vero had informed us, we were about 100 miles from Disney World! Assuming the car will travel 60 miles an hour most of the way, that should take us…a little less than two hours to get there! (ahh…yes…those four years of honors math are paying off…)

This was one of those drives where you don’t really need anything to do because you’re too excited to keep your mind on anything other than the fact that you’re LESS THAN TWO HOURS FROM DISNEY WORLD!


But actually I did try to do my hair into a more interesting updo. Here's the best I got:

Dart wanted to take some pictures with my camera, and, always one to encourage the budding photographer, I let him.

The boys thought this cloud looked like an alligator...It is an interesting cloud...


DOUBLE foot shot! (OK...so I took this one...)

A Disney Transport and...someone's hand, I believe...

A Magical Express bus and my headband...

At long last, we drove through those beautiful gates…

Minnie Mouse! (OK...I took these last two too...but the rest were Dart's!

We didn’t stop at Gooding’s or Downtown Disney, because Aramis was waiting for us at Riverside. As he had informed us via cell phone three times.

In due time we arrived at the gate to Riverside and were checked in by a rather stiff looking guard. My mom noticed that he came from her hometown and, ignoring his stiffness, proceeded to ask him which high school he went to (in her town there were two rival high schools.)

The guy broke out into a big smile and told her. He actually came from the rival high school (uh oh)…he said it was the first time he had heard his high school’s name in thirty years.

So my mom spread a little Disney magic to a cast member. That’s Disney for you.


More Riverside!

We drove up and parked, looking for the falcon (Aramis’ car…he came up with the name). There it was! We walked in and found Aramis on one of the round benches, listening to his iPod. He looked happy enough to see us, and immediately insisted I listen to his new iPod play list.

Hugs were passed around (as well as the iPod, which Porthos was more than happy to listen to since Mom had made him leave his in the car), and Dart started talking a mile a minute about his geotrax and the drive and the beach and anything else he could think of.

We proceeded to the registration area to check in. Athos and I cased out the pins, then I joined Dart at the coloring table and cased out the coloring pages. I hit the JACKPOT! There was a castle page, a Disney World Railroad Train (which Dart saw and scribbled all over, but that’s all right), as well as a very nice Aurora page. Oh yeah.

Lobby shot

Aramis and Mom checked in. I had REEEEally been hoping for a room in the “mansion section” or Magnolia Bend. But it was a no go. Those with steep CM discounts, apparently, can’t be choosers. They had pre-assigned us to a room in Alligator Bayou and CLAIMED that all the Magnolia Bend rooms were booked…at noon…a likely story…

At least our Alligator Bayou room was ready. It was woodsy rather than sophisticated, but it still had that Disney charm.

our building...

our hallway...

our view...



And one great bonus was that there were towel animals! For some reason, the maids we get rarely do towel animals, but this one did! There was a little hippo. SHHH, don’t tell but I stole him. He’s sitting on my bed next to me now. He likes his new home much better.

We talked to Aramis about his job and how he was liking it and various things. We were all getting hungry at this point, so we tried to decide we would have to have a light lunch. (we had a super late ADR at Aramis’ restaurant…which I can’t tell you what it is because then you’d all beseige him at it, and he’d never get his job done!).

Aramis left for his shift and we debated the Disney World restaurants where a “light lunch” would be available with little wait.

“Light lunch” to me means “Skip lunch and get a good dessert.” Since we had had dessert for breakfast, this would be no problem, right?

And WHERE is the best place on property where you can get really good dessert and some regular food too (if some people REALLY want regular food instead of dessert)?

(continued next post)

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Old 08-21-2007, 09:00 AM   #125
Princess at heart
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DAY 1, part II: FINALLY ARRIVAL (ctd...)

DAY 1, part II: FINALLY ARRIVAL (ctd...)


Our thoughts exactly. We piled into the van and headed over to the Beach Club. We parked and got our exercise walking in. It was busy, but not TOO busy, so we put our name on the list and got a buzzer.

We walked over to the Yacht Club Lobby to scope out the pins and generally browse. I was afraid that might be too far for the buzzer to buzz, so we headed back shortly. We stopped in the hallway with the Yacht Club Steakhouse.

The buzzer hadn’t buzzed yet.

The boys and I headed into the arcade which was, conveniently, right next door to Beaches n‘ Cream. We splurged and got one game of air hockey. First Porthos and Athos played. Then I switched with Athos. Then Athos switched with Porthos. Then Athos scored on me & the game ended.

The buzzer still hadn’t buzzed.

So we looked at the little figures you could buy for a dollar. Athos wanted Chip or Dale inside a fruit and/or cake. I wanted a princess. We spent some time scrounging for eight quarters, but eventually found them. Athos got Chip in a piece of chocolate cake. I got Aurora.

She's posing on top of my Disney Diary & there's my elegant white thumb in the foreground.

The buzzer still hadn’t buzzed.

So we started walking over to the Beach Club lobby to kill time, but WAIT! It’s buzzing!

We hurried back to the podium and, once everyone was present and accounted for, were shown to a booth.

Some ambiance shots:

I love the décor of this restaurant. The giant ice cream cone light fixtures and the beach balls are so cool.

Our waitress came and Mom, always the spokeswoman at restaurants, told her we were really just assuaging the hunger and so our order might seem strange. We had two hamburgers, onion rings, a chocolate malt, a No Way Jose, a Mudslide Sundae, a few extra plates, and waters all around. Once it arrived, we split everything and ate up!

The hamburgers at Beaches n’ Cream are some of the most amazing hamburgers I have ever tasted. Almost as good as the ice cream. DEFINITLEY go for a burger if you go there!

Also go for a No Way Jose. I love that peanut butter and chocolate combination, so this was a really good sundae for me.

The mudslide I’d skip. It was just so ordinary! Vanilla and chocolate ice cream with oreos and a brownie and hot fudge. Kinda blah for Disney. The chocolate malt was decent and so were the onion rings.

There were a bunch of lucky ducks having kitchen sinks…there must’ve been at least 5 kitchen sinks during the hour we sat there. Every time, the server would yell “A whole can of whipped cream!” and the other servers would yell “A whole can?” They weren’t very enthusiastic in their skepticism, though. I mean, I suppose by this point they were all quite convinced that it was indeed a WHOLE can of whipped cream on top of 10 scoops of ice cream and every topping in the house, since they’d seen it a thousand times.

But STILL. I felt bad for the people getting the kitchen sink because their kitchen sink wasn’t being properly appreciated. So the next time the lights flickered and they said the spheel about the kitchen sink, I yelled “A WHOLE CAN???!!!??” at the top of my lungs, kinda the way you would jump up and yell if somebody told you Johnny Depp was out in the pool. Only I didn’t jump up.

But all the servers stared at me. It was too funny.

Our server wasn’t there at the time, but if she had been, she’d probably have been just as surprised at me. Our server was really nice. She was a girl named Katie who had gone to college near where Aramis was going to college. She also informed us that she had been in the college program and loved it so much that she had moved out to Florida to work at Disney for a little (she had done the CP AFTER college, so they wouldn’t let her do a second semester…or something like that). Anyway, she seemed nice and my mom was chatting with her about the college program and somehow it came up that Aramis goes to church at Mary, Queen of the Universe and how he wished there was a nicer parish church (not such a touristy one) around to go to instead.

And the girl said she had had the same problem, and she actually told us about a parish church she had found. But it was by that remark that my mom discovered she was CATHOLIC. She had also said some things about wishing she had been in Chatham because it was quieter and there weren’t so many parties, so my mom was sold. She had married her off to Aramis in a minute.

And my mom, being my mom, told Katie that she should go and see Aramis. Because Aramis was a nice Catholic boy and she was a nice Catholic girl. I could barely keep from laughing.

I surreptitiously took this picture of her to show Aramis (at Mom’s bidding of course). She was perfectly nice about it, though. She said maybe she’d go see Aramis. As far as I know, she hasn’t been there yet.

SO. Once we were finished harrying our poor server and startling everybody in the restaurant by yelling “A WHOLE CAN” we took ourselves and our joyous-first-day-at-disney spirits out and over, across the secret walkway that goes under the bridge, and over to World Showcase.

But you're going to have to wait for next time to hear about that!

NEXT POST: p.12 post 168

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Old 08-21-2007, 09:20 AM   #126
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Old 08-21-2007, 09:52 AM   #127
Earning My Ears
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That's so cute that your mom is trying to hook up your brother! I think I'll have to check out Beaches and Cream on our visit in 1 month! Love this report as much as the last! Keep it coming, please
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Old 08-21-2007, 10:32 AM   #128
Earning My Ears
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Thank you Emma for the tips. I'm going to get some of the "potions" and try it on me and my DD12. We do have the Chi flat iron and we LOVE it.

Great trip report. We love Beaches and Cream. Mmmmmm!!! We love anything with peanut butter and chocolate, too.

Can't wait to hear more!!!!!!

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Yes we love the Beach Club
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Old 08-21-2007, 11:07 AM   #129
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I love how your mom was trying to get Aramis a nice Catholic gf

That No Way Jose does look very good and I have heard that the burgers at Beaches and Cream are the best on property. Can't wait to try it for myself!

That towel animal is super cute Emma, I don't blame you for swiping it. I kept the little towel animals left in my room. My favourite is a little bunny, very cute!
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Old 08-21-2007, 11:19 AM   #130
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I read your last TR and absolutely loved it so glad to see another one out. I have to say your style of writing is AMAZING to say the least. You are clearly blessed with a wonderful family...the respect you show each other is so nice to read. I thought when I started reading that I would struggle b/c there are no pictures of you or your famly (you know the ole' face with story thing) but that has proven not to bother me AT ALL. I find it so refreshing to see an 18 year old that respects her mom's wishes as you do! Keep the TR coming!! Oh and side note I am a College Program graduate of 1998! SO its also fun to hear of your brothers experience....we signed the underside of our counter as you had said that you discovered in your brothers apartment in Vista Way!!!!!! anyway keep em coming! kind regards!

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Old 08-21-2007, 11:47 AM   #131
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Hi Emma,

I read your last TR, Confessions, and loved it...glad you're back for round 2 we've all been anticipating

Your pictures of AG Felicity & Elizabeth are so adorable, you're making me want to take Samantha out of her box where she's been in hibernation for a few years now! She is most definitely a Disney Snob as well

I can't wait to read your next installment.
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Old 08-21-2007, 12:36 PM   #132
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Hi Emma

I'm glad to see that Felicity and Elizabeth made a friend at POR!!

Wonderful pix... Dart's weren't all that bad! He will make an awesome photographer someday!

Looking forward to more...

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Old 08-21-2007, 01:13 PM   #133
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Hi Emma,
I am enjoying this trip report immensely and loved your first one!!! I feel like I know you-and may I suggest a couple (since I am an English teacher) Jackaroo by Cynthia Voight (based on your references to Princess Bride) and a book I just finished Ida B. Let me know if you have read them- and if you do read them I want a book report

I hope you enjoyed Riverside- it is one of my favourite resorts. And I actually prefer the rustic bayou to the Magnolia mansions.

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Old 08-21-2007, 02:28 PM   #134
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That is so funny, your mom setting up your brother. Did he like the picture of her??
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Old 08-21-2007, 02:49 PM   #135
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