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Old 07-29-2007, 12:05 PM   #1
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a girls-only birthday weekend w/ the mouse! MY TR HAS MOVED...LINK IN MY SIGGIE

(this space is reserved for an index in order to make finding future installments a bit easier!)

Pre-TR #1 - intro - page 1, post 1 (you're reading it)
Pre-TR #1, part 2 - tara's intro - page 1, post 5
Pre-TR #2 - itinerary & shopping update - page 2, post 21
Pre-TR #3 - shopping update - page 4, post 59
Pre-TR #4 - annual pass arrives! - page 6, post 81
Pre-TR #5 - more shopping! - page 8, post 107
Pre-TR # 6 - shopping update - i got my crocs! - page 10, post 147
Pre-TR #7 - transportation issues - page 11, post 159
Pre-TR #8 - small update and MINI SAVANNAH TR - page 13, posts 190 & 191
Pre-TR #9 - last shopping update - page 15, post 214

Day 1 - the drive and check-in - page 20, post 292

i’m ba----ack!!! yes, i’m going to disney again…..even if it’s just for a short time! a little background for anyone who doesn’t know me….

DH and i went to WDW in may of ’07. we both hadn’t been in over 15 years and it was long overdue. we had the BEST time!!!! if you’re interested in that TR, it’s linked below in my siggie (the one about 4 days of disney fun or something like that). we’ll be back again in april ’08. we’re staying at SSR and we can’t wait!!! nope, not DVC members…..we wish! i rented points from eventer98, who is the best DISer friend a girl could have!

speaking of eventer98 (a/k/a tara), she is welcome to join this TR at any time since she’s going to be with us for this september trip….i will share my TR!!! i’ll explain more about those details later.

so, how did this trip come to be? well, before i get to that, let me just digress for a minute. after we got back from disney in may, we started playing with dates to go back. we considered september because of the free dining, but decided we had too much going on during that time (DH’s school, my brother’s 21st birthday, my best friend’s wedding), so we nixed the idea. in june we went ahead and set the trip for april ’08 since i could rent DVC points from tara 11 months ahead of time. so now…….i just had to wait 10 months!!!!!! not fun!

a few weeks later i was playing with ideas for my friend erin’s 30th birthday. she, DH and a couple of other friends threw me a surprise party for my 30th birthday last year and i had to pay her back some way. so guess what the first thing that popped into my head was??? you guessed it……a trip to disney!!! so i know what you’re saying……dawn, you’re just finding an excuse to go back. you’re darn right i am! i asked DH if he was interested in going on this quickie trip, to which he responded, “no way in h*ll. i can wait til april.” he loves disney, but he doesn’t love disney apparently as much as i do.

i called erin and ran the idea by her. of course she was thrilled. who wouldn’t be??? i told her i’d get together some figures and get back with her.

first of all, let me just say that erin’s birthday is november 11th. um…well, we decided to go in september because of the free dining option. so it’s an early birthday celebration.

to make a VERY long and boring story short, i couldn’t get the free dining because i couldn’t afford anything but value and those were all booked. we decided to stay off-site at a cheap hotel and pay for dining (no, i didn’t cancel the trip – i couldn’t disappoint my friend! ), until tara offered us a room for FREE (yes, i said FREE…..does she rock or what?) at OKW. did you say DVC resort for free??? i was thrilled! the only catch is that we’d have to be on the same dining plan as her and sparkie (her roommate for the trip) and that would be for four days. at first i said no, then i did some “disney math” and figured out it would only be like $25 per person more than we’d be taking for food anyway, so when you figure in the hotel price we’d be paying if not staying at OKW with tara, we’re actually saving money. plus we’re buying 4 days of the DDP to be used in 2.5 days. we’re not going to have to pay for ANY FOOD and we’ll be stuffed! count me in!

so we made our plans to stay with tara and started coming up with our itinerary (to be spelled out later on). the other big reason i wanted to go during this time is there was a peep meet at ‘ohana’s. what’s a peep, you may ask? well, a peep is a member of the awesome weight loss forum i’m part of here on the DIS. because of my peeps, i’ve lost 24 pounds (and i’m still counting!). they are hilarious, supportive, wonderful people and i’m soooooooo glad i get to meet some of them!

a couple weeks later tara PMed me and said that she’d lost both of her travelmates for this trip due to some unforeseen circumstances (sparkie - we love you! dance - we're still keeping our fingers crossed for you!!!) and was wondering if she could tag along with us? of course!!! the more the merrier! so she may be joining this TR at some point. i think she and erin will get along great since they’re both harry potter freaks!

so, to sum it up, we’re staying at OKW with tara in a studio, we’re arriving late friday night, september 21st and leaving monday afternoon, september 24th and we’re on the DDP for 4 days (which will be used up in 2.5 days!).

on to the cast…….

that’s me on the right. i’m dawn. nice to "meet" ya (if i already haven’t!). i’m 31 years old, a cancer and i enjoy long walks on the beach in the moonlight. just kidding. you may already know me if you’re reading this. if not, go to my TR from may ’07 to get the gist (linked in my siggie).

that’s erin on the left...the birthday girl. she actually won’t be 30 until november, but hey, who’s really paying attention to the dates, right? erin is one of my favorite people. she’s hilarious. we have this weird relationship where i can yell at her and her at me and we don’t feel bad about it later….sorta like sisters…..but not.

erin is outspoken….

erin is a fashionista…..

erin likes beer……..

but apparently does not care for moonshine…….

erin and i like to be silly………..

a little background on us…..

i met erin about 7 years ago when i was working at chili’s. i worked full time at a law firm as a legal assistant and i’d pick up shifts on the weekends since my DH (then boyfriend) was the kitchen supervisor there. erin was a server there and knew of me, but didn’t know me. anyway, one day we’re both working a saturday lunch shift and it was right around christmas. this crazy psycho lady was also working at chili’s and she brought in a sheet pan with – i kid you not- york peppermint patties on it. i walked by it and said, “what the heck is this?” erin said, “oh, joyce brought those in for us for christmas. she made them.” i of course responded, “she did not……those are freakin york peppermint patties.” however, i did not know that crazy psycho lady was standing behind me as i said this. erin did the whole “shut up or you’re gonna get your throat slashed” move so i shut up real fast. needless to say, crazy psycho lady did not hunt me down and kill me in my sleep for making fun of her york peppermint patties, but erin and i got a good laugh out of it and became friends forever!

obviously, we have a third person in our cast who i've never actually met in person, but have come to know as a very generous and fun person who i have an unbelievable amount of things in common with! her name is tara and she's a DISer (eventer98). i can't wait to meet her! it's very eery.....our husbands' names are ray, our anniversaries are on april 13th, we're the same age, we're the same build...and the list goes on. very strange......but in a cool sorta way! anyway, i hope she joins this TR and can post some pics of herself and you guys can get to know her better, too!

funny story i have to include about erin…….erin was in my wedding. that’s her right next to me on the right. if you’re wondering (which you’re probably not), my other ladies were (from left to right) my best friend from high school, my sister and DH’s sister. oh, and the cutie flower girls…..the bigger one is a friend’s little girl and the little one is my best friend from high school’s little girls who’s now 6 years old!!! time flies when you're having fun, i guess.

anyway, back to the funny story about erin and my wedding. erin sang at my wedding…….see?

she has a beautiful voice. she sang a song as my stepbrothers were lighting the candles right before the actual ceremony started. well, after she sang, she walked back to the lobby because that’s where we were all gathered, getting ready to start the wedding. as they’re lining everyone up, she looks at me with panic in her eyes and says, “i don’t have my flowers. i don’t know where my flowers are. maybe i had them before i sang and left them up on the front pew.” GREAT! so my stepdad, who’s getting ready to walk my mom down the aisle, says, “i’ll see if they’re up there when i get up there and if they are, i’ll send them back with an usher.” okay…..good plan. only my stepdad gets up to the front of the church and looks back at us and shrugs. no flowers. at this point, i couldn’t really care less if she had her flowers or not. i had been so stressed out over the past few days that i just flat out didn’t care. i just told her, “when i get up there and hand my flowers to brooke (my sister), then you just take brooke’s flowers so you’ll be holding something.”

erin looks relieved. “okay.”

then she snatches brooke’s flowers away!!!

um….no. i said when i get up there and give my flowers to brooke, not right now!

but that means i won’t have any flowers to carry!

exactly! you’re not taking brooke’s. SHE didn’t lose HER flowers!!!!

the result was erin walking down the aisle with her hands folded at her chest……..SO FUNNY!!!! the video is priceless. it’s one of those things i wouldn’t change because it made our day special…..in an odd sort of way.

i could only dig up one picture…….check her out!

by the way, we found her flowers in the dressing room after the ceremony.

okay……so that’s all for now. i will be back soon with our itinerary and other exciting details. WELCOME TO MY TR!!!!!!!! and thanks for reading!


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Old 07-29-2007, 12:24 PM   #2
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Great start! You're so lucky to go back this soon!

Love the wedding pictures!
Me (34), DH (32), DD (3)
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Read all about my very first trip to WDW! May 5-18 2007
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It sounds like you gals are going to have a great time in September. That's awesome that you get to stay at OKW free!!!!

So funny about the flowers at your wedding. I lost my flowers at a wedding I was in...I felt SOOOO bad. I felt even worse when I got married and realized just how much those darn flowers cost!
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Old 07-29-2007, 02:46 PM   #4
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Awesome - a trip with just the girls. I need to do that!!

Great pics, too.
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Old 07-29-2007, 03:10 PM   #5
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I'm here!!! Thanks for including me!!

Here is a short intro on me..I'm Tara and the DVC owner that Dawn raves about! I just got married in April and am expecting in March. Which means my 3 favorite rides are out for Sept..RNRC, TOT and EE. Oh well. I just got back from WDW on July 2nd where we spend 9 nights for our honeymoon. DH just started a new job so he can't join me in Sept...we are planning to go for a short trip with my friend's family next Aug. and a long Xmas trip next year.

I was so relieved that Dawn said I could tag along with them!! Unfortunately, my original 2 roommates had to cancel their trip so I panicked thinking I was going to have to brave WDW alone!! I had already bought my airline tickets and I could not re-bank my DVC points so I was stuck. I didn't want to be a third wheel either but luckily Dawn said it was np!! She also has great tastes in TS so I had no issues with what they had chosen.

I do have to brave 24 hours alone, after the leave, but another DIS'er, Lexmelinda, said I could join them at their Monday TS. Thanks Melinda!!

So here I am!! I can't wait to meet everyone in Sept. and eat at Ohanas!!! My favorite TS!!!


(me) (DH) (DS)(DD) (DD)
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Hi Dawn,

Okay I have to apologize first off because I lurked you entire first TR and did not post. However I did enjoy it immensely, not to mention I followed you over to the Disappearing Peeps board. I just posted there.

Now I can't wait to follow this one through to the end. Thanks for sharing the background info, your wedding photos are beautiful!

Looking forward to your next installment!
Tammy (me) , DH & Veda

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Old 07-29-2007, 07:16 PM   #7
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Yea...another trippie! Your "girls' trip" sounds wonderful! My friends and I did a girls' trip about 8 years ago and we had a blast! I can't wait to read more!
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Old 07-29-2007, 07:18 PM   #8
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I'm here. I didn't read yet as I need to get caught up with all the other subbed ones but I wanted to make sure I subbed this one!!!
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Old 07-29-2007, 09:26 PM   #9
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Ladies I am so Psyched to meet you guys in Sept. Its going to be a blast...

54 days hoootiy hoot!!!
Totally COWED (completely obsessed with everything Disney)
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Old 07-30-2007, 12:08 AM   #10
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Yeah!! another pre-trippie.

Love your wedding pics.

Can't wait to read more!
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Old 07-30-2007, 08:22 AM   #11
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Yay--I was hoping you would do a pre-trippie!!!

Funny wedding stories are the best! At our wedding, the guests came up the center aisle to receive communion. As my grandmother was dipping her bread in the cup of juice, she dropped it! We have it on video of her realizing what she did and then faking putting the bread in her mouth!!! We teased her about that for a long time!

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Great start! So glad your doing a pre tripie!

I'm starting to work on my first pre tripie! I'm going in 30 days!

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Old 07-30-2007, 08:45 AM   #13
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Dawn - I am SO happy to see you are doing a pre-TR! I loved your TR! I think a girls trip is wonderful! I would love to go on a "girls only" trip! Oh and your wedding pictures are beautiful!

Tara - I just wanted to say congratulations! Are you going to find out what you are having? We are taking our DD for the first time to Disney the end of September and we can't wait! She will only be 18 months but I thnk she will love it!!!
She is a ball of fun!

Have fun you guys, looking forward to more of your pre-trippie!
10/2007 - Shades of Green - Isabella's first trip!!!
10/2009 - Our first stay at CSR!
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10/2011 - Big family trip and AKL!!!!
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10/13-10th anniversary trip to AKL!!!!
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Old 07-30-2007, 09:42 AM   #14
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Yay! Another Punkin trip report! Looks like you'll be arriving just as I am leaving. I'm looking forward to reading all about your trip!

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Old 07-30-2007, 10:01 AM   #15
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Originally Posted by fterie4u View Post

Tara - I just wanted to say congratulations! Are you going to find out what you are having? We are taking our DD for the first time to Disney the end of September and we can't wait! She will only be 18 months but I thnk she will love it!!!
She is a ball of fun!

Have fun you guys, looking forward to more of your pre-trippie!
Hi!! Thanks for the congrats! We are going to find out what we are having despite the in-laws disapproving of people finding out in the past.

We plan to take the little one to WDW next August for their first trip..he or she will be 5 months. I am glad you are taking your daughter in Sept...she will definitely love it!!!

(me) (DH) (DS)(DD) (DD)
I miss you Chris 6/23/75-10/14/12
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