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Old 07-12-2007, 02:16 PM   #481
koolcatshelby's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2006
Posts: 169

I've been reading your TR all along and love it. I will be sad when it is over . I love your pics. The two of you are just too cute. Glad to hear your stomach was better for your last full day. Can't wait for the next installment .
PS Disneyolic, my brother-in-law grew up in Liverpool. But now he lives here with us in Sabreland!!
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Old 07-12-2007, 03:17 PM   #482
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Ok, this is my first try at posting a picture. Hope it works.

This is Pretzel, under her favorite Virgina Tech blanket. She is a 20 month old Pomeranian/Jack Russell mix.

She is also a Harley chick.

Guess I should have tried to edit the "blue"eyes, they are a beautiful brown, but you get the idea.

Last edited by lgcountry; 07-12-2007 at 04:04 PM. Reason: changed size of pic
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:10 PM   #483
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Originally Posted by CourtneyandRyan View Post

Now, I was STARVING! I hadn’t eaten all day, and my stomach was empty from driving the porcelain bus (hahaha—see, I told you I’d use it!!!). We decided to eat at Pinocchio Village Haus. I got the turkey sandwich and it was just okay. At home, I eat turkey sandwiches all the time--- but I use white bread and only put mayo on my sandwiches. So, all of this other stuff they tried to fancy it up with, just wasn’t good to my taste. It was okay, and probably better than eating a hamburger or fried chicken, but it wasn’t the greatest.
Very good use of the phrase This is one of the day we were at MGM for SWW too I think. Hot doesn't begin to describe the weather!
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Old 07-12-2007, 05:57 PM   #484
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Location: Louisiana
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So, we just left MGM after getting a fastpass for ToT... Headed to POP.

When we arrived at POP, we changed into our swimmies, and headed to the pool. It was there that I met the cutest little girls ever! For some reason, I attract kids. I don’t know what it is- maybe my eye makeup b/c it’s kinda dramatic and they think I look like a clown, maybe I just look friendly, maybe I keep making eye contact with them and silly faces—I don’t know, but I always make friends with kids! These little girls were from South Carolina (LOVED their accents) and they were cousins. The older girl was there with her dad and stepmom celebrating her (the girl’s) birthday- I think she was around 9 maybe. Her birthday was a few months ago, but they found a tumor on her brain. They had to have it removed, therefore, her Disney vacation was pushed back a few months till now. She was precious. We talked like we were old friends.

Me: “OMGoodness- are you okay? Did you have to go to a special hospital to have your surgery?”
“Yeah, I had to go somewhere in some city, but they operated on me there.”
“Do you have to have checkups now to make sure everything’s okay” (my way of making sure it wasn’t cancerous)
“Yes, they watch it but that’s it. I’m pretty much done.” (so I assumed it wasn’t malignant)
“Well, your hair looks great! Doesn’t even look like they had to shave it”
“Oh, yes they did, right here in the front, you see—Hold on, let me go under water and fix it so you can see.”
Goes under, comes back.
“OH my goodness- it looks GREAT- I can’t even hardly tell.”
“Hey- feel here- you can see where there’s a little bump from where the tumor was”

I mean- we just chatted like we were old friends. Precious little girl- I’m so glad they removed it with no problem, and I really hope she lives a long life. I wish I had her contact information so I could see where she is in 5, 10, 15 years.

After talking to these girls (her and her younger cousin) for 45 minutes, I realized that I had no idea where my husband was! I totally abandoned him in the pool! Once I found him, he was walking back to us with a beach ball (POP has random toys in the pool for guests to play with).

We played “bump the ball as many times as you can” for about 20-minutes until it was time to go in to get ready for our return to MGM. By the time I left, this sweet child was hugging me and asking my room number, and telling me she was going to miss me, etc. Loved her. Loved her… Sweet little girl!

Ryan and I headed back in, and got ready for MGM. Headed to the POP bus stop, and then pulled into MGM about 20 minutes later. Gotta love Disney transportation!

By this time, the crowds had become more manageable, and it wasn’t nearly as hot. So, we walked around a bit, and took some photopass pictures before we started sweating again!

We headed over to ride ToT with our FP. While there, we picked up a FP for RnR Coaster. And of course, took some more pictures.

Great story-
So, we’re “being rock stars” here in front of ToT… And Ryan feels the need to vocalize his guitar playing. Something like this:

“Ryan, let’s pretend we’re playing the guitar”
“Okay Court!”
We both hit our guitar poses and I hear
I look at him strangely.
“Ryan- you don’t need to actually make the noises to pose for the picture!”
The photographer took the picture as I was turned telling him that!

That boy cracks me up.

And of course, we had to do a re-do of last years ToT pictures!

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Old 07-12-2007, 05:57 PM   #485
You are keeping us alive

Yes I still love getting my fix here on the DIS daily
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Still loving your report, sorry you where sick.

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Old 07-12-2007, 05:58 PM   #486
DIS Veteran
CourtneyandRyan's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Louisiana
Posts: 1,250

Anyway, of course by now, we were starting to get hungry.

And thirsty.

So we went over to 50’s PTC early – again- had a seat at the bar (we stalked people from the bar—we eventually got a seat on the couch), and had a few drinks.

And… Took a few pictures.


“Be Serious” – But that was hard for me to do!

“What’s 384 x 589 + 1548?” My reaction was this:

“Pretend like you woke up one morning and you were in a hot air balloon.”

(Sorry, I don’t like hot air balloons!)

RYAN SAID – this ones a little gross -
“Pretend you just used the bathroom and when you stand up, there’s an animal in the toilet”

(Look at his lips and guess the word that he was about to say—He didn’t really say it, but apparently that was what his reaction would be!)

Then we decided to be normal again.

After a little while, we saw SingingMom come in with her family… They had a 5:50 ressie and ours wasn’t until 6:30. We chatted a minute, then they were seated. Once I finally checked in, we waited about 15 minutes for our table.

This time, Ryan was smart… He also ordered the fried herb cheese as his appetizer. Remember, last time I got the herb cheese and he had the shrimp cocktail. Mine ROCKED his socks off, so he ordered it this time too!

We actually had the same waitress, I mean, Aunt, that we had last time. She remembered us, but still didn’t get into character as much as I would have liked. That’s okay—at least she brought me water when I was thirsty, etc. She was pretty attentive to our needs.

For our meals, we ordered the exact same thing that we ordered four nights ago—me, the pot roast; Ryan, the meat loaf. And both, as usual, were EXCELLENT. Superb. Fabuloso! We love this place. It’s so yummy, and I’m seriously having withdrawals at this very moment! I want to eat there right now!

For dessert, I had the smores, again, and I don’t remember what Ryan had. Probably the same thing as last time. If you want to read about our first night there, please see post 77.

While we were eating, SingingMom found us – they were done so they were leaving- and I told her I was going to call CrazyKanga about our ToT ride. We had it scheduled for 9:30, and both of our families were pretty tired, so we were hoping to move it a little earlier. I told SingingMom that I would call her when I talked to CK.

After we left, Ryan and I walked around a bit. It was still early, and after talking to CK, they decided they wanted to go to the later showing of Fantasmic, so our ToT would be 9:00 – during the first showing. So, we had about an hour or so to just walk and relax… and take pictures.

One of the stops we made was the Honey I Shrunk the Kids – Movie Set Adventure.

Ryan in front of the playdough.

And in the spider web (I guess that’s what it was)

And actually being spider man!

And us saying, “Man, that’s high! What a big blade of grass!”

So fun! I wish I were a kid when I’m walking around in there b/c I think it would be so fun to play in!

After walking out, I spotted the coke! And I LOVE coke--- oh, regular coke--- and fountain cokes are the BEST! Cans and bottles are just okay, but fountain cokes are AWESOME! So, if you look at my hands, I am making a heart--- I LOVE coke!

And you want to know something I don’t love????

Star Wars.

Just don’t like it. And really, if you like it, I’m totally cool with that. But, I just don’t like it. So, I had to express my feelings about this Star War weekend fiasco.

And actually when I was taking these pictures, someone walked by and booed me.

“Boo! Ah, come on now, it’s not that bad!”
“Sorry dude- It’s just not for me!”

Hahaha--- Sorry if I offended him!

At this time, we were getting pretty close to 9 pm. But we had a FP for RnR Coaster to use that we had picked up earlier in the day. So, we headed on over to Sunset Blvd. again! I love that street!

We loaded the limo and were off--- very quickly I might add. Here we are on the RnR coaster limo.

And again-

Yes, we are doing the rock on dude sign!

Ryan apparently really got into it! Whoa nelly!

RnR coaster was fabulous, as always, then we headed over to ToT for our DIS ride!!!! WAHOO!!!!!

Here’s the cast of characters:

Scary Bellhop, Laura (CrazyKanga), Luke (her son), Ryan, me, Dana (Renee’s daughter), Renee (SingingMom), Bob (Renee’s husband), and Chris (CK’s husband)

And since the bellhop was so scary, we acted scared:

We load into our elevator, and I don’t know how this poor couple got put in our ride. I’m sure WE were the scary ones to them! We giggled the entire ride and had SO much fun!!!!!! (The only thing that could have made it better is if we knew 1andrea was waiting there with us! Since our time got changed, and we didn’t have her number, she wasn’t notified. And she waited there for us till 9:50! A- I’m SO so sorry about that… I totally wish you could have taken the place of the RANDOM couple in the ride with us! =( I wish we would have seen you out there!!)

And, yet again, Ryan takes over the entire ride with his arms… I call him OTTD… Over The Top Drama. He’s so dramatic! Look at that!

And then after the ride, we took a DISer picture:

I’m so glad it worked out that we got to ride together, b/c it was so fun!

And while CK and her family were staying for the late Fantasmic, we were tired and ready to crash in the bed. So, we headed through the front gates, into the bus, and back to POP.

This was our last night to sleep in Disneyworld. Tomorrow night, we’d be in our beds in our new house--- or so we thought. Stay tuned for our last day at the World, and our eventful journey home.

See you tomorrow!

PS- Lurkers- this is one of your last chances to come out of lurkedom! Post, Post, Post! There’s only a few more installments left!

Oh, PSS- I have a fun game for tomorrow! I need everyone to vote for me--- I’ll give you more details tomorrow, but I’m excited! It will be fun!
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Old 07-12-2007, 06:08 PM   #487
Disney World Lover
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Oh yaaaay, a game! I'm excited!

The TOT pictures are GREAT! Yall all look SO happy! I love it!

AND OH! PM me your eye makeup secrets. I know it sounds weird, but...
I'm a makeup junky and I love to know what other people use, etc etc.

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Old 07-12-2007, 06:10 PM   #488
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Loving the TR, I don't want it to end.

When is your next trip? I hope to see a Pre Trippie soon!
me DH DS (9) DS (4)

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Old 07-12-2007, 06:14 PM   #489
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Great as always Courtney! Love all the pics and the review of 50's! Thnks

1st trip 2006 ALL Star SPORTS (fell in LOVE )
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Old 07-12-2007, 06:26 PM   #490
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Another super fun installment Courtney! Glad to see you were feelin' better. You're pictures crack me up-- there isn't a dull moment with the two of you, is there??

Now, you have to draaaaaaagggg the last day out, so we can keep reading your report. No prob, right?
Shannon & her boys

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Old 07-12-2007, 06:40 PM   #491
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Coming out of lurkdom. LOVE your TR! I originally posted back on the "Disers stalking Disers" thread, but I just could not keep up with all of you and gave up b/c I kept getting lost! My trip was also slightly earlier (June 16-22).

Looking forward to hearing about your last day. You always leave us with a good cliffhanger though...

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Old 07-12-2007, 06:40 PM   #492
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Originally Posted by CourtneyandRyan View Post
Great story-
So, we’re “being rock stars” here in front of ToT… And Ryan feels the need to vocalize his guitar playing. Something like this:

“Ryan, let’s pretend we’re playing the guitar”
“Okay Court!”
We both hit our guitar poses and I hear
I look at him strangely.
“Ryan- you don’t need to actually make the noises to pose for the picture!”
The photographer took the picture as I was turned telling him that!

That is one of my favs of you 2. Ryan looks like he is totally laughing with the whole thing!

Here’s the cast of characters:

Scary Bellhop, Laura (CrazyKanga), Luke (her son), Ryan, me, Dana (Renee’s daughter), Renee (SingingMom), Bob (Renee’s husband), and Chris (CK’s husband)

And since the bellhop was so scary, we acted scared:
Aw...my DIS friends w/o me. I almost wanted to pay admission for a 2nd park just so I could do this meet with you all.... Almost. Look at Chris (CK's DH) & Bob (Renee's DH)...looking just as scared in the first pic as the 2nd...NOT.

Oh, PSS- I have a fun game for tomorrow! I need everyone to vote for me--- I’ll give you more details tomorrow, but I’m excited! It will be fun!
If this is a competition between your TR and my TR again....
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Old 07-12-2007, 06:57 PM   #493
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I have been reading the whole report, but now since there is a game I am all up for posting
great report, and such an adoring couple
Oh yea, and what a great cliff hanger, can't wait to see if you made it home or had to stay longer
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Old 07-12-2007, 07:05 PM   #494
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Great update again!!!! Thanks for sharing!

I am laughing at all your photopass shots. I always have the camera on vacation-there have been trips where I am not in any pictures so I LOVE Photopass and think I stalk the photopass people a bit. Hey-It's the only way I get in the pictures!

We are totally looking forward to our trip and your trip report is making me remember all the fun things we are going to get to do. Plus it is the very first visit for our -she is 21 months old. Our DS is 11 years old. (yes they are 9 1/2 years apart.-It just took a long time for the to make her grand entrance!) I think you guys will make great parents when you have kids and you already have traditions to share and pass on to the kids.

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Old 07-12-2007, 07:08 PM   #495
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Courtney, I am really enjoying your TR!! I love all of the pics...yall seem like such a fun couple...I'm so sorry that our paths didn't cross while we were down there!!
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