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Old 06-04-2007, 06:56 PM   #1
We teachers ARE the worst!
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All in one place: Please Post info from your DCL Med excursions HERE

I just thought that some of us who will be going on the Med cruise, would like to have info from those of you who went on DCL med excursions.

Could you post the name of the excursion you took in the Title line and then tell us the good, the bad and the ugly about the excursion.

Thank you!!
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Old 06-04-2007, 08:53 PM   #2
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Cool Mary Ann! Letshope they see it.
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We teachers ARE the worst!
I'm not sure how I'll be affected
Do I have to resort to FLUFF?
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I also put a link on the current med cruise trip report thread. Yes, let's hope people post~
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Old 06-04-2007, 11:14 PM   #4
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Fantastic idea! I'm looking forward to the responses! I want to hear about the Mysterious Palermo tour. I'm a bit nervous about the disclaimer that not recommended for people that have heart conditions. I don't have one, but was concerned. I called DCL about it, and she said it had to do with the fact that we were going into an enclosed area where there would be embalmed bodies. I can't blame them for wanting to cover themselves!
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Old 06-05-2007, 04:58 AM   #5
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Question for Rome and some excursions for Kids Menu.

For anyone who is going to Jumping into External - Rome - please let me know about kids menu?

I would be appreciated if anyone answer it.

thank you.

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Old 06-05-2007, 08:56 AM   #6
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My Excursion experience Part 1

Tours our family did and our comments—this is based on DD16, DD16, DD11, DH and myselffrom the first Med Cruise 5/26/07
Palermo---Palermo For Kids
Our biggest concern for this was our kids ages---wondering if they were too old. They were the oldest but the three of them liked it despite what I thought. The craft was difficult for even my DD’s ages. They wanted them to make an egg with a nativity scene which was way too difficult. On our excursion, the parents were doing the craft not the kids. The puppet show was interesting. It was about knights and fighting for a girl. I will say that my kids laughed through most of it. But if I would have had younger kids, I would have been upset. They fought with swords and even a head was cut off and a body cut in half. We all received evaluation forms for the excursion and several wrote the same things I did---craft too difficult and puppet show inappropriate for kids---not Disney quality in my opinion. I was shocked they approved it. So I don’t know what to say for this one. I would bet that this company was talked to and I would hope they will be making changes. The rest of the tour was great for me and the kids and if they changed those 2 things it will be awesome.
Naples Italy---Pompeii, Sorrento and Capri
The Capri part of our excursion was cancelled that morning due to extreme rough seas. I hear about others that did take that jet foil boat on their own and everyone was very sick. But Disney cancelled all excursions that went there. Pompeii was fantastic! Very interesting! My kids liked it very much! They liked the quick tour of the cameo factory too. There was a Furla purse store in the cameo shop. We had about 20 minutes to browse these two shops. There were tent shops at Pompeii with little trinkets of stuff to buy. We had about 15 minutes to look around.
The Sorrento part was good too. We first saw a demonstration of how to make these inlay tables. Then we went to lunch. Lunch was very good. They had water and wine bottles at every table. Someone even asked to buy the wine and they only charged 5 euros per bottle---great deal because it was very good. You can bring up to 2 bottles back. Different groups went to different restraints. They allowed us about 1 hour to shop because the Capri part was cancelled. The only bad part is that everywhere in Italy they close down the shops from 1-4 to rest and here it is right at that time. So all the really good shops were closed! There was a long skinny street that had shops open during this time. We found some good things in this area. The guide told us where it was so just ask your guide. FYI—we did get a credit for the cancelled part.
Olbia, Sardinia---Costa Smeralda
For our family the start of this one was slow. We did the winding bus ride to the area where the rich and famous stay. The train ride was ok. Once we got to the hotel area with shops, it started to pick up for us. Once again the time we got there, the shops were closed. They were opening during the last 30 minutes being there. But that was ok because we could not afford anything. Very rich and expensive area! But the kids were able to walk to the yacht area and put their feet in the Med waters. They enjoyed just sitting on the pier and watching boats. My pictures from this area are awesome. Next the bus stopped at another tourist/beach area. My kids took off their shoes and walked in the waters. Great pictures. There were little shops here (cheap ones) but we did not really get to do them since the kids wanted the beach. If we could have spent the whole day here, then we would have been very happy.
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Old 06-05-2007, 08:59 AM   #7
Earning My Ears
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My excursion experience part 2

Rome Italy---Highlights of Rome and the Vatican Museums
Everyone is asking about Rome. My biggest advice and comment is that no tour gave you enough time in Rome. We needed days not hours. But here is about ours. We first drove to Rome. Rome is having a big celebration on June 22nd so our bus driver could not drop us off by the coliseum since they were setting up all the stands for the parades. They dropped us off close to the wedding cake building gave us a map and said be back here in 2 hours. I was shocked because I really did not prepare for “doing it on my own”. Also on the same day the taxis around town were on strike so we were really on our own to walk. I had not looked into the public buses and with only 2 hours we had to just get going. We first walked to the wedding cake building and another one close by it that was interesting. Next we headed to the coliseum and were able to walk around outside. The line was only about 30 minutes to get tickets to walk in but we were afraid we could not see anything else if we did that. There were people all around selling tours outside the coliseum for the ticket charge and an extra 10-15 euros. We were approached over and over. They said they would be going in within 5 minutes and we would not have to wait in line. We were tempted but concerned on the time. We left that area and then headed to the Trevis Fountain. My kids loved this since they have seen it in movies. We stayed here taking pictures and throwing coins for a while. Then we sprinted back to meet the group. We stopped at a cute restaurant before heading to the Vatican. Food was good. Wine and water were plentiful on the tables. We picked up a great tour guide at the Vatican museum. This was very crowded with tour groups everywhere. The Sistine Chapel was packed wall to wall with people. Personally it made it hard to enjoy for us. But I heard that same thing from others too. We walked St Peters Basilica and the Square. After that we were able to shop at the Vatican store before heading out. There are street vendors everywhere selling knock off glasses, purses and scarves. Now they are constantly leaving when the police come which made for funny pictures and amusement for the kids. We had about 20 minutes to shop and then more while people were getting ice cream. There is just not enough time on any excursion. Several that I talked to that did the whole Vatican tour were disappointed they did not see more that that. Personally for me I feel in listening to the others that our tour was a good taste of seeing a little bit of everything. We got a little of the religious side of the Vatican and sightseeing of the main things in Rome. We still missed a lot and needed another day there. What would have done differently? Planned better. I had not looked into public bus transportation and in our limited time did not have time to check it out. We planned on just catching taxis and apparently strikes are not uncommon. If we would have had taxis we easily could have done the coliseum too. Some that did Rome on their own planned on using taxis too and then had trouble getting everything in too. Some that did just the Vatican were upset they missed the Rome piece. Everyone loved seeing what they did but everyone wanted more and missed things. So my advice…is there something you really want to see in detail like the Vatican then just do that or if you are wanting a sampling of Rome do what we did and do some research of what you want to see.
La Spezia, Italy----Florence and Pisa
I would like to start by saying that if you really want to shop then this tour will be painful for you. Florence was a major shopping town and all we did was walk past every shop we really wanted to go into. The tour part in Florence does not include free time so several in our group all skipped the lunch to get free time shopping. Here we paid all this money for lunch and did not eat so that we could go spend more money. The people that did eat said that it was a five course meal that could not be beat anywhere. But the lunch lasted close to 2 hours. Honestly there was great eating everywhere and all of us on our evaluations wrote that instead of the long lunch, they need to give 2 hours of free time. Those that did not shop wish they had. After lunch we got back on the bus to get to Pisa. We only had 20-30 minutes to see the Pisa. The tickets to go up in it were not available for us with our time constraint. There was really only time to walk in, take pictures and walk out. The worse part was that we got back to the ship 1 hour 45 late. We really wanted to see the Pisa and I am glad we did. But…this day was very hard. We spent the whole day in the bus and then really not having time anywhere. I am very mixed on whether I would recommend it. I think I would have preferred Florence on our own but would have hated missing the Pisa. Just FYI…because we were late we were the last tender but because we were booked with Disney they had to wait for us. Tons of families tried to do the train on their own. When they got off the train there were no taxis. One group did get a taxi and when they got to the tender asked Disney to wait---so we waited too. The families all said they would not do that again. They all would not have gotten on the ship that night if that one family had not gotten the tender people to hold up the last tender. They were all very concerned and most said no to doing it themselves.
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My excursion experience part 3

Marseille France---Marseille City Tour
Reception from the people amazing…be first off the boat to see their culture and music. The passed out lavender pouches to all of us. They also had a shops right off the boat of wonderful things from their city in case you don’t want to go into town. Prices here are great for the quality of the items.
A bus took us to several places for great pictures. The basilica was a beautiful area and I am glad we did it. We then drove to the heart of the Harbor. Loved it! This is what I had thought it would be like at every port and has not been. The shops in France were just a step up in quality and not “junky” like Italy. The soaps they sold were cheap and wonderful. Something that I did not know is that Disney is providing a free shuttle from the boat to this harbor and it runs about every 30 minutes. I am glad we did the tour and saw the basilica but I would have been 100% happy with just taking the free bus. This harbor area was fantastic! Shops were cute and restaurants were lined up down the streets for just enjoying the view. You could spend the whole day just sitting and relaxing. Once our tour brought us to this area we asked if we could just stay longer and catch the free shuttle back and it was not a problem. We were so happy they let us do that and several others did it too.
In this harbor you could catch tours to the basilica and other places but those lines were long to get tickets so all in all I am happy the way we did it. But if you are wanting to cut costs, take the free shuttle and you can get pictures of the basilica on the hill from the harbor. You can get pictures of the Count of Monte Cristo prison from the boat too. You will love the stroll in this area very much! We were told by our Palo waiter that night that this area has a great shopping mall (like Harrods in London) but that it is closed on Sunday’s. The staff can’t wait to go there next time so that may be something to look into.
Villefranche, France---Highlights of Monaco and Monte Carlo
By far the prettiest port we have been at. We took the kids with us for this one also. They really did not understand anything about Grace Kelly and the royal family from Monaco so they really did not get into it. They loved looking at all the building, church, palace and race track. Cool thing was while we were at the palace, Prince Albert drove in his car right past us while we were walking back down to the bus. We waited at the top by his palace to try to see him because our guide was positive he was about to come out because of the security and where they were placed. We waited for him to come out but then had to leave. And while walking down there he comes driving in his car. Pretty cool! Kids can’t go in the casino so I sat at the casino square with the kids while my DH went into the casino. We tried to shop but everything was out of our price range. Really high end shops! We did get some great pictures! After the tour was over and we were back at the port, we walked down to the beach. The sand was more like rock. This small beach was packed during the day but very empty for us. The kids enjoyed the water. The view from this beach within walking distance was awesome. We were staring right at the Magic. The port area was really nice and we enjoyed the shops. There are tons of small restaurants too. All in all, we were happy to see the things on the tour but would have been happy with the beach and port area only. So this is a place to cut back on money. But something to keep in mind I heard today…the tender people apparently like to strike but if you booked an excursion through Disney we are guaranteed to get a tender while others may not be able to get off the ship.
Hope my three part series helps!!!!
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Fantastic information- thank you for taking the time to do this
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Thank you Disneyfamilyforever!!!!! What a great summary!! Sounds like you had a great time. Can't wait!

Keep them coming!!
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Anyone who can comment on their experience with the "Create your own Perfume" excursion in Villefranche would be greatly appreciated. I heard somewhere that you don't really get to create your own, something about a group effort, which might not be bad since I'm terrible with scents.
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Originally Posted by kyla View Post
Anyone who can comment on their experience with the "Create your own Perfume" excursion in Villefranche would be greatly appreciated. I heard somewhere that you don't really get to create your own, something about a group effort, which might not be bad since I'm terrible with scents.
Yes I read the same thing and would love any info anyone has.


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Thanks for the great descriptions! 5 of my 7 were covered by you. I decided to cancel Marseille City Tour and just take the free shuttle. I am also thinking of changing my Rome excursion. I thought everything in the description (colosseum, trevi fountain, etc) was through a guided tour. It is not cheap, so I thought it was all guided and the 2 hours was in addition to those sites. Only other tour that has everything I want to see is sold out! (Jumping back into eternal rome). Have a safe trip back!
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Thank you Disney Family Forever. I am signed up for the Highlights of Rome and Vatican Tour for June 27th cruise....I thought the outside of Colosseum and Forum were included as part of that tour? And then you had two hours on your own. So, you didn't get anything guided on that part of town?

How about lines getting into the Vatican? Did the tour allow you to avoid those lines? Did you get to go to St. Peter's?

Is there anything I get on the tour that I wouldn't get by going on my own?

Do you think it will be better after the celebration on June 22nd?

I am on the 10 day and we arrive on a Monday....most everything but the main attractions are closed on am concerned about crowding on Mondays. Obviously, you weren't there on a Monday, will have to wait for reports coming in on June 11th from the 10 dayers!!

Thank you for your informational post on one of the other threads!!

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Thank you so much for the detailed excursion reviews, I know it must have taken you a while to be so detailed.Thank goodness for this thread and people like you B]

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