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Old 04-08-2007, 11:32 PM   #1
Matt and Mel
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A reading from the Trip of Matthew. *New Pg.4 6/27*

****Update: As you could probably surmise, this report died on the vine. I'm sorry to anyone who read it and expected more. I blame myself. Just pretend that it was a 1 day trip and all will be well. Take care and stay out of the damn lakes! ****

This whole first page contains the prologue in multiple posts. Here's links to the rest:

Chapter 1: The Time Has Come!
Chapter 2: Arrival, and off to the Kingdom
Chapter 3: Pecos Bill, Captain Jack, and the Ghost Host
Chapter 4: Jungle, Splash, and the End of Arrival Day (Finally)

My trip has been over for almost 7 months now. I’ve had this prologue typed for a while. I need the motivation to type the actual trip. Please give me the motivation if you like this prologue. Alrighty, here we go.

Like so many others here that have written TR’s have claimed, I too have some fears about penning my own TR. Let’s call them trip report jitters, or TRJ’s for short. I’ve noticed this forum loves its abbreviations, so I’ll incorporate them whenever necessary. Anyway, I have a full-blown case of the TRJ’s right now. I think I caught them while I was reading other TR’s by such names as ZZUB, 1000thhappyhaunt, kpk89, horsegirl, hucifer, vettechick99, and jamal, among others. Don’t be offended if you wrote a trip report and you didn’t see your name. All it means is that you didn’t have a creative enough name for me to remember.

Or your trip report was not that good.

Or both…..

Moving on.

Here’s my Trip Report Disclaimer:
I won’t pretend to be anything that I am not. I will triple check (heck, I’ll nonuple check) each installment for correct spelling, because that’s how I roll. Grammar on the other hand? Well I’ll try my best, but slipping from past tense to present tense and back is also how I roll. I will not use a thesaurus (not too much anyway) to make my report sound all smart. If I did, it would probably end up like Joey’s recommendation letter for the adoption agency (sorry if you feel left out because you don’t get the reference. I don’t even get the reference. My wife just told me to put that in). I will also attempt to be witty and sarcastic, although I realize sarcasm is a tough one to interpret in print. Therefore, if you think I’m being sarcastic, I probably am. Unless it makes me look dumber. Then I TOTALLY am not.

Bottom line, I will try my best to give you an entertaining diversion from your everyday life and give you a chance to enjoy Walt Disney World through my own and my wife’s eyes. All three of them. No, just kidding. We’ve got two apiece. I think.

Now, to tackle those pesky TRJ’s…

Let me begin by telling you a bit about the group, as is the custom ‘round these parts.

Matt(me): 26, a weird combination of lazy slob and neat freak; the commando one in the parks; otherwise very easygoing. Since nicknames are more fun, I’ll call myself Hercules. No, not really. Nor will I refer to myself in the third person. My ego isn’t that big. I’ll call myself ‘I’, ‘me’, or any variation of first person text. Creative, right?

Melissa: 27, my wife, my soul-mate, all that mushy stuff; can get along with anyone; very smart and efficient; keeps me in line; let’s call her DW (I’m really going out on a limb here with the nicknames).

Mike: 30, my older brother; original Disney geek; a one-time CM via Disney’s College Program; does killer Mickey Mouse impersonation; overall a dweeb, as older brothers are wont to be; he is ‘The Miz’ (my reality show watching brethren will get that one).

Courtney: late 20’s (don’t know her exact age, and afraid to ask), my sister-in-law, Mike’s wife; very happy-go-lucky; crazy hyper at times; sophisticated and classy; puts up with Mike’s Mickey Mouse voice; she will now be known as ‘Daisy’ (as in Daisy Duck).

Ok, now that you know the cast, on to the TR. I’ve heard the best way to overcome the TRJ’s is to just start typing with whatever comes to mind. Diarrhea of the fingers (DotF), per say.

So after many attempts of diarrhea typing, and many rough drafts concerning my income to expense ratio, buffalo chicken, and the Red Sox, I have come to the conclusion that wherever I heard that saying before, one important part was left out. So for you, I will say this: The best way to overcome the TRJ’s is to type whatever comes to mind, concerning your recent Disney trip. That’s important. Otherwise, we would have a bunch of trip reports on this board that have to do with Star Magazine, Oprah, and that nasty co-worker that just won’t stop leering at me!

Whoa, where am I going with this? I’m sorry. This is my trip report.

This is my trip report on a tangent.

Any questions?

See what I mean about the TRJ’s and DotF? Instead of nervous chatter, I have Nervous Typer. The TRJ’s with a side of NT to boot. Better than writer’s block (WB), I say.

Hey! Guess what?! WDW! I’m going! So I gotta plan! Man, I should tell you all about that part, huh? That would be fun.

Oh, that’s what this is supposed to be?

Okay, I’ll get right on that.

So there I was, watching the Red Sox game eating some very good buffalo wings while thinking how to save some more money…Kidding. See that though? That’s called joke continuity. Did you like that? If you didn’t, please don’t comment. I have a very fragile ego and I will cry.

Anyway, so there I was, watching the Red Sox (really, that part was true) when my brother called me on the celly. We discussed a multitude of manly subjects. Probably stuff like monster trucks and beer. The conversation lasted about a minute. We are guys, remember. At the tail end of the epic conversation, he mentioned that he and his wife had just booked a trip to THE World. You know the one: parks, busses, hotels (sorry, resorts), and various large dressed up animals always smiling and tormenting.

Well, they torment me.

Anyway, he said they got this great deal with Free Dining and mentioned the price. I told him that DW and I have been making comments to each other about going back soon, but we couldn’t quite afford it. He said that if we could join them, that would be great, and at the price he mentioned, it was doable! Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.

Vrrooooooommmm….putt….putt…..bang! That was my proverbial motor starting to run, only to stall out when I discovered (I thought) that the Free Dining promotion was already done. Hey, I didn’t discover the DIS yet, “the land with all the answers”™. Give me a break! So here I am, in the span of a few minutes, thinking of a return trip and then thinking it wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t even get my car past the starting line!

Leave it to AAA to give me a push. We got our monthly AAA newspaper in the mail and as usual, I just skim through it. Well, right there on one of the pages is a brightly colored ad featuring Goofy wearing a chef’s hat and holding a skillet! Well, I’ll be! Free Dining is still on! Believe it or not, I hadn’t gone to the Disney World web page yet. So I sauntered on over there (if you can even do that on a computer) and golly gee, there’s Goofy again. To be honest, I was feeling kind of goofy at this point. If only there was a website where Disney fanatics congregated and discussed all things Disney. I could really use that right about here.

In one fell swoop, I plugged in the week that Daisy and the Miz (sounds like a musical group, doesn’t it?) were going, along with hotel accommodations and our preferred ticket options. Yep, the price looked good (if rack rate can ever look good). It’s on! Book ‘em, Danno!
3 Trips as a yoot w/the Fam (Years ??); June '98 - HS Graduation - AS Sport; May '05 - Honeymoon! - CBR
Sept '06 - (Late) 1 Yr. Anniversary - POP; October '08 - 1st Family Trip! - AKV; Nov-Dec '11 - Family Trip, now with TWO Kids! - Kidani

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Matt and Mel
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Now that we have our room & board, it’s time to monitor the airfare. I have the benefit of living in between Logan airport and TF Green airport, so I have more options for airlines. It looks like it will basically come down to JetBlue (out of Logan) or Southwest (out of TF Green). Knowing the convenience of TF Green over Logan, Southwest already has an advantage. When the rates came out for Southwest, I decided that I liked them more (neener neener neener JetBlue). However, I thought that the price would come down, so I decided to play the waiting game.

Somewhere along the line, I discovered Southwest Vacations (SWV), which is basically Southwest’s version of a travel agency. I plugged in all the information on their website to see how they would compare to Disney’s package price. Well, they were about $300 more expensive! So I took the deal right away! What’s that? Why would I spend $300 dollars more for the same package? Oh, I forgot to mention. The SWV package included the airfare! So for two people round trip (non-stop too), I got my airfare for just under $300. That’s a good deal from this location, yo.

So here we are. Sept. 16-23, 8 days/7 nights at POP, and the 10-day hopper (it jumped from 7 days to 10 days for whatever reason on SWV’s site, but it was only an extra 3 bucks). Add to that the bonus that our flight will arrive around 11am on the 16th and we won’t leave until 8pm on the 23rd, so we almost have “8 full days of action!”™ (don’t know why I trademarked that. It sounded like it should be though)

This is where the normal person stops their pre-trip planning. But as I’m sure a lot of you know, this is where the planning really starts! We’ve got to put in the room request, plan the park days, schedule the ADR’s around the parks, factor in the fireworks and/or parades, factor in breaks, create an attack plan for each park, and basically allocate each minute that we are there.

But as is life, sometimes God has a way of reminding you of His plan…
3 Trips as a yoot w/the Fam (Years ??); June '98 - HS Graduation - AS Sport; May '05 - Honeymoon! - CBR
Sept '06 - (Late) 1 Yr. Anniversary - POP; October '08 - 1st Family Trip! - AKV; Nov-Dec '11 - Family Trip, now with TWO Kids! - Kidani
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Old 04-10-2007, 11:04 AM   #3
disney or bust
Proud cheer mom!
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I just came across your pre-trip report and had to tell you that you have a great writing style! I really love your term Dotf!!!! Keep up the great work and I can't wait to read more!!

Congrats on the little one!!

Me , dh , dd8 , dd3 , dd 5mos.
Going to Disney World for the first time ever Sept. 2008
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Old 04-11-2007, 06:44 PM   #4
Matt and Mel
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Posts: 288

I like being on the other side of the cliffhanger. It’s fun. Just don’t ever do it when I’m reading your TR, because I won’t. be. happy.

When I last left you, all was fine and dandy with no problems, right? Ok, good.

What? God’s plan? Oh, right. That small little detail.

Well, one night my beautiful DW casually let me know that she was <gulp> late. The fact that she told me this lets me know that by late, she means late. Now, just to let you in a little more with some details. We are just past one year in our marriage. We are in our mid-20’s and we have our own condo and a wonderful dog (Manny! Yes, after the left fielder). We have no rush for the children. We have talked about kids, but we wanted to try to spend a couple of years sans kids to pay off various debt. You know, the cars, the credit cards. A year from now, we would have had most debt paid down with just the mortgage, some student loans, and one or two small credit card balances remaining. So since we weren’t planning a child (nor actively preventing one….oops), this statement from my wife, while not earth-shattering, was still a little bit of uh-oh. So she planned on picking up a test after work the next day.

The next night, test in hand, we took a deep breath. Talk about your life changing events. Well, she fulfilled her part of the chemical equation and we waited……

Me: “We certainly could support a child. It would just push back our goal of being debt-free.”
DW: “Yeah, of course.”
Me: “And we would have the first grandchild on both sides. That’s a cool thing to be a part of with our parents.”
DW: “Absolutely.”
Me: “How long do we have to wait?”
DW: “Um, 5 minutes.”
Me: “How long has it been?”
DW: “30 seconds”
Me: “*$%$#)!”

So after the longest. 5. minutes. EVER! It was time. This was a digital pregnancy test, so the little digital screen would clearly say pregnant or not pregnant. She picked it up and looked at it. Without giving anything away by her reaction, she looked up at me and said…
3 Trips as a yoot w/the Fam (Years ??); June '98 - HS Graduation - AS Sport; May '05 - Honeymoon! - CBR
Sept '06 - (Late) 1 Yr. Anniversary - POP; October '08 - 1st Family Trip! - AKV; Nov-Dec '11 - Family Trip, now with TWO Kids! - Kidani
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Old 04-11-2007, 06:49 PM   #5
Matt and Mel
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Posts: 288

Just kidding with the cliffhanger. It’s tough to justify a cliffhanger like that when in my signature you can see a picture of our child. And if you either didn’t notice the picture or you have it set so signatures are not displayed, shame on you! What kind of nosy Nancy are you?!

Anyway, she said “we’re pregnant!” I looked down at my belly and thought ‘We? What?’

So what do we do with this joyous and momentous news? News that will forever change our lives? We start laughing hysterically. Yeah. We laughed. Hysterically.

I don’t know why for sure, but it probably had to do with the fact that we were, for one, nervous as you know what, and two, didn’t necessarily want a child yet, but never really took the proper precautions to prevent said child. So it was a ‘I guess we kind of asked for it’ kind of laugh.

Oh yeah, then there was also some happy crying. But just her. Men don’t cry. Not one bit. Don’t look at me.

So that’s the story with that. Enough of that side trip, right? How dare I deviate from the Disney World trip planning! Well, one reason I did was because a pregnant woman has to tour a bit differently than a non-pregnant woman. Especially when said woman’s favorite two rides are Tower of Terror and Rock N’ Rollercoaster. I basically gave her the option to nix the whole trip. Well, she would have none of it! I did pick a good one, didn’t I?!

On to the trip planning!

Like any other DIS’er (although, at this point in time, I still haven’t even accessed DISboards once! GASP!), I got a durable plastic folder from Staples and created our itinerary. Each day has a tab, and is planned out as to the park we will start at (along with that park’s hours), what CS places I’d like to go to for lunch, the ADR scheduled (with time & confirmation #), and the best and worst bets concerning crowds for each park, in case we’d like to hop. Each page also has relevant clip art of Mickey and the logo of the park we are going to. I couldn’t just type the name! That’d be too easy!

It doesn’t stop there people. I also have a basic map of each park as well as a map of POP, you know, just in case. In case of what I don’t know, but just in case. Maybe POP will be out of resort maps and they’ll need to use mine to make some copies. If that’s the case, I’ll demand an upgrade to a preferred room before I fork it over! I also have all the attractions listed that Melissa cannot go on (being pregnant and all!). I added flash cards with important information for each day to put in the camera bag. Finally, I have a menu for each CS restaurant and each sit-down restaurant we will be attending. That’s all. Just your basic itinerary, right?

So, with a few months still to go, and all of the major planning done, I hit that point. You all know it. I’ll break it down for you, italics style:

You mention going back to Disney. You and your family crunch the numbers, and decide that you can do it. You, being the type-A, take over and book everything, prepare meticulously, and start dreaming Disney dreams. And it’s still months, sometimes over a year away! So what do you do? You can only reschedule ADR’s and tinker with the itinerary so much, and the unofficial guide is so worn down, it will not close when you place it down on the table.

That’s where I was. Does this time have a name? The lull between the planning and the actual going? I will give it a name. I’ll call it ‘Disneyfreude’.

Just kidding. That one’s already taken. How about ‘Melandisney’? That could refer to any time you are sad that you are not at Disney.

Well, I was experiencing melandisney, so I turned to the internet for help. THIS is when I found www.wdwinfo.com, and shortly thereafter, www.disboards.com. Well, I’ll be! Where have you guys been all my life?! I’ve got to sign up and become a member! So I thought up a name, then thought up another one after the first one was already taken, got my account, added a picture and the countdown to my signature, and began lurking. I started on the ‘Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies’, worked my way down (even checking out this whole DVC thing in depth), and eventually found the ‘Trip Reports’ board. I’ve since read almost every trip report on there. If there is such an ailment as melandisney, then reading these trip reports is the medication. Thank you all for helping me make it through.
3 Trips as a yoot w/the Fam (Years ??); June '98 - HS Graduation - AS Sport; May '05 - Honeymoon! - CBR
Sept '06 - (Late) 1 Yr. Anniversary - POP; October '08 - 1st Family Trip! - AKV; Nov-Dec '11 - Family Trip, now with TWO Kids! - Kidani
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Matt and Mel
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Last little prologue before the actual trip. I promise. Well, I still haven't started the actual trip, but it will be next. The day before leaving, DW and I had a very important appointment. She was at right about 19 weeks, so we could find out the sex of the baby! This is our second sonogram, so it’s still pretty awe inspiring to see our first child in action.

Once she got the goop on her belly and our sonogram lady (SL) started waving the magic wand, we could see the baby once again. The baby (or fetus if you want to get technical) was beautiful and so much bigger than the last looksie. SL did all of the measurements and location of different body parts that she does. I’ll stop being so technical, I know. We find out that the baby weighs 9 ounces and the heart rate is about 145 bpm. You can actually see the heart and the four chambers beating feverishly. It’s quite amazing, this technology. While sitting in the chair, I wonder to myself that if I took a bat (as in the animal) and held it up to my wife’s belly, would it “see” my child like this? This is how my mind works people.

Other than thinking about sonar and the animal kingdom, I really only had one other thing on my mind. What’s the sex?! You see, as today’s appointment was getting closer, I was actually getting a bit nervous. I’m not exactly sure why, but I had those butterflies. So here I am in the room, and I’m looking at this screen so intently I’m like a little child looking at a ‘Where’s Waldo’ picture.

And I’m looking for Waldo.

Or lack thereof if you know what I mean.

SL is moving the wand around and I can recognize the different parts; that’s the head; there’s the hand clenched; there’s the spinal cord; there are the legs; wait, what was that? I still don’t know.

SL then took the wand and started using it as a jackhammer. I do not lie. I think bullying fetuses (or foeti if you prefer) is a hobby of hers.

Apparently the baby’s legs were together, and SL needed them to separate a bit so she could check out that oh so important region. I still think she enjoys tormenting the unborn. But she said she had to upset the baby so it would move around. Apparently, this was the high tech way of shifting the baby. It must have worked, because she froze the screen and turned to us.

Sonogram Lady: “What do you think you’re having?”
DW & Myself: *silence*

As DW and I kind of stared at each other not sure what to say, Sonogram Lady typed onto the screen:


So I’m having a little girl! I was very excited, yet at the same time a little sad. I honestly never hoped one way or another (you know the line: “as long as it’s healthy”), but since my mind would go back and forth between boy and girl, I had great thoughts about raising a little boy as well as raising a little girl. So this closed the door on all the thoughts of my little slugger. For now.

But all focus now falls on Serena. She will be the best golfer on the LPGA (well, if she wants to anyway). Daddy’s little girl. Somehow I think she's already planning on that first "I HATE you!" for me being her father. I can't wait.

Alright, I’m done with the prologue.

I’m going to Disney World! Or am I?!

Yeah, I am. And I have pics.
3 Trips as a yoot w/the Fam (Years ??); June '98 - HS Graduation - AS Sport; May '05 - Honeymoon! - CBR
Sept '06 - (Late) 1 Yr. Anniversary - POP; October '08 - 1st Family Trip! - AKV; Nov-Dec '11 - Family Trip, now with TWO Kids! - Kidani

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Matt and Mel
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I'm working on the actual trip report. I need motivation though! Since I have no dignity, I'm down on my virtual knees to see if there are two people out there that like what I've wrote so far. Inflate my ego people!
3 Trips as a yoot w/the Fam (Years ??); June '98 - HS Graduation - AS Sport; May '05 - Honeymoon! - CBR
Sept '06 - (Late) 1 Yr. Anniversary - POP; October '08 - 1st Family Trip! - AKV; Nov-Dec '11 - Family Trip, now with TWO Kids! - Kidani
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I really should be packing! I am really enjoying your trip report. Your writing style is great!
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I'm here! I'm sorry, I should have let you know I was reading along. Usually I lurk because I don't have anything witty to say. Keep going!

(Me) Denise Tom Lee 20 Sarah 18 Maggie 16

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Matt and Mel
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Chapter 1: The Time Has Come!

The time has come!

We are leaving today! We will be on property before 2pm! Every sentence I type in this Trip Report will end with an exclamation point! You’d better read on to find out if this is true!

No, it isn’t.

But read on anyway. You may like it. I make no promises, however.

We woke up before the crack of dawn on September 16th, 2006. I don’t know what saying you could use for the time before the crack of dawn. Maybe the full butt cleavage of dawn? I’m sorry if that statement was accompanied by a bad visual in your head. You’re welcome if it was a good visual.

Anyway, it was really early, ok? I was very tired. I’ve finally reached that point in my life where I value sleep enough that the excitement of going to Disney didn’t exactly erase how tired I was. I was still excited, but it was much more of an internal thing, and my zombie-like state became the ultimate poker face.

Reminiscing: I remember when I was a kid and the excitement I felt about leaving for Disney. I could go on an hour of sleep (if that) and continue that trend the whole week I was there with little to no repercussions during the trip. Of course, I would absolutely crash on the flight home and I wouldn’t wake up for a few weeks.

Oh yeah, I sometimes tend to exaggerate. But I’ll let you know when I do after the fact. I’ll reread my drafts a million times before I post them to find any exaggerations.

Wait, think I found one.

This picture is actually of Daisy and me. I’m on the left, in case you thought I was not a dude. Well, I totally am, dude. Sweeeet. Daisy probably wouldn't like this picture of her, so let's not tell her, k?

As you can see, we had a lot of luggage. Women are not light packers. I managed to crack a face for the picture, even though the name brand luggage was cracking my femurs in two. Another small disclaimer: I don’t usually smile for pictures. I tend to be childish. And yes, my ears are pierced. Yes, they are real. Real CZ that is. No, that is not dirt on my chin. Moving on.

We were to fly Southwest non-stop down to MCO. Nothing really eventful happened before the boarding began. We were not going to make $3600 this trip I guess, even though I know how to.

Here’s a small piece of advice. DW and myself booked our vacation through Southwest Vacations (SWV), which is a separate entity of Southwest Airlines. They are affiliated with one another, but I’m not sure how much. You see, by booking our whole trip (airfare, park admission, resort) through SWV, we were given paper tickets for the flights to and fro. For those savvy Southwest flyers, they will realize that with paper tickets, you cannot check in online 24 hours in advance of flight departure to get that coveted A spot. You can check in physically at the airport, but living a good 45 minutes away made that too much of a hassle. So we were at the mercy of checking in an hour and a half before departure. The end result. We were part of herd C.

But we thought we had an ace in the hole. Or an embryo in the uterus to be more specific. You see, most airlines allow pre-boarding for the handicapped as well as travelers with small children. Well, I had a handicapped wife (on a technicality) and we had a small child. A very small child.

I call her a child because it works to my advantage in this situation. That's all I'm saying. What she really is. Fetus? Child? I'm not dipping my toes into that debate.

Anyway, we were a shoe-in to pass go and collect our $200. But we must have had a distant relative of Suzy Helpershoes boarding the flight, because she flat out denied our request to pre-board. I was pretty surprised actually. Even though my wife was only 4 months pregnant, you could see she had a little belly forming, as you'll see in future pictures. Suzy's relative probably thought we were lying and DW had a pot belly. Oh well.

Alas, we were denied early entry and we became the last of the herd C cattle to board the flight. We ended up seated one row apart, with her right in front of me. No problem, I won’t let that little hiccup ruin our trip. But Southwest needs to be more specific with their pre-boarding policy:

“All handicapped persons and those with small children can now pre-board. Those with fetuses must wait until their herd is called.”

On the flight down, I was seated next to one of those girls. You’ve seen them before. The girl who believes that the world revolves around her. Obnoxious Miss McSnitty. She was probably in her late teens. Next to her was the influence. Mrs. McSnitty. I didn’t need much evidence to make this claim, but I got all I needed when the flight attendant came by with the snacks.

Nice flight attendant lady was trying to ask Little Miss McSnitty if she would like a drink with her snack. Miss McSnitty, however, was listening to her iPod with the volume up really high. So I tapped McSnitty on the shoulder, and quickly withdrew my hand so I could have it for future use. McSnitty paused her iPod right as the attendant was saying “Excuse me” in a still pleasant voice, although with a little more volume in order to overcome Fergie. The conversation continued as follows:

McSnitty: “Yeah” (in a snitty voice of course)
Attendant: “Would you like something to drink?”
McSnitty: “Just a water.”
Attendant pours water in cup of ice.
Attendant: “Here you go, hun”
McSnitty: …nothing…

Then the clincher. Right as the attendant was pulling away, McSnitty loudly mimicked the attendant saying “Excuse me” in an obnoxious way as if to suggest that the attendant was the rude one and then said, “God, what a witch”.

Except you can change the first letter of the last word in that statement. I’ll let you decide which letter to replace it with. Be creative. The attendant was definitely within earshot, but took the high road. Good for her. Mrs. McSnitty, on the other hand? She sat there the whole time and did nothing. Great people, huh?

Next up: We arrive! We do things! Stay tuned! (Good cliffhanger, huh?)

Next installment
3 Trips as a yoot w/the Fam (Years ??); June '98 - HS Graduation - AS Sport; May '05 - Honeymoon! - CBR
Sept '06 - (Late) 1 Yr. Anniversary - POP; October '08 - 1st Family Trip! - AKV; Nov-Dec '11 - Family Trip, now with TWO Kids! - Kidani

Last edited by M&M's; 06-06-2007 at 02:03 PM. Reason: Oops. I'm just realizing that I am using an already taken trip report title! My bad! I had no idea. I changed it quickly!
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Matt and Mel
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My pre-trip and trip report were very graciously merged (TY OhMari!), so this post has become irrelevant. It was a link to my pre-trip on the pre-trip board. So disregard and move on. Nothing to see here!
3 Trips as a yoot w/the Fam (Years ??); June '98 - HS Graduation - AS Sport; May '05 - Honeymoon! - CBR
Sept '06 - (Late) 1 Yr. Anniversary - POP; October '08 - 1st Family Trip! - AKV; Nov-Dec '11 - Family Trip, now with TWO Kids! - Kidani

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Earning My Ears
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LOL! Subscribing!
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Matt and Mel
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Yeah, so I was just perusing the Trip Report board and noticed that I basically stole, verbatim mind you, the title of Fonzy13's Trip Report title. Great minds I guess...

Mine did have brackets around it, though. Hmm.

No. I can't. He had it first, and I apologize to him (I'm assuming he's a he because of the name. But you know what they say about assuming...).

So for Fonzy13, I have changed the title. It could be temporary, because I thought it up in about a minute and it may or may not offend hardcore Christians. It could be permanent. We'll see.

Okay. Goodnight!
3 Trips as a yoot w/the Fam (Years ??); June '98 - HS Graduation - AS Sport; May '05 - Honeymoon! - CBR
Sept '06 - (Late) 1 Yr. Anniversary - POP; October '08 - 1st Family Trip! - AKV; Nov-Dec '11 - Family Trip, now with TWO Kids! - Kidani
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Gotta hear this - enjoyed your PT report so much.

Dec '07 PTR/TRDec '08 TR
May '09 TR

November 2012 PTR
numerous other times, no PTR/TR

Been there, Done that, Going again
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I merged your tread together. Hope you don't mind.
Nice heading for your TR, what was your other one?
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