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Old 04-28-2007, 11:51 AM   #16
An hour from WDW
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I can't wait to hear the rest of this story. I was thinking of doing some sort of Disney run and then I tore my ACL last August. I'm 4 months post recon. now, so...maybe Jan. '08.
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...and the greatest of these is Love
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Arrow The Half-and-Half Report: Part 4

Now that we had bought ourselves an extra hour before dinner, Ed wanted to take a quick peek at the vendors’ exhibits. Confident that his Champion Chip was fully operational, he navigated our way through the crowds toward the main floor. (Sorry, the details of the building’s layout are a bit fuzzy… but I do remember that we went up and down stairs a few times during this entire pre-marathon weekend process.)

Before we reached the main exhibit area, a small crowd of people gathered around computer terminals caught his eye. You could sign up to text message your race progress (half and full marathon) to friends and family. The idea was that your friends would receive live “bulletins” while you were actually running your race so that they could monitor your progress. Ed thought this was a cool idea, so he signed up to have TMs sent to Tricia in Jersey and Eddie, his son in N.C. Please don’t ask me how they do this; I have absolutely no idea! ( Technophobe….remember?)

I looked about for a way to amuse myself while he was waiting his turn. There was a collection of portraits on a nearby wall, so I went to take a little gander. Each picture was of the year’s high school scholar/athlete honored by Disney. A little blurb told about each one’s accomplishments. It was interesting to read about so many kids across the country that excelled in both sports, several of them in multiple sports, and academics.

Ed was finished, so we made our way upstairs. The exhibit area was jam-packed with people and it was very loud. We took a slow lap around the room. There were some give-aways from some of the race sponsors: Clif Bar was giving out little energy chews and Sharpie was giving out the cutest little markers. They had a table set up with bowls of markers in assorted colors, and small pieces of poster board so spectators could make signs. Lots of kids were sprawled out on the floor making artistic creations for their moms, dads, aunts, and uncles, etc. I’m not so sure that permanent marker and kids are such a good mix…. I saw a lot of little shirts that accidentally got ‘decorated’!

There was, naturally, lots of merchandise for sale (shoes, running gear, nutritional supplements, etc.) Of course, there was lots of Disney merchandise, too! Marathon weekend tee shirts, pins, picture frames, mugs, you name it! Ed saw a really nice “I did it” half marathon tee shirt with Donald Duck on it, but he felt superstitious about buying it before the race, so we passed it by. He stopped at a (non-Disney) booth that was advertising plaques that could be custom made with your picture, medal, and finish time. They were kind of expensive, but he took a brochure, anyway.

I really wanted to get going; my cold was still bothering me and I was feeling pretty wiped out. The race was at 7:00 in the morning, and I knew we would have to get up early because Ed would want to be there by 6:30. I pulled him away from all the running stuff. (I suppose this is how he feels when I am in the Christmas Store!) “We can come back tomorrow after our nap”, I promised. So, we left the stadium empty handed (except for our goody bags), and found the bus stop for the Y&BC.

These were charter buses, not regular Disney transportation, and the drivers were not Disney employees. At the time, it didn’t seem to matter, but we would soon learn differently. (But, that’s a story for tomorrow.)

We climbed aboard the bus and settled into high-backed cushioned seats. The a/c was crankin’ and I was both happy (because it had become somewhat humid outside) and not happy (because now my throat was getting scratchy ) We waited a bit for a few more passengers and then we were off.

We entered the front doors of the Yacht Club's main lobby and looked for signs that might direct us to the steakhouse. We began walking down a hallway past the Yacht Club Galley restaurant and continued down the long corridor. I began to think that we might be lost, but then we saw a rather large crowd of people hanging around at the end of the hall, past the Crew’s Cup Lounge, so I figured that must be it! We checked in at about 7:45, so we were 10 min early. I looked around. Some large multi-paned windows looked out on part of Stormalong Bay, so Ed and I decided to step outside and check it out.

Night had fallen and the pool complex was (very brightly) lit with the same kind of lights that would illuminate a baseball field during a night game. I thought it was a bit harsh, but you certainly could see well! We went back inside and proceeded to wait. And wait. And wait some more! It was now about 8:30 and I was so tired and hungry….I was really glad the kids weren’t here…. Billy would have been climbing the walls! I opted to lean against one of them, since there were only two small settees in the waiting area and they were taken. After a bit more I just decided, “The heck with it!”, and I sat down on the floor! I know, really classy, right? But I just couldn’t keep standing, not one minute more.

I then did something equally classy. It was close to the kids' bedtime, so I took out my cell phone and made a very public call home. Checked in with my sister... they arrived, late, but safely. (Told ya she'd be late, didn't I!) Everyone has eaten and she had driven AR home. They were now in the middle of the aforementioned fashion show. Tricia and Billy each got on the phone and we said our good nights and I love yous, with me still sitting there on the floor; not caring if all the people waiting there with us heard the entire conversation. I put my phone away and resumed waiting.

Finally, I said to my hubby, “Let’s just forget about it”, wanting nothing more than to get back to the Swan and that Heavenly Bed! But Ed was going on and on about needing to bulk up on protein tonight and then carbs tomorrow, etcetera, etcetera.… I really don’t remember. It was just that, for whatever reason, he really felt he needed that steak.

Just as I was about to stage a full rebellion, our pager-thingy lit up. Thank Heavens! We were lead to a white cloth-covered table for two and were quickly provided with menus, water, and bread. I looked around. The restaurant was barely half-full. I wondered what the hold-up had been. Oh well, let’s eat!

Ed started his meal with a shrimp cocktail and I had the lobster bisque. Mmmmm! Hot soup! I really needed that, and it was delish! We decided against drinks; I didn’t think wine would mix with all the cold medicine I had taken.

A large group of women at a nearby table was finished with dinner and was drinking a lot more than water, flirting outrageously with the men at the tables around them, and generally having a blast! We watched as round after round of shots were ordered and consumed. Oooooh! Those are gonna hurt in the morning! Something tells me these gals weren’t at Disney to run the Marathon! (I also think the convention-type name badges they were wearing clued me in to that one.)

Enough with the floor show….let’s get on to the dinner! We each had New York strip steaks and they were wonderful. Our knives cut through them “like butta”, and they were served with a tasty blue cheese sauce and potatoes au gratin. I really can’t remember too much more, except that the food was delicious and the service was good.

We were too full for dessert so Ed just ordered coffee and I had a pot of pressed tea (which really hit the spot!) After our meal, we decided to walk down to the dock and wait for a Studios boat that could drop us off at the Swan. After a few minutes, one of the Friendships came along and we had a pleasant little ride around Crescent Lake back to our resort.

Once upstairs, I realized that I had not even bothered to see what our 12th floor view was like! There was no balcony, but there was a very nice view overlooking the canal that separated the Swan from the Boardwalk. We could see Epcot in the distance to our left, and the Studios off to our right. It seemed especially pretty at night.

**Sorry, pics to follow once Ed comes home and can upload them from the camera. ( Technophobe….remember?)**

More importantly than the view, however, was that the room did indeed seem quiet. We laid out our running clothes for the morning and proceeded to get ready for bed, hoping for a good night’s sleep. The alarm clock was set for five. It was now after 10:30 and we had originally hoped to be asleep an hour ago. Ah well. “The best laid plans of mice and men….”

I took a little extra insurance for a night of unbroken rest in the form of 2 Vick’s Nyquil gelcaps… those things could knock out a horse! With my box of tissues safely curled up in my arms, I settled into my side of the Heavenly Bed and wished my other half a good night, still murmuring my patented, “we’ll see” when he asked if I would really be doing the 5K with him in the morning…..


Next Up: It’s called a Family Fun Run, you know!


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So happy to see the new report, Karen!!!
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Old 04-28-2007, 06:40 PM   #19
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I can't wait for tomorrow! DH & I had planned to do the half marathon this year and had started our training & planning & I had the audacity to get pregnant & be 8 months in January! So we're hoping for this year. Can't wait to hear how the 5k goes too.
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...and the greatest of these is Love
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tinawv: Don't worry...I survived!

Halloweenqueen: This was your idea, you know! You'd better stick around!

daly7o9: WDW puts on a great run!

CrAzY4DL: Thanks. As far as the pics are concerned... I am hopeless and need to be tutored.

VanniGirl: We shall see! Stay tuned!

and finally,

estherhead: why did I not think of that??

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Originally Posted by KathyRN137 View Post

estherhead: why did I not think of that??


She is 2 months now & soooooo cute. but a stinking lot of work!
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...and the greatest of these is Love
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Arrow A Couple of Pictures... Literally!!

Well, I did promise pics... but I found that I only took a whopping two pictures that first night:

1) Entrance to Wide World of Sports:

2) The view from our room. Boardwalk is on the other side of the canal, to the left:

That's it... I must really have been feeling under the weather!

And, speaking of weather, we had been prepared for temps anywhere from the mid 50's in the early morning to the upper 60's as the afternoon highs. What we didn't expect was how humid it would be! We decided to dress in layers the next morning.....

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Arrow The Half-and-Half Report: Part 5

Disney's Family Fun Run 5K (aka: Pirate and Princess 5K)
Friday, 1/5/07

“Kathy, wake up. Kathy, wake up!” A voice drifted in from the outer edges of my unconsciousness.

“Hrrumm…… what??”

“Come on, honey, it’s time to get up.” The voice was louder now, and more insistant.
“Are you gonna run or not?”

“Whaaaa??” Oh. It’s Ed. Why is the room so dark? What the… Oh, that’s right, we’re in Disney……… Oh yeah, I remember now. We’re here…..to run. Blechh!!

I slowly rolled over and peeled opened one eye. I watched, silently, as Ed dressed in his running shorts and tech shirt. He found the remote and abruptly turned on the TV. He flipped to the Weather Channel and listened intently to the local forecast as he put on his shoes.

“Well, are you coming or not?”

He tried to keep his face turned away from me, and to make it sound like it didn’t matter to him one way or the other. But I knew that it did.

I took a deep breath in and blew it out again as a heavy sigh.
Then I proceeded to have a violent coughing fit.
I sat up on the edge of the bed and looked at my husband.
He looked right back at me.

It was time to suck it up.


The elevator doors opened. We stepped out and made our way down the hall and around to the main lobby. At 5:30 in the morning, there was not much activity. The gift shop, naturally, was closed. A few guests lay dozing on the tufted circular couch, their bags strewn about. They appeared to be waiting to be picked up for an early flight. Poor things!

There was one CM visible behind the front desk, and she was talking quietly on the phone. Everything felt so oddly still. We walked out the main doors and were greeted by the sight of one or two cabs parked under the porte cochere and a bellman at his podium. We asked about race transportation and he directed us, not to the resort bus stop, but to the convention center. We walked over. Several motor coaches were stacked along the curb, rumbling and grumbling loudly as they idled. We took a peek inside. No passengers were there, but even more importantly, there were no drivers!

A CM named Sean appeared holding a clipboard and sporting a portable radio. “Running the 5K today?” he inquired. “The buses won’t start for another half-hour.”

“I thought the race began at seven and the buses stopped running at six”, Ed said, looking a bit confused.

“On Saturday and Sunday, the buses will start at 3:00am and the last one will depart at 4:00am. Those races begin at 6:00. Today, you’ve got a little more time. Your start is at 7:00 and the buses will start at 6:00 am.

I gave him my best Disney smile. “Thank you, Sean!” Then I turned and gave my hubby a withering look. “So, I could have slept for another half hour, huh?”

“Hey, Stop the Presses! We’re actually early for once”, he retorted.

Ahh, nothing like a romantic weekend getaway.

Well, since we had some time we went back inside to search for a place to get a couple of bottles of water. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought to send water and snacks to the resort ahead of time like I usually do. I suppose I wasn’t thinking VACATION. In any case, if you are ever looking for a place to get a bottle of water at 5:30 in the morning at the Swan, there is a vending machine at the resort bus stop.

We sat inside and drank our water and munched on our nutrition bars. At least we had brought those. Our “real” breakfast would come after the race… we had a 10:00 ADR at Fresh (at the Dolphin). After our snack and a quick last trip to the rest room, we went back outside to the bus. It was now 6:00am. Sean was there, but no driver. Hmmm. Now there were several small groups of runners milling about, just waiting to get going.

I took the opportunity to stretch a little. I was still a bit apprehensive about how I would be able to do this… not just because of my cold, but because I had not trained too well. My plan was to walk a little/jog a little and the just see how I felt. I was worried that the only thing running later would be my nose! I had no pockets on me, so I had stuck Ed with carrying my supply of tissues and feminine hygiene items in his fanny pack. Thanks, honey!!

It was still dark outside, and a bit cool, but I felt fine wearing a short-sleeved tee shirt and a long-sleeved shirt over that. Ed had done the same. We would take off the long-sleeved layer once we got warmed up. “Don’t drink too much water”, Ed warned as I took another sip. He’s probably right. (Can you say Port-A-Potty? Ewwww!)

The clock was ticking and still no driver. Or, should I say, driver(s). There were three charter buses just sitting there and about 20 guests waiting to go. Sean had been busy on the radio and was doing his best to reassure the small crowd. Just as Ed and I began seriously considering just walking over to the Studios, a driver finally appeared and we all boarded one bus. We settled into our seats and….. we sat there.

“I think you can go now”, Sean told the driver. “Bus isn’t full”, observed the man, apathetically. “Well, there’s two other buses right here”, Sean remarked. “I think you can go ahead and go now.” The man shrugged and closed the doors.

Off we went! To…..the Dolphin. We pulled up and saw a similar line of charter buses idling. Our doors opened and……we waited. For nobody. There was no one there.

We all started exchanging puzzled looks with each other. Ed looked at his sport watch. 6:20 am. We all expressed our concern to the driver. Once more, he shrugged and closed the doors.

Off we went! To…..the Yacht Club. I looked at Ed; he was shaking his head. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” he said. Well, at least a few people got on here. And, we waited. Despite the fact that here, too, there were several buses stacked. I think that our driver was under the impression that he, alone, was responsible for bringing all the Epcot area resort guests to the Studios for the start of the 5K!

After a few polite hints from his anxious passengers, the driver closed the doors and we rumbled off. There was a lot more traffic now: cars, cabs, and ME buses were now much more evident at the resort entrances and on the road.

Off we went! ....(you guessed it, right?) To….the Beach Club! We picked up a lot more runners here. Finally, our driver would be pleased; the bus was now completely full. All the BC folks were worried; they had been waiting since 6:00 and this was the first event bus to arrive. Well, of course, because all those buses were still idling over at the Swan and Dolphin waiting to “fill up”!! I’m thinking that this was just the mind-set of the charter bus drivers as opposed to the Disney transportation drivers. (Can you imagine a Disney bus idling at a resort to “fill up” before leaving for a park?) Finally, we pulled into the Studios' parking lot. Time check: 6:50am. Start time: 7:00am!

We all poured off the bus as soon as it came to a stop. And, I know it’s not a big thing but, do you know what? After making us late, that driver didn’t even say one thing to us as we exited. No “Good Luck.” No “Take care” or “Have a nice day.” Sheesh, what a dud!

We all tried our best to quickly gain our bearings in the dark. We followed the music more than the signage to the starting line in the Television Lot, all of us moving at a quick trot. “Well, we’re getting a warm-up, anyway!” I said to Ed, trying to ease the tension. He did not look happy.

Now, somewhere along the line, perhaps to fit the event into the whole YOMD, the Disney's Family Fun Run 5K had morphed into the Disney's Pirate and Princess 5K. In keeping with the theme, there was a large stage set up at the starting line that was designed to look like a pirate ship! Radio Disney was broadcasting live and the radio personalities were dressed up like pirates. They joked with the crowd and with each other between each kiddie pop song that was played (“Crazy Frog”, “Who Let the Dogs Out”, etc.) and made special note of any groups that were running for charity.

I was surprised to see a lot of runners dressed up like pirates and princesses! Some just touted a hat or pirate/princess ears, but some were in full costume! And, there were a lot of older kids (tweens and teens) there with their families. Lots of them were in costume, too! It was a real party atmosphere and we were relieved to have finally arrived.

We positioned ourselves somewhere in the middle, I think. It was hard to tell. Naturally, the “serious” runners were up front and those of us just running for fun hung back a bit to let them go first.

Peter Pan, Capt. Hook, and Smee all made their appearance and the crowd cheered and got ready to go. Everyone subconsciously moved forward as the second clock approached 7:00am. We all sung the National Anthem, and at …the rockets’ red glare…, BOOM! Small fireworks shot up from the start banner. We all counted down to the start and then, CRACK! went the starter’s gun and…..we were off!!

There I go!!

(This picture is a bit blurry; but I actually was feeling kind of blurry, so it fits!)


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***Here is the 5K Route!***

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You have made me so excited looking at your numbers & that race, I may actually do my pilates tomorrow! I have GOT to get this post-baby core back in running shape & do that. Dhubby & I flyin' down, racing thru MGM with no people there, leavin the kiddos at home.... Sorry you had a cold but it just sounds like so much stinking FUN!
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I can't even find my core. It's hidden under lots of apple.

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Wow I cannot believe you made it to the run!
How cool to run through the par!
me dh: : ds14 dd8
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Go Blue Jays!!
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Originally Posted by KathyRN137 View Post
I can't even find my core. It's hidden under lots of apple.


I LOVE that... can I borrow that???
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What a trooper...

I would have stayed in bed yelling for the paramedics.
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Arrow The Half-and-Half Report: Part 6

Thursday 1/5/07

We both started off at a quick walk. I was trying to move faster, but it was difficult. It took a little while for the crowd to start thinning as the runners broke ahead from the walkers. The route was marked with orange cones and it was actually quite narrow in some areas; perhaps enough room for maybe five or six people across. The “real” runners were passing us on the grass outside the route, however, there were CMs along the way to try to keep us all on the path. The participants seem to come in every shape and size, and there were actually a lot of people who seemed to be just walking it; so I didn’t feel too bad. At first.

“Come on, let’s run a little”, Ed prompted.

I broke into a trot. We passed a few groups of walkers, rounded a large group of cones, and did a U-turn back across the parking lot. I started gasping for air; I hadn’t wanted to take any cold medicine that morning because I was afraid it would make me too drowsy, so I was pretty congested. I did my best to breathe in and out through my mouth, but then I just began coughing. Drat!

Ed jogged alongside, doing his best to motivate me. We turned into the park through a back service entrance and found ourselves heading up the path to the Lights! Motors! Action! Theater. I couldn’t jog any further, so I slowed to a fast walk. Ed looked a bit disappointed, but I was coughing a lot now and really just could not breathe!! My throat was closing up! I asked him to give me a throat drop from his fanny pack and I popped it into my mouth. It felt a little better.

“You set the pace”, he told me. I implored him to just go ahead and run without me, but he insisted on staying with me. I quick-walked as fast as I could; my arms were pumping and I could feel that my heart rate was up a bit, so I wasn’t just strolling along…. I was working it as best I could.

“Next year, you and I are running this together”, Ed insisted. I nodded. “I’m… doing the best…..gasp……that I can!” I answered as we rounded our way into the theater. There had been CMs scattered along the route, clapping and cheering for us. (All the spectators had to stay in the parking lot. They could view the start and finish; only CMs were there to cheer us along the 5K route.) Our visibility increased as it was beginning to get a bit lighter out. It was also getting quite humid. We removed our long-sleeved shirts and tied them around our waists. Whew!

Now as we moved across the set of LMA, everyone running/walking let out a cheer. As we looked up at the enormous movie screen, we could see ourselves! A cameraman was there, filming us as we went by! Cool!

We passed across the set and out of the theater. Now we moved into part of the Backlot Tour area. The route took us past the prop yard where old cars and planes used in various films/TV shows were on display. Again, more CMs lined up to cheer us, some of them waving at us with the Big White Gloves! Next, we moved under a covered area between the props and costumes departments. We stopped for a few quick photos:

(Hey, I think I've seen this guy somewhere!)

Suddenly, we found ourselves outside again and we moved down New York Street. I started doing a combination of jog a little; then walk a little. Thank goodness these roadblocks were set up…. I don’t think I could have made it up this hill!

Somewhere in the Echo Lake Area, we reached Mile Two:

We quick-walked toward Echo Lake and spotted a water stop. Must….drink….water!! I took a little plastic cup from one of the volunteers and stupidly tried to drink it on the move. I got some of it in my mouth and the rest spilled all over the front of my shirt! Ooops! They make it look so easy on TV! I stopped at the end of the water stop, took another little cup, and stood still so I could actually drink it and catch my breath a bit. The CMs there were also very encouraging, telling us, “You can do it!” “You’re doing great” and “You’re about half way there!” and that sort of thing. It was a big help!

Then my meanie-butt personal trainer put an end to my little rest. “Come on, let’s go! Move it! Move it!” he teased. Ugghhhh!

We trotted around the Sorceror’s Hat and then, oh look! There was Cinderella and Belle posing for pictures in front of the entrance to the Great Movie Ride! There were only one or two people ahead of us, so we stopped for a quick pic:

(There had been another two princesses at another photo op stop, but I can’t remember which ones. We hadn’t stopped then because the line was too long.) No time for lollygagging, we circled around the Hat and up Hollywood Blvd.

Now we made a left turn onto Sunset Blvd., which was cut in two down the middle by a row of orange cones. Some of us were running up the Blvd., and some of us were already running back down. Lots of CMs here, clapping and cheering. We hung a left and jog-walked past Rock 'N Rollercoaster and out the back door onto a service road behind the Tower of Terror. It was really getting warm now, there was little shade in this area and the sun was beating down on us. I admit that I walked most of this part.

We re-entered the park and moved along through some trees, past the edge of the Fantasmic! theater, until we reached the theater’s front gate. Then we followed the route back around past the entrance to Tower of Terror and back down Sunset Blvd. (Basically, we just did one big loop around ToT.)

We moved down Sunset and there were still lots of folks still making there way up the Blvd., so I didn’t feel that we were doing that bad. I was pretty much sucking wind whenever we would break into a jog, though, so unfortunately my walking stretches were getting longer and longer! “Just keep moving”, I told myself as I pumped my arms and legs. Another throat drop, and I was good to go!

I tried to think of pleasant thoughts as we powered through the last part of the run. I thought of taking a nice, long, hot shower when we got back to the resort. I thought about going to the Magic Kingdom later that evening. (That always brings a smile!) I thought about the lovely spa treatments at SSR that I had scheduled for us for the next day. Mostly, though, I simply found myself repeating,“Just…keep…moving…just…keep…moving!” until we were back on Hollywood Blvd., circling around the little Crossroads of the World kiosk, past Guest Relations, and through the final backstage area we would see until we were once again heading toward the Television parking lot!

Now we could hear the music blaring,crowd of spectators cheering and the Radio Disney announcers making their remarks (I think) over the air: (“And here comes Tinkerbell…did she really run this thing or did she use her wings?….Here comes a group in yellow shirts. Hey, everybody,put on your sunglasses, those shirts are bright!)

We rounded a corner and we were now in the parking lot. The finish line came into view. Suddenly, Ed called out,"Come on Kathy, Sprint!! Big finish! Big finish!" Ed took off toward the finish and I dug down into the very bottom of my Sauconeys and took off after him. We crossed the line together, hands held high!

Capt. Hook and Smee were there, giving us all high-fives, as were Peter Pan and Wendy. There were tons of cheering spectators. A CM came up to us and hung our medals around our necks. On them was written, Disney’s Pirate and Princess 5K and the date. One side was decorated with blue and gold for the “Pirates” , and the other side was colored light and dark pink for the “Princesses”.

We slowly walked through the refreshment tent and someone offered me orange wedges and some banana. The banana looked a bit yucky, so I took the orange. Mmmmm! That had to have been the sweetest, juiciest, most delicious orange I ever tasted! There were also little muffins and slices of banana bread, but I just stuck with the orange wedges. We were given little bottles of water, which were also greatly appreciated.

We walked around for a bit, drinking our water and people watching. Inevitably, we needed to brave the port-a-potties but they were actually quite clean and there were lots and lots of them available.

(**Ed told me to be sure to mention the abundance of port-a-potties in my report; apparently this means a lot to experienced runners.**)

There was something else there that was pretty neat (at least I thought so!) They had several portable hand-washing stations that you could use after the port-a-potty! You pumped a pedal with your foot and water came out. You could wash your hands with real soap and water and then dry them with the paper towels provided. Ingenious! (And very sanitary, too!) Way to go, Disney!

Afterwards, we started walking toward the place where the bus had dropped us off earlier. We could see the giant swans and dolphins towering over the treetops, and they didn’t look like they were all that far away! Ed decided that it would probably be faster just to walk back to the Swan, so, that’s what we did! We got to the end of the parking lot, crossed over Buena Vista Drive, and made our way up the service road to the Swan. It wasn’t too far, and we had fun talking about the run and planning what we would do that night.

Ed’s big challenge would come very early the next morning at the half-marathon, and he was really getting himself pumped up. I was just so relieved that I had survived the “Fun Run”! Thank you, God! Now that I had paid my dues, I could look forward to a relaxing evening and to cheering him on the next day!



(Only Kidding!)

Next Up: Fresh Breakfast and the MK: Non-Commando Style!

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