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Old 05-26-2007, 05:36 PM   #31
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fantastic! your description of the bus journey when everyone found out about the surprise brought tears to my eyes!
please please please post some photos
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My wedding trip report http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1845581
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Old 05-31-2007, 04:59 AM   #32
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Teenchy, your post also made me all teary-eyed this morning - what a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing...and yes, I would love to see some photos also.
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Old 06-06-2007, 01:11 PM   #33
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Here is the link to My Trip Report

My Randy Chapman Photographs –

Our Wedding Video Summary –
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Old 06-08-2007, 10:43 AM   #34
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In honor of our two years of wedding bliss...

Tomorrow will be our two year anniversary, so to celebrate I here's my trip report and pictures....

Just reading this report brings back so many happy and wonderful moments from that day.

The Proposal…

Charlie and I had been talking about getting married for a couple of years. We’d talk about it, then nothing would happen. It would go on the back burner. Until….the morning after a really great Kenny Chesney concert….I’m still in my “post-Kenny haze” and Charlie says to me “I think we should get married.” My reaction…”Get the heck outta here!” I really thought he was teasing me. But, ummm, no. He handed me a little navy blue velvet box….

How We Ended Up Getting Hitched At the Wilderness Lodge…

Ladies, my advice….enjoy the process. It goes by so quickly, and afterwards, you’ll miss it so much! Never in your life will you feel so special! I felt like a fairy-tale princess for real.

Charlie and I both wanted something unique, so we decided to get married on a cruise in Alaska. (I was thinking…How far away from the MIL can we get????) So we started working on that in September of 2004. Coincidentally, we had a WDW trip planned in the middle of September. We were staying at the Wilderness Lodge. I’ve always wanted to go there since the day it was built! I couldn’t wait. But…I had to. I can’t remember their names but there were TWO hurricanes working their way thru Florida. So for the last couple of days before we were scheduled to leave, we kept checking the official site and checking our airlines. We ended up delaying the trip one day. Which, of course, killed me. (Well, not literally.)

We spent the first night of our vacation at Pop Century. Then we took a taxi to the WL at about 6:30am. OMG! We both fell in love with the place the minute walked in the door! We spent the next several days talking about how fabulous the WL was. One day, walking thru the lobby I said “Hey, you know, I think we can get married here.” Charlie said “Let’s do it”. The rest, as they say was history.

Getting Ready….(AKA I’m the Cheapest Bride In History)

You know, you think you know EXACTLY what kind of dress you want….until you start trying them on. What you like and what looks good on you aren’t necessary the same thing. I went to several bridal shops and nothing thrilled me. I finally ended up at the local David’s Bridal. I found one I “kind of” liked. It was $900.00 and quite frankly I thought that was WAY too much for a dress I was going to wear once. I know some of you are paying a lot more, but well, to each their own. I don’t judge. So before I really really really decided on this dress, I took Charlie up to David’s Bridal. He wanted me in something “big and white and fluffy”. OK, so I told the clerk, or assistant, or whatever they are called. “Bring me your biggest, whitest, fluffiest number!”

OMG she did! She was great! This dress was right out of a bad 80’s music video. It was SO HUGE it needed it’s own zip code!

So, first I try on a couple of “maybe” dresses. Charlie like them well enough. Then I come out in this…..this….THING. It was SO over the top, it had beads and buttons and lace and embroidery and layers and roses and ruffles and a HUGE mother of a bow on the BUTT! ON the BUTT! WHY on earth would I want to draw attention to my rear end??? Well, anyway, the look on his face was…well, priceless. I don’t think he knew how to react. Afraid I might love it, he didn’t want to say it was awful. If I thought it was awful, well, he couldn’t possibly have loved it. But once the clerk and I started laughing he knew the gig was up! I have to say, even though it was against tradition, it was a lot of fun taking him gown shopping. Everyone was shocked to see him in the bridal salon, but many of them said “What a good idea!”

I decided I guess I will just get the dress I “kind of” liked. (No, not THAT one!) I drove up to David’s Bridal to try it on one more time. On the way back I thought “I should look on E-bay.” What the heck. You can pretty much buy anything there. I bet they have a couple of wedding gowns.

Well, surprise surprise! They have zillions of wedding gowns! So I sort by size and a couple of particulars….and there is it…..MY DRESS.

So I bid on it. Only nine days to go. I watch this dress. I check it hourly. I talk to it on the screen. I will it to be mine! Days go by. We’re into the home stretch. Then…somebody bids against me! GRRRRRRRRR! We get into a bidding war. OK, she bid against me twice, and moved on. Phew. I stay up late, the bidding ends at midnight. And….and….Victory! I have my dress. THE dress. The dress of my dreams! For only…..$116.00.

Yes, ladies, the wedding gown of my dreams cost me $116.00. Including shipping.

Since I did so well on E-bay, I start shopping. Veil: $30.00 Crinoline: $40.00

Then it’s off to the mall for shoes. I want white, I want comfortable, I want inexpensive. I get…Payless, on sale…..$6.00. Yes, I paid $6.00 for my wedding shoes. And they were prefect.

BTW, I shipped my gown via UPS to Carolyn’s Bridal a week before we arrived. They brought it over to the WL and steamed and pressed it. Carolyn herself did it and she did a wonderful job.

Planning the Ceremony
Brides, let me put your minds at ease about something. The WDW Wedding Coordinators plan weddings for a living. That means they do it day in and day out, every day. Plan plan plan. Now, for you and I, our wedding is a special event, a fabulous occasion, a day to remember, that has to be prefect. And they know this. But the fact that they do this every day makes them skilled experts at what they do. So…RELAX. They do a FABULOUS job! It’s what they do, every day.

We had Jennifer O’Leary. She was EXCELLENT! She handled every detail and every special request professionally and respectfully. She always got us (OK, me) answers, always got back to me either by email or phone. She was great!

We had Ron Rosenzweig as our Officiant. He was great during planning, made suggestions and had ideas. And was absolutely charming during the ceremony! We liked him a lot!

We had a special request for a Grapefruit wedding cake, since we LOVE LOVE LOVE the Grapefruit cake at The Brown Derby. Jennifer spoke to the Pastry Chef at the WL and he said “No problem”. She told us it would be an extra charge, and we agreed to it, but they never charged us.

I wish I had the name of our photographer because he was most gracious and very cooperative. We asked him for pictures on the walkway to the marina and also by the geyser. To his credit, he got soaked and we got our pictures.

I also didn’t get the name of the violin player. He was great and a lot of fun. Plus he played all sorts of things we asked on the fly. He was very talented!

Arrival Day (Or…There’s no Turning Back Now! Actually, There Is)
We had a very early morning flight so we had to leave the house at 3:00am. We pulled out of the driveway giddy with excitement then realized we forgot something. I don’t remember exactly what it was but I know it was mission critical. So we turned around and went back. Then we left again, got out to the road, and realized we had forgotten something else. So we went back again. And yes, then we realized YET AGAIN that we forgot something. Yes, THREE times we had to go back.

But then, finally, we were off.

The flight down went off without a hitch. But, just to back up a little…..

I had arranged to have the white stretch limo that came with the Intimate Wedding pick us up at the airport and take us to the WL. I had secretly booked the Richard Petty Driving Experience for Charlie as a wedding gift. I made plans for the limo to take us to the WL, we would check-in, grab a bite, then take the limo to the track.

Those were my plans anyway.

Except when we got to the airport, no limo. So we waited a while but it didn’t show. So I called Mears (Thank goodness I had the direct number!) They said “Oh yes, we see your reservation but it’s for next Sunday.” I was trying not to panic so I calmly sent Charlie to look for our bags while I explained to Mears why I needed that limo and why I need it now. To their credit, it was there in 30 minutes. We had this really great lady driver who was totally on to my plans to surprise Charlie with RPDE. She was so great!

But in the limo, he fell asleep. He was exhausted from getting up at 2:00am. I was tired too but the secret excitement I knew about that he didn’t kept me wide awake. Plus, hey, how many times in your life do you get to travel in a white stretch limo??

So we got to the WL and checked in and left our bags and went to Roaring Forks. We got a little breakfast and Charlie grabbed a beer. Now, normally he would never drink this early in the day, but having gotten up at 2, technically it was the middle of the day. Plus we were on vacation. Under any other circumstances I would never have done this but I took the beer off his tray and put it back. I said “That’s very un-Disneylike, so early in the morning!”. I felt bad but he couldn’t drink and drive a NASCAR car!

So we had our breakfast and wandered back up to the lobby, then he saw the limo was still outside. Conveniently, he suggested we take it for a ride, since we still have it for a couple more hours. “Gee, honey, what a good idea!” The driver and I were smiling and trying our best to hide it. This was so much fun! So off we go, when she says “Oh I think the Richard Petty track is around here. Would you like to see it?” So Charlie says “Yes, let’s check it out” then he goes on and on about how someday he’d love to do this and maybe next time we come to WDW, blah blah blah. Meantime, I’m DYING with excitement!!

So she parks the limo and we get out and walk around the showroom. They have racing merchandise for sale and a demo car you can check out. Charlie has his head stuck in the demo car, looking at the gauges and stuff, and when he pulled his head out and stood up, I handed him the certificate.

It took a few minutes to register….

Then the BIGGEST SMILE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! I am getting goosebumps just typing this. I swear it is one of the GREATEST THINGS I have ever done! He was soooo incredibly thrilled!

So they suited him up, he took the little training class and off he went!

OMG it was so exciting! Worth every cent! When he got out of the car he had a smile a mile wide! He was so excited he kept talking on and on about how great it was. He called everyone back home to tell them “You’ll never guess what I just did!” It was great, just really great!

Then we went back to the WL and checked into our room. What had we been up by that time? About 97 hours? It felt like it.

We went up to our room and opened the door and….ewww! Our room smelled like dirty sneakers! A strong disgusting smell! I thought “Oh no! My gown will have to be in here for four days and it will stink by our wedding day!” So I went to the balcony to open the slider and ewwwwwww! We were right over a smoke house or something that smelled so gross!

I called down to the desk and asked if we could move. They told me there were no other rooms and to try in the morning. So we spent one night in that stinky room.

A Few Days at WDW Before our Wedding (Or…How To Exhaust Your Fiancé So He Can’t Run Away)

The next morning we went down to the front desk and asked them if anything was available. They said yes a room was available but we’d have to pack up now then wait until later in the day to check-in to our new room. A pain, to be sure, but we did it.

We went off to D/MGM for the day, then came back and moved into our new room.

The next couple of days were a whirlwind of parks. We had great fun, as usual. I love Disney World. It’s my absolute favorite place!

Wednesday night we went to the California Grill for dinner. After a day in EPCOT we were pooped, but we wanted a special dinner the night before our wedding. And we got it. We told the waitress we were getting married in the morning and she sure took good care of us! She did so many things to make it special. She was very sweet!

The Actual Ceremony (Or…OMG It’s TIME!)

Thursday morning, June 9, 2005 – The alarm goes off at 4:30am. I have Disney Cosmetology coming at 5:30am. Two lovely ladies come by to get me gussied up.

Charlie goes down to the pool for a sunrise swim. He had the pool all to himself and enjoyed it immensely. What a way to start your wedding day, don’t you think??

The cosmetology ladies leave, and I sit and read the newspaper while he gets ready.

Then Jennifer arrives. She takes Charlie down to meet Ron. I start to get dressed. Not an easy task with a dress this size and a crinoline and wearing a veil! But I manage. Until….I have to zip it up. And I can’t. So I wait for Jennifer to return. But she doesn’t. I start to panic. It’s getting late. So, I open the door. There is a man standing at the elevators. He looks normal. I ask him…”Umm, excuse me? Could I ask you a favor?” “Sure” he says. “Umm, could you zip me up?” “Oh sure, no problem”. So he does and I say I hope I’m not keeping you and he tells me his wife and kids are waiting downstairs but it’s OK because now he has a great story to tell them about why he’s taking so long! So, wherever you are, sir….Thank you!

OK, now I’m ready. And now, of course, Jennifer shows up. We laugh about Mr. Zipper and we get talking. I tell her about the first room we had and she tells me to write to the WL and to DFTW and let them know. Also, I express my disappointment that although all our friends and family sent champagne and strawberries and cookies and such, we got nothing at all from the WL. Something would have been nice. Anything. So she tells me to let them know that too.

Meantime….realize it’s getting late. Unbeknownst to me, Charlie is starting to panic. He thinks I’ve changed my mind. Suddenly Jennifer and I realize it’s after 9:00! We rush off. Well, as much as you can rush in a cathedral length gown.

I meet Ron in the hallway and he’s absolutely charming! He makes me laugh and relax. OK, he makes me laugh. Nothing can make me relax.

We have a beautiful ceremony on the balcony, overlooking the lake. I loved it. It was perfect!

And suddenly, just like that….I’m married to Prince Charming!

Afterwards we have our Grapefruit cake, and we all chat and laugh….then Stan comes by with a tour group! We invite them for cake, but they politely decline. Jennifer gives us our certificate and surprise gifts. We are delighted! And heady with the best damn cake on the planet and delicious champagne, we head out for photos.

Ladies, let me tell you, if you ever want to feel like a princess, put on a wedding gown and walk thru a Disney resort lobby. Everyone was stopping to watch and congratulating us. OMG it was great fun! We took some pictures in the lobby then went outside. We had so much fun and I think the pictures were great!

We found Stan again, this time without his group. We asked him for a picture. He was so flattered!

After the ceremony, we changed, relaxed for a while, then headed out to the MK. What could be better then that!

That night we went to Hoop De Do. They sat us in the very front table, center stage. We had mentioned to the waitress that we were just married this morning. So, naturally, she had to tell everyone! All night they kept stopping the show and one of the cast members on stage would say “THIS MORNING?” or “What are you doing HERE???” It was hysterical and so much fun!

In Conclusion…(Or, I can’t believe you read this far! Thank you so much!)

I couldn’t have been happier with our choice to get married at WDW. Everything went great and the few little glitches we had were taken care of right away.

To the WL credit, we did send them a letter afterwards, and they gave us a one night refund and apologized for not living up to our expectations. I thought that was VERY generous of them!

The Mears people were great. It was a simple mix-up, which could have messed me up big time, but they jumped right on it and made sure we were not late for RPDE.

Jennifer O’Leary was a fabulous organizer and I think she did an excellent job.

So…there you have it. I’m looking forward to our Vow Renewal!
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That was a great report Judy. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Honeibee, that was a great trip report! I love that you spent even less on your shoes than I did on mine ($8 at Payless, baby! ) and I think it's great that you had to ask Man in the Hallway to zip up your dress! And I think it's adorable that you still get goosebumps thinking about that fabulous surprise you did for DH. Soooo cute. Thanks again!

Oh, and happy early anniversary!

(That was a lot of exclamation points. Sorry about that; I feel like that reads like I'm an overactive chihuahua or something... )
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Old 06-08-2007, 06:44 PM   #37
The Attic was just perfect
OK, apparently I've been living under a rock
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OMG - I LOVE the part about asking Random Guy at the Elevator to zip you up! I hope something that funny happens to me
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Old 07-02-2007, 09:16 AM   #38
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Hi there,

Here is the link to my trip report: -

Have fun reading!!!

May 23rd 2007 - We got married in the Wedding Pavilion! Our Wedding Trip Report

Walt Disney World, Florida - Jan13 BLT, May12 OKW, May11 & May10 AKV, Dec08 DVC Christmas in 5 DVC resorts (BWV, AKV,SSR,OKW,WLV), May08 OKW, May07 AKL, Dec05 Offsite, Jan05 Offsite and Jan89 Hilton DTD
Disneyland Paris - May03
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Old 07-25-2007, 11:15 PM   #39
Earning My Ears
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After only 6+ months (oops!), our completed trip report . . .


Our fairytale really did come true! Visit www.sarahandfred.com for the story of our Magic Kingdom Wedding.
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Once upon a dream: Intimate WP/ Citricos Chef's Domain/ Grand 1 Wishes COMPLETE

I thought since I've now completed the report, I should post a link under this archive

1989 First trip to Disney Off Property 1991 Contemporary Resort 1995 Contemporary Resort 2006 POFQ - Engaged at Disney 2007 POFQ/Grand Floridian Disney Fairy Tale Wedding at the Wedding Pavillion 2008 POFQ/DCL/Contemporary 1st Anniversary Trip
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Old 08-22-2007, 04:35 PM   #41
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Subbing!! I am at work now so I can't read these.. I will have to wait to get home!
DLR: Many countless visits to Disneyland Resort since 1991 to 2002... Aug '07 5 days offsite with my brother and (now) current Disney Husband August 2010 Girls only Trip offisite
WDW: Disneymoon April 08 Walt Disney

Upcoming Pre-Graduation Trip Aug 2011

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Earning My Ears
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wedding cruise photos

I am thinking of a disney wedding cruise also and would like to know if you have any pictures of your wedding? also, you had family members join you? I would love to hear about your experience, this is a second marriage for both of us and I have 2 ds's that we want with us, plus imediate family members. How did you pull that off?? Thanks for any and all your help!
Originally Posted by MarcyTait View Post

My Disney Cruise Line Wedding was FANTASTIC. We were married on Castaway Key in a lovely tropical setting. Disney pampered us to the extreme. We arrived each night in our stateroom to some new treat.. One night it was Chocolate Strawberries, another it was a champagne basket with body lotion.

We had 10 family members join us and everything went without a hitch!

I Highly recommend Disney Cruise Lines for your wedding!
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Earning My Ears
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Great posts! Love reading about everyone's Disney wedding experiences as I too was engaged and later married at WDW (in 1999).
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Here is mine:

Too many times to count…

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Originally Posted by MarcyTait View Post

My Disney Cruise Line Wedding was FANTASTIC. We were married on Castaway Key in a lovely tropical setting. Disney pampered us to the extreme. We arrived each night in our stateroom to some new treat.. One night it was Chocolate Strawberries, another it was a champagne basket with body lotion.

We had 10 family members join us and everything went without a hitch!

I Highly recommend Disney Cruise Lines for your wedding!

I am planning to get married on the Disney cruise line with the onboard ceremony and was wondering if you could give me any details at all. Thanks
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