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Old 02-11-2007, 08:09 PM   #1
bubba's mom
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TA-DA....my Epcot/UO trip report ...... finally!

Finally, without any further delay......OUR TRIP (dedicated to my "homies" )
Now, I suggest you use the *ahem* potty, grab a drink/snack and get comfortable......this is gonna be long....but, I will do my best to make it interesting.

Let me lay the "scene" for you:
DH, moi, DS8 (just a few weeks ago)

and...when we arrived at UO.....
DBIL, DSIL, nephew, 2 nieces, and DSIL's: mom, dad, grandmother (and sister and her financee for dinner 2 evenings)
(a little confusing, I know....but, you'll "get it")......

Our itinerary:
Fly from PHL to MCO, hop ME to ASMo, then Epcot for 2 days (Jan 31 & Feb. 1.)
Grab rental car from Alamo @ DCCC and zip it to UO (Feb. 2 & 3rd)
1 night at HRH, then after 2nd day at parks, hike it up to Ocala, to spend night and next day with DFIL before flying home.

Let me begin by letting you know we flew USAir for the first time in I don't know how long. (Since SW has been at PHL, we've been flying them). Before we even got off the ground, one of the flight attendants was adjusting something in an overhead compartment telling another FA: "I HATE kids. Working the Orlando run will make you hate them!" HUH?! Even if you DO hate kids, you don't announce it on a plane full of 'em!! ( I intend to complain to USAir about that one!) This was also the first time we had a portable DVD player and we brought along some movies to watch. We watched Monster House on the way down (the 3 of us) and let me tell you...if you don't have one...get one!! This REALLY made the flight go quickly! It's about a two hour flight, and the movie was 1.5 hours....it was great . We had opted for the ME, so we went to the ME check-in. Had to check in with them (for what I assume was return flight info...which, didn't apply to us). Then, went to stand in line for our ME bus. It was okay, but DH was already complaining about "WAIT Disney World" and we weren't even out of MCO yet . Aboard the bus was nice...comfy seats and "tv" to watch. We were at ASMo before we knew it. (Sat towards the front of the bus to get off quickly and get in line to check in before everyone else....worked like a charm!) Got a CM to assist us right away. While checking us in, she said, "Seems you have a complimentary upgrade to 101 Dalmations building." That was great, but we declined it. DS had said he wanted to stay in the "Herbie" building....that's why we booked that resort in the first place (and requested Love Bug building). I had to explain to her that my son calls the resort "Herbie Hotel" and we'd rather have a Love Bug building. WooHoo Luckily, they had a room available for us right away. PIC So, we went to the room, PIC and left the "carry-on" stuff (from the plane) that we didn't need, and headed to Epcot.

Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2007, was a nice day at Epcot. Absolutely no lines...none, zero, zip! PIC We walked right on to Spaceship Earth, Test Track TT, which was a great ride RIDE, PIC , PIC PIC , PIC , PIC, PIC , PIC , END OF RIDE , EXIT OF TEST TRACK . After Test Track, we mozied over to Mission: Space. PIC Must say, a very cool ride! We rode the "more intense orange" side about 4 times before I suggested we try the "less intense side" to see how it measured up. (In our opinion...orange, more intense just "makes" the ride! But, we can see if "spinning" isn't your thing, you'd be sick) Then, onto Universe of Energy. A nice relaxing ride after the "thrills" (quite a few times in a row!) Then, we went to The Land ME and rode Soarin' LINE FOR RIDE ...a very cool ride..... US .....with a word of advice: always ask for a front row. If you aren't in the front row (like us the first time--we got smart after that), once engaged in the ride, you are able to see feet dangling above in front of you. They try to hide them, because there is a top that drops down a little once the ride starts, but it doesn't do a very good job. Also saw a film of "Circle of Life" a cute little film. Rode Living with the Land....an interesting boat ride. Nice story followed by Disney's crops PUMPKIN&EGGPLANT After that, headed to Imagination and rode Figment. Fun activities afterward, like "If Pictures Could Make Sounds" PIC . We also saw Honey, I Shrunk the Audience 3D, and while a good show, I thought Mickey's Philharmagic @ MK was better. Now, it's getting close to dinnertime (for us anyway) and I could not secure an ADR for LeCellier in Canada. (Made 5:30 ADR at Alfredo's in Italy as a back-up plan). I knew LeCellier was open at 4 for "dinner", so we arrived there about 3:55pm. I knew there was no hope of getting in to eat, but I was at least gonna try. There was a gentleman in a wheelchair at the podium stating he had a 4:45 reservation, could he get in any earlier? The CM said probably, and gave him a beeper. The gent in front of me asked if there was a table for 4 open. She said "yes...about 5 minutes". My turn. I asked, "Do you have room for 3?" To my surprise, she said, "I have one table left. About a 5 minute wait." I was totally surprised, and we were seated within 5 minutes. I mentioned to the CM I had a 5:30 at Alfredos how could I cancel it? She said they would help me take care of it after our meal...just stop by the podium. So, we had an expensive, but delicious, meal at LeCellier. ENTREES APPETIZERS SIDES WINE MORE WINE WINE/BEER DESSERTS MORE DESSERTS COFFEE MORE COFFEE CHILD MENU MORE CHILD MENU. Now, you may be wondering how I got so many good pics of the menu? Well, the dessert menu was paper. I asked our server if I could keep it? He said "sure". When he came back, I asked for another one. He said, "Why? Do you scrapbook?" And my reply was, "Well, as a matter of fact, very much so!" He said, "No problem, I'll bring you another one." The next time he returned to our table, not only did he have another dessert menu for me, he had THE menu and the wine list/menu! Needless to say, we gave him a $20 tip! After our meal, I went to the podium to cancel my Alfredo's for 5:30. While she was retriving our ADR, I asked if she could just move the reservation to the next night. She said, "Yes, what time would you like?" I asked what times were open, and she said, "Pretty mucy whatever time you want....they're pretty open." Wow!! So, moved it to 5pm the next night. While in Canada, took some pictures, of course. PIC PIC PIC DS & ME . I lost my "notes" on the rest of the day, but we didn't spend as much time in the countries as I'd hoped, mostly because the park was rather empty, and all the rides were walk-on. We stayed for Illuminations the first night, but those pictures will be at the end of the second day's report.

The second day, we headed for The Seas w/ Nemo and rode Nemo. A very cute ride....similar to Haunted Mansion. Some pics from Nemo: PIC PIC NEMO & DORI , GLOW IN THE DARK FISH , JELLYFISH , NAME'S BRUCE , MR. RAY & THE GANG , CRUSH & SQUIRT , NEMO FOUND , PEACH DS While there, we saw sharks PIC , fish and the dolphins in the aquarium PIC and a TURTLE too . We also went to INNOVENTIONS PIC , DS BUILDING ATOM , PIC , BEFORE and AFTER . This energy exercise started with it all TOGETHER , but move your arms around in front of it rapidly, and this is what HAPPENS . A MUST DO at Innoventions is the House of the Future. An oven that chills your food, video phone, a tv that does everything from play music to show slide shows and video, to a fingerprint "lock" for your front door...even a toliet that lifts lid for you, seat is heated , has a biday (sp?) and blow-dryer attached !! Here's the JACUZZI TUB W/ BIG SCREEN TV . This truly is a neat attraction there. Another "don't miss" is Where's the Fire? PIC. This was a fun, educational game where you are put onto "teams" and have these flashlights and have 5 minutes to find all the fire hazards in the house. The rooms are separated and have a large screen of the "room". In order to "find" the hazard, everyone must shine their flashlight on the same "hazard" at the same time. It is very fun and quite educational. I recommend it. After finishing up Innoventions, we had lunch at the Electric Umbrella. Please note: there is one cashier taking care of 2 lines! They had pretty decent food and good size burgers. I did notice they had fruit and juice for little ones if you wanted that. After lunch, we headed to WS. In no particular order: AMERICAN ADV. , DS IN AMERICAN ADV. , ROSE & CROWN , UK , CHINA , DS WAITING FOR NORWAY SHOW AFTER THE RIDE , JAPAN . We ate at ALFREDO'S IN ITALY , ITALY @ NITE , MORE ITALY , ITALY , ITALY ...food was pretty good, expensive, but we preferred LeCellier. I think that sums up the Epcot portion of our trip. We stayed for Illuminations the first night, but here are pictures from that show: WORLD , PIC , HERE , WIDE VIEW , PIC , PIC , HERE , and GOODNIGHT. On our way out, we stopped to buy a couple of souvenirs. My son has a Guest of Honor badge that he was wearing. Most of the day, he was called by name by the CM's..which, he thought was neat. When we went to check out the items we wanted to purchase, the CM told him she "needed his help to ring us out" . She asked him to come around the back of the register and he actually scanned our items, and ran our card MY SON THE CM. He thought this was great and had a wonderful time.....she really made his day end on a good note!

The next day, we grabbed the shuttle to DCCC to rent our car from Alamo. We had reserved an Economy class (like I always do for the 3 of us). We got ourselves registered, papers signed, etc....and she gave us the keys and told us "Spot #19...they're all marked." So, we go to our spot and think they've made a mistake. There is a Jeep Commander sitting in our spot! We try the key, and it works! So, we check our paperwork and it DOES charge us for the economy, but taken the SUV. Okay....so, we left. (If you're keeping track, that's 2 upgrades thus far). On the way to Universal, we stopped by DTD to grab lunch at McDonald's. Saw a NEW LEGO STATUE going up. Some other Lego statues: SWIMMIN' W/ THE FISHES , DINO ATTACK! , ROBOT . On to Universal.

We had no trouble getting to the Hard Rock Hotel or checking in. Matter of fact, I asked, since I was LF member, if there were any upgrades available. She said "Yes, Club Level.......for $100". Told her to forget it...wasn't planning on being in the room much anyway. So, if you're keeping score, that's TWO upgrades where I wasn't expecting them and 1 upgrade denied where I DID want one....oh well, the room was beautiful anyway......ROOM , PIC , PIC , SEAT HERE TOO , VIEW1 and VIEW 2 . The only thing I did not care for was the lighting for applying make-up, the bathroom door didn't clear "high enuf" so I could leave the bathmat in front of the toliet (don't like "cold" under my feet) and the toliet paper was behind me. Now, these are minor things, and yes, I would stay at HRH again, but, we prefer the Royal Pacific. First order of business after checking in, get to the Studios to pick up our AP's ON THE PATH FROM HRH TO US . DS decided he wanted to go to IOA, so we left Studios and headed over there. On this Friday, Feb. 2, the parks were empty....the EP lanes weren't even open on most attractions. LINE FOR CAT IN THE HAT , LINE/LOADING AREA FOR CAT IN THE HAT . Next we were onto High in the Sky Suess Trolley Train Ride.... the STANDBY LINE ...EP line wasn't open! Views of the "emptiness" : SUESS LANDING , VIEW FROM SUESS TROLLEY RIDE , VIEW 2 , and VIEW 3 , VIEW 4 . Upon exiting the ride, you HAD to go thru the store instead of the REGULAR EXIT guess they needed to make money somewhere .

The crowds in Lost Continent were HUGE ... OUTSIDE DD , EASY TO GET LOST IN THESE CROWDS! , PIC , PIC ...did I mention everything was walk-on??? We walked the regular line for DD....let me tell ya...there is NO way I would wait in that line! UH-UH!!! I think we walked a mile to get to the loading area! Sheeesh.....

Headed to Jurassic Park area to do Pterandon Flyers. 20 minute wait and you could only get on with a child. Here's VIEW 1 and VIEW 2 from the air. Nothing else much to see except Camp Jurassic and trees and such. We did have fun with STEPPING ON FOOTPRINTS MAKING DIFFERENT SOUNDS . We finally made it to the DISCOVERY CENTER. Not missing much, IMHO, but we did some things there: PIC , DS MAKING HIMSELF A DINOSAUR . FINDING FOSSILS . All in all, an okay place...can't see much if it's crowded PIC .

We then headed over toward Popeye's, but didn't ride (too to get wet!) Took some pictures around Popeye and Me Ship the Olive: GET IT? , PIC , PIC , CLICK .

This would be where we went back to Suess Landing to One Fish Two Fish and met up with DBIL and family. After purpously getting soaked on One Fish, we bought new, dry shirts for the KIDS . After a spin on Spidey , we headed back to the hotel to change for dinner at Margaritaville (DSIL's choice on her birthday!) When we arrived back at our room, we had our WELCOME GIFT. Now, while I was happy we got one (cuz we originally booked AAA rate, but I switched it to AP rate before our arrival), it was the wrong one...not my current preference listed on our profile. So, I call GS and tell them it's the wrong one. They called me back in 2 minutes (literally) and told me they would bring the correct one while we were out to dinner. Okay by me! So, we headed to Margaritaville to celebrate DSIL's birthday. My DBIL had a little too much to drink and was dancing on the chair with his SALT . And, of course, we ordered NACHOS !! KIDS MENU . DS got a HAT and DSIL got CAKE ....which, she passed around and shared. After going to CityWalk and playing some games, we headed back to the hotel. Upon our arrival in our room, our CORRECT WELCOME GIFT was there! AND, they left the other gift too!! (one for DH and one for DS .)

The next day, the entire family went to Confisco's for character buffet. PIC , AND HERE and HERE. It was okay food...breakfast food. Cinnamon french toast, waffles, pancakes, cereal, muffins and pastries, eggs, bacon, sausage, everything you can think of....of course, OJ and milk not included w/ price...don't get that one?? After riding Hulk, we headed toward Spidey because of the RAIN. After Spidey, we walked over to the Studios. Now, it was a little more crowded this day, I'm guessing because it was Saturday. KIDS got their picture taken, we rode MEN IN BLACK quite a few times using EP. We had lunch at Nathan's (DH couldn't wait to take a bite). We saw the BLUES BROS. SHOWoutside of FINNEGAN'S and I got a picture of the INSIDE OF THE BLUES-MOBILE. We saw part of the Animal Planet show....and I will go back to catch the beginning. The dogs in that show were so funny! Not a "must do", but if you've done what you wanted, and are looking for something to see, I recommend this show. You just cannot script a dog dropping his behind down on the ground and doing the "butt-schooch" to reach that itch.... Even the gentleman running the show had to pause because he was laughing so hard! While the kids were on the Woody Woodpecker coaster, I took some pictures of CURIOUS GEORGE PLAYAREA . PIC 1 , PIC 2 , PIC 3 , PIC 4 , NON-WET/BALL AREA , PIC 6 and THIS ONE. I DID notice, that there are bathrooms right outside the entrance to this wet playarea...so, you can take a swimsuit and/or change of clothes...it's convenient. BACK TO THE FUTURE is still there and operating at 50% capacity...no signs of anything different yet (and we didn't even ride BTTF!) We did Jimmy Neutron, Shrek, MIB and Terminator. Check out the LINE FOR TERMINATOR...this line wasn't as crowded...we must have caught the beginning of the next show. I did notice one of the spheres had a PROBLEM , PIC...not sure what that was all about. We didn't hang out for the parade AT THE AP VIEWING AREA, instead, we headed for BUBBA GUMP'S for dinner.
OUTSIDE OF BUBBA GUMPS . Now, I'm guessing because it's new, but no reservations are accepted, and your room key/AP will not get you "bumped" to the "front of the line". They run the movie Forrest Gump on TV's in the restaurant and have a gift shop and memoribilia on the walls. PIC , PIC . Given it was a Saturday night, and we were a party of 13, we only had a 30minute wait...not bad! They gave the kids their menus advance, and did the activities on them. (This is where the trivia questions are if you want to know what questions your server will ask you....answers included on the menu.) In the back of the restaurant, is Gump's House. It's a small room decorated to look like Mama Gump's dining room . DH ordered: New Orlean Shrimp and I ordered fried chicken (w/ DS's pizza) and the kids dinners came with this side . This is what the drink menu looked like....Forrest's pingpong paddle!! Our appetizer... ...forget what it was, will have to look it up. It was a good meal, and a busy place. Here's the menu: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 . They even have some sayings from the movie on the tables and "buckets of paper towels and seasonings" PIC. After dinner, we headed out to Ocala to DFIL's, where we spent the next day and flew home the next.

Been postin pix for you guys ever since I got home.

This TR took me all day....I don't think I'll be doing one from our summer trip....I'll have to "nutshell" it.......

Hope you enjoyed and you're still awake!!!
(some Universal) Trip reports:
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Wow, I'm exhausted just reading it. I really appreciated how you put links to the pictures. I love it when people take pictures of food! Sounds like all the problems were quite minor. I hope we are as lucky. Thanks for giving us your Sunday, we appreciate it!
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That was a great TR , thanks for taking the time to do it. makes we want to be there now
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Wow, what a great report, that must have taken forever. I still haven't finished checking out all the links
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Thank you for sharing.
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bubba's mom
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Poor DH....I used his computer today and he clocked me at about 5-6 hours of time.....glad you enjoyed it...that was the idea!!
(some Universal) Trip reports:
'12 - '11 - HHN '10 - '10 - '09 - '08/DCL - '07(Jan.) - '07(July) - Mickey Mouse @ Universal!
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That was awesome!!! I loved how you put the pictures right in the report like that. What a cool way to do it. Your report was worth remembering to get back here and read!!!
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Great trip report! I just got home from work (its midnite) and I just was gonna take a peek but I read the whole thing! I want to learn how to put the pic links in there like that .

Sounds like I need to remember to book a trip in early Feb, I couldnt believe those lines! I will take some pics of the lines on spring break and we'll see how they compare!

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Thanks for a great report! The pics were awesome. I love Curious Georges area we have had many really fun times there. Thanks for including it with pics in your report. June cannot get here fast enough!
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WOW! What an awesome trip report!! Thanks for spending so much time on this - I loved how the links for the PICS were in the report!

I hope you do another one for your June trip - spread it out over a few days - don't try to do it all at once, silly goose!!! We would be patient!! Honestly!!!
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Excellent TR !! It made me feel like I was right there with you. You must have a very understanding husband to let you put a whole day into it, but tell him for us, we appreciate the effort
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Bubba's Mom,
Thanks so much for taking the time to post this awesome trip report. I have to agree with everyone else that having the pictures in with the trip report really gave it a personal touch. It was fabulous!

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What a great trip report. Have to agree the pictures add a whole lot. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Looks like you all had a great time.
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What a great trip report! I don't often come over to the TR board so I'm glad you put a link on the USF/IOA board.

Loved the photo of the kids in the Thing 1/2/3/4 shirts!

Thanks for taking the time to write and post it all.

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Thanks for posting that. It was a great TR. I really enjoyed all the pictures right in with the story.

Good thing you didn't let all those "long lines" distract you from having fun!! Wish it would be like that in August when I'm going.
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