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Old 01-08-2007, 04:13 PM   #1
Would love a diet on Cadbury Flakes
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Fred and Wilma and the girls came too - Day 7

Day 7 – Fun, Fun, Fun - Sunday 15th October


Me – Joh, 33 – Looking forward to seeing Illuminations for the first time
DH – Gary, 39 – Can’t wait to see the Beach Boys
DD1 – Sian, 13 – Can’t wait to ride Tower of Terror
DD2 – Rea, 12 – Oh Mum, why can’t we go on Soarin’ again?

Today was probably the second most anticipated day of the holiday (jointly with the Dibb meet), the first being MNSSHP day on Tuesday (still to come). We had a really busy day planned with MGM in the morning, Epcot World Showcase and the Beach Boys Eat to the Beat concert in the afternoon/evening and then an Illuminations Cruise with some fellow DISsers to end the day. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? Of course, in order for it to come to fruition, it needed detailed planning and precision timing, something which I’m very good at but doesn’t usually pay off. Oh well, we live in hope!

We were up early to catch the shuttle to MGM. Again, we had a taxi all to ourselves. We arrived at MGM for opening and were let in just before 9, where we headed up to the rope drop. We’d never seen the opening ceremony at MGM and it was very good with the director blokey Otto von something and the talent scout. After the rope drop, it was straight round to Tower of Terror, where we obtained Fast Passes and then proceeded to Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. I couldn’t believe how long the line was until we realised they were only letting a few people in at a time, presumably to prevent a backlog in the waiting area. We didn’t wait long, though, before we were let in. DD2 came in with us as I persuaded her the pre-show film with Aerosmith was worth seeing and there was a chicken exit where she could leave and wait for us outside. Of course, she managed to get on my nerves by assuming that I’d lied to her and protesting loudly that she couldn’t see an exit. However, exit she did and Gary, Sian and I boarded our super-stretch limo for our Rock ‘n’ Roll ride. It was excellent as usual – the start always manages to take my breath away. Round we went for another go, then it was off to Tower of Terror, obtaining another FP for later on. DD2, having dithered for days over whether to start collecting pins, decided today was the day she would take the plunge and promptly went off to part with some of her hard-earned cash. After 2 rides on TOT (brilliant as usual and DD1’s new favourite ride), we met up with DD2 and wandered off in the direction of the Great Movie Ride. The girls really enjoyed it, which surprised me as I thought they would be bored. After GMR, it was round to Muppets 3D, which we like although it’s not a patch on Philharmagic. I still haven’t managed to find the key under the mat though The girls had pictures taken with Buzz and Woody and then decided they’d like to go back to where we’d seen Chicken Little earlier.

Having had the obligatory photo with the little chick, we headed down Mickey Avenue and saw JoJo and two of the Little Einsteins. I made the girls have a picture with them for Daniel’s benefit (he loves Little Einsteins).

Then it was on round the park and back to TOT. We entered the FP line, only to discover that the standby line was shorter – at 11 o’clock in the morning, what’s going on??? We quickly switched lines and pocketed our FPs again. In the TOT gift shop, we bought DD1 a pressed penny book (against our better judgement, she’d decided she wanted to collect them) and DD2 a pin lanyard with a 2006 medal at the bottom. Then we strolled down to get a drink and a couple of pretzels to share. On the way, we bumped into some of the Streetmosphere characters who we had first seen last year. These guys are absolutely hilarious. We then spent a very pleasant half hour watching their routine while the girls explored the shops.

All too soon, it was time to say goodbye to MGM and head off to Epcot. I had already mentioned to DH about catching the friendship boat and it was really easy to find. It was a really pleasant way to get to Epcot and it was lovely to get out of the sun for a bit – it was absolutely scorching today! We got off at the Boardwalk – I told DH it was because I wanted to try a cake from the Boardwalk Bakery but secretly it was because I wanted to check out where we would be staying in February. Unfortunately, we couldn’t really get a good look at the Boardwalk Villas without giving the game away (DH didn’t have a clue at that point that we were going to Orlando for his 40th) but we stopped at the bakery for some yummy treats anyway. Sian’s Mickey cake looked delicious.

On we went, into Epcot through International Gateway – I couldn’t help but think how lovely it would be in February just to stroll down the Boardwalk and wander into Epcot if we wanted. I was so excited I did a little dance and DH looked at me funny – oops! Just inside IG, we spotted Snow White and Dopey and stopped for a picture and autographs (the girls had really got into autograph collecting).

We wandered into World Showcase and it was absolutely heaving. It was just gone 2 o’clock and the Beach Boys didn’t start until 5:45 so we had a bit of time and were hoping to have a slow wander round WS. Truth be told, it was hard to wander anywhere – you literally couldn’t move for hordes of people and we quickly arranged a meeting spot with the girls in case we all got separated. We headed left into Canada first, where we watched the end of Off Kilter’s set. They sounded great and it was a shame we hadn’t heard more. Doubling back, we passed through UK where Rea bought a couple of pins and had a chat with one of the English CMs there. Pressing on, we walked round as far as America, stopping occasionally to nosey at the F&W booths to see if there was anything that took our fancy. When we got to America, I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a line outside the area where the Beach Boys would be playing later, which stretched round further than we could see. As I said before, it was absolutely sweltering and all these people were just sitting and waiting to get in, even though there were still 3 hours to go. I commented to DH that we may not see the Beach Boys after all but we decided we would just come back later and take a chance.

We carried on round, as far as China, where the girls decided they were hungry and quite fancied Chinese. They got Orange Chicken and peach smoothies from Lotus Blossom café. DH and I had already decided we’d get fish and chips from the UK when we got back round. The girls finished and we wandered on and still the queue for the Beach Boys went on. In the end, it stopped somewhere near Norway. Looping right round, we took a look in a couple of shops and bought some pressies to take home. We then headed back to the UK, where DH and I got our fish and chips and went to sit in the little seating area at the side. The girls went off to explore, after we arranged to meet them at 6:45 on the bridge between UK and France, and we sat for a while enjoying the view out over the lake. It was a very pleasant way to spend an hour.

At about quarter past 5, we set off around WS to America again. There was a massive crowd of people gathered around the left-hand entrance to the gardens, complaining in loud voices how they’d been waiting for hours to get seats and the CMs were letting the other ‘side’ in first. I knew they couldn’t have been there that long as they weren’t there a couple of hours before but the CMs didn’t let them in anyway. DH and I quickly realised that we stood no chance of getting a seat so decided we’d just stand at the back and watch, which a lot of other people had obviously decided to do. Soon, that area filled right up and it was so crowded that people trying to walk round WS were having some difficulty getting past. There were some Brits next to us and a couple who sounded like they were from New York just behind and we soon struck up a conversation, as you tend to do in these situations (well, I do anyway). It turned out that the Brits were actually ex-pats who lived just down the road – lucky things. I did offer to make them my new best friends and enquired whether they wanted to adopt me but, sadly, no!

The Beach Boys came on the stage and sang a few numbers – I think, from what I could see, there were only a couple of original members there (if that) but it was a very enjoyable way to spend half an hour and we had good fun with our new friends. The thing that annoyed me the most, though, was that 90% of the people who actually had seats inside the gardens actually got up and left before the end – how ignorant!

Afterwards, we headed back round to meet the girls who, judging from the number of bags they were carrying, had obviously had a prosperous afternoon. We left Epcot then and took a slow stroll round to the Yacht Club.

I suggested to DH that, as we had a little while before meeting Jen and her family, we have a drink in the Yacht Club. We weren’t sure if we were a bit underdressed but we wandered in anyway and took a seat in a little bar area just to the right of the lobby. DH and the girls ordered milkshakes (vanilla, raspberry and chocolate) and I decided I really fancied a cocktail. I opted for the Sky-Berry Martini, thinking it sounded quite fruity and refreshing.

It really was lovely. Obviously, it would have been rude not to have another and, to be honest, I could have drunk a few more. I must admit, though, I was feeling a little squiffy after just 2. The barman was making up some cocktails, which he explained were new recipes and they were displayed along the bar. I joked that we would happily volunteer if he wanted tasters to which he replied that we were more than welcome. I declined but DH tried the Fall special, Pumpkin Spiced Martini, which he declared lovely.

We paid the check (a very reasonable $20), leaving a more than generous tip for the lovely bartender, and headed outside to meet Jen. I didn’t have a clue what she looked like but she had described herself and her family so we didn’t have trouble spotting them when they wandered past a few minutes later. We checked in for the cruise and the younger ones (Jen’s 2 boys and DD2) were given life jackets. Our skipper, Captain Dan, told us we would be the last boat to leave and we had a few minutes to kill so we decided to take the opportunity for a bathroom break. Back at the dock, we boarded the boat and soon we were off. Unfortunately, Jen’s poor Brother-in-law wasn’t feeling too good so he and his wife had decided at the last minute not to board the boat after all so it was only the 8 of us. Dan kept up a steady commentary while we cruised along, imparting some great trivia and lots of little tidbits of information. We headed first up towards MGM, passing the Boardwalk Villas. They looked absolutely lovely all lit up and I couldn’t contain my secret any longer. I pointed to them and said to DH ‘Don’t they look lovely?’ ‘Yeah, I wouldn’t mind staying there one day if we could afford it’ he replied. ‘We’re staying there in February’ I squeaked, hardly able to contain my excitement and I told him I’d booked it in March as a surprise. He did look relatively surprised but probably more at the fact that I’d managed to keep it a secret for so long. He still doesn’t know about some of the other secrets I’ve got up my sleeve so don’t anyone go and ruin the rest of the surprise, will you!

Heading back down towards Epcot now, we moored up under the bridge and Dan offered round sodas and chips. Illuminations was soon underway and I was completely in awe. It was absolutely fantastic, so very different to Wishes. I hadn’t really known what to expect but I thoroughly enjoyed it – and what a way to see it for the first time. When it was over, we headed back to the dock where we said goodbye to Jen and her family.

We headed out to the front of the Yacht Club, where the valet called us a cab. It arrived shortly and we headed back to the hotel, having had an excellent day and the most amazing end to it. I would thoroughly recommend the Illuminations Cruise if you can find another family to share it with (brilliant as it was, I don’t think I’d have paid the full $250 for it). We paid $25 each (plus a $10 tip for the skipper) which we thought was very reasonable. Back at the hotel, it was straight to bed and lights out – no TV tonight, we were all far too tired. The plan for tomorrow was Busch Gardens but DH and I decided we’d play it by ear and see how we all felt in the morning.

Today's budget - $250
Total spend today - $248.80
Under budget - $1.20 (not much but still under )
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Another great day

Did Rea go on any of the rides?

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Joh, you really are very good at all this Trip Reporting malarkey y'know - I'm right there with you. I'm taking notes about what you're eating, btw.

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Originally Posted by ely3857 View Post

Did Rea go on any of the rides?

Nope, apart from Great Movie Ride at MGM. I think we'd figured by this time that there was no point trying to persuade her and we were just getting stressed out about it. So we just chilled out a bit and let her go off and buy pins whenever we went on a ride she didn't like the look of. She did get a bit braver later in the holiday, though - all will be revealed
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Would love a diet on Cadbury Flakes
Admits she's strange when it comes to eggs
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Originally Posted by UKDEB View Post
Joh, you really are very good at all this Trip Reporting malarkey y'know - I'm right there with you.
Thanks for the compliment Deb. I'm surprised that I remember so much actually considering I took no notes whatsoever so I'm just using my pictures and receipts to jog my memory about what we did.

Originally Posted by UKDEB View Post
I'm taking notes about what you're eating, btw.
You serve up some Epcot fish and chips or one of those Mickey chocolate cakes next weekend and we'll be friends for life luv
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Old 01-09-2007, 03:35 AM   #6

It was so peaceful doing that and I loved it!
I like lemon and sugar on mine, and sometimes chocolate
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Loving your reports Joh Your photos are fab. I have got a photo of me and DBF stood outside the Yacht Club in the same spot as your pic
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Great Trippie Joh, it brings back lots of memorys from our OCtober trip, in particular the Illuminations Cruise, sounds like you enjoyed it as much as we did
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Another great day Joh
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im secretly hoping to do an illuminations cruise in september you described it so well im even more determined to do it now
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Great day Joh, loving your photos as well

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Great report and photos. Cruise sounded lovely

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What a wonderful and busy day, Joh. I would love to see the Beach Boys, I bet they were amazing. I hope one day that we will get to do one of the cruises, it sounds lovely.

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Great report and photos. I just loved the pumpkin spiced Martinis and was only saying to Mark this weekend how I wish we were going in October again just to have these wonderful cocktails, and not hot, humid and wet August!

Looking forward to reading more.

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