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Old 02-03-2007, 10:47 AM   #76
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Monday, January 15th

I think we all slept like rocks, until about 2 am. Anabelle woke me up with those words every mother fears hearing on vacation, “Mommy, I think I’m going to throw up”. Great. Well, I wasn’t overly surprised. Anabelle has a somewhat sensitive stomach and the past two days she had been eating more junk than normal and I don’t think a fruit or vegetable crossed her lips. She didn’t actually get sick and she decided she wanted to go back to sleep. So I dug through the kitchen supplies and tucked her back in with a nice mixing bowl by her side. I may have given her an AlkaSeltzer as well. Half of one tablet usually takes care of her tummy woes. Back to bed and all was well…for two hours. Now it was Marcus’ turn with a tummy ache. Laura gave him a bath at about 4am, that usually settles him down and he went back to sleep. But at 6am he started crying and was not able to hold it down as well as Anabelle did. Laura cleaned up the carpet and after a visit to the bathroom, got Marcus back to sleep.

Laura and her kids were heading back home today, they had school and work on Tuesday. We got everyone up and ready, I called housekeeping about the carpet and they said they would send up a crew with a shampooer. I think we were starting to be the problem guests! First a plumber and now carpet cleaners. We were less trouble for the rest of the trip!

We helped Laura and the kids get loaded up and watched them pull away as we headed to the bus stop. I’m so glad we got to spend a little time with them, but I think all the adults were glad we didn’t have to deal with all the intra-cousin dynamics for the rest of the week. Traveling with three kids is tiring enough, with five it is exhausting! Between moderating who sat by who, who needed a bathroom, drink, snack, etc. we all needed a margarita (or three) by dinner time! Marcus ended up having a 12 hour bug, good thing they only had a two hour drive. We were sorry that Marcus was sick, but we were on our way to the Magic Kingdom!

I was eager to see the kids’ reactions to the castle. Rebecca was only 2 ½ the last time we were there and while she remembers snippets, this will be her first trip that “sticks” I think. Andrew had only ever seen the castle on TV. Soon we caught sight of it off the driver’s side of the bus.

Rebecca's reaction:

And Andrew's:

Getting Laura on the road got us to the bus stop a little late, so people were already entering the turnstiles when we arrived. We got through in quick order and headed under the train station. As soon as we saw Main Street, Rebecca turned to me and said (quite indignantly, she’s really good at that), “I thought you said there were RIDES HERE!”. Being her mother, I replied “there are no rides here. Go ask that man, he’ll tell you that they don’t have rides here.” A CM was standing right there and looked at me a little puzzled. “Umm, Ma’am we do have rides here.” I explained that I was, in fact, aware there were rides here, but I was just teasing my daughter. I’m not sure he got it, but he asked us if we would be in the park all day. When I said yes, he set us up for a private meeting with Cinderella that afternoon. Alright! Score one for the pixie dust! Everyone else in our party was halfway up Main Street at this point, so I caught up and didn’t tell anyone about our meeting (I did eventually tell the adults, they tend to like to know where they are going).

They had the route through the castle blocked off due to the Cinderella show so we veered left and entered Fantasyland that way. Since we were walking right by Tink’s Treasures, I thought why not pop in and see if Tink was awake. I had not planned on trying this as I’ve seen lots of posts on how competitive it can be and how you have to be the absolute first one in the store. Kind of like getting that CRT ADR I guess. Anyway, there were already a mom and young girl in the store talking to a CM so I figured, Oh well. But the CM walked back to the register so I asked if Tink was awake yet. Well, after some consultation with another CM, it was determined that she was still sleeping and that Anabelle and Rebecca could wake her up. To be honest, it wasn’t as cool as I would have thought. They gave Anabelle a wand and had her tap a chest three times saying loudly, “Wake up, Tinkerbell!” each time.

Wake up, Tinkerbell!

After the third tap, the lights around the store flickered and the “Tink” music began. I really didn’t think Anabelle was that impressed, but she has since told all her friends that she “got to wake up Tinkerbelle”, so I guess it was a bigger hit than I thought. Rebecca just stood by and watched, but that didn’t seem to bother her at all. The CM’s had the girls peak in the keyhole to see Tink flying by, they both thought that was pretty cool. The girls got a YOMD certificate for waking Tink and we were on our way.

Sidenote, when Anabelle was a toddler we were in a playgroup. One of the little boys had an older sister (probably about 4 at the time) who could not remember Anabelle’s name. She always called her Tinkerbell.

The adventures in Tink’s Treasures took longer that I thought, but the line for Dumbo was still pretty short so we hopped in. Here is where I first noticed the many “earning my ears” ribbons around the World. Apparently the College Program had just gotten a new batch and there were trainees just about everywhere. One of the the trainees at Dumbo had to be 70, if he was a day, so he may not have been a part of the College Program. But, all the rest of the “red ribbon” group we saw that week were fresh faced Co-eds. I had a friend who Co-op’ed in the Imagineering department when we were in college. That was the dream job of the program. I would have loved to have done that, but I guess my time as an engineering co-op at a HVAC Manufacturer’s Representative firm was just as fun. Well, not really, but I did get to look at a lot of interesting blueprints. Flashback over, where were we? Oh, right. Dumbo was, well Dumbo. Andrew seemed to like it, his very first MK ride! We hopped over to Peter Pan and rode with basically no wait. I’ve always loved this ride, but I really don’t understand why it is popular enough to be a FastPass. Whatever, we enjoyed it as usual, happy we didn’t have to wait in a long line.

Next stop, Pooh, again with no wait. The kids loved it, I really miss Mr. Toad. Mr. Toad was always one of my favorites and I was very sad to see it go. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pooh. He’s always been one of my favorites. My kids are now using the 100 Acre Wood towels I had when I was little, faded as though they are. But, I still miss Toad et al.

By now the grown-ups were jonesing for some caffine, so I headed over to get some coffee by way of the Space Mountain FastPass machines. I met up with the rest of the gang in the Pooh play area and we had a nice little break. I ended up drinking most of my mom’s iced cappuccino since it was sweetened. We had assumed it would be an iced cappuccino, not a over sweetened iced cappuccino. Since my mom is diabetic, half of it was about all she thought she could safely drink. John’s hot cappuccino was not sweetened, go figure. Andrew and Rebecca really loved the play area, they would have stayed in that tree all day.

In Pooh's tree:

Anabelle played some, but she is obviously outgrowing some things. Sad but exciting all at the same time.

Anabelle and Grammy:

Break over, back to touring people! Anabelle had been asking to do Snow White since we arrived but I told her to hold off until we got some of the more popular rides under our belts (I’m such a good TGMer!). Now was a good time so we hopped on with again, no wait. Gotta love getting there at opening! The girls played with the sword in the stone for a few minutes and then we hit the carousel.

It wouldn't budge:

I had told Anabelle about Cinderella’s horse and she was psyched to find it. She did and we all enjoyed a whirl around Fantasyland.

On Cindy's horse (notice the gold ribbon on its tail):

There was still no wait for Philharmagic, so that was next. We had seen it last trip and it was just as fun as I remembered. Andrew loves Donald so it was a hit for him. I love watching the kids try to grab things. By now it was approaching 11:15 and lunch time. I gave Anabelle the choice of what she wanted to eat and she decided on chicken fingers so we headed towards Columbia Harbor House. We checked out the line at the Haunted Mansion first and it looked empty. Oh, that’s because it was broken down. OK, back to the original plan and lunch. We ate in the peaceful upstairs area and thought about what our next step would be. Splash Mountain was down for rehab the whole time we were there, so that did affect our plans. We decided to do the Haunted Mansion next, provided it was running. It was and I enjoyed what is one of my all time favorites. I remember loving it the first time I rode it in 1974. Neither of the girls remembered riding this before and it was fun to see their reactions. Anabelle was a little creeped out by the hitchhiking ghosts, I remember being disappointed that they weren’t real when I was little!

Next up adventure land and the reunion....
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Anabelle was psyched up to ride Pirates, so I grabbed some Jungle Cruise FastPasses and we hopped in the Pirates queue. Wow, the movie has really given this ride a boost! Both sides were open and still the line was outside the building. The queue moved quickly, though I wonder if they’ll make it a FastPass one of these days. I do like the changes, although I miss the old ending too. Guess I’m just old fashioned sometimes. Can’t have it both ways though. We still had a few minutes before our Jungle Cruise FastPasses were good, so we did the old standby, the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse. Rebecca asked me if we could buy it. I told her it wasn’t for sale and she asked if we could buy it IF they ever put it up for sale for $1. I told her I thought maybe we would, if they ever put it up for sale for $1. I think it was a safe answer.

Now our Jungle Cruise FastPasses were good, but our meeting with Cindy was rapidly approaching and I didn’t want to be late. So we headed towards Main Street where the girls got to browse in the stores, much to their delight. Rebecca picked up her first souvenier of the trip. A lovely purple hair/ponytail holder thing. It is almost impossible to get it in her hair without it hopelessly tangling up. But, she doesn’t seem to miss the $10 she dropped on it (hope the treehouse doesn’t come on the market too soon!).

Lovely, isn't it?

We bought Andrew a cute red Mickey hat. He really wanted the blue one, but it was a bigger size and too big. So he settled for the red one and appeared quite pleased with his selection. Anabelle decided not to part with any of her money yet.

We arrived at the Photopass place at the end of Main Street (just to the right after you come under the train station from the gate) and were next in line. I still hadn’t told the kids what we were doing there. There was a mom and young girl (probably 10 or so) that both had 1st Visit buttons on in front of us. They were both so excited! It is always fun to see that first time excitement on people’s faces, no matter what their age! They didn’t spill the beans as to why we were there and it was soon our turn. We entered the room and there she was, Cinderella! All three kids were excited, even Anabelle who is sometimes too old for this kind of thing. It was so nice to see the unabashed joy on her face! Andrew started talking up a blue streak. “Your castle big. Dere it is, behind you. Right dere!” He was pointing to the pictures of the castle on the wall. Cinderella took them over and they looked at each one.

Cinderella pointing out the castle:

She was really wonderful with the kids. In the first part of this report, I mentioned how Cinderella had danced with Anabelle when she was two. I reminded Cinderella that she had met Anabelle before and she was right on it. “Oh, you’ve grown so much since then!” etc. She even signed her book, “to my old friend”. It was so sweet, tears came to my eyes. I was also impressed when Cindy asked if the girls were good in school and they said “we don’t go to school, we’re homeschooled”. She replied, without skipping a beat, “well that’s school too, isn’t it?” Cinderella is pro-homeschooling! Who knew? The time for our reunion was up, so we headed out with our new Photopass card in hand!

It was about 3pm by this time and at this time each day, swarms of what I think were immature love bugs came out. We never had a problem other than from about 2:30 to 3pm each day. During those times they were everywhere, like clouds of gnats. Just a nuisance, but we made sure to keep our mouths closed while walking thru the swarms. We decided to head to Tomorrowland to use our Space Mountain FastPasses. Since we were right under the station, we decided to hop on the train. We all enjoyed the break and Andrew loved riding on a real train again. We hopped off at Mickey’s Toontown Faire and sent my mom and Andrew on the Peoplemover (TTA). The girls were nervous since they couldn’t sit next to us on Space Mountain, but they really wanted to ride so they sucked it up. They loved it, as I knew they would. I liked it too, but again I am aging out of these rides I think. Once this trip was enough. We called mom on her cellphone and she and a now sleeping Andrew were on their third trip around on the TTA. We got on for a ride and met up with them at the end. Andrew was still groggy, so my mom and I took him into Carousel of Progress while John took the girls on the AstroOrbiters. CoP is another sentimental favorite of mine, although I do like the old song better (no surprise there). “Now is the time, now is the best time, now is the best time of your life. Life is a prize, live every minute, open your eyes and watch how you win it. Yesterday’s memories are sparkling and new, tomorrow is still but a dream. Right here and now you’ve got it made, the world’s full of laughter and you’re in the parade. Now is the time…..” But, the new song is OK too. Andrew promptly fell back asleep in my lap and we rotated through the century. The 40’s scene ended and the song began, and we stayed right there. OK, what now. We’ll the scene played over again and thankfully we moved on to today, complete with a round of applause from the audience.

We had 5:20pm ADR’s at Chef Mickey’s and it was approaching 5 so we decided we should head on out. We jumped on the train from Toontown Faire to Main Street and took the monorail over to the Contemporary. We made good time and had a chance to browse around on the Concourse.

My Goofy children:

We checked in, got our picture taken, and waited about 5 minutes to be seated. The characters were close to our table, so we decided to wait and see them before we headed to the buffet. The character interaction was wonderful all night. We were not planning on returning to a park that evening, so we didn’t feel rushed at all. It was a nice feeling. Pluto came by first and Andrew was enthralled!

Minnie stopped by next and Andrew spent some time showing her his new Mickey hat. She was suitably impressed.

Donald, however was not impressed, and threw Andrew’s hat onto the bench. Andrew was tottering on getting upset, but Donald got the hat and put it back on Andrew’s head and gave him a hug. I explained to Andrew that Donald wanted Andrew to wear a Donald hat and that seemed to smooth everything over.

Andrew wanted that hat back:

Friends again:

Goofy was next followed by the main cheese. Andrew spent a good amount of time explaining to Mickey that he had wanted the blue hat, but it was too big, so he got the red hat, and it fits, and it has Mickey on it, See-there’s Mickey on it, see the ears, it goes on my head…… Mickey was a good sport and seemed very pleased that Andrew was not wearing a Donald hat.

Pluto stopped by again and Anabelle scratched him behind the ears. His leg started shaking and that sent the girls into gales of laughter.

Somewhere in there we waved our napkins. We saw all rest of the characters again for a quick hello. It really was a lot of fun. The food was pretty good too. Buffets really do work best with our kids, I can at least get a few bites of fruits and veggies in them that way. Anabelle made fairly healthy selections, she didn’t want a repeat of last night.

Properly stuffed we headed back to the monorail and caught the bus at MK for SSR. On the bus, some sort of sisterly disagreement arose and my sweet little Rebecca slapped her sister full across the face. This of course, sent Anabelle into hysterics. Rebecca had just gotten herself grounded from swimming that night. I hate to punish my kids on vacation, but obviously I couldn’t let her get away with it. I comforted poor Anabelle, I know it hurt. I saw it and it made me flinch!

John stayed in the villa while my mom and I took Anabelle and Andrew to the pool for an hour or so. Back to the room for baths and jammies and the kids watched a little TV before we did the mean parent thing and made them go to sleep. Tomorrow we were to be up bright and early for Animal Kingdom and Expedition Everest!
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Wow great day, Andrew was so cute about his hat! A private meet with Cinderella you're so lucky, was it just right place at the right time luck? Glad you enjoyed CM as we're going there on our trip and now I can't wait!
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Great installment! I love hearing how Andrew told Mickey all about his hat. My girls also fought at least once on our trip. Sisters....go figure! LOL!!
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Ellester, I'm shocked. I had no idea you were doing a trip report. Somehow I missed it until now - probably cause I wasn't online much around the time you started it. I can't tell you how impressed I am. It's an absolutely brilliant report. Your photos from the early days just blew me away - what fantastic treasures those photos are for you and for your children in future years. (I can't get over that old MK passport ticket!!). As for the present-time and the photos of your recent trip, they're just wonderful! Your 3 children are gorgeous. Doesn't Andrew look like Anabelle did when she was younger in that beautiful photo with Cindy??

I could feel the excitement while I read about (and looked at the photos of) Christmas morning. I just adore the boxes within boxes idea! You put so much love and care into all that planning - that's the stuff that memories are made of in later life when the children are all grown up.

I'm not fully up to date yet. I just *had* to post and say how much I'm loving this. Can't wait to read more.
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Originally Posted by DisneyJo View Post
Wow great day, Andrew was so cute about his hat! A private meet with Cinderella you're so lucky, was it just right place at the right time luck? Glad you enjoyed CM as we're going there on our trip and now I can't wait!
It was a great day! I don't know if the Cindy thing was part of the YOMD or what. I think the guy who made the appointment for us wore one of those infamous light blue shirts, but I don't remember for sure. He was just standing to the right of the crowd right past the railroad tunnel holding a clipboard. We just really started talking to him and he asked me if we were interested. So I guess it was being at the right place, but I was definitely the one who instigated the conversation.

Originally Posted by Lovemy3babes View Post
Great installment! I love hearing how Andrew told Mickey all about his hat. My girls also fought at least once on our trip. Sisters....go figure! LOL!!
Thanks! You have to appreciate that "sisterly love"! They do get along most of the time, but when they go at it, they go at it!

Originally Posted by DebIreland View Post
Ellester, I'm shocked. I had no idea you were doing a trip report. Somehow I missed it until now - probably cause I wasn't online much around the time you started it. I can't tell you how impressed I am. It's an absolutely brilliant report. Your photos from the early days just blew me away - what fantastic treasures those photos are for you and for your children in future years. (I can't get over that old MK passport ticket!!). As for the present-time and the photos of your recent trip, they're just wonderful! Your 3 children are gorgeous. Doesn't Andrew look like Anabelle did when she was younger in that beautiful photo with Cindy??

I could feel the excitement while I read about (and looked at the photos of) Christmas morning. I just adore the boxes within boxes idea! You put so much love and care into all that planning - that's the stuff that memories are made of in later life when the children are all grown up.

I'm not fully up to date yet. I just *had* to post and say how much I'm loving this. Can't wait to read more.
Hi Deb! I'm so glad you popped over! Andrew is a little clone of Anabelle. Yesterday an older lady told me he should have been a girl with that hair! Of course, Rebecca was standing right there looking all put out. You have to wonder why people don't think before they speak sometimes! I have been having a great time digging through my old stuff. So many of the best of my childhood memories have Disney in them, I'm hoping that my children will be able to say the same!

Another installment will be up soon, I hope! Thanks for sticking with me everyone!
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We awoke to a very foggy morning. Again, we got a slightly late start and people were already entering the turnstiles when we arrived at AK. We followed the masses to Everest. It was still quite foggy and you couldn’t see the top of the mountain. It was very cool, you could almost believe you were in Asia and not in Central Florida!

Everest in the fog:

We secured our FastPasses and babyswap pass and headed for the loading platform. John took one for the team and volunteered to hang out with Andrew while the rest of us rode. My mom wanted to try it. She’s not a big thrill ride fan, but she’ll try almost anything once. By the time we wound our way through the empty queue, we were able to board the next train. The girls and I loved it, although Anabelle confessed that she never saw the Yeti as her eyes were closed. Rebecca has since been infatuated with Yeti’s. The other day she said, “I wish I could discover a Yeti so I’d know they were real, even though it scares me”. Maybe she’ll have a Yeti show on the Discovery Channel someday. I told the girls not to say a word to their father about the ride so he could experience it fresh. “Can I at least tell him about the dark?” “No”. Well, we managed to silence most of the commentary and John took the girls back on with the babyswap pass. We watched for them and soon they were back so we headed to Dinoland.

Watching and waiting:

I had not been able to ride Primeval Whirl the last time we were at AK, since I was pregnant with Andrew. I thought about trying it, but the curves on Everest were just about at my limit and I thought I might be very sorry if I attempted it. So John took Anabelle (Rebecca was too short, much to her chagrin) and my mom and I took Andrew and Rebecca on the Triceratops Spin. There was no wait, which is always very nice. The kids enjoyed it, Andrew was bopping to the music for much of the ride. John and Anabelle had not reappeared, so Andrew and Rebecca danced with a dinosaur for a few minutes. I don’t know if it had a name or not, it couldn’t sign the autograph books.

Anonymous dino:

After John and Anabelle rejoined us we headed to Dinosaur, another one I wasn’t able to ride the last time. Andrew had to be measured and the CM had him stand in one particular spot on a small rise so he easily made it. We walked right into the preshow and were soon on our way to the past. Anabelle was sitting with my mom right in front of me and had her head in her lap the whole time. My mom was able to coax her to look at one “friendly” dinosaur before she retreated to her lap for the rest of the trip. Andrew had his hands up most of the time, but seemed OK with it.

This is actually from Living with the Land, but it's the only picture I have of Andrew with his "safety hands" up. I'm not really sure why he was scared in the greenhouse. Irrational fear of Micky cukes, perhaps?

Rebecca liked it, after several assurances that the dinos were not real. Dinosaur down, we decided to see if it was Tough to Be a Bug. We just missed the show, so we had a little wait but the kids enjoyed playing with their “bug eyes”.

Rebecca bug:

Anabelle bug:

Andrew almost bug:

None of us had seen it before and we all enjoyed it. Andrew sat on John’s lap, so I think that helped avoid the “toddler freakout” that has been reported on these boards! Rebecca had been asking (ie. whining) for a snack so we stopped off for a popcorn break. Properly refreshed, I picked up FastPasses for the Safari. The kids visited with Baloo and King Louie and we decided to grab some lunch at Tusker House.

It's the bear neccessities of life:

It was OK, I had the salad which wasn’t that exciting. The kids enjoyed their drumsticks though. For the second day in the row, they had the sugar free gel dessert with their meals. Big surprise, but they really wanted to share our cheese and carrot cakes instead. We, of course, shared and John was exceptionally brave and ate the gel. He was not in the least bit impressed. I know there has been thread after thread on the kid’s CS choices, but honestly who thought SF gelatin (not even really Jello) at every place would be acceptable? Oh well, it wasn’t really that big of a deal and it did make for a fun running joke for the week. “Would you like some of this chocolate mousse?” “Oh, no thanks I’d much prefer the Kozy Shack Sugar Free Strawberry Flavored Gel-type Dessert. Yum, yum, yum!”

We did the Safari after lunch and got great views of the baby giraffe and baby elephant.

Really cute baby elephant:

All the kids really liked the ride, although Rebecca was a little freaked by the sloping bridge. We started on the Paganini Trail and got a good view and education about the okapi’s. Then Rebecca decided that she did indeed NOW need to go to the bathroom so we hotfooted it out of there and found the restrooms. It was getting later in the day and the park closed at 5 so we decided to forgo returning to the trail and headed back to Everest to use our FastPasses from the morning. Mom sat this one out, but we still got the babyswap pass (shame on us!). I decided riding twice in a row would not be in my best interest, so I sat with mom and Andrew while John took the girls on one more time. I wanted to make sure we saw the Festival of the Lion King so we headed over to Camp Mickey Minnie (is that right? I never remember!) and got right into the next show. That is such an awesome show, the kids were clapping and singing along the whole time. Sometimes Anabelle makes like she is too grown up for some things so it was a real joy to look over at her smiling and belting out Hakuna Matata! Andrew zonked out in my lap right at the finale, he must have been exhausted! We settled on a bench on the path out of Camp MM and the nonsleepers had an ice cream break. We decided to try to catch the next Nemo show over in Dinoland so we hoofed it over there. They had already closed the doors so we missed it. The CM’s manning the queue suggested getting there 45 minutes before the next show. I really didn’t care to wait that long with three fidgety children, so we put Nemo on our list for next trip. The kids were excited about trying the boneyard, so we set up camp there for a while.

My kids, especially Rebecca, are very imaginative and like most kids I think, like to just play. I think it was at MK the day before when Rebecca looked at me and complained, “we’ve been going on so many rides, I haven’t had any time to play!” Not really a comment I expected to hear, but it was her vacation too so some playtime was in order. (Anabelle’s comment after hearing Rebecca’s was, “We’ve gone on so many rides I haven’t even had time to get bored!”) We gave the kids the run of the boneyard for a half hour or so. Rebecca said the jeep was her house and invited us all for the tour. She really is something else!

Rebecca's new home:

Next up, finally we see a parade and dinner at Boma!
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Another lovely episode, thank you. The bug pictures are adorable. I love times like that with my kids!

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SUCH a great point about the kiddos needing some down time to just play! I always forget that, thinking we're having so much fun doing Disney stuff, who wants to climb around on a jungle gym? But the days I make the time for DS4 to spend 15-20 minutes in free play are always our best WDW days.

Sounds like a terrific AK day!
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I'm all caught up now! I'm in love with your kids! They are soooo cute!

Even though it wasn't that exciting, I think it's great that Anabelle and Rebecca got to wake up Tinker Bell! My girls got to do that several years ago, and they still talk about it when we go into Tink's Treasures!

Wow! Getting to see Cinderella was cool, too!

Great pictures of EE in the fog! I bet it was neat riding it that morning! I can't wait to hear how you liked your dinner at Boma!

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I just lost steam at about 5 minutes
Wants to really smell the roses
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Great installment! Love the pics of your kids, so cute!

And so glad you ran Rebecca to the bathroom and didn't just let her go on the Panganini Trail like the lady did when we were there!

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Off to Neverland.....
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What a wonderful trip report! Thank you for sharing your memories and photos - you have 3 beautiful children!!
I look forward to reading more!!!

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Ellester, you've given me a much needed Dis-fix! One thing I love about these trip reports is that I can live vicariously through them and pretend I'm at the World in between trips. Okay, I've been once so far, but I'm already planning my next trip! Okay, it's a whole year away, but what's your point?!!

You have beautiful children, and it looks like you all have loads of fun on this trip. We went with my Mom on our last trip too, and fully intend to take her along again!

Thanks for letting me tag along on this trip report!
The "Bunny & Mommy Goin' on Vacation, Sunshine & Ice Cream All Day Long" Trip Report

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Pretty darn charming!
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What a great trip report! Your children are darling!

I really like the other CoP song too! Loved seeing the words in print ~ sang right along Years ago you could ask for the sheet music to the song ~

A sort of sad aside ~ the song we like is not the original ~ the one they have now is the original, though for the life of me I don't know why they changed back. The one we like is so catchy and cheerful!

Thanks for letting us tag along on your fun WDW trip

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I finally caught up with the last couple of installments! I love this trip report! Your kids are so cute and you seemed to really enjoy your trip! i cant wait to hear more about it!

Me and DFiance -
First Trip to Disney Feb. 13th - 23rd 2007!

Me and DFiance
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