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Old 06-07-2006, 03:50 PM   #1
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A MouseEars View of the World: *Updated: Pt. 7 Grumpy, Dopey and Alberto Do EPCOT*

I think it may be a sign of mental illness if you wrote your "pre-trip" introductions, oh, say, *blush*, 56 days before your trip. But since I'm actually posting this two days before we go, can we just chalk it up to extreme boredom on a rainy Good Friday? Yes? Good.

We're heading to Disney for 7 days, 6 nights on June 9th. We're driving from Pennsylvania, and we'll stop over twice on the way. (Yes, we know. We could make it in two days instead of three. Probably even in one. But we don't want to.) So our first Disney day will actually be the 11th. This trip is a surprise for dd and ds. Specifically, it's to celebrate ds's graduation from Kindergarten (we did the same for his sister 4 years ago, only it wasn't a surprise). One of the reasons I wrote this pre-trip report so early is that if I didn't say all of this to SOMEONE I would have ended up spilling the beans to the kids. I think this has been the most torturous secret I have EVER had to keep.

The plan for the surprise is to send the kids off to school on the 9th (they have a half day) and run around like crazy monkeys packing the car and dropping the dog at the kennel. Then, we show up at their school to pick them up and hand them a book. We'll insist that dd read it to ds right away. It will be a custom photo book, and you can see the pages here. Or, if you just wanna get to the point... it talks about ds's year in kindergarten and the last two pages read: So Mommy and Daddy picked him up at school and said.... (last page) We're going to Disney World! From there, we walk them to the car where they find Mickey and Minnie strapped in their seats and off we go.

At any rate, here's the cast for this little excursion:

Me: I'm a mother, wife, seventh grade teacher, drama coach, Children's Ministry director, scrapbooker, and all around busy person. I'm 29 (really) but will be turning 29 again right after our trip.

DH (Scott): Father, husband, computer programmer, Children's Ministry co-director, guitar player, and all around adorable person. He's also 29, but will be turning a respectable 30 after our trip, unlike some people. (Easy for him to say - he's 17 days younger!)

DD: Nine year old prodigy (No, I'm not at all biased! ;-) How dare you say so!) who SERIOUSLY needs a vacation. In addition to the 4th grade, she's spent the past year on a competition dance team, playing piano, learning french horn, performing in the Nutcracker and in church plays and singing in the elementary chorus. She was threatened with the removal of any or all of these things if she didn't practice, maintain her grades, etc. I expected her to last a week before we cut down her schedule. She showed me. *sigh* But she needs to be a KID for at least a week. She's Kairi, Kai or Princess.

DS: 6 year old wild child, he's our comic relief. Our family would be WAY too serious without this little bundle of energy. He's a constant goof, but also a bit of a ride phobic. We're not at all sure how he's gonna handle Disney. But it will be entertaining, that I can bet the farm on. If I had a farm. Which I don't. He is also a dancer, and just finished Kindergarten. He wants to start karate and guitar next year, too. We're afraid. Very afraid. At home, we just call him Trouble. But for the purposes of the report, we'll call him Nicky.

So there you have it. We'll be staying in the Pop Century Resort, 60's Building (we hope - now that they've changed what's considered "Preferred" we may be elsewhere). We're on the dining plan, are planning to follow a touring plan (based loosely on Unofficial Guide, with snippets of TGM, and sprinklings of our own style).

I can't WAIT to tell the kids.

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Old 06-07-2006, 05:33 PM   #2
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I loved that book! You did such a GOOD JOB!
& your kids are going to be SO surprised!

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Old 06-07-2006, 06:00 PM   #3
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Loved the pre-trip report. I started the piano in 2nd grade and the french horn in 5th. No dancing for me though and I still cannot carry a tune. Hope everything goes as planned. Like the Tag Fairy put in my signature "Nothin like a road trip to WDW.
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Old 06-07-2006, 07:08 PM   #4
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Oh how exciting!! At first I thought you might wait until day 3 of your journey to tell them but I'm sure the Welcome to Florida sign would give it away

This looks like a promising delightful report - can't wait for more!!
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Old 06-09-2006, 06:00 AM   #5
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What a great way to spring the trip on the kids! They are going to be so excited. I think you need to stop at home and post their reaction (with pictures) before hitting the road for Disney

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Old 06-19-2006, 09:45 PM   #6
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We're back! We had a fabulous time! If you like pictures and pixie dust, stick around, 'cause I took lots of the former, and we were blessed with lots of the latter as well! Let's just say a future picture will feature the MouseEars family with _10_ characters!!!

Since our trip was a surprise for our kids, I have to start the trip report by describing how the surprise went! So, without further ado, part one!

Part One: The Surprise

Scott and I acted as though we were going to work as usual. The kids knew that my last day was actually the day before, but I had convinced them I had a meeting with my team. Unfortunately, Scott came downstairs in shorts. I said, in my best exaggerated adult-keeping-a-secret voice, "Did you forget you had to go to work today??" Never let it be said dh can't think on his feet. "Oh, we did such a great job solving a problem for one of our districts that the boss is giving us a picnic for lunch today. We're allowed to wear shorts." Liar, liar, shorts on fire. So anyway, we finally dropped the kids off at school, and told them I would get them later. And then we breathed. Because we couldn't POSSIBLY spill the beans now. It had been so very hard to keep the secret, especially the last night when we needed to be packing and had to wait for them to sleep! We ran back to the house and grabbed our dog Honey. She needed to go to the kennel, we needed to go to the bank, to Wal-mart (for batteries), pack the rest of the things we needed, pack the car, and get back in 4 hours. We did it in 3. And sat. And waited. Finally, we heard the dismissal announcement and went in to get the kids. Kai showed up first. She was surprised to see her dad, who was supposed to be at work. Another quick lie (horrible parents that we are) and she believed that he came home just to go to Mickey Dee's for lunch with us. (Obviously she had forgotten he had a picnic at work. Hmmm.) We sent her off to find her brother, and when she returned with him in tow, they wanted to show us their report cards. We're all, yeah, whatever, read this book. (We later discovered they both rocked their grades. We just didn't really care at that point. Did I mention we're horrible parents?)

They read the book. After a stunned second, this was their response.

I gotta say, I love that my kids' first impulse was gratitude. They threw their arms around Daddy and didn't let go. Then we had to explain that we were going RIGHT THAT SECOND. At that point, they were completely flipping. I'm sure people all around were staring, but I can't say for sure, cause I was so busy grabbing bookbags and musical instruments and hustling two kids to the car. There, Nicky found the Mickey Mouse we had bought him to match his sister's Minnie (from her kindergarten graduation). He loved him instantly, and spent the ride to the house (to ditch the bags and horn) hugging him and playing with his ears and making "wow" faces. Kai meanwhile was babbling and trying to determine if we had packed and prepared adequately. Cause how could we possibly have managed without her input? Also, she wanted to know details like when we'd get there, how long we'd stay, where we were staying... she's the practical one, Nicky's the dreamer.

So I'd say, Surprise: Successful!

Stay Tuned for Part Two: ROAD TRIP!

PS Sorry for the blur on the pic - they were moving pretty fast!

Childhood Visits Offsite, FW Cabins 2002, Pop 2006 (Incomplete Trip Report/Scrapbook), CSR Grand Gathering July 2009 (Trip Report), Pop 2010 (Trip Report)

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Old 06-20-2006, 05:35 AM   #7
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I love your surprise! We tried to surprise our kids last year and my DD who was turning 7 that day did not want to go to Disneyworld to celebrate her birthday because she would miss some school days.. Cant wait to read more!

DH ME DD 19 DD 15 DS 12
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Old 06-20-2006, 05:47 AM   #8
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Can't wait to read the rest! My niece did a "surprise" like yours once, but not quite as unique. She had a book prepared when her daughters got home from school--telling of the surprise trip - as they finished reading - a limo drove up to take them all to the airport--it was terrific!
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Old 06-20-2006, 06:05 AM   #9
Finally got a chance to come back and crack this thing
Where did you find those set of ears?
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LOVED your story book. Did you do that with a computer program?

That hooked me right in. I will be reading......
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Old 06-20-2006, 06:24 AM   #10
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AAWWW- that pic says it all! How great.
I am looking forward to more.
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Old 06-20-2006, 07:15 AM   #11
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I LOVE the picture of your kids! That's just beautiful! Can't wait to read more!
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Old 06-20-2006, 07:25 AM   #12
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Yeah - how totally cool! We will surprise DD 8 in Sept when we go for the free dining!

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Old 06-20-2006, 07:36 AM   #13
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Great start!!! Can't wait to read all about your trip!!
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Old 06-20-2006, 08:44 AM   #14
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I started planning my trip a year ago ( will be going July 1st -16th 06') and the second I made reservations I blurted it out to my kids DS 5 DD 1 (at the time!) That's wonderful! I definatley would love to surprise my son that way and I will try next time. You are an inspiration.
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Old 06-20-2006, 08:47 AM   #15
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This is great! We got back in January and are already planning a "surprise" trip in September of '07. Well...... I am anyways. My husband doesn't know I'm planning another trip already. I guess it'll be a surprise for him too. LOL. I think a surprise for my boys would be awesome. I'm terrible at keeping secrets though. Keep em coming.
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