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Old 05-01-2006, 09:50 PM   #1
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Cool Still Too Excited To Sleep Completed! I leave for the next trip in 7 hrs and 38 mins


Rhonda (Me 37)—Voted coolest mom by my son’s fifth grade class. I am completely obsessed with all things Disney. I work for a major healthcare system and one of my main functions is to teach management about customer loyalty. One of the examples that I use is that Harley Davidson measures loyalty by the number of riders that have the name Harley Davidson tattooed on their body. If Disney measured the same way, I would be considered a loyal fan. It is true that I have been 47 times. Never as a child—all as an adult. Some solo, some with just my husband, some with my husband and all children, some with one child at a time and some with all of them. I have been with friends, co-workers and even neighbors.

Drew (Disney Son 11)—an extremely bright child. I know everyone says that about their children, but when he self taught himself to read at age 2 we knew this one was unique! He also loves all things Disney. He is scared of nothing and much to his disappointment he has always been very short for his age. His younger brother was able to ride all of the big rides before him. Drew has tons of friends and loves to have parties at our house. His last sleepover consisted of 41 boys taking over my upstairs.

Steven (Disney Son 10)—14 months junior to his older brother he is always trying to keep up with his brother. He had failure to thrive at birth and had no interest in eating. When he was seven months old he discovered food and has not stopped eating since! He has fewer friends than his brother because he is very selective. Once you are his friend he sticks by you through it all. He was lucky enough to have his best friend’s family join us at Disney World last year. Unlike his brother he has not always been fond of the thrill rides. He hates the Tower of Terror—not because of the drop but because the scary story freaks him out. He is also terrified of the Sci-Fi Drive In.

Rachel D. (Disney Daughter 4)—Rachel is not a Disney princess, not because she is not girly, that description just does not fit her as well as Disney Diva. Rachel is also very smart and if she thinks it she says it. She is in preschool and is the apple of the teacher’s eye. She has always gone to Disney multiple times a year and thinks that is just normal.

Malcolm (Not so Disney Husband 37) —He will not be joining us on this trip. If he has his way he will not join us on any Disney trip. As much as I love Disney, he hates Disney. He used to go. He used to tear up at the sight of the castle. He used to swing his napkin and celebrate with the best of them. Something tragic happened in his life. He lost both parents and after that declared that he would never go back. His mother felt Disney was a waste of money and maybe that is why he lost his love for Disney. Maybe he just felt second to a mouse. I don’t know, but I just try and not talk about it at home. The kids and I do all of the planning when he is not around. I hope one day he will go back. He has never gotten to enjoy his Disney Diva at her favorite place on earth.

My mom and dad (Disney grandparents)—also see no sense in going to Disney all the time. Disgruntled because they wanted to take the grandkids to Yellowstone during the time we will be at Disney. They will just have to go when we get back.

Okay well, that is the cast of characters. I have been planning this trip since January. On a whim I emailed my boss one day and asked for two weeks off between May and June. She replied that she thought that sounded like fun and I should enjoy my trip. I speed dialed Disney Central Reservations and secured a room at Pop Century. After a little thought and a lot of conversation with my sister (who has been almost as many times as me) I decided that I wanted to do the meal plan. Oh no, the meal plan is maxed out after ten nights and I will be there for fourteen nights! What to do? I asked the kids if they would like to do ten days and Disney and four nights at Universal. My oldest looked at me like I was crazy. He said no, we need all of our time for Disney, maybe next trip! So, with that decision, I renewed the Annual Passes, booked two different reservations one with the meal plan and one day tickets and one for the remaining four nights—no meal plan—we will just pay out of pocket.

Okay so it is only January and I have the car rented, the plane tickets purchased, the room and meals paid for and now I needed some meal reservations. We tend to like to go back to the same restaurants over and over. I think we should do some new things this year, so I made ressies for some new places. I asked the kids to eliminate a few of the old stand bys but they were having trouble deleting any of them. The result is that we have 14 nights, 10 table service meal credits, and 23 reservations for table service restaurants. We will eliminate as we go!

I told each of the kids that they could pick one place to dine and we would celebrate their unbirthday at that restaurant. My diva chose the My Disney Princess Tea Party. I explained that was not an option. We did it last trip and the 11 year old would die if he had to go to that! Plus I was not thinking a $450.00 unbirthday celebration. I did book the Bippity Boppity Boo Princess package for her though.

In the meantime, my company sends me to Disneyland in March for a conference. What a special treat to get an almost free Disney fix in the middle of the waiting period for our May trip! It was solo because I could not convince my husband that the kids needed to go with me. I hated leaving them, but I had a blast walking on through the single rider lines in California. Now, I was of course comparing the two resorts the whole trip. Disneyland is the first Disney Park that I went to. Walt Disney has also been my hero since I was a little girl. My dad and I used to watch the Wonderful World of Disney together and I fell in love with Walt. As I wondered around Disneyland I could feel his presence in so much of that park. Plus I got to ride Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. I love that ride. The end result was though that I will stick to Disneyworld for now. Maybe I could convince my husband to join us in California if he did not have to go to the park. . . .hmmmm. . .

Another side bar about the trip to Disneyland. I love Build a Bear and Maxine Clark, Chief Executive Bear was talking at the conference. She gave away two bears—one dressed as Mickey and one dressed as Minnie. Well guess who snagged the Mickey Bear. Yeah that is right, I am bad, I won it, don’t hate on me people. The rest of the day I could feel the envious stares of the other conference attendees. People kept asking if they could see the bear. I watched the Mickey Bear (not to be confused as a Mickey Bar—I snagged a few of those on the trip as well) like a hawk. Don’t touch the merchandise. . . OK so maybe the whole espionage, people trying to steal my bear thing was my imagination, but a girl can dream, right?

Okay so back to trip number 47. Planning had been put on hold. I have been really busy with life. The end of school is coming up, at work we are restructuring so that has been very busy, and finally we had a really scary health scare with our 11 year old. Drew has been having really bad headaches. They have always been called migraines, but the doctor decided we should do an MRI. I had taken Monday off because the kids were out of school. We went to the museum of Natural Science because that kind of stuff turns my kids on. It is really difficult for me to do museums. Too slow paced—I am always wondering where the roller coasters are. Anyway, we had a great day. My parents had joined us and the kids did not even fight all day long! At the end of the day we stopped to eat. My cell phone rings and it is the doctor telling us “Drew has a vascular abnormality in his brain”. Her advice was that I should get him to a neuro surgeon as soon as possible. It was late in the day and all of the offices were closed. I called my friend who is the VP of Life flight and emergency services. I spent 15 years working in the ER and I could only think one thing. Aneurism. I have never been so scared in my life. My friend Tom said the good thing is we know before tragedy struck and we can do something about it. We happen to have the top pediatric neurosurgeon in the country working at one of our hospitals. I called my husband and he came home. We called a good friend of mine that is an emergency doc. He advised that these are normally angiomas and venous meaning not real harmful. I felt better but wanted a neurosurgeon’s opinion.

After a sleepless and teary night I went to meet Tom the next morning. He called the surgeons but one was out of town and one was leaving the next morning. The one that was leaving the next day would be in surgery all day and we would have to wait until the next week. I left heart broken and scared. I got a call in a few minutes. Dr. Fletcher could postpone his flight and see us at 8:00 in the morning. I was still scared but at least we would have an answer soon. The next morning, we went and found out that Drew’s abnormality is a simple angioma and”nothing to worry about”. Whew . . . God has a way of putting us back on track. Do not take those kids for granted. Kiss them and love them every day and just when you think you have adored them enough—adore them some more for good measure.

Yesterday (Saturday) my husband brought the mail in and tossed a couple of envelopes my way. There were four envelopes that said Disney in some fashion. The first was a padded envelope from Disneyland. It was a thank you for the two tours that I attended while in California. Along with the letter was a gold pin of Walt walking through the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Wow what a treat!! The second was the luggage tags from the Disney Travel Co. It also had the coupons for Planet Hollywood. The third was the luggage tags for the Magical Express. Even though I had reserved and prepaid for a car, I wanted to cover all of my bases in case I changed my mind. What was in the final envelope, you ask? What is behind door number four? Can you hardly stand the excitement? Well, it was a confirmation for the trip that I have planned for September. See, my birthday falls on Labor Day this year, the kids are out of school for a long weekend and Disney has this free food thing. . . I could not help myself! I guess I will need to see if my husband would like to spend my 38th birthday with me in the world. Malcolm, will it be Deal or No Deal? If my husband chooses no deal, I will take my daughter for a mommy and Disney Diva trip.

Okay, so yesterday I could hardly contain the excitement. Remember, my not so Disney Husband really does not want to hear any of the details. He also does not want to see me skipping through the house when he is sure those envelopes did not come free! So, I kept it in and when he went to do a little work at the office, I started singing and dancing. You know dancing, Elaine (from Seinfeld) style. Zippity Doo Dah. . . .Celebrate, celebrate, have a good time. Funny side note, one time when I was at Disney my kids started fighting. They fight a lot! I told them they were embarrassing me. My younger, less out spoken son said—you embarrass us too, Mom! WHAT??! Me, the coolest mom in the whole fifth grade, embarrass them? How can that be??? I replied, oh yeah how? He actually said “because you sing and dance all of the time--really loudly and really badly!!!” I am crushed (and not the turtle kind either)! Anyway, I refuse to let them rain on my parade, but I will not rain on theirs either so when you see the coolest mom in the whole fifth grade dancing down Main Street with her three fighting young ones behind her, you will know we are embarrassed but happy!

Wahoo only 26 days left. I have put up the Paint Chip count down on my office door at work.

My Disney box is getting full in my closet and my itinerary is typed, copied, laminated and ready to go. I have reservations, I have plans. I have ordered those really cool vacation shirts from disneyshopping.com. They say “The Dishonghs are Taking Over the World, May 2006.” I love those shirts. I love the home made kind too. I have made autograph shirts and hats for my kids. I also make these really cool expensive outrageous autograph books as well. I made some for our trip last May that extended through four 7X7 books and cost over $200.00 to make. They were the coolest things though. We got lots of attention. I actually had a few of the waiters ask if I could email them pictures of the books so they could show their families! I funded the books by making a second set and selling them for $400.00. So, I broke even! Then, yesterday, with all of the dancing, my Black Berry buzzed. I checked it thinking it was a reply to a Disboards post. NO, my disneyshopping.com order has been shipped. Oh those Disney Fairies are a smilin’ down on me! Pixie Dust is everywhere!

Okay, Okay, so back to the shirts. The last shirts I made were with the iron on Disney patches and I had embroidered on it. . .”I went to Disney World and look who I met” I made one with Princesses, one with Pooh characters and one with the fab five. So for this trip, I decided no autograph books. No autograph hats. I am just going to spend my time making shirts. I went to the creative boards and got some really cool ideas. I made us each shirts that say “Walt Disney World 2006”, our names with the Mickey and Friend characters, our favorite sports balls shaped like Mickey, I am too excited to sleep; and for my daughter I made shirts for autographs with 100 acres woods characters that says I shared Pooh’s Hunny Pot, one for 1900 Park Fare that says I gave Cinderella a Run for her Prince and for CRT that says I Dined with Royalty.

Now why did I decide to title this report “Too Excited to Sleep”? That is exactly how I feel. My boys were at a sleepover last night (at someone else’s house-Yea!!). My husband and daughter were in bed asleep and I was on the boards. I chatted until after midnight and I read trip reports until four. I really am too excited to sleep. Boy, this is going to be a long 25 days! Why so excited after so many trips? I am not sure, but I am going to have to take Ambien or something! So, I have never written a trip report before. I am addicted to Zzub and all of the other amazing writers. I do not expect to be able to compete, but I hope someone enjoys reading this report. So now, until 25 days are up, we will just have to keep chatting, trip reporting and Disney dreaming! Oh yeah and I have some ressies to make for September for my not unbirthday trip but BIRTHDAY trip!

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Old 05-02-2006, 06:02 AM   #2
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Sounds like you're ready to go! I'm glad the health scare with Drew wasn't as serious as originally feared.

Thanks for posting.

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Old 05-02-2006, 03:33 PM   #3
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Wow, I really sensed your excitement just reading your pre-trip report. My birthday is usually around Labor Day Too and I started my rule of no working on my birthday or be on vacation for my birthday. I love it when my birthday falls in the Labor Day weekend-that way I don't have to use a vacation day.
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Old 05-02-2006, 04:39 PM   #4
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September Birthdays

Oh Mari I am glad to meet my fellow Virgo. It is fun to be off on your birthday isn't it? You can join me and we can celebrate together!
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Old 05-03-2006, 11:57 AM   #5
DisneyWorld Delight
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Sounds like a good read so far. I can't believe you didn't register to post till just this February. After 47 trips, you must have been a professional lurker!
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Old 05-03-2006, 02:12 PM   #6
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Originally Posted by DisneyWorld Delight

Sounds like a good read so far. I can't believe you didn't register to post till just this February. After 47 trips, you must have been a professional lurker!

Professional Lurker--I love that name. You are right I have observed for a long time. I just got into posting though. I may change my name to Proflurker!
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Old 05-04-2006, 08:59 AM   #7
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Tictoc ..... my family sounds a lot like yours. We have been to DisneyWorld a few times, two of those my husband went. He no longer goes with us and most of the planning has to be when he is not around. It is really hard to hide the excitement sometimes from them!

Have a great time. Great report so far!
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Old 05-05-2006, 02:57 PM   #8
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Wow 47 trips ! Are you kidding me?

Did you visit Disney parks in other countries (HK , Tokyo , Paris ) as well?


Mabel & Terence's Wedding Musical Slideshows

February 22nd, 2006
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Old 05-05-2006, 05:21 PM   #9

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I’m a September birthday gal also. Although I don’t go to Disney every year (last time 04’, next 08’) I still lurk here all the time. I loooove to run away from the real life on my birthday....every year. And yes I have the hotel, car and plane ressie and a day by day plan 80% done for this years trip to Connecticut…….. Hello my name is Amy and I am an obsessive compulsive vacation planner. Tictoc …I feel your pain…..
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Old 05-05-2006, 06:26 PM   #10
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I amy have been 47 times, but. . . .

I would trade half of them for a Fairy Tale Wedding Congratulations on yours! I am glad to meet all of the September birthdays who have Compulsive Planning Disorder. Could you imagine if we all took a trip together
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Originally Posted by tchan03

Did you visit Disney parks in other countries (HK , Tokyo , Paris ) as well?

No other countries yet. I have been to Disneyland, CA about ten times. I visited your website for your wedding. It was so beautiful. Your wife's dress is gorgeous.
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Old 06-15-2006, 03:44 PM   #12
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We know you're home Rhonda. Also fully aware that you have a life and children, but...how was the trip???

At least come to chat and give us the quick version before you have the whole trip report done.

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Glad to hear your son is okay!
Sorry to hear your husband - doesnt care for dis anymore (When we asked my DMIL to come she said no because "It is plastic world"!

Cant wait to read your report! Dining too please
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Old 06-15-2006, 08:48 PM   #14
Can't help it~there is something about Ed...kinda like the Gary Sinise thing...
Well I have laughed my posterior region until it almost removed itself from my body
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Looking forward to reading more.
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Old 06-16-2006, 10:07 AM   #15
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15 days to go for me.,.... and i can't sleep either
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