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Old 04-26-2006, 11:00 AM   #16
If only I had a brain! :O/
Oh wow now i am even more excited for the odd nights
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great start! i will watch for more!
(ME!) (Daughter age 11) (Son age 13)(Fiance) (Grandy) (Brother) (Bro's Fiance) (Baby to Be)

Back from Oct 2014 trip...Where we were engaged, and brother and fiance were too!
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Old 04-26-2006, 01:52 PM   #17
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Great Start-Please finish!
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Old 04-26-2006, 05:34 PM   #18
The tag that was here was staler than 3 yr old bread crumbs
The Van Halen song "Running with the Devil" was about my parakeet!
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Day 1, Part 2: The Great Food Hunt

Our room is huge! And we have a gorgeous view. We run around like crazy people, throwing our clothes in the drawers and shower stuff in the bathroom. I change into different clothes and slip on my new Tevas. We still have park tickets to buy and lunch to consume, so Pal Mickey gets clipped to my belt and we head to the lobby map to decide where to eat lunch at the resort. Garden Grill is closed, but Evergreen’s is open for lunch. No problem, let’s go there.

Easier said than done.

If you could view this situation from above, we must have looked like mice in a maze hunting for cheese. We darted down long corridors and around corners and found ourselves in several dead-ends. SoG signs did us absolutely no good. After several grueling minutes of wrong ways, I paused, sniffed the air, and shouted, “This way!” and we were off again in a new direction, so desperate to find food.

Eventually even the most idiotic mouse will find the cheese if he’s hungry and desperate enough. When Evergreen’s finally came into view, I almost wet myself. We practically ran to the building. Despite the fact that we were seated right away, unfortunately we weren’t acknowledged right away. And when you’ve spent the afternoon hunting for the bloody restaurant, your blood sugar has plummeted, and you’re desperate to hit the parks on your first day, these extra minutes can be infuriating. Eventually we were recognized. Fittingly I ordered the grilled cheese. Dan ordered nachos.

1:30 pm. We didn’t order complicated food. And the place had 4 tables with people in it. So what was taking so long was beyond us. Dan said he was going to smoke because the food always arrives when he leaves. Wouldn’t you know it, the man was right. No sooner does he step outside to spark one up, than the food arrives. I warned him before he left that I wouldn’t wait. And I didn’t. I started inhaling my sandwich. I tasted his nachos and WOW were they tasty. Maybe he wouldn’t notice if I started taking them around the edges. When he returned from his smoke, his grin was huge. “Told you.”

“Yes, you are the brains of this operation, sweetie.” I say. “But why didn’t you go for a smoke earlier?”

We ate our food, paid our bill, and stepped outside to return to the lobby. Oh crap. Why didn’t we leave a bread crumb trail? Or Dan droppings?

“Let’s go the way we came,” I say. “I can figure it out if we go this way.”

Oh no, that is too simple of a solution for Dan.

“No, there’s got to be a better way than that,” says the Brains of This Operation. “The lobby should be just through the doors ahead.” I am skeptical, but I give in.

I should have listened to my inner critic. Although we do find the workout room and Italian restaurant, we end up going nowhere that can get us to the lobby. “Let’s try this way,” he suggests. And that’s how it went for another painful ten minutes. We asked for direction twice. At one point we found ourselves on the other side of the resort and in the golf area, which wasn’t even affiliated with the resort. Man, how did we get so lost…and on the way back too? Are we even on Disney property?

Eventually we find someone who points us in the right direction. We wouldn’t have needed his help if Shades of Green spent some money on signs. What a confusing layout!

When we passed the ticket booth at SoG before lunch, there was no line. When we returned from our crazy lunch, there were 10 folks ahead of us. Isn’t it always like this when you’re in a hurry? After an eternity, we purchased a 10-day park hopper ticket for Dan (I had an Annual Pass), and we finally set off to our first park of the trip.

We hit the trail that takes us to the Poly. The scenery along the way is quite nice, especially considering this is a well-manicured golf course. There is a small pond on the left that has a sign which warns you not to disturb the dangerous wildlife, particularly alligators and snakes. Ever since I saw this sign, I was pretty geeked about seeing alligators. And every time I passed that pond, I saw squat. Like this time.

3:10 pm. We arrive at MGM Studios.

Me and Mick, ready to tackle our first park

And guess what? My new Tevas are rubbing my baby toe raw. Good thing we’re nowhere near our resort! How long I can endure this pain? Not too long. I have about enough endurance to walk through the gates before I’m bee-lining to First Aid.

Me, limping to First Aid for a Band Aid

But before I’m handed anything remotely medical, I have to fill out the form at the counter and give my name, the time, my blood type, place of birth, emergency contact, turn-ons, and favorite hobbies. In exchange for my information First Aid Lady gives me three band-aids. I thank her and hobble over to the couch. While wrapping my throbbing toe, another woman crawled into First Aid, moaning for a band-aid.

3:30 pm. We catch the next showing of Beauty and the Beast. Dan and I actually saw the Broadway play during the holidays last year and enjoyed it very much. I tried not to be disappointed in this performance, but Belle was so flat in her acting. The saving grace of this little show was Gaston (and the music).

After the “Belle” song sequence, the narrator says “Through a series of strange events she finds herself in an enchanted castle.” The next thing I know, Belle is getting serenaded by her food. They cut out half the freaking story! I realize they’re dealing with half-hour shows, but that was really disjointed and awkward. If you don’t know the storyline, you’re pretty much screwed.

Next installment: Part 3. The Great Roo Hunt

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Old 04-26-2006, 10:23 PM   #19
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Oh sure I wait how long for this report and do I even get an e-mail or a PM????? Noooooooooooo. I have to stumble across it by accident.

Then I find out you have a completely different guy playing the part of your husband in this one. You didn't even tell me you were casting for the part before you hired the skinny surfer looking dude.

And then to top it off you post a picture of yourself at MGM taken by someone who was standing in Epcot at the time! You're so small in that picture it could be your avatar.

I guess you tossed me to the curb once you figured you wouldn't need an index for this report because you're doing it all in one thread. Bratus was right about you.

Well I can't promise I'll still be around to heckle you once you get up to part 34. So there!

PS I hope by day 5 they ran out of lettuce and you had to eat a burger.

There's Clowns To The Left Of Me ....
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Old 04-27-2006, 12:12 PM   #20
The tag that was here was staler than 3 yr old bread crumbs
The Van Halen song "Running with the Devil" was about my parakeet!
Smell anything? It's just my sauerkraut
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Lou, if I send you an up-close and indecent photo of myself, will you forgive me?

BTW, that burger comment was hardly called for.
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Old 04-27-2006, 01:28 PM   #21
Tutor Magnet (Talk to me)
Knows someone with real Mod super powers
Thinks he's stalked by the lady
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Depends if it's a good one or not. And don't try that pouty smilie stuff with me. It doesn't work.

There's Clowns To The Left Of Me ....

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Old 04-27-2006, 01:31 PM   #22
Heh Heh, you're all gonna die
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Yay! hucifer, you have another secret fan...me! (Now don't you feel special?)
Dontcha wish your villain was hot like me...
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Old 04-27-2006, 02:48 PM   #23
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Awesome. I'm loving this trip report. And yay for trip reports with pictures! Those are my favorite kind. haha. Looking forward to more.
Feb 1996 - Shades of Green (Dad, Aunt, Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt's then bf, Me age 8, Brother age 7.)
June 2005 - Vacation Villages at Parkway (Grandma, Mom, Me age 18)

*Coming Up*
Feb 17-24 2007 - Renting a House (Dad, Aunt, Her Husband and her four kids, my grandparents, brother age 18, Me age 19, and possibly best friend Katie, age 18.)
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Old 04-27-2006, 04:21 PM   #24
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Ho-LY! So funny! I love this TR. I love that you ignored Pal Mickey's cries for oxygen....that's exactly how my mind works! :0)

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Old 04-28-2006, 01:31 PM   #25
The tag that was here was staler than 3 yr old bread crumbs
The Van Halen song "Running with the Devil" was about my parakeet!
Smell anything? It's just my sauerkraut
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Originally Posted by Maleficent13
Yay! hucifer, you have another secret fan...me! (Now don't you feel special?)
actually, yes.
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Old 04-28-2006, 01:42 PM   #26
The tag that was here was staler than 3 yr old bread crumbs
The Van Halen song "Running with the Devil" was about my parakeet!
Smell anything? It's just my sauerkraut
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Day 1, Part 3: The Great Roo Hunt

Beauty and the Beast is the only thing we have time for. After the show, we start walking toward Mama Melrose. Dan knows we have a 4:20 ADR, but he doesn’t know where, or that it’s for the Fantasmic Dinner Package. I mean, how can we not start our wonderful week here on a bang? Another thing he doesn’t know is that tonight's dinner includes special guests, my mom and aunt. They happened to be here this week (today being the last day), and Mom and I planned way in advance to surprise Dan and Aunt Dottie, neither knowing about our secret and diabolical plans to reunite for the evening.

Dan says he needs to smoke before dinner, which proved to be a big benefit. He went off to the Muppet area and I walked into Mama Melrose. My mom was at the hostess table, grinning at me. “Where’s Aunt Dot?” I giggle, and she points behind her. My aunt has her back to us. How perfect is that?

“Where’s Dan?” my mom asks. I tell her he’s around the corner. We tiptoe away in opposite directions. I walked around my Aunt Dottie and stood next to her, grinning like a mad woman. When she looked up at me, it took her a full second to realize who I was and why I was standing there. “Surprise!” I said. She about fell off her chair.

My Aunt Dottie is an amazing woman with a big heart. She just lost her husband last July to cancer…they had a strong and very loving marriage. He was so loved by our family! It was the saddest funeral I’ve been to in a long, long time. She was taking this trip with my mom to reconnect with family in Florida, as well as taking a few days to unwind in Disney World. So it seemed only appropriate that she should meet up with me and Dan before they headed home. Lucky them!

Aunt Dottie gives me a hug. My mom and Dan enter the waiting area just then. My mom is beaming. Dan looks so casual about it, like meeting family for dinner in Disney World was an everyday event.

Mom and I both order the eggplant parmesan. Dan orders a chicken pasta dish. Aunt Dot orders a seafood pasta dinner. Last time, Dan and I were extremely fortunate to have Kevin as a server. Brian was the chef at the time (don’t know if he still is), and the two of them went off the menu and whipped up an unbelievable pasta dish for me that turned out to be my favorite dinner of the whole trip. I am a vegetarian, at the time heavily leaning toward vegan, and they really went out of their way to accommodate me. Unfortunately, we didn’t have him as a server this time.

Before the food arrives, Aunt Dot tells my mom to talk about the Great Hunt. This has my curiosity peaked. “I want to hear the Great Hunt story!” I say.

Before she embarked on the Florida trip with her sister, my mom asked her granddaughters what they wanted from Disney World. Taylor (5) immediately requested an Aristocat stuffed animal, but Jordan (7) didn’t have an answer for her grandmother. After a little coaxing, Jordan finally said, “a Roo pin.”

“Good luck,” my sister told my mom.

Unbeknownst to my mom, that’s exactly what she needed…along with persistence and a very patient sister.

“We looked everywhere for Roo,” she tells me. “he’s impossible to find.” I asked her if she tried the Pooh ride. “Yep,” she says. “And the Pooh store in Downtown Disney. AND that huge pin store in DD. And what a trooper Aunt Dottie is! Every time we passed by pins she stopped with me and looked. She even went out of her way to help me look. She has the patience of an angel. I must have asked a thousand cast members with lanyards if they had a Roo pin, but no one did or even knew if it existed. We went to all the places you would think Roo would be. We couldn’t find him.” Endless store after store, CM after CM, this pin was nowhere.

I knew my mom would never give up on this quest as long as her granddaughter was back home waiting for her Roo pin. The Great Hunt started as an objective, became an obsession, and ended up being the raison d’etre, if you will.

On one of the last days of their trip, she told Aunt Dottie as they were walking past a shop near the Aladdin Carpets, “I’m just going to stop in here.” Exhausted, she circled the store looking at the cast members’ lanyards. Then she spotted it. She said she was so shocked that she looked twice. There he was, hanging around a CM’s neck in all his glory. Roo. With a shaky voice she asked if she could please trade for the Roo pin. The CM was more than happy to trade. My mom became overwhelmed with emotion. “May I hug you?” she asked the CM. “I’ve been looking forever for this pin for my granddaughter!” The CM laughed and said yes. After they hugged, my mom asked if she could hug her again. “You have no idea how happy you’ve made me.” She squeaked. Yes, my mother really does squeak when she’s giddy. The CM obliged my mom and they hugged again. I’m sure my mom thanked the woman as many times as I thanked the man in Guest Services who let me print out my LES…the only difference being I never wrapped my arms around the Guest Services dude.

Beaming, my mom reached into her purse and presented the Great Hunt trophy to us. We oohed and ahhed at little metal object in her hand. The $6.95 Roo pin had become the most priceless object in the whole world.

This inspired Dan. “I’m going to look for a Roo pin” he says. “I’ll bet you I can find him too.”

Oh crap, I think. Dan has the persistence of my mom. I don’t have the patience of an Aunt Dottie.

I got up to use the restroom. On my way back, I run into Kevin! I say hello but he doesn’t remember me (if you can believe that). No matter, I tell him that he served DH and me two years ago and that he was our favorite waiter and that I wrote about him on the DISboards. He seems genuinely touched by this. “You made my day,” he tells me. I was just happy to see him again!

The food comes. Eh. It certainly isn’t the phenomenal food we experienced last time. My eggplant parmesan is practically tasteless. Dan isn’t really enjoying his food, either. My Aunt Dottie, on the other hand, was thoroughly enjoying her seafood pasta.

After dinner, the four of us head to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. We are waiting outside for the next show to start and Dan says, “I’ll be right back.” I know what he’s doing. He’s already on the hunt for Roo. He came back several minutes later, empty-handed but not defeated. He still had 10 more days of searching.

The Millionaire theatre was about half-full. My mom and aunt admitted that this past week was smooth-sailing. “We were able to walk on to Soarin’ right after we got off of it. The most we saw was a 10-minute wait.” I drooled at the thought. (Not literally, though. I only drool when I’m unconscious, which explains the yellow stains on my pillow…but I digress.) I love this time of year at the World! And add Halloween and the Food and Wine Festival to the list, and you got one deliriously happy Wendy. However, my mom said, they were staying at Pop Century, and the bus line was always ridiculously long. She took pictures of the lines just to prove how flippin awful they were.

Mom, who I thought wasn’t particularly good at trivia, makes it to #3 on the top ten list. None of us other clowns came close.

7:30 pm. We meander to the Fantasmic VIP entrance and give the security guard the password and secret handshake. My aunt has never seen Fantasmic, so I was curious to hear her reaction to it. Dan and I love it. Mickey is our favorite!

Me, Mom, and Aunt Dot

The weather started to look a bit ominous, and we were warned that tonight’s presentation might be cancelled, but the most it did was sprinkle. Shoot, we get wetter during the waterspray scenes. When it was over (and I was choking back my tears), my aunt declared that it was a wonderful show, and she was very impressed with its creativity.

8:40 pm. We hug good-bye at the park exit. Dan and I wish them a safe journey home the next day. They wish us a happy 10 days in Disney World.

I had no doubt it would be!

Next installment: Day 2. Harry Potter and the Amish Caveman Hit the Town

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I'm so happy you're posting a new trip report...

and I must say a couple of things.

First, Dan looks terrific with his new hair color and slimmer self. And I just love the picture of you, mom and your aunt. So sorry to hear of the loss of her dear husband. She looks much too young to be a widow. My MIL lost her husband at just 54 years old and we lost my dad when my mom was just 63. What a wonderful trip for them to get back to enjoying life again.

We have booked the Fantasmic dinner package at MM for our trip in September. Your review of your meal is distressing to say the least. DH doesn't particularly care for buffets so we nixed H&V and I don't want to spent 2 credits on BD. Perhaps an off night when you were there?

Looking forward to your next installment and updates on the new Hunt for Roo.

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Originally Posted by hucifer
The Great Hunt started as an objective, became an obsession, and ended up being the raison d’etre, if you will.
I love when you speak French.....

(Okay so I got over being mad at you.)

There's Clowns To The Left Of Me ....
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Old 04-28-2006, 09:00 PM   #29
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Hi I love your TR so far. I just wanted to let you know that Brian is no longer at Mama's. He left last summer and he is now the chef at ESPN club. He is my cousin and also a very close friend of mine. If you ever meet up with him again ask him to make you Chicken Pepperoni. And tell him Love from Cousin Doug
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Old 04-28-2006, 09:50 PM   #30
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What a great report. You tell a funny story, I'm looking forward to reading more. I'm also curious about the Roo pin hunt. My son's favorite character is Roo. He's hard to find.

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