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Old 09-28-2006, 06:41 PM   #1
I think I can pretty much draw the entire Magic Kingdom with my eyes closed
I since turned a new leaf and will no longer eat it
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Join Date: Jun 2006
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Time Will Tell. Planning and Pre-Trip Report

Standing in a line for two and a half hours just to ride Splash Mountain with grandma.
Posing for a family portrait in front of the decorated Cinderella castle.
Riding Itís a Small World and looking at the amazing animatronics which great detail.

The above are just few of the many traditions that I share with my family on our previous trips to Walt Disney World. We are blessed to live only sixty eight short miles away from the World; therefore, there was a few one day visits throughout the years. One would consider our family to be Disney addicts; however, I beg to differ. On our previous trips we have only visited the Magic Kingdom. Why? Why limit yourself to one park when you could explore the wonders of Africa, walk the streets of Hollywood, and experience cultures around the world? I donít really have an answer to this question. Perhaps, Magic Kingdom is what defined Disney to us. Magic Kingdom screaming Disney to us. If you would have asked me to describe Disney at an early age your answer would most likely contain the following: Cinderellaís Castle, Mickey Mouse, Splash Mountain, Monorail, and the Transportation Ticket Center. Now, one would wonder why would I include the ticket center and monorail in my answers, well that is because that is how we got to Disney! We rode the magical train in the sky to get to our Disney! In summary, that is where the magic is. Disney, that place that holds that amazing, delightful, and luxurious castle.

Boy, was I wrong! When I learned about the other parks, I was totally in shock and rather disappointed. I was left in the dark for many years. I never known such others existed. WellÖ once I get enough money - I am going to go to Disney and visit every single park, I said to myself when I was nearly fourteen.

This is when I turned from being a fan to an addict. I researched, read, and looked at pictures. I was always talking, reading, or watching something about Disney. My family may have thought I was weird, but that was fine with me - I was enjoying myself. After taking more one day visits to the world I knew it was time for a change. Therefore, in college with some money (from grants, etcÖ) I took my mother, father, and myself to another theme park! Yep, we would finally exit the Disney we once knew and enter a new world of opportunities.

Inserting the ticket and running towards that large tree was another memory that I will remember for years to come. Animal Kingdom would be our destination. After a few short pictures and a ride on Expedition Everest, I knew that Animal Kingdom would soon be my new favorite Disney location. I enjoyed myself that day. Although it was rather hot the family and I enjoyed every minute of it. From spiders falling from the sky, to being shocked and scared on Dinosaur, Animal Kingdom was great. Now, it is around two in the afternoon and what does everyone decide to do? Of course, go to our old Disney to finish the day. Yes we discovered another park, but of course we returned to Magic Kingdom and spent the remaining day there. Wishes brought tears to my eyes because I was saddened that my grandmother was not there to be with us. It was July 15, 2006 and over a year after she passed from Lung Cancer. Although we didnít share the experience of ridding in the first row on Splash Mountain that time, I know she was there. She was there sharing in the Disney magic, our family tradition.

In September I was informed that my sister, who is younger than I, will be returning from the Army in May of 2007. I was shocked, thrilled, and excited at the same time. Because I have the extra money from school I knew I wanted to do something special for her. What you ask? A Disney vacation of course! Ashley never experienced another park like I have; therefore, I was going to make sure to make this the best visit ever! September 25, 2006 I received a phone call from my sister. She was happy and informed me that she is coming home in December. What? Are you kidding me? Christmas at the World? No, it canít be, can it? My sister is coming home in December and will be shocked and amazed with a surprise from Santa Mickey! Thatís right were going to Disney!

Cast of Characters

Chris, 21, Student. Between you and I, I think I have proven to be the ultimate Disney nerd in my family. What do you think? I am currently going to the University of Central Florida. I am a junior in the Elementary Education program. The art of teaching has always amazed me and I look forward to participating within the profession for a lifetime. I hold very high expectations for myself and sometimes I let it get the best of me. Friends call me a perfectionist and others consider me psycho. Let me explain this further, I am that type of person who will wake up in the middle of the evening to fix the bed sheets so that there are no wrinkles. I only write on clean paper that contain now wrinkles, smudges, or darken lines. I prefer to write in only black ball point pen very lightly so it is hardly shown. Do you get the picture? Okay, I hope that doesnít come back to bite me on this trip. As you have read, Disney has always amazed me. I am not in tune with the classics that people often refer to. Cinderella, Snow White, and Peter Pan were not my favorites growing up. In fact, I despise Peter Pan; however, I adore Tinkerbell. I am more of a Lion King kind of guy. I am up for anything on this trip but I am going in with a clear agenda. Of course adjustments will have to be made; however, am I willing to put my perfectionism to the side and go with the flow? Will I die of a heart attack when housekeeping leaves a wrinkle in the pillow case, when I leave my clear agenda at home, or when I fall off the bed after jumping from all the excitement? Time will tell.

Ashley, 20, Student. Okay, if you havenít read the edition above I suggest you refer to it now. If you read it I suggest you skim through it again. Why? Well, all that I stated above is totally the opposite of Ashley. Yeah, Ashley and I may look alike and be close in age - but we are nothing alike. As a child Ashley was an excellent student. She achieved high status even in the elementary school. However, Ashley soon feel into that dreadful disease - peer pressure. My the time Ashley was in high school she did not care about her grades, her plans for the future, or how she took care of her bed! Who could not care about a wrinkle? Serious, doesnít it bother you? Canít you feel it? With all the humor aside, Ashley is amazing to say the least. I would not trade her in for another if my life depended upon it. Some may say I am going to the extreme, but that is honestly how I feel. I remember the brother and sister relationship we had as children and trust me it was not pretty! Upon graduation, Ashley entered the armed forces. What? Wait? Yes people, you heard me correct. Are you serious? What? No, Ashley? Yes, you may be asking the many question I hear daily from her friends. But it is true. Ashley indeed joined the Army and it was the best thing that could have happened to her. She wanted to quit and give up so many times during basic training but she didnít. She is a fighter. The Army instantly changed her life completely and I thank the organization for that. She has made our family so proud and continues to make us proud. She left in July of 2005 and we have only seen her for a week since. We continue to speak daily; however, it is not the same. When my grandmother passed away we bonded - we had no one else to turned to. Then, six months later sheís gone. Ashley joined the Army. We just started getting along, why leave!? It is because and for Ashley that this trip is taking place. Now, Ashley loves Disney but she is not a nerd or geek like I. Nope, not in the least. As I have said Ashley goes with the flow. On previous trips she just set back and followed as others led the way. Will this make for an easy, enjoyable, but still exciting trip for us? Ashley has always been a fan of The Little Mermaid and Winnie the Pooh. As I stated I clearly donít get into those, but it is definitely fine that she does. She loves thrills and adventure. Can we handle it? Can we get along? What is it going to be like when we meet again? Will we encounter a fight in front of Cinderellaís Castle? Oh, I hope she doesnít steal and hide my agenda! What if she flushes it down the toilet like she did my shoe before? Time will tell.

I should include my parents since they will be apart of our final day, but I am not. Oh, I forgot to mention Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy will be along for our journey. Did I mention we will encounter large mountains and take a train ride through both the big thunder and Mount Everest? We are going to that mountain way up high in the sky called Space Mountain. Hopefully we donít wall off of a log flume that is going to take us overboard! Lions, Tigers, and Dinosaurs will also be among the cast. Did I forget to mention we are going Germany, Mexico, and Japan on this trip too? Can we handle it? Can a cast of two totally opposite people pull together and make this a magical trip? Time will tell.

Once I return from our trip a very detailed trip report will be posted that contains pictures galore. Isnít that whatís it all about? Pictures? They totally seem to be the new fad around here. I am not a writer, I am a student. I will try my best to make this creative as possible. Please excuse any grammar and spelling mistakes. I am not turning this in for a grade. At least I hope not? Anyway, please enjoy!

I would like for you and your family to join our adventure as well. As you can tell there are no set dates, time, or anything of that nature. Why? Well thatís because we have nothing! Eek. All we know if right now is that were going and nothing is going to hold us back. Nothing! Nothing, I say! Nothing! I invite you to join in the fun as we plan our trip. I will post quite frequently with a new report containing updated information include the actual date of attendance, etcÖ The only guarantee I have right now is that we will be there around Christmas. Yep. Christmas. So, I invite you to sit back, relax, grab a cup of tea, grab some sough dough nugget pretzels and join in the fun. By the way, that is my ultimate favorite snack - diet peach tea and a handful of those nuggets. Yum!

Feel free to post, comment, and leave feedback. However, please refrain from flames or anything that is negative in nature. I am trying to keep the Disney dream alive - everything must be magical. One thing could jinx it all and I certainly donít want that.


Daddy and Son Exploring the World

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Old 09-28-2006, 06:42 PM   #2
I think I can pretty much draw the entire Magic Kingdom with my eyes closed
I since turned a new leaf and will no longer eat it
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Join Date: Jun 2006
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Horrible University of Central Florida ID Picture.


She hates the Picture. Basic Training Graduation.
To see her in Normal Attire view my Pictures at Myspace.

Daddy and Son Exploring the World

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Hey DisneyFan06
I found your pte-trippe and I think it is great! What do you mean you are not a writer? You are doing a fabulous job. Hey...do something for us older folks...could you use a larger font? I really think I need to get my eyes checked!!!
Anyway, you are a sweet and thoughtful brother and I am sure the magic and pixie dust will be falling on you and your sister this Christmas season. I cannot wait to read the TR. I hope my DS and DD have such a relationship as they get older.
Happy planning!
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Old 10-05-2006, 11:05 PM   #4
I think I can pretty much draw the entire Magic Kingdom with my eyes closed
I since turned a new leaf and will no longer eat it
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Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Ormond Beach, Florida
Posts: 2,896

Well, I hate to inform you all. Well, I had to inform myself. It is true - I must admit, this trip has been canceled! Everything was set and planning was actually taking place when I heard the most shocking news. I actually dont know if I should even tell you guys! But, seems how everyone here is my friend and very supportive I dont see how it will hurt me in anyway. Beware this is going to go offtopic!

Well. My sister, who we all thought turned a new leaf, is now pregnet.

I would perfer not to go into the details, but I am still upset. But to make a long story short - she will not be down at Christmas therefore a change of plans was necessary.

Instead of going for a week in 23 days - I am taking my parents on a 1 day trip and together before hitting the Magic Kingdom we are going to our first character meal! I will also have a Trip Report for that but of course it would be very long since it is only one day. But Heck - at least I am going.

Note: We will also take 3; 1 - day vists in December.

Daddy and Son Exploring the World
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Hugs to your family.

Have you ever visited MGM or Epcot?
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