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Old 09-11-2006, 12:52 AM   #1
Disney Magic is AMAZING!!!
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Chaser's First Trip Report 8/31-9/10

August 31st – September 10th
Hotel: Courtyard Lake Buena Vista in the Marriott Village
Cast Members:

Chase (me): Physical Therapy student and leader of this escapade.
Amy (fiancée): Full time worker while I’m in school.


We left our home town Panama City, Fl at around 10ish after a big breakfast at Ihop. We arrived at the courtyard 4ish to check in. Unfortunately a week before this trip Amy got sick with a bad sinus infection and had a very bad cough. Her doctor said that it should be gone by the trip. I wish this was the case as you will soon find out. The first day we just kind of sat around seeing how I was tired from the drive and she didn’t feel well. We ordered some pizza from the food court down below and sat down to watch The Office one of our favorite shows. At this point Amy’s cough was pretty bad but was hoping that it would just go away.

Day 2

We woke up at 9AM (we're sleep in kinda people) and went downstairs to have a hot breakfast. Today on my itinerary we were suppose to go to Magic Kingdom but because she wasn't feeling well I thought it might be best for us to do something a little less intense. We wanted to go to the Florida Mall but ended up at another mall at the end of 192 (I can't remember the name). We ate at FudRuckers which was quite good. Pluse it was pouring outside so it gave us a good chance to eat. After we ate we left immediately and one of the main things we wanted to do in Orlando was the WonderWorks museum. I found it to be only a few minutes away from the courtyard which was great. We went in, paid for tickets and found the museum to be very interesting. Lots of hands on experiments and tricks. I absolutley loved it but I wish more people had been there because I wanted to play laser tag. After wonderworkds I got directions to the Florida Mall which is right down sand lake rd; very easy I should have known. Oh boy was I in for it.....Delias...Sephora....I'm so glad both of these stores had what I love to call "A Man Seat." After a little while she got tired and we went back to the hotel and ordered some more pizza. (we love pizza)

Wonderworks climbing chair

Keep in mind everyone that even though this girl did not feel well she kept in great spirits. She new I was looking forward to this trip and didn't for one moment make me believe she felt bad. Thats why I love her.

Day 3

On my itinerary this is an Epcot day and indeed we went. Woke up at 9AM and got the hot breakfast. We were ready to head out. Amy kept a bag full of cough drops in my backpack so the cough wouldn't overwell her. This was her first time in Epcot and mine in a very long time. We first went over to soaring to see what the wait time was and it was long so we snagged a fast pass. Then proceeded over to spaceship earth where we walked on to that ride. When I was younger spaceship earch for some reason seemed so much faster because I was under the impression that it was a coaster...of course that was when I was very young. After spaceship earth we headed back over to soaring for fastpass. Let me tell you what!! We loved this ride!! It was quite amazing and we got the front seat. The pictures and smells were simple amazing. I read on someone elses post about the transitions....I do agree the transition from one scene to another could use some work but the ride is still unbelievable. We were blown away by it. We then went to the living seas and checked out all the underwater life. Great views of some amazing little creatures. Test track was down which I was a little disappointed in because i'm a car guy and really wanted to ride it. Oh well have to leave something for next year. The different countries was a big reason to go to epcot. We started at the UK and ate at the Rose and Crown Dining Room. I love england! I had the fish and chips which was great and amy had the sausage and peas. After this we went into the english soccer store. I love the english premier league so I was very intrigued. I was about to buy a liverpool jersey but the price had me stopped. I did get an english scarf though. We continued on browsing about and each country had some interesting fact. I have to say though my favorite probably had to been Japan. They had so many things in there country. There store was filled with clothes, models, toys.....crazyness. I bought 4 bottles of there soda....some tea....candy. In china I bought a Hero pen which is suppose to be a really nice fountain pen (I love nice pens) but I will never know because when I got back to my hotel room I opened the pen up and theres no ink. We continued around to germany mexico....checked on test track and it was still down...so we shopped a bit more in the gift shops where we bought a few more things and headed out....got back to the room where we ordered chinese (ha...thought I was going to say pizza...it will come). I've never had roast duck before but it's really good. We rented The Break Up with jennifer aniston and vince vaughn in it. Great movie...Amy didn't like the ending. My hopes were looking up because amy's cough seemed like it was in control. She sucked on cough suppressants pretty much all day. I was certainly proud of her.

*An ugly incident happened while we were in Japan though. We were listening to them play there drums which is really neat by the way...when a younger guy, 28ish, yells out "I can't listen to this s@#!". Then all his buddys started laughing. I mean come on grow up. There were little kids around. They scampered off after this event and amy and I just looked at each other with a confused look.
* We decided not to go on Mission Space. Amy is really claustrophobic and I didn't think that mixed to well with her feeling bad. Maybe next time.

Day 4

During the night amy's cough got so bad it got violent. This day we were suppose to go to Universal studios/Islands of Adventure. We got up and were eating breakfast when she just started coughing so hard. She didn't stop and started to gag at times. At this point I knew something was wrong and I had to get her to a doctor. My thoughts were it's sunday there's not going to be a clinic open. Thank God for Florida Hospital Centra Care. They are a little clinic on 535 open 7 days a week. We went in there and spent a good time. I was expecting to get in right away but probably took 30-40 minutes to get her in. The verdict was Acute Bronchitus. The sinus infection she had before triggered it and was left untreated. The doctor put her on a medicine to help her with her cough. I just felt better the fact that we knew what it was. The little trooper still wanted to go to Universal but I told her that it probably wasn't the best idea. We did in fact go to Titanic The Exhibition. This is on I Drive and is a great tour guide. We both loved it!! It's about an hour long and your taken back when the titanic sunk. You get to see all kinds of artifacts and stuff back from 1912. The tour guides our amazing also. The get into character and play an actual role of someone that was on the titanic. I highly recommend this if you have the time. After the tour we went back to the room to rest. This night I believe we went Landry's which is right by our hotel. Great food and service. I had the shrimp fettucini and it was terrific. Later the night we rented You, Me and Dupree. This is a funny movie and again it's highly recommended along with The Break Up.

This is Captain Shaving Cream

Day 5

This was the first day amy said "I feel a lot better" and it made me feel great. We woke up again promptly at 9 AM. This day was scheduled as a rest day but since we missed out on sunday were going to Universal and Islands of Adventure. We had 2 park 1 day passes. The first thing we did was get the express pass. We decided to go to universal first thinking it wouldn't be that busy. It wasn't to bad. The only thing I really don't like about Universal/IOA is the lockers. I hate waiting for them getting it to open and then after the ride getting it to open again. Anways we went on The Mummy for the first time and it was a lot of fun. Amy loves to learn about egypt and that era so it was a double bonus for her. Very fun ride. We went on some of the oldies that she hasn't been on like jaws and back to the future...old but still a lot of fun. After a few rides using our express pass we were hungry so we ate at Jimmy Buffets margaritaville. This was suggested to us by one of my friends who is a chef. The food was great the atmosphere was great and ohh yess the drinks were great. We only had one magarita each because we knew the hulk was waiting. After shopping a bit to let the food and alcohol settle we went on the hulk which is in my top 5 rollercoasters. I love the blast off at the beginning. We circled around the whole island doing spidey...popeyes (we were soaked from top to bottom). The dueling dragons were out of order because they spotted lightening 5 miles away. Of course disappointed but decided to call it a day. Left Universal and went back to the hotel. When we got back we decided to take out laundry down and get some of that done...Now we had a fresh batch of clothes ready.

Day 6

Today is our MGM day. We love mgm just because of the thrill. Got up like usual and headed straight to the park. First thing was tower or terror and then directly to rocking roller coaster. We did both of these rides 4 times each with a wait time of 5-10 mintues each. It was great. We ate at the Hollywood Brown Derby for lunch. We ate here last year and loved it. I got the duck and amy got the salmon (i think). Our waiter was raul and he was very nice. Amy loves creme brulee and so she got that for dessert. Highly recommend this restaurant for lunch or dinner. Afterwards we did a mixture of shop and ride. We went on star tours because amy is a little nerd at heart. Again i'm a car guy so seeing lights motor action was a big deal. I loved every entire minute. Amy said we went because I went and saw the little mermaid show with her. Anways LMA was so awesome and amy loved it to. The stunts are crazy and loud!! Everything to make me happy. Called it a night and went back to the hotel room. Ate some pizza and rented Click although we never got to watch it. About 5 minutes into the movie the video doesn't match the audio; there was a delay. I called up the front desk and they said they would take it off my bill. So I slept.

This is at Lights Motor Action

Day 7

Today is half Animal Kingdom (because they close at 5) and half is Arabian Nights. We wake up brush out teeth put some clothes on and head to the park. We get to animal kingdom and our first instince is EE. We've never ridden this coaster before..it was in the making last year when we came. We jump on because the wait was 10 minutes..also we grab a fast pass...We take off on this coaster and let me tell you this made our top list. I had a blast trying to figure out which way we were going to go. We left asian to get on the safari. All the animals were out and roaming around. Got some great pictures. After the safari went back to EE to enjoy it a 2nd time. We were pretty hungry so we ate at the rainforest cafe. Love this restaurant and its surroundings. We had Debbie (i think) as our waitress. Very nice lady and loves to talk. I had a burger and amy had the red snapper. We went shopping a bit in the rainforest shop. We tried to reenter the park but amys ticket got demagnitized but it only took 2 seconds to get it replaced at guest relations. Amy wanted to go on EE again so we headed over to asia and jumped on the coaster with a 5 minute wait. Then headed over to Jungle Trek which was pretty cool. Headed out for our day to get ready for the show. Got to the room and refreshed ourselves. I found Arabian Nights pretty easy. I paid for VIP sitting got the front row. Now i'll admit we did medieval times the past 2 visits to orlando. Amy picked this one out and all I knew was that it was about horses. Knowing this this show didn't strike me as entertaining. Boyyy!!! was I wrong. The show is much more about horses but even has a great plot. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and would love to see it again. Guys you will love the gypsies!!Haha...After a great show we headed back to the room exhausted...We went into the hot tub to relax and even ended up swimming a bit before turning in.

Day 8

This was our planned seaworld day. We woke up same time and headed to the park. Now amy has never been and her friends got her all fired up about this park. They said it was their favorite thing to do in Orlando. I like seaworld but was a little let down by it. We rode there coaster kraken and the atlantis one. Fun but not thrilling. There exhibit were really nice. Amy loves loves penguins so we stayed in the penguin exhibit a lot. We ate at the shark underwater grill. The food was really good and the view was amazing. I loved having the animals right there where you can see them. The only thing was there was a very loud crying baby right next to us. I think the parents knew because they took her outside in the middle of their meal. Also amy and I were trying to think if this was the location of Boy Meets World when they go to Orlando. One of the scenes is where corey is in the tank holding a sign and topanga is by the tables. Looked the same. After dinner we walked around to the clydesdale horses. These are some amazing animals and we got out picture with one. Right after the stables it started to rain really hard. We got into wild artic to see the polar bears and whales but there was nothing after this. All the shows got cancelled and all that was left was to shop. We picked up a few items and left to the hotel. Ames was disappointed she didn't get to see shamu but theres always next year. After seaworld we started shopping at the premium outlets by the hotel. The stores are really nice but the people that work at them are NOT(most of them).

Day 9

This was another rest day. We slept in. Got up and took our time getting ready. Eventually we ate at Bahama Breeze which is another restaurant right next to our hotel. The food was awesome. I had a new york strip with a pina colada....amy had fish (i think) with a pina colada...after this we went back to the premium outlets to take off where we end the other night. This outlet mall got a lot of out money.

Day 10

We used this day to make up for the first day. We got up and headed for the Magic Kingdom. I've always loved Main Street. It just gives you this great feeling when your walking down it. We also saw the space shuttle launch from our monarail. We got in to the MK and went straight for space mountain got a fast pass and got in line. We got as far as the turnstile when they annouced the ride was having difficulties....so we headed to the haunted mansion where there was a pretty long wait...geeeezzz....finally hit fantasy land up with the small world and then to frontierland with bid thunder mountain. Went back to space mountain and got on with a breeze....once off used our fast pass for another go round. Splash mountain was having some bad problems to and we waited like 30 min for that ride but finally had a shot. There was this really loud group in orange shirts (hispanic group). There were about 3 adults and 6 kids. The kids getting pushing past us going further up the line and then come back. Amy and I tried blocking them off a few times but they always seemed to weasel there way past. The the yelling. A grown up from the group started screaming something and then the rest of the group started to scream....we avoided them as much as possible. We ate lunch at Pecos Bill which was yummy. I had the double cheesburger with bacon and she had the cheesebuger. MK closed early at 6 because the night of joy. so around 5 it started to get packed out. I mean shoulder to shoulder crowded. We decided just to do our shopping and leave. It wasn't my best MK trip but it was still nice to see everything. After MK we went back to Premium Outlets to finish up the stores we missed and to go back into the ones we needed.

You can't see it but I killed her in buzz lightyear. She won last year so were even until next year.
*We did go on Pirates and I loved it. I also saw jack sparrow outside and boy did I have to look twice. I could have swore it was the depp

Day 11

Nothing special here but our departure. We packed up everything and of course were very sad. We had a great vacation and can only hope our next one comes even faster. This is our first time doing a 11 Day vacation and it will probably stay like this. I loved having the time to relax and it turned out worth it with her being sick at the beginning.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them. I'll do my very best to answer them.
Trip Video September 8-12

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Sounds like you had a lovely time overall! Thanks for sharing!
Question for you...we leave on Wed for a short trip and are afraid we are going to be rained on every day in the parks. How many days would you say you actually had rain? They are predicting rain every day we are there, but they've been saying that for the past 3 weeks, so I'm curious to know the reality. If it rained, was it brief or all day? You're pictures look pretty sunny!
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Ready to go in Ok
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Very nice TR! You two make such a cute couple. I love love TR's with pics, so thank you for sharing. Hope she is over the bronchitis by now.
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Disney Magic is AMAZING!!!
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Unfotunately yes it rained everyday for us. Luckily though most of the time it was when we were leaving so it didn't effect us to much. You will probably get some rain but mostly a drizzle. Thanx for asking and yes she is pretty much over her bronchitis. She's doing much better...thanx for your concern.
Trip Video September 8-12

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team weasel
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Hi There. Loved your TR w/all of the pics. I have a question about the crowds. My husband and I are going next week and we are kind of worried about the crowds b/c of the free dining @ wdw. The only park you seemed to experience any delay at was MK...is that correct? And at the places you ate...did you have ADRs...or did you just walk in? Glad to here your fiance is doing better.
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Disney Magic is AMAZING!!!
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Hi weasel, the crowds were very manageable. Yes the only bad crowd was MK but I believe was because of night of joy. So enjoy and have a great time....yes all the dining was walk in. No adr's...thanx
Trip Video September 8-12

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