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Old 03-21-2006, 11:14 PM   #91
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Allright, I'm in.

Gotta find out how to make 3600 big ones on my next Disney vacation so it will pay for my NEXT Disney Vacation.

So come on. Out with it already.

Oh, and BTW, I can hear your LaLa Call all the way down here in Missis-sip.

Great report. Can't wait to read more.
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Old 03-22-2006, 12:42 AM   #92
Dreaming of Mickey
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Great Report! Can't wait for the rest of the story.
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Old 03-22-2006, 07:10 AM   #93
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I know that feeling of looking behind you as you close the door and seeing all of the pet's lonely sad faces staring at you. Ouch..makes me feel guilty every time I leave the house!
I know that feeling of looking behind as you leave Disneyland/ Disneyland Paris and seeing all of the great rides and Mickey waving goodbye at you. Ouch.. makes me feel guilty every time I leave Disney!

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Old 03-22-2006, 07:16 AM   #94
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I love this womann!!!!!!(well trip reports really lol)

I think I am going to just keep notes and mail them to her and let the magica flow!!!!!! You crack me up and I feel like we are sitting at the table over coffee having a real discussion.............YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

P.S. Hurry up on the next installment!!!!!!!
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Old 03-22-2006, 07:28 AM   #95
I started crying when Michael & Vincent saw each other
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LOL LOL We totally have the same kids. I have three boys - just turned 6 year old twins & a 5 year old. all boys. they are insane together & yes I try to stop them but I haven't got a hope of it!

and I totally remember that skit!

Originally Posted by horsegirl
I watch the other kiddies in the gate area. Why are they all sitting down reading a book and just mellowing at their mama's breast? Our 3 look like Mike Myers on Saturday night live when he was the tethered little boy eating a chocolate bar with Nicole Kidman. Some of you must know that skit. He's got the leash that parents use with those little ones who tend to roam. Only problem is mother hooked him to the jungle gym and little mikey has so much energy he pulls it down the block. Maybe I am imagining this but everyone else's kids seem so well, tame. There is even a little toddler just contentedly sitting on a chair. No bribes, no restraints, just sitting like a 50 year old. How do people get these kids to do this? Mine have knocked over the ropey things designed to properly queue. You know, the metal posts with the big ropey things that kids love to swing on, and my dear princess keeps running and nearly knocking into people. I try to contain them, I really do. I am not obliviously reading the Times or anything, it's just they are excited.
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Old 03-22-2006, 08:17 AM   #96
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I only have the two but it feels like three

Ok, I just have to say that I am glad I am not the only one with "very active children". I too sit in amazement when I see a family with kids of similar age sitting perfectly still and listening to any command or request by their parents while they sit quietly coloring or reading a book while waiting to be seated for dinner, or at the table next to us or waiting at the airport, etc. My two would be the ones running around the table/resturant, wingy crayons and books at everyone. Ok, maybe not all the time, but it seems like everytime. And when I complain to my mother about it she always says "well honey, would you rather they just sit in a corner and do nothing all day??" and I simply reply...............YES just once I would!!!! LOL
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Old 03-22-2006, 08:51 AM   #97
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Just found this !!! Keep the trip report going!!!! It is kinda nice knowing that there are other people out there with active kids Subscribing so I can keep up.
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Old 03-22-2006, 09:22 AM   #98

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Enjoying reading your reports ~ Thanx for posting.
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Old 03-22-2006, 10:09 AM   #99
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Great stuff you and HaleyB shud colaberate(have no clue how to spell it lol), she is writing a great trip report too!!! Funny and great like yours, we get the hear all her inner thoughts too!!

Can relate to the bad weather holding you back....l live in Canada!!!

Can totally relate to the kid thing, I have 5 sons (hence the name) and 1 daughter (she is actually worse than all 5 put together were lol). Back in 1998 when i only had the 5 boys we took a trip to Disney. When we were coming home I INSTISTED that we get there early so we could get bulk head seats. My youngest was only 1 and he did not have a seat....anyway we did get them. My husband is affraid of flying so needless to say he was of no help.....at the end of the flight a few people came up to me to let me know what a great job I did keeping the kids happy and not letting them bother other people!!! My husband just stood there and he said they probably were looking at me saying.....your are a @##@$%^&^ goof!!! LOL!!!!!

Anyway I don't really care about the money (even though that is why I actully went in to read it) but I forgot about it as I was reading I just want to hear how the rest of your story went!!!! SO HURRY UP!!!!!!!
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Old 03-22-2006, 10:32 AM   #100
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You seriously have me so captivated and your only on the plane a day before your real vacation was to start! I love it! I can't wait to hear the rest!
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Old 03-22-2006, 11:02 AM   #101
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I've read the postings...when you decide to write your first mystery novel (ala Stephanie Plum or Kinsey Milhone) I'll be the first one to buy it!

Sign me waiting with baited breath.......

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Trips before that....who knows!
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Old 03-22-2006, 11:09 AM   #102
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2/11/06-Part 4- This is the reveal

Okay guys. I want to answer each and everyone of you, but if I do that I won't have time to write. I am also trying to read trip reports as I truly just discovered them right before I went on vacation, and then took a DIS hiatus after we returned for about 5 weeks, so I need to read all the other repors. I am starting with the shorter ones first, as I can get through them, and think I will save Zzub for last as he seems to be the grand daddy of them all.

It’s in this one- our windfall. Read on, but don’t skip until you find it and then jump ship to another thread where the writing is funnier, traitor. I have to filibuster just a little but promise, it’s in this post….. I am writing offline today as my high speed is down again. Dagnabit. I feel like Tom Hanks, stranded, isolated and I don’t even have a dang soccer ball. Or was it a basketball? Can’t remember, doesn’t matter. Eh hmmm, stream of conciousness- it drags this report on.

So we are in the air and closing in on Cincinnati. I think of Pete Rose and sigh. I was a baseball fanatic as a kid. Knew every player on the Mets, the Reds, the Phillies and had autographs of Tug, Tom Seaver and lots others but never of Pete. I was in love with these guys. True puppy love. Dreamy gaga. Momofmnm, I like older men too. Always have. Baseball players are all I thought about back then and sometimes still now, come to think of it, but my taste in men has changed somewhat. I am married to the boy next door and wouldn’t have it any other way, but sometimes a girl might look at a menu at another restaurant, "you know that saying you can look aat the menu but don't eat out" Anyway, I was thinking about all the cute baseball players from my childhood and even today.

Oops back to childhood, the wonder years. Went to Turtleback Zoo and got some autographs one day when I was 7. I’ll never forget it. Tom Seaver was beautiful. Ran into Pete at Shea one game and I was awestruck, in my dreams- never happened but I did meet Cleon Jones-he was cool. My mom had Willie May’s autograph, so baseball was a family sport from way back. Next to being a jockey, and an actress, I wanted to be a baseball player back then. Good thing Pete’s fall from grace happened when I was an adult. I would have been shattered….. Hadn’t thought about all that in years. I liked coming through Cinncinati and thinking about how I felt when I was a wee lass, like my kids are now. Makes me remember how I felt, what was important, how the whole world seemed fantastic and wonderful. Recapturing that optimism and joy sometimes gets hard watching the news, reading dreadful story after story in the online news, dealing with mean people. Mean people suck. I love that tee shirt. Ostrich position, please. Guess that’s why the escapism of WDW is so intoxicating to us adults, and from reading some of these posts (which I am now doing, having left the budget boards, wow, talent- you know the big names, I don’t have to mention them- vc, hh) why so many adults like to get intoxicated.

We land without incident. Glory be, because I have to be a brave soldier in the air now that I have kids. The leg is going again. The kids don’t know that sign yet-mom nervous…Stay cool, baby, real cool (I love musicals and West Side Story is one of my favs) and emit aura of calmness. Smile and squeeze the kids’ hands, but not too tight. See, I like control. I suppose we all do, but suspended 35,000 feet over terra firma is just way too little control over my destiny.

DJ and I are feeling pumped. The kids are so happy skipping, not running, through the airport. Jack has assumed the position- being driven in a pram like the little king that he is. He stays in his throne for much of the next two weeks, when we are mobile that is. We see a cnn report on a monitor and bam, the big one is on its way. We look up at the flight screens-they have closed philly, laguardia, jfk, Newark. Holy toledo! We scored! Not a flake of snow here in cin. And Atlanta is closed too! Fog. That had been one of our options, thank sweet mary I chose cin. We’re soarin’ cause we know we’ll be soarin’ soon from the cold to the warmth of sunny mco and on onto soarin’ at the Cot or Epcot to you. We are at the cusp of triumph. I love squirming my way out of a mess. It makes life interesting. The year of living dangerously-the motto of my life, and a super movie, Oh to be like Signourney- what a woman. And Mel, Mel G that is, is high on my list too, although the Mel of these boards is quite the hottie too. You little flirt you.

We arrive at our gate. It is packed. We find an area with no other people in a section so the kids can run in tiny circles without the Mr. Magoo affect. DJ does the ticket thing and I look at how cute our darlings are. Carson has struck up a conversation with a little boy next to him and they discuss the wonders of Buzz. Sky is on my lap snuggling and jack has found another little mike myers with the harness type of kids and they are orbiting around one another making strange intergalactic noises. Me, ever the doom monger, is still a tad nervous. We aren’t out on easy street yet. You know how life is, you think you’re heading into calm waters and it turns out to actually be the eye of the storm and the worst winds are on the other side? DJ comes back.

Me- “All set, hon?

DJ-“Yup, but they asked me if we would be willing to give up our seats.”

Me- “Ha, did you tell them ‘NO WAY’?”

DJ- “Yeah, but they are offering to give us $500 bucks and first class on the next flight.”

ME-(wheels turning)- “First class?” Oooh, a couple of G & T’s for mommy and daddy who have now been up for 30 hours…..

DJ-“It’s 4 hours. This isn’t fair on the kids.”

ME- “The kids, what about us? Yeach, $500 bucks and first class ain’t worth it.”

We all sit and wait. They keep asking for 5 volunteers. My stomach feels a knot. They are short 5 seats. And I see an attendant sauntering over to us. With all the people on this flight, why is she zeroing in on us. You know how you can sense when you are the target way before someone is in your zone? I looked up and tried to gauge what she might be going to say. Have they figured out that we were the five seats that got booked when there wasn’t a seat vacant? Did my sweet gal who put us on this flight somehow mark that we were the last reservations? My leg is really swinging. DOES SHE KNOW IT”S OUR FAULT THEY ARE OVERBOOKED? OKay stuck in cin for 24 hours, here it comes. Well, we got this far, maybe we can go check out the rock n roll hall of fame. Wait, that's cleveland. Dang...

Attendant- Are you sure you folks wouldn’t consider giving up your seat? $2000 in Delta air vouchers, first class on the next flight out and lunch any where in the airport.

DJ- “Thanks, we’ll think about it.” He always acts so cool. Would make a great poker player, only this boy is all about safety.

$2000 – whoa, big fella. Horse of a different color. She got my attention. My adrenalin flows. I see several families listening to the whole thing. I am thinking they might try to horn in on this deal. None of them has little tykes like us-well not as many.

DJ isn’t a wall street trader kinda guy. Decisions come slowly and with great thought behind them. I am a high stakes bidder kind a girl and can still instantly play out the scenarios, make a decision and live with the consequences. I do it fast. Some might call me impulsive, I prefer decisive. I know there isn’t a whole lotta time to debate this one.

I put DJ in charge of this one. The kids have been up since 3, we would be hanging in an airport for 4 extra hours and would miss our afternoon at CBR. But we do see it is raining in Orlando. This is another piece of info to add to the mix.

We calmly hit the pros and cons, and decide to take deal! DJ didn’t balk on this one. Sometimes I am the power player, pushing my agenda on him- a high pressure salesman- but this was an equal partnership and if we had meltdowns in first class on the next flight- oh well.

So my man, the elegant and silent negotiator, goes up to the counter and brings back 2000 buckeroonies in vouchers. That’s how we did it, that’s how we made our mysterious money on our trip. Isn't that awesome? I
ve secretly hoped I'd get a chance to do this, but never have run into the situation. We were and are tickled to get such a big return for 4 hours of 'work'. But for all you mathematicians and detail oriented types, you might be saying $2000 smackers doesn’t make $3,600. Right you are and thus without giving away too much of the details, we end up with 1600 more somewhere at the end of our trip. I want you to stay with me, so for now, you figure it out.

Was this anti-climatic for you guys? I hope not. For anyone who travels with 5 people, you know how expensive it is to go anywhere. I was on cloud nine and promised myself not to be depressed at the end of the trip because now I knew we would get back to Mickey before 2 years time and maybe even swing in a trip to Paris. We always have Paris…..

Part 5- GO TO PAGE 10, post 138
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Last edited by horsegirl; 04-01-2006 at 08:51 AM. Reason: here, I am starting to get very off the story, so I deleted out things that really didn't need to be here- I was writing too much too fast!
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Old 03-22-2006, 11:53 AM   #103
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Excellent deal!! I'm really looking forward to hearing all about first class! (I doubt I'll ever experience it first hand) You're doing a super job on this report! Hurry back!
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Old 03-22-2006, 01:08 PM   #104
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Okay, I really LOVE your trip reports! I can't decide if I'm enjoying remembering that skit with Mike Myers that I haven't thought about in years, or if I'm comforted by the fact that ANOTHER mother made the big mistake of giving her kids blueberry nurtigrain bars on a flight, or maybe just the mental picture of what a steward with the name of Aloha Zuzu may look like?

In any event, I'm enjoying it quite a bit! I can't wait to see what your trip was like once you actually GOT to WDW!
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Old 03-22-2006, 01:20 PM   #105
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Wow, I'm impressed! I probably would have jumped on the $500!
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