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Old 09-12-2013, 07:04 PM   #31
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Comparing Bonnet Creek to DVC is not a fair comparison in any way shape or form. We are talking 400-500 a night for a 2 bedroom at DVC. I just got bonnet creek for 125/night.

A fair comparison is a value or MAYBE a moderate resort to BC. BC should not be nearly as nice as DVC IMO for the $$$ paid. For 125/night I expect a nice place to sleep and a decent pool. For 400 a night I expect perfection.

Comparing the 2 just seems off base to me. I have heard of people getting SEVEN nights at BC for the price of TWO at DVC.
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Old 09-13-2013, 07:27 AM   #32
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OP: Thanks for your review. I have always been onsite, and always consider going offsite. I really appreciate the point of view - helps to manage my expectations and/or decide where to stay next time.

Thanks again for taking the time to write your post!
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Old 09-13-2013, 07:41 AM   #33

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As I stated in my original post, this was our experience at that point in time. We tried something new and decided it didn't quite fit with what we want in our vacations. I'm glad this resort meets other vacationers' needs.

As for comparing it to DVC: I used points for both stays, so I never looked at rack rates, and it was the same sized timeshare unit. The larger issues for me were not telling us we needed an additional key card for the parking garage and the resort having the wrong check out date for us. In my opinion, these issues have nothing to do with how expensive the room costs. I would expect ANY resort/hotel/motel, regardless of price, to know how their parking garage works and to know my check-out date.

Have a Magical Day!!!
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Old 09-13-2013, 09:10 AM   #34
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Although I respect everyone's opinion I have to say I really don't understand when people say they miss the magic when not onsite. We've stay onsite and offsite for over fifteen years and have had good and bad experiences at both. When traveling with eight people staying onsite is crazy. Even if we rent points the price is insane. Comparing the numbers, we have twelve nights at Bonnet Creek for nine hundred, what does that buy me at a Disney owned for eight people. Our last stay at Saratoga was BAD. We saw no magic and spent over four thousand. We spend our times at the parks so we seldom see the front desk, or need much. I guess we're low maintenance. I look for clean, roomy, and convenient and Bonnet Creek fits the bill. For 900.00 we'll create our own magic.
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Old 09-13-2013, 03:02 PM   #35
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Originally Posted by pklein09 View Post
....and tried real hard not to hate it.

Please keep in mind that this was our experience at this particular point in time. We are DVC members who ran out of points. We used our American Express points to add on 5 nights at Bonnet Creek (not a small number....there are 6 of us and we had a 2 bedroom unit).

We had an early flight down and checked into the resort around 11:00 am. We did not expect our room to be ready and it wasn't. They said they would call us when it was ready. Great! Not a big deal as we had a rental van and annual passes; we headed to Magic Kingdom. As the day goes by, we periodically check the phones....no message from Bonnet Creek. We leave MK before the fireworks to avoid the rush. We get to check in around 10:00. The store is closed, which surprised me because I'm used to DVC resort stores being open later. I was hoping to get milk for breakfast the next day, but not a big deal. We check in and asked why we didn't receive a phone call. The lady at the desk had no answer and apologized. Okay. We had to go over to the other desk for our parking tag. No pressure to sit through a time share presentation, thank goodness. She did ask if we were interested in more information and I politely declined. That was the extent of the discussion.

Our room was in Building 6....Terra Sol. We were told to use the parking garage if we couldn't find a ground level spot. We wind our way around and sure enough we need to used the parking garage. The sign on the gate says use your room key. Um, no, that doesn't work. We swipe it multiple times and have to press the call button twice to get someone to manually lift the gate. We park, unload, and head into the building. We were never told there was a hotel part to building 6 and a timeshare part to building 6, and the signage was not helpful. I head to the lobby which turns out to be the hotel part. The desk clerk there says to walk back the way we came, go down a level and into the other building. At this point, it's close to 10:30 and I'm tired. I gave him a look and he walked us to where we needed to be. I double checked the signs to see if I missed something. No, I read the signs correctly...there is nothing saying "time share building this way."

We head to our room - 6104 - first floor. Yeah! No waiting for elevators. Boo...it's right on the parking lot and we hear cars and see headlights. <sigh> I unfold the sofa bed to set it up for DD17. I find the sheets, or so I thought. There is a mattress pad for a twin sized bed, 2 pillows with no cases, and a blanket. No sheets. I head to the front desk to ask for some (why call when I can walk a few feet). I told the gentleman at the front desk that I needed sheets and a correctly sized mattress pad. I also asked how long it might take. He had no idea. I explained that I was very tired and that this was the third problem with the resort since we arrived that morning, could he please try and find out for me. He did...we were 3rd in line to have linens delivered. When he found out there were 6 of us in the unit, he got additional toiletries without being asked. That was very thoughtful of him and I thanked him. The linens were delivered quicker than I expected, we make the bed and get some sleep.

We sleep in the next day and head out for breakfast around 10:00. We tried for the buffet place but no one was at the podium. There was a family in front of us who had already been waiting. The restaurant was only 1/3 full with no employees to be seen. We gave up and went to Starbucks. DH was happy with the coffee, but I was hoping for more than a muffin. I figured it would just be an early lunch in the parks. We get in our van and try to leave. The room key still does not work in the parking garage machine and we have to press the button for service. Someone answers on the first buzz and we escape, I mean leave....

We get back to the room that night and find a parking spot in the regular lot. Yeah! The room is fine and we decide to just get breakfast out for the duration of our time at Bonnet Creek. The next night, we need to park in the garage and the room key still does not work. We get buzzed in and stop at the front desk to ask why our room key doesn't work. Apparently, the time share side needs a separate parking garage key; the room key only works for the hotel guests. What?!? Why weren't we told that when we checked in??? They knew we were staying in the timeshare portion. How hard can this be. Very annoyed and not happy.

The next to last morning, we get a phone call at 9:00 am. I'm still dozing because I've been out late at the parks and I'm on vacation and don't have to walk 2 dogs early in the morning. The phone call was the front desk asking if I needed bell services to help us with our luggage before checking out. What? I responded by saying that I was under the impression we were checking out the next day. The man on the other end checked his records and apologized...he called the wrong room. The next morning when we really were checking out, no phone call to offer bell services. We didn't need bell services because we pack pretty light, but it showed me how inconsistent the front desk was.

On a general note, we really didn't get a map of the resort. They gave us a really bad photocopy of the overall layout of the resort (lots of flyspecs, if you know what I mean) that only took up half the page. It basically showed us where we checked in and where our building was located. I had no idea where the pool was (we never used it). We did eventually see it through a door, but on the next to last day. We only tried to find restaurants that first day and decided it was easier to eat on Disney property.

The other thing that bothered us throughout our entire stay was the general behavior of the staff. No one was rude, but they weren't friendly either. We would be the only ones in the lobby (there are 6 of us), walking right past the front desk staff (on both sides), and everyone was busy staring at their computer screens. It didn't matter if it was morning, afternoon, or evening. No one looked up, said hello, asked how our stay was. Nada, zip, nothing. By the third day, even the kids said they didn't want to stay there again.

I will say that our room was clean and I didn't directly pay for it out of pocket. I actually kept repeating that to myself. Bonnet Creek used fewer American Points than staying on Disney property so we were able to stay more nights. We ended up renting a van for 5 days because we didn't want to rely on Bonnet Creek transportation to the parks. In retrospect, I could have stayed on Disney property (probably the cabins at Ft. Wilderness) using my Amex points, paid out of pocket for the extra nights, foregone the rental van, and had a more pleasant stay.

I'm glad there are those of you who like Bonnet Creek. I think the nice part of the Walt Disney World Resort and surrounding area it that there is something for everyone. Lesson learned, at least for the vacation experience our family prefers.

I would be happy to answer any questions. For what it's worth, we stayed at Bonnet Creek from July 16 - 21 and then checked into OKW from July 21 - 27.

I am so glad to have read this review. Not that you had a bad time, I'm sorry you did but that somebody finally said what all the locals do about BC. I stay at the MGV, as you can tell by my signature. I have become close with a lot of staff there who have ultimately gone on to other resorts and I asked them what all the hoopla was about BC - they said they don't know. There aren't particularly friendly and its a confusing resort as you found out. Have you done a review of your stay on TripAdvisor or let the staff at BC know? I only say this because last time I stayed at MGV I had some horrible service, so bad in fact that I escalated this to the VP of MVCI. The VP has gone above and beyond to rectify the situation. My DH and I (we are childless) are going in January on a free voucher from II on a week that was not available with MGV and got an upgrade to a one bedroom for the week.

These places won't know what they are doing right or wrong unless we, the consumers, speak up. I'm not saying we need to poop on their establishments, but if its bad, tell them - in retrospect if its good, do the same. I had written 3 five start reviews about MGV before our June disaster. We spent our Honeymoon there and Christmas '09 with my parents as well.

I have never stayed on property and wish to but its not in our budget. I'm also afraid if I did, I'd never appreciate any off property resorts again.

Hope you have a better trip next time
SVV 01/06, MGV 12/09 (Christmas Vacation), WGT 12/09 (New Years Eve -will never go back), MGV 10/10, MGV 4/11, MGV 3/12 (Honeymoon 2 weeks), MGV 09/12, MGV 06/13, MGV 01/14, MCH 10/14
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Old 09-13-2013, 03:15 PM   #36
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Originally Posted by Big O View Post
I have to admit that I was very skeptical about WBC. We just got back from a week stay after a split at the POLY. Let me tell you. From somebody that owned a timeshare at WESTGATE and visited WBC for the first time it was gorgeous!!!! We had a two bedroom, 2 bath unit in tower 2 on the 6th floor. It was a parking lot view but being our first time I didn't know what to ask for as far as view. The swimming pool was at our tower so it was nice and close by. Seating was limited so we usually hung out by the kids pool. The unit was immaculate. Granite countertops, full appliances, flatscreen TV's everywhere. Room furnishings and beddings were in excellent condition. Local staff were courteous and friendly to us. Each person I came in contact with certainly greeted us with a smile and a friendly "good morning" or "good afternoon". I REALLY felt like this was a Disney extension to me. As a matter of fact I enjoyed WBC MORE THAN the 1 bedroom unit we had at Kidani Village in 2011. That AC really stunk there (and I mean 'stunk') and maintenance couldn't either fix the smell or get the unit running any colder. In WBC I was usually freezing. For the price, size and beauty you can't beat WBC. I should have went on the tour!
I stayed at WESTGATE on an II trade for the week between Christmas and New Year's 2009. I never wanted to leave a vacation so badly in my life. We had ANTS in our room, they charge you for EVERY convenience (tennis court use, paddle boats, wifi etc.). My father in elderly and got caught in a rain storm. They refused to drive him from the main building to his room in a golf cart. REFUSED. We did the tour, THREE HOURS LONG....they would NOT take NO for an answer and even tried to sell us a foreclosed unit every other year for 5K. DISGUSTING. I will never step foot back on their property, ever.
SVV 01/06, MGV 12/09 (Christmas Vacation), WGT 12/09 (New Years Eve -will never go back), MGV 10/10, MGV 4/11, MGV 3/12 (Honeymoon 2 weeks), MGV 09/12, MGV 06/13, MGV 01/14, MCH 10/14
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