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Old 07-05-2013, 02:06 PM   #76
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Originally Posted by NicoleK1974 View Post
I was part of the December test group.

We got 3 choices each day at one park.

We were able to choose from the main attractions, parade reserved seats, front of the line meet and greets and smaller attractions.

We did the "girly" stuff since DD was 4.

There was a HUGE line for Enchanted Tales with Belle.
We were the ONLY ones at the FP+ door.
We waited about 5 minutes, were let into the room all by ourselves and about 2 minutes later about 40 more people were let in.

At Mickey Mouse meet and greet, the line was pretty long, they took us around a little corridor, but it met up with the main line, just roped off.
We were put in front of the line, let in the room by ourselves, there were about 15 people ahead of us and we waited a few minutes before the next people were let in, including a mother and father and their approx. 6 or 7 year old daughter that were at the front of the line.
The father then began verbally assaulting me by first asking rudely "who are you? Some big-wigs family member that you don't have to wait in line?"
I tried to be nice and explain that we were lucky enough to be chosen as a test family to try out a new FP+ system that Disney was considering implementing.
He returned my nice explanation with "I don't give a flying F___ about you and you special F____ing test family, we have been waiting in this G*d d____ line for 45 minutes and your little princess a___es (looking down at my 4 year old DD in her princess dress) get to waltz right up to the front of the line. That's a bunch of bull s____!"
Not only was this guy not stopped or escorted out, but some of the people behind him actually agreed with him, and not a single person came to our defense!

I was actually scared (as was my daughter) and we literally RAN out of there as soon as we saw Mickey (kinda spoiled her experience too) I threw her in the stroller and headed back to the hotel for fear we might be chased down and taunted some more by the angry mob. Luckily it was getting close to nap time anyways, but still this incident should NOT have happened!

At Toy Story Mania, 90 minute stand by wait, we went up to the FP+ line and waited about 10 minutes.
They would let about 20 of our line go through, then about 20 of the regular line.

At the parade, more controversy, which was handled well by the CM's.

We were given a time (I think it was about 20-30 minutes prior to parade time) to meet in front of the castle.
There was a roped off area for us to stand, and there were a bunch of people standing behind the rope that got mad because they were waiting there for the parade.
There were signs at the end of each rope that said FP+ holders only, or something like that, so the CM's kinda took the heat for us coming up and standing in front of people.

There was also an issue of what some here may seem as karma if you have experienced "I don't speak english so I can stand/sit/go wherever I want and hop in the middle of a huge waiting line, etc." phenomenon that I noticed a few times in our travels.

The rope for the parade FP+ stopped about 6 inches from the curb at one point, there are people 5-6 people deep as far as the eye can see....

About 5-10 minutes before the parade was due to start (the pre-parade had already gone by), an apparently foreign family of about 6-8 adults and 10-12 kids came and took up the entire front of the curb past the ropes, right in front of us.
A CM came by and said "you can't sit here" to which one replied "sorry, no english" and continued to just stand there talking with the group while the rest of the family arranged the children on the curb.
The cast member again came by and said "You can't sit here, it's reserved."
Another guy laughed at her and looked at his buddy and said "sorry, no english".
This happened one more time and the lady brought 2 guys who forcefully told them to get out and pointed to the opening in the walkway.
The whole group was making a huge ruckus about it as they were gently led to the opening of the path to the right off the castle and one of the guys looked back and yelled "F____ you! American pig!" And gave the male CM the finger.
Aaaaaaand, everyone behind the rope clapped and cheered, and they ended up dropping the rope and letting us all the way up to the curb.

The other ones we used, no HUGE lines, no HUGE issues.....

So those that use the FP+ system, be prepared for some grief, from those who are oblivious of it's existence...

I personally loved it and will use it again and have a few choice remarks for anyone who decides to harass/threaten me about using it in from of my daughter.

Man, what a gruesome experience.

Like doconeill said, I hope you were able to report this during your FP+ feedback (although I guess the same sort of thing could happen with regular FP as with FP+).

If you didn't have the opportunity during FP+ feedback, I hope you'll still contact WDW to let them know about the event. I'm sure they don't want CMs ignoring/tolerating such behavior.

Historical Orlando weather data here: http://www.leaveittogenie.com/weather.html
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Old 07-05-2013, 02:13 PM   #77
It's not a midlife crisis I'm just a car enthusiast.....honest
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Originally Posted by SoonerSean View Post
But there has to be a solution that's better than FP+ seems to be heading towards (elimination of the existing FP system and having to schedule in advance).
There is. Add FP+ and keep regular FP. The main argument seems to be that: a) the number of FP's available won't accommodate this and b) it's not "fair" to those that don't plan or want to get up early.
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Old 07-05-2013, 02:18 PM   #78
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The problem of course is the reported desire on Disney's part to lock people into park selections 2 months out so they can "maximize" staffing in all the parks. The more flexible the system, the less benefit to Disney to "right size" that staffing.
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Old 07-05-2013, 02:27 PM   #79
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I don't know how they expect any of the FP+ features to work when their website doesn't. This is the fourth time in months now that I have tried to link the room ressies to the ADRs - this time just to be sure the ADRs are in the system. As before, It can bring up the room, a little step further this time because it actually brought up the first ADR. It asks you to link them, and when I hit "next" the system went down for "maintenance." That is the same experience I have had ever time! Sorry for breaking it.
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Old 07-05-2013, 02:34 PM   #80
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The fp+ test group was apparently 3000 people, if I recall correctly 'whatsarahsaid' said. (cant seem to find the post)

Hardly enough to impact any single standby line, especially HM which has the OHRC of 3600, even if they all showed up in the same day, even same hour.

I am not sure why everyone thinks Disney is actually testing fp+ with these tests, the way they intend to roll out the program though.

According to the T&C, fp and fp+ are going to be mutually exclusive. So, already we know they are not testing certain parameters with this June test.

One major debatable point has always been how many fp per hour were generated for each ride with the old fp system, and the numbers have been bandied about, anywhere from 20- 30 % up to 80%. I have always thought that anything above 30 or 40% was not logical, just based on my own personal experience in the fp line.

I have been wondering though, if Disney is experimenting simulatneously with the test fp+ group, drastically changing the regular fp up to say 70%, to 'engineer' a similar environment as to what they anticipate when fp+ is live and online.

Too few reports to go one though. And I have been waiting to hear someone comment on the number of people in the fp line, but nothing so far. However, if the CM's have been told to ALWAYS let all FP people go ahead of standby line, they can be 'forcing' or engineering a similar climate to the one they intend to create when it goes live (and, a large percentage of users with the program).

Or, Perhaps analyize customer reaction in the standby line. Is it too much stick? Just the right amount? They will come up with the exact ratio.

Just some random thoughts.
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Old 07-05-2013, 03:21 PM   #81
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Originally Posted by ttintagel View Post
It's possible that this may happen with rides that already have FP and dispense a lot of them. However, many rides that did not previously have or need FP are being retrofitted with FP+, and there's no way that that won;t make standby waits longer.
I, too, think standy by lines will be longer. Not just in number of people but also in length of time in line. I just don't see how even adding more attractions to the FP+ list is going to help a large majority of people in either situation...standby or FP. It just makes us all crazy trying to "figure out the system."

Originally Posted by KelleyGirl View Post
I was just there on a day with soft opening of Fastpass+. Standby lines were horrible. Amount of people in fastpass line were longer than ever, and even at the turnstile, cast members were taking ALL fastpass people before standby. At Splash Mountain, at the cast member taking fastpasses, our family waited for 40+ people to get thru the fastpass line, and no others were in line, before she switched back to the standby line. No more toggling between the two. I understand the need to take them first, my point is there were just so many more people there! Maybe that is also the result of no longer honoring fastpasses past there end time.

Also found lines that didn't have fastpass and now do, were now much longer (obviously). In general, not overly excited about the changes coming to the parks.

As we drove around the Lake Buena Vista area later that night, we commented on the amount of development still going on. Hotels upon hotels still being built. As long as people fill the rooms, the parks will overflow. A sign of the times, I guess.
This is what I was afraid of.^^^

Originally Posted by figment13 View Post
180 days out I make all ADR's for 10 day trip. now I make all FP+ that I am allowed (3 per day). Now I have arrived for my 10 day vacation???
First thing I have to take out my schedule, must be at this ride and that ride at certain times, must be at specific restaurant at specific time.
Tell me how is this a nice relaxing vacation taking the time to smell the roses as the expression goes.
Maybe I'm dumb, but have been to Disney every year for the last 20+ and have never made ADR's and never used fast pass.
You know what, I have a wonderful relaxing vacation just going with the flow.
I look at all the ambieance and enjoy relaxing in the parks.
Am I crazy or just plain smart?
Totally agree. I will schedule my dining reservations, at least I know what park I'm going to be in every day, but scheduling my attractions is not something I want to do on vacation. There's planning. Then there's over planning, stressful planning, why did I come to Disney for my vacation planning. Why do we all have to be so scheduled all the time? Vacation was meant as a break from all that day to day, wall to wall scheduling of our lives crap. Looks like Disney is no longer going to be any type of "relaxing" vacation destination. And my "magical" vacation is coming up fast in October and I'm almost dreading it. I DO NOT want to be one of the first groups utilizing FP+!!!!
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Old 07-05-2013, 03:28 PM   #82
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In some ways, a Disney vacation already is insane in so many ways. Getting there for rope drop, running around for FPs, making detailed touring plans, ADRs, lining up for parades and fireworks, etc...I dunno. But as you said, this could definitely be the thing that tips the scale for a lot of folks.
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Old 07-06-2013, 12:34 PM   #83
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Originally Posted by dizcrazee View Post
I can't see how FP+ will possibly make things better, but I know that they study all this thoroughly and I'm hoping that it will be an improvement somehow. I really want to be optimistic because I love WDW, but unfortunately, looking back over the years (I was there the year it opened and many times since), I know there's been a slow and steady decline in many areas. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the powers that be will do whatever is necessary keep the magic going.
Me too. I have doubts about the end results of all this, but reserve the right to be pleasantly surprised if it works out.
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