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Old 09-11-2003, 07:05 AM   #1
Obsessed...and admits it!!
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The Williams tour of Florida restrooms - Day Thirteen - The Cat, and I lost my hat


Me - Craig, only just 33. Rucksack carrier and stroller pusher.
Louise - Wife, 34, slowly becoming addicted to WDW.
Emily - Aged 8. Moody, full of attitude and daddy’s girl.
Rebecca - Aged 6. Comedian, Olympic eater and worrier.

The Williams tour of Florida restrooms, sponsored by VISA.

Day Thirteen – Tuesday 26th August – The Cat, and I lost my hat.

We had a lie in to day. It was at least 8.00 before I got up!!! We were all a little sluggish this morning, and in hindsight we were probably suffering from the same weariness that affected us on our first visit to Epcot, as today turned out to be a little disappointing at first, but picked up towards the end.

I had noticed on this holiday that I could easily have spent the full fortnight on Disney property and been very happy. I was finding that I really enjoyed just visiting the resorts.

The same thing applied today. Having had a great time at IOA in the past, today was to be different, and I found my self “missing” WDW. Yes, I do know I have a problem.

The kids “needed” a swim this morning, so they did that until about 9.00. We had another breakfast in the house, so more Mud & Bugs for the girls. We were out of the house by 10.00. The traffic must have been good today as we arrived at IOA at 10.30. Well, we arrived at the car park at 10.30!!

It took us the usual half hour to do the walk and get strollers etc. Restroom stop, and then we were off to Cat in the Hat or is Cat & The Hat, I’m never sure.

This is in the girl’s all time top five rides in Orlando.

Imagine the Fluff Freeman music at this point……

At five, down from number three, It’s a Small World. Doll-tastic mate.

At four, in with a bullet it’s that horny devil, it’s The Unicorn

At three, it’s the Cat with the Hat, I mean Cat In the Hat, I mean, oh, it’s just Maiow-mungous, great mate.

At two, it’s the Splash-tastic tippity top Splash Mountain.

And at number one for the fourth year in a row it’s Voyage of the Little Mermaid.
Fan-dobba-dobba-dabulous. D-Cup delicious!!

Sorry, about that.

Anyway, the Cat/Hat ride was a walk on, and the girls sat together in the front of the sofa. They had a great time, but they know the narration off by heart by now. Still, they don’t seem to be bored of it yet.

The kids wanted to ride again, so I let Louise do that whilst I went to the restroom (I’m only human) and got a new film for the camera. I returned five minutes later to see them sat in their strollers (except Louise) waiting to go. That was quick I thought.

They hadn’t been on as someone had been sick!!!! The ride was closed whilst they cleared the carrots.

I then wandered off to get a FP for 1 Fish 2 Fish, which became active in 10 minutes. We oiled the kids up with suncream, and by that time, it was time to ride. The standby queue was 20 minutes so I was glad we got FPs. Again, it was very hot today.

Five minutes later and we are on. I let Rebecca drive, and ended up as wet as it is possible to be on this ride. It was welcome though as the heat was intense.

Then on to the Carosuessel again with no wait. I sat on a cow!

The one thing that always strikes me at IOA and Universal is sometimes the CMs (if that’s what they call them) aren’t in the same class as Disney. Before each ride on the Carosuessel, the CM has to do a little rhyme. I have never once heard it, as they say it so fast, and with zero enthusiasm. Enough Disney propoganda!!!

At this point we had done enough for the kids for one day, and it was time for some grown up fun. We wander across to Super Hero Island or whatever it is, and the plan was to get FP for Hulk and Spiderman. It was 11.30 at this time, so you could say it was our own fault, but all FPs were gone for every ride in the Super Hero place, with waits of over an hour. Happy, not likely!!

To cheer ourselves up we decide to eat, and Rebecca was insistent that we eat at Green Eggs & Ham. She had a school friend who had eaten there on her holiday, and Rebecca really wanted to do the same.

We encountered some less than enthusiastic servers here, and despite it being before 12.00, it took 15 minutes to get served. The burgers (what else did you think we’d have) were average, but got eaten nonetheless.

After lunch we walked round through the Lost Continent, and I got two FPs for Duelling Dragons. Emily wanted to do the Unicorn as she rode that as her first ever coaster on a previous trip. My wasn’t she feeling brave today. The plan was that we’d all go on, but no, Rebecca refused point blank, so I took Emily on. Fun but short, a bit like Emily!!

As we returned to the strollers, Rebecca then said she wanted to go on. Of course there was now a queue, but we went on. She was petrified, and was distraught all the way round. Weird child!!

We got off and to calm her down we got an ice cream. We then wandered through the Jurassic bit. This may just be us, but there seemed to be nothing to do here for us apart from shop and eat. The girls obviously wouldn’t do the big dinosaur ride, and the ptera….peterd….flyer things had an hour’s wait. So we sat and had a drink and then decided to walk back through the Lost Continent (Yes, where we had just come from) as we had all had enough of IOA to be honest. Maybe we were tired, but I didn’t enjoy it all this time.

Walking past t he Unicorn, Rebecca suddenly said she wanted to ride it again. As I said, weird child!! So we queued for ten minutes, and she was fine in the queue. A storm was brewing, and the CM kept announcing the ride may close due to the weather. I was praying it wouldn’t as this was the bravest Rebecca had been all holiday.

We got on!! Rebecca, being relaxed this time, loved it. She even held her arms up for some of it. The sign of a true coaster fan!!

As we got off the ride I was so busy trying to get Ryan out of the small car and get out quickly, I forgot I had my cap on my lap. I stood up with Ryan, and my hat dropped to the floor. Never mind, I’ll just pick it up. Well if I had I may have lost several limbs as it had fallen through the track, into the bowels of the ride.

I couldn’t be bothered getting the CMs to stop the ride so we just left. It was all Ryan’s fault, but he did enjoy the Unicorn, so it wasn’t a total loss.

It was then time for the DD FP, so we made our way there as it was on our way out. As we got there Sinbad and another bloke in costume came up to the girls and said..

“We are Sinbad, and (another bloke in costume)” and started to chat with them. A nice touch, but the girls hadn’t a clue who Sinbad was. I think Louise would have liked to have known who Sinbad was though. They got a Gold coin each so that was alright.

I went on DD (Ice). Despite having a FP there was still a good 10 minute wait. A good ride though. I returned to the pack, and Louise didn’t want to go on so we headed for the exit.

One last go on Cat/Hat, and I’m sure the spinning was more intense this time. No smell of sick though, so that was a bonus.

As we walked out we did some present shopping, and Louise bought some Grinch pajamas. In the shop, Spiderman appeared. Now that costume is an unforgiving one!! The girls had their photograph with him, and I wiped Louise’s chin as the drool was a little embarrassing.

I think there was either a shuttlecock or pair of socks somewhere in that costume!!!

The long, long, walk back to the car (Jaws again) and we were off to DTD by 4pm. We were to finish our present shopping and then have a meal somewhere. You see I don’t plan everything.

So we shopped, bought Rebecca a Jasmine costume, and other bits and pieces, including the all important car ariel Mickey. Rebecca wanted to wear her costume so we let her. Emily was sulking as she hadn’t got hers yet, but they had no Ariel ones so she’d have to wait for another shop.

Time to eat, and I remembered a friend of mine telling me I had to try Romano’s Macaroni Grill which was just round the corner from DTD. So I decided we’d do that and then head to MGM to get Emily a costume and see Fantasmic (3rd time lucky).

The meal was outstanding. I would never have chosen this restaurant without a reccomendation, but I was very glad we did.

As you are seated the waiter brings you a loaf, yes loaf, of freshly baked bread. He then makes a lovely olive oil and herb dip at the table and you are left to dunk away. I think Louise and the girls got some bread, but not a lot!!

I had a twice baked (?) meatball lasagne, as did Louise. Emily has Spag Bol, but it was massive and I think Rebecca had burger.

We were all stuffed, but the desserts looked fantastic so I ordered Strawberry cheesecake, and Louise ordered something chocolatey, and Emily ordered the Chocolate Fudge cake. Rebecca had an ice cream, but that doesn't really do it justice.

Now in the UK Emily can usually polish off adult desserts that involve chocolate. This one defeated her. It was the size of a house brick!!! She managed about a quarter of it.

I somehow forced down my cheesecake. In fact I have developed a new diet, which involves only eating freshly baked bread and cheesecake. It’s called The Fatkins Diet!!!

We had cappuccinos, and managed to get back to the Jeep, just. The meal was around $70 including tip. Delicious, give it a try.

Right then off to Fantasmic. Didn’t have to pay parking – result. Parked really close to the front – result.

No strollers for the girls, not worth it for what we were doing. It was a shock to their system having to walk!!

Straight up to the costume shop near VOLM, after a restroom of course. Still no suitable Ariel’s, so she chose Snow White. She of course wanted to wear hers as well, so she did.

Emily has dark bobbed hair, so could pass for a Junior Snow White. As we walked down Sunset (no FDP tonight) everyone was looking at the girls and commenting on them. They loved it!! All the attention made their day. They did look cute I must admit.

So we make it to the entrance for Fantasmic, no rain, not even any clouds. At last we'll get to see it!!! It was full.

7.15, and it was full!!!!! No doubt as lots of shows had been cancelled recently, everyone wanted to see it tonight. I was gutted, the girls were devastated as they wanted lots more comments on their costumes. We sat on a wall, feeling very deflated.

We discussed what to do next. Shall we go home? The girls really didn’t want to. Once again, I was placed on the spot. Come on Disney boy, put your 13 month planning obsession to some use, to avoid totally ruining the girl’s holiday. No pressure then.

I rummaged through the filing system called a brain, and within seconds I had it. Boardwalk!!! We’d never been before, and I had wanted to go this trip. We could have a drink, let the girls swagger in their costumes for a bit and then head home.

As a bonus, the entrance was right across the road from the MGM exit. We were there in two minutes. Once again I sweet talk the guard into thinking we can afford dinner, and he lets us in. That's the beauty of having upgraded to a better car. People think you can afford it!!!! We had no intention of having dinner, but he wasn’t to know. Williams 1 Disney 0.

Parking spaces were as rare as a credit balance in the bank the day before pay day, but we got one eventually. A bit of a walk to get to the BW, but it was worth it. We had a nice wander up towards Jellyrolls, bought a drink and sat on a bench soaking up the atmosphere. The bloke on the piano bike appeared, and the girls got some more attention so they were happy.

As another bonus (doing well tonight) the Epcot fireworks started at 9.00 and we had a great view of them. All in all, a lovely evening. We all enjoyed this and will certainly be back here.

We head for the car at 9.30 and we are home at just gone 10.00. Very tired, but I was pleased to have turned the day around after not really enjoying IOA. Next visit I think we’ll give Uni and IOA a miss until the girls are brave enough to try some bigger rides.

Tomorrow – MGM again
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Trip Report 2003 - The Williams Tour of Florida Restrooms Sponsored by VISA

The Sunshine, Moonlight, Good Times & Boogie(board) Tour August 2007

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Excellent reports:D Loved the Fluff Freeman bit:D

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Your trip reports have been first class Craig!!!
Very entertaining !!!

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Bonzo's DW!!
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Craig - you really do have me laughing out loud!
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Great reports Loved the Fluff bit LOL
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Another great report. Fancy blaming poor Ryan because YOU lost YOUR hat
Annie O
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Wonderful trip report ~ Thanx for sharing!!!
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