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Old 09-04-2003, 12:43 PM   #1
Obsessed...and admits it!!
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The Williams tour of Florida restrooms - Day Seven - Rebecca's in a whirl (or not)


Me - Craig, only just 33. Rucksack carrier and stroller pusher.
Louise - Wife, 34, slowly becoming addicted to WDW.
Emily - Aged 8. Moody, full of attitude and daddy’s girl.
Rebecca - Aged 6. Comedian, Olympic eater and worrier.

The Williams tour of Florida restrooms, sponsored by VISA.

Day Seven - Wednesday 20th August – Rebecca’s in a whirl (or not)

Once again we were all up and about at around 7.00. The pool was banned this morning, much to the disgruntlement of the kids. Today was DAK and I knew we HAD to be there early to keep our appointment with the animals on safari. I hear they leave mid morning.

We left the house at 9.20, much later than I wanted to, and I won’t bore you with the details of why. Suffice to say I was completely in the right, but I just let Louise think she had won the argument about getting ready quickly and not relaxing for the sake of holiday harmony.

Parked the car and enjoyed the tram ride in as we had a Geordie CM on the back, who was very funny, and audible which made a nice change.

When we arrived, the entrance was completely mobbed. Long lines at bag check, which we got through quite quickly, and even longer lines at the gates.

My computer of a brain quickly referenced my massed library of DIS tips. Look under Animal Kingdom. Entrance through Rainforest Café is quicker. No-one knows about it. Facts locked and loaded.

I drag three confused females off through the shop, ignoring the shouts of “Where are we going”, “Look Daddy a beanie”, etc. We made it through the shop without stopping, mainly as I was ten feet in front of everyone else and I had the money, and I was hoping this tip would pay off.

Sure enough, we emerge from the shop, and there stands one CM all alone at an entrance gate. I use my very best smug smile, as I turn to the family to receive my loving plaudits and appreciation. I’ll let you guess.

So, we are in, and as we head for stroller rental, I look even more smugly towards the crowds battling to get in. I hope that those on our tram recognise me and wonder how on earth I got in so quickly. I know it’s sad, but these things make me happy.

Strollers rented, restroom stop denied, no you cannot apply sun cream yet. No-one rests till we get a FP for the safari. It’s already 10.00am.

So we set off at a pace towards the Safari, guests, characters and CMs trail in our wake.

“Look Daddy it’s Lilo and Stitch, can we get their autograph”

“No, Lilo speaks Hawaiin and Stitch is an alien so can’t write – onward”

I arrive at the Safari FP machine a good five minutes before Louise. FP obtained for 10.30. Success (ish).

Now I have my prize, I allow us to have a drink and a muffin in the Tusker House. Rather than sit inside we go through to the back courtyard, which is deserted, and listen to the recording of the washer up. Nice touch, and superb attention to detail. Muffins eaten, drinks consumed, restroom visited, we head off for our safari.

Our driver was good, but there were not many animals around. Should have got here earlier!! Still enjoyed it though.

After the safari we headed to the rapids and got FPs.

Whilst these came round, we had a wander through the Jungle trek and saw lots of tigers, bats etc.

It was now time for the rapids. As the girls had been scared of their shadows this holiday we didn’t talk about the ride at all whilst walking up to it. Once they saw it, they were surprisingly calm, and we talked about getting wet rather than big drops, going upside down or too fast, which were the standard questions of all other rides.

It was decided, to make the girls feel better, we'd wear our ponchos whilst on the ride. I know this is pathetic, but I’d have worn a ballerina outfit to get the girls on a ride.

The ride itself was OK, only one major drop, but I was surprised at how short the ride was. We didn’t really encounter much water, but others in our boat did. Which was nice.

We had lunch at the Flame Tree BBQ place. Getting a little sick of burgers, I opted for the Chicken Salad in Taco Shell. Very nice indeed. The girls shared a burger and still didn’t finish. Louise had a chicken sandwich, which was just OK. $41 in all with drinks.

After lunch we set off for Dinoland. Last time we were here it was BPW (Before Primeval Whirl). We parked the stollers and walked towards it. Rebecca instantly recoiled in horror. Emily was fine. I’m sure they take turns just to wind me up.

We had a 15 minute queue. Rebecca cried throughout all of that time, saying she did not want to go on. I pointed out all the kids around smaller than her, but to no avail. She was petrified.

We were going to take her on anyway, assuming once on it she’d be fine. We all sat in our car, and she was getting quite upset now. The CM said she could wait on a bench till the rest of us rode. Rebecca was like a greyhound out of the traps. Leaping from the moving car to the safety of the kind CM.

Suffice to say we didn’t feel like parents of the year.

The three of us rode, and on reflection, it may have been a little much for her, in her frightened state of mind. We enjoyed it but found the spins a little jerky.

We collected Rebecca who had just calmed down, and said we’d go on Triceretops Spin next to compensate. No queue, and she really enjoyed that. It bored me silly to be honest.

We then abandoned Dinoland before the kids spotted the carnival booths (or money wasting machines) and set off for ITTBAB. En route we noticed the first few specs of rain just as we passed Tarzan Rocks. A loud CM was announcing it would start in 10 minutes and it was the last show of the day. The show was at 3.15pm.

We decided to go in to avoid the rain.

We all enjoyed the show. Not surprisingly, they had different singers than 2001, who were very good.

As we left the show, we returned to the strollers (cleverly covered with our ponchos) to find the rain had stopped. Perfect timing.

Then we moved on to ITTBAB. Five minute wait to enter, and I wondered how the kids would take to this. Emily has an aversion to anything that involves wearing 3D glasses, which I think stems from a bad HISTA experience when she was 4. She was happy to go in, but just wouldn’t wear the glasses.

Rebecca surprised everyone by loving every minute of this, even the finale (I won’t spoil it).

As we left, we caught the last few floats of the Jammin’ Parade. We then made our way to the exit, as the park was due to close at 6pm. Dropped off the strollers. Another restroom was ticked off the list of restrooms to visit list.

Back on the tram and to the Jeep. Across to MK now, with a plan of catching Spectro. MK was absolutely mobbed. A symptom of the few Spectros at this time of year. We wanted to find somewhere to eat, and as we weren’t supposed to be her on THE PLAN we had no PS.

First we tried Tony’s. Nothing doing prior to the parade. Louise starts to get a nasty feeling we won’t get anywhere, and it will all be my fault. I rack my brain, and remember from our last trip, the Plaza Restaurant just up Main street. They had no room two years ago when we chanced it, but you never know.

I used all my charm and wit to sweet talk the CM into a 7.00 PS. Success.

The girls wanted to do Buzz (gluttons for punishment). Standby queue was 40 minutes, and FP return was when we would be eating. Never mind.

We hadn’t done Toon Town when we were here a few days ago, so we decided on that. Rebecca and Emily wanted, yes wanted to go on “Goofys Ride”. Great, a rollercoaster, this could be the turning point. No it wasn’t. 40 minute queue.

Louise needed a drink, so I sent her to get one and said we’d wait outside the big shop place where you can also meet characters. We waited, and waited and waited. Vital minutes of fun and enjoyment were slipping away. I told the girls “DO NOT MOVE FROM HERE” and I went off to look for her.

She was in a queue for her drink, and it was taking forever. I told her we’d be in the queue to meet Minnie and off we went. About a 10 minute wait to see Minnie and Chip & Dale. Louise joined us as we entered. Pictures and autographs collected we exit into the shop. Knowing we were seeing the parade, I amazed myself by offering to buy the kids one of the lighty up, twirly things. Rebecca chose Winnie the Pooh, and Emily chose Tinkerbell.

Both were deposited in the rucksack (to save the batteries until it was dark), but really to stop that very annoying whirring noise.

We did a quick tour of both House of Mouse(s), and it was then time to eat. Back across to the Plaza, and we were seated after a 5 minute wait.

The meal was fine. Great milkshakes all round, and I had a steak sandwich as did Louise and Rebecca had a burger as a nice change. Emily had the soup, which she loved. We ordered one brownie dessert thing, and between 4 of us we couldn’t finish it. Considered a doggy bag, but thought it might get a bit messy in the rucksack.

Good service here and the bill came to $50.

We wandered (sorry no we battled our way) down Main Street, through the balloon sellers, photographers, trams, strollers, people and CMs. Took to the shops to avoid the crowds and didn’t. Eventually made it to our favourite parade spot. The steps of City Hall. You can arrive here 15 minutes before a parade, and because they are higher up (being steps) you can see well enough. Oh no, I've told everyone now.

The parade didn’t let us down. Stunning as ever. That moment when the lights dim, just sends a tingle down my spine everytime. We thought we’d stay for FITS, and went and dropped the strollers off. We then went up on to the railway balcony thing, and tried to find a spot.

There was 25 minutes to wait, and the girls were getting cranky (as was Louise), and it was decided we wouldn’t wait tonight. I think we had all had enough for one day.

Back to the Jeep, and off to Southern Dunes by 10.00.

Tomorrow – Sea World.
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Trip Report 2003 - The Williams Tour of Florida Restrooms Sponsored by VISA

The Sunshine, Moonlight, Good Times & Boogie(board) Tour August 2007

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Still here.....
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“Look Daddy it’s Lilo and Stitch, can we get their autograph” “No, Lilo speaks Hawaiin and Stitch is an alien so can’t write – onward”
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Old 09-04-2003, 03:06 PM   #3
Tartan Tigger
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Re: The Williams tour of Florida restrooms - Day Seven - Rebecca's in a whirl (or not)

Originally posted by mkingdon
“Look Daddy it’s Lilo and Stitch, can we get their autograph”

“No, Lilo speaks Hawaiin and Stitch is an alien so can’t write – onward”

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Old 09-04-2003, 04:51 PM   #4
mummy to 3 :)
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Thumbs up


These reports are fab - feel like I am right there with you
all :-)

Cannot wait for the next installment.


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Old 09-04-2003, 05:34 PM   #5
Mrs Dazzle
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:D You are just so funny

Hardly a mention of poor Ryan today - at least give the little guy some credit
Annie O
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Absolutely brilliant!!!

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Old 09-05-2003, 03:54 AM   #7

The Original 'Free Spirit'
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Wonderful reviews ~ Thanx for sharing!!!!
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Old 09-05-2003, 10:15 AM   #8
The Lost Boy
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Talking Does Ryan have a Brother ?

I think we took Ryan's older and heavier brother to Orlando this year !

He says hello by the way.
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Old 09-09-2003, 12:32 PM   #9
Bonzo's DW!!
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Brilliant! So funny ........offf to the next instalment
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Really great reports, so funny
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